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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  June 30, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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r r r r r r ha . >> translator: speaking in
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[speaking in koreakorean
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want to thank you chairman you hear the power of the voice nobody heard that voice before in case you haven't heard this was a special moment, and this is i think really as president moon said historic moment the fact that we are meeting i want to thank chairman kim for something else when i put out the social media notification if he didn't show up the press was going to make me look very bad but you made us both look good and i appreciate it. but we have developed a great relationship, i really think that if you go back two and a half years and you look at what was going on prior to my becoming president it was a very, very bad situation. a very dangerous situation for south korea for north korea for the world. i think the relationship that we developed has been so much, to so many people it is an honor to be with you an honor
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you asked to stoefrp that line i was proud to step over the line i thought you might do that ifrs sure but i was ready to do it i want to thank you it has been great, one of the -- saying this could be very historic moment i guess that is what it is but i enjoyed being with you, thank you very much. >> back up. back up. thank you. >> jared kushner president son-in-law with his wife ivanka taking all this in history making live television as president trump meets with north korea's kim jong-un.
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south korean president not front and center there is mike pompeo secretary of state not front and center at this particular our tucker carlson we hope to hear from him momentarily he is there as well, but moon jae-in south korean president getting a little late here for those of us on the east coast. moon jae-in was not part of that news conference if you want to call it that, involving president trump and kim jong-un. let me ask gordon chang about the significance. >> north koreans have always at an the view south korea had no role in these discussions that north koreans only want to talk to president trump, people have today said look there are no working level talks that is because north koreans don't want working
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level talks they want to deal directly with president trump himself this has become a very important element of this whole discussion, which is the president of the united states, and only the president of the united states, that means no south korea ap flags no moon jae-in sitting down there. >> have you couldn't help but notice the significance of the backdrop united states flags north korean flags but nothing from south korea. >> that is right. >> on south korea property. >> yes, absolutely striking you didn't see moon jae-in in those pictures at all that is a real indication of where these discussions are centered, they are centered in washington, and pyongyang south korea brokered this in a sense the ones actually brought kim jong-un's invitation to president trump, they have dropped out of this, and moon jae-in understands this is going to be a kim jong-un-donald trump discussion only those two. >> during the -- that period
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of time when listening to two presidents you points out what you called a pour play that president trump employed there do you want to describe about that for our viewers? >> well president trump you know made it clear at least twice today that he didn't give kim jong-un notice of this meeting. you the but that kim jong-un came anyway. that is a real indication of president president trump saying we are eligible player north korea you are going to do what we want you to the hidden message in all of that, kim jong-un took that pretty well. i mean he didn't complain himself but, nonetheless, you know i am sure that north koreans got the message. >> joe ruingin with us former deputy assistant secretary of state under president obama president of washington strategy group i couldn't help but think about the change in tone from when this president took office hearing about "little rocket man", fire and fury, now all of a sudden we
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are hearing things like, a warm relationship. and friendship even between two men. is that overstating it? or is this president just -- practicing a little i don't know flattery? >> well, jon it is welcome first and foremost i think sincere this moment a headed spinner no doubt i can't overstate how historic this moment is, it is a transformational moment i think it is important to recognize that there is a lot of partisanship going on clearly in washington but think to fall of berlin wall killing of osama bin laden, public and president democratic president they were in charge at the time, but american about victories so this is an american victory. 65 years of persistence donald trump stepping over the line,
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both physically and symbolically now has to take it to the next level and this is this is a challenge he seems to be accepting the challenge the rhetoric clearly is different, and we will see as gordon points out north koreans don't want to deem with lower levels but in america in united states we need those lower levels to be part of the discussion, to get a detailed agreement, so donald trump's objective here can actually be put in concrete terms really become a success. >> kim jong-un apparently angry humidiliated in vietnam felt bringing something to the table rejected by president trump this appears to be president trump's way of trying to soothe things over and say, you know let's get back to talking. >> yeah. , there is not many more times that can be done, i mean, this sort of back-and-forth, ping-ponging of meetings hurt
