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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 1, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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heather: good morning to you, it is monday july 1st, happening right now at 4:00 a.m. here on the east coast. >> the shock is unimaginable, no one ever expected this. >> loved ones remember mckenzie as they try to piece together days before murder, ahead of vigil in nursing student's honor today. down to business to president trump back at the white house following historic trip to north korea, what does this mean or what does his meeting with kim jong un really mean for denuclearization and how will it turn the tide with china, will
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it? we are live in washington, put down the cup of coffee because all your dreams are about to come true, edible cookie dough, we promise this is not fake news, "fox & friends first" starts right now. ♪ ♪ heather: good morning to you, i'm heather childers, busy and historic weekend, thanks for starting your week with us and your day. reporting unidentified flying object near the border with north korea, this comes as president trump returns to
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washington after becoming first u.s. president to step into north korea, garrett tenney live from washington with the latest from the negotiations in asia, good morning, garrett. >> heather, good morning to you, the eyes of the world watching as president trump met with kim jong un for a third time, last night after landing in dc, the president tweeted so many amazing things happened over the last 3 day, all great for the united states, much was accomplished, this meeting between the president and kim jong un was supposed to last just a few minutes but ended up lasting for more than an hour with president trump saying the two sides have agreed to get the denuclearization talks back on track but in an interview in the dmz with tucker carlson he stressed he's not in a rush just to get any deal done. >> you recently, hours ago met with xi jinping, are you close
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to trade deal? >> i think we had a very good meeting, he wants to make a deal, probably the largest deal ever made of any kind, not only trade, we got along very well, we understand each other. >> so the president there talking about his meeting with chinese president xi jinping, the other big meeting that the world was watching is the world's two largest economies discuss ongoing trade disputes and negotiations to reach a deal, after the meeting that talks back on track, no timeline for the sides to reach a deal. >> resuming the talks as president said which had been interrupted for a while is a big deal, no proms made, no deal made, no timetable, i want to emphasize that. the president said several times, this is about quality of a deal.
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>> two big meetings this week and unclear how either of the situations with global implications will ultimately play out, heather. heather: regardless of what side you're on, it was really something to witness, thank you so much, garrett, much more coming up. including this question now, will the historic meeting as garrett was saying have lasting impact? gillian turner national security council for george w. bush and obama administration says it's too soon to tell. >> 5 years from now if we are looking at events of last night from today and appears that korean peninsula is denuclearized, this is a moment that turned page in history book, we will be sitting at the table saying this was the master stroke in trump docket, but waking up in the morning this is the biggest risk of his administration, it's the biggest possible overturn he can make to
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korean dictator but it's too early to say. >> when or any future summit could happen between the president and kim jong un. another headlines for you, fox news alert for you, 65 people are injured in an explosion near u.s. embassy in afghanistan, the associated press reports that a car bomb went off during the morning rush hour, but police have not confirmed the type of attack or possible target. officials say militants opened fire nearby building right after the blast, this of course, comes after united states works peace deal with taliban which denies responsibility for the bombing. well, antifa protests that left reporter injured in portland, oregon sparking federal investigation into the city's mayor.
