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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 2, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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administration is well aware of these issues. i appreciate the farmers, they don't want to have to ask for help. thanks for joining us. i'll see you on "the five" in a couple hours. i'm dana perino. here's trace in for shep. >> we're just minutes away from total eclipse of the sun. the first one in almost two years. crowds are lining up for special glasses and t-shirts. getting ready to watch day turn to night. >> the transformational experience that can change the way you think about the world. >> we have our eyes on the skies and the rest of the day's news right now. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. we're getting an update on the president's plans for the fourth of july celebration. they include a lot of tie tech
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military hardware. we're expecting flyovers from a b-52, a couple raptor jets, the f-35 stealth flighter and the blue angels. we'll also see air force one and the marine one chopper and osprey. and some action on the ground as well. we have pictures of two tanks that have arrived in d.c. they're m-1 a-1 abrams tanks. a photographer snapped the picks at a rail yard on the edge of d.c. the military said they shipped them from fort stewart in georgia. the president wanted tanks and other military vehicles to parade through washington, but that didn't work out. so instead of driving through d.c., jets will be soaring above it. the president tweeted about the big plan. he said "big fourth of july in d.c., salute to america, the pentagon and our great military leaders are thrilled to be doing this and showing to the american
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people among other things the strongest and most advanced military anywhere in the world. incredible flyovers and biggest ever fireworks." but the parade comes with some headaches as well. which have nothing to do with the explosions of fireworks. rich edson reporting live. it's more about patriotism than politics. >> the white house calls it a great call to patriotism on independence day that will honor all the service branches in the united states. the white house also says that any suggestions or accusations this is a political event are wrong. >> that's ridiculous. this is all about a salute to america. the president is not going to get political. he's going to celebrate the greatest country, the greatest idea in the history of the world. that is the united states of america. we'll have a lot of surprises. >> one democratic congressman says the administration is
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throwing piles of money on the never-ending bonfire of donald trump's vanity. that's congressman don byer. he is turning it to a campaign event. he should personally reimburse u.s. taxpayers and local governments for any damage to local infrastructure. local d.c. officials are also urning against the president's call to use tanks in the event fearing they would damage d.c.'s roads and bridges. democrats have requested information on how much this independence day event will cost. the government has offered no estimates. officials have argued there's always been costs associated whenever the president speaks anywhere. after watching bastille day celebrations in 2017, the president said he would like to have a similar event in washington d.c. up pennsylvania avenue. that never happened. estimated costs of $90 million. the federal aviation administration has also announced that it's going to be
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closing the airspace over reagan national airport, the airport across the potomac river. they'll do so from 6:15 to 7:45 p.m. associated with the flyover for the president's event and then there's the closure and the 9:00 hour. that would be related to the fireworks display that happens every year here in washington d.c., trace. >> trace: rich, stand by. democratic lawmakers are filing a lawsuit in federal court to try to get president trump's financial information. members on the house ways and means committee are looking to enforce subpoenas to obtain the president's tax returns over the last six years. back now to rich edson at the white house. rich? >> the white house says the democrats are abusing their power on this one. the president has maintained to not voluntarily releasing his tax returns. that his taxes are under audit. democrats are using that audit against the president. they say they want to investigate the presidential audit process to see if it's
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working properly in this suit. they also say "in refusing to comply with the statute, defendants have mounted an extraordinairy overreach of congress on behalf of the american people." the suit says news reports show that the president's business ventures and tax structures have shown an avoidance for taxes. the republicans say this is a way for democrats to obtain the president's tax information and release it publicly and to use it as a political tool. it also represents one of several fights ongoing between the democrats in congress that control the house trying to get information from the white house on the president's business ventures, on a host of other things, whether it comes to the unredacted version of the mueller report and the white house fighting that, trace. >> trace: meantime, mike pence cancelled an event in new hampshire and rushed back to the white house.
