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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 1, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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rob: can you even imagine. terrifying moments at a park in india. three people killed in a park this year. he barely gets away. jillian: should have played the lottery that day. have a good day. ♪ ♪ ♪ all i do is win, win, win ♪ no matter ♪ got money on my mind ♪ i can never get enough ♪ and every time i step up in the field. brian: was this the music blasting in the dmz. all do is win. ainsley: last night i come back from vacation. he now how it does. griff: don't have you people to do that. ainsley: i let them have it off. watching tv. i want to fill myself in and make sure i'm up to date with everything. brian: plus have you cable. instance ains i'm watching the breaking news of the president walk across through the dmz into north korea. first time a sitting president has ever done that.
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it's a huge win. griff: it's a huge deal. if any other president would have done it. people would have called it courageous. the greatest feet o feat of the 21st century. brian: we don't know if the president gave away too much the procedure of going over there if the goal was to not have war in the area and to get back to the people. something unorthodox had to happen. after all, he took a 70 hour train ride into vietnam. and whether you believe it or not, kim jong un, by all reports, iowa was humiliate that he walked away fro. he started with writing a note nice things. on a whim, the rumor is against most of his advisors. i'm here, i'm going to south korea. i'm going to the dmz. why don't i just tweet out i'm here if you want to meet. boom boom boom it's ha. ainsley: then he gets the invitation. i'm watching the video. so interesting. when you are a reporter and
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your boss tells you, you get there, you get the picture, you get the photo op. you get the video. all of these reporters, if you have time, you should watch it. the whole lengthy video. all reporters running into place trying to get that historic snapshot and you could hear people saying go, go, go. you could hear the north korean dictator kim jong un saying i wasn't expecting to meet at this place. you are the first u.s. president to cross the border. griff: i'm jealous of my colleague tucker carlson who was there i'm happy for you, tucker. what about that modern deal with china news worthy moment. ainsley: g-20 moment in japan and did have a president with the sit june of china. here is what he told tucker. >> you just recently, hours ago, met with the chinese president xi jinping. >> did i. >> are you close together a trade deal. >> we had a very good
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meeting. he wants to make a deal and i want to make a deal. probably the largest deal ever made of any kind, not only trade. we got along very well. we understand each other. brian: the word is they are going to start talking again. the question is it has everybody nervous democrats and republicans what youway. the president is allowing american companies to sell parts to what youway. the president has had his people out there spoke out what youway is fighting us to take over 5 g telling our allies in germany and poll land and ittledly don't buy it, there is a back door right to beijing. anything you use on their technology is a back door. the president says okay that's what china insisted on. all right. let's do it. he is not saying they are back to normalcy. they are to the on the do not deal with list. is he saying to american companies sell parts. marco rubio tweeted out and said listen, mr. president, if this is like it seems, you are going to have so many votes against this
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huawei deal that it's going to overcome a veto, it's going to be 100 to nothing in the senate. he needs more definition. larry kudlow wants it defined says this is not a normalization of the huawei relationship. we will see where that goes. ainsley: president says it was excellent meeting and back on track. going into 2020 this is definitely looking good for the president because it makes him look like a deal marker. calling him the deal maker in chief. did he meet with the president of china. things are allegedly working out there. and then he is meeting with kim jong un. griff: he reset the kim jong un stance. it wasn't just a photo op. he spent 53 minutes with kim jong un talking about getting talks back on track after four months ago. he comes home from hanoi with no deal, right? we know that they have icbms capable of reaching the u.s. once he gets those two it's a game changer. brian: need to test to do that and they have stop
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testing. that's good news. they have agreed to buy a whole bunch of agricultural products from our farmers immediately. we need details on that as well. look what happened with our new press secretary. ainsley: stephanie grisham worked for mealt. there she is right there. pushing security out of the way. they would not let our others in the room. they would not let the u.s. press pool in the room. they control their. telling our reporters go, go. go. get in the meeting. she got roughed of up. she knew we could not miss this photo op. and these thugs who are there to protect their dear leader, are not going to get in her way. this all just show you how tough she is. you have watched her stand up for the first lady often. now standing up for the first lady and president. the president must love. this. griff: caught in the clash of two entirely different cultures. one of which doesn't know anything about the freedom of the press. speaking of freedom of press
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and free speech freedom of speech. brian: i think he just did a transition. very good job. i love it. ainsley: the democrats, they were trying to be critical of the president's meeting, finding anything they could to say negatively about him. biden's campaign spokesman andrew bates said coddling of dictators at the expense of american national security. brian: harris said this is not a photo op. warren tweeted squandering american influence on photo op.s. bernie sanders was not as critical. but, the democrats were asked during the debate about meeting with kim jong un, too. let's listen. >> i don't want it simply it be a photo opportunity. >> this is a ruthless dictator. the president will meet with him. that's fine. then we have no clear path and nothing comes out of it. >> we have added legitimacy to kim jong un. it seems like it's all for show. he is raising the profile.
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growing the strength of a dictator. brian: there is no doubt about it can't say legit mizeed dictator when the family has been in power since 1953. he is the north korean leader. i do understand why otto warmbier's parents feel and have relatives in death camps which i think when we take the cover off that country it's going to be like the killing fields we saw in cam body i can't. that's how bad it is. the president is looking at reality. not how he want it but how he has to deal with it. there is a counter side to it. if i'm running against him i might bring it up. i might also do what andrew wang did. say i like the fact no one is shooting each other and we have got to do something different. so bernie sanders actually, for the most part. that was somewhat critical for saying i am for talking over shooting. mike morell said listen, there is no military option. griff: right. brian: this is the only option. griff: speaking of transitions. i have got to do another transition. i covered an antifa if a ad
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nauseam. recognized on inauguration day january 20th. ainsley: did you feel safe? >> i felt safe. i got to meet some of these people. they didn't attack me. of course, they are upping the ante, if you will. going to these. particularly the west coast. this case over the weekend in portland, oregon. journalist. >> a conserving minded journalist was out there. watch what happened typically had. you see him out there. it's literally just ganging up on him. going after this guy andy goh. editor of conservative online thing. andy noe, excuse me. what we're miss hearing is law enforcement. ainsley: apparently law enforcement was told to stand down. there weren't police there at that particular moment. if you watch this particular video. i don't care what your opinions or politics are what your beliefs are this makes me so sad for him. bullying him and throwing milk shake and one reporter said one of the milk shakes
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had cement in it they were throwing at him. brian: he actually did. here is andy talking about it. >> i just gott beat up by the crowd. no police at all. and in the middle of the street. and they stole my go pro and punched me several times in my head and phi face i'm bleeding: i reported it and nothing was done. out in the street in the front documenting. this i would like to help you. can you tell me. >> they stole my evidence. they stole my go pro and started attacking me. >> what did they use? >> their weapons in their hands. brian: so you saw it. don't worry, andy. someone else taped it. ric grenell the u.s. ambassador to germany said think have asked the justice department to investigate this incident in portland. ted cruz tweeted this out investigate and bring legal
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action against a mayor who has political reasons ordered his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists. ainsley: these folks attacking him you can't tell who they're. they cover their faces and heads. you can't see their faces. how do you go and find out who did this and arrest them? brian: i think they have a way. they tend to be idiots and post a lot of their remarks online. griff: online they have a whole doctrine. they believe what they are doing. they want to confront fascists that's their whole point of existence. they say they are not violent. brian: do you see mussolini in there? i saw a reporter. griff: they initiated this attack. ainsley: it's his job to report on what's happening. brian: i would love nancy pelosi to come out and condemn these people and see chuck schumer the same thing. this is just outside of control. it shouldn't be just because these guys are. ainsley: don't agree with him. brian: might agree more with
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democrats. listen, i don't want those people representing me. ainsley: a lot of the democrats have said they don't support violence. not specifically to this issue. brian: let's see them tweet this out. they have access to their twitter handle. griff: they do. ainsley: as a journalist, is it worth it to get attacked like that to get attacked and report the story. griff: you report without fear or favor. you report without fear of being attacked and you goal into it. in this case they clearly singled out this young man. and my problem with it is that when i fairly reported about antifa, just having their voice heard in this country, freedom of speech. this crosses the line. deliberate attack. ainsley: hateful. no one comes to his defense. if i go back and cover him, i'm taking jillian with me. ainsley: jillian, would you want to put yourself in that situation? jillian: how am i going roped into this one. ainsley: is he working on his transition. brian: he has to have
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somebody update on camera once you get the tear gas out of your eyes. jillian: jeesh, so vicious. let's talk about this going on. a fox news alert. the taliban claiming responsibility for an attack that left 40 people dead in afghanistan. car bomb exploding near the u.s. embassy in kabul during the rush hour. american facility was not affected. militants opened fire inside a nearby building right after the blast. the attack comes on the third day as u.s. peace talks with the taliban. the ntsb is investigating after a fiery plane crash kills 10 people. the plane experienced some form of failure before the takeoff and slamming into hanger bursting into flames in texas. the twin engine plane was completely destroyed and no one survived. there is no black box recorder. deliberations are expected to begin today in the trial of navy seal eddie gallagher. he has pleaded not guilty to murder charges in the 2017
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death of an isis prisoner in iraq. another seal admitted under oath that he killed the man. an iraqi general also testified that gallagher did not stab the detainee. if convicted, gallagher could face life in prison. have you ever made up an excuse for being late to work? one new hampshire man could go to prison for it. paul nielsen told his boss he was late to work because he was confronted by a cop about a expired car registration. when report it never happened. he could face seven years behind bars. brian: all right. tell the truth. hurt. thanks jillian. ainsley: he doesn't dress up for work either. brian: or have a comb. fighter and army ranger protesting megan. his message viral. is he here to bring it here
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♪ >> it was an honor that you asked me to step over that
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line and i was proud to step over the line. i thought you might do that i wasn't sure. but i was ready to do it, and i want to thank you. it's been great. brian: there you go. president trump making history as the first sitting u.s. president making-to-cross into north korea. here to weigh in on the significance a guy who used to have this problem in his lap. former advisor under president bush stephen hadley. word is his aides told him not to do it bush 43 asked mr. hadley should i do this, would have you said yes. it's a tough one. these are decisions that really only presidents can make. i think what i would have said is mr. president, if it's a step as part of a process that leads somewhere and is not just a photo op. then that's the right thing to do we will see. it's set up to be. the president indicated get
3:19 am
together. steve bea from the united states and someone on their side. if that happens it's an important step. brian: do you support what the president did. >> what the president is trying to do unconventional approach. three efforts by three administrations clinton, bush, obama to kind of have a traditional kind of agreement steps made by north korea denukes rises. all three failed. trump is trying say make a strategic choice. isolated economically backward. dependent on china. give up the nukes. the international community will accept you. we will do a peace agreement and help you develop your economy and you will have a brighter future. he is trying to get kim jong un to make that strategic choice. only he can do it. whether it will work, we don't know seems to me reasonable effort. >> here is the president. let's watch. >> what's going to happen over the next two or three weeks kim is going to work
3:20 am
to see if they can do something. complicated but not as complicated as people think. brian: kim jong un says if it was not for the extra special relationship to t. would not have been possible to have this kind of issue. i would like to have the strong relation to created more good news which nobody expects in the past. word was 7 hour train ride that got him nothing. he was hue mill nateed. president trump didn't leave in a blaze of glory either. what change now, do you think he? just method with the leader of china and just met with vladimir putin a month aggravate. do you think he has a strategy, too? >> it's very interesting if you like look at china and north korea and what the president wants to do with iran. a common formula here. have a freeze of where we are so we don't escalate. let's get together and talk and put all issues on the table. and see if we can come up with some kind of agreement
3:21 am
that resolves these issues. that's what the president is trying to do. i think in some sense have you seen it. he has it back on track in terms of china. in terms of north korea. the interesting thing is whether the iranians are watching and whether they concludes maybe they want to go down this road as well. brian: interesting. a couple of things. ukraine promised security they gave the security. qaddafi gave up nukes and got killed. saddam hussein was told if you give up your nukes you will be accepted. he ended up dying. is there a bad template for kim jong un? how do we deal with his worries because of the outcome of the last three instances? >> he is obviously worried that's why if north korea is really going denuclearize a lot of people think they never will, it will only be as a result of a process that's built them confidence that results in a peace agreement on the peninsula. that results in some
3:22 am
economic prosperity so he can see a brighter future for his people. remember though, he has a hold card which is his conventional military capability which allows him to threaten seoul in south korea which is a short distance really from his border. that conventional capability is really his hold card and is one of the things that has made american leaders very reluctant to think of nuclear to think of military you. brian: people go to oxford and yale never done something like this. so unorthodox. the president is at the very least unorthodox trying to make history. certainly did with that photo op. stephen hadley few better people to talk to about this. thanks for getting up with us. >> glad to be here. any time. brian: 20 minutes after the hour. disgusting moment a conservative journalist gets attacked by antifa protesters. so where is the outrage from the left? and why do things like that happen at all?
