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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 30, 2019 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> president trump making history today is the first sitting u.s. president to be on north korean soil. he is promising to bring canyon back to the negotiating table. and welcome to america's news headquartered on washington at a very historic day. >> amen for leavinthe presidente meeting with kim jong-un in the president's daughter ev was joining. >> great to be with you. this is came together relatively
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quickly. in the relatively quickly but its impact could last for generations. it is been that kind of day in south korea. obviously we've been talking about all day long. the president and the north korean leader stepping not only into north korea but stepping into history. as for the first time a sitting american president enters the north. the president laid out when he was asked how this came together from sweet to history. >> we went and met at the line and met the line i said would you like me too come across and he said i would be so honored. and that's the way it worked out. i do not know what he was going to say. but it was my honor to do it. [inaudible question. reporter: the north korean leader face-to-face interaction the second time with the american president and third overall, his country however, is still under heavy sanctions. but the u.s. and much of the world, the president was asked if that couldn't soon.
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>> at some point, if i'm looking forward, i don't like sanctions being in this country. i am looking forward but sanctions during some point during the negotiation things can happen. that is what will be talking about, sanctions. >> talking about sanctions indeed. before leaving asia asia to washington he had a chance to address members of the military, that is south of us and soul. he told the troops that it was a great honor to stand in north korea. so the president makes his way back to washington ahead of fourth of july celebration in the nation capital. in the issue he does so with plenty to celebrate from here and korea. the president said the nuclear talks will reason. we do not have an exact timetable but he said it would happen in the next few weeks. back to you. >> thank you.
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>> joining us now by phone to provide insight on the diplomatic side of things. former u.s. ambassador to the un and former new mexico governor bill richardson, thank you so much for speaking from us from geneva. i want to ask, you been to north korea about six times. what were you thinking as she watched president trump become the first sitting u.s. president to step foot into north korea? >> i have to say that this was a very historic day. it was the first summit arranged between one day. and secondly the first sitting american president to step in north korea. but my worry is the substance. north korea, kim jong-un has done nothing to do new chloride as they said they would. hopefully his visit will restart talks that of installed mainly by the north koreans.
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>> critics have said that president trump is simply raising the profile of a dictator without any hard concessions in return. but president trump believes that this could be a turning point in the negotiation. where you stand on the side of the debate? >> i would hate to sonic a politician but i stand on both sides. we are legitimizing kim jong-un. and we are putting them on the royal stage. now an american president has gone to him. on the other hand it's good the two of her leaders in the state of high still in have a personal relationship, the problem is kim jong-un negotiators are not ready to meet kim jong-un's initial concession which is we will do nuclear is. they've done very little, hardly anything. i think if we get talk started
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again, the president should let his team lead, not have another summit in the north koreans, start to denuclearized and then the compromises, we give them some sanctions relief. they do some nuclear with the use of the nuclear missiles and we do some sanctions. then we continue to go grocery. that is a good outcome. but right now i worry, though diplomacy. -- >> it's incredible and historic and it's almost hard to believe that some of the images that we were just watching, as you said everything hinges on what happens next. i would like to put a clip of what president trump said after the meeting about what his pitch was to kim jong-un. >> i outline the incredible prosperity that awaits north
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korea when this whole thing get settled in. we've been talking about this for a long time. it's a country with tremendous potential. i have had a relationship with chairman kim. you know that you see what's happening. >> president pushed the economic prosperity argument in singapore and in hanoi and now in north korea. how effective is the argument going to be with somebody like kim jong-un in your opinion? >> he has said he is willing to reduce the nuclear weapons if he gets you in continuous invested in international assistance because it supports nation on earth. they are hurting a lot by sanctions, not just by the u.s. but almost the entire international community. kim jong-un after hanoi, looked very bad. but i think the president has to be firm, he said you promise to
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denuclearized, take serious steps because you've done nothing so far. it's good that they have a personal relationship but i think it will resume in july. there has got to be concessions on both sides so they have some significant positive very not just handshakes in a water show. b substance not to show. >> one more question, president trump raised the idea that kim jong-un could visit the white house. good idea or bad idea? >> not a good idea right now, let him deliver denuclearized age and, let him do something, that would be another historic day. but dingell out there, don't give it up early. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> joining us now congress member of the judiciary committee, congress been great to have you. >> great to be back. the for having me. your reaction to the witness
