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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 2, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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respond, but a postcard from him came in the mail, he said he would read the book over the summer and thanked the class berating him. that's first class. thanks for watching space 27. i mike emanuel in washington. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum starts right now. >> martha: hello there mike. good evening to you. thank you much we are getting ready here in new york and president trump's campaign has raised over a hundred. that is more than double what president obama had raised at the same point every election cycle. launching a digital campaign, an app that manager brad, joining the exquisitely just a moment, says will greet an army of 2 million volunteers. to get out the vote. they also spent more than $14 million on facebook ads. that is more than the campaign of harris, and warren and kirsten gillibrand and biden and amy klobuchar and buttigieg by some estimates, even if you combine them. all of this from a president who
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according to his campaign manager won last time utilizing just a plain, a cell phone, and twitter, and who bragged, at the time, about how little it took for him to take down the establishment. >> jeb bush, here's a guy who spent a hundred million dollars on the campaign and he's down at 2%. i spent the least money and i have the highest rating. i spent the least money. thank you. >> martha: let's bring in president trump's campaign manager night. joined us exclusively. brad, thanks for coming back to the program tonight. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me on. >> martha: thanks for being here. it's interesting when you look back, that was really one of the bragging points of the trump campaign last time, that it was lean and that it didn't need all the money the other candidates needed. why does he need so much this time? >> i still have president trump, power of his voice and everything else, but now have a top of that, we didn't need that in 2016. in 2020 we have no more
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opportunity. we have the power of incumbency and we have the power of the money and what it can do and help us build out a ground game and operation across the country to turn out the vote. >> martha: you have said that your job is to get to even one-tenth of 1% all of this money and this machine. that is getting ready who is in that number? who are those people? >> well, look, there is millions of people across the country that want to vote for the president. they need to be pushed to go out to vote. there is millions. and our job is to find them. get them turned out and deliver them to the polls. and i think that's going to show up. and i think that's where the money we have now, allows us to look at each donor now. build better models and better audiences and understand who a trump supporter is. more tomorrow. >> martha: i remember last time around you talked about how you knew what district you needed to be in. you knew where you needed to go as the campaign moved forward. now, when you look at it, which voters, which areas
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are you, you know, feeling like, look, we have got this money. this is where we need to spend it on facebook and elsewhere. >> look. we individualized the people. the donors coming in now talk about this. 725,000 donations, right? when you look at those kind of donations we can take that model those people and determine where they are. and nothing is stronger for president president trump than to know it's a voter than a donation today. so we can model off of that we know where they are. that's how they are. we don't look at them like this kind of person or that type of person. we model off that data and find them later. that's very helpful to have all these donations so early. >> martha: yeah. a lot of people have said the president should do this or that to sort of court voters who may have drifted away from him. is that where your focus is or are you more focused on bringing out the base and increasing the base with evangelize voters. i have heard that you want to spend even more time and money bringing some of those voters out. is that true? >> look, we are building out large coalition program from latinos for trump.
