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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 2, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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felt like i was cheating! >> sandra: everyone should do it. [laughs] i think we will call it a day. the >> bill: we shall! i think it's time. >> sandra: will be back here tomorrow. thanks for joining us. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, a conservative journalist hospitalized after a brutal beating by radical leftists, speaking out as a cities democratic mayor denies he ordered cops to stand down. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today, fox business network anchor dagen mcdowell. fox nation host, tomi lahren. holding up her new book right there! called "never play dead." it had stores today. fox news contributor, jessica tarlov. during the last joining us on the couch, at king's college in new york city, brandenburg. thank you for joining us. a good day to have you here we've got a lot going on, let's get to it.
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this first story, very serious. the video is shocking. left as antifa protesters pummeling anti-ngo over the week and a portland, oregon, beating him in the face and delivering violent kicks before spraying te defenseless journalist with milk shakes that were reportedly laced with crack-drying cement and dangerous chemicals. that journalist, andy ngo, describing to our own tucker carlson how he was attacked from behind without provocation and no police intervention. >> we were a literal stone's throw away from portland's most important institutions of the rule of law. the court houses, the sheriff's office, the central police precinct, while hearing people chant "no hate, no fear" i'm suddenly bashed on the back of my head.
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beef one his ordeal did not end there. >> they informed me that in order to get an ambulance to be taken to hospital i would have to walk to the police precinct. in other words, walk back in the direction of the demonstrators who just attacked me. later that night, after arriving in the emergency room, i had a ct scan which confirmed that i was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage. >> melissa: wow. the portland mayor denouncing the violence, tweeting, "we stand against all forms of violence regardless of someone's political leanings. we will do everything we can to make sure that those who have committed violence are held accountable." his attorney fighting back, tweeting "officer told andy ngo that they didn't want to incite
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the anti-for mob by doing their jobs to protect citizens. whose order was that? i will bet that any line cop who got into this job to help people didn't like that order but had to follow it. we will find out what happened." the mayor, however, says there was never an order for police to stand down. brian, i will start with you. >> brian: looked, the more i watch this video the more upset it makes me because the response we've gotten from the mayor has been totally underwhelming relative to what andy ngo have a deal with. we have to answer the question, we are the police and we need to not immediate we jump to the conclusion that it was a dereliction of duty on their part. what was the mayor's instruction to the police? there is a culture in portland around speech that seems to bias toward the left and away from the right. we need to understand what's going on here because you can't have in this country journalists walking into document a protest and be beaten that way by a mob
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with nobody there from the city to help. >> melissa: this is a question i have that rick cornell put to our audience earlier. let's listen to that. >> he was trying to do his job and he was a very courageous, brave young man to do it. but they knew who he was, they knew that he is gay, that he's asian, and conservative. we are now in a situation where the largest gay and lesbian groups in the united states have stayed silent on this attack. this is a cross the line for many people and we won't take it anymore. >> melissa: do you think you will hear from some of those lgbt groups? >> jessica: i'm not sure which group she was referring to. every journalist i came across on twitter looking at this decried the attack. it was the lead story and all the networks including cnn. it was the focal point of the coverage. i haven't seen anyone defending this. >> melissa: i think he's's angst is of good, where we not
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hearing gay advocate groups -- glaad and others -- coming out and saying -- >> jessica: i think there's a place for everyone to have a conversation here, who antifa is, with their ideologies and routes are. >> melissa: who is that, in their opinion? >> jessica: there are an anarchist group that doesn't have affiliation with applicable party. this turned, at least from the coverage iso on social media, into something like "blame the left," the idea that antifa was part of it or an offshoot of it. >> tomi: the party needs to be very clear about that, though. we are often asked on the trump supporter side, almost on a daily basis we have to decry the kkk and white the premises. we are always associated with that, completely falsely and wrongly. but the democrats haven't said, "antifa is not us, we don't support it." >> jessica: i know bernie sanders has personally addressed this.
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i don't believe that to be true and i certainly don't think that richard spencer is emblematic of republican ideology. but when these things do get trending, as antifa terrorists, they talk about leftist state and domestic terror, it makes me go to a place where i want to talk about the real problem in this country. domestic terror, which is led by right wing extremists. >> tomi: how did you make that shift? >> melissa: what's interesting is everyone is heard saying the same thing, that you give these extremist groups and you don't want -- if you're toward the center of that group, you don't want to be blamed for that fringe. that it feels unfair that you are lumped in with that fringe. >> dagen: jessica called them a terrorist group, and they are. they ought to be called out. you can go through the list, the long growing list of violent acts, where you have local politicians and liberal activists making excuses for this behavior. they preach intolerance in the name of tolerance.