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today. >> i used to say only nixon could go to china and maybe only trump could go to north korea. i remember them voicing us tariffs back, we wanted to understand donald trump read "the art of the deal". and what we are seeing is trump negotiating. you take a hard line at first, get in the other guys head, figure out what he needs and wants and then offer an alternative that gives him that. i think that is what is plano. he is playing two stark alternatives for kim jong-un. he can continue down the current road which is crushing poverty for his nation and increasing tensions and all that will result in in and overturned. or he can engage and enter the
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international community and open up his country to enormous investment and prosperity. that should be a pretty simple choice for somebody who is not completely irrational. >> your colleague in 2020 candidate kim ryan not press. i will ask you to react. >> i have no idea what he is shaking hands with the dictator who justin may was sending missiles into the sea of japan. you reward that kind of behavior with a visit to your country from the president of the united states. >> your thoughts congressman? >> you remember a year or so ago the same voices were attacking trump for being a warmonger who is leading us into a nuclear confrontation with north korea. there are some people who are really hard to please and i'm up late mr. ryan is one of them. >> before you all left town, he passed a $4.6 billion humanitarian package to help the severe crisis at the border. some have called it a band-aid. do you think there is a possibility of getting something
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done to perhaps address the root problems? >> we were getting something done when the president was moving to constructive boardwalk which he is now been blocked by left-wing judge, that will have to play out in the course. the humanitarian aid is a band-aid, it does free up our border patrol agents to go back to their jobs but at the same time it does not alleviate either of the two problems which is extremely easy to cross the border, what you step foot in this country under current laws you are likely to be staying here. until that changes, we will continue to have to confront this concert under crisis. we look at the democratic candidates and say nobody should be deported, my god that means you know immigration laws, no borders and were no longer country, were just a vast international territory between canada and mexico. >> even though the humanitarian
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aid package was negotiated by patrick leahy of vermont. in republican senator richard shelby of alabama. some of the left members in the house wa went bananas. speaker policy has a serious problem with the divided caucus at this point? >> obviously she does. she tried to cater to them and rest faced with the choice of leaving town without addressing what they now finally admit is a crisis from the border after spending many, many months saying is just a figment of donald trump's imagination. >> of the great state of california, we will see you on the hill soon. >> you are listening to bernie sanders who is in manchester, new hampshire attending an ice cream social there, he is one of many 2020 democratic hopefuls out and about on the campaign
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trail this weekend. let's listening for just a second period. >> it is not a radical idea, don't let anybody tell you that it is. if you work 40 hours a week you should not be living in poverty. four years ago, 15 bucks an hour was an impossible dream. one here to tell you the seven states have passenger station raising the minimum wage. [applause] and i'm here to tell you that within the next couple of weeks the united states house of representatives is in fact going to pass the legislation, we wrote for a national minimum wage of $15 an hour. contact. [cheering]
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nobody here thanks the $15 an hour is going to get anybody rich. it is a minimum and we have to do better and create jobs to pay a lot more than that. four years ago when i was here and they came up with a quota quote radical idea, i studied in this. k-12 of free public education is not good enough anymore. it was good when i was a kid, i graduated high school 40 or 50 years ago, you did not make it into the middle class and get a good job. the world has changed, the dollar has changed, the economy has changed. people in most cases need more education, need more training. so we have said for years ago, let us make public colleges and universities tuition free.
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[applause] >> that is senator bernie sanders doubling down on some of the policy proposals that he put forward during the last week democratic presidential debate. right there you hear him talking about his plan to establishing national minimum wage of $50 an hour, for more on this will bring in mark. you've a law capitalizing and other doing damage control. >> not a weekend off at all. these candidates have been on the trail and bernie sanders in new hampshire. and were gonna start with joe biden who is under attack from fellow democrats over the issue of race. we heard earlier today from one of biden's democratic opponents, cory booker of new jersey, here is a clip of what he had to say. >> the vice president to me is not doing a good job. he is not bringing folks together. i've heard this from people all around the country, he is causing frustration and pain with his words.
