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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 1, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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you know what she said? we hope it works out. that's life. it's unpredictable at best. adel, if you are out there maybe you can help here. here comes "the five." >> ♪ >> i am dana perino with lisa, juan williams, jesse watters and greg gutfeld. it's 5 o'clock in new york city and this is "the five." president trump making history the first american president to ever step foot on north korea soil for a meeting with kim jong-un to restart the nuclear negotiations and the effort to get the regime to dismantle their weapons. here's the president touting the progress. >> we developed a great relationship. if you go back 2.5 years prior to my becoming president, it was a very, very bad situation.
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a very dangerous situation for south korea and north and the world. it was an honor that you asked me to step over the line. i was proud to step over the line. i told you i might do that. >> the visit met with fears criticism. >> despite 3 years of almost bizarre foreign policy from this president, this country is no safer when it comes to north korea. they launched other missiles flouting the diplomacy this president has attempted so far. we added lejetimacy to kim jong-un. >> it's wory some that the president -- sets up a meeting without the staff working being done. it's all for show. >> i am all for speaking with our adversaries. what happened here this president has raised the profile
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of a dictator like kim jong-un and now 3 times visited with him unsuccessfully. because he is doing it backwards. >> this is historic. him going to north korea is like chamberlain going to talk to hitler. >> everybody has to jump on the bandwagon. a historic moment. the talks were stalled. the president walked away from the last one. the staffs were not even talking to each other and now they can talk again. >> donald trump is the peace mark on the korean peninsula. that's what the south korea president moon said. a left of center leader. people in the region appreciate what donald trump is doing over there diplomatically. it's a process.
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you can acknowledge it's headed in the right direction. no more nuclear testing and our posture is strong in the region. we opened up the largest u.s. military pace in south korea. the naval fleet is right off the coast. they are under the nuclear umbrella. everything that other presidents have done have not worked. it got more dangerous in north korea. president trump tries something different. criticized the entire time. the tweeting and the summits. we are heading in the right direction. there is a thaw and historians will acknowledge this was very powerful. >> a symbolic moment. the other thing that president trump was able to do he got everyone to stop talking about the democratic debates.
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>> yes. of course they are going to attack him. that's what you would do. if it was someone on the other side, we would do the same thing. >> how dare obama meet with him? >> exactly. i want to attack a couple of the criticisms. if you see diplomacy as a weakness, what does that leave you with? there are rough customers in the world and you have to talk to them. your goal is to remove the psychological threats perceived by the adversary that thinks you want to kill them. trump said we are not interested in blowing you up. you don't need these nuclear weapons.
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did we lose money, land, or lives? no. we lost our status in the world while we elevated his status. if that's how you value these things you will never make progress. if you say diplomacy causes a loss of status, why have diplomacy at all? we are in a better situation than 2 years ago. we remember what happened when hawaii thought they were good-bye toing nuked. i -- thought they were going to be nuked. i prefer this to that. >> and they do too. >> juan, do you want to play jesse's favorite game what about? >> obama was talking about let's talk to cuba. this is terrible. >> you could not trust obama.
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>> [laughing]. >> whoever you support, you trust that person. >> the big issue for me is trump's gesture a photo-op is not stopping them from getting nuclear weapons. they are accepting them as a nuclear power. >> that's not true. >> the "new york times" is reporting this. >> they have never been wrong. >> john bolton said we didn't talk about this in national security. one last point. for all of us at this table, i think we were all sensitive to otto warmbier and what his family went through and the idea that president trump goes over there is palling around and saying nice things about kim
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jong-un who tortured and i think killed an american citizen. that's disrespectful to him and his family. >> because of otto warmbier, we went down hard on what they did. so we should not have any diplomacy? do you think his family is okay with that? >> i didn't say that. the president of the united states giving his -- >> juan, president trump could go back to fire and fury tomorrow. he is unpredictable. he is trying to convince kim jong-un doesn't have to be isolated to the rest of the world and nuclear weapons are not key to the regime's survival. the argument he is trying to make, if you watch the video that president trump presented. kim jong-un in singapore, it's an interesting video. it shows the diverging paths that north korea could go on. one is isolation and destruction. the other is prosperity and
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peace. that's the argument that president trump is continuing to make to north korea. these are 2 the paths you have and the 2 choices you have. one or the other. everything we have seen of president trump is to increase diplomacy to push him in the corner of peace and prosperity. >> we're not war with north korea. there are a lot of people we don't like. but we are stuck on this earth together. maybe it takes someone with a persuasion skill set to break this open. it seems like it's happening. >> they had 3 meetings. >> it might take 6 years. >> i have don't trust obama undscored? >> i didn't say that. [laughing]. >> the point is, you can respect obama and think he is better in
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some things than trump is. i don't think he the right man for this job. trump had a different skill set to deal with this guy that i don't think obama had. >> obama would have given him 150-billion dollars. >> on a serious note, what does this is a to irans that iran starts to violate the deal we abandoned? you are letting north korea have nuclear weapons. >> i think the president is trying to get better deals with the iranians and the north koreans because the deals before did not work >> if you have constructive criticism -- >> they are telling me to go, go. a brutal assault on a conservative journalist up next. >> [shouting]. >> [screaming].
