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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 1, 2019 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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he and his unit freed jewish men and women who were about to be executed. happy birthday. the "story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: who is telling the truth? we know that custom and border patrol is dealing with a crisis? a surge of 100,000 border crossers have been taken into custody and held in facilities never designed to house them. today they are on defense after some of their people are posting heinous statements on a secret facebook page about the people in their custody and about lawmakers like alexandria ocasio-cortez. they share sexual jokes about
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members of congress and laugh about the death of migrants. the president was asked about this a short time ago. >> i don't know what they are saying about the members of the congress. i know the democrats are not happy about the border patrol. >> martha: a moment to tell his side of the story. the chief of law enforcement operations for the u.s. border patrol. we begin with david in washington. >> this story is troubleing to say the least. we are learning this group is not new. it's 3 years old. it has just under 10,000 members. it's a secret facebook group and journalists alerted the double to the disgusting posts. it's made up of current and former members of the u.s.
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border patrol. members make fun of migrant deaths including the father and daughter who were found dead saying they were too clean and the phot was edited. several of the images are of a sexual nature and so are members of congress. one member encouraged people to throw a burrito about her. how earth can this culture be trusted to care for refugees humanely? alexandria ocasio-cortez lived up to that promise and spent the
4:03 pm
day near the el paso facility. it grabbed headlines for inhumane conditions. she was asked about the disturbing group today in texas. listen. >> it's the violent culture. >> the inspector general investigating this group. border officials hope to find every member of the group and hold them accountable. a very disturbing story. >> martha: i spoke exclusively with the chief of law enforcement operations for the u.s. border patrol. brian hastings. thank you very much for being here. this is a difficult day for you and the folks in leadership there. when you look at these heinous allegations. >> it is. these actions are not representative of the professionalism and the standards of conduct that we
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border patrol agents hold ourselves accountable to. >> martha: there are jokes about a 16-year-old migrant who died in custody. it said one member posted a gif of elmo with the quote oh well. another said if he dies, he dies. it's one thing to say these are justiesalated incident. what happens to these individuals who are posting things like this who don't belong in your leadership group? >> each of these incident have already been turned over to the was of the inspector general and our office of professional responsibility. all of these will be thoroughly investigated and the appropriate actions will be taken. >> martha: what is the appropriate action? >> we have to let the investigation take place to know what actions to take.
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there will be a full investigation. the investigation has already started as soon as we were notified of these posts. >> martha: this is an ap report about a 12-year-old migrant girl. she said she and her six-year-old sister slept on the floor and they were held in squalid conditions not allowed to play or bathe. what is your response to that and the condition in these officials? >> we have been transparent for months in our current capacity issues. our facilities were not built for long-term detention. they were for short term detention. we are doing the best we can. providing the essential meals and hygiene and bathing
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schedules for these focus. as i said before, we are not long-term. not meant to house long-term. we need the help of our partners to get these individuals out of our custody and get them into the proper areas where they can be cared for in a long-term manner. >> martha: the heart of your reaction and the response. is there a no tolerance policy for this sort of behavior? it doesn't help your cause in getting word out that you are doing the best you can and you is so many professionals as part of your ranks which we have interviewed as well? >> as i said before, there will be an investigation. the proper actions will be take taken. a case in point. we have had over 3400 rescues this year. a lot have been agents jumping into the water saving migrants
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and reviving migrants. last weekend, we had a young child that an agent jumped in the water and saved and brought the child back to life. so we hear those stories every day. the men and women of the border patrol are doing things things, saving aliens on a daily basis. unfortunately those are not the stories we are hearing about. >> martha: i am glad are mentioning those stories. there are a lot of very hard working individuals who are part of your force doing the best they can within the circumstances that exist out there. we understand that this is not a reflection of the vast majority of the people out there. alexandria ocasio-cortez she's been visiting these facilities today. she said women were drinking out of a toilet. let's listen to that. >> they put them in rooms with no running water. these women were being told by
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the officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet. that was them knowing a congressional visit was coming. this is their best behavior telling people to drink out of the toilet. >> we don't treat people that way. we provide fresh water and food and sanitary items as well as items for bathing and personal hygiene. >> martha: you have saying she's lying? >> i am telling you what we do. we have been open and honest. we have tours frequently. we have fresh water available at all times in our facilities. >> martha: can you give me one law or one change that would make this situation better in your mind? >> we need an amendment to the
4:09 pm
regulation to supply a consequence to stop this flow? >> martha: how? >> to hold longer than 20 days to work them through the proper systems. we need additional judges and cis individuals helping work through the cycle. if you don't apply a consequence, the flow will never stop. >> martha: you have no choice at this point but to separate parents and children? >> we are not separating. i am saying we need a fix. >> martha: you are not separating parents and children? there are reports of little girls led in a line and into a tent. those families are together? >> if they are not true family members, mother, father or legal guardian, or in the parent is convicted of a criminal or has a warrant out, we are separating.