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what do we know about that, rich? >> right when the vice president was supposed to be landing in new hampshire, someone at the event came on stage and said the vice president had to cancel the event and he was going back to washington for an emergency call back. the vice president's office clarified that a bit in a tweet saying, the v.p. never left washington d.c. there was no emergency call back. something came up that required the v.p. to stay in d.c. and will reschedule new hampshire shortly. officials say the reason is unrelated to national security or the health of the vice president or the president, that we still have no specific reason as to why the vice president abruptly cancelled that event in new hampshire that was supposed to be about a discussion on the opioid crisis. trace? >> trace: thanks, rich. live at the white house. iran denying a white house claim that it violated the nuclear deal long before signing it. tehran confirms it did pass the limit for how much nuclear fuel they're allowed to have. now the trump administration has
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walked out of the deal. trey yingst reporting live in our mideast newsroom. trey? >> it's the standoff between the united states and iran continues after iran breached the uranium stockpile limit laid out in the nuclear deal. iran claims they have not violated the deal, added that they have been transparent. they cannot have more than 300 kilograms of enriched uranium. tehran is threating to break another commitment by enriching uranium above 3.67%. the united states with drew from the iran nuclear deal last year before reimposing sanctions. as iran's economy crumbles, leadership in tehran is believed to have ordered a series of attacks on western links oil infrastructures before shooting down a drone. the u.s. central command
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confirmed a dozen u.s. fighter jets were deployed to qatar last week. the president said that iran is playing with fire, prompting a direct response from the speaker of the parliament. >> mr. trump needs to understand that when you use the language of a bully against a civilized nation, they ballistic missile more united. if he were to understand this notion a lot of the problems that they face in the region would be resolved. >> european countries look to ease the pressure. japan and iraq have offered to mediate a peaceful resolution. so far no solutions have been found. trace? >> trey yingst live. let's bring in john atman, the director for the middle east program at the center for strategic and international studies, a bipartisan policy research organization. john, thanks for joining us. why would iran make this big announcement that it was deliberately violating the 2015
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nuclear deal? >> because they feel the nuclear deal has been violated by the united states. that there's no sense of urgency anywhere. they need to create a sense of urgency. they need to create a sense that people have to talk to the iranians because they're suffering from the sanctions. i think what the whole episode the last month has been about is the iranians have not surprisingly tried to be alarming. they're trying to get the europeans to move the united states, trying to get the japanese to move the united states, trying to get the chinese saying something has to give. their biggest fear is being ignored and suffering sanctions alone. >> trace: but now europe has a big decision to make. either they can tolerate this and point fingers at the u.s. for pulling out of the deal or they can join the u.s. and ratchet the pressure up on iran for violating this deal. >> seems to me if you're going
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to ratchet pressure up on iran, it's to ratchets pressure on iran to do something, like negotiating. the president administration has said they will negotiate with iran but haven't done much to make it possible. the iranians are desperate to be in a negotiation but they don't want to give up anything. secretary pompeo outlined 12 steps the things the iranians would need to do. they're united, i believe, in saying we want to talk to the americans, but the last thing we want to do is start making concessions just to get into the negotiating room. they're preoccupied with a relative weakness, vis a vis the united states and the last thing they want to do is give up stuff to have even less when they negotiate with the americans. they want to be in talks with us. >> trace: and i hear what you're saying. i know you don't think there was any evidence that they violated the 2015 deal.