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black voices for trump. the faith-based all different kinds of coalitions. that's an important thing for us to do. we need to turn out those voters. overall what we are trying to do is there is hundreds of millions -- not hundreds of millions but hundreds of thousand sands plus. vote for president trump. only 70% or so of the population turns out to vote. we need to find those people and get them to show up and vote. it's not about trying to go out there and try to find some voter and change his mind. it's about getting the ones that support the president now and get them to show up to the polls and vote. they are doing that now by donating. >> martha: what about this app. and when and how are you going to roll this out at the rallies? i know you said you thought you might do it on the big tuesday night florida opening of the campaign. now you want to try it in smaller voters. why and when. >> the app. is about connecting. in 2016 we had about 700,000 volunteers. it was difficult sometimes to get all of them mobilized and to get the army of trump as we called them moving
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into households like door-knocking and doing those things. 2020 the opportunity with the money now we can build out tools and app. like on phone. 1.7 to 2 million volunteers. data mining crews. checking in events. almost like checking in for a flight. get them to talk about neighborhood watch payers. we can mobilize these to help turn out the vote. nothing stronger than next door neighbor i know you are a trump voter. go vote. >> martha: i want to ask you a couple of lightning round questions about things going on out there. one of them are the polls that see kamala harris and elizabeth warren surging. you know, do you think that kamala harris and elizabeth warren are tougher opponents for president trump than hillary clinton was? >> first of all, i think the president could beat anybody. the momentum we are seeing now 105 million. 100 million cash on hand. what we are seeing overall the president's success overseas. the momentum behind this president is like nothing
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the country has ever seen. he has raised almost more money than any president that has run before. he has raised almost twice a much. >> martha: pete buttigieg raised $24 million for the mayor of south bend pretty impressive. >> still nothing like this president has done. not even in the main portion of the campaign yet and we are already raising large numbers. this president and the voice he has and the message he can control and the way he can control what's happening on the media, no one can touch this. and i think the president is set for four more years. >> martha: it is a race and going to be between president trump and somebody else. the chances are that that person is going to be offering things along the lines of free college, higher minimum wage, medicare for all. what's the president's response when they stand on that stage and say, you know, we are going to make sure that everybody has healthcare and that the cost comes down? does he have an answer for that? >> look, i think this president has said very clear that he cares about the cost of rising healthcare in this country. and if we are being correct about it. it was president trump that
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saved the failing obamacare that was falling off the cliff when he came into office. it wasn't for him and the changes that have been made, costs would be skyrocketing, drug prices would be skyrocketing. without even with the help of congress through his own administration he is able to stabilize this market. this president understands what the american people needs. he understands we need a strong economy and, look, he has created the lowest unemployment numbers in history for almost every gem graphic. i think that's going to continue to show across the country. >> martha: when his opponent says look, i think college should be free in the united states. a lot of people stand up and say yeah, i think that's a great idea. >> i think the administration is going to have to come out and talk about what we're going to do about, you know, rising college prices of this country. i do think they are absurd. and i think it's difficult, you know, for families across this country. because these universities have been gouging us. i have a daughter in college myself. it's expensive thing. we are going to have to deal with that issue. one of the things is the call out universities for rising costs. but, you know, i don't think
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millions of americans would like to lose their sports teams and all the other things that might have to happen in the changes. need to have a real discussion about what college means and what those prices are and make sure these universities charge a fair price. >> martha: i have got to let you go. before i do one last question, the census decision did not go the president's way. the citizenship question will not be on the census. what's the impact of that? >> you know, that was just -- i know that was just coming on right before i came on the air. i think that long term it will have no impact on the president's re-election. the president is in a strong position with latino voters and other demographics. the republican course is on a victory win back the senate and four more years of president trump. i'm not worried about it one bit. >> martha: brad parscale trump campaign manager 2020. thank for coming in tonight. >> thanks for having me, martha. thank you. >> martha: two experts in electoral politics as well karl rove deputy chief of