10:15 am
>> it came under fire after lasix debate over his past record on desegregation busing. he has since defended the past position, he told a crowd in chicago that he made it his life mission to defendant. >> these rights are not up to the states to decide they are federal governments who choose to decide. >> we had a chance to hear from the chairman of the democratic party, he was on "fox news sunday" and he said democrats have a strong field of diverse candidates. >> the party of lincoln used to be the party of civil rights in the party of lincoln's that, it's the democratic party that is fighting to make sure that everybody has an opportunity to realize the market dream. >> today several democratic candidates are rushing to defend, harris after her recent citizenship were attacked online after following the debate. donald trump retweeted and then
10:16 am
deleted the post that quested harris' race. trump junior is under fire after his sons deleted post. >> this is a game that these folks pipe, they put something out there, you notice what he did he tweeted it and then he deleted it. like a coward so he can say that was just a mistake. senator harris is campaigning in california today and she just got done speaking at a gay pride celebration breakfast prayed we will wait to see the senators later remarks because he is a few more events on the calendar today. we will look to see if she speaks about the specific issue. >> the way to and after joe biden, somebody questions, how are these candidates will hit joe biden. it's safe to say it's open season on the front runner. >> we have to see what the polls will show. that will really tell us what is going on. >> a migrant crisis at the border string of debate. that is ahead. the president is going to call democrats on the borders no matter what we say.
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>> $4.6 billion in funding has just been approved by congress to help the growing humanitarian crisis at the border. we believe president trump they send the bill as early as next week. the money will go to improving and expanding facilities how housing migrants and immigration customs enforcement. here the way and is douglas nichols. there has been so much concern over where and how these migrants especially children are housed while there being detained but in your city there's a brand-new facility that just opened up the house 500 migrants. how is that facility different from some of the others. >> basically it's a temporary facility. but it does have room for the five to 800 people in its air-conditioned and a lot of space for people to existed in
10:22 am
facilities that were designed and built 20 years ago. >> this $4.6 billion that has been approved by congress. how would you like to see that money being spent, how can i best help the people in your community and the migrants that are detained in your city. >> we have spent over $700,000 in three months for the nonprofit efforts. i think the federal responsibility to help with that effort. whether it's from fema or directly reimbursing. but also having more boots on the ground and tried to spin the flow of the migrants that are coming through would be closer to the ultimate solution as we move to a better space in this crisis. >> is by the bill passage, president trump is saying he's going to move forward with nasty deportation, sometime after the july 4 holiday.
10:23 am
he is encouraging local police departments to not help ice with these rates. listen to what he said on another morning show, a sunday political show just a few hours ago. >> i believe that local law enforcement should do its job and federal law enforcement has its own job to do this president likes to terrorize these immigrant families, he likes to scare them, he likes to use the issue as a political weapon. >> what do you make of the statement. you direct any of the local law enforcement in your city to not help ice with these potential rates? >> definitely not, a deck leads we have worked closely with the law enforcement. this is just a continuation of that. and they need our assistance which is a lot of capability and
10:24 am
advice and they probably don't need our assistance but reinforcing the law is paramount because it helps reinforce situation the immigration is illegal. >> if these rates do go forward they would separate some children and their families in the trump administration has made clear that they will make a priority of people who were undocumented immigrants by a federal judge that they will be deported, that is a priority. some children will be separated from their families. your thoughts on that in a city where this would clearly impact so many people who live there. >> i really believe when were talking about populations with their children or young families with no resources. we need to be sensitive to that but that doesn't mean give up on the law. laws long as were finding ways to address those type of concerns from the young children into those that need additional
10:25 am
protection, we need to do that, that's a responsibility of our country. while were enforcing the law. if the repatriating whole families, that makes sense to me. >> thank you so much for joining us from your city. yuma, arizona. >> president trump making history about crossing into north korea. but will countries be able to strike a deal to d new chloride the korean peninsula. more on that next. ng, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures, new or worse heart or blood vessel problems, sleepwalking, or life-threatening allergic and skin reactions.