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and i just want all of these local politicians to let us know how far is too far? is an acid attack okay? our clubs okay are tire irons okay? how long before conservative woman gets raped and these people don't prosecute them? ted cruz is calling for federal law enforcement to investigate and bring legal action. to order his police to let citizens be attacked by domestic terrorists. >> melissa: we don't know that. we are going to investigate what happened that city. maybe if i could try and bring the temperature denver distance i can hear -- >> dagen: i think we have every right to be really outraged. this be what i understand -- >> dagen: local law enforcement and politicians who do nothing, and this continues to happen, especially in that city. >> melissa: have a right to be outraged, but the conversation we are having a spout the idea when you say, your objection that it's extreme left, whites of pharmacists are extreme right they're just extreme and not acceptable.
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both groups. what everybody agreed to that? they are extreme and not acceptable. >> brian: so often the white gets called to hate group. we are talking about speech, light like it's an especially free speech. it's not. it's intimidation and violence. they are preaching "no hate, no fear," but they are acting with fear and hate. >> dagen: i will dial it down a desk i can get in here. these are people who say, "your words hurt me, but i'm actually going to hurt you because i don't agree with you." and i just want to know where the line is. because women for years have heard, "well, you have it coming if you get beat up." and i think that's where this is gone. >> melissa: we draw the line at any violence, right, jessica? >> dagen: i didn't see them on social media over the weekend. from a lot of people. >> jessica: i was following different accounts, but i do follow a lot of prominent conservative accounts and certainly all the journalists --
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or as many of them as they possibly can. violence obviously goes too far here. it's incredibly sensitive as an issue, there are complaints on both sides here. there also facts to back up who is committing these domestic terror acts versus those that aren't. antifa has nothing to do with the ideology that i subscribe to, as well. none of this is all right on any level. i think especially during pride month, for it conservative gay journalist to be attacked. especially harrowing hearing about this while out celebrating with 4 million people in new york. at the same time, i think the right does use this as an excuse to not address the fact that the fbi reported all the domestic terror attacks in the last couple years were committed by right wing extremists. that is dangerous to me, that we now are talking about andy ngo and that what happens in america constantly. >> melissa: i think what's dangerous is -- and i heard earlier today -- that this violence and antifa as a
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reaction to trump or what's happening on the right. i heard people say that. i don't think that's fair. >> dagen: that was my point. i don't agree with your speech, so you've got it coming. violence is okay against you, tomi, because you said something i don't like. >> brian: because you provoked it. >> tomi: if you look at my own twitter notifications, something could happen to me. when i had water thrown on me, people say, "you have to understand, you say inflammatory things." and we had the owner of the red hen tells sarah sanders that she would do it all over again, and perhaps trump supporter should be at home. maxine waters, by the way, who put out the decree, "if you see a trump supporter, run them out of gas stations and store spray let them know " >> jessica: this is a far you are a far bigger deal in terms of media than i am, but i would employ you to look at my twitter feed and see what people say to me as a liberal who works at a conservative network.
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i'm just saying, there are plenty of right winger and trump supporter's who would be thrilled to see me dragged by a truck or sexually assaulted. they've set it -- >> melissa: hang on, let's take this down a notch. hang on. i think the problem is we are trying to say, somebody brought this violence on themselves. one way or the other. >> jessica: we can all agree to that, that andy ngo did not do this. but it's part of a larger problem and culture, and also not seeing eye to eye on this. >> melissa: but as the larger problem violence? or are you trying to say that the larger problem is thought on the right provoking violence on the left? thought or speech on the right provoking violence on the left? that might be misunderstanding. but that's what comes across to people, that violence on the left is justified by thought or speech on the right. >> jessica: absolutely not. what happened to andy ngo is not justified. it's a complete outlier. what i'm trying to talk about is domestic terror attacks that occur in this country, those are rightly
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mixed right wing extremists. that is well documented. >> dagen: don't you agree this kind of violence needs to be prosecuted? they need to hunt down these individuals -- >> jessica: i want to know if there was a stand-down order. all of it. >> dagen: don't you feel like in some of these communities that this violence is allowed? and it isn't policed while it's happening? we seen this happen time and again. >> tomi: after the ice incident in portland -- i was in portland last year and i.c.e. agents were receiving death threats. their addresses are out there. there was no remorse from the community whatsoever. >> dagen: what were you going to say, brian? >> brian: he got a mayor in portland who has a history of an not stand by the rule of law on a number of issues. that's why people are talking about this. this is not an isolated incident. it looks like it's part of a pattern in certain places. that's the systemic issue. people want to know, are we going to let this happen in places like portland or san francisco or other places?