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>> [bleep]. >> a lot of beeping. he ended up in the er with brain injuries. these game of thrones players hit them with milk shakes that may have contained more than milk. these antifa thugs. a guy who monitors fake hate becomes the victim of real hate by scum who pretending to boe real. what about the mayor? >> you talk about antifa? there are aspects of them that are true to a cause. that is a good cause. they want social justice in that
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context. >> so he asks excuse the violence and one hillary clinton staffer said he asked for it filming it. kate writing in the "new york times" calling for border wall agents to be dock. the media from afar directs the mob and rely on intimidation to make the case perhaps because their words fail them. there are a lot of states where it's against the law to wear a mask but not there. they could have changed it. >> you have good reason to be wary of any monument that they want to wear masks. the whole point is wearing masks. the other thing is that andy no
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is always referred to as a right wing journalist. not just a journalist. that part shows the intolerance of this. sam parent tweeted that there is a thin line between civilization and non-civilization. i used to like portland. i would never go there. i am like you and the dr. >> the dr is fine compared to portland. the mayor and police are not doing anything. >> they just let each other go at. it we saw that in baltimore where you give them room to riot. it's irresponsible. it led to people getting art. i agree the media will give
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license to this type of violence. look at the headline. conservative journalist says he was attacked. that's like saying the toronto raptors say they won the championship. well, it was on tv. why hasn't the media found any of these attackers and identified them. because some guy on twitter will tweet a video of the president b body slamming a reporter and the press is on their door the next day. we have heard for 2 years how trump's rhetoric is causing violence against journalists. now, we have a conservative
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journalist who has been violently attacked and they buried the story. i want to say one more thing. if someone throws a milk shake at me, make it chocolate! >> [laughing]. >> i am lactose intolerant. so that is assault with a deady weapon. >> masks, you are less likely to hurt somebody -- >> i think violence is unacceptable. it's reprehensible and should be prosecuted. that was uncomfortable to watch. it should not be happening, but it sounded to me when i listened to you as if you were saying that the excesses here are now to be labelling all people who a are neo-nazis and the fascists
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that it represents all of antifa. >> it is representative of all of the antifa. >> i don't think it's any representative than the guy sending the bombs to cnn or the guy that shot up the synagogue in pittsburgh or the guy sentenced to life last week for his hate crimes in charlottesville. >> which we condemned. >> but i would say this worries me. you say, juan, that's not representative of everyone. >> that's not representative of the right wing bombers. >> right. >> or the guy that mowed the woman down. that's not representative of the neo-nazis. all of antifa is like this. >> no. >> yes, they are. they all dress in black and
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wield clubs. >> they are all unemployed and ugly. >> if you are showing up with a crowbar, you have no good intentions with a mask. here's my concern. remember when chris cuomo was on air talking about charleston and neo-nazis and antifa. he said one is fighting hate. there is a justification of what antifa does because of the people that they are targeting. but that's the problem. what concerns me, they think there are a lot of people on the left with that mentality. what antifa is doing is okay depending on who they are targeting and who gets harmed. that's a dangerous mentality to have. and the mayor ted wheeler, last year, a building in portland, oregon was under siege. these antifa protestors were not letting individuals in and out of the building.