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feelings, one can't go to that well too often, so it is good the president trump did this he is doing this on the heels of a letter he spoke mentioned it here about receiving a beautiful letter as he described it. and i think that he is demonstrating a willingness to go extra mile here that iss useful can't be done multiple times kim is going to have to also recognize that president trump taking serious about those risks in doing this if kim doesn't deliver he is leaving trump exposed. so both of them are in the moment of risk, and this is really what diplomacy is all about a moment of risk now how does that get could veteraned into actual legitimate program that is about realizable, achievable so he both sides get the something out of discussion. >> this also comes on the
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heels of president trump canceling military strike that was planned on iran, i just have to wonder whether this meeting and that event are -- are you know -- connected. . >> well there is an interesting backdrop overall in addition that you refrngsed referenced president trump came out of g20 before meeting with president kim spoke about men and women spoke about importance of alliance with south korea alliances matter matter significantly in this instance alliances matter in the case of iran, yet, we're separating ourselves from allies, on iran, so there is a lot going on here right now, and maybe the president with his decision to pull back, from striking iran, was one where he -- he realized that he was going too far, now i don't know you don't know we don't know what he said to the leaders at g20 but certainly,
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he is getting heavy dose of alliance impact in the last 48 hours hopefully will start to take those alliances mo e es sey that is how we achieve national security objectives. >> watching history in the making on video, one of our compatriots has seen it in person. tucker carlson host of "tucker carlson tonight" is there with the president has watched this historic hand shaky that took place across military line of demarcation tucker tell us what it is like there. >> well it feels thank you jon. >> -- promised by our control room that we had him on the phone. he is going to be with us momentarily, tucker? >> hello?
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>> i can hear you jon i can here i jon perfectly. >> so we are at -- the. >> tucker go ahead. >> yeah, i was saying feels almost we are at end of the earth here the border has been for 65 years, no american president, of course, ever crossed into north korea that just happened ten minutes ago heard to yefr state how few people are here kind of this tarmac asphalt. between the two countries, and the president our president, walked across, met kim halfway kim said no american president has ever done this with that,
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the president -- with north korea a gasp from traveling press pool two turned around kim walked into south korea to the west. about 30 feet winded, by the way, we are standing four feet from him when he did it. and looked sort of bewildered i don't think he does a lot of press availabilities in north korea the two walked into a building a kind of meeting hall a very small room we followed them, kim was trailed by dozens of north korean security officers all wearing thepins with father and grandfather's faces with them got protest rough with some traveling american press our o secret service jumped in kind of pushing it was all over he and president kim talked in room no bigger than average
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kind of american study big kitchen. it was amazing moment again, kim looked sort of off balance that was my read of it and maybe a little bit bewildered, and wary, but the president was -- was -- >> in -- in robust form was clearly thrilled by the whole thing. president trump, anyway it was quite a moment, they are coming back out, still standing in hall on a cell phone my producer's cell phone we left they are coming back out of the room right now so i am actually going to go but it was quite something i thought. >> it was quite something, we all watched it, and i am envious you had that front row seat tucker carlson you say the president is coming out you are going to drop the phone i don't blame you you have a lot of work for your own program thank you very much for checking in once again these are live pictures
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i believe from peace house gordon, live pictures from the demilitarized zone you can see security officials walking back and forth gordon just talk about that we heard about well the -- the battle jon roberts was describing shoving between bodyguards for kim jong-un bodyguards for moon jae-in of south korea, of course, secret service guarding president trump had to be quite something. >> north korea takes the security of the kim family utmost so you know, something put together last moment you can see the chaos there, and all of these various secret service organizations were just jostling with each other jostling with the press you don't normally see that, and this is absolutely fascinating because, not only is this history in the making, this is unscripted history in the making, and especially you
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know accommodating press in north korea not something security focuses aforces accustomed to doing it had to be quite afront to their sensibility. >> so close to supreme leader some won not mortal in view of north korean ideology this is a did hecendent of kim jong-un to have western press have foreigners so close to him almost unprecedented. >> so us there, you know about the remarks that you heard from -- from president trump he was quite effusive about meeting with kim, spoken in glowing terms of the relationship between the two, used -- talked about -- he starting to say almost sounded