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at >> melissa: in the same way we don't want to let any violence happen against anyone on the left or anyone of color, there is a long history that in our country, as well. we don't want violence against anybody. in the meantime, we need to get to the white house right now. rich edson is standing by, we had been hearing reports so far this morning that the vice president was turned back to the white house from an event that he was headed to. now rich has more details on that. rich? >> melissa, a senior administration official said something came up that required the vice president to stay in washington, and the administration official says there is no cause for concern. this is not health-related, nothing related to national security. we still don't know the exact reason why it was that the vice president was about to land in new hampshire to give a speech on the opioid crisis there, and was returned to the white house. he returned here to the white house shortly before noon today, still trying to get a better expo nation or handle on what's happening. for those of the details we have right now as far as --
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something came up, required his attention, he's not in new hampshire, and he's here. >> melissa: can ask he really quickly with the event was that he was going to new hampshire? i understand the whole thing is canceled now. is that true? >> yes, it was good jeweled, and address on the states opioid crisis. it was health-related, opioid-related in new hampshire. in a place he's been previously. >> melissa: ridge and senator whitehouse, thank you. in the meantime, house democrats sounding the alarm on conditions at migrant detention facilities. sand in texas, alexandria ocasio-cortez making an explosive claim of migrant abuse, but border officials are pushing back. plus, a new poll showing vice president joe biden's lead dwindling. rival kamala harris and elizabeth warren surging. and one top-geared candidate plunging after the first debate. we'll be right back. ♪ fact is, every insurance company hopes you drive safely.
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>> dagen: fox news alert, tensions boiling over in the border crisis after group of house democrats visit two migrant detention facilities in texas yesterday. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez reportedly screaming at border agents in a "threatening manner" during one stop that, according to the "washington examiner," across the el cortez also making explosive claims about the treatment of those migrants. watch this. >> this is them on their best behavior, and they put them in rooms with no running water. these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet. >> dagen: but now customs and border protection pushing back
9:19 am
on those allegations. casey stegall live in dallas with the very latest. hey, casey. >> hey, dagen. the outcome of this is the delegation actually of the congressional hispanic caucus. there were about 14 democratic lawmakers in total in attendance. they visited two border patrol locations in and around el paso. facilities holding children and family members. following the tours, it wasn't just ocasio-cortez who was speaking out. virtually all of them said they were shocked by what they saw and recounted the same toilet water accusations as the congresswoman. listen. >> these are the conditions that have been created by the trump administration. these are the inhumane conditions that folks are facin facing. >> the border patrol and the white house denying these allegations, saying that the migrants and their care are in fact being treated humanely. >> as i said earlier, we don't
9:20 am
treat people that way. we provide fresh water, we provide food, we provide sanitary items as well as items for bathing and personal hygien hygiene. >> as for the report by the "washington examiner" that you talked about, alleging that ocasio-cortez was aggressive and threatening inside these tours, the congresswoman is now pushing back with a tweet, and overcoat they were literally discussing making a go fund me for an officer who attacked me y tour. they confiscated my phone and they were all armed. i'm a 5'4". they are just upset i expose their intimate behavior. these comes on the heels by the axelson report by propublica, but a private facebook group that has some border
9:21 am
patrol top brass within the organization condemns that facebook group and says they would investigate immediately. in a statement i'm quoting here, "these posts are complete and appropriate and contrary to the honor and integrity i see and expect from our agents day in and day out. any employees found to have violated our standards of conduct will be held accountabl accountable. congressional members from that caucus say that they also plan on launching their own investigation into what's happening at these child centers. dagen? >> dagen: casey, think if it paid casey stegall for us. or do you begin with this? start with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez among the democrats of the border and what they say they her down i heard and saw. >> melissa: my first thought when i saw this coming out and to eating, et cetera, was "take a breath. nobody pile on.