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they stopped a car from leaving. this mayor was tweeting i don't support "ice" so i am not telling police to do anything about. that's outrageous behavior. >> shouldn't the citizens of portland do something? >> my family lives in portland. they are terrified. it's dangerous. >> our 2020 roundup is next with kamala harris surging and republicans want to keep williamson is the debate next.
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now show is at 12% among all of the 2020 candidates in a new poll. this follows her showdown with the frontrunner joe biden. but, here's another surprise: don't count joe out yet. still in the lead with 33%. losing only 5 points following the debate. and senator lindsey graham is warning democrats not to under-estimate biden. >> he has to up his game, but anybody that knows joe biden there is not a racist bone in his bode. that's not a cliche, that's a reality. the narrative is maybe it's not his time and maybe he is not up to the task. i think you will under-estimate joe biden at your own peril. kamala harris has game. she is very talented and very smart. she'll be a force to be reckoned with. >> and another 2020 news, mayor
2:28 pm
pete buttigieg raised 28.4-million dollars in the second quarter of the year and some of my republican friends urging folks to donate to marianne williamson's presidential campaign just to keep her in the future democratic debate and harness enough love to defeat her opponents. dana? >> i would say on the marianne williamson thing, we are a wealthy country if we can consider donating to her just to mess with the democrats. the economy is in good shape. i hear what lindsey graham is saying. i wondering if we are in the early stages of a very long, drawn-out, painful, slow realization for the former vice-president that the party is not going to get behind him to take on donald trump and win. i do being -- he did not just
2:29 pm
have a rough debate. he has a tough time adjusting to the new campaign style. politics has changed -- you think about how obama was. the social media president at that time. figuring out the new technology and drove forward. then you had president trump and the republicans are catching up on small donors. he is running a campaign from 2 cycles ago. because the democrats are very inclusive with 20 candidates, by the time you get to september there are only 5 people who are already qualified for that debate. >> jesse, you showed me another poll. the first poll i talked to dana about, but you have a cnn poll. in it biden is 22% and down 10 points and harris is up 9 points to 17.
2:30 pm
that's a 5 percent gap. harris is tied with warren at 12. that's a big difference in the way we look at this if you see somebody like biden still in the lead by 20 plus points versus just 5. >> true but it's a dramatic surge from kamala harris. aggression pays off in debates. as you will see her poll numbers good up. the fund-raising numbers will go up. you will see if biden has to punch down and respond. if he punches down and initiates an attack against her does it make him look weak or nervous? she could counter and knock him out. if he tries to hit her hard and she comes back with something quick, it would be over for joe. >> is biden stronger than the critics said? >> i don't think we know how strong he is until the first votes are cast.
2:31 pm
the marianne williamson mischief limbaugh had operation chaos with barack obama and hillary clinton. hillary clinton was still fighting. republicans changed their voter registration to democrat and voted for hillary just to bloody up obama to make him weaker against the general election candidate. republicans could do the same thing. they could switch parties and register as democrats and vote for our friend marianne williamson. >> i think everyone should do that. who else can harness love? i think dana is on to it. i don't think the line of attack from kamala harris is so damaging. but it's the fact it cuts into this perceived electability of
2:32 pm
vice-president biden. i think she cut into that. the fact he was caught flat footed with all of these attacks have been in the public domain and he gave up and just threw his hands up. he doesn't look like a strong candidate. he looked old and tired. >> well, i think biden's descent will be shift unless somebody gets in the cockpit and pulls the plane up. wake up, joe. he only has one direction and that's down. and she can only go up. he just doesn't look like he has the energy. kamala harris, even if she gets the nomination and i think she will. >> really? >> yes, i think she will. i think it will be a 2-woman
2:33 pm
ticket. liz, kamala harris and marianne williamson will be the secretary of love. >> [laughing]. >> kamala harris won't be safe. biden hit trump as anti-minority. now trump can hit kamala harris as anti-minority. the circle of love in politics. you put a lot of low-level drug arrests for a long period of time. she will get the bitter taste of medicine for him. >> my gosh, this is too much. >> the 2020 democrats are doubling down on healthcare for illegal immigrants next. you have to see it on "the five." >> ♪ of savings and service.