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like starting to say we have become friends. he said we have become -- and then he said we respect each other. . just talk about how -- kim is receiving that kind of language. >> the respect line is extremely important. because, north korean society is based on reverence of kim family this is part of president trump's plan i think to create friendship relationship the whole unified making kim feel secure enough willing to consider something that everyone says he won't do, which is to give up his most destructive weapons this is a long-term process president trump has a clock remember 2020 elections this will come up in some form or another althoughp trump does the luxury of time it is good that he realizes he doesn't have to do something immediately, he does as a practical matter have to do something before the elections next year. >> he did say that he is in no
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rush, president trump said he is i'm in no rush with this you get into trouble if you get in a rush but as you point out, he is in a bit of a rush he has 18 months or so left in his first term, and he hopes he will get a second. >> yeah, many american foreign policy analysts said this true now also true in obama administration, that you can't give into the north koreans you can't sort of give them sense you've got a clock in your head so you know you have seen in this administration, and in the previous ones view let's try to wait out north koreans could be successful, depends what is happening inside regime a lot of stuff there we know, is not consistent with stability, but we don't know exactly how bad it is. so, for instance, this report about the execution of five north korean diplomats, although some say they are still alive they have not been seen in public, jon an
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indication there is something going on in pyongyang not consistent with stability. >> you are talking about the five people who would have laid the groundwork for the vietnam summit. summit that disappointed chairman kim. >> certainly, because kim did feel that he was in a sense humiliated by president trump walking out i think that the north koreans felt they had gained the situation out but understood how president trump reacted what they didn't understand and didn't take into account the president trump is unpredictable. so just when north koreans figured they had everything under control trump pulled the rug out from under them that is important thing because kim understands that -- has to respect the president of the united states. too often north koreans viewed us as easy to push around, and that is true not only of president trump's predecessor
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but predecessor to his predecessor this has been bipartisan failure in washington kim has gotten pretty gant by things i think now taken down a notch by president trump that is a very good thing jon. >> there are levers the up-to-date can examiner as you points out there are other economic sanctions that the president could impose, he could make life even tougher for chairman kim if he chooses. >> right, up through may of last year, the united states, had cut about one half of north korea's foreign revenue that means 50% to go, for various reasons the trump administration decided not to go after that other half without that other half north korea can't do three things that are critical, one of them is balancistic mils the second detonate nukes the third may be most important for kim jong-un get politics giving of luxury items to senior regime
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elements to apply pliapply buy taken loyalty without that flow of money kim could lose position he couldn't keep loyalty of senior people he depends on. >> fascinating, let's get book to a conversation with pulyzer prize winning and author judith miller watching as president trump stepped across military demarcation line to in dmz a place you know well you have visited there give us your thoughts about what you have seen and heard. >> well, i -- i have to use the wordt overused word "historic" heart skipped a beat as i i thought about that moment i thought about boys in 33,000 american soldiers who died in korea fighting with the south koreans, more than 60 years ago, and what that symbolizees for us just a
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photo openly at the -- photo op the moment so much more the fact two men went into each other's territories into freedom house to have a conversation, i think this could be the beginning of a process of resuming a process that i don't want to get ahead of ourselves jon because everything depends on north korea's callati calculation abo what is in natural retrofit personality takes so you far if north koreans did i it has to maintain nuclear capability, that it is not going to-do denuclearize they will not give president trump foreign policy victory that he has been looking for. and this is the other thing that president trump accomplishes today. he totally changed the conversation that has been going on in washington, and america. and in the world.
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for the last week we have been talking about the democratic contenders he has been under pressure, for tehran decisithe decision not to strike to order a strike call off strike before either under way or actually in process. he had a very contentious at least with the press, controversial meeting with vladimir putin at the g20. of the and there was lot of criticism of his appearing to joke about foreign interference in russian interference in our elections. now for the next week, all anyone is going to be talking about is this great step. it is a step forward, in both directions, let's see where it leads. and let's not assume that it will automatically lead to what president trump wants absent needs which is a foreign policy victory, that has so far eluded him.