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police were nowhere to be found during the attack, he was hospitalized but will be okay we are told, that's the good news, gofundme page start bid conservative vlogger raised more than 100,000 for security and health costs, that was in just one day, coming up as well. community in salt lake city will gather to honor mckenzie lewis, college students remains found on friday two weeks after missing. pure heartbreak in an exclusive interview with fox news listen. >> the shock is unimaginable, the grief, it comes and goes. to me it doesn't feel real. just kind of in a state of
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shock, my body feels numb. heather: well, vigil for mckenzie being held at the university of utah tonight. police are investigating whether the suspect acted alone. he's behind bars on murder and kidnapping charges. the suspect in botched hit job on head some star david ortiz were offered $30,000, that number much higher than police originally thought. ortiz was shot at nightclub in the dominican republic last month and police believe that his cousin was intended target, wanted dead by drug trafficker who thought might report him to cops, so far 14 people under arrest, ortiz is recovering at a boston hospital. to méxico now, mexico presenting a new national guard to help restore peace in the country, 70,000 members will be deployed to protect mexicans from rising murder rates and other violent crimes, méxico's president says he hopes to increase the number
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of national guard members to 150,000 in the coming month. let's talk about campaigning now, beto o'rourke travels and s with asylum seekers who were turned away from the border. >> by sharing the story that the conscious of the country and need to change the policies that we have in place. heather: o'rourke is calling for an end to president trump's policy keeping migrants in méxico while their asylum claims are processed. the visit comes just days after fellow democrat julian castro slammed beto for not supporting decriminalization of illegal crossing, castro questioned about his own immigration proposal on abc news.
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>> isn't that effectively open borders, not limiting how immigration in any real way? >> there's no way we can call that open borders because we have 654 miles of fencing, we have thousands of personnel at the border, we have planes, we have helicopters, boats, security cameras, guns, that's by no stretch of the imagination open borders, open borders is right-wing talking point. it always has been. heather: castro supports government-funded healthcare for illegal immigrants says that they, quote, already pay a lot of taxes. starting today gun owners in california will have to go through background checks to buy ammo. new state law requires customers to show id, they must also pay 1 dollar for background check every time they buy bullets and 20-dollar fee for initial screening with the justice department. supporters say the new rules would keep ammunition from getting into the wrong hands.
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well, the time now is about 9 minutes after the top of the hour and president trump making history as the first sitting u.s. president to step into north korea, so what happens next? international relations expert rebecca grant says that those steps could have changed everything and she joins us live to explain why and as taking crowded train isn't annoying enough? imagine a game of ping-pong right in the aisle and the video setting social media on fire, stay with us these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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they use all the services of the post office only cheaper get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. >> designate a team and try to work out details, what's going to happen over the next 2, 3 weeks, the teams will start work to go see whether or not they can do something.
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heather: president trump announcing a renewed plan for denuclearization talks with north korea and this comes after the president's historic step into the hermit kingdom becoming the first sitting u.s. president to enter north korea, so what happens next? here now with expert insight international relations expert dr. rebecca grant, thank you so much for joining us this morning, we appreciate it. >> good morning, heather. heather: i stayed up late sad night into morning hours because this really was historic no matter what side of the aisle you sit on, it should have been anyway, what will the small step by president trump into north korea mean to denuclearization of kim jong un? >> well, heather, first step, of course, that he really wants to change relations with north korea, i think he's done that, he's trying to put in more durable basis, great moment, back to work, secretary pompeo
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explains that the next step would be working-level meetings starting probably mid-july, location to be determined and they have to get right back to where they were in february when the hanoi talks broke down and that is getting a full lift of north korea's nuclear sites and weapon storage areas and having the lift come over. heather: what do you say to those that this was nothing more than a twitter impulse by president trump, reality tv? something that he can use for election. >> this was no high impulse, we saw xi go to pyongyang, u.s. rep always tells us, meetings that we don't know about, this was very methodical, very careful, the fact that he stopped in south korea for 2 days to make this happen, this is no impulse, this is a restart and hope that this time kim will be serious in
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making the next steps go forward. heather: since you mentioned xi jinping, the president met with him first. >> i think china would like to see north korea behave. north korea has become a liability for china and it's in china's best interest for military pressure to ease off so i think xi wants to see some progress with the u.s. in denuclearization, they've really stuck with us at the un and, of course, it's huge for president moon and great credit to president moon of south korea to see this historic step across and hopefully some progress on denuking and towards a permanent peace treaty. heather: a lot of it all comes down to kim jong un and what he's willing to do, why do you think or do you think it would be any different this time around? >> that's the perfect question, it really is about kim's political will and all we know