9:22 am
there will be evidence one way or the other. everybody has a video these days, and before you say she's not telling the truth or you say it's a horrible situation, obviously what she said is horrible and needs to be investigated at length. but before you choose a side or get hysterical, there is going to be evidence of some type." don't you think? >> brian: and a year that's given us covington, jussie smollett and all these immediate reactions of evidence, i think it's essential that everything she is saying be verified before we start taking the steps to say there is a culture at cbp that is violent. >> melissa: or before boucher y she's lying. to be clear, we need to investigate and see what actually happened there. it might be true, it might not be true. go ahead. >> jessica: as casey pointed out, walking caster was leading this delegation
9:23 am
there are photos and proof of the conditions here. they're open is to defeat. >> melissa: but not a woman drink out of a toilet. >> jessica: their conversations. the premise that aoc would be lying about this when there were other democratic lawmakers with her back her up on that story, i think it's pretty crazy. the idea that it went to "she wasn't even the inside," this picture of her hugging and migrant child. there is proof of that. >> melissa: let me stop you once i can. what we are guarding against his hyperbole all the way around. i'm not arguing that its -- >> jessica: i don't think i using hyperbole there. >> melissa: when you said somebody else or the same thing and corroborate her story, no one saw a woman dripping out of a toilet. >> jessica: no, that the migrant women told them that. they have acknowledge the overcrowding. there are supposed be free people in there. 155. >> dagen: here's what i know -- $1.6 billion in humanitarian relief was passed last week. by the house and the senate.
9:24 am
alexandria ocasio-cortez did not vote for that. $2.8 billion of it was for unaccompanied alien children, and the program run by health and human services. hhs had fewer than 700 open beds. they are inundated with people. that's why these children are in border patrol custody. she voted no for that. why? >> tomi: she doesn't want anything that funds ice or cbp. she's been very clear about that, as have others. the other extremists in her party who have been very open about their hatred of law enforcement, cbp, immigrations and customs enforcement. again, the story in the narrative of people together toilet, if you look at the photos of these facilities look like, the toilet and the jerky fountain a very close to each other and cbp agents -- >> melissa: there was no way to justify anyone drinking out of a toilet. >> tomi: but if you look at the photos, an average civilian look at those photos, they
9:25 am
wouldn't see what you see when you understand the way the facility is -- >> melissa: i think the question dagen is asking is -- for a long time we were hearing border patrol say that we are overwhelmed. we cannot take care of these children. we don't have enough people and we don't have enough diapers. they have been saying that they conditions are terrible. aoc is saying the conditions are terrible. the question is, what's the remedy? is it to send money to help? is it to try and turn off the faucet, or to release everyone? >> dagen: i can answer that. nancy pelosi saw the need to pass this humanitarian relief. so some people clearly did the right thing. >> jessica: the house and get their bill, which only four democrats voted against. aoc was not included in that group. they had to take the senate bill because they knew it was an emergency. there is concern about how those dollars are appropriate on the ground, but i have to say, when
9:26 am
you say people start attacking law enforcement, things like that, if there had been a report that there were left anyone in a facebook group talking about a conservative member of congress performing a sexual act on a migrant child, or joking about the death of a 16-year-old guatemalan child saying, "it'll be easier this way. if he dies, he dies." the right would be explosive. but instead you want me to talk about the funding bill and why aoc didn't want -- >> melissa: no, no, no. >> jessica: why she didn't want to cbp to have more money. >> melissa: hang on, you can't conflate those issues. whatever may or may not have done facebook is unacceptable. the visit down there, what she said happened there, we have to investigate and figure out one way or the other. these are not things that are -- >> jessica: it's not just drink out of the toilet. we know there are six children who have died in custody. we know the trump mr. should have zero tolerance policy.