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>> stick with us judy for a minute i want to ask gordan chang if you are chairman kim how do you handle this moment? i mean we know that north korea has gotten deals from the united states in the past and reneged on them. >> that is really been the mistrust that has been keeping these two countries apart, you know from kim's point of view he has got a clock as well, you know we say oh yeah he is one man ruler he can do whatever he wants, but he has the constituent elements inside the veregime in pyongyang when we see hear about discussions it is a sign that there is not all is well means kim has to keep up the sense sf prosperity got to remember there is the class in north korea that dwelled over the last 10 years mere chance people who have been able to make money by putting together buyers and sellers, things that are legal but, nonetheless, necessary and you know he has to keep those
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people happy as well. because they are the people he greasing economy keeping things going kim has new element he has to satisfy. >> when people of north korea doubtless they will see their leader shaking hands, with the most powerful man in the world whether they portray him as such or not is probably not likely. but it is going to say to them look, our leader is on the world stage, he is a man of great importance. >> sure, and president trump stepped into north korea before kim jong-un went into south korea. that is extremely significant for north korean point of view something north korean propaganda is going to highlight the exchange of letters that kim sent a letter to president trump then president trump sent a letter to kim, in north korea only two letters they have heard about is letter from trump to kim they signed the most power
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person in the world quote/unquote we think of nonetheless honoring kim jong-un. >> judy, this president, president trump i am talking about now, clearly likes to keep people off balance, i mean, you know, this -- who would have thought you know, 24 hours ago that something like this would be taking place? >> exactly. he is the master of the moment he is the master of the media he knows how to dominate the narrative the political narrative of this country, in a way that i have never seen in all my years of covering washington and person politics this is just the latest if not most dramatic example of that ability top totally, totally dominate a conversation both not only here but now in yiin a the rest of it world i was very struck by kim's assertion the first thing he said this is the first u.s. president to
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enter north korea approximately he use this kim needed this. donald trump needed this this is a moment that serves both of their interests. where it goes from here is what really matters next. >> get joel rubin's take former deputy assistant secretary of state under president obama you have been watching with the rest of us this moment, of diplomacy. joel how do you think it has gone so far. >> yeah jon, it is has been quite remarkable, it has gone very well clearly. in this moment, but as we have been discussing, it is the follow-through that really is what is going to determine the success of this event but, clearly, this moment, unscripted, meeting the walk across the line the walk back towards south korea. these are really historic moments. i can't be overstated the word i know we use it a lot this is
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exceedingly rare and incredibly unique, all americans should be proud of this moment. we do need to see this moment be converted into an actual win for the country, a denuclearization program, furthering towards piece on peninsula these are american national security interests clearly this event is a major, major event that should not be be liteled because people don't see immediate effect tomorrow. >> is it possible that some of these big official summit meetings that involve so will staffers so many months of planning, where you know, the president is told okay you are going to sit here sit here and then you will stand up and take three steps meet the other leader -- i mean is it possible that this more impromptu kind of event might be more effective? >> well, you know, it was
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interesting to look at who was there. right? who was watching, and president trump throughout the whole moment going to dmz peaking with troops going to border he was it, there was no one else there by we did a see jared kushner ivanka trump secretary of state in the room afterwards in their presser. but, to me,, that meant that it really was impromptu i think there is value in that, at state department, we clearly have a process we had a system, a lot of cooks in the kitchen so to speak. >> right. >> that can gum things up, and this in this situation, decades of hostility hint of uncertainty sometimes you need somebody to break through that, and i will give president trump credit for breaking through that. but he does need to pool the pull bureaucracy with him if
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just him alone not going to get done he needs to get system in place he needs kim to understand that is what it is going to take for this to be really successful. >> you are a veteran of the state department often said some career flats there as republican administrations democrat administration kind of had their own way of doing things, is the state department going to jump onboard do you think with this president in this effort? >> well, i had good fortune receiving in state department in the bush administration as well as a point in the obama administration yes, i think this is the i understand could of thing where, people at state looking for a mission it has been flat. st. at state department, there has been a separation between the white house and the state department, that is not -- that is something we have seen time and again even rex tillerson in discussions with the foreign affairs committee came out past week demonstrated that, so if they