3:23 am
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brian: glad you are up. hope you are dressed. owners will have to undergo background check to buy ammo. must pay $1 for background check every time they buy bullets. also a $20 fee for initial descreeng with the justice department. rules are meant to keep ammunition from getting into the wrong hands. starting today, you can get pulled over for texting and driving in florida. one of 100 brand new lawing in effect in the state today. previously police officers could only cite drivers for texting that they broke another law. violators face fines and points added to their license. you also can't do an interview and text either ainsley a and griff take it away. ainsley: thanks, brian.
3:27 am
griff: a video showing will journalist gets punched and kicked during antifa rally in oregon. [bleep], [bleep] [[bleep]] ainsley: poor guy. andy ngo sent to the emergency room after getting pummeled by milk shakes which police say might have contained quick drying cement. 8 others, including police officers were injured and at least three people were arrested. >> hire to react was michael knowles host of the michael knowles show what is going on and where, michael, are the cops? >> this is the question? where are the cops and left
3:28 am
leaning violence against conservatives is not just that the media and politicians are being silenced in some cases they are actually encouraging this. you had carlos from he tweeted out milk shake them all. that's a process of throwing milk shakes at conservatives. >> some of those milk shakes contained quick dry cement that's throwing a brick at somebody. another leftist said if we can't throw motorcycle shakes we will have to go back to throwing bricks. the politician politicians in p? where was the mayor and cops? even in washington, d.c. you have left wing politicians like maxine waters actively encouraging violence against conservatives. corporate america doing the same thing. burger king was joking about milk shaking conservatives. look at this video and say nobody is going to protect my rights. it sends a message that if you don't shut up, you might be next. ainsley: he was there as a
3:29 am
journalist trying to report on what was happening. why were they protesting there? why was this antifa rally even happening in portland oregon over the weekend. >> antifa shows up to a lot of conservative causes. this one they were showing up to protest patriotism and prayer. not surprising at all. antifa is a domestic terrorist organization ironically supposed to stand for anti-fascist but they act like fascists. they wear the uniforms of fascists. they wear the black shirts. but if you go on social media right now, for instance, and you say i support antifa, i support these kinds you have actions. you have no consequences against you whatsoever. if you tweet out some basic biological fact men are not women. you agree with some conservative cause, you will be banned, you will be censored. this is a major double standard here. and leftists terrorists like antifa completely get off
3:30 am
the hook. griff: i went on social media and looked for mayor taylor. asked you as a conservative when did you go to things like this. you bring security, does this now make you even more concerned for your personal safety? >> of course, i was very lucky, when i was attacked at the university of missouri kansas city the liquids i was sprayed with was nontoxic. other curves like andy were not so lucky. after i was attacked did i get a an apology as university no he smeared me as a bigot did. i get from the media. no the local media made fun of me. like the media are making fun of andy here. major reporters called him a cry baby. called him a snowflake because he was complaining about having a brain hemorrhage being sent to the hospital with his injuries. there is -- nobody in -- standing up for journalists such as andy even in the
3:31 am
journalist profession itself. ainsley: is it worth it? will you go out there and report on these again? >> absolutely. i'm not going to let them intimidate us. they are turning up these attacks and the politicians are turning a blind eye because we are approaching an election year. i said this after i was attacked at the university of missouri kansas city. they said are you going to cancel your speaking tour? i said the speaking tour just got 10 schools longer. andy has showed incredible courage. was livestreaming that attack as it was happening. they are not going to intimidate him or me. they will not intimidate any of us. we will not be intimidated into silence. steve: i applaud your courage to stand up to it. be careful, michael, they are serious people. i have covered them since the president's inauguration. and it's only escalating. it's not calming down. ainsley: take security with you. thank you, michael. >> good to see you. ainsley: good to see you, too. the friends of murdered utah
3:32 am
college student mackenzie lueck, think are all speaking out. listen. >> this man stole our friend away from us and she is gone way too soon. >> this loss has touched the whole country. griff: it's a tragic story and fox news exclusive. it's next. ♪
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♪ brian: right now police are investigating whether or not mackenzie lueck suspected killer acted alone. ainsley: thiin this as the utah college student's parents expresses pure heart break. devastating story, rob? rob: it is something to follow and scary stuff. mackenzie lueck alleged killer behind bars on murder and kidnapping charges. the suspect arrested friday after mackenzie's remains were found burned in his backyard. police want to know if he had any help in allegedly
3:36 am
committing this crime. the horrifying details of this gruesome crime leaving friends and family members devastated. >> the shock and s. unimaginable. the grief, it comes and goes. to me it doesn't feel free i'm still in a state of shock. my body feels numb. rob: a couple of her college friends there from this exclusive interview. sad news coming 11 days after the 23-year-old student disappeared. last seen getting inside the suspect's car after being dropped off by another car in the middle of the night at a park that fact raising questions about whether or not she willingly met with her killer. >> there is a lot of people that say she deserves this because she put herself in this occasion. and we don't officially know
3:37 am
that. rob: police working to figure out how mackenzie knew the suspect. rumors swirling about the two meeting online dating site and rumor about the sites she was on. her friends say that victim blame something shameful. >> who cares what dating are on. she is a an a23 years old. mackenzie is not responsible for the murder and death of mackenzie. there is only one person responsible for that. rob: vigil being held at the university of utah tonight. it's a scary story. the contractor said the suspect tried to hire him to soundproof room in the basement he was so creeped out he wouldn't do the job. there was a lot of questions. ainsley: that guy wrote a murder novel about burning people and burring them alive. amazon took down his book because they don't want him to profit off this girl's murder. rob ron absolutely.
3:38 am
ainsley: they found flesh in the burned remains. rob: neighbors saw him burning something with gasoline and made them suspicious. it's a terrible story. ainsley: whoever would blame her? give me a break. she was on a dating site trying to meet this guy for a date. rob: young kid. ainsley: no one deserves that thank you, rob. hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: good morning to you. to you at home as well. look that the video. showing protesters in hong kong spiraling out of control. people using shopping carts to try to smash into government headquarters. police and mass protesters have been clashing for the last month over a controversial bill that would extradite fugitives to mainland, china. thousands also marching peacefully calling for hong kong leader to step down. the democratic national committee chairman weighing in on a key issue during primary season. tom perez says he fully supports providing healthcare to illegal immigrants. >> democrats believe that you should be able to buy in
3:39 am
to a health insurance system. you know immigrant, including undocumented immigrants pay billions of dollars in taxes. it's not a handout. frankly an essential issue of morality. jillian: during the first round of democratic debates. candidates were asked if they believe illegal immigrants should be eligible for free healthcare. all 10 participating candidates raised their hands. a man is facing attempted murder charges for dragging a cop. watch this put it in park. jillian: that is frightening to watch. the suspect hitting the glass as deputy aaron blaze holds onto the window for more than 300 fight. he shot the armed driver in the leg before falling into a ditch. the deputy will be okay. this all started as a traffic stop about window tinting. taylor swift has bad blood with justin bieber.
3:40 am
♪ bad blood ♪ we used to be bad love ♪ take a look what have you done ♪ now we got bad blood. ainsley: yes, this is real. griff just asked if this is real. the pop strars reportedly feuding over justin bieber's manager scooter braun after he bought the rights to swift's music. kateing online post accuses him of manipulative bullying kanye west and bieber. bieber apologized for the photo and defending braun when you try to deface someone i loves character that's crossing the line. brian: why can't you buy her stash? how could you buy her music? jillian: i don't know. griff: i'm getting in the middle of this fight and
3:41 am
completely defend taylor swift. i'm taking sides. brian: all right. thank you, jillian. ainsley: thank you, jillian. ainsley: 20 minutes before the the top of the hour megan rapinoe made headlines because she chose to kneel during the national anthem. ainsley: three years later rapinoe isn't kneeling thanks to u.s. soccer rules now. you are not allowed to do that protesting the star-spangled banner by refusing to sing alongside her teammates. griff: blasting the move as tragic and ignorant. brian: he is here to explain. tim kennedy, you heard about that. you heard about the explicative rapinoe used after one game now you have two or three payrolls not going to the bleeping white house. what's your reaction? >> i think it's sad. i think it's disappointing. i think it demonstrates what they don't understand. you know, we are imperfect
3:42 am
country. we have been. but we are the greatest country in the world. and, you know, opportunity to represent to the world really how spectacular we are. and what kind of a place it is to live here. i think they are just wasting that opportunity. ainsley: have they forgotten the rules? a president is not supposed to go to another country and put down our country. or a former past president is not supposed to do that these ladies are playing for our country. they wear u.s.a. on their uniforms every day and they're representing all of us. no matter who is in the office. even if you disagree with them. shouldn't you still support your country? >> you said it. they are representing this country. it's a privileged position. and i can't imagine having an american flag on your shoulder, listening to the national anthem, the whole entire world is watching you and not showing just how
3:43 am
unified we are. it kind of breaks my heart. griff: sergeant, you know, unified men and women certain this nation like yourself. putter yourself in harm's way in iraq and afghanistan and other dangerous places in the world. when they have daughters, they have children watching this. does it take away from enjoying and rooting for america as we are headed possibly to the full-time game? >> more than just the sons and daughters. think about all the men and women all over the world wearing uniform. wearing the american flag. watching that national anthem. and those mental and women are protecting meghan's right to do it. she does have the right to do it. i believe it 100 percent. she can burn the american flag if she wants. and i would still just like every other uniformed service member go and die for her right to do that. that doesn't make it right. you know, it just demonstrates, again, that they don't get it. you know. come on, meghan.