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i want to read you something from the "wall street journal." it says the withdrawal was prompted by many flaws uninclude ago sunset clause that iran could sprint to the bomb. i think the overlying them here is that iran has been a bad actor in the region for a very long time, john. >> they have been a bad actor but seems to me that the intention of the deal was to be the first step in a different kind of relationship with iran that would reward them for moving certain directions and have consequences if not. now that there is arguably no deal, the u.s. promised there would be economic relief. instead, the u.s. -- there is no economic relief but a return of economic punishment. the european view and the japanese view and the view of
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russia and china and other parties to the deal is that iran is more desperate when there's no constraints and the u.s. has begun to pull the threat, which means there's no constraints in iran. i don't disagree the weakness is a deal. my question for the trump administration is what are you going to do to get a better deal, under what circumstances can we start talking and get a better deal. our allies would want us to have one, too. >> trace: you think that up president trump should approach the ayatollah like he does kim jong-un? >> i don't think we should be approaching kim jong-un that well. i don't think we should be approaching the ayatollah that way. but i think that we can begin talking to the iranians. we can start small. the clear thing to me is, you have to be in talks because you get them to give up stuff when they're talking. if you're not talking, they will
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try to do things to get attention to get people to push you to talk. we should be talking on our terms, not their terms. >> trace: thanks, john. >> thank you. >> trace: a fox urgent now. this is the scene moments ago in charlotte, north carolina. emergency crews responding to a home explosion. witnesses say they could hear and feel the boom almost five miles away. emt workers say two people from nearby homes got hit with flying debris. there's no word yet on what caused the explosion and we don't know about others that might have been in or around the area. updates on that story as it comes in. a total eclipse of the sun coming this afternoon. it's already started with the moon's shadow racing a cross the earth at thousands of miles an hour. live pictures from argentina. we'll show you the best view throughout the hour.
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but first, the terrorist bust in a major city. investigators arresting three men in sydney and saying they're islamic state supporters that were planning terrorist attacks downtown. that's coming up.
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common side effects include headache and tiredness. with hep c behind me, i feel free... ...fearless... ...and there's no looking back, because i am cured. talk to your doctor about mavyret. >> trace: a fire on a top secret russian nuclear submarine has -- well, we get this first. yeah, we got this total eclipse. this is san juan, argentina. we believe in about four minutes with should have the total eclipse of this. we're going to keep showing best pictures because we have cameras from all over the world. the total eclipse should happen in four minutes. this happens once every two years. you might want to catch this one. the next one won't happen until potentially 249. we'll keep you updated.
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a fire on a top secret russian nuclear submarine has killed 14. the russian military reported the sailors died, but they did not say which submarine it was or how many sailors may have survived. russian media reported it happened on the most secret sub, one used for sensitive missions in extremely deep waters. ministry officials say they're investigating and the ship is now at the arctic port, home to the northern fleet. we don't know how the fire started but the ministry reports it was extinguished thanks to the self-sacrifice of those on board. nearly 20 years, the kuirsk exploded and sank causing the deadliest accident in post zoe yet history. investigators four two dozen sailors survived the blast but crews could not reach them in time. police in australia arresting three men that they say were
12:19 pm
plotting to attack defense buildings, churches and diplomatic buildings. isis encouraged the plan. benjamin hall reporting live with more. benjamin? >> hi, trace. in fact, the lead suspect in this case with was arrested this morning. he was watched by australian police a year. he arrived in sydney from lebanon. once he a strived in australia, he shared extremist videos and that's what topped them off to this plot. it's believe police stepped in before he got ahold of explosives. >> we obviously have a very serious threat in this country.
12:20 pm
16 terrorist attacks have been disrupted. this threat has not diminished. >> the suspect is now going to be charged with preparing for terrorist acts and also with preparing to enter afghanistan on behalf of isis where he planned on going after the attack. both of those charges carry a sentence of life in prison, a 20-year-old man will be charged alongside him. they're charged with being members of a terrorist organization, isis. trace? >> trace: benjamin, there's been some successful attacks in australia. >> yeah. there has been an uptick over the last few years. we've seen eight terror attacks since 2014 alone and five innocent people have died. quite a few more injured. we've seen stabbings, shootings, hostage taking. australians have joined isis in a large way over 150 heading to
12:21 pm
iraq and syria to join the terror group, making it's one of the highest per capita. this latest arrest has ignited the debate about whether to revoke the citizenship of those that have joined isis in iraq and syria. there's over a dozen in camps in iraq and syria and big questions about what to do with them. australians don't want them back. trey? >> trace: thanks, benjamin. thank you. millions of years from now, there will be no solar eclipses as the moon drifts too far from earth to block the sunday. so catch them while you can. for instance, there's one today already underway. we're watching it as it happens and we'll bring you the best pictures from around the world. we did our research and found out you like rockets so nasa is launching a rocket from a rocket. the video is next. i switched to miralax for my constipation. stimulant laxatives forcefully stimulate
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>> trace: well, nasa is a step closer to getting back to the moon with the test of an escape pod today. a rocket ship on top of a rocket ship. the agency reports that it successfully tested the orion crew capsule. the launch abort system pulls the crew's module away for a rocket for a safe splash down in the motion. the system with outrun a speeding rocket and pull the astronauts to safety. the test is part of nasa's operation to land the next man and the first woman on the moon by 2024.
