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tv   Fox Nation Celebrates America  FOX News  June 30, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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we need obama care completely gone. mark: i thank you are a perfect example of freedom, capitalism, success, cg jobs, creating opportunity. giving people what they want to. it's a pleasure to have you on the program. >> thank you very much. mark: the time 11
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>> this never ceases to amaze me.
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>> an exclusive look of what made america great and brian goes beyond the history books to take you inside from coast to coast making the united states what it is today in joining me right now is the host of that show in the flesh thank you for joining me. >> that is very patriotic of you. so tell me about the upcoming season of what made america great. >> we are on the third season sold the role of women in the role that they played in the country we have exclusive documents behind us the five and six in the morning and then what we reveal it is fascinating. the iran-contra scandal, eia we realize they bring down the nazis the soviet union and
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then with ronald reagan while pulling off the reelection campaign. right after bush won the first primary but then we get this history and here is the thing and in his backyard is an eagles nest on this property and has been there there are no other eagles. he is a patriot through and through. and then we went to philadelphia and what we reveal at the end. than a special for mount vernon for things you have never seen before the number one most visited place in this country which is heartening even the french and british
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went to see where george washington lived. and we have a few more surprises and how do you find all the hidden secrets of these places? >> we need cooperation from the people so wouldn't it be great to take the books washington and jack in houston and tell america's history in a fun conversational way a/v things we can put together and then let people understand what made america great. >> just hearing your passion and all the work that you do that is dropping in july so we can expect that.
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>> congratulations on your success. >> you as well. check out america is great from the start. >> i realized how much i loved history one area was underappreciated. i have an opportunity now to get to an audience because you care about the country you are here because i could take advantage of opportunity i can invite you here tonight you were kind enough to come out. not to lecture you but to give you details because my free time i love this stuff. abby: we love history at fox nation and bringing it to life and you will of the secrets of george washington.
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no secrets are greater than what i find about george washington. abby: you can see that exclusively on "fox nation" go to the app store or to "fox nation".com and follow the instructions for you are thinking why "fox nation" it is simple fox news brings you the headlines that you need but "fox nation" gives you the stories that you want in the history worker for example. >> a forgotten american hero. a very good pilot. very smart and tough. abby: joining me now someone who is very familiar with george welch colonel and author dan hampton.
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thank you so much for joining me. >> my pleasure. abby: tell me about the story behind george welch. >> a fascinating man in connection with pearl harbor with the airborne that day the son of a chemist went to purdue got into the military. >> why do you think this is a forgotten story? >> what made him a forgotten hero is he was a test pilot in early test flights and the contention is for a large number of people faster than the speed of sound broke the sound barrier before chuck
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yeager did. he got all the credit because it was a government operation and there were political reasons so nobody ever heard about what george did. abby: what made you so fascinated with the story? >> i like the underdog. despite the fact there was a military officer i like people of the authority even when it is fairly stupid at that time and place they could have used a little bit of work. george was a nonconformist, he did things the way he wanted and according to george welch. i like that that's the mark of a good fighter pilot in an interesting person. abby: a lot of bravery from him and we are able - - before you can cover the story and talk about it now. thank you for joining me. >> my pleasure.
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>> sign up right now you can see it all including george welch forgotten american hero. >> looking at the beginning of mankind doctor warner genius worked for nazi germany took the two parts in the blueprints of the working government. united states comes out of world war ii. >> bad ethical scientific achievement has you humanity. >> there is a gap we are losing. >> this nation should commit itself to land a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> so who gets to the moon first? to make kennedy said to nasa i know you don't know how to go to the move but i already pledged it so figure it out.