3:44 am
this is just -- wire having the biggest immigration problem that we have ever seen. and it's because everybody wants to come here. it's because it's an amazing country. it's a wonderful country. imperfect country. always trying to get better there is a reason everyone wants to come here and maybe you should take this opportunity while you are playing soccer, about to win the world cup. and show pride and how great we are. brian: they say well, i don't like the president. i'm saying to myself in 1999. i'm sure me a ham wasn't thrilled. i don't know if they were thrilled. julie foughty and christine lily. they never let anybody know bill clinton fresh off of impeachment because of what he did with monica lieu enski and other women of rape he is in the locker room. they never said one word about the president. i still don't know. what's happened in now the last 20 years where now it's okay? >> i think people have lost
3:45 am
sight become emboldened to think this conflict is the best way to express themselves. there is no opportunity anymore to have a conversation, to have a disagreement. that's fine. we all don't have to agree. we never have. there are times for us to stand hand in hand. brian: what a shame. ainsley: looks like we lost him. brian: a satellite issue. sometimes they pop back up. how much time do you have? 6:45. what do you think? ainsley: good for him. brian: listen, i fight for this country. he fights in the octagon. at the same time is he disappointed. that's the same way i feel. am i the only person in this building for a while pulling for soccer. now when people showed up and on the cover of "time" magazine and made the turn. three weeks start a pro-league only three teams draw. 50 people over in new jersey go watch them play. now you have the whole world watching. why would you take 50% of the country or 60 million that voted for president trump and make them -- tell
3:46 am
those people now you have a reason to be angry at me? griff: sergeant kaine makes a good point too. he is still going to watch. even if rapinoe burns the american flag. brian: can't we watching a sporting event and not have politics put in your face? ainsley: by the way a lot of people in this building do like soccer might not be a super fan like you. i'm surprised to hear you say this. you are done with this team. >> brian: in a fun way. fox spends a lot of money for the rights and now politics are there. u.s. soccer their communication team didn't attack this early. they have players giving up interviews and feeling perfectly free in saying these terms. do you know how tight-lipped other athletes have been. talk to derek jeter and others. in controversial conversations they keep tonight game. they made it -- megan made it an international incident. ainsley: 50% of the people in this country like this president. gets involved in politics.
3:47 am
brian: unbelievable. grave griff adam klotz is going to weigh in on the weather. >> i keep my weather politics free. we don't usually have such a large crowd at 6:30 but we do this morning. enjoying new york city. >> yes. adam: forecast is great for it. hot the last several days. still on the warm side if you consider how early it is. those are the numbers. this is what we will climb up into, the mid 90's, you were 90's huge portion of the country. hotter on the east coast in the next couple of days. as we toss it back, in guys. i want to get a feeling from y'all. who is your favorite person on "fox & friends"? >> adam is. adam: what? i didn't know they were going to say that. i didn't coach them at all. ainsley: you are one of our favorite people too. brian: just try to compose yourself. griff: op-ed calling for publicly shame border patrol agents. dan bongino has some thoughts. we are going to get them. brian: i liked that dramatic pause.
3:48 am
griff: you liked that? ♪ stand my ground ♪ and i won't back down ♪ not even our competitor's best battery can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. -keith used to be great to road-trip with. but since he bought his house... are you going 45? -uh, yes. 55 is a suggestion.'s kind of like driving with his dad. -what a sign, huh? terry, can you take a selfie of me? -take a selfie of you? -yeah. can you make it look like i'm holding it? -he did show us how to bundle home and auto at and save a bunch of money. -oh, a plaque. "he later navigated northward, leaving... progressive can't protect you from becoming your parents. but we can protect your home and auto when you bundle with us. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts
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♪ ♪ brian: all right. at the time of the show we bring in dan bongino who refuses to wear a tie and that's his decision. is he a fox news contributor, former nypd officer. former secret service agent and author spy gate sabotage of donald j. trump. another one coming out shortly. border agents unjustly criticized. now they are being targeted of doxxing? what's going on here, dan? >> you know can we just be candid with each other. i know it's early. we share absolutely nothing in common anymore, brian, with the left. nothing. i mean, you hav had the segmentn
3:52 am
about the journalist in portland attacked with quick dry cement. found himself in the emergency room. we have seen over the weekend the head of the dnc advocate for basically paying for healthcare with american tax dollars for the entire globe whether you are here legally or illegally. we share absolutely nothing in common with the left. we are doxxing border patrol agents? let me get this straight. many of whom by the wray minority themself. they raise their right hand. and swear to protect and defend the united states. they have to worry about some maniac showing up in front of their house right now to attack them too because the "new york times" thinks it's funny? can you imagine if this happened to -- can you just imagine if the roles were reversed. brian, let me give you a hypothetical. i don't mean to interrupt you. seriously here to show you the absolute hypocrisy of a broken radical anti-american far left? can you imagine if i came on this network this morning and started disclosing the home address of dnc officials? i would be fired tomorrow.
3:53 am
media would be in a uproar. that's because they have no principles. this country is lost. i'm sorry. it gives me no pleasure to say that the constitutional republic as we know it is dissent gratindisdisintegratinge the radical far left refuses to play by any rules at all. really hard to watch. griff: "new york times," treatment of migrants likely meets the definition of mass atrocity by a human rights professor kay cronin ferman. for someone just following orders the prospect of being internationally shamed rights abuser and being unable to travel freely may be significant enough to persuade them to stop participating. the desire to avoid this kind of social shae may be enough to persuade some agents to quit and may hinder.
3:54 am
you. i represent both sides. both voices. she seems to have missed the point. i have pictures of agents handed children covered in chickenpox. i have talked to agents who brought home respiratory illnesses to their wives and children because they are working overtime to do. this is this professor and other comments like this cross a line now that really, really hurts the morale of our agents on that front line? >> they crossed line. they jump over a line. erase the line and spit on it. i have seen you down there, griff. i have trained with them. when i was a secret service agent, we trained in the federal law enforcement training center glen county, georgia with border patrol eagdz. yoagents. they are mothers and fathers and friends and people only interested in defending the united states of america. there is a reason this deranged op-ed was printed. the reasons are very clear.
3:55 am
two fold. the first part of the reason is there is no emergency brake on the far left's behavior. we conservatives believe that every human being is ordained with god given writes. we don't attack them, we don't dox them. we just disagree with them and fight rigorously against them. secondly, we as conservatives think liberals are people with bad ideas. i can't say this enough. but liberals think conservatives are bad people with ideas. so they justify their horrible, malicious, sometimes criminal behavior as somehow justified in some higher cause because we are bad people. you can't have a country like that. i mean, we are on the road to a very dangerous path here where we have one portion of america who hates us. brian: barack obama same facilities a president trump. nothing changed. same line kids in cages. those pictures were from president obama and they
3:56 am
weren't cages. they were to divide the kids from the adults. >> it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter. this is not about principles. i get it. you get it. but me and you are two rational adults. forget it. it doesn't matter. you show them pictures 2015, people in cages with obama. time stamped. that didn't happen. these are irrational lunati lunatics it doesn't matter. they are not arguing principles. this is what i am talking about. we can't have a debate with the left anymore. here is president obama doing the exact same thing i thought you cared. listen, nobody wants kids in cage. nobody. nobody. including everybody i know at this network. the problem is there is a reason it's happening. and when it happened under obama. you never cared. griff: maybe that writer will go down with the border patrol and see herself.
3:57 am
ainsley: big show still ahead. we have lara trump, anthony scaramucci and tom homan all on deck ♪ clap your hands _ everybody just wants to dance ♪ everybody just wants to dance ♪ everybody just wants to dance.
3:58 am
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just for ulcerative colitis and crohn's. entyvio®. relief and remission within reach. ♪ ♪ it don't matter where we go ♪ we always find a way back home ♪ ainsley: the president is back home from his three-point japan and north korea. he stepped over the dmz line and shook hands with the president of north korea, kim jong un. that was historic. griff: you are back home from vacation? ainsley: yes. brian: that's even bigger news. you are burying the lead again, ainsley. i will say this. i love when the president called him and he said you know on foreign policy, i might be a sleeper. like they say about a pick picked low in the draft super star player. that's an interesting thing to say about yourself: he
4:01 am
is definitely unorthodox and wants one goal to sit back down in talks because a military option is just not on the table. ainsley: it's just interesting though he asked over twitter. he is in japan and meeting with the president of china. he asked over twitter while i'm here, while i'm in the area, i could come over to north korea and kim jong un accepted his offer. look at that historic video right there. the press is all over it. brian: president knows thousand play this exactly. he probably knew where the cameras were. where the meeting was going to happen. walked forward and walked back. rich edson joins us from the white house on the latest from all the negotiations on his trip to asia. i imagine, rich, the president has to be tired. he doesn't look like it when he got off the chopper last night. >> exactly. and what all transpired in the last 36 hours alone. it started almost casual suggestion. the president tweeting he was going to be in the neighborhood and that kim jong un should join him at the demilitarized zone. so, hours later, have you this iconic historic photo, an image, the first u.s.
4:02 am
sitting president to step into north korea where the president says the two agreed to designate negotiating teams to restart nuclear talks. it's a process that's made little progress in the past. also, at the d ns a chaotic scene that reporters say bruised white house press secretary stephanie grisham. >> go. go. i need help here. >> before leaving for south and north korea. the president met with chinese president xi jinping at the g-20 summit in osaka, japan. >> are you closer, do you think, after that meeting to a trade deal? >> i think we had a very good meeting. he wants to make a deal. i want to make a very big deal. probably the largest deal ever made of any kind not only trade. we got along very well. we understand each other. >> the two presidents agreed to restart trade
4:03 am
negotiations. president trump agreed to stop a scheduled tariff increase on chinese imports into the united states. and lift some restrictions against the chinese telecom company huawei. back to you. brian: that's the controversial part. what exactly was agreed upon. among the people upset a lot of republicans including marco rubio who has been a supporter of the president oner issues. ainsley: watch that whole interview. tucketucker carlson got the whoe interview watch at 8:00. brian: if you are like ainsley that has cable. ainsley: like everyone watching does. everyone out there can watch. brian: president moon jay big supporter. hopefully go down as a president who achieves peace.
4:04 am
requires more courage. griff: at this point any talking is better than isolation because of the capabilities that they have. and the criticism of that video as you pointed out so historic 53 minutes of meetings afterwards that really is the take away of this. the fact that he is able to keep this dialogue going after it fell apart four months ago in hanoi. brian: lindsey graham said last week the president is close on a lot of things but he has got to put points on the board. get usmca passed and china done and see what happens is in venezuela and north korea. all four things the president put on the plate is in the air. optimism but high risk he needs to put points on the board. these talks are back on track. ainsley: talks in china back on tramaine track. hillarnorth korea. he brought home hostages he brought home the remains of our military men and women who fight for our country and our men. now is he talking about
4:05 am
denuclearizing that area. so hopefully this is the way negotiate this the beginning steps. baby sentence. griff: left out of your list is this economy. as we get into the election year it. seems that fewer and fewer people want to talk about the economy. the deregulation in the two and a half years the president has been in there is undoubtedly boosted this economy. here is a headline from our fox business. dow celebrates best june in 81 years s&p best in 64 years: daily mail saying wall street wraps up strongest six months in decades as dow rallies ensuring best june in 81 years. ainsley: green across the board this morning. looking at 401(k) doing pretty well. brian: i was told not to until i get older. they said they won't even password. i can't even get it. ainsley: viewers are happy to say you are here for a long time. brian: too young.