12:26 pm
since we're way out in the way beyond, a fox urgent now. a total solar eclipse is about to block out the sun and turn day into night. the front row seats are in south american. the u.s. is going to miss out this time around. nasa and others are live streaming it online. here's another look from an observatory in chile. i want to bring in the physicist and author of "the new york times" best seller "the future of humanity", this is the beginning. you can see it there? the crease there? it's the beginning. it will black out as it goes on. we have the author here about the future of space exploration. nobody knows more about this than you do. how long do we believe it will last once it really kicks in?
12:27 pm
>> in about another hour or so, we'll have the peak of the total eclipse of the sun. at 438 eastern standard time. remember, once in your life, once in your life you've got to see a total eclipse of the sun. it's a dazzling light show that mother nature gives us. don't miss it. it's something that you can tell your grandchildren about. >> trace: yeah, i was doing my research here, michio. we know the sun is so much bigger. so the sun is 400 times further away from the moon from the earth. it's about 400 times bigger. so they look the same size to us here on the earth. is that a fair assessment? >> that's right. you got it exactly right. the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon but also 400 times further away. bingo. the two 400s cancel exactly and that's why the moon just covers
12:28 pm
the disc of the sun. that's only temporary. we physicists know the moon is leaving us at the rate of 1 1/2 inches per year. do the math. in a full more million years, we won't have anymore total eclipses. enjoy them while you can the next few million years. >> trace: 600 million years is about the right time. we're looking at argentina. it's in the lower left-hand side of the screen, a little crease there. in the sun. that's the moon creeping in. that's what michio says in an hour or so will make the total block. is it true, michio, or is this a fairy tale that animals, when the total solar eclipse happens, animals get ready to go to sleep and act confused and strange. is that true? >> there is data that yes, animals act strange when the solar eclipses take place.
12:29 pm
remember that people have had a chance to observe animals for thousands of years when these eclipses have happened. believe it or not, even in the bible, in the chapter of joshua, which seems to indicate that a total eclipse of the sunday took place in the year 1207 b.c. so a solar eclipse is at the juncture of science, art, mythology and even ancient history. >> trace: before we had atomic clocks, didn't scientists back in the day use these total eclipses to do and figure out some kind of scientific methods? >> yeah, we think going back to the birth of christ, the mathematicians created a computer, a mechanical computer
12:30 pm
to predict when these solar eclipses would take place. by the way, these solar eclipses take place about twice a year. but they happen over the ocean or over unpopulated areas. something like a coast-to-coast total eclipse like we had two years ago, that happens once every 100 years or once every 50 years. you have to back to 1918 to first the last time there was a coast-to-coast total eclipse of the sun. the next one won't happen in 2045. >> trace: so what are you're saying? really for us that are in our middle age here, are we talking about never seeing this again? these are the crowds, this is what it looks like. you have people getting special glasses to look at these things. it's a phenomenal event to watch
12:31 pm
first hand. are you saying for us to work out our studios in los angeles, it will be a long time before we can first hand witness another total solar eclipse? >> the next total eclipse that will hit the united states is in 2024. just a few years from now. however, a coast-to-coast spectacular like what we had in 2017, that is very rare. a scale of once a few decades. i flew down to missouri to catch that total eclipse of the sun knowing it was coast-to-coast, knowing it happens a few times in a hundred years. it changes your conception of the universe. you feel like you're part of the universe seeing something that is astronomical. 93 million miles away, right there above you. >> trace: michio, you're the best. thanks for joining us. you can see right there it's
12:32 pm
kind of encroaching a little bit more. doesn't last that long when it happens, four minutes, five minutes. you can see it there in chile. we've got another shot in argentina. both doing well. more on the eclipse after the break. terans can buy a home with no down payment. at newday, your service is your down payment.