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staff to george w. bush and fox news tributer and former communications director for the dnc and executive director of the george town institute of politics. so, let me start with you. you know, how would you dispute or what's your reaction to what brad parscale is saying there? >> so a couple things really stood out to me. number one, need to give the president his due. $105 million. that's blockbuster fundraising. let's make no mistake. nobody on either side, no democrat or no republican all the energy lies on their side. fundraising and polling that this electorate is as energized today as it was on election day 2016. on both sides of the aisle. collectively, democrats are raising a ton of money spending a ton of money, right there collectively with the president. very competitive primary they have got to get through first. one thing really interesting to me. and i always look at not
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just what they raise but how they spend it. what brad said there that i found really interesting is he admitted they are not interested in persuasion. they are not out there looking to spend any of these resources on trying to win over people who are undecided. they are interested in just turning out the trump base. that gives democrats an opportunity. if the president's campaign is only going to be focused on. >> martha: people in that base who didn't vote last time who they can elevate. >> that's right. he wants to try to pull out more trump supporters as opposed to try to win over more trump supporters. if democrats are as energized as they were 2018 and they are today and the president is leaving undecided voters on the table, that's an opportunity for democrats. >> martha: karl, what did you think? >> well, first of all, it was a very impressive number. and i think it's going to be even more impressive when we look basically a year from now. the democratic contest is resolved. the democrats have a nominee or are going into a convention with a likely nominee or come out of a convention finally with a
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nominee because if the trump campaign continues to raise money at this pace and save the money they will have a very large war chest to fight the general election campaign. i think mo puts his finger on something. i'm not certain i necessarily agree with it. if the trump campaign's attitude is all we have got to do is out of 100 million people who are likely to vote for trump all we have got to do is do mechanical things to get them to get out to vote, then i would agree with mo the democrats have an opening. i have a little bit more out of what brad said. what i heard was we have got to go out there and convince these people that who are inclined to vote for trump, who are sort of leaning his direction. we have got to get them committed to turning out to vote for him. he may not like the word persuasion, but that necessarily involves persuading them to and on two fronts. first of all persuading them they have got to turn out to vote and second of all persuading them to act on instincts to vote for trump. he did that in 2016. at the end of the campaign
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the people who broke at the last minute in the 2016 campaign broke for donald trump and that was because they were running whether they admitted it or not a campaign of persuasion. >> martha: will we see kamala harris and elizabeth warren moving up in these polls? joe biden deteriorating a little bit. we will see where it goes as we take a look at it tonight. thank you very much, gentlemen. great to have both of you with us this evening. thank you. >> martha: coming up next. a verdict has been reached in the war crimes criminal decorated navy seal of eddie gallagher. the breaking details next. also -- >> women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet. that was them knowing a congressional visit was coming. that was -- this is cbp on their best behavior. >> martha: we spoke to cbp last night. they said that is not true. who is telling the truth? congressman dan crenshaw responds to aoc's escalating war with border patrol agents say they were harassed by her. that is next. ♪
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>> martha: so tonight breaking moments ago a verdict reached in the trial of decorated navy seal eddie gallagher. he faced murder charges in the death of an isis prisoner in iraq in what was a very dramatic trial and process throughout. jonathan hunt joins me now live outside the courthouse in san diego where all the action is tonight with the verdict. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening, martha. within the next hour, we expect chief edward gallagher to walk out from the military courtroom behind me a free man after the jury deciding his fate deliberated for some six or so hours over yesterday afternoon and through today and then returned with a not
4:18 pm
guilty verdict on six of the seven charges chief gallagher faced. the most serious of those charges was the murder of a wounded isis prisoner in iraq in 2017. not guilty on that charge. the jury said. two other charges of attempted murder. firing at iraqi civilians and elderly man and a young iraqi woman from a sniper position. not guilty on both of those charges. in fact, the only charge on which chief edward gallagher was found guilty was the charge of posing for a picture with that wounded isis fighter. that was the least serious of the seven charges he faced. shortly after those verdicts were handed down, his attorneys came outside of the courtroom to celebrate what they said was a victory. listen here. >> huge victory, huge weight
4:19 pm