4:06 am
bother you too much to keep watching. by the way you memorized all of that am i right, griff? griff: good memory. brian: larry kudlow weighed in on the memory. watching two days of debate. watching democrats say the economy is bad and not good for all americans. only the rich. here is what larry kudlow sews. says. >> i don't understand what economy they are describing. the united states economy is booming. running roughly 3% average since president trump took office two and a half years ago. on this business about bad distribution. the blue collar workers, the nonsupervisory workers have done the best. they are the ones running wages at 3.5%. their growth in income and wages is exceeding the growth of their supervisors. the unemployment rate is low. we just had the best june stock market the dow jones in over 80 years. that's going to fill up the 401(k)s of middle class folks. brian: what they are going
4:07 am
to say is income disparity. so the you were has too much and the lower has nothing. keep in mind when i think of a theme to come out of night one, especially from the debates was mayor de blasio going we have plenty of money in this country, it's just in the wrong hans. democrats want to take it from people who have earned it and give it to others. income disparity is a great topic definitely worthy to look at blaming people for being successful i don't think is a worthy topic. ainsley: millionaire law. brian: millionaire tax. so many new jersey when i was in nashville so many northerners there they don't have state income tax. texas a lot of people from california going from. new york and new jersey see some people moving down to florida because they can't afford -- they work so hard for their money and the government wants to take it back. griff: when i was covering the debate for you guys in florida wealth inequality was certainly a topic. immigration really exploded because julian castro lower
4:08 am
tier candidate former hud secretary for president obama really got out in front with his plan to decriminalize illegal crossings at the border. right? he was continuing that theme, blasting conservatives, blasting republicans for their criticism that he was pushing for open borders. here's what castro had to say on the sunday shows. listen. >> there is no way that we can call that open borders because we have 654 miles of fencing. we have thousands of personnel at the border. we have planes. we have helicopters. boats. security cameras. guns. that's by no stretch of the imagination open borders. and then you know, secondly, there is still a civil court process. there are still people being deported there are people applying for asylum that do not receive are not granted asylum. so, right -- open borders is just a right wing talking point. it always has been.
4:09 am
griff: in fairness what castro basing his policy on nearly 100-year-old law that we basically didn't have, you know, prosecution of people crossing our borders at the time. but, many critics, conservative critics say what castro is doing is laying the legal framework for what would be essentially open borders. brian: that's what george stephanopoulos asked not exactly a right wing fire brand. the thing is you could have a wall and guns. not enough of a wall. especially after that court decision on friday. but, if they are told not to -- stand down and let everyone come, in it doesn't matter what's there, it's people coming through our ports of entry flooding here on criteria that says they shouldn't come here. they want here for opportunity. there is a way to do it. go through your embassy and come here. can you imagine what it is going to be like at the border if any of these democrats win? they know not only are you going to come here. they are getting free healthcare. they are not going to be deported. sanctuary country. ainsley: a lot of people are saying the biggest issue for
4:10 am
the election is the economy. i would beg to differ. i think it's immigration. >> it can change the landscape for our entire country if this continues to happen. just to resh your memory this is what some of the other candidates said during the debate about this issue. take a listen. >> when somebody comes across the border, not to criminalize desperation. >> raise your hand if you think it should be a civil offense rather than a crime to cross the border without documentation? can we keep the hands up so we can see them? >> i will make sure that number one we end the ice policies and the customs and border policies are violating the human rights. >> would not build walls. we would not put kids in cages. >> we should not be locking people up. those who come seeking asylum. we should immediately have the capacity to absorb them. brian: after those two days of debates and raise money. a lot of people thought and democrats thought that donald trump was the big winner because it's the
4:11 am
policies seem so extreme and after a while you saw how weak joe biden was. if the election were held tomorrow, look at the difference between before the debate and after the debate. joe biden is now at 31%. before the debate he was at 41%. so he lost signature can't. kamala harris was at 7.9% before. basically almost doubled where she is in third. bernie sanders that stayed pat 13.3. 17.3 after. last three, kamala, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren doing better after the debate. joe biden after the debate frontrunner not doing as well. what was it about the debate that the folks didn't like. griff: it was harris, kamala harris early on thought of as a favorite of president obama. right now have you joe biden
4:12 am
going there ask a lot of people watching how she is doing. she delivered and then delivered and delivered because it wasn't just one line. it was really she took commands of that stage. and she put joe biden on the defensive challenging his i had industry his record of race relations hot topic right now in this. >> it is. do you think it takes away so contrived. they had t-shirts ready to go with kamala harris ready to go like to sell it online and makes it seem instead of being instinct i'm going after him seems a little bit contrived. also what was her upbringing like. most of her youth in monday tree. she has been all over south korea. lindsey graham saying she is smart person. brian: formidable. don't under estimate joe biden but he has to up his game. griff: vice president biden voyeubyvociferous.
4:13 am
jillian: all right. let's get you caught up on other stories you are following starting with this fox news alert now. staktake a look at video protesters in hong kong sprirlg out of control. watch. >> shouting. [] you can see people using shopping carts smashing into government headquarters. police and protesters smashing over a controversial bill extradite fugitive tifsz to main land, china. also march g peacefully. calling for the leader to step down. how about this? boeing allegedly outsourced software development and testing for its troubled max jets to cut costs. that's according to bloomberg, which says the temporary workers and recent
4:14 am
often made errors and took home extremely low wages through indian tech firms. boeing denies the accusations. faulty software is believed to be responsible for two deadly clashes overseas. mexico is presenting a new national guard to help restore peace in the country. 70,000 members will be deployed to protect mexicans from violent crimes. mexico's president says he hopes to increase the number of national guard members to 150,000 in the coming months. a look at your headlines. i will send it back to you. thanks, jillian. griff: new white house press secretary bruised in a scuffle between security guards and media. brian: anthony scaramucci joins us live next. how would he have done? ♪ looking like a true survivor ♪ feeling like a little kid ♪ i'm still standing _ after all this time time
4:15 am
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4:18 am
today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. griff: welcome back. you see here white house press secretary stephanie grichuk ham first day officially is today in a scuffle with security guards.
4:19 am
stop, no. >> go. ainsley: grichukham was reportedly pushing back against that guard trying to block our media. helping the media cover the historic meeting can kim jong un at the dmz. brian: how would scaramucci have handled that? after all he had the same job. >> if the rangers had forwards like that we would have won the stanley cup. [laughter] stephanie, you are awesome. first couple days on the job. and she is also trying to help the american press get into the room. i don't know if you caught all of that as well. i mean, just an awesome performance by her right there. ainsley: they control their press over there. >> that's why they were trying to keep our press out. she was moving to get our press in there despite the antagonist michelle. you see what stephanie is trying to do is make it open and fair. brian: where is our secret service?
4:20 am
where our guys? why does stephanie grisham have to leave? >> i didn't see the whole things. my guess is things were coming together very quickly maybe they were with the president and the president's team. ainsley: we are on their turf. >> exactly she was trying to get the press in there. griff: do you think this will endear her to the press? >> unfortunately not, i don't think. they are so antagonistic towards the president. at the end of the day, she is a wonderful person and hopefully she will send the right message to the press. he is most arguably the most transparents president in the last 35 years. if you look at the number of press frays the president trump has done in the last sings months it's nonstop. when they say oh we haven't had a press briefing, well, you are talking to the president of the united states every time he leaves the white house would you rather talk to the president of the united states directly or his press secretary? ainsley: she kind of ignored
4:21 am
it. walks away says she is bruised but didn't address that on twitter. ununbelievable to watch our president trump work so hard on behalf of this country over the past few days and always. history was made today. honored to witness it. when you were watching it. >> i love, first of all, i can't say i was so jet lagged because i was coming back from the bahrain peace conference. i watched the president on another news network but i was watching. brian: 2:00 in the morning. >> 3:00 in the morning. 1:19 something like that shaking hands. this is tremendous. they can say whatever they want about the president, the guy is trying to forge peace with north korea. if you don't like the fact he stepped over the border, too bad because he is the president of the united states is he a rules breaker and guy trying to create peace. i don't understand what the issue can be with that. brian: strategy too negotiating be unorthodox and unpredictable. one thing already yielded result. they decided to start rounds of talks again. >> and then, brian, the
4:22 am
personal relationship is always the most important thing at the end of the day, we take it back, all the way back to world war ii. we brought joe stalin into our alliance to beat adolf hitler. president trump is doing an amazing job on this. i thought it was awesome that it was impromptu tweet that got that whole thing going. so, let's see what happens. in the meantime, these rockets are not firing. there has been a delay in their nuclear testing. and that's way better than it was a couple of years president trump was president. brian: if it was not for our excellent relations between two of us it would not be possible for you to have this kind of issue. i would like to see strong relations created and more good news should come. >> do you like that? as an average america. brian: there is a risk. >> policy wonks where they want to have this problem forever. as an average american and people that we grew up with looking at that this is awesome. griff: i love having you on the couch but we have to go.
4:23 am
we have a commercial break coming up. >> i'm not going to lie down and tell you my real story. brian: that's for your reality show. ainsley: all right, griff. what is coming up. griff: what started as climate change now days on the run. forced to flee their state now back. brian: what's going on there, griff? please read what you were supposed to read. please. ♪ ♪
4:24 am
4:25 am
4:26 am
♪ ♪ griff: 26 minutes after the hour. time for news by the numbers. how many illinois residents could have marijuana convictions expunged from their records. it's part of the state's new pot legalization law.