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>> trace: the head of the border patrol slamming a secret facebook group for current and former agents posted racist and vulgar comments. the nonprofit news organization pro publica. it's called i am 1015. that's the border patrol code for aliens in custody. this as lawmakers visited detention facilities in texas and had plenty to say about what they found. casey stegall reporting live from dallas. >> trace, there's a whole lot of back and forth with this. as you know, this was a dell case of democratic lawmakers, part of the congressional hispanic caucus. they went down to el paso and
12:36 pm
went through two different facilities. one in el paso, the out in clint, texas, where we were last week. they went through those facilities and saw some of the conditions and several of the representatives they they had a chance to speak with migrants who said they had no access to freshwater and they were told to drink water from the toilet instead. however, border patrol quickly came out and absolutely denied those allegations, contending migrants and their care are being treated humanely. >> no woman should ever be locked up in a pen when they have done no harm to another human being. they should be given water. they should be given basic access to human rights. >> we don't treat people that way. we provide freshwater, we provide food. we provide sanitary items as
12:37 pm
well as items for bathing and personal hygiene. >> the border patrol agents have said from the beginning that they are running extremely tight open resources and they're doing the best with what they have. >> trace: casey about the facebook group, border patrol officials have reresponded. >> yeah. top brass of the organization came out after it was identify and condemned this private facebook group releasing a statement. i want to read part of it here. it says "these posts are completely inappropriate and contrary to the honor and integrity i see and expect from our agents day in and day out. any employees found to have violated our standards of conduct will be held accountable." that secret facebook group was reported by pro publica. screen shots showed racist
12:38 pm
comments about migrants in detention, making light of migrants and vulgar cartoons depicting ocasio-cortez and president trump. the democratic members of the caucus said that they too will launch an investigation in addition to border patrol and cbps investigation. trace? >> casey stegall live in dallas. thank you. well, the money is rolling in for some 2020 candidates. president trump's campaign announcing they raised $105 million in the second quarter of this year. some of the democratic candidates reporting their numbers, which are key to qualifying for debates after labor day. the requirements are 2% in multiple polls and 130,000 individual donors. let's get to peter doocy reporting live from iowa where some candidates are campaigning today ahead of the fourth of july holiday.
12:39 pm
peter? >> trace, democrats are raising a lot of money but the top earners are still only taking in a fourth or fifth of what president trump announced today, including bernie sanders. he said his campaign made $24 million in the last quarter, six million was transferred. the sanders campaign says they see signs that there's calls for a political revolution are reaching the right ears because the most common employer for a sanders donor was call mart. and also amazon, starbucks and target. pete buttigieg says positives in the $24 million his campaign raised. the total number of donors, almost 400,000 people which should secure him a spot in the fall debates. trace? no and the candidates that are
12:40 pm
not raising as much money, how do they catch up? >> well, firing the finance director and the campaign manager and the communications director. that's what john hickenlooper is trying to do he just went on tv to blame his troubles in the bottles open his recently departed staff. >> we thought it was time to make a change. these campaigns are long, hard campaigns. you don't always get it right with the first team. >> as far as we know, hickenlooper showed up on time for that interview. another candidate, bill de blasio, slept through one tonight. wpix in new york had to push back an interview with the mayor of new york by more than 40 minutes because they said he set his alarm wrong. trace? >> the president will stop calling joe biden sleepy joe and start calling bill de blasio
12:41 pm
sleepy bill. thanks, peter. it's solar eclipse day and things are lining up right now. the moon and the sun coming together over parts of south america. we'll show you more and talk with a writer about about this fascinating event happening on your screen right now next.