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immigration. beto o'rourke trying to tie the issue to climate change. >> you have to remember that they are fleeing the deadliest countries on the face of the planet today. compounded by droughts caused not by god, not by mother nature but by us. our actions. when it's that deadly you have no choice but to come here. >> global warming causing the immigration crisis. it's like fox news is producing this guy's campaign. >> he is in trouble. he is the incredible shrinking beto. look at brexit a response to the migrants from serria. -- syria. when the politicians can't stop
2:39 pm
that from coming to england, you get brexit. this leads to the question all you have to pose: who should control your borders? england or was it europe? that brought brexit. that will happen here. if the democrats relinquish control of the border, trump will walk all over them. >> a piece in the "new york times" today saying the party wo makes too many americans face like strangers in their own country, they run a risk of constantly making all of these overtures to illegal immigrants and not paying enough attention to american citizens. >> he was dog whisting to david brooks. >> that was a great column and he was called a racist which is nonsense. you saw the debates last week. lots of questions about immigration. people raising their hands.
2:40 pm
big numbers for a democratic debate. 18 million watched. the next 5 days, the candidates were trying to explain how what they said at the debate is not what they meant. >> like kamala harris. >> she has a problem on articulating herself on healthcare. for all of them except for senate bennett the only one who said he was not for decriminalalizing illegal processes at the border and one said my healthcare plan would cover illegal immigrants. >> as part of comprehensive immigration reform, we must make sure that people have healthcare. >> that's a yes? >> yes, for immediate healthcare needs. for other benefits, that has to be a part of the discussion of comprehensive immigration reform.
2:41 pm
>> it's the right thing to do. we won't let people living in in country die because they can't see a doctor. that's not who we are as americans. >> so, juan, over the weekend my liberal mother said even she doesn't support giving health insurance to illegal immigrants. they have gone farther to the left of my mom. >> i am a big admeyer of your mom. >> thank you. >> republicans are saying this would not work. the people were reacting to president trump. the cruelty of separating children from their parents.
2:42 pm
the horrible conditions. they are not hearing anything positive. they came out strong. it might work with a democratic base. i don't think, jesse, to your point it's the message that will be on the table for the general election when you have a bigger audience. >> you still own it. that's the problem. even if it is said during the democratic primary. you will have one raising their hands to give healthcare to illegal immigrants. these policies serve as a magnet for more illegal immigration. as evidence of people trying to seek asylum. if democrats carried about the humanitarian are they would discourage people from making that trip. you see people dying in the desert and drowning and
2:43 pm
10-year-old girls having to take pregnancy tests because of rapes. >> strong borders are more compassionate. >> coming up. what has the health secretary bruised in a brawl? we will play the tape next. whn you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at
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>> ♪ >> brand new white house press secretary stephanie grisham caught up in a brawl with the north koreans guards trying to cover trump's historicic meeting with kim jong-un at the dmz. >> [bleep]. >> [shouting]. >> a crazy video. grisham suffered bruises as well. dana, i will start with you first. >> okay. >> why? because she a woman. >> because i am a fighter! >> i had no idea. >> i have long admired stephanie grisham from a far. i have not met her but hope to rectify that soon. you are getting a glimpse of what happens behind-the-scenes
2:48 pm
in the press office. you see what the press secretary does on tv or giving a quote to the newsroom but a lot of the job is behind-the-scenes making sure that the president of the united states can deliver his or her message to the american people on. a foreign trip the united states press corp has to travel as a unit to look out for each other. it's like sharp elbows and the rest. she was willing to defend the president. she shoves him aside and said go, go, go. that was pretty cool. >> you have ever thrown elbows? >> no, but i used to watch it and enjoy. it i am kidding. >> greg, the trump administration has been criticized for their relationship with the media. does this imagery help the trump
2:49 pm
administration of her pushing the north koreans out of the way? >> i don't know. i didn't see much there. i have to be honest. i am going with what has been told. that happens to me every day. >> [laughing]. >> that's dmz or tmz. i like her name stretches. -- stephanie grisham. it's like a private detective name. >> this was like an improveme improvement -- impromptu. >> jesse your take away? >> i have a lot of respect with stephanie grisham for the way she handled herself. i am surprised there are not a lot of pieces in the media how much of a dynamite woman this is. that's because the press is
2:50 pm
biassed against conservative women. i respect her athleticism. comes in from the side and the forearm and the hip check like a box out. it worked. she has obviously played in sports. >> played with boys i think. >> should she get more credit for doing this? >> the president wants them in there. i think it says more about north korea than us. they are a brutal, repressive giebel. -- regime. they want to control information. our american values despite what putin says is we appreciate a
2:51 pm
free press and north korea does not play that way. north korea should apologize to grisham and the reporters. that's a corrupt regime. >> i agree with everything you just said. >> all right. >> "one more thing" up next. ♪ limu emu and doug.