9:27 am
but the argument is that president trump is doing the right thing by these people, and this is the right approach. there are children dying because of -- >> melissa: they wouldn't have gotten money if more aocs were n your caucus pray they wouldn't . they did because of -- >> jessica: thousands or, to have -- >> dagen: we got to go prayed present on by the initiation asking for humanitarian relief s crisis. there were some democrats who didn't these children to get it. >> jessica: it wasn't clean humanitarian relief. >> dagen: a reshuffling of the democratic order. the new poll showing a big bump up for kamala harris, and another woman in the 2020 field. ♪ with all that usaa offers
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>> oh my, this heinz mayonnaise is so creamy, one day you'll tell your grandkids about it. and they'll say, "grandpa just tell us about humpty dumpty". and you'll say, "he broke his pelvis or whatever, now back to my creamy heinz mayonnaise". heinz mayonnaise, unforgettably creamy. ♪ >> melissa: joe biden seeing his lead to mental and the race for the democratic nomination and a new poll taken after last week's first round of debates. the former vice president's lead
9:31 am
now shrinking to five points over california senator kamala harris in the new cnn poll. harris, who had a strong performance in last week's debate, seeing her support more than doubled to 19%. senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders follow harris at 15% and 14%. south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg a distant fifth at 5%. bran, with what you make of th? >> brian: the people on stage this past week who took the most extreme positions got the biggest bumps. or if they went after biden, who proved that he cannot handle the heat. he's got to be looking at the next set of debates saying, "if i get this one more time, i've dropped to second or third place." i heard supporters saying the drift to the far left is way overstated. i think the last debate put the lie to that. >> melissa: kamala harris, i don't know what i said but it was 17% for her.
9:32 am
in the cnn poll. she is certainly seeing this surge. >> jessica: absolutely. she was the big winner in your debate night and the big winner of the week. elizabeth warren also with a surge. two ladies, i always like to see that. your point about extremists being rewarded, bernie sanders -- the leftyist of them all -- was not. >> brian: no, he has won back the entire debate! its use debate. >> jessica: i think he would rather be president than that. there are a few other polls out today that show he biden dipped. the cnn seems to be the outline of. the other numbers i think are important to watch is support with african doll accomack and. biden down at 12, i think. and the question of electability, which we talked about all the time. people might say, "kamala harris is my first choice, but biden's chance is lowered. bernie sanders." >> dagen: he/she has yet to be
9:33 am
challenged on opposition research as her record in the attorney general where she went after parents for truancy. there's been some written about that, but she is going to -- >> jessica: i don't know who's going to do that, though. >> jessica: is a different relationship. people who criticize her for that, i personally thought it went too far. but i don't know -- looking at that stage, i don't know who's going to be the person who will turn around -- >> melissa: does helper pivot to the middle and the general? if she gets attacked from the left -- i'm just asking a question -- if you get the tax from the left for her record in california, maybe that winter some support close to the middl middle. >> tomi: she's a senator for my state of california and is also bothersome to me that as a representative of my state she spending her time campaign for president instead of worrying about the state of california, which is in ruins. furthermore, she's been shielded by that san francisco machine. the nancy pelosi gavin newsom
9:34 am
machine that has really been cloaked and surrounding all these politicians. once people dig deeper there is things not only about her record as attorney general but also her work in covering up catholic clergy abuse, which a lot of people haven't talked about yet, but once she starts rising you will pay more attention to what she's done california. >> jessica: i've never heard of that. >> melissa: i wonder how much of it is buzz after the fact. whatever the media plays out. one of the ones i love, 57% said they didn't want either debates. 42% said they watched at least one come up with those of the people who say "well, i dipped into it." >> brian: i think that's the point, it's a very small group of people who really run the show and decide what direction this goes and has the biggest influence. that's how you get the money to be on stage, the support numbers in the polls, to be on stage. this thing is being driven by a small set of people who have no idea what it's going to take to
9:35 am
win a general election, which is why it's moving in a direction that most people -- if you are independent watching this, that's crazy. >> dagen: jessica, you agree that vice president biden cannot have another performance like that. he's going to catch it from somebody else he's standing on stage with. because she set -- the reason she stood out is, who use the word trumpian? they didn't use that in reference to kamala harris. i don't think it's a compliment, but again, if this comes down to who the best person is to take on president trump, she showed she has god of the guns, so to speak. >> jessica: this is what's so complicated right now for democrats. we have the opportunity to pick up a lot of moderates and even right-leaning independents were not enamored with president trump and a general election. but we are running in a primary right now and i see all these thought pieces from people saying "you are losing me." bret stephens, et cetera, they run in the middle. which is what joe biden is doing. but republicans didn't run in
9:36 am
the middle during a primary. president trump proposed a muslim muslim ban. we are running to get democratic support. >> tomi: but how do you go back from that? how do you go back from open borders, free college, free health care? >> brian: [laughs] >> jessica: to decriminalize illegal immigration. >> tomi: that's open borders. >> melissa: president trump had a lot of passion that put them over the top. >> jessica: and right-wing policies. and america first. >> melissa: they didn't trust he would be right wing. >> jessica: but he was saying the most right-wing things. we talked about abortion he had to backtrack off it. he said a woman would be punished. >> melissa: all you have to do is watch joe biden's closing statement and you will see. didn't make a lot of sense? i don't know that he's the right -- >> jessica: he is defending the obama biden record and people are -- >> melissa: we've got to go. president trump calling for a big display of military hardware, including tanks at his
9:37 am
july 4th salute to america celebration. critics say the money this will cost could be better spent elsewhere. do they have a point? we will debate. ♪ ed cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans. it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. not just 80 percent like other loans. and that can mean a lot more money for you and your family. with our military service, veterans like us have earned a valuable va benefit. the right to apply for a va home loan. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over 600 dollars a month. newday usa has been granted automatic authority by the va. they can close your loan in as little as 30 days. so call newday usa. they look at your whole financial picture, not just your credit score. and they'll do everything they possibly can to get you approved. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves.