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>> i was so impressed with those marines because i wanted to tell their story because they were so impressive and continue to be an impressive group. >> but what gets me is we were in the desert with these guys for a few weeks. and then we got to go home. they were there for months after that. abby: walked back to "fox nation" we are giving you an inside look of the shows that honor this great nation. one of the many new shows coming in july. with her intimate conversations between rick
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leventhal and christian on their dangerous journey to baghdad all while going live for the american public. rick leventhal joins me now. what was it like reporting from the front lines? >> it was an incredible experience. the best of my career. exhausting. challenging and rewarding. and with these marines on the front lines to see what they were doing and chronicle our view was a tremendous experienc experience. abby: you were there nine weeks literally staying with marines. did you feel unsafe? what did you eat? back we sleep where they sleep and we ate what they ate. wherever we could. i was so tired i would sleep
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standing up i would lean against the vehicle and fall asleep for five minutes. we were on the go a lot. not sleeping much at all. conditions were terrible it is dusty and dirty and hot we were down to one meal per day because we were so far ahead of the supply chain giving us our food and water in fuels we had to conserve so we were burning a lot of calories so i lost a lot of weight while i was there but a dirty and dusty but very incredible experience. abby: we were talking earlier how nobody understands what they go through so what did you lear learn? they are incredibly brave and dedicated people really believed in fighting for our nation and believed they are doing what they are tasked to
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do which they were. they never complained of my cameraman and i would often complain to each other. we are not soldiers or marines are built to be out there but we were. we had no idea what we were in for and what we were in for is what they were informed that they train for it and we didn't. but you asked if i was ever scared. one evening we were in a firefight. it lasted 45 minutes ago no question we were both scared because there was live ammunition going back and forth. we did not know who was out there, we didn't have the infrared as the marines did. we were hiding in the back of an armored vehicle hoping we did not get shot. abby: what you hope the american public gets out of the show? >> i hope that christian and i
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can convey just how honorable these men and women are that are serving our nation. and how much respect they have earned and deserve because they're not getting paid a lot of money. they are not getting a lot of glory. but they are protecting us and serving all of us. i just have so much respect for them i hope we convey that because they protected us when we reported what they were doing and they just kept doing their jobs without complaining which is the best experience of my reporting career and i would do it again. abby: an incredible story, great footage thank you for bringing this to us. abby: if you are loving all the shoes then watch our next
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show. >> most have no idea of the courage this decade and a half long conflict but to live without apparent or a spouse that is now the caregiver for soldier of ptsd. physical disabilities and i signed up it is an all volunteer military. we sign up and then we are prepared to make that sacrifice. but if there is one thing that i have learned to change my life around in biblical ways.
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>> keep up with the jones and those experts on opposing viewpoints. our veterans that fight for liberty [laughter] ♪ ♪ "i'm okay." ♪ ♪
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>> live from america's news headquarters the president is back home after historic trip to the dmz separating south and north korea. landing at the white house earlier tonight and answered questions about kim jung-un coming to the white house he made history with the first sitting as president to cross the border into north korea after a team met with kim jung-un for 50 minutes. chuck schumer calls on the government to do more as investigation continues into mysterious death of the dominican republic he wants the bureau to provide technical and forensic support at least 13 americans have died while on vacation since june of last year. now back to "fox nation" specia special.
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abby: they put their lives on the line and sacrifice everything for our freedom. >> i am a quadriplegic as a result. >> i was determined not to let it defeat me. >> now one organization is giving back to them. >> their family has suffered now we can provide relief. >> the security to know they have a roof over their hand one - - their head. >> hear their incredible stories to see the places they now call home. >> now i can roll through the kitchen. >> i no longer have to struggle with every doorway. >> is there a better gift and giving a home quick.
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>> building homes for heroes only on "fox nation". abby: a "fox nation" original over the past 15 years building homes for heroes have changed countless lives by remodeling homes for wounded veterans here is a heartwarming and inspirational story and the incredible people behind the project. with me now to share the stories is the host is lauren, thank you for being here. >> this is such a great project close to people's hearts especially around the fourth of july. that is one of the biggest things you have learned? >> what it means to be selfless to see them positive. they have had dozens and dozens of surgeries. some can't see or walk every
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bad thing happen to them and sometimes when they thought they were on the right track them they have another complication from a previous injury then set back again. just to meet them and their families to see how they constantly make lemonade out of lemonade - - lemons. thank you for your service and your attitude and your inspiration. is the best thing i have ever done i am honored to meet them to some a lot of people need to learn that lesson. you are essentially building new homes for all of these veterans program sure a lot of them struggle with disabilities. >> they have a huge stack of applications because this started in 2006 by the end of this year they should have 200 homes built so it is one every 11 days so they want a gifted home but you don't pay anything for the brand-new beautiful house.