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12:44 pm
>> trace: take a look at your screen. we're going to give you a double dose of the eclipse. on the left is san juan, argentina. you can see the moon is creeping in to the sun. not quite a quarter. certainly getting there. on the right-hand side of the screen, that's the path of this thing. that is the map of the way this whole thing runs.
12:45 pm
that's why you can see it so well in argentina and chile and as far as the united states, it's going to be awhile before we can see a total eclipse of the sun. i want to bring in mike wall, a senior writer for thanks for joining us. i want you to explain this because apparently the moon, when it orbits the earth, is a little off kilter because if it was not off kilter, we would have them all the time, right? >> right, right. that's an accident of how these bodies are lined up. if they're orbited in the same plane, we would have an eclipse like every month actually. but the moon's orbit around the earth is off kilter 5 degrees. slightly. takes a lot of happenstance for things to line up just right for the moon to cause the total solar eclipse which is what we'll see today.
12:46 pm
>> it's fascinating. i don't think i've seen pictures this vivid and spectacular of the total eclipse. maybe you have. mike, you're in the science field. looks amazing to me. it's not often that we get these things over an observatory. >> yeah, this is a special one. it's going over the premier telescopes on earth. it's happenstance. that's just great, great luck that we're able to get some of these views. yeah, they're special. just regardless. only once every 18 months. it's not until 2024 until we see one on american soil. yeah, it's really great. this is why the internet is so great. one of many reasons. people all over the world can
12:47 pm
see this, which is just going to cut across a narrow slice of southern south america. yeah, we can see it online. >> and this is coming from -- we just got this from -- he's an a astronomer and working in south america. he's in the european southern observatory in chile. he says the past 50 years, we had two eclipses that went directly over an observatory. this is the canary in the coal mine. these are some of the best pictures of a total eclipse. 50 years ago, the technology wasn't this good. >> yeah, this is exciting for scientists. when the moon blocks out the sun, you get a rare look at the atmosphere of the sun. so they're using these opportunities to study the sun
12:48 pm
an get looks that they wouldn't normally get. it's neat for the general public and also a really good scientific opportunity for the astronomers. >> trace: mike wall, a senior writer. good of you to join us. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> trace: we'll keep our eye on this thing and watch and see the moon encroach into the sun. we're not going to take our telescopes off it. we'll bring it to you. you know how you watch a scene with somebody thrown in jail and everybody asks what he's in for? this guy will have quite the response. a wisconsin man heading to jail thanks to an obsession with clogging toilets. that's according to local reports. 35-year-old patrick bean arrested for using a water bottle to block toilets in the women's bathroom at the community center where he worked. police say he couldn't explain the behavior. just had he had strong urges to
12:49 pm
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so, if you're a veteran and need cash, calling newday usa could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make. >> trace: you talk about a spectacular image. this is amazing. this is what is happening here. for the first time, twice in the past 50 years, one of these total eclipses of the sun has actually happened right above an observatory. that's what's happening here, why the pictures are so clear. the last time this happened, we didn't have the internet. nobody saw it until weeks later. this is matt finn. he covered the last total solar eclipse in the united states.