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>> martha: understood. thanks for joining us. it's a difficult thing to hear this about approximate members of your own group. we appreciate you speaking with me. >> thanks. >> martha: okay. some response from geraldo rivera. you listened to that. what do you think of it? >> well, i sympathize with chief hastings. the border patrol is the scapegoat for this demand. all of these people wanting to come here. congress, it hasn't done a good job. the liberal democrats have not passed the aide package. but where was his outrage. this is not a handful. if there are more than 9,000 members of this facebook family out of only 19,000 border patrol agents. that's 40% --
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>> martha: hold on. that's the size of the facebook group. that doesn't mean that number of people -- you could have a handful of people among those who are actually posting these awful posts. we don't know that it's all 9500 people all doing >> we don't know the exact number, but you reported we have known about this facebook site for several years. this is beyond the pale. you have to pause and say what happened here? you have border patrol agents mocking members of congress, women specifically. hispanic women and calling them ho's and portraying alexandria ocasio-cortez engaged in oral sex with president trump. at some point we have to say -- get it that urban cops are exhausted by the sheer
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magnitude. 19 murders in the weekend. they wear out and they see the worst of people and it brings out the worst in them. it's unfortunate but it's an indication of that kind of moral exhaustion between the border patrol now that can't be tolerated. members of congress must be treated with respect. you can't insult the dead body of a migrant father dying trying to get his young child across the rio grande. i sympathize with the border patrol. the southern border needs to be strengthed. but where is our desency. >> martha: i agree. if 3 people are doing this, they need to be fired. they should not be allowed to be
4:13 pm
in these posts because they are not suited for this work. there is no two ways about it. we will follow this story and find out what the discipline is for these individuals. we will report it. i have to leave it there. thank you very much. great point tonight. still ahead. why one man is refusing to take down an enormous american flag even if it means he will have to go to jail. also tonight, president trump's nixon in china moment. jack keen on what happens next. >> the first time that something like that has happened. i asked him, would you like me to come across the line? he said i would be honored to do that. i didn't know what he was going to say. but it was my honor to do it.
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.>> martha: a u.s. president takes the first steps towards normalization and drive a wedge between russia and china. after this announcement from nixon he was going to china shocked the world. >> i have taken this action because of my profound conviction that all nations will gain from a reduction of tensions and a better relationship between the united states and the people's republic of china. >> martha: that was a huge controversial moment in 1972. it was the brain child of president nixon and henry
4:19 pm
kissinger. nixon hinted that he wanted to establish a new relationship with china. kissinger tested the waters. the immediate result of the stunning visuals of seeing these two world leaders together was a thaw in relations and a shift in the cold war balance that led to the collapse of the sophisticated and led to china becoming an economic powerhouse and a trade relationship that is now fraught is spying and mistrust. 50 years later are we witnessing a similar seismic moment? president trump became the first sitting president to step foot into north koreans. general keen, this is a similar moment?
4:20 pm
we will say that was the moment? >> it's not an icon moment with mixon. -- nixon. never had been a meeting like that before. but there have been two meetings between these leaders prior to this. i think that makes it very different. i think it's largely symbolic taking a step into north korea. the president has something in mind here. the talks have been stalemated ever since the hanoi summit blew up and kim jong-un went home empty handed and not getting the sanction relief that was his objective in those negotiations. we tried to get the talks restarted and haven't succeeded. even our personal enjoy and secretary pompeo tried as well.
