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tv   Watters World  FOX News  June 29, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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a new role of canine companions where i go meet some of the recipients, veterans getting the dogs. [cheering and applauding] [cheering] welcome. i am jussie. twenty democratic candidates for two nights in miami. he related themselves on multiple glitches in my opinion, the most entertaining part. president found amusing, here's what he posted. >> we are less than 50 miles. seventeen people killed. >> we are going to take a quick break.k. >> was happening?
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we are going to take a quick break. we're going to get this technical situation. >> about being there on the stage. former home and presidential candidate came, the subject of the new documentary from port to ceo. national press secretaryry kayl, host tommy author of the upcoming book, never play dead. the truth makes you unstoppable. a lot to get to. two days of this nonsense. let's begin with what many people sees was kamala harris
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delivering a knockout low to joe biden over busing. watch. >> do you agree today that you were wrong to hold busing in america? >> i did not oppose busing in america. what i opposed was the department of education, that's what i opposed. >> failure of states and public schools of america. as part of the second class to integrate berkeley california public schools. >> because your city council made that decision. >> that's where it must end. the civil rights act. that's why we need cra. >> i'm the guy who extended it for 25 years. we deal with the notion of
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people access the ballot box. i agree -- anyway, my time is up. >> wow. not only did he take it on, he waved the white flag and turned to tell in at the end. >> that's exactly what he did. i got to give kamala harris credit. taking a knockout blow from him. but on the other hand, segregation is way in the past. i'm not one to make excuses even though she wanted to pointed out but to go back to segregation and busing, i think it does not help this nation. this is the whole point of my whole documentary coming out. i'm not a victim, i don't make excuses. even though she punched joe in didn't respond very well, the took us back to a time that we are not there.
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>> she needs a black vote. joe has that. black men, women solidly behind the former vice president. this was an effort to reclaim some of that. she was successful. >> no. they will dig into her own record. they have horrendous records when it comes to incarceration. joe biden to crime bill. she can point fingers all she wants but there are four fingers pointing right back at her in her horrible records. i do 1% of federal are african-american. only one person, president trump. >> kamala up a few notches, she's now number two. she's a good prosecutor. she's a tough fighter. i wouldn't call her inspiring,
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though. would you? >> no but she definitely has herself as a female barack obama. joe biden is also trying to close up to barack obama. i think it will depend on who barack of, to to endorse. he spent the entire time closing up to barack obama and trying to do his civil rights. >> he should have done that. how dare you accuse me of being racist. barack obama didn't think i was racist. he wouldn't have put me on the ticket. he just had a problem enunciating. and articulating. he was bubbling up on stage. >> not number two. second. the price -- >> renewable sources. the president got elected. my times up.
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i'm sorry. >> i want to pile on the former vp but it raises a lot of questions of whether he has the performance ability to sit on that stage and go head-to-head with donald trump. everybody raised their hands when asked this question about giving illegal aliens health insurance. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for a documented immigrants. [cheering and applauding] >> is it over? is that it? really done? >> when i saw those hands go up, i dropped my popcorn and spilled my adult beverage. i could not believe they were all in.
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health insurance to illegal aliens. here's the one questions that neither of them addressed. who will pay for it? they didn't talk about that. >> they don't know who will pay for it. they don't care. >> they just trying to pander. >> not only are they going to give all the illegal immigrants health insurance, they will take health insurance that you and i like away from us, watch elizabeth warren respond to this. >> who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of the government run plan? show pants. [applause] >> so kaylee, that to me is a nail in the coffin. take away your healthcare and give it to illegals. what you think? >> 200 million americans are kicked off their insurance, 20 million seniors off medicare advantage and all taxpayers will pay for your legal immigrant healthcare as our health care costs skyrocket thanks to
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obamacare. that is certainly the nail in the coffin. trump noted that's the end of it right then and there. >> liz worn, i don't know who she's running against, trump or the ceos and they banks. listen to her launch an attack into people who are successful in this country. >> joint operation profits, consolidation industries. giant drum companies. giant oil companies. >> who is she running against? capitalism? >> exactly. the democrats are running on that. elizabeth warren does what most democrats do, her plan is, we can all get a little poor together. i'm also wondering, they want companies to raise minimum wage to $15 an hour but also bankrupt so who willrp pay for all of th? their funding all of the programs like taxing the wealthy
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but takes the wealth away, who will pay for it? illegal immigrants? i think not. >> on competition, taking away healthcare, open borders, massive tax sites in relation, this is absolute chaos. the judge, people nervous about him because of south bend. you have some answers and then eric, watch this glare at the end of this exchange. >> we've taken so many steps toward accountability, they denounced me for too much accountability. we're all busy not there yet. we investigated and there will be accountability for the officer. >> someone died. >> all of it is important.