4:27 am
next, 21, that's how old you have to be to buy cigarettes at walmart. the new policy takes effect today. it's meant to keep tobacco out of the hands of minors. finally $430, that's how much a toddler spent when she accidently bought a couch on amazon. she was playing on her mom's phone and confirmed the purchase. mom didn't realize what happened until she got a shipping innovation. i hope she enjoys the couch. ainsley? ainsley: no way. all right. that's pretty funny. republican senators are now back in oregon now after nine day walkout over a sweeping climate change bill. the senators fled the state after the democratic governor ordered police to bring them back into the capital into the senate chambers. republicans call their boycott a wins a the legislation goes back to committee. joining us now is one of those fleeing lawmakers. senator, thank you for being on with us. >> thank you. good to be with you. ainsley: i know you were on last week and undisclosed
4:28 am
location. tell me where you went and why you decided to leave the state. >> well, i ended up in four different states but ultimately landed in i'd do who he at lake cord lane. and the reason we left is because the governor said that she arrest her political opponents if we didn't come back to the capital. obviously we were having a constitutional, peaceful political protest. and we jet felt like we had to be in safe and secure locations. you ended up walking out because you didn't want to vote on this carbon emissions bill, right? >> well, it was because our constituents didn't like this bill. and that was our last resort to try slow this bill down on stop it. we wanted it referred to the people at a minimum. and so it's back in committee now. and the session is now over. ainsley: what does this mean? it's tabled until next session? >> really what it means is a group called timber unity who started just a weak ago with a grassroots protest
4:29 am
and have 45,000 people on their facebook page now. they were really instrumental in rising up, speaking up. the silent majority and said we don't want this. and so, i think everybody is taking notice now that people do not want a very tax heavy climate change bill. ainsley: were your protests in salem peaceful? >> it was incredibly peaceful. superintendent of state police said that it was very peaceful protest for the amount of people that they had, they brought over 1,000 log trucks, tractors, trucks, you name it, without w. thousands ever people there at the capital -- with thousands of people at the capital. paid people stand up and takes in the what was going on. ainsley: fighting nor job and industry. another protest in portland, oregon where things did get violent. antifa protest and
4:30 am
journalist attacked. you can see this video. hard to watch because no one comes to his defense. what is going on in portland, oregon? >> situation you have a peaceful protest in salem for on our side and then on their side they have this violent rally with people with crowbars beating a journalist. and a senior citizen. and the police sometimes just watch. now, i know they engaged and arrested a couple people here. this cannot happen and continue to happen. these people need to be brought to justice for the assaults that they are perpetrating on innocent individuals. ainsley: ambassador ric grenell and ted cruz came to his defense tweeting out different messages. what are you guys going to do to prevent it from happening in your state? >> really, this is a city issue, and the mayor and city council need to empower their own police department
4:31 am
to protect their citizens. it's critical that they do that because, you know, the rose city, i was born in portland, the rose city should not be known for revive lent protests that will be allowed to continue. ainsley: senator, thank you so much for joining us senator knopp. >> thank you. ainsley: real life hero taking on cartel on our border. sheriff alyssa milano joins u -- sheriff lambjoins us next ♪ don't tread on me, no. ♪ my digestive system used to make me feel sluggish
4:32 am
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4:34 am
griff: welcome back. is he a rifle toting real life american hero taking on human traffickers and mexican drug cartels along our southern border. ainsley: mark lamb is the sheriff of pin nell county, arizona and volunteers for
4:35 am
patrols every week experiencing the dangers firsthand. brian: sheriff lamb joins us right now. sheriff, describe what it is like on the border and what you are choosing to do. >> you know, it's a battle we fight every day. it's one of the messages we are trying to get out there this is a crisis and it's something that we as law enforcement along with our federal and local partners are fighting this battle every day out there. griff: sheriff, in terms of activity, is it slowing down? we know that mexico is cooperating, helping. but is it as busy as you expected it would be right now? >> you know, honestly, it's a little busier than what we expected. usually this time of year with the heat it, kind of slows down. cartel has been pushing people through left and right. ainsley: why are you doing this? >> why do i get out and work? because i love america. i want people to come here and have a better life. at the same time, they need
4:36 am
to do it through the proffer channels. coming through the deserts and trying to avoid detect is not it. brian: what are you seeing when you are throughout? describe it? who are the types of people you are finding and what are you doing? >> those groups, they have got carpet shoes on. so the shoes go over their shoes that have carpet so you can't track them i can't hear them as well. they have camouflage clothes on. where we get into the area where they load out on the i 8 there is backpacks. there is clothes, carpeting shoes. tons of trash all over the place. griff: describe if you will that ia quarter one of the main thoroughfares from our country. you have a additional challenge whole indian reservation which you can't go on to makes the challenge even nor difficult, explain. >> to the south end of us is a native american reservation. it extends actually into mexico. and so that's one of the challenges it presents. there is only a three strand
4:37 am
barbed wire fence down there. wait for groups to pass. there is about five miles from where the reservation ends to the i 8 and that's where we have got to try to catch them in that area. ainsley: mark, when you watched that debate last week and all of the democrats raised their hands saying that they wanted illegal immigrants to have free insurance and they were going to make americans pay for it. when you hear messages likes that you see what you see down on the border and hear from so many progressives that say they are in favor of letting them come in and open borders and all of that does it make you fearful for the future of our country? is there any hope there for those folks that want tighter immigration? >> it's ridiculous that they would even say that these are people that want to lead our country. and that's their philosophy. i mean, they need to come down here and check out what we're dealing with. talk to the ranchers, talk to the people who are living this on a daily basis. you know, we are trying to protect communities here in
4:38 am
arizona. but we are also trying to protect communities across america from drugs. and we are protecting those people row ho are being abused and exploited by the cartel every day. we go out there and save lives every day along with our federal partners. brian: it's going to be interesting. in new mexico with the reservation, they agreed to a virtual fence because of some of the challenges with the american indians. i'm wondering if there is something that could be done there, too. >> you know, and above my pay grade, you know, what i do is i try to get out and do our job. i have great employees and we have a great relationship with all of our federal and local partners. we will keep doing what we request do. the government has got some work to do. brian: sheriff, real quick, when they say people are coming across just because they want a better life. is that what you are finding? >> you know, that's sometimes the case. some people want a better life. some people want -- some
4:39 am
people actually working with the cartel. they are bringing either bodies or drugs across. so, you get a little bit of everything. the message is, look, we have a program in place. we have an immigration process and we want those people to follow that process. and we want to stop human beings from being trafficked and we want to stop drugs from being trafficked into this country. griff: lastly sheriff, we are almost out of time quickly. one of the 2020 candidates julian castro wants to decriminalize illegal crossings. would you support that? >> no. no. look, we have got to come up with some more common sense solutions and that's not the answer. ainsley: sheriff, i know at love viewers love you cowboy hats and cowboy boots you wear a leather belt that says cowboys on this. you. >> thank you for having me. jillian: good monday morning to you at home. let's start off with this story. she is out of the white house but still standing up
4:40 am
for the first family. sarah sanders hitting back at congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez who slammed ivanka trump at the g-20 summit tweeting in part it may be shocking to some but being someone's daughter actually isn't a career qualification. it hurts our diplomatic standing when the president phones it in and the world moves on. sanders tweeting back saying, quote. phone it in aoc is wasting your time on twitter while destroying jobs in new york. a chick if i slay vandalized during sunday's pride parade in new york. giant pink x with the words [bleep] haters on the store front. and love is a terrible thing to waste. propped up against the door. the discriminatory for donations to considered anti-lgbtq.
4:41 am
facebook plan regarding the 2020 census. ban users from misrepresenting census requirements' methods or logistics. the social media jingsd will have a team dedicated to reviewing census ads and content. the new plan one of facebook wants efforts to tackle civil rights concerns. okay. look at this. a heard of cows moved to the beat when a man takes out his saxophone. check it out. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jillian: some of them bopping their heads up and down looking at what's going on. dozens of cows lining up against the fence to hear him. he taught himself how to play by watching youtube videos. this, ladies and gentlemen, was his debut performance. griff: could you imagine if
4:42 am
kenny gee showed up those cows would lose it. ainsley: he stands against the street there playing for the cows. they come up to him. but, what made him want to do this? jillian: i don't know. brian: jillian, could you find out what made him want to do it. jillian: i will call now. ainsley: someone is videotaping him. griff: -- brian: i don't know what that is. ainsley: they like classical sax music? [laughter] brian: oh boy. ainsley: adam klotz is outside with our fans and viewers. take it away. adam: everybody out here refresh your recollection enjoying the forecast so far today? [cheers] >> we have a happy group out here because it feels fantastic out here on fox square. temperatures setting in the 60's and 70's and across the country it. is going to become a really warm day.
4:43 am
right now early in the morning it feels fantastic. this is our forecast for today. plenty of spots once again. heat wave continues. you were 80's, low 90's across the heartland stretch into the midwest. you start to add in humidity. that's when you step outside and feel heavy air like you are swimming through it. there is temperatures getting into the triple digits monday hotter tuesday. by the fourth of july we have plenty of spots in the 90's. maybe a couple of showers here and there take it back out on the plaza. did i notice just behind me, brian, there is a guy that i think you are going to want to get fashion tips from. this hat is fantastic. can you tell me where you got it. i think brian kilmeade will want to get one. >> i bought it here in new york city. adam: this the is fashion capital of the world, brian. hats like which you did find on every corner. ainsley: what does it say i can't see it. adam: it's beautiful flowers blends right in with the weather. ainsley: brian loves his
4:44 am
flowers. brian: i grow them from scratch, from seeds. ainsley: not like you are baking cookies. brian brian sorry, everything is culinary with me. ainsley: new york op-ed public shaming of border patrol agents. tom homan once served as border patrol agent. he is fired up about this and he is walking into the studio. hey, tom ♪ ♪ w?w?uhió'ñó
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
jillian: good monday morning. hope you are having a good day so far. quick horse headlines for you now.
4:48 am
former dallas coibs player arrested and tased. see him without shirt and shoes running from a wendy's in texas after they found him sitting in the grass talking to himself. the defensive tackle is charged with public intoxication. and fellow football retiree rob gronkkowski steps in the spot light with a new look. new england patriot lighting up social media looking very lean at movie premier and of course as usual dancing. one fan writing on facebook this has to be photo shopped. no way he dropped that quick. sometimes when you stop playing you can. brian: "new york times" published op-ed over the weekend suggesting the public shaming of border patrol agents. the article says, quote: lawyers have agent names journalists reporting names photos and even videos. these agents' actions should be publicized. not argument doing it's about exposure of their
4:49 am
participation in atrocities. sounds like doing to him which he has dealt with firsthand. former ice director tom homan. have you read and heard about this. what are your thoughts. let's expose the personal information of those working the border. >> it's disgusting. it happened to me when i was director. they docked me my home address and i had 80 protesters at my house on a sunday morning. >> it's ridiculous. whoever wrote this op-ed obviously has never spoken to a border patrol agent. and she is pushing a false narrative. this is about border patrol agents tearing children apart and not taking care of children properly. i was there on the border a couple years ago. these border patrol agents are taking sickness home to their own families. they are taking care of sick children and changing diapers and making formula. these border patrol agents did not sign up for this. mothers and fathers and sons and daughters themselves. they are doing tremendous job and need to be respected for it. brian: they should be lauded the fact they are vilified is unbelievable. it gets worse. they said this in the "new york times" editorial the desire to avoid this kind of
4:50 am
social chang shame may be enough to persuade some agents to quit or may hinder the recruitment or replacements. >> the facility in florida where children are being detained by homeland services. who are those children? never taken from parents. these children entered the children illegally on their own. their parents already separated themselves. when that 2500 children were separate president and everybody went crazy over. no one talked about the 15,000 children that were separated by their parents, put in hands of criminal organizations, smuggled into the united states. brian: 51,000 since i believe november have come here unaccompanied minors. and when people see those facilities and they say republicans put kids in cages, what should they know about these facilities? >> first of all facilities built in fy 15. i was there when they were built. they were approved, founded and built under the obama administration. look, first of all, i don't think they are cages. they're large enclosures to keep children away from
4:51 am
unrelated adults to protect the children so they can move to hhs facility. unnecessary -- it's a necessary facility and we are still using them today. brian: beto o'rourke went down to the mexican side to see those seeking asylum waiting in mexico. here is a little about what he said he discovered. all right. we don't have it. basically is he going back and forth and he sympathizes with them as they wait asylum. >> we all sympathize those who want a better life there is a right and wrong way to do it. bourque would not stop by and talk to a border patrol agent that deals with this every day. they are human beings. they have hearts. mothers and fathers and sons and daughters. they are seeing this travesty every day. they are finding dead bodies and finding people drowned in the river. why not talk to a border patrol agent and thank them their support and all the work they are putting in this. brian: aoc is going down to the el paso sector what is she going to find. >> a sector out of control.