12:53 pm
this is spectacular as well, matt. >> it is so far. i viewed the great american eclipse from carbondale, illinois. the southern portion of this state. this is one of the longest viewing points of the country. so thousands of people from all over the country drove to this football stadium to watch this eclipse. it was a scalding hot day, lots of intense sun. people were waiting and sweating. i'll never forget, a wall of clouds came through and blocks the view. there was an audible gasp. the final seconds the wall moved and we got a chance to see it. i was skeptical wondering if it was worth the hype. was the sunsetting and rising in the middle of the afternoon. you go from this scalding hot day and the sun starts to set, feels like it. you can see the colors of the dusk and then it's cool and dark. stays that way a couple minutes and then you feel like you're
12:54 pm
witnessing the sunrise again and everything that goes with it and the heat that came with it. so one of the words was transcendent. to witness it in person is something you'll never forget. >> trace: they say the temperature can drop maybe 7, 8, 9 degrees when this is totally eclipsed. i want to bring back in michio here with us, an author. your thoughts because it's almost to the halfway points, michio. your thoughts on how this thing looks. >> i'm a physicist. we're celebrating the 100th anniversary of the solar eclipse of 1919. that was incredibly important. it was witnessed by albert
12:55 pm
einstein. that eclipse showed beyond a doubt that light binds when it goes around a sun during an eclipse. that was the instant that we physicists said ah-hah, relatively is correct and einstein is a genius. that was 100 years ago during that solar eclipse. >> trace: i don't get it. how did we get the theory of relativity out of the eclipse. the bending of light? >> right. newton says that apples and oranges bend when you throw them in a gravitational field. a flashlight we thought goes in a straight line in a gravitational field. no. light from distant stars bend as they go around the sun, which you can see in a solar eclipse. that sealed the fate of relativity and our conception of the universe.
12:56 pm
>> trace: michio always great to here from you. the total eclipse is going. that is san juan, argentina. they have all kinds of people waiting to see this. should happen in about 29 minutes from now. of course, we'll have it for you live. meantime, update ago story we brought you breaking at this time yesterday. now facebook giving the all clear after a machine alerted workers to possible sarin exposure at a mail facility. this happened in melow park. it took 14 hours of waiting before we knew it was completely safe. a company spokesperson noted that nobody showed any symptoms. sarin can cause convulsions and paralysis and stop your breathing. but again, this was a false alarm yesterday. an autopsy is scheduled tied on
12:57 pm
anaheim angels pitcher tyler skaggs. fans leaving flowers and ballooning at a makeshift memorial at angel stadium. skaggs was pronounced dead in a hotel room. police are investigating but say they don't expect foul play. the angels were in town for a game against the texas rangers. skaggs would have turned 28 in 11 days. he was set to start in thursday's fourth of july game. anita vogel is here with more. just an awful story. >> it is. it's a bit of a mystery. very few details have been released. tyler skaggs was 27 but considered a player near the top of his game. drafted by the angels as the 40th pick in 2009, he was traded to the diamondbacks. he missed the entire season because of a ligament in his
12:58 pm
elbow. texas police say they found him unresponsive at his hotel. he was pronounced dead at the scene. authorities say there was no foul play and suicide is not suspect suspect suspected. yesterday's game against the rangers was cancelled and grief counselors on hand. mike trout expressed his sorrow tweeting "words cannot express the deep sadness we feel right now. our thoughts and prayers are with carlie and the family. he will forever remain in our hearts. we love you, 45." skaggs is the first angel player to die since a player was killed by a drunken driver ten years ago. trace? >> trace: awful story. thanks, anita. i'm trace gallagher in for shepard smith. cavuto is next.
12:59 pm
before we go, friends, supporters are saying good-byes to an american hero in long island, new york, a wake to honor the 9-11 first responder luis alvarez. he spent the final days of his life fighting for medical care for first responders that got sick after the terror attacks. he spent months digging through ground zero. years later luis and so many others got sick. he fight in congress last month to get compensation for the 9-11 victims compensation fund which is running out of money. luis died of cancer saturday after doctors said there was knowing else they could do. the new york city mayor attended the wake. luis alvarez, 53 years old.
1:00 pm
a man that fought for others until the very end. >> neil: welcome. i'm neil cavuto. forget the fourth of july fireworks to come. nike creating their own fireworks right now. nixing their betsy ross sneakers because colin kaepernick wasn't a fan of what was on them, a colonial flag. nike's financial incentives will slide as well. we go to washington on what made nike do it and how folks are responding to it. mark? >> good afternoon, neil. those shoes were supposed to hit store shelves this week. it's no longer the case. nike confirming to fox news that they pulled the product off the market. you're looking at th