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that he was willing to do the meeting, willing to spend an hour and secretary pompeo says he thinks he sees that kim does want to do something by the end of the year, that's north korea's time frame and really just small step, kim did agree to stop the processing and enrichment, he agreed to that last fall, it's just getting started is so tough for him, hopefully there's enough momentum now to make it go. heather: what about this type of diplomacy that president trump is undertaking, a lot of pushback from, you know, democrats and the far left at least online and social media saying that kim jong un won by president trump simply shaking his hand and stepping into north korea without getting anything for it? >> they've been saying that now for over a year and i don't agree, i think that's incredibly wrong, you need this personal diplomacy, nothing else has worked with north korea for almost 70 years and i think
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trump is right to take it at the personal level, that's where we get the big agreements, whether that's reagan and gorbachev. heather: i think president trump always understands it's not always about money which you may be surprised that he thinks but it's about someone's ego and i think he's catering to kim jong un's ego and that might take us far, dr. rebecca grant, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. heather: time now 18 minutes after the top of the hour, whole debate performance raised a whole lot of eyebrows. >> for political purposes, i will pete you on that field. >> now marian williamson is getting new backing from republicans, plus ufc fighter and army ranger tim kennedy versus soccer star, message
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about kneeling that's going viral. eó2w
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first". did you see this, green beret calling out repinoe, cheryl casone with the online reaction and there was a lot of it. >> yeah, that's right, megan repinoe became the first white athlete to join colin kaepernick in 2016 and she created more controversy last week by saying she would not go to the united
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states -- white house if the united states wins the world cup. army ranger and mma fighter spoke out on twitter saying i think it's tragic when one kneels during national anthem. i believe they do it out of ignorance and privilege, i do know that every man and women that wears uniform with american flag on the shoulder would willingly die protecting the person's right to do so. so that tweet received about 7.5000 likes, dan on twitter says having a right does not mean that one is right, another twitter using chiming in as misguided as she is, it's her right and gradually suit up again to defend it, however, do i think if she had so much to say for america, she should at least not play the team representing america. would it not have been a more significant protest if she just elected to not compete on the u.s. national team.
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>> that's a very good point. >> some people are saying that this is even more controversial, even what colin kaepernick did because she's representing the united states on world stage, many other people who support her, alexandria ocasio-cortez invited her to the house of representatives. heather: which she said yes to after saying no to the president. i think it's different than colin kaepernick. mare aim williamson, lots of folks came to know her for the first time after debate. >> republicans are donate to go her campaign to make sure she stays in the debates, qualifies for next debate. this all started with a tweet from jeff row, he ran ted cruz's presidential campaign, please calling on all republicans to go to to keep
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vibrant democrat on debate stage, one debate performance is not enough. popular idea, one twitter user says i would like to see trump versus williamson debate. nancy says she can have my primary vote and a dollar and lastly twitter uses i splurge and give $5 to the best part of the debate, they was very comfortable in her own skin which is kind of refreshing to see. heather: all about love. >> all about love. >> so people not loving this, though, on the subway playing ping-pong as if the subway wasn't crazy enough. >> yeah. you should file this one as only in new york, some people are loving the idea saying it's
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impressive, the fact they were keeping the ball in the table, it's amazing says one twitter user and other people are totally annoyed, look at this tweet, people are coming from work, they are tired and want to get home drama free. [laughter] heather: i was the woman sitting behind the fellow, ill not feel too good about it. carley: absolutely. mystified by the whole thing, why? heather: a lot of videos lately online with people doing crazy things on the subway. carley: yeah, i think -- who knows, they may have a youtube channel or something and trying to monetize it? >> trying to go viral. >> they worked, they are going viral. you know you've made it when carley has you on. carley: i love it, thank you. heather: time now about 26 minutes after the top of the hour and antifa protesters bring chaos to streets of portland even beating up conservative journalist, should antifa be
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considered terrorist organization, we may find something that republican and democrat agree on, stay tune for that
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heather: welcome back, you're watching "fox & friends first", half past the hour, great talks with china back on track following g20 summit, the president sounding off to progress with tucker carlson. >> are you closer to trade deal? >> he wants to make a deal, the largest deal ever made of any kind, not only trade, we got along very well, we understand each other. heather: full interview airs tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern on tucker carlson tonight. police are investigating whether mckenzie lewis killer was alone.