4:21 pm
the president okay, i will get this done myself. he has done that. the working groups are now going to meet. let's see if we can get some progress here. to be frank about it, we have less leverage than we had 18 months ago. the reason is that russia never complied with the sanctions. they are transferring oil out on the high seas and back dooring us on economic assistant. china after the first singapore summit began to increase economic assistance to north korea. we know this for a fact. i think we should have hammered them for it. we have not. possibly because of the trade negotiations that have been going on. the toughness surrounding all of that. here we are. can we make progress or not? will be there some compromise? i think the administration is in a different place in the sense that if kim jong-un comes in with something substantive than
4:22 pm
what he put on the table the last time and it is a step in the right direction, done at the working level, it's likely we would make some accommodations to him on sanctions and not have him going home again without that. secondly, i don't think we will see a summit between the two leaders unless there is something on the table that both working groups can agree to and define that as progress in terms of mutual interest. >> martha: he holds close his nuclear weapons plan. it's a security blanket for him within his own country. it appears that president trump is trying to convince him he has the potential like china did to become an economy that could be more worldly and global. it would change the nature of their country. but he's got to gamble whether or not that means he would be cut off.
4:23 pm
who knows what would happen to him? >> i think that's true. i think kim jong-un and president trump, because he is talking to him more than anybody else is from the united states, that kim jong-un wants something more than what his grandfather and father wanted. they were interested in preservation of the regime. that's why the huge military. kim jong-un has seen more of the world and wants something much for along the lines of what you are suggesting. i think that's why the personnel diplomacy that people are critical about as they role to play because it helps to earn his trust. he will want an economic prosperity for his country but wants a guarantee of security. that's what the nuclear weapons are all about. we will have to put that on the
4:24 pm
table gradually. this is a long process with tough negotiations. >> martha: thank you. coming up next democratic candidates launch new attacks against front runner joe biden. no poll numbers suggest it may have taken a huge bite out of joe biden's lead. >> we have one destiny and right now the vice-president is not doing a good job at bringing folks together. i heard this from people across the country. he is causing a lot of frustration and even pain with his words. ♪
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we are juggling a few things right now. what are we going to right now, guys? we will have mark in a moment. the host of a hit tv show the prophet has him experiencing the american dram firsthand. -- dream firsthand. he was born in lebanon and adopted by an american couple and by age 12 he already had a lawn mowing business. now as a self-made millonaire he showcases his american pride by flying larger than life u.s. flags outside of his businesses. >> don't let it touch the ground! >> go schumer. >> this is amazing. >> i want everybody to know what this business stands for. hard work, good food and this
4:30 pm
great country. >> it's the best advertisement. >> you always amaze us. >> martha: earlier this year, one of those flags outside of the gander rv in north carolina became the subject of controversy when a local city council passed an ordinance limiting the size of flag ordering him to down size or face a fine. he said no way. he would rather go to jail. he will be here. first trace gallagher who has the fascinating back story. >> marcus is the ceo and chairman of camping world. he has a permit to fly a 1,000
4:31 pm
square foot flag. the flag is bigger. they posted on their facebook page. saying this is more than just the flag. this is about the men and women who sacrificed for in great country. they are the reason we will not sake it down. -- take it down. the city sued camping world if they wins already above $12,000. but his company got support from more than 150,000 people who signed a petition back in may to let them three the american flag. here is a supporter of the flag followed by the mayor. watch. >> it's very beautiful to me. i feel they should leave it alone. leave it just like it is. it's not hurting anything. >> they are out of compliance with the ordinance. the flag must come down. originally they made a good
4:32 pm
faith effort to accommodate the larger flag. >> following criticism against the city, the mayor requested amending the flag ordinance. but last week after a public hearing the city council voted 5-3 to maintain the current ordinance and to order the giant flag be taken down. for now marcus continues to defy and the flag continues to fly. >> martha: thank you very much. here exclusively is marcus. great to you have here. i guess the mayor is not the most popular person in his town? >> that's the first time i have ever seen that. >> martha: really? >> the ordinance doesn't matter to me. that's the first time i have seen the mayor. i tried to meet him in person. he didn't want to meet.