off the gallaghers. huge victory for justice. >> jury found them not guilty of the murder not guilty of the stabbing. not guilty of the shootings. not guilty of all those things. they did find him guilty of taking a photograph with a dead terrorist which we admitted from the beginning that he was in that photograph. >> the sentencing hearing is underway now for that one guilty verdict on posing for a picture with the wounded isis fighter. the maximum prison term for that, martha, would be four months. given that chief edward gallagher has already spent nine months in confinement, awaiting this trial, he will, according to his attorneys, be a free man tonight. he will, according to his attorneys, be at home for what will inevitably be quite a fourth of july celebration. martha? >> martha: no doubt. it's been a very long haul
4:20 pm
for him and his family. we will be watching live as eddie gallagher, chief eddie gallagher walks out of that facility this evening. jonathan will be watching along with you. thank you very much for that late breaking report tonight. also breaking this evening the border crisis and situation at detainment facilities called out by one official as ticking time bomb. in a new dhs watchdog report, today move organized close the camp protest in 180 places across the country. most of them were fairly small. >> family separation is for temperature. it is unamerican. and it is illegal. >> this is disgusting. >> what do we do? stand up, fight back. where immigrant rights are under attack. >> today brandon judd the head of the national border patrol council urging the vbp to release the video of their visit from alexandria ocasio-cortez. he wants everybody to be able to see what she saw when she was in there. the congresswoman said that
4:21 pm
she felt threatened by the officers there they claim the opposite. they say she was screaming at them and harassing them while she was there. i can't understate how disturbing it was that cbp officers were openly disrespectful of the congressional tour. if officers felt comfortable violating the agreements in front of their own management and superiors, that tells us that the agency has lost all control of their own officers. here now republican congressman dan crenshaw of texas. congressman, great to have you with us today. first of all, your reaction to that back and forth between the congresswoman and these officers? >> it's sad to say. she is getting bolder with her lies on this. this is what is actually happening. this is what the american people need to understand. people like aoc are operating off of a false premise and deliberately designed to misinform the american people for her own political ends. right? remember, first there was no crisis at all. okay? then it was a manufactured
4:22 pm
crisis. then it was a crisis completely -- created by trump. then there were concentration camps. then people are nazis. now she is saying that border patrol agents harassed her and forced migrants to drink out of twoilts? this is insanity. this is not true. there is no one else corroborating this kind of -- these kind of reports. and, yet, she is using to to try and make her case that we shouldn't have any enforcement. and that we should have open borders. this is really dishonest behavior from a member of congress and i honestly can't believe it. >> martha: cory booker said essentially the same thing today that he wants no holding facilities along the border. i'm not sure exactly where they think everybody is going to go or how that's going to work? joaquin castro also running for president. he took a video when he was in there. let's put that up. he said this moment captures what it is like for the women who are in custody there i'm sorry, this is representative joaquin castro who is not running for president. but is a representative. he took this video when he was in there obviously these
4:23 pm
are very crowd conditions. put up the dhs photos released by the watchdog agency. and these are clearly, congressman crenshaw, very overcrowded, very untenable situations. >> of course. and these democrats need to have a reasonable, logical conversation, engage in some problem-solving and then offer an actual solution. what they're really doing is trying to stand on their moral high horse and sling arrows at everybody else while not offering a solution. let's not forget they fought us tooth and nail against that $4.5 million of humanitarian aid that the president needed, that dhs needed that hhs needed in order to better conditions at these facilities. they fought us for months on this. they said there was no crisis. we asked for a vote in the house 17 times. they refused to do it. you know, it's funny. castro puts this video out. aoc talks about these things. i don't see them offering up any space in their own homes. they are not offering a better solution. they are not saying why don't we put them all up at a hotel? they don't say that what
4:24 pm
they really want is no enforcement. this is the crux of it. they don't talk about what the actual problem is which is tens of thousands of people coming across an overwhelming our system. okay? and then they have to answer the question should we have a system at all? and they say no. well what is the point of even having a border? why even have custom agents at airports if we are not going to enforce any kind of management over who comes in and out of our country. they don't want to answer these tough questions in the end they want open borders. >> martha: i asked bernie sanders in the town hall we did where does he think we should put these individuals and suggested the possibility that having talked about whether or not they should go to cities that are very open to immigrants or sometimes called sanctuary cities? he said that was ridiculous. this was a silly question. i mean, look at these people. this isn't a silly question. they need to go somewhere. you raised an interesting point. why don't they allow more private donation and, you know, charitable organizations in the country to get involved in this? can you answer that briefly for me if you could?