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can motive the -- motivate state department include you bet they want to get involved get in the game there is nothing more career people of state like than having ear of the president putting pen to paper they have plans, plans, plans they want to use them. yes, if called on going to act. >> gordon chang nothing succeeds like success if president opened a dialogh buttressed a dialogue that is good. >> as joel said is a couple midnights ago important thing if you don't continue this process things can go balanced quickly the kim family over the course of decades, used violence to upset status quo they found unacceptable if this process doesn't go at the way they think to could go
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back to launching missiles or worse very important momentum be kept up we are at a point where more than a year into this diplomacy, and clearly, the administration here is going to want to see some results, that means kim has got to actually have to do something, that no one every thought he would do. now i think president trump can do that if he applies pressure or if he gets kim to actually make a decision, that is historic another historic decision. but, you know, jon this is going to be an extremely volatile time in our relationships, remember china -- they are going to be a troublemaker not something where we actually can control, because we are going to have outside forces there, that are not going to want to see us succeed. >> when president trump talks about friendship with account xi of china you don't think that friendship is going to be enough to make chinese stay out of meddling in this particular relationship? >> we have seen decades of statecraft on the part of the
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people's republic of china with regard to north korea. this have bn mall i'd be focuses most of the time including party talks, of course, a time of optimism when started in 2003, so unfortunately, there is a history there that says, that the united states is going to do this it is going to do this in connection with maybe south korea maybe japan, but not with china as really being helpful. >> i wanted to mention for our viewers we are still continuing to watch live pictures outside the peace house there, on the south korean side of the border that is where president trump sat down with kim jong-un. president moon of south korea parentally in the room or nearby but not part of their seated discussions, that little concrete miniature wall i guess you call it that stepping-stone almost between two behinds you just saw i kept referring to it as the
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dmz they are in dmz gordon corrected me that is the military demarcation line president trump stepped over it, and when he did he became the first united states president to set foot on north korean soil that is what he is doing, in this video, taken moments ago, shaking hands with kim jong-un. the leader of north korea. whether this amounts to anything is yet to be seen but it is a positive step and all took place -- well it all developed over the course of 24 hours or i guess maybe a little more than that, when president trump tweeted he would be dialing to do just this to walk across into north korea and shake hands, with kim jong-un. it is something that president trump has wanted for quite a while. to be there at dmz with north korea's leader today he has his wish. now we should mention that we are still waiting for the
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president to merge from peace house we expect we are going to hear from a him again, and get his take on what has just taken place there. but it is certainly historic, it has the possibility of bringing about a fruitful relationship between the united states, and north korea, as well as north korea and south korea. but a lot depends on how kim jong-un responds to this overture from the president. gordon, any way to handicap what kim is likely to do here? >> i think the more important thing jon is what president trump is willing to do, we have overwhelming leverage not just over the north koreans out befr other parties to this, russians chinese south koreans for various reasons we don't exercise that leverage. and there is o some good reasons some bad reasons why we don't do that continental this is an issue where united
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states, can determine outcomes, short of the use of force. so i think, kim has been very successful, in playing you go a weak hand also a very incident dull je-- induljebt, i think president trump can make life very, very difficult for kim kill this is the pattern that the united states has had with china, in the 2017 president trump's first year in office, he was extraordinarily generous to xi jinping chinese ruler gave him a lot of free passes when chinese did not reciprocate president trump made life very, very hard for chinese including tariffs we are still talking about, i think kim jong-un should understand, that there is only going to be a limit to president trump's patience when it comes to this whole issue of disarmament. >> president trump is playing the benevolent grandfather right now you say could get a
12:37 am