4:52 am
a bunch of men and women wearing a green uniform defending their nation doing the best they can. these are american heroes and they should be thanked. brian: let's talk about what the democrats are trying to push at their debates and what we are hearing over the weekend kids, all about these kids. and they are not being treated humanely. what's your reaction to that? >> the kids are being treated very humanely, but the government is treating them better than the criminal cartels smuggling into this country. this these children are really escaping violence in central america and el salvador and honduras. why isn't the parent here than el salvador taking care. they are going to hire a criminal organization to put that child in the car or back of a tractor-trailer and bring into the united states. that's inhumane. that's good treatment. the government is actually taking care of these children. brian: on friday ninth circuit of appeals rejects the president's to build a
4:53 am
barrier. >> the aclu knows where to go to sue the president. this won't be the first or last time. the ninth circuit blamed for this whole surge if you look at it. the flores settlement agreement, judge dolly gee was the worst decision by the ninth circuit that done more damage to this country, any federal decision i have seen. that's why the families are coming across. can't be detained. brian: what's unbelievable is we have bill clinton on camera saying i need these walls built. he was the first one to start it. george bush got the money to do it. they talk about -- senator reid talking about the i wilillogic of chain migration. what changed in this country the situation only got worse. >> the democratic party, the leadership and everyone that stood on that stage last week, they wants to see this president fail and the president is not going to fail. everything they said last week is about protecting illegal immigrants. making illegal immigration legal. giving a pathway to citizenship. free medical care.
4:54 am
do they think this helps? that's just going to convince more people to make that dangerous journey. more women will be raped. and more children will die because they are enticing them to come to this country. brian: you have more children in pocket. important to bring up. senator lindsey graham gave me a little bit of hope because you talked about simple asylum fixes that would change the situation at the border that dramatically. he spoke with nancy pelosi for an hour yesterday, listen about an hour with speaker pelosi here is the compromise. start turning the aid back on to central america. it is in our national security interest to help the triangle more than triangle nations with their economy, with the rule of law problems. but, if you don't turn off the magnets that attract people, which is our asylum law us. if you don't reform them, they will keep coming. brian: legislation did. it addressed what you wanted him to address. i think something is being
4:55 am
cut here. am i falsely optimistic? >> no. i think lindsey graham has a lot of good ideas. brian: the fact that he talked to nancy pelosi who could make it happen. >> look, nancy pelosi only came to the table when the president says we are going to go out and arrest illegal aliens. especially families final orders been removed by the judge. the border crisis wasn't enough to her come to the table. she only came to the table when ice was going to go out and do a national operation. all of a sudden they are concerned they are protecting illegal immigrant in the united states. brian: we have that going. this seemed by almost all accounts numbers for june down 89,000. still bad but not 130. a lot of people say look at what mexico is doing on the southern border. what have you seen? >> mexico has really stepped up. this president, once again, took everybody to school democrats were against the terror threat. even some in his own party against the terror threats. once again this president has proved he knows more about this issue than they
4:56 am
do. and they have been here a long time. another idea of his worked. he is the right man at the right time doing the right thing for this country and he will not fail the american people. brian: we talked about no longer making it illegal to come here illegally. >> yeah, making illegal immigration legal that should help push the numbers down, right? no, that's going to cause more people to come. if there is no consequence and no deterrence, why would you stop coming here? >> my hope is that jeh johnson the democrat and others who have said it's a problem at the border now they admit it that maybe some progress is going to be made on simple asylum fixes make it dramatically better for some of the unsung heros in this country and they're working the border. >> yes. i think there could be a fix to this border but the democrats have got to be willing to put their hate of this president aside to do the right thing for this country. brian: tom homan, greats to see you. >> great to see you. brian: big hour still ahead. lara trump is still on tap. donna brazile will be here to talk about what she saw
4:57 am
in the debates joe biden free fall. two of the topics over the next 60 minutes. remember, you have to watch the whole hour. there is a quiz at the end. ♪ ♪ has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax. . .
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i love you too! he didn't say that. tide sport removes even week-old sweat odor. if it's got to be clean, it's got to be tide. ♪ ainsley: today is july 1st, y'all. 4th of july week a shorter week for most folks. brian: you've been away down south. you said you all. you don't say that in new york. ainsley: you all say you all, i said y'all. brian: you guys kind of mix things together. griff: that is okay. i will defend the south being from memphis. mr. ole' miss indeed. ainsley: you make it easier. instead of saying two words we use one. it is y'all.
5:01 am
brian: we drop the ends. we're anti-suffix. going. go. in. got it? griff: i will start working on this. ainsley: while you were probably sleeping the president was over in north korea. he was crossing the dmz line, shaking hands with kim jong-un. this is the first time a president took a step into north korea. brian: it was a three-hour trip. he met with kim for about 80 minutes. it was supposed to be shaking hands, making a little bit of history. they went back and walked back this way and sat down and talked. ainsley: look at all the camera folks snapping that photo. go to get the shot. don't miss the shot. it is historic. griff: what is so remarkable about the moment. it wasn't months in the planning t was tweet the president sent opening the door for this, of course this led to 53 minutes of
5:02 am
meetings, takeaway of which, now teams from both countries will get together to talk aabout getting towards denuclearization. ainsley: president is at the g20 in japan, he said kim jong-un, hey, i'm in the area. can i meet you? brian: showed up. it worked out. he went back across the dmz. every president has been to the dmz. he tried to get there but fog stopped the chopper was rolling. they have agreed to put a delegation back together to start talking again. we asked the president it true kim jong-un had most of the people involved in the delegation killed, because they embarrassed him, went 70 hours by the archaic train to vietnam to walk away with nothing. he said he didn't know but one of the guys went to a basketball game. ainsley: one of the guys that was supposedly killed he was seen later. brian: they will have
5:03 am
increment a.m. steps that would lead to denuclearization, the fear among critics, the president will allow them to become a nuclear nation, hold on some part of it. having china to guarranty the security, should be enough for north korea to know that one thing won't be the issue. griff: when you talk about results, the president came from china. p pierce he come closer to a deal. that is much-needed result. the president talked with tucker carlson, sat down with him before he went to north korea. listen what he had to say. >> you recently met with north korean president kim jong-un. >> i did he want to make a dole, largest deal he ever made. we got along really well. we understand each other. brian: here is what we know. president decided to hold off on new 25% tariffs on $300 billion
5:04 am
of chinese i am ports. china agreed to buy in president's term, buy tremendous amount of american agricultural products. here is the the part, that he would allow american high-tech firms to sell technology to huawei. ainsley: i was watching the fox business network. the president says the meeting with china is excellent. we're back on track. watch the full interview with tucker on tonight's show. brian: he goes to gets great feature. president realizes this might be historic meeting in south korea. tucker is hanging out. he brought extra clothes in case this happens. ainsley: knowing tucker? are youkying? he has one pair of khaki pant. brian: tucker trains, how he works out? ainsley: how is that? brian: he runs upstairs in hotels. ainsley: i heard him say that
5:05 am
before. brian: that is the weirdest thing jennifer griffin let me tell you how stephanie grisham works out in north korea. fighting with north korean guards. that is the moment that stood out. here she is, trying to fight, by the way, for the reporters that soon i suspect may start attacking her as they did sarah sanders. literally taking, was bruised apparently, trying to get our press pool in to see this moment. brian: steve scaramucci used to have the job. he had it for a long time, he said about what he saw from grisham. >> if the rangers had forwards like that we would have won the stanley cup. that is all i got to say. stephanie, you're awesome. first couple days on the job and she is also tried to help the american press get into the room. i don't know if you caught all that as well. just an awesome performance by her right there. ainsley: reminder what a great
5:06 am
country we live in. they control their press over there, state-run. she was just trying to push that guard aside, say, go, go, telling our press to walk through, bo get in the meeting this is what is inside what they call the freedom house where the two leaders were sitting down together. she is allowing us, our u.s. camera pools to go in, so you and i are all informed. that we can see what really happened. it is very transparent. brian: i remember president obama's last trip over to china, they kept the press out of the final meeting. they were stuck in a room. they had to bulldoze their way to let the press out. they love to marginalize western press. ainsley: what do you think the president's reaction when he saw that? brian: he love it. are you kidding driven griff i haven't been in north korea, other places where media is controlled the guards let you know where you stand. intimidating situation, hats off
5:07 am
to stephanie for having courage to intervene with something like that. brian: the democrats saying the meeting was almost spontaneous. the biden campaign -- coddling dictators at expense of american national security. he is not for it. harris tweeted, this is not a photo-op. okay. elizabeth warren, squandering american influence or photo-ops. there you go. harris, the whole thing was negative. shouldn't have done it. i give andrew yang credit for and bernie sanders listen, nothing else worked, so i support anything that brings peace. potentially brings peace. ainsley: has brought home hostages, remains of individuals. prevented them firing off anymore missiles. brian: they did three. ainsley: trying to denuke the area. a lot farther than we've come in past administrations. hats for at least trying. baby steps. brian: ainsley, they are stockpiling still. it will be harder to enforce the
5:08 am
sanctions on other countries, hey, didn't you walk across, greet them, spend an hour with them? now i'm not supposed to make money shipping them thing. this is the balance that he did. griff: back here at home. i have to bring this you have. another video not as historically significant, having covered, antifa out there, this young editor of a conservative online thing he is out covering an antifa and out at an event, antifa shows up in portland, oregon. he is absolutely attacked openly. you don't see portland police in the video getting hit with milkshakes, which had quick-drying cement in it. here is little bit what that young gentleman said the attack was like. listen. >> i got beat up by the crowd. no police at all. in the middle of the street and they stole my gopro.