4:25 pm
>> yes. and thank you for bringing that up. we just submitted a letter today to dhs with bipartisan cosigners asking this exact question. you know, there are certain laws that get in the way of private donations to government. in the case of humanitarian aid it should be legal and accepting these kind of donations. americans do want to help. we are a generous country and we do want to help. make it easier and get the resources that we need down there and help our -- instead of demonizing our men and women who work at dhs, let's help them. >> martha: aoc blasted wayfair the furniture company because they wanted to do a contract for 1800 beds which would certainly alleviate some of the probable where people could sleep. go figure. >> it's cognitive dissidence. she doesn't want them to have beds? >> no. she doesn't apparently. >> that's a solution? >> martha: because the corporate, the company is to blame. anyway, congressman, always great to have you with us tonight. thank you very much for being here congressman dan
4:26 pm
crenshaw from texas tonight. >> great to be with you, martha. >> martha: you too. after a violent assault from far left antifa protesters conservative journalist andy noe responds to the democrats tonight coming to his defense. ♪ ♪ so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts. so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas
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oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top? yeah. yeah, i could see that. for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. ♪ >> martha: frightening scene unfolded in portland in weekend conservative journalist andy ngo suffered a brain hemorrhage while being attacked while he was covering an antifa protester. there he is in the middle of that horrible video. police are now on the hunt for these suspects if you recognize any of these people. two of them are pretty covered up. one of them is pretty visible in this assault that some democrats as well are condemning tonight, including congressman and 2020 contender eric swalwell
4:31 pm
who tweeted i don't agree with much of what mr. andy ngo ever says but that's not the point. he should not be harmed for his views and his attackers should be prosecuted. and congress should pass my journalist protection act, he writes, which makes it a federal crime to assault or batter a journalist. joining me now is andy ngo, editor at cool how are you doing tonight? and what is the doctor saying about your brain hemorrhage? >> i'm going to be dealing with some memory issues for up to six months and the more that i try to return to my regular activity i notice that i'm having some difficulties with speaking in a normal way. >> martha: what does your doctor adistrict that to? because in terms of what --
4:32 pm
how were you assaulted in these injuries we are watching this horrific video? >> the mob that attacked me with weapons used gloves that had fiberglass material on the knuckles. so these weren't just bare handed fists going to my head and my face. they were harder. they were weapon with the aid of these gloves. >> martha: it's horrible. these are people who are chanting no hate, no fear. which is incongruous idea. what does this think it tells you about where this antifa group is right now in their progression? what stage are we at now when this kind of i have lens is how they are expressing what they want? >> the portland police say they don't intervene all the times that i plead for help when i'm getting menaced and
4:33 pm
assaulted within eyesight of the police and they say they don't do it because they don't want to insigh ininsight e crowd. my responses is what is is inciting the crowd and empowering and emboldening to do more and more is the inaction of the police because they know that they can attack people with impunity. >> martha: yeah, apparently they do. >> within footsteps of the police precinct in downtown and not face consequences. >> martha: it's unbelievable. i heard you say you kept wondering where are the police? because you knew the municipalities are write arounrightaround you. it's awful what happened to you. quickly before i let you go, andy. we hope you continue to improve. are you going to sue the is city in are you going to sue the police there for not protecting you? >> i'm taking this an hour
4:34 pm
at a time right now. my strongest desire is to see justice happen. i want to see those who attacked me and aided those who attacked me to be held responsible. >> martha: andy ngo, thank you very much for being here. you should absolutely have the right to cover this story without being injured as you were and we will follow your story and we thank you very much for being with us tonight. thank you, sir. coming up momentarily, taylor swift has an estimated net worth of more than $300 million. but she is very fired up against her music manager former who just bought the rights to her chart-topping hits. the story digs in and investigates next. ♪ now we got bad blood ♪ hey - you know, there are a million reasons why people
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when you walked in ♪ lead me to places i've never been ♪ now i'm lying on the cold, hard ground. >> martha: taylor swift facing trouble after scooter braun acquired her former label and rights to first six albums. the outraged pop star writing quote i had to make the excruciating choice to leave behind my past. music i wrote on my bedroom floor and videos i dreamed up and paid for from the money i earned from playing in bars and clubs and then arenas and then stadiums. carley shimkus of fox news headlines 24/7 here to break down this story for us tonight. good to have you here, carley. >> thank you so much for having me, martha. this feud is far from over it. seems to be parting hollywood into two as celebrities speak out and take sides. watch. ♪ all you're ever going to be is mean