lot tougher likely will if kim jong-un does not respond in the way the president hopes. >> bright just a question of disappointment, just a human reaction but, also, there is the forces that we have obligations to our allies, in the region, the south koreans the japanese, we have to provide for their security as well. and they may not have -- south koreans going to be patient but japanese are not going to be we have had responsibilities to them as well, so there is a number of forces that do constrain what we can do i think president trump is going to understand, that there is so much time that he can give them, but he also has november 2020 on his mind as well. >> jon roberts chief white house correspondent rejoins is now he is covering the president's trip from south korea. jon give us your take what we've just seen at dmz? >> what is interesting to he me the president trump and kim jong-un still inside freedom house you have positive wonder what they are talking about
12:38 am
don't forget president trump sold this as just a handshake we understand going into this probably going to last between five and seven minutes they have been inside freedom house now in that room for more than a half an hour. and it may be just conducting some sort of impromptu negotiation the president trump made it very clear to kim jong-unat summit in february in hanoi if kim jong-un wanted relief from the crushing sanctions, that had been squeezing north korea's economy so long, that he had to dismatteredel verifiably irreversibly nuclear program other asks involving other weapons of mass destruction chemical and biological cold tim in no uncertain terms if you want release from sanctions you have to go the
12:39 am
to give all that up. i was talking to administration officials before that meeting to up that meeting, that perhaps north korea had been led to believe that it might be able to achieve some sort of incremental denuclearization, there were some official weren't happy with the way steve, state department point person laid out the possibility that kim jong-un's team. the suggestion being that you know maybe if i start with one little piece, then you can go to another piece another piece another piece. then, people close to president trump and national security apparatus said you can't do that go is going to put us exactly where bill clinton barack obama and george bush were you have to ask for it all you've got to ask for it all at one typically when president trump said that to kim jong-un i think kim jong-un was shocked because he thought could over up a piece of bulls the yongbyon nuclear facility
12:40 am
start train down tracks to slow denuclearization with idea he might be able to hang on to this is ballistic program to nuclear weapons was told no by president trump he could not do that two maintained a relationship since kim jong-un a couple weeks ago, sent president trump, a glowing birthday greeting president trump sent him back a very nice letter, when probably included the idea hay i am going to south korea maybe we can get together, to start that thought in kim's mind. so i really love to be a fly on the wall right now inside that room in freedom house to know what the two of them are talking about pb are they kind of reestablish the relationship? or is president trump taking the opportunity to say to kim, i told you in hanoi what you have to do, this is where we are with sanctions, we've got south korea here as well, and south korea wants to have a good relationship with north this is all this economic promise and united states will
12:41 am
do everything it can, to help you out with that. you've got to get rid of the nuclear program that could be conversation that is going on right now or maybe -- talking about sports, i have no idea. i would love to be a fly on the wall in that meeting. >> wouldn't we all. john roberts chief white house correspondent thanks very much. >> gordon chiang the offer chairman kim aapparently made to shut down yongbyon nuclear complex some observes say that is not much of a gift thing is ready to collapse any detonated so many nuclear weapons inside that mountain it is ready to crumble as it is if you say going to padlock doors walk away that is not really an important concession. >> yongbyon, they have a five megawatt reactor goes back to 1948 soviets gave it to hymn many people say, you know, we should not offer anything to
12:42 am
the north koreans for shutting it down, because that thing is going to blow up if north koreans push it further i think that is maybe a little bit of exaggeration nonetheless yongbyon as importants it is, is not something that we should be giving the north koreans a lot for the most important thing jon to get a declaration of all missile and nuke facilities because although yongbyon is important, and is a lot of -- facilities inside the complex, nonetheless, we know that there are other uranium enrichment facilities scattered around the opportune that test side you referred to that was geologically unstable chinese have been talking to north koreans that site is very close to china chinese are very, very concerned if another detonation, that that whole mountain could collapse spreading radio activist in chinese pro vinces that last was so powerful probably did
12:43 am
take the structure of that mountain and made it geologically unstable. >> so, again, the fact that what we thought was egotistic to be handshake and a couple minute meeting has stretched into more than 30 minutes. hard to read tea levies what does is a say to you. >> extremely food sign, because president trump gamed this out in a much better position i think that kim has really bescrambling in order to figure out what is he is going to say do also lining up constituents in pyongyang getting them, onboard. because it is no, not just what kim thinks it ways military thinks what security services think what the korean works party thinks that is a a pretty difficult very tall order for kim. . >> yeah and we think american points is complicated.