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and it comes furnished. that just starts your life in the right direction then if you have a disability it is customized for you so it is a win-win. but the stack of applicants is big that the organization finds the veterans they work with the family. this is what you need. we can outfit your garage or a elevator. so they make sure in the kitchen the sink is far enough away from the island or the kitchen table so you can do a 360 with your wheelchair and then you can use the appliances like a microwave it is down low. he is actually a chef. he has an apparatus he puts it over the spices and the ingredients and it reads it to him. abby: a lot of things we don't
8:29 pm
think about it's great for our audience to hear as well that you mention what you learned what you hope the audience gets out of it quick. >> going to the process. you came home from war, that was tough it wasn't working in your old home now you met this organization to be a part of their family and they check in with you. they have a parade for you. then they call the local police force and firefighters everybody military in the area and they have a parade so that he will truly feels like a hero. here are the keys to your new home which is part of the process but then they cut you out a month out so you can't se see.
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it is a great surprise and a great element. >> this is around the time around the fourth of july do have a new perspective? >> every time, for me i don't have a military family some reading these families and this organization was a first for me. so now i do see better. either stop them and say thank you for your service if it is a wounded veteran i talked to them and it gives me more appreciation for everything they have done and dealt with and how we treat them when they come back. i do have to say something about the children. i'm getting a little emotional. they are so good impatient kids and care for other people. it's a beautiful organization. >> i cannot think of a better host to host the show because you are so passionate and to see your connection i have
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watch the episodes it is truly inspiring for anyone. were very excited for everyone to see it. >> as we commemorate the heroe heroes, we also commemorate the moment the patriots almanac does that and much more. check it out. >> i can hear you the rest of the world hears you. >> i present a daily lesson of inspiration of histories and heroes and achievements. >> every citizen of this country has a stake.
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>> it is my privilege to award the highest military award to a soldier who demonstrated exceptional courage to protect his men and defend our nation, would you please join me to welcome staff sergeant
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david. [cheers and applause] abby: army staff sergeant becoming the first living iraq war veteran to receive the highest military award the medal of honor saving an entire squad after they were trapped and surrounded by insurgents the story is more incredible than anything could hollywood makeup and he tells her in a brand-new documentary and now with more on this incredible story you are the perfect person to talk to around the time of independence day that only did you serve in the military but you find stories like this if they do not know his story tell us more. >> a close personal friend of mine over ten years i got to know him after he got out of the service but i feel like i know his story i read his book but until you sit down and actually go through the story in detail it reads like a
8:38 pm
hollywood movie you can barely believe it. he went into a house along with multiple suicidal insurgents who were there to die and took it upon himself to save the man in his squad who were otherwise trapped this isn't how you are supposed to do it but in that moment he made a decision talking about pacing outside the house back and forth saying do i go in her do what do not go men? i will save them i will not leave this battle without killing these insurgents. because if i don't they live to fight another day so he storms in with one automatic weapon rambo style close quarters combat shooting some he enters rooms that are pitch black at night those are not
8:39 pm
clear and without men behind his back going upstairs he does not know. men are jumping out of wardrobes and closets they are jumping from the roof. by the time he gets to the top floor he is running out of ammunition and cannot use the ammunition the whole room is rigged to blow with propane tanks. >> the ak-47 was in front of me it felt like an eternity where we just stared at each other and with my cigarette i could see and we just stared at each other i turn the a-k around and tried my best to shoot with it and it didn't hit him. so that was gone and i tossed it away he was backing up to the side of the rooftop and i
8:40 pm
grabbed my rifle and i hit him in the hip and in the leg. there was a yellow water tank on the roof to have one - - rooftop i thought he fell behind it so he is fixed and wounded with no weapon i take my time. but as the guys into the building i hear gunfire from downstairs then i hear it outside. he made an attempt to crawl to another landing and basically fell into a palm grove. >> talk about transitioning home and the challenges we face in the fact he did not grow up with a kit of courage but afraid of a lot of things and could not save his family something he talks vividly about his very dynamic larger than life america needs to