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>> president trump tweeting it was a great honor to stand on north korean soil. but critics are saying the meaning could be political theater and that north korea needs to show it is serious about giving up nuclear what weapons grade) inherited foundation policy analyst riley walters. >> take you for having me. >> your thoughts on the historic meeting. >> it is a photo opportunity for the president.
10:30 am
but the question really is, where are we on denuclearization with north korea. we need to 0 progress really start giving chairman kim a diplomatic open view in the world. >> is there pressure on the president to deliver after now another meeting with kim? >> possibly, certainly. the question is what progress are we making on denuclearization. we are getting some effort from the north korean like on the remains of service members, the return of hostages. but again, the whole point is to denuclearization on the crane pregnancy. and see north korea give something for all of the civil medic show. >> let's shift to china. a cooling-off period and the trade war, your thoughts. >> it is good that we see both sides having inputting entries on the tariffs. we would like to see the tariffs that early in place removed because of the cost to american
10:31 am
businesses. for now hopefully we can get negotiations restarted and come to a deal before the end of the appraised. >> there is been criticism about the president handling huawei and congressman and tim ryan appeared on sunday morning, take a listen to this and i'll ask you to react. >> the whole deal with china backing down on huawei, are you kidding me. what china has been doing with the cybersecurity, what huawei has been doing all over the world and we're going to back down. i thought that was the one piece that we can count on president trump to hold the line on for national security purposes. what about those concerns? >> one of the things that we got from this meeting in regards to huawei, we are actually missing a lot of details from what the president has agreed to. so finding out what the details are crucial. really what has the president given up on we trade with china
10:32 am
and huawei with china, while we prevent a lot of security in national security threat to the united states. in finding out what has been agreed upon is most important. >> is an action-packed weekend through asia, your assessment overall of the most important aspects of this weekend? >> i think certainly the president has been good when it comes to diplomacy of the international leaders and when it comes to those at the g20, making friends and allies with those who should be our friends and allies. it is concerning the rhetoric when he is addressing those whose computations and concerns with. >> you mean about the election interference? >> election interference, chairman kim, those kind of things. >> roberthank you for being on. >> last week's debate show just how far the left the 2020
10:33 am
democratic field has veered with several candidates supporting pre-government health care for undocumented immigrants and decriminalizing border crossing. in president trump thanks this is going to be great for his chances at winning reelection. here to break it down, the top radio panel, katie heller in the midwest talk radio host ako coolidge. i would like to start with a moment during the debate the president trump, the second debate that president trump singled out on twitter. >> rager hand if your government plans would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. [applause] >> right after the happen president trump tweeted this, he said all democrat just raised their hands for giving millions
10:34 am
of illegal aliens unlimited healthcare. how about taking care of american citizens first. that is the end of the race. michael, also with you. does the president have a point? >> yes, it was not that long ago that congressman from south carolina, joe wilson who said you lie during the president obama state of the union address about this exact topic. everyone focused on an offense. we will not just take 180 million people off the private health insurance. but also giving healthcare to illegal immigrants. >> what do you think,. >> i don't think so, i think the democrats are going out of line
10:35 am
on this issue they're promising to provide people with what is a human right, healthcare. in u.s. citizens deserve that and undocumented people deserve that too, and if trump wasn't so busy giving tax cuts it be very easy to do that. these people coming to the united states are fleeing violence that the united states helped create, we have dictatorship, legally elected democratic leaders, we cannot go around the world with legally elected leaders and expect nothing to happen to people and people tried to keep themselves safe and family safe. every u.s. citizen would do the same thing, all these people want to do is live their life, be safe and protect their families prayed. >> the moment that the truck campaign is undoubtedly the proposal by health secretary julio castro where he suggested if he were president he would move to decriminalize illegal border crossing and making a civil offense. another gift to trump? or good proposal by julio
10:36 am
castro. >> not a good proposal, it shows how far left the democrats are right now on illegal immigration. it's code the he talked about in the laws over centuries and if you were to have his way in illegally crossing the border become no longer a criminal offense just a misdemeanor, who really thanks that if that is the case they will eventually get rid of the misdemeanor aspect to and then we do indeed have open borders. >> immigration, they keep saying is a problem, immigration has gone down, so why is this such a crisis, it's because trump needs a distraction any need to distract from his massive redistribution of wealth, and possibly it's one of the biggest if not the biggest in u.s. history, this is not new, we see this every time a group of people comes to the shores in seeking refuge, there's a small group of people, very vocal who say keep him out, don't let
10:37 am
these people and, they call him dirty again in history. this happened with the polish people, the italians, imagine if those people, who would be here today, a lot of our family members and people in the studio would not be here. >> 's critics of the proposal say this is a magnet for folks trying to cross the border illegally if we were to move forward with decriminalizing illegal immigration making a civil offense and removing the possibility of jail time. it would encourage this behavior even further. >> they are fleeing violence, they are not thinking about, the risking their lives because it's about. it's not a civil defense they will come and they were coming before people coming out will keep coming. if we don't want people to come here we have to stop intervening abroad and donald trump did campaign on non- intervening and he needs to stop.