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judith miller with us fox news contributor and pulitzer prize winning reporter judith they met two leaders, they met in hanoi, in vietnam, there was a lot of a lot of promise i guess going into that second summit between the two, and then it all kind of crumbled president trump took a lot of heat in the press for -- well, i guess, some saw it as a failed mission. how do you see it? >> well, i always thought jon that a bad deal would be worse than no deal at all. and i think there was a lot of concern in the american foreign policy community that donald trump might make a bad deal which he did not do. he walked away when it became clear that kim was not willing to offer what the trump administration and donald trump thought was needed in order to lift sanctions that was the actually a very, very
12:45 am
good move, i am worried about the fact that since the first summit in singapore hailed as great triumph, since then north koreans have not lived up to their first commitment to us which was to give us an inventory of their nuclear arsenal and their nuclear capabilities. >> that is kind of thing that -- >> enable to us judge -- >> yeah, that is kind of thing that gordon chang was just suggesting, would be key to future negotiations. >> absolutely, and unless something like that happens you can't make real progress on nuclear front so i agree with gordon that this is very good sign, and that this has been an extraordinary event i hope the media does acknowledge that before we begin to pick away at all the problems, but i do think we have to keep in mind what we're -- the huge, huge challenge and hurdle that is
12:46 am
before us that is getting the north koreans simply to do what they said they were going to do at the very beginning of this process. that is not going to be easy president trump announcing that would he clearly right he then and there oversight kim tot white house not going to solve that problem so it is an extraordinary event an extraordinary television. >> yeah. does this lay groundwork gordon for perhaps another summit? >> i think that is where they have got to go. but at that summit this is i think make-or-break time, both for kim and for president trump, because there he does need that declaration of all facilities. because the timeline gets very difficult for president trump at that point, also there is just the sense that north koreans have been trying to game this, you know, as i mentioned, that they've continued to produce the material upgrade their
12:47 am
facilities for missiles and weapons of mass destruction so there does need to be a sign that they actually have made the strategic decision to give up their weapons, president trump's policies make sense if kim has made that strategic decision. if he hasn't made that decision, then american policy is not going to work. so you know it all is going to come through pretty soon as joel rubin said, once you have a very good event like this, it creates that momentum and then it also creates the risks for everybody that they don't follow through, because disappointment is a very powerful emotion. >> folks who are close to the president mainly his daughter and son-in-law jared kushner ivanka trump are standing there perhaps we will he be hearing more from the president after he emerges from freedom house -- we expect it will be momentarily but, again, who knows? things have been this has been
12:48 am
unconventional event and this is an in conventionunconvention president. >> if i am kim jong-un i know that united states wants a list of my nuclear facilities, and you know what is where, and where do i keep this icbm or that research plant plant what is my motivation to give that up? i mean, doesn't -- doesn't his military come to him say no all of a sudden those become targets for america icbms. >> that is what military has in fact said in the past. and the north koreans have a long stream of propaganda releases providing dollar, unacceptable undressing in public something they don't want to do but also this is a question of not what north koreans want it is the question the incentives that president trump creates for them. and changing those incentives is job number one for american
12:49 am
president. so for instance if kim jong-un feels that he has no choice, then he is going to do with trump wants him to do. if he feels he is going to lose this is power unless he complies he will comply but it is to up trump to make sure that kim has that that no other choice, that is is going to be the tough thing but, also, you know we can do that so we can go after chinese banks we can go after russians we can make life very, very miserable for kim jong-un. it is going to take a dedicated focus on the portrait of president trump you see instead of a mnuchin treasury secretary theres a key role going to be the one enforcing those sanctions, so u.s. needs to put more efforts more money more resources into sanctions enforcement, we do that, we put kim in a place where he doesn't have the choice could where he has had in the past. >> and that would involve it could involve other nations as well i mean the russians some
12:50 am
other nations that are supplying north korea with goods that are banned under u.n. agreements. those are the kinds of things that the treasury department could go after. >> yes, and this is a global what can whackamo game there are so many different front companies kim jong-un changes front companies all the time means that we have to sanction, all the new front companies. and in may of last year, as "the wall street journal" reported, the administration decided not to go after nearly three dozen front companies basically russian and chinese we wanted to create that center where kim jong-un felt united states was a friend that was a big gesture on part of trump agency also allowed north koreans to evade sanctions because we weren't going after new money routes this raid on north korean
12:51 am
embassy in madrid thought what we lender the group which implemented that raid they parently turned over a lot of information about north korea's money laundering routes in europe that was critical for us, because if we can shut those down makes kim at a point where he has got fewer and fewer alternatives in which to get money frommo the outside world into north korea. >> judy millever is still with us i want to talk about coverage tomorrow because when you get in-depth, to some of these issues involving united states and north korea, obviously, there are a lot of balls in the air don't necessarily play well in a headlined. and you can imagine, that there will be perhaps some prays perhaps criticism of the president for -- for this particular meeting in the way
12:52 am
it was all arranged but some of those details if gordon was just talking about are -- are not necessarily going to be seeing light of day or, if they do, they are not going to draw a lot of attention, now all three presidents apparently are coming out you see president trump, chairman kim, and president moon. again, history in the making let's watch. >>
12:53 am
jon: from every found view blocked what is going on taking camera off tripod hoisting it above his head, you know, like this, and
12:54 am
trying to get a shot of the leaders as they say good-bye but we didn't see it there will be others who perhaps have that video but there is president trump with president moon it appears that chairman kim has gone back to his side of the border. now they are heading back into freedom house. whether there will be remarks inside we don't yet know it has been extraordinary couple hours along the north-south korean border with president trump meeting with chairman kim of south korea. almost spur-of-the-moment something that just came out of a tweet yesterday, from the president, suggesting would he like to shake hands with chairman kim and chat for a couple minutes they did more much more than that, chatting for well as far as we can tell more than half an hour. the question is what comes out of these conversations.