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>> did you see that glare? i think he almost killed him on stage. >> i saw that glare. which said was almost indispensable. the bottom line on both nights, they were all losers. losers to the voters who care about the patrons in this country who care about constitution, our laws. they were selling socialists and in some of them, they were selling coming is in. i think that is all going to go with the ordinary deal of america voter come november 2020. >> a wall. everybody knows it and that's why the president is licking their chops. he probably cannot the winner. one of the highlights in my opinion, marriott williamson, listen to what she had to say in
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her closing argument. >> trump will not be beaten by politics. is it going to be beaten just by someone who has a plan. he's going to be beaten by somebody has an idea only love can cast that out. so i have a feeling you know what you're doing, i'm going to harness love. i will meet you on that field and serve. >> she is crazy but i kind of like her. >> she's a little weird. every time she spoke, people are like, who is she again? she had a vision of being in a field of flowers and love, it's ridiculous. the economy is working for people. i don't think she will be on the next debate stage. it's going to plummet. >> the end, they asked everybody what they thought the biggest pole clinical threat was. listen to these answers.
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>> climate change. >> russia. >> climate change and russia. >> they want to fund the actual threat. illegal immigration. there biggest threat is donald trump. they had that right but not our biggests threat. >> maybe he was right. tommy, kaylee, thank you very much. check out the new film, still ahead, congresswoman mary her brother? she's been digging around. google this sting operation as part of this resistance to get trump. the undercover video right after the break. is huge. it has available led cargo area lighting.
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google stunned, exposing the tech giant alleged political bias. the report was independently verified uncovering, leak from google staffers calling dennis, jordan and ben shapiro nazis.
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employee reportedly fighting, they are nazis using the dog whistles. something correctly identified the content. beyond our capabilities. if itt is, disabling the suggestions feature. coming off the hills of the undercover video now pulls from youtube showing executive jen talking about preventing the next trump situation in 2020. >> we almost did. i know her but she's very excited. she shows up and will be charged with preventing the next. >> we reached out to google and they had no, but referred us to this statement claiming they filmed me without my consent and added it and slice the video to
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distort my words and actions of my glare. dennis was targeted in the e-mail. he's the author of the rational bible. before we get to the dennis, let's discuss the sound like that they elicited from the school executive talking about preventing trumps reelection. that is just crazy. the power they have in the fact that they want to do that suggests to me that these are not fair players. how dangerous is this? >> it is impossible to overstate how dangerous it is. this is unique in human history that there is only one. for all intensive purposes, that is the case with google, asked majority of searches outside of dictatorial state like china are done on google.
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a liberal who was i believe a democrat is a professor at ucla of computer science or research science has done a study, a very meticulous study, at the best of my knowledge has not been validated showing that in the last election, that is exactly what google did, steer people toward democratic nominees and as a result, candidates. as a result skewed election results. i would argue if one wants to be honest and a premium, if they want to be honest, i would say google had a much more insidious effect on the election than putin. i am no putin fan. >> the way they do this, if you put some search in, direct you away from conservatives say, it's more positive, mainstream, pro- democratic sites and then
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they depart form and we know that google executives were on the obama team, they met at the white house, as ted cruz found out, we know who they want in the white house, watch him grow this executive. >> of the senior executives of google, do you know of a single one who voted for trump? >> thank you. i work on google digital well-being and i tell you, we have diverse views. >> do you know of anyone who voted for trump? >> i think this in my purview. >> you have to know. >> i don't know. >> i show you public record, in 2016 google employees gave hillary clinton campaign $1.315 million. that's a lot of money. care to venture how much they gave up the trump campaign?