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violent antifa protest that led reporter injured in portland, oregon sparking request for investigation into the city's mayor, senator ted cruz calling out ted wheeler accusing him of ordering police to allow the demonstrate toaster attack conservative journalists and police were nowhere to be found during attack, he was hospitalized but he will be okay police say contained quick-drying cement or at least 8 others were injuries as calls for accountability boil over, should antifa be considered a terrorist organization? gop strategist jim and antjuan here to discuss, thank you both for joining us. >> good morning.
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>> great to be with you. >> let's begin by hearing from noe himself. >> reported and nothing was done. they stole my evidence, they stole my gopro. >> what did they use? >> weapons. >> they hit me on the back of my head. >> apparently reportedly he ended up with a brain bleed amongst some other things and taken to hospital, let's begin with you, what do you think about antifa? >> well, you know, unfortunately it's a sign of the political climate today, if you face the angry mob you've either got to shut up or be beaten up and those are your two choices, look, i think president trump should take a look at designating antifa as a domestic terror organization, they certainly fit the fbi's of domestic terror group which is as the fbi says using violence
1:33 am
to enact political agenda, antifa identifies with the left, they carry the banners of the left literally and -- and they meet the 3 criteria that the fbi also says used to perpetrate domestic terror and that's using the internet, using social media and home-grown variety antifa fits all of those 3 categories. >> and out there at the same time hiding faces antjuan, do you think they should be declared terrorist organization? >> i certainly agree the use of excessive force in a combative situation to further a political agenda, however, i will tell my dear friend jen, that he should hold standard, when we saw white supremacy and somebody drove car into a crowd and someone got killed i did not hear my dear friend jen or anyone on the right scheming domestic
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terrorism as i did on the show. >> i certainly did -- >> jen, i didn't interrupt you, let me finish my thought. i also -- we had to keep in mind that this should not be a democratic or republican thing, this should be something that we all agree on and the fact is we must remember we had a journalist and some of the same voices we hear speaking out calling things on the left should have been speaking up then as well. heather: good point mentioning that it should not be one side or the other democrat or republican when we have violence like this taking over our streets and that's one of the things that ted cruz has a problem with and he says that the mayor of portland should be investigated for not doing anything more? >> yeah, i think the police chief also should be lump intoed that group, i talked to law enforcement overnight, they said the same thing, the fact that we are seeing in city after city law enforcement standing by as people are attacked, beaten and sent to the hospital is very problematic and, look, to
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antjuan's point i saw a lot of republicans coming out talking against what happened in charlottesville. >> except your president. >> no, that's not true if you look at the official white house statement which is still up online. >> two sides, remember? >> saying that they should review attacks, here is the real irony, heather, you hear democrats critique gop about being toxic masculinity, guess what side with young angry white men literally beating people up -- >> jen. heather: antjuan i have a question for you based on what you just said that there's violence on both sides, doesn't this prove that there's violence on both sides? >> absolutely, therefore called out. heather: that's what the president said.