5:09 am
punched several times in my face and head. i had been assaulted twice and reported it. nothing was done. i was in the middle of the street in the front. >> i would like to tell me -- >> they stole my evidence. they stole my go pro. they started attacking me. >> what did they use? >> their weapons in their hands. ainsley: poor guy. hard to watch. no matter if you agree with his views or not. this is violent. this is human being. brian: these same guys through bike racks through a starbucks window. this is what they do. they're not there to protest peacefully. ainsley: throw cement, if it hits you in the wrong spot -- griff: bike racks going through starbucks window. antifa takes on corporations because they believe they're
5:10 am
bad. in this case they're going straight after a journalist out in the middle of it. brian: ambassador ric grenell, i'm not sure he asked had power, i asked justice department to ask the incident in portland. i can't sit by, watch my friend brutally attacked. ted cruz, to federal law enforcement, bring action against a mayor who orders his police officers to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists. write us, if you were a police officer and told to stand down, let us know. we should talk to some of them. ainsley: michael knowles, he has gone out to campuses. he has been involved in some of this. he says when i speak, he is conservative, there are protests he experienced violence too. he was on our show earlier. here is what he said. >> antifa is a domestic terrorist organization. ironically the name supposed to
5:11 am
be anti-fascist but they act like fascists. politicians are turning blind eye. we're previousing a election year. not just media and politicians are being silenced but they encourage this. from milkshake them all. some of the mick shalings contained quick dry cement. that is like throwing a brick. griff: portland police said there were milkshakes with cement and they made three arrests. the mayor of portland has not commented on twitter and weighed in on his handling of this. brian: jillian mele has other breaking news. jillian: we're following two breaking news stories. a fox news alert. a u.s. air strike target a al guide today training facility in syria. they were plotting attacks
5:12 am
against u.s. citizens, allied forces and innocent civilians. northwest syria remains a hot spot for al qaeda leaders to coordinate attacks. the u.s. has about 1000 troops in the country. another fox news alert. border patrol agents shut down a bridge leading from mexico into el paso, texas, overnight. immigration officials responded after a group of 300 protesters tried to approach the bridge chanting, we will cross. dhs officials raised alarm of overcrowding at holding center back in may. agents fear the conditions would prompt a riot. ntsb is investigating after a fiery plane crash kills 10 people. they say the plane experienced some sort of failure after takeoff and slamming in an empty hangar in texas. the twin engine plane was completely destroyed. no one survived. there is no black box recorder.
5:13 am
this is pretty comical. a man is going viral for quitting his job using a sympathy card. it reads, so sorry for your loss. thinking of you during this difficult time. the man tells insider, it was meant as a joke for his boss at a call center in the uk. he is leaving the company to go back to school. ainsley: that is hilarious. i love that. that is cute. thank you, jillian. 13 minutes after the top of the hour. gruesome new details surrounding the murder of that utah college student. her nam is mackenzie lueck. they want to know if her accused killer acted alone. our next guest covered the story since it first broke. he will take us inside on the search for answers what bad bac? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask...
5:14 am
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5:18 am
the man in custody penned a murder novel just last year. our next guest. we have salt lake city reporter, scott mctaken. this is unbelievably tragic story. where does it stand now? what are the police doing next? >> good morning, driven, due to the fact this arrest happened friday, and he was booked into jail, the suspect they have 72 hours to decide specifically which direction to go in terms of charges. talking to someone close to the case, today is the day they will all meet. they have a mountain of evidence to go through. all kinds of electronic evidence. you have the physical evidence from the home. they now need to meet, discuss, see what specific charges they will be filing and because there is so much information, there is so much to go over, they may wind up asking an extension on filing charges. sometime i would imagine by the time this week is over, we should expect formal charges in
5:19 am
this case. driven griff scott, as often is the case in the stories we learn a lot from a phone, the victim's phone. that was the case, going back to a relationship between the suspect and the victim. do you get the sense when they learned something about a motive from the information? reporter: that's the hope. right now, again based on these allegations there are likely no eyewitnesses. in terms of finding even a manner of death, let alone a motive that could be difficult, unless, they find out much more through the cell phone messages and social media contacts. those are really big, unanswered questions right now. forensic teams have been working like crazy on this it's a situation right from the get-go when cops got this case, they knew this was going to be key. since she was an adult with a reasonable expectation of privacy they couldn't get at those right away. once they did, boy, this case really took off last week.
5:20 am
one thing led to another, a search of the suspect's home. what we all know now appears to be the tragic outcome in this case. we expect to find out a lot more. once the charges are filed in the probable cause statement they will better able to establish a timeline and especially a motive. griff: scott, is there a possibility there could be more than one person involved in this? reporter: that's another key question that remains unanswered at this point. this seems like a lot of work potentially, allegedly for one individual. they're hoping to go back through all the messages. the big thing last week get enough probable cause to arrest the individual. now comes the other part, the other heavy lifting in terms of the investigation in this case. to figure out who, if anyone he may have been in contact with or in cahoots with potentially on this. griff: any sense, scott, when you work the cases you talk to neighbors, people in the surrounding area, any sense
5:21 am
neighbors saw this coming? this guy stood out as some sort of a threat? he penned this murder novel a year ago. what are you finding on the ground? reporter: initially right off the bat we were on scene when police were executing search warrants. they weren't saying much. we talked to neighbors, several of them, the next door neighbor, liked the guy, mostly quiet, kept to himself. this one individual we spoke with was absolutely heartbroken when he found out what the allegations ultimately wound up being. early on, before the charges, before the arrest happened, i hope this isn't the case. he has been a great guy. a great neighbor. a little aloof. keeps to himself. most folks were pretty surprised by all this, to say the least. griff: scott, we're almost out of time but i don't want to finish the interview without asking, how is the lueck family doing? reporter: they sent one of their
5:22 am
uncles to join in on the press conference friday. obviously, basically so shocked. barely able to get out a small statement. we appreciate the everything the police department has done. please respect our privacy. i would imagine at some point they may have a statement. they were apparently, sounds like mom and dad may have been trying to come here at some point. once this outcome started to take shape, the uncle showed up on friday. obviously they're just devastated by all of this. just completely taken aback. at a loss for words. just trying to absorb it all. griff: our hearts go out to the family. scott mccane. thanks for your work on this. helping our heroes one rescue dog at a time. that is the mission behind companions for heroes. they get extra special help for lara trump. she is coming up next.
5:23 am
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griff: 26 minutes after the hours. deliberations in the war crimes trial of navy seal eddie gallagher. another seal admitted he killed the man. an iraqi general testified that gallagher did not stab the detainee. getaway driver in the brinks armored car heist knew her accomplices were ready to kill. "new york post" admitted to the parole period that the suspects were armed after the robbery that left two police officers death. despite that the weather underground terrorist was released in prison in may.
5:27 am
ainsley? ainsley: helping our here rest one rescue dog at a time. champions for heroes helped more than 3500 veterans, first-responders, gold star families and puppies get a brand new life. champions for heroes is getting extra help for senior advisor for the trump 2020 campaign, president trump's daughter-in-law, lara trump. she joins us now along with the air force veteran who founded champions for heroes, david sharp and his dog, darby. thanks for being here. >> how are you? ainsley: a first, i want to start with you, lara, you're the female on this panel, how did y'all get connected? >> i've been doing work with veterans and dogs. the va has a great program does so much of what companions for heroes does. va partnered with shelters across the country to put together very rans and dogs that knee homes. we know posttraumatic stress comes in many different levels.
5:28 am
some people need a full service dog. some benefit companionship from a dog that need as home. we heard from one another. i always want to say thank you to the amazing veterans. there are organizations out there to help you. so often times people are quick to turn to drugs, some way to treat posttraumatic stress when you have great organizations like this. ainsley: david, tell us about your service. you fought for our country. what happened to you that made you start the organization? >> in 2002, after the first deployment in saudi arabia, air force security forces i found myself drinking, had a pistol in my mouth. as soon as i was squeezing the trigger, my rescue pitbull, by the way, ainsley, the door was latched, she walked in i took the pistol interruption.
5:29 am
you spell dog backwards. ainsley: god. that is incredible. >> i tried the thing a month later. she did the same thing again. ainsley: how did you get over that? >> it is purpose. lara mentioned this a lot. we need a purpose. what better way to facilitate what the va is having difficult time doing, we want to augment that through the transition of a dog. they give you purpose, unconditional love, they don't judge you. that is what this is about. ainsley: tell is your experience is like. you look like you have it all together. i saw your kids in the green room. you live down in the south. you seemed like you have it all together. a lot of our military men and women when they come back from overseas, on the outside they look like that, was what was going on in the inside that had you feeling that way? >> taliban sympathizer, saudi guard, pointed his weapon at me, in a 10 by 10 shack, doing control checks, when you have a
5:30 am
weapon pointed in your face, it throws things into a loop. i had two of my friends commit suicide within a year of each other in the unit. we had a 300 man and woman unit. that is where the rubber meets the road with the dog, instead he have to live nor myself, i was living for cheyenne at the time. ainsley: cheyenne passed away but this is darby. >> i named her affectionately after darby's rangers. he went through ranger school. he went through alzheimer's. i honor him through her. ainsley: sorry to hear that. you -- >> it's a dog centric show today. we have a lot of dogs. i'm a huge rescue advocate. ben, who is, behaving very well, we rescued from a horrible situation. he is just made our life even better. this is charlie our first dog, yeah, they're part of your family. anybody who has a dog knows how much they change you and how much they impact you.
5:31 am
honestly for our veterans to be able to connect with dogs that already need homes anyway, it is such a great thing. i'm just a huge advocate of it. ainsley: how do we help out? a lot of people at home might want to piv money to the charity to help our vets? >> we need their gifts. go to we're saving two dogs and two veterans every day on average. we helped 100 nationwide saving them. gold star families, first-responders and law enforcement. they endue a lot of similar things. ainsley: thanks for starting organization. remembering our veterans. lara thank you for yours. an op-ed calling to publicly shame border agents. we have more on the story. we're three days away from america's 243rd birthday. how to make your barbecue the best on the block.
5:32 am
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♪ driven griff look at that. that is your shot of morning. she replaces her stolen car. brian: 4-year-old sale was heartbroken when someone swiped her toy outside of massachusetts. a police officer stepped up, helped her build a brand new one. ainsley: she thanked him with a hug and box of chocolates. how cute. my gosh. her name is elsa. "frozen" is most popular movie for girls. brian: who was the name of the lion in "born free." ainsley: was it mufasa. griff: that is "lion king.."
5:36 am
brian: this, born free based on a true story. ainsley: never saw it. is that on my list? brian: you will love it. cry at the end. the lion goes back to the wild. ainsley: you're not supposed to tell me about that. brian: that is the story. ainsley: what happened after at the end of old yeller? brian: they had to shoot him because they didn't have shots for rabe. griff: talking about the great work for the little girl, when doesn't get any attention, border patrol agents spend so much time with rescue migrants. when a border patrol take as child covered in chicken pox, rushes to the facility, says this child gets priority. you don't hear about that. ainsley: see what the "new york times" what the op-ed? there was a op-ed written in "the new york times" saying the border patrol agents should be
5:37 am
docked? griff: got me up, treatment of migrants meets the definition of mass atrocities. this human rights professor, someone following orders the prospect of being internationally shamed as a rights abuser unable to travel freely may be significant enough to persuade them to stop participating the desire to perform this shame and may help agents quit and hinder replacements. she says it not doxxing it is is. brian: they are making border patrol agents the bad guys? that is unbelievable. you have to understand, no one is doing their jobs now. people used to be have media relations are driving vans picking up illegals who come here illegally. others are sitting working overtime making tents in the parking lot because they have nowhere to put them. they're the ones who are the bad guys? dan bongino is fed up. he trained with border patrol agents.