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>> i would have no idea. >> $0.0. not a penny. >> that was awesome. i've never seen that before. her saying i have no idea, of course she has an idea. every single american has an idea. >> when you compare the donations and the other videos and everything else we know about google, it's clear they have an agenda. just own up to it. be honest. these guys also called you not see. are you two of the jewish faith? >> not only are we of the jewish
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faith but we are very active jews within the jewish life. he's an orthodox jews. i don't practice quite as much as an orthodox jew. i keep kosher, keep the sabbath, i have fought anti-semitism my whole life. helped smuggle out jews, i've written the most widely used english, judaism, i'm writing commentary. >> this is really important. this is what the left does. >> headquarters, president trump and south korean president holding a one on one talk right now, are looking at live pictures of the working, unless the president has just walked in. looks like the two are going to speak in a couple of moments
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here. once they start talking, the two theaters that are expected to hold a conference as well. let's listen in. >> i want to welcome you all and thank you for joining us today. >> we are doing our best and also, in terms of junction and amendment of the fda and
8:24 pm
cultural regimes, the alliance is now evolving into the great alliance. in terms of complete of the peninsula and permanent on the peninsula. i believe the u.s. alliance especially will give a shine at the great alliance. i believe we are now heading there again. president trump on my efforts, i hope i will be able to produce this. thank you very much. >> thank you. i will say that we had a great meeting just now. we are talking about economic balance and a lot of other things. i think it will work out
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extremely well. i've been told that kim jong-un would like to meet and it looks like they are in the final stages of working out a meeting, i'll be at the tmz at the border. look forward to say hello to him if it works out. there's always a chance it might not. the teams would like to have that. so that is good. had a great relationship, you and i. i appreciate that. and i know you appreciate it because the u.s. has been doing a very good job for a lot of countries. a lot of countries appreciate what we have done. it is perhaps the reason why i am president right now. and other people aren't. many of them do and i think you do. i look forward to spending the day with you and going to the tmz. which i wanted to see for a long time.
8:26 pm
it's going to be very interesting. i know the press will have no interest but i will find it very interesting. thank you very much. i appreciate you posting us. thank you. >> thank you all very much. >> you are watching live. south korea of the president sitting with his delegation on the left and the right there, president moon jae-in of the south korea delegation. ready to continue their bilateral talk and then they will hold a conference in about the next hour. joining us now from seoul, to iron out this for us,
8:27 pm
correspondent john roberts. thank you so much. i can't imagine how exhausted you are. thank you for being with us. hopefully you can hear us. we going to see diplomacy? there's all this talk about kim jong-un. what are you hearing? >> it's beginning to look like that. there's been a development in the last hour, president moon jae-in gave remarks when they were sitting down for the one on one bilateral meeting the president saying he heard from north korea a few times, they were trying to work out the logistics. putting the meeting great together at the joint security area, tmz is difficult but it
8:28 pm
sounds like there's been development in the last hour. my gut tells me this is going to happen. it's quite a surprise when the president put out that tweet yesterday saying he was inviting kim jong-un, thinking about it for some time. his national security was taken by surprise when he issued the invitation. president saint kim jong-un follows him on twitter, the phone call back quickly about that. to get the lay of the land, the tmz is wide in most areas. it really is a no go zone. there's one area, pan and john it comes together with the north and south, a foot apart. there was a line there and that is the joint security area. as a famous video and photograph from eight for 2017th, kim jong-un the president of saint, they met right there. trump loved that photo so much at the first time he met with kim jong-un in singapore, he wanted it to be there at the tmz. there's an area down there called's house where you could hold talks. the area is too small to be able to hold the logistics of a big
8:29 pm
meeting between the u.s. president and chairman of north korea. that's why they moved it to singapore. now the president wants to go to the tmz. his helicopter left soul, got most of the way and they were already waiting there but because of the low ceilings, the president helicopter couldn't land so he had to turn around and come back. so this time they made a trip to the tmz and he added bonus of the present thinking maybe i could get that picture of kim jong-un and i have a joint security area at the dmz yesterday. i asked him, i said if you do meet with kim jong-un, would you be open to stepping across that line of bricks? from south korea into north korea. he said he would feel
8:30 pm