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yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. [ limu grunts ] only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ >> jessica: preparations are underway in washington for president trump's "salute to america," july 4th celebration on the national mall. the present asking the defense department to show off military tanks and fighter jets during the event. the pentagon says 260-10 tanks will remain in a static position on the mall and the blue angels and a navy f-35 stealth fighter will fly overhead. critics say all this will cost millions of dollars that will be better spent elsewhere, and some worry the tanks will tear up the mall. his of the president has to say, though. >> we will have a great fourth of july in washington, d.c. it'll be like no other. we will have planes going overhead, the best fighter jets in the world, and other planes, too. they're going to have some tanks
9:41 am
stationed outside. and we have some incredible equipment, military equipment come on display. brand-new, and we're very proud of it. >> jessica: okay, brian, you mentioned you do love a parade. i want to throw a couple other things into the mix here. we know the fourth of july is not supposed to be partisan. the rnc is selling tickets to this. the dnc hasn't been allotted to any at point, and were to be usually see this? of russia and china. is this a good way -- >> dagen: it's on a military parade, it's a few armored vehicles and a flyover would you get at every nascar race. so let's put that -- >> brian: here's my point. there are americans who drive tanks or americans who fly planes. this is part of who we are. it's part of -- speak for each of the president be there? it's supposed to be nonpartisan. >> brian: why not? he's the commander in commande. >> jessica: of a democrat president was there you be totally chill?
9:42 am
>> brian: jessica, you're making -- >> melissa: why would be upset if a democratic president is there? >> brian: where you -- it's not a particularly partisan question. the u.s. military serves republicans -- >> jessica: so why hasn't it been before him, that this should be about me? >> brian: when there is a tank out there, i'm watching this for my kids, my kids asked the question, "what is this and why wise there?" we get a chance to talk about defending the united states. what militaries are for, but i think is, who drives it. guess what can i get somebody in your town. it's a kid my brother graduated with. this is the conversation i think most americans understand intuitively. this is part of the fabric of who we are. why in the world can't we talk about it on independence day? the answer is you can, unless you make it this big partisan thing, which is what everybody everybody -- >> dagen: unless the blue angels are spelling out "trump" with their trails in the air, it's not about him. it's a representation of the military. let's put it in, because lucas tomlinson reported about
9:43 am
the flyovers. the b-2 stealth bomber that flies over the rose bowl every year, the blue angels, again, flies over at every nascar race. there are two coat army and won a broom could be there. if they can workable to six, arrived via rail from georgia. and to bradley fighting vehicles per that's it, there is no parade. >> jessica: so why are they selling tickets, the nine? >> tomi: i don't work for the rnc so i don't know. >> melissa: let her talk for a second. >> tomi: president trump is proud of his country. he's the president of the united states. he has from the beginning said "make america great again, america first." he celebrates his country. what is so wrong? while the democrats so mad that he wants to celebrate his dang country? it's all of our country. it's the left pushing it out saying we don't want to show patriotism, we don't want to show military strength. why? >> jessica: the presidency is not synonymous with patriotism. >> tomi: it should be.