10:38 am
>> twenty-second, this might be an appealing message to the far left debates, the democratic party but it is not going to be a winning issue -- moderate don't like that either, anyone with a heart knows that's disturbing, were supposed to respect human rights and welcome people especially when were responsible for decreed creating this. everyone found the image disturbing. we will have to leave it there, thank you so much. >> the u.s. investigates a string of tourist deaths in the dominican republic, they are ratcheting up the pressure, which federal agency is being asked to stop it, next. ♪ ♪
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>> california hiker was found alive a week after he went missing in the san gabriel mountains. the 73-year-old was walking and
10:43 am
speaking despite not having anything for five days, he drink creek water. he was hoisted to safety and flow to a hospital to be examined. >> chuck schumer is calling for more action as the u.s. investigates the history of mysterious tour deaths in the dominican republic. jackie heinrich with the latest. reporter: they just confirmed their offering to the fbi which is leading the investigation. they said the atf should get involved because the unique ability to forensically test for tainted alcohol. they also have a bean office. at least 13 touris 13 american e died since beginning of washer, for after having a drink from the hotel minibar. reports bird media attention at least 65 reports of near fatal incidents, plus misuse pesticides as a cause.
10:44 am
senator schumer said given we have a lot of questions and very few answers into what if anything is cause for the recent state of several deaths of americans in the dominican republic, the fed should double efforts on helping get to the bottom of things. >> dominican officials say the deaths are unrelated adding the number is not unusual considering 2 million americans visit the dr each year. they told them the autopsy showed natural causes of deaths but they requested fbi help to rule out negligence. [speaking in foreign language] >> why do we request the fbi, the dominican republic has nothing to hide. we want the primary origin of these deaths you and the autopsies are completed to come to light. >> the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms has alcohol library investigates moonshine, counterfeit and refill products. give a passage on how the drinks can be harmful.
10:45 am
it reads, non- tax paid this distilled spirits are manufactured to avoid payment of distilled spirits excise tax. these beverages spirits are with substandard equipment that are toxic metals such as letter copper to the product. the fbi has not instead whether it will accept the offer to help. >> at least their offering to help. i am fascinated by this horrible mystery. i know so many other americans and people that like to visit the dominican republic are as well. thank you so much. >> former vice president joe biden is playing defense as equals criticism from several of the fellow 2020 democrat candidates. how he is responding next. i can't believe it. that karl brought his karaoke machine? ♪ ain't nothing but a heartache... ♪ no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of
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>> a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools. she was bus to school everyday. in that little girl was me. >> my position across the board, i did not praise racist. that is not true. >> former vice president joe biden doing damage control this weekend following the exchange
10:50 am
with the democratic presidential debate. joining us to discuss national politics reporter. >> how much trouble is a vice president and after the debate. >> i think it's too soon to talk about just how much trouble. i think is still the front runner, he is the front runner before the debate and i think is still different runner now. i think -- i was with him in chicago over the weekend and i don't get vertical damage control. we will get a better picture of finances at the middle of the month and maybe he was to put the numbers out a little sooner to change a conversation. we'll have to see what happens. >> biting taking heat for comment about a young man wearing a hoodie, take a listen and i'll get you to react. >> we gotta recognize that kid wearing a hoodie -- this is just another example, issues
10:51 am
conversation and lessens the joe biden to know how to learn. >> is an overreaction by booker or is he succeeding in making biden look out of touch? >> i think if you are a cory booker is, you want to do as much as you can to draw contrast between yourself and the front runner. that's basic politics. what he do that was interesting, being there in the room, a mostly black audience in chicago, i don't think that was a line that got much pushback in the room his goodwill is still pretty strong. i think it's good to take more than one off-line here in after the debate to erode eight years, many of them seen the vice president. >> has a long track record with the african-american community. we will see how it plays out. a big breakout performance for,