12:55 am
at any rate gordon chang can't hurt having two leaders getting to know each other a little bit better over span of this the half hour, 40 minutes we have been watching. >> one of the important takeaways from all this is that you have president trump willing to engage in unconventional diplomacy to break barriers, also you have kim jong-un willing to cooperate with that, that is a good sign. because this is a process will go forward, if kim is willing to make that strategic addition give up nukes become member of international community all the rest all things expect not to do if kim jong-un is different than father and grandfather this will be historic accomplishment for united states. >> joel rubin any signs at least to your mind that this is a different member of the kim family. >> the fact that he is meeting
12:56 am
with president trump and has been repetitively has been publicly in they kinds of conversations is different. and i think that it going to gordon's point this is a moment of test of real significant moment for kim. >> the president -- sedatedesig a team team will try and work out details again speed is not the on the we want to see what we can do a really comprehensive good deal, nobody knows how things turn out. but certainly this was a great day, this was a -- very legendary very historic day, quick notice, nobody saw this coming. and great that he was able to react so quickly that we were all able to a react so quickly, but in speaking with president moon, oftentimes he was saying this is historic. just the meeting is historic. i think there is something to
12:57 am
that. it will be even more so if something comes up something very important, but a lot has already come up. because you see what is going on. and you see what is happening and you see the level of relationship as opposed to the way it was when i came into office when i came into office it was a fiery mess it was bad things were going on. and the end of the other head administration last administration was nothing but trouble you saw, you don't report that here that is okay some day highest will record it accurately i can just say that for two and a half years we have had peace two and a half years, to nothing signed just based on relationship, but president moon was saying very strongly that he said, he would have never believed that a thing could go on like this, so friendly so peacefully, for so long. so we have agreed to have teams set up we're going to have united states will have a
12:58 am
team, secretary of state pompeo will pick it we know the gentleman -- and you all know, a pro a good man likes both countries very much. so steve is going to head it up, and under auspices of a great secretary of state mike pompeo, and what is going to happen is over the next two or three weeks teams are going to start working to see whether or not they can do something. very big stuff. pretty complicated that not as complicated as people think. a lot of great triumphs have been based on on a relationship this is one has been different you saw showing us around when showing president moon and myself around talking about two and a half, three years ago dangerous out there, you couldn't move. people were being killed, a lot of bad things were
12:59 am
happening, and they said since singapore it has been a whole different ball game. and i was telling i was telling chairman kim that actually, to me, hanoi was a great success, the press reported it the opposite. you need that and you sometimes need things like that to happen but it was a great success because we maintained our relationship. so we are going to have teams they are going to meet over the next few weeks they are going to start a process, and we will see what happens. and would i like to have, first of all, i guess you will do interpretation then the president will say few words. translator: [speaking in korean]. . >> president's remarks on quite sometime so we can expect that the translation will go on quite sometime,
1:00 am
gordon chang, a lot of great triumphs have been based on on republica relationships the president said clearly not too many eggs in this basket built hopefully that a meeting like this could bear fruit. >> the important thing that the president said i think is teams. working-level delegations talking to each other. then there are details. if we can do that, there is hope this will work forward. if we can't. if the north koreans only talk with president trump. then it won't. i think the team work discussion a really good


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