1:36 am
>> heather, a reporter who was body-slammed not too long ago, i did not hear anyone saying very loud on the choir of this idea, all i'm saying we agree on that part, but let's be fair and balance when we call things out, let's not press ignore button and press the volume button on the other side. i agree that we have to call things out. i keep repeating myself, i agree we have to call things out but at the same time at president's rally he encourages violence, so we have to be accountable on both sides. heather: jen, final word. >> final word, this is only likely to get worse, not better, fox news poll out last week shows we are already at election day level tensions in this country, we still have 15 months to go before election day. >> just remind the your president of that when he has his rallies. >> calling on him today to make declaration of domestic terrorist designation for antifa. >> don't use certain language at rallies and i think everybody will be calm if he governs
1:37 am
himself accordingly. heather: we agree with mar aim williamson, it's all about love. >> i love you, jen. heather: thank you both for joining us this morning, appreciate it. now to fox news alert, isis could be plotting devastating comeback to become bigger and more dangers than before, according to washington base think tank, terror network accumulated billions of dollars in dispersed jihadist fighters in iraq and syria, isis has taken back control in some areas months after president trump declared the group's defeat and deliberations expected to begin today in the war crime trial of navy seal eddy gallagher, decorated service member pleaded not guilty to murder charges in 2017 death of isis prisoner in iraq, another admitted under oath that he was the one who killed the man and another that
1:38 am
gallagher did not stab detainee, verdict expected by the end of the week. white house press secretary stephanie grisham brushing off this brawl. watch this. [inaudible conversations] >> let go. need help here. heather: reportedly getting bruised pushing back north korean security guards trying to move the press pool. she seemed to enjoy experience. history was made today honored to witnesses, grisham begins as new white house press secretary today, if that's indication of how it's going to go, it should be exciting. the person she's replacing, of course, could soon release a tell-all book, axios reporting that sarah sanders plans to
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write as white house press secretary, sanders step downed on friday after holding the position for nearly 2 years, she also reportedly considering following in father's footsteps in running for arkansas governor in 2022, good luck for her. the time now 39 minutes until the top of the hour, florida deputy dragged 301 feet into a busy highway, body camera slamming to the ground, driver with long rap sheet now facing charges. >> it is a reason to continue the fight. heather: new jersey governor to sign a millionaire's tax is forcing residents to flee the state and take their money with them. our next guest breaks down how democratic policies could impact blue states everywhere
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heather: man facing attempted murder charges for dragging a police officer, watch this. >> put it in park. heather: deputy hitting gas as deputy aron blaze holds onto window for more than 300 feet, shot the arm's driver before falling to ditch, the deputy will be okay, all this started of traffic stop about window tinting, good grief. former dallas cowboys arrested, you can see running from wendy's in texas after they found sitting in grass talking to hymn. the defense --
1:44 am
residents leaving the state of new jersey in droves over high tacks but taxpayers declaring victory over democratic governor phil murphy after millionaire's tax ultimately removed from the state's newly signed budget, what can other states learn from the far-left proposals, joining know discuss is president of americans for tax reform, thank you so much for joining us, we really appreciate you having with us this morning. >> good to be with you. >> let's talk about millionaire's tax that murphy was proposing, it would have raised the tax rate on each dollar earned over 1,000,008.9% to 10.75%, so what type of warning should this send to other states, just proposal alone? >> well, a lot of politicians are saying, i will spend a lot
1:45 am
of money but i'm not going to tax you, i will tax the 1% and they've been doing that in states like new york and california and new jersey but the cost here that at some point people who are targeted, new york, for instance, 1% of the taxpayers pay half of the state income tax, if they all left the state income tax would fall half in terms of revenue and still would have spending, it'll have to come out of pockets of middle-income people, in 19 -- in 2011, 600,000 americans, that's a congressional district moved from highest 25 highest-tacked states to lower tax states. you had $34.5 billion of income leave, people who own
1:46 am
$34.5 billion each year moved to other states, they're paying lower tacks in other states and no taxes in new jersey, new jersey is committing slow suicide. >> as you said the study mentions the middle 20% of earners, that's families with incomes between approximately 45,000 and 74,000, they still pay a higher share of their family income in taxes and state's 1%. they tyke about how they are going the tax rich people, that's when you don't notice or complain when they tax you heavily. new jersey in 1965, in sales tax in new jersey, property tax is too high, then they had a high sales tax and high property tax and in 1977 they added income tax to bring down property tax, they have property taxes, high sales taxes, high income taxes
1:47 am
and the state still a mess and gets more expensive, they've really run to end of the rope and that's why you have legislature in new jersey say no to governor on additional millionaire's tax. >> right. >> the last when they tried and the governor says they will keep spending like a crazy person. heather: other things that were not included in the budget and we can bring those back up for everyone, opioid makers, gun sales, companies that don't offer health insurance, those were also proposed by governor murphy. >> when you allow spend to go get out of control you become desperate for more revenue, more taxes, we have opioid crisis, what they want to do is raise taxes on people who use pain killers legitimately in order to fight the other problem, just damages everyone who needs pain
1:48 am
killers and makes health care cost more, it's getting worse in new jersey, connecticut, new york. >> if you want to see people flee from your state, then follow what they tried to do otherwise listen to grover norquist. >> thank you. >> time now 10 minutes until the top of the hour, pain at the pump in some states, is yours one of them, put down the cup of coffee because all your dreams will become true, edible cookie dough and social media is loving it. of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it?