4:33 pm
>> martha: what do they have against large flags? >> there is no question i violated the ordinance. >> martha: by how much? >> probably double the size it's supposed to be. if you look at the north carolina statute it says as long as it's not impairing someone's health and will being, it's not a big deal. flags are all across the country. this is not hurting anybody. they made the claim it could cause an accident on the freeway because it was too disattracting. it was too beautiful. >> martha: and they would crash into each other. why is this so important to you? you have an interesting history. >> i am a legal immigrant to this country and was adopted. i am grateful for. it i think all of the men and
4:34 pm
women and the police officers that protected me and gave me the chance to come here. it's my small way of paying it back. i had a flag in my business life since i was a kid. my family flew them at their car business in miami. i own a barbecue restaurant in south carolina and the same flag flies. people claim we do it for marketing reasons. in all of our advertising never once is there a flag in it. >> martha: but you argue it's a positive for the business? >> i don't know that it's a positive. when veterans show up at the stores for the flag raisings and do their veteran rides and they weep at the bottom of the flag pole, that's the conviction i need to say it won't come down. i would rather go to jail. >> martha: any possibility they would put you in jail? >> there is.
4:35 pm
the city filed a lawsuit 2 months ago. they asked for a moment to ask the court to have me take it down. if they don't take it down i will be in violation of court order. their reaction is from the city that i will go to jail. >> martha: have you hired a lawyer? >> no, we have a corporate lawyer that is handling it. we filed our response. at the end of the day we will see what happens. i did believe that last week when the city put it up for a vote again, that with all of the back lash they would realize it's not only bad for this country but bad for its town. i feel bad for the businesses in the area that got a black eye because of it. >> martha: you built your career with the show helping people who have businesses. gyms, 95% fail. people think they will be in the
4:36 pm
5% but probably won't be in the 5%. in the country with the discussion of socialism and helping people out, what goes through your mind as an immigrant? >> people think they know my political affiliation. they speculate. i am a very conservative person. i think about money and i respect it and i think about how hard it is to make it. do i want to do good for other people? sure. as a private business owner i can do that with my own checkbook. i don't want businesses involved in politics. i was criticized for having comments about that. i am not sure how i understand how we regulate ceo pay and wipe out student debt. i like an unregulated business. i am a captalist. but i want to make sure if i choose to do good, i will do it on my own and not ask you to do it out of your pocket.
4:37 pm
>> martha: there is a lot of talk about evil corporations? >> well, maybe there are some. not every corporation is evil. because they make money is that bad? what about the people they hire? i am not so sure i think all companies are evil. >> martha: what about the 1%? >> i don't know where i hand in that bracket. i have been successful financially. what i do with my money to help other people is my own business. i don't like these percentages. we want to penalize people for being successful? be punished? taxed at a greater rate. i don't think that will fly. i believe in social justice. i don't believe in social welfare. i do want to help people out. do i that on the show every week. i give my money to help people but they have to help themselves.
4:38 pm
>> martha: that's why they call you the prophet. thanks for coming in. good luck with your flag. >> it's not coming down. >> martha: happy 4th of july. dan next.