10:52 am
here's, your thoughts and should she be ready for attacks to come her way? >> i think again, will want to see postdebate pools, and financing, obviously we sell the $2 million taken from her that we want to get a picture of the entire field, it was a stena performance for her. i think she probably needed that at a time when there was other names that were racing in the race like pete buttigieg print it is definitely a stand out performance and we will see in the weeks to come how much of a stena performance it was paid. >> $2 million in the first 24 hours after the debate going to, the harris campaign. obviously good news for them. >> anything you can do too have a good mind like that with the primary field is going to be where you want to be. but among the 45 front runners, top-tier candidates and being able to separate yourself from them is a smart politics at this
10:53 am
point. >> vice president biden took the heat this weekend for cracking in seattle about joking about a gay waiter. is he does not politically correct enough for this field of democrats? >> that's a case that overbought arrivals including cory booker that are trying to make. he is not able to talk about some issues in the way that it reflects in 2019, the way that we look at some of these issues. i think that is what democratic voters are going to have to look at. i think that you take away, anything that the candidates can do to peers the ectability around vice president biden, that's the number one pitch that he has been making to voters, that he could take on trump and when in anything that they can do to undercut the narrative,
10:54 am
expect to see for that. >> does have to worry about being the 2020 version of jeb bush with skyhigh expectations that are impossible to reach? >> some have said that. i think it's a little bit early in the process to call him jeb but that to take many people have. >> takes a lot. >> stick around for fox news sunday, chris wallace is at the top of the hour. tonight 8:00 p.m. tucker carlson has an exclusive interview with president trump. you will not want to miss it. >> prince harry duchess megan giving a royal treatment. more on the historic major-league basil game in london after the spring but allstate actually helps you drive safely... with drivewise. it lets you know when you go too fast... ...and brake too hard. with feedback to help you drive safer. giving you the power to actually lower your cost. unfortunately, it can't do anything about that.
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>> fireworks like this guy as the yankees win 70 - 13. >> the yankees beating the red sox saturday night, they are smoking them now to. the regular-season game held in the uk. they are pulling off the four run when despite any injury. >> the team played in a converted soccer stadium. prince harry and duchess megan were here. they also got two gifts, they got a red sox onesie in the actually got a little mini
10:59 am
yankees jersey for the seven week old son archie. >> keep the yankee jersey and i would regift the red sox pre- >> the jersey is a bit better than the onesie. in my humble opinion. and megan was saying, i should say duchess megan was saying they were up all night long with archie, had not gotten any sleep before they attended the game. it goes to show you how the foundation means to prince harry and the duchess megan. >> prince terry was an all-nighter prude my little girl was up at 4:00 a.m., i did not mind and because is able to watch history in the making of president trump crossed into north korea for the first time. >> yankees up 12 - for an eighth-inning. >> you did great in the last
11:00 am
segment. i know you've done news for so long, you could have a career in the sportscaster pre- >> press in washington, "america's news headquarters" continues,. >> thank you for watching. chris: president trump steps into north korea. and agrees to resume nuclear talks with kim jong-un. a historic hand site. and a promise of renewed negotiations paid. >> this is a very positive day in a very positive event. isaac is good for the world. >> while the u.s. and china agree to new talks to in trade war. >> we are going to work with china on where we left off to see if we can make a deal. >> what does it mean for the u.s. economy and national security. we will ask the president economic advisor larry


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