8:41 pm
learn his name and rightfully so. i want my kids to know his name. he got the medal of honor and earned every bit of it. abby: when you talk to him , you do that not only switching guns but all of that under pressure and you think watching a hollywood movie that is cool but if you think of the circumstances surrounding that if you talk to him what kind of guy is he? use a larger-than-life but what type of personalities is that take quick. >> exactly somebody who can disregard his life to save the life of his men. i had a chance to go to medal of honor ceremony he brought them onstage and made it about his fellow members. i have never been in anything like that i have been in combat and ultimately at the
8:42 pm
end of the day you look to the guide to the right and left i want to make it home and you will try to bring me home that is part of the calculation. they were through a long battle and terrible things they were enduring and he felt if i don't kill them they will kill other americans. i had those thoughts as well the different circumstances if we don't do this that they will live to plan another bomb and that weighs on you. some in that moment i don't know if you make that decision every time but in that moment knowing it was imminent death, he basically knew he could live loan - - loses life. abby: this is a story america needs to hear i appreciate you telling you i know reviewers do as well. >> they will love it. abby: watch modern warrior and other programming only on "fox nation". we will be back with more
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exclusive sneak peeks right after this. >> i am on the set of a brand-new show tammy bruce to get full disclosure on the truth what the left is really up to. here on "fox nation" we celebrate faith and family and freedom think it to the military families were the fabric of her nation for your sacrifices and keeping us safe have a happy and safe fourth of july. i don't keep track of regrets.
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abby: i never really considered strongly running for the presidency but the country has never been in trouble like it is now. >> i knew he was frustrated and why is this happening in our country quick. >> i don't think people fully understand his life he had $300 billion from the apprentice and said i will do something more important. >> my pleasure to introduce to you today a man who i have loved and respected my entire life. >> i am officially runnin
8:48 pm
running, looking mom - - coming down the escalator was look at me. that same vision can now build america. abby: will come back to "fox nation" celebrate america a sneak peek at the escalator how president trump rose from a real estate tycoon to change presidential history. tom is here to test my history knowledge. >> you cannot see the answers we are ready but i heard you are nervous. so we went to the streets of new york to find a wonderful all-american family they will help you out. >> thank goodness i need all the help i can get. >> very difficult questions. >> you will be the team captain. can you do that nasa spacecraft touched down on
8:49 pm
mars and studied the red planet? the first rover to go beyond the moon and they potentially named an suv after it was of the explorer, pathfinder or voyager? >> i'm leaning towards voyager. >> your first instinct was explorer that you went with voyager, the answer is pathfinder. >> we need to listen to margare margaret. >> number two. john adams jefferson monroe all did what on the fourth of july? nothing.
8:50 pm
they competed a wrestling matches. they died. >> i'm leaning towards wrestling. >> they all died on the same day? >> they all died on the same day? they all think the same day they died. >> that doesn't sound right. >> they all died on the fourth of july. >> normally i don't celebrate death that way. >> question number three. on july 4th, 1845 texas did what quick. >> agreed to become a member of the united states, the first state to celebrate with a parade and fireworks were
8:51 pm
the first hot dog eating contest? >> member of the united states. >> correct texas was annexed into the united states. question number for the weeks leading up to the fourth of july a world record was set when dhl expressed 30000 what to our soldiers in afghanistan quick. >> hotdogs or watermelon. >> hotdogs final answer. >>. >> margaret.
8:52 pm
speak up. marcy. [laughter] >> it's no surprise where people cook out than any other time of the year on fourth of july but what is the second most popular grilling day? memorial day, father's day were national barbecue day? >> memorial day. >> i feel that abby bullied you into that. >> correct. >> i would have felt so bad. [laughter] >> it takes bytes to consume what? >>.
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thank you for joining us. the next revolution with steve hilton is coming up next. >> good evening. i'm steve hilton and this is the home of positive populism. we have an important special for you tonight. time and again as we cover politics and especially the ride of socialism and intolerance you see on the left, i'm reminded of george orwell in the classic novel in 1984 when the introduced you to the world of "big brother" is watching you. in fact our culture in many ways increasingly resembles that world and those similarities that we will investigate tonight. great guest


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