4:39 pm
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4:43 pm
5%. to single digits just days after kamala harris confronted him on race relations. he is down 10 points since last month. she is closing in on him. joining me now dan bongino and robert wolf a ceo of 32 advisors. both are fox news contributors. robert, let me start with you. how do you think joe biden is feeling about this whole thing right now? >> well, it's definitely been a humbling 48 hours to say the least since the debates. the polls have been tough on him. the social media has been tough on him. social media does not win and lose compains. -- campaigns. he is still number 1. it's not surprising that cory booker and kamala harris went after him. he is leading in south carolina and that's the most important state for them in the early primaries. >> martha: it's also a state that kamala harris would love to
4:44 pm
win and probably has a good shot at a would imagine. here's what she said. watch this. >> [inaudible]. >> martha: a lot of in fighting along democrats over that issue of race. then you have this re- tweet from donald trump jr. the original treat was from alexander saying kamala harris is not an original black. he got heat for that. do you think that was well placed? >> robert is right. it's still early. can biden recover from this? probably so. black voters will be decisive in
4:45 pm
a lot of early primaries. biden is a gaffe fest. but he is handling this wrong. he could take a lesson from donald trump. the reason democrats use identity attacks is because they are fective. you see it in the bolls. -- polls. accusing people of being racist. i am not a joe biden fan. joe biden is not a racist. people know this, but these charges work. until he takes a stand like trump does and fights back, it's going to keep on happening. he can recover. >> martha: you didn't answer my question about donald trump jr. and whether that was an appropriate re-treat? >> no i am not a big fan of the man. i blocked him on twitter a long
4:46 pm
time ago. >> martha: another big story that came out today with this piece on biden. i imagine it's a campaign consensus that it would be a good idea for hunter to come out and talk about his struggles with addiction. was this a good move to put some of this off the table? >> i think hunter is trying to make sure that he is coming out before the media attacks the bind family. -- biden family and make sure everybody knows his father was an amazing father during the highs and lows the family struggled with, whether it was the death of his wife or hunter
4:47 pm
or beau with his cancer. hunter is making sure he has a great father he is proud of and wants to not be an obstacle. >> martha: dan, should this be used against him by republicans or democrats? >> well, you can't claim for two years that foreign collusion is a big deal and ignore the fact that hunter biden has foreign entanglements and his father was involved in them. >> that's all speculation. >> no, no, no, that's not speculation. that's documented. >> martha: thank you. great to see you both tonight. coming up. is the resistance to president trump becoming dangerous? we will talk about what happened this weekend and a lot more with victor davis hansen next. let's be honest: you need insurance. but it's not really something you want to buy.
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4:52 pm
saturday on journalist including reports that antifa protestors poured quick drying cement and chemicals that burned his skin. several examples detailed by political intolerance from those who preach no hate. there is an op-ed from the owner of the restaurant that refused to serve sarah sanders and said trump supporters should consider dying at home. another op-ed suggesting that border patrols agents be shamed for the border crisis. joining me now is victor davis hansen who has a new column on
4:53 pm
the anti-trump circus. when you look at those examples and you look at who they are coming from. largely from groups that have no hate signs on their front lawns, it's rich in irony, isn't it? >> it is. it's marathoning. -- mainstreaming will. you have op-eds and the democrats candidates not disowning them. people know if some conservatives put on black costumes in the middle of the day and attacked someone from rolling stone there would be outrage and there should be outrage. when people were forced to bake a cake for a gay couple and sarah sanders can't get service. we have 500 sanctuary cities and that's okay to nullify federal law.
4:54 pm
nobody on the conservative said i don't want the endangered species act or federal handgun registration. it doesn't work that way. it's all one sided. when we look at what is happening on the street. it's filtering into the mainstream democratic primary candidates. i can't figure them out. the old rule was you went left in the primary but not so left that you got an albatross around your neck you could not shake. they are so extreme. the new green deal and the ablution of "ice" and the electoral college and student death and medicare for everybody. in 2008 barack obama did not get tagged like that so in the many election he could not be
4:55 pm
ridiculed by john mccain for being for gay marriage. whatever he did as president was a different thing. i don't know why they are doing that. it's either because they for an echo chamber and decided nobody will be of the left to anyone and they are not listening to the larger country. maybe they think they can educate the american people to join them. or maybe they want to loose. gary goldwater in 1964 and mcgovern in 1972 had an extreme position and wanted to lose nobly. >> martha: i doubt they want to loose. -- to lose. i want to put this one quote up from the restaurant owner:
4:56 pm
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>> martha: a stunning victory in wimbledon. a 15-year-old defeated idol venus williams. congratulations. good night. >> ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." we are live from south korea. just behind us is the dmz. that's the barrier that separates this country south korea from the dictatorship from north korea run by kim jong-un. we will have an interview in a few homosexuality. -- moments. the president invited us to come with him here to the most heavily defended border a


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