4:40 pm
♪ why you got to be so mean ♪ >> that's exactly what taylor swift is asking scooter braun after the high powered music manager purchased her old record label. he bought big machine label group for a reported $300 million. that means he now owns the rights to all of her old songs. something swift is calling her worst case scenario. in a scathing tumbler post she writes some fun facts about today's news. i learned about scooter braun's purchase of my masters as it was announced to the world. all i could think about was the incessant manipulative bullying i have received at his hands for years. the situation pitting celebrity against celebrity in all-out twitter tug-of-war ♪ we used to be bad love ♪ so take a look what you've done ♪ because baby now we got bad blood ♪ >> braun's climate justin bieber slamming swift scooter had your back since the days you graciously allowed me to open up for
4:41 pm
you. so for you to take it on social media and get people to hate on scooter isn't fair. what were you trying to accomplish by posting that blog? seems like me it was to try to get sympathy. summed up the situation toxic dude doing toxic bleep in this toxic industry it's disgusting, right? the rift between swift and braun is rooted in his association with rapper kanye west. >> i will let you finish but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. braun was west's manager in 2016 back when he released the song famous that included this controversial line about swift. ♪ i feel like me and taylor might still have [bleep] i made that [bleep] famous. >> while swift says she was blindsided by the business deal bore chet that is disputing that claim personally texted her about the acquisition the day before the story broke. despite the drama, swift is turning lemons into lemonade by encouraging fans to buy her new album coming out in august. in other words, it looks
4:42 pm
like she is going to ♪ shake it off ♪ i shake it off ♪ i shake it off ♪ >> martha: wow, so, she -- she was 15 years old when she signed that contract, right? and they said we want to represent you. we want your first six albums. and she signed the contract? >> that is the core issue. there is a lot of loud voices attacking each other. the thing is she signed this contract when she was so young. and she is beholden to it. but, it must be really unsettling for her to realize that somebody she doesn't even like now controls her legacy and all of her music. she is using this sort of as an opportunity tone courage young artists to better protect themselves while negotiating. this is really common. because labels take a chance on young celebrities, young talent. they don't know if they're going to be successful or not. so they ask for a lot in the beginning. >> martha: we have seen this with the beatles. we saw it michael jackson owned the catalog. saw it with prince that
4:43 pm
changed his name to get out of it. is she becoming more increasingly activists came out politically recently. are we watching sort of a change in her? >> yeah. you know, the statement that she released on tumbler sort of had this man vs. woman sort of feminist tone to it. so i did kind of notice that as well. she is sort of taking the feminist stance on this. and i kind of sympathize with her here. it is unfair that she -- she did say that she could have bought back her music. but i thought that the deal was totally wrong. she would have to re-sign with her old record label and give them one album for every album that she wanted back. so i sympathize with her but she is certainly taking a more activist tone. >> martha: it's definitely all about. >> i think she is going to be okay. >> martha: i think she is going to be okay too. interesting reporting we wanted to learn more about. coming up next, nike faces a mountain of criticism for pulling a patriotic shoe after pressure from some who
4:44 pm
find the flag offensive. jesse watters doesn't find the flag offensive and he joins me now for a special tuesday cameo of tuesdays with watters. hey, jesse. >> hi.
4:45 pm
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>> martha: unbelievable. nike is dropping betsy ross inspired shoe that they created for the fourth of july, logical, right? after endorser and former nfl player colin kaepernick picked up the phone and complained that the original ross flag was offensive because of its connections with the era of slavery in the united states. the company wants retailers to send the shoes back saying in a statement, quote: nike made a decision to halt distribution of the air max 1 quick strike fourth of july based on concerns that it would unintentionally offend and detract from the nation's patriotic holiday. now a special edition of wednesdays with watters so we had him in on tuesday. hi, jesse. >> jesse: hi, martha. >> martha: it really amazes me how much power colin kaepernick has. >> jesse: too much. nike is now anti-american company. the only reason they make money is because of america. because of equality and justice and the american
4:49 pm
way. and maybe they think there can be profitable by being like this. but i just think it's dangerous. because colin kaepernick comes, in makes a phone call, is offended, the majority of the country doesn't believe that yes, slavery was a stain. yes, america was flawed. i have tons of flaws. you are flawless, martha. but most people have flaw us. >> martha: no. far from it. >> jesse: we acknowledge our flaws and grow interest them and celebrate who we are in our entirety. he wants to divide us. he wants to pick that scab. focus on the flaw. and not unite the country and it is literally the flag, the fabric of this nation. and he just wants to tear it apart. and for betsy, too. >> martha: poor betsy, right. what about all those people unintentionally offended by pulling the sneaker. who find that offensive. who wanted to get a paver these sneakers. it's just such a silly thing. i think when he came out with that ad where is he like standing in the middle of the city and is he professing his beliefs,