comfortable doing that. not only, historical photograph and video, the president meeting and greeting kim jong-un at the joint security area so we could see for the very first time ev ever, an american president set but in north korea. this afternoon, may not yield much in terms of diplomacy, it kind of relationship maintenance. he feels meeting him in such a significant area may be compelling talks forward. even if nothing comes of it, it will be truly historic. >> maybe when they are all three there, they can talk about a third summit with kim? possible? >> epic it's possible. the president said it's not going to be one that handshake but a handshake is important. there's the possibility that when you get the three leaders together, you get the relationship between trump and kim jong-un. then the relationship between
8:31 pm
south korea and north korea. is a lot of things going on between the two countries. some which the u.s. to agree with because it may undercut the leverage there. if you get the three together, they might say look, we got to get this back on track. we are looking for denuclearization of the korean peninsula. president will likely make the case again to kim jong-un. if you hear cheering in the back, there's a baseball diamond across the street from me. it's been going with games all day. have korea economy is booming, so is a major international real now. when the president first met with kim jong-un in singapore last year, he put together a video, of what north korea could look like if kim were to give up the policy of the isolation and join the economy. i think the president may make that case to say here i am,
8:32 pm
south korea economy is booming. the same could happen there and north korea. we got to get past this nuclear thing. kim jong-un hasn't taken any steps toward denuclearization. i don't know they can move the ball down the field but the president certainly is going to try. he was a i will be criticized or nothing happening out of this but he says when you look at what's happening overall here, the peninsula is much safer place than it was just a year ago. president said he believes barack obama will still president and hillary clinton were elected instead of him, they may not be at war. even though development are incremental and slowly, things are moving on and better than they were. >> will be watching and waiting with you as the president continues to travel in south korea. just about minute. so after. >> will continue our special
8:33 pm
coverage. back to regular schedule programming. >> i believe the u.s. will especially shine and believe we are now headed there again. president trump, it will be able to do those reports. >> thank you very much, mr. president. i will say that -- ♪
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you do every show on the network?
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>> he outnumbered, he does fox. it's nonstop. kill me, 24 hours a day. >> he's always on the air. unstoppable. not only that, he's got new york times bestsellers, or coach, he's a husband, dad, everything. at the queen, host of the daily briefing, we've done at henry, at his shop here. he got himself working. look at this schedule. >> does it make you feel lazy? you were pretty hard, too. >> this side works harder for me. >> i guess he doesn't shower. >> i think the only thing he does is sharp. the other thing, when he leaves, he stops at bodega every day.
8:39 pm
picks up the newspaper he wants, gets coffee, he has his routine down. >> yes. visit near where he lives. he's posted every show. >> he also, there's a study, at 5:00 a.m., he's on the radio, he's unstoppable. >> that he does his radio show. >> maybe not. are we just shutting him down everybody still? >> i think we are overworking him. >> do you think he's getting paid for? >> i imagined. look at this. >> you got all these books. you know what he says? he goes, as long as you talk
8:40 pm
about panthers. >> he's ridiculous. he's out in the field in orlando and charlotte. >> is something. notice the places you mentioned. for, i know everyone is going to be very excited to see him. he's got a bit of a screw loose. who goes to these places in the summer? in the summer you go to michigan. he probably needs more of an assistant. >> he does. here's some funny moments. they are all funny but here are the funniest. watch highlights. >> this is complimentary coffee. somehow i paid a dollar 25. >> he was terrified. [laughter] >> can you pick a number from one to 11, iou will ask you a
8:41 pm
question. >> three. >> we have that one already. how about five? [laughter] >> who let that sink in the building?ha [laughter] >> the guy is unbelievable. our producer, joey was like hounding him for all about his personal life. he hates when people to come. >> and i have that in common. >> you don't like it? >> of people to come, they must do it silently. >> why? >> i think it's noise for she did not like when people to come. she would two minutes. >> much classier. i don't think he's in it for class. >> the producer of the five, he had to work for the first week, she got in a car with and the first thing he said was, you
8:42 pm
will have to stop >> saw everybody, if your ever on fox and friends and you to come, pop some bubble issues. two pieces. >> great did. >> he accused him of having a hair piece. that is big news. everyone is very jealous. >> he is. he's a wonderful dad. he's got three children, he coached the shopper team. he had two dogs and one was that. because of the dog being deaf,nd they had to earn time at which. the other dog, he had to pretend to learn simon which. >> those were his dogs? >> fifty rookies. >> is a big soccer fact.
8:43 pm
four years ago, i started making fun of soccer. calling it a sissy sport. they were whining and holding their legs. he holds a grudge. >> are you trying to get back by doing this? >> i am. i'm sure you will remember. >> if you're going to, do not go there in the summer, go to the north in the summer and the south in the winter. >> new video released of the jussie smollett case.ou a new noose around his neck.
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jussie smollett in the news again. seventy hours of footage from their investigation.n. including him wearing a noose around his neck. >> you want to take it off? >> turn off? >> yes.