9:44 am
>> jessica: no, we like people who represent a party. >> melissa: wait, the president shouldn't be patriotic? >> jessica: no, the president should be patriotic, but he shouldn't co-opt an event that has always been nonpartisan for his own purposes. he wants military to fling him. the military is nonpartisan. the rnc, as i said, is selling -- how do i know that? they are supposed to be. they serve the commander in chief. >> melissa: these are motives you don't know. he wants to celebrate the fourth of july. >> jessica: he can have his own party, his own rally. you don't take over the mall, over the lincoln memorial. >> dagen: they are taking and private donations to help pay for a lot of this. hogan gidley said that this morning. >> jessica: it'll cost the u.s. a ton of money. that's true. >> melissa: i would have no problem with president obama did this. >> tomi: i would have submitted this. >> jessica: tomi on the front row at president harasses celebration in 2021? i'll see you there. >> tomi: if they celebrated, i
9:45 am
would celebrate it. >> jessica: have so many running on the democrat side. >> tomi: pete buttigieg should be so excited, he should go to that. >> dagen: so we should only celebrate members of the military who are outright democrats? >> jessica: i have a problem with -- >> melissa: let's take it down a notch. let me ask you. i don't understand, why do you have such a problem with this show? and with the president being there and it being about fourth of july? what's wrong with that? >> jessica: because he's turning something that is about celebrating our birthday into something that's about him him. he has -- >> melissa: it's not about him. >> jessica: really? selling tickets for a republican arm -- >> dagen: it's free. anyone can go and watch the fireworks and other kids climb on the tanks if they are there. it's free. >> jessica: i am being wrapped, and i would enthusiastically continue this discussion, but another great one. nike is facing backlash for pulling issue with an american flag design they before the
9:46 am
fourth of july, amid reports of a complaint from nfl quarterback-turn-activist, colin kaepernick. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate the nerves in your colon. miralax works with the water in your body to unblock your system naturally. and it doesn't cause bloating, cramping, gas, or sudden urgency. miralax. look for the pink cap. na blend of quality probiotics. and fermented whole food botanicals, expertly curated to naturally support your gut health every day. go with align whole food blend. from the pros in digestive health.
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>> dagen: nike facing backlash after pulling shoes featuring the iconic betsy ross american flag in honor of independence day. this comes as "the wall street journal" reports that nfl star-turned-activists, colin kaepernick, considered the betsy ross flagged to be "an offensive symbol because of its connection to an era of slavery." arizona governor doug ducey reacting to this news by withdrawing state support for a nike manufacturing plant. he tweeted this morning this. "i boarded the arizona commerce authority to withdraw all financial incentive dollars under their discretion that this state was providing to the
9:50 am
company for them to look at here." tomi, what do you make of this controversy? apparently colin kaepernick called nike when he found out about the shoes and said, "i think this is a bad idea." and they pulled them, although there are some in circulation that are running for like $2500 a pair. >> tomi: they probably are pushing this because it's a great way to get nike back in the headlines, having their spokes baby call and publishing. people are looking for things to be offended by and this is the air outcome of the trump area, that people and liberals like colin kaepernick are waiting to be offended by issue and oppressed by a shoe design. how much more petty can you get? come on, just let us have -- the thing about it that actually really bothers me is they said it's because it's the betsy ross leg. he doesn't like the american flag, either. >> jessica: that's not true. >> tomi: the national anthem is oppressive, the american flag is oppressive. everything is oppressive to him. >> jessica: he doesn't have a problem with the merck and flag.
9:51 am
>> brian: it's great that you have that first amendment right, and it's rooted in what that best defrost flag represents. >> jessica: but it was a time that we had slavery. >> dagen: let brian get in here. >> brian: every time in american history there is some injustice going on, the question is, would we forget all of american history and abandon all symbols because that? the answer is no, let's reclaim something. the betsy ross flag has been misused? why not choose a different perspective and reclaim the great thing that stands for? >> dagen: i would raise the issue that if an individual is offended by the flag, he was created in the 1770s to represent the original 13 colonies. well, there are 13 stripes in the current american flag. so are you offended by that despite the 50 stars on it? to this, this is a business decision. nike hired colin kaepernick, did his entire end campaign last year, it went over very well. sales went up, they made a risk
9:52 am
benefit analysis of using him, and it worked to their advantage. so they are taking another risk with his decision-making. >> brian: here's what's interesting about this. this wasn't a snap decision to make this shoe. i'm sure it's been a planning stage within a year. everybody at nike had the green light on this thing, nobody at nike was thinking, "this is going to be very offensive, racist --" they put out the because they wanted to honor the country. it goes to the whole process at nike and then can't cabinet ways in? >> dagen: why did they ask him first? >> jessica: he suffocated director of nike. i just want to say for the record i'm actually fine with these shoes. i think they look pretty sweet. i like it, i think the 13 stripes, like he said come on the new american flag. it's important part of history. there are things that need to come down. i'm a fan of taking down confederate statues, speaking to communities that have been affected by them and feel