4:50 pm
sales went up. so they are making purely, you know, bottom line calculation here that hey, you know what? it seems to work for us. >> jesse: right. they have the right to do that as a company. now they are multinational conglomerate. they are less american. line between social justice and anti-americanism. they are crossing that library. loot of people are really upset about this. this is our founding. this is when we threw off the yoke of the british. >> martha: arizona governor doug ducey was going to give them a tax incentive to build a new plant or business there. you know what? no thanks. no thanks. let's look at this gallup poll on u.s. pride which was also kind of depressing which shows that patriotism is on the decline in the united states. what do you attribute that to? >> i think these things go in waves. right now the country is pretty divided. we are not at war. it's peace. people start to think about smaller things like the
4:51 pm
military parade and being offended by that i think in general this country is very patriotic. maybe people have different belief what is patriotism is. the first thing that happens when this country suffers in any way from a disease, from an attack, and anything that we can rally around, that will go right back up to the healthy 70%. >> martha: you have gotten to a point where people are against the president equate him with the flag. >> jesse: right. >> martha: anything -- that's the bottom line, i think. >> jesse: i don't think conservatives felt that way during the obama years. conservatives have always had a very high level of patriotism. usually the people on the left that dip and flow depending who is in the white house. >> martha: do you know who was very patriotic. elvis presley. >> jesse: he was the king. >> martha: now they are trying to cast the role of elvis in the movie. a bose production. looking at several actors put them up on the screen and see how think -- which one do you think it's going to be?
4:52 pm
can you name smiles teller in the middle. harry. >> harry styles, thank you. >> he is the singer, i think. who is on the far left here? >> i don't know who that guy is let's put up our other idea. the other person who might make it. oh, that's just 'cause of the hair. >> martha: a little elvisish. not quite elvisy. >> jesse: hopefully not the older elvis when he was trim and could actually carry a tune. >> martha: he could rock that white suit too. >> jesse: i will call wardrobe now. >> martha: harry stiles might be the one. he was in dunkirk and can actually act. thank you. >> jesse: thank you, martha. >> martha: preparations underway for america's salute. a lot of reports from the scene where the tanks may already be arriving next. ♪ born free ♪ the
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aleve pm. there's a better choice. >> we're going to have a great fourth of july in washington d.c. we're going to have planes going over our heads, the best fighter jets in the world and other planes, too. tanks stationed outside. >> new details about the president's salute to america celebration on july 4. the white house says it's not about politics but about patriotism. it's pouring rain. >> yeah, it is. we went live and it happened, a monsoon here. let's show you video of the tanks that will be out here. that's the big news. the abrams tanks out here thursday for the celebration with president trump. other members of the army, other members of the military will be
4:58 pm
out here. the tanks will be static. the president says it's quite a sight. in the air, marine one, air force one. we'll see a b-2 stealth bomber and the blue angels. the president says he will give a nonpartisan speech. >> you think you can give a speech that will reach all the americans? >> i think so. i've reached most americans. most americans want no crime, strong military, good education. they want good healthcare. >> and several people complaining about this. they're saying where is this money going to come from to hold this? eleanor holmes norton is a delegate in congress for d.c. she says she wants the administration to pay back any penny if there's damage. take a listen. >> it's a partisan act. what he's doing is a partisan act. inviting rnc to get tickets.
4:59 pm
he's politicized the fourth of july before he opens his mouth. >> all right. thursday night, martha, let's hope it's better than now. our equipment is getting destroyed. monsoon. yeah, back to you but should be a big event out here. >> yeah, a summer thunderstorm continuing through washington d.c. david spunt, dry off. thanks very much. we do hope that it's a beautiful fourth of july where you are. we are looking forward to that parade, which should be quite a spectacular event. we hope you and your family have a fantastic fourth of july. enjoy the fireworks and some time together. that's the story on this tuesday night, july 2. we'll see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. coming up from washington d.c., it's tucker carlson with tucker carlson tonight. good night, everybody.
5:00 pm
>> tucker: good evening. welcome to "tucker carlson." coming to you live from south korea. we'll have more on the meeting with the president and kim jong-un. first tonight, the democratic party is a diverse coalition. they tell you that relentlessly. diversity does not mean they're united. no. increasingly, it means a party defined by identity politics. by definition, that means conflict. the democratic party's skin


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