8:48 pm
>> , if someone puts a noose around your neck, do you keep it on your neck? to show police? that's like getting kidnapped and the cops come and you escape and you keep your ropes around your wrist. it doesn't make sense. >> you're right, it doesn't make sense. the hate crime should be a hate crime in itself. i hope he is prosecuted. jussie smollett got in trouble when he apologized to trump supporters and now look where he is. what happened to that? did he eat it while the rope was around his neck walking complex what's up with the sandwich? we got to get to the bottom. >> maybe the bleach got the sandwich and he threw it away. >> okay. how did he know how to take off the rope that someone else put on him? >> it didn't look that tight so in my opinion, if you are going to state a hate crime, just pick one thing. you got a noose, bleach, cuts on
8:49 pm
your face. threats about the country, pick one. no one pours all the incidents into one hate crime like that. it's beyond comprehension. trump making mischief as he likes to do in the primary. wondering why, president barack obama endorsed his own vice president. joe biden, here about that. >> how does he get him to endorse him? there has to be some reason why. he seems to have gone along and how president obama is not endorsing him is rather a big secret. then he licenses i asked the president not to endorse me. there's something going on in that rain of his. >> the president likes to think maybe there's something going on. maybe there's something going on, that we don't know about.
8:50 pm
a slick way to insinuate that maybe joe is not as fresh as he used to be. >> i agree, why hasn't obama endorsed biden? what's going on? when we look at the history of joe biden, i'm questioning, why did you even have him as vice president? maybe obama is probably embarrassed. i think it is time for joe to go. i really do. he has his own ideas, no idea. he's been in government for 50 years. >> if you couldn't do it and 50, he can't do it in four. >> did he, or not? >> he did but he should have had a comeback. >> i don't think joe is a very
8:51 pm
good counter. palm desert, california, july 20 as the tour continues. a dad bought morris expect? what do the ladies prefer? way in for very special last call.
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jesse: time for a special last call. so long hard bod to a dad bod. a majority of women nationwide prefer a keg to a six pack. joining us, abby hornacek and carley shimkus. i think this gives guys the
8:56 pm
wrong impression. now they will be complacent. 65% of women think the dad bod is attractive. don't you want your guy to be -- this an excuse. >> i can't believe it was by planet fitness. i am not into the manicured guy thing. so i would take the extra 10-15 pound any day or somebody with spray tans. jesse: that is carley's. you were very generous. abby, that's where your style. they consider that a six pack. dad bod or six pack? >> i think our society is moving more toward body positive. i am more about the personality.
8:57 pm
jesse: that such a lie. that's what you want? >> you want that? is that what you want? >> 78% of people say confidence is king. four out of five people think when a guy has a dad bod that means he's confident in his own skin. jesse: wedding etiquette. no one knows what to do, what to wear, what how to act. one of the things that's hot is the wedding entrance. we heard you when you got married, you had and i elaborate entrance. >> we walked into the michigan fight song. jesse: is your husband from michigan? >> no, he's not. he's a huge football fan.
8:58 pm
he has been since he was five years old. jesse: does your husband have a dad bod even though he's not a dad that i know of? jesse: does he have confidence? >> sure does. jesse: wedding season is upon us. >> i always plan for my entrance. it's my claim to fame. it doesn't matter who's getting married. all that matters is your entrance. can you imagine. jesse: we all took a ride to work with you. some of this is good, some of it is not so good. here is a little part where you
8:59 pm
gave me a ride. let's listen. >> this guy does not want to let me in. have you seen this guy. i am going to shoot the gap. >> you are not driving as aggressively as we need you to go. you are only going to hit the crew car, you will be fine. he was not letting me in. he was speeding up. >> do you want to give him the finger? >> no. >> do you want me to? that guy looked really big in the car. we got little figurines. >> what are you doing with your hand? are you trying to pass somebody. jesse: i'm watters and this is my world. check out the ride on fog nation. be sure to follow me on
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facebook, i a gram and twitter. i'm watters and this i president trump: there has been no nuclear test. there has been no long-range ballistic test. he gave us back our hostages and a lot of good things are happening there. i can't tell you exactly, but they did respond very favorably. reporter: history could unfold in the next couple hours as president trump gets ready to visit the demilitarized zone between north and south score ria. president trump extend an inhave i case via twitter for north korean president kimun


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