5:38 am
he has had enough. >> can you imagine if i came on this network this morning and started disclosing the home address of dnc officials? i would be fired tomorrow. and the media would be in an uproar. but that is because they have no principles. this country is lost. the constitutional republic as we know it it is disintegrating because the radical far left refuses to play by any rules of the game at all. we as conservatives think liberals are people with bad ideas. i can't say this enough. but liberals think conservatives are bad people with bad ideas. they justify, horrible, malicious, sometimes criminal behavior as somehow justified in some higher cause because we're bad people. you can't have a country like that. ainsley: tom homan said they're not bad people. he was the acting i.c.e. director at one point. he says they're not bad people. they actually believe in their cause. they're down there trying to keep you americans safe.
5:39 am
listen to this. >> it is disgusting. it happened to me when i was director. they docked me, my home address. i had 80 protesters at my house on sunday morning. who write the op-ed never spoke to a border patrol agent this is false narrative. talking about border agents tearing children apart, not taking care of children properly. was border agent couple years ago. these border agents are taking sickness home to their family, taking care of sick children. they're making formula. changing diapers. they did not sign up for this. they're sons, daughters, mothers, fathers themselves. they are doing a tremendous job and need to be respected. griff: he said this writer doesn't know border patrol agents and hasn't spent time. if this writer wants to spend time in mcallen or el paso. they will oblige her. to see what is up close and personal. she didn't shame congress who
5:40 am
waited so long to take any action which really escalated things tremendously. brian: aoc will be in the el paso sector. let's see how many border patrol agents she speaks to if any. ainsley: if she changes her mind. we'll see. jillian has headlines. jillian: good monday morning. begin with a fox news alert. iran breached enriched uranium limit under the 2015 nuclear deal. that is according to state media. they increased uranium production in response to u.s. sanctions against tehran after trump administration withdrew from the pact. this marks the first violation of the accord. the trump administration warned any violations will come with a strong response. a man is facing attempted murder charges for dragging a cop. watch this. >> put it in park!
5:41 am
jillian: isn't that scary to watch. the suspect hitting the gas, as deputy aaron blaze holds on to the window more than 300 feet. he shot the armed driver in the leg before falling in a ditch. the deputy will be okay. this started as a traffic stop about window tinting. couple drives off a cliff, rolls 890 feet into the ground and survives. they were driving in the to toe national forest, when the man looked away for a second and rolled off the cliff. he was thrown out of the jeep. the wife was stuck inside. they are injured but they will survive. cutest thing you will see all day, a little girl storms the field during a minor league baseball game. >> she just ran right through the charleston bullpen, out of shoeless joe's hill. [laughter]. jillian: that is cecilia grace roaming the outfield during a charleston river dogs game.
5:42 am
the team giving her a baseball, taking her back to the family. she enjoyed. got permission to go on the field the next day, threw out the ceremonial first pitch. that is adorable. that is look at the headlines. we have adam klotz out there. >> beautiful energy on the plaza ainsley walk the out here the crowd went absolutely crazy. can i meet you, what is your name? >> anthony. >> anthony, where are you from? >> pennsylvania. >> anthony would you mind helping me do the forecast. when i tell you to hit the button. don't hit it too much yet. temperatures across the country getting warm, steam any, running up into the mid 90s, feels like temperature for monday. eventually that will continue. hit the button for me. that takes us to the 4th of july. you looking forward to 4th of july? me too. the temperatures running up into
5:43 am
the 90s, scattered showers here and there. it will be a beautiful 4th of july for everybody. beautiful day in the city. i'm feeling patriotic. let me join you here. that is me looking patriotic. i want to say, back to you guys. >> back to you. >> back to you guys. we're tossing it to you. griff: we're three days away from america's 243rd birthday. ainsley: with party ideas we have a life-style expert lenore. thanks for being with us. >> i have easy ways to decorate. also fun games and crafts. ainsley: where do we start. >> i have red, white, and blue string lights. they're really great. you see them i have a damage freeway to attach them. these are the command out store string lights. they are damage-free. but they're meant for the outdoors. brian: stick them on. >> stick them on with stickers. they're damage-free. water resistant. i will come out this way.
5:44 am
ainsley: what is this? >> these are the bunch of balloons. it blows up balloons in 40 seconds. ainsley: no way. brian: wow. >> you will see all that, let it do its thing. griff: will it stop or explode? >> i haven't tested it. it will actually stop. griff: [inaudible] >> when it stops, all you do, if you want it to, you can take it off. ainsley: amazing. great for a child's birthday party. >> we'll play some outdoor games. so we got everything for the outdoors. we have cornhole. we have all of these at marshall's. they have amazing variety and prices price. griff: you brought children and donna brazile. >> my inner child is here.
5:45 am
i scored one of two. this young man is a champion. playing cornhole. brian: cornhole is making a huge comeback. >> i heard. >> these are bubbles. i like it, when they can entertain themselves. brian: these are not your kids. >> these are not my kids. brian: but they're lovely kids. >> these are the brazillian bubble machines. we have all the variety. ainsley: what is this game here? >> this is pong. i took americana like cups, just a way you play regular pong. it actually folds. brian: adults can play that with beer? >> if they wanted to, yes. we have kids playing today. ainsley: what is happening here? griff: we will have griff and donna. we have same birthday, december 15th. we'll see who is the better. oh. brian: we have one more stop.
5:46 am
griff: hold on. i have a defender in the way. >> here we go. here we go. brian: the best thing about kids, they could not care less. one more stop come over here. >> we have really fun crafts. so what i have done here -- brian: need a camera. come on oaf, ted. >> this is fun for the kids to do. i use their handprints. we made an america flag. she is coloring the lines. i use handprints as stars. you can do it on a t-shirt. ainsley: really cute. >> they put stickers that are meant for windows. we put them on pad and paper. this keeps them entertained. ainsley: you can teach their kids how many stars on there, how many stripes, reason for each of those? >> one one hers. last but not least, we got one of these, a photo booth. a photo booth and photo booth
5:47 am
props. brian: nice. [cheering] ainsley: where do you get that? >> this is at party city. i don't think it was like $10. brian: what do you think of these ideas for the 4th of july? [cheering] ainsley: take tunnels to towers. they provided all the flags and home depot -- brian: bucket, so they can stand up. all the professional kids. good job being kids, kids. keep it up. have a great summer. straight ahead something serious. he wants to decriminalize crossing border and deportations. julian castro says they are not open borders. >> no way we have open border, we have 650 miles of fencing. open borders is just a right-wing talking point t always has been. brian: really? donna brazile is live next. we'll see if she takes him on. ainsley: bill hemmer at the top of the hour. >> nice to see you all. big news breaking on iran
5:48 am
nuclear claims is just out. also getting word of a u.s. air strike on al qaeda. we have updates coming up here. a stunning side for the dnc. it happens. what next. the president wakes up in the white house today. we shall she you in a brand new week in ten minutes. ...and downtime. ...and you time. ...and forgetting what time it is...altogether. modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business is making time, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at
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♪ jillian: good morning, welcome back. quick headlines. bottled water is getting a new look. starting next year pepsico will start selling aquafina in cans. part of the plan to make all the packaging recyclable and biodegradable by 2025. star bucks putting a new twist on frappuccino. the drink is yellow, red and
5:52 am
blue but the flavor is unknown. starbucks has not confirmed the drink. back to you guys. ainsley: thank you, jillian. let's bring in donna brazile, fox news contributor, former dnc interim chair. >> i'm back on the couch. griff: champion at cornhole. ainsley: neither one made it in the hole. you made it the closest. >> during my practice session was really hot. i was so hot i think the temperatures tomorrow might rise. brian: wow. wasn't regulation distance i will give you credit for winning. >> thank you. brian: talking about something historic when the president of the united states went across-border, made a tweet, do you think that was a good move for the country? >> i'm for diplomacy. he called it progress. we'll see. i am glad they will be able to talk again. we need to talk to north korea. we also need our allies with us when we talk to north korea. i would hope the president once he rested up, because it was a
5:53 am
long trip, i would hope he would brief the big eight members of congress so we have a better idea, understanding how we move forward on the goal of denuclearization of that area. ainsley: some democrats were critical. biden spokesman andrew bates, said coddling dictators at expense of national security. kamala harris tweeting out, this is not a photo-op. elizabeth warren tweeted squandering american influence on photo-ops? >> kim jong-un is not the world's greatest, quote, unquote human rights champion. i think it was a risky strategy but the president's motive i believe is to try to get the president of north korea back to the table. if that is the motive, fine. if there is something else beyond getting him back to the table to, lower the level of plutonium, during this phase of my high school, i didn't skip class, i slept through it,
5:54 am
uranium, plutonium. brian: you're right. >> you want to lower the temperature. i agree it was a major photo-op. the president tweeted he wanted to meet with him. he wanted to tweet. get beyond the bromance and letters and get down to serious negotiation jennifer griffin i have to ask you, donna, we've been out on the campaign trail in previous just elections. dow celebrates best june in 81 years. cnbc saying that s&p 500 caps the best first half of the year in two decades. "the daily mail" also saying, that wall street wraps up the strongest six months in decades as the dow rallies ensuring best june in 81 years. how do democrats, any of the 20 on stage in miami run against the copy? >> the same way donald trump ran against it in 2016, when president obama was able to get out of the economy con out of
5:55 am
the great recession. griff: to be fair, did nod have that headlines. >> we want to make sure everybody enjoys in the good economy. people who own stocks, as well as people who don't own stocks are able to have a level of prosperity. griff: how do they get there though? hard-working americans will take a better summer vacation this summer they're hearing a trillions of dollars on a "green new deal," they're hearing the word socialism, that's not advertising the continue the economy we have now? >> remember they're looking what is in their wallet. they're looking what they are able to put on the table. are they able to have hotdogs, hamburgers, a little more on the fourth of july or sold lunch meat? we'll see. brian: aftermath of the debate. two days, 20 men and women. look who is lost and gained. joe biden lost 10 point it is
5:56 am
pretty clear. big moment for kamala harris as she moves up the ladder. bernie sanders loses a couple, elizabeth warren emerges. what about donna brazile's rankings? what changed? >> entire electoral landscape has changed. that joe biden and senator sanders come back with their a gain. two women are waiting to take first and second place in the democratic primary. it was a game-changer for both elizabeth warren and kamala harris. you know, quote, unquote star, mayor pete. mayor pete has raised more money, been able to build a much stronger organization throughout the process. griff: 24 million, can you stick around couple minutes? >> that is a lot of change. ♪ this is the couple who wanted to get away
5:57 am
who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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♪ >> well, listen, it's been a great show.
6:00 am
we only have a few seconds left. >> have a wonderful july 1st. >> thank you to you donna for with us on the show. >> great roster. that is from 9:00 to noon. >> bill: good morning. fox news alert. this is a brand-new claim. the regime says they have reached a cap on enriched uranium. first known violation of the accord with western powers since the u.s. was removed from the nuclear agreement about a year ago. increased tensions between washington and tehran. no word yet on how they will respond. first, however, it started with a tweet. it ended with president trump making history. stepping foot on north korean soil. history, indeed. good morning, we will catch you up


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