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heather: you're watching "fox & friends first", we are back with fox business alert for you, boeing allegedly outsourced software development for troubled backed jets to earnings making $9 an hour, according to bloomberg which also say it is temporary workers often made errors, boeing denies the accusations, faulty software is believed to be responsible for two crashes overseas that left 346 people dead. former inmate is suing florida over bill that limits voting rights, nonviolent felons can cast ballots but state is discriminating against her wealth by not allowing her to cast a ballot until she pays $4,000 in outstanding fines, released from prison for drug charges in 2011. well, facebook is cracking down on ads that discourage americans from voting, according to
1:53 am
facebook coo sheryl sandberg, the don't vote policy prohibition will go into effect this fall before the 2020 election, the company will ban all types of voter suppression by blocking posts that spread misinformation on voting methods, election dates or times and polling locations. and get ready for more pain at the pump, gas taxes are going up in several states today, doubling in illinois to 38 cents per gallon, drivers in california would pay the highest gas tax at 43.7 per gallon, gas increases in ohio, south carolina, and tennessee. how about this? brand-new cookie dough that they say is safe to eat raw. two flavors chocolate chip and
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peanut butter chocolate chip monster and will be sold nationwide this month and the internet freaking out of the sweet surprise, daniel says, wait, so you're telling real cookie dough was never safe to eat. dreams come true, another twitter user says all cookie dough is edible if you're willing to take a risk and if you believe in yourself, time now is almost the top of the hour, not quite yet, hundreds of thousands of pot convictions up in smoke, the state wiping criminal records clean and when you got to go you have to go, the toilet that will leave you scratching your head, that's right.
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heather: welcome back, oregon set to become 14th state to allow illegal immigrants to get driver's license, expanding driving rights to all residents. oregon voters rejected ballot in 2018. marijuana convictions could be expunged in illinois, signed bill legalizing recreational pot, people would be granted clemency if they were convicted
1:59 am
of possessing small amounts of marijuana. time for good, the bad and the ugly, the dog race anyone can get behind of, putting tinny legs in winier take all competition in theme park, celebrate america festivities leading up to independence day. lucky winner or should we say winier lucky. now the bad, freak storm, this is unbelievable, 5 feet of hail tushing roads and ris of slush in méxico, cars buried and storms slamming the area despite it being 72-degrees, look at that. and finally the ugly, toilet on the go, includes pop-up tent allowing users to use the bathroom anywhere they want.
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>> side effects with desire and anxiety. heather: goes on sale in december. [laughter] heather: well, that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first", thank you for joining us, "fox & friends first" continues right now, bye bye. >> it's monday july 1st, back to work in washington, the president relaunching denuclearization talks with north korea after his historic trip capping off a world win weekend overseas. >> what happens next could be just as crucial as the president negotiates landmark deal on two fronts, we are live in washington. rob: also just terrible scenes of violence at antifa rallies in portland oregon. >> call for criminal charges against the mayor after conservative journalist


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