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'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet. ♪ >> it's time now for one more thing. have a little dispute. we will do our one more thing. >> new edition of jesse's feeding frenzy. feed me, feed me! this is a really good one, okay? to great american compass, kfc and she does have teamed up to create a kfc chinos chicken sandwich. not only that, they have this
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special cheetos sauce which is drizzled over the crispy chicken breast in the cheetos in the sandwich. it got to get them soon. there are only around for a month. check it out. i'm going to try one right now and also let everybody know that i'm going to be guest-hosting the ingraham angle tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> after you eat the sandwich? >> just in time for fourth of july. >> so good! so good! >> while he eats i'm going to tell you this one. you know snake charmer's, but have you ever heard of a couch arm? i'm going to show you one. he became a child cal thomas ae played the saxophone for the cows, watch. ♪ >> my microphone wasn't on, i was making such great points. called her parents a bunch of goofballs because her dad wanted to play saxophone and went out there -- look at all the cows,
2:57 pm
they all came to see what in the heck is going on and also, do you have any food? that's what they were asking. there were asking for a chicken sandwich. >> you can have steak. >> all right, greg. >> let's do this, america. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great >> i should say he probably doesn't kill those cows. >> he doesn't. >> so don't write me, cal guy with your saxophone. you're late at night, you only want one thing out of the store and you just can't stop and when you get there, just like this fellow here, he knew exactly what he wanted and he got it. he found what i need and i'll be in the car and it's like i do this all the time. i leave my wife and a store, i going to grab the bone and i just walk right out that i love the determination. look at him go. he's getting out there. i think he drives a pickup. throws that of the back in the
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pickup turns over just like in the flintstones. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great el camino. he owns an el camino. >> all right. >> hot day here in new york city, nearly 90 degrees today so i was freaked out when i saw these images from mexico. take a look. that's right, they had a full on hailstorm this weekend that buried some parts of the city of guadalajara in 6 feet of ice in the middle of summer. 50 vehicles were swept away by ice and rain, about 200 homes and businesses damaged by the freak storm but thankfully nobody injured. the city of guadalajara, about 300 miles west of mexico city, has seen temperatures rise to 88 in recent days. so you can imagine that people were like "what is going on." one thing is for sure, no shortage of ice in guadalajara for margaritas today. >> that's a way to make lemonade
2:59 pm
out of lemons, margaritas out of hail or something. >> keep going, dana, you'll find it. [laughter] >> you could use the ice for the margaritas. >> thank you. >> i'm picking up what you're putting down. >> flying can be stressful particularly if you're a young child with autism. so alexa bjorn senn sent her young son from las vegas with a $10 bill explaining his condition letting you know you might be little bit nervous, ple just make them feel safe and comfortable. so to her surprise, landon's seat-mate sent her an email and a picture of them sitting together saying everything turned out, he was a great travel buddy. they played several rounds of rock, paper, scissors, which was always fun. instead of taking the $10 bill from and to get it to autism society. nice little story there. >> the food court has an announcement. a lot of the times in the food court we lie and say how great the food is, but we don't really mean it. this is actually tremendous and it's so good, even greg has
3:00 pm
eaten the food court. >> i like cheetos. >> who doesn't love cheetos? set your dvrs, never miss your episode of "the five" there and how could you miss an episode of speed 23? "special report" is up next, mike emanuel. hey, mike. >> chicken, cheetos and margaritas. president trump celebrates his meeting with north korean leader kim jong un and the restarting of trade talks with china. joe biden's lead slips as democrats try to capitalize following the first series of presidential candidate debates and why isn't president trump getting credit for the economy? this is "special report." ♪ >> mike: good evening, welcome to washington, i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. president trump is touting what he is calling "amazing things" during his just have been completed asian trip that included the g20 summit, the apparent restarting of trade talks with china, and an


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