9:53 am
pressed by it, but colin kaepernick, he sells. he knows what's on the pulse of younger americans. we are not trying to -- nike is making a smart business decision for themselves. >> dagen: is going to be a smart business decision? because, again, what does it say about nike's place in america and their support of this country? because where are their products may? not here. why don't they bring some drops back here if they really cared about people in this country who are unemployed or underemployed? why don't you make your shoes here? >> tomi: it has been profitable for nike and it looks like today at least it has been giving them a boost. but i wonder how many more of these attacks on patriotism that nike is going to be able to withstand before people say, "this is getting petty, it's gone too far." i'm glad you said he has really put his heart and soul into this. they give me huge payout to be part of nike, which is great, because he can't play football. it's great that his activism role has taken out for him, because lord knows he's never going to be a quarterback again. >> dagen: i should point out
9:54 am
that he got a settlement from the nfl. there was the collusion allegations against the nfl. it was former teammate eric read, they settled that. >> jessica: you can insult his football skills, but i've seen lebron james, kevin durand, other leaders in their field. so i'm sure you had admits they are good bets call players, wearing the number seven jersey. he's an icon because he stood up for injustice. >> dagen: let me say this -- under armour and adidas, their stocks are doing better this year than nike was. >> jessica: and some horrible anti-semitic -- >> dagen: i'm just saying, nike has competition because we're america. more "outnumbered" in a minute. are you a veteran,
9:55 am
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call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves. that's ensure max protein, with high protein and 1 gram sugar. it's a sit-up, banana! bend at the waist! i'm tryin'! keep it up. you'll get there. whoa-hoa-hoa! 30 grams of protein, and one gram of sugar. ensure max protein. prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400. fact check this ad in good housekeeping. olay. >> dagen: tomi lahren donates on the couch, the same to her new book is out. it's called "never play dead, how the truth makes you unstoppable." tell us about it. >> tomi: you might disagree with me, but i think
9:58 am
conservative -- >> jessica: high likelihood! [laughter] >> tomi: there are some things in this book you might actually like. it doesn't matter if you are liberal or conservative or somewhere in the middle, you have to find your voice and use it. that's something i've had to do for better or worse paid i talk about tom carper nick my book, about how having the right to do something doesn't make it right. but how important it is that conservative start finding our voice, and the silent majority gets a little bit louder. i go in depth into a lot of things that have happened in my career in my life that people just watching me on "outnumbered" or fox news would never know. a speech to give us a little bit. >> tomi: this is everything to go out with but it's something that needs to be talked about, map unifying. i know some people have addiction, depression, suicide, that something of gone through in my own family. while people in the outside might not think i've ever expensed it, but i have in my family. my grandpa committed suicide when i was a sophomore in college. so talk about it at length and how that shapes a lot of things i'm doing today. it's everything to go out with,
9:59 am
but -- >> dagen: talking about it gives you power and it passes power onto other people. that's something that is nonpartisan. >> tomi: that's exactly what i wanted to do. and to show that there are things that unite all of us. i really do believe that we all want what's best for this country, we have just different ways of going about it. but in order to level the playing field between the partisan sides of everything, we have to empower conservatives, especially conservative women, to be able to speak out. a lot of women, especially conservative women, don't feel they can. they feel that if they are not a feminist or a miley cyrus-toting feminist, they are inadequate. i say bull on that. >> brian: and to build the thick skin that allows you to do it. that's been your experience, building that skin. >> tomi: the thing i've been most proud of his being able to take shots from the left on the right. i think that means i'm an independent thinker, to stand my ground about it was coming at me. i hope people can take things like i have, issue by issue. >> dagen: you hold it up, girl! thank you. i think we all have thick skin.
10:00 am
tomi lahren, great to see. thank you so much. jessica, brian, we are about tomorrow at noon eastern. right now, here is melissa in for harris. >> melissa: fox news alert, a big change in the 2020 democratic race for president. new signs of the front runners are stumbling as their rivals are surging. we will tell you what's behind it all. this is "outnumbered overtime" and i'm melissa francis in today for harris faulkner. the political website, politico, out with a big headline today. "the 2020 democratic primary is suddenly wide open." this, as the new cnn poll shows former vice president and front runner joe biden slipping. he is down ten points from a month ago. now with just a five-point lead. senator kamala harris surging to second place at 17%, and senator elizabeth warren up to third place


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