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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 3, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> lee iacocca dead at age 94. >> hi. i'm greg gutfeld. "the five" coming up. president trump revealed plans for the national independence day parade. it's going to be fierce. you have music, flyovers, fireworks. tanks. lots of tanks. plus, a speak by trump himself. me, i don't like parades. for me, it's just the backs of people's necks. but you can set your watch to the media response. >> what is the message that donald trump is trying to send?
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who is that message to? it's not the tyrants. he likes tyrants. he loves them. it's not putin, kim jong-un or the saudis. is it to our friends? western democracy or to us? the resistance in this country? i have tanks. i have this military armada. the message is a threat. donald trump styles himself a tyrant, not a defeater of tyrants. >> this is nauseating, chris. this is not just obnoxious, this is dangerous. it's un-american. clearly donald trump wants to tran mitt a message of his strength because he perceiving himself a being weak around the world, which he is. >> it was about bolstering himself up. looking like a dictator from another nation or a time that forgot. >> the self-satisfied outrage. the scorn that you finds.
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how can you salute something so rotten? the response to media that aligns them, it's a safe bet that the people that heaping loads of rid you'll on a july fourth raid are heaping praise on colin kaepernick. it's the same mockery for trump. it's the same scorn against you and me and not to see the edges of loving your down try. i'm sure some hope that the parade is a flop, a disaster. not me and certainly not you. you may not need a parade or want one but you're getting one. because this old guy that loves
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this country became president and this was on his list. probably would have been on yours, too. juan, you told me how much you had a america. you hate america so much that you had a this parade. you didn't say that. i thought you said it. >> you know what? beat me up. i have to say, i happen to agree with much of what you played in that montage. to me -- >> we're not surprised, juan. >> i love parades and i love the fourth of july and i love america. i don't think what trump is doing is about america. it's about president trump. his politicized this event. now they have that baby trump balloon will be on the mall. they have trump sitting on the pot on the mall. i'm like why would anyone turn the fourth of july into a poll -- polarizing --
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>> he's not polarizing anything. you guys are. if you have a celebration of our american military and you have f-22s and abrams tanks, and if you guys on the left are offended by that and you think the president of the united states is going to roll the tanks over the resistance because he thinks it's tiananmen square, you're the ones politicizing the event. he's showing to show all the hardware we bought. trying to celebrate america. >> why is he the white house handing out tickets to a select section for his biggest supporters? why is that? >> why wouldn't he? >> it's a political event. >> every event is a political event when the president of the united states is there. if a democrat did this, which they have done, j.f.k. did it, they did it throughout history. i'm sure he handed out tickets to his buddies. >> dagen, if the big problem here is handing out tickets, the country is going pretty good. if that's the big story today.
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>> you know how good it's going? it's free. you can go to d.c. and see the fireworks which was donated, $750,000 from two fireworks companies including phantom, $750,000 free. 15 minute fireworks show, 19,000 devices. they have this exclusive pixel bursting american flag that will be 700 feet wide. you can see that unfurl and not have to lay eyes on president trump. can i just say i find it hilarious watching these montages of the huffs and puffing media. they don't realize that president trump has taken up residence in their head. that he is their sun. they can't get out of bed unless he's up tweeting already because he gives them light. he's turned them into ranting and raving lunatics that hate fireworks and the fourth of july.
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all right? >> which is crazy. it's about the military, right? these are the same people that say we talk about how important the military is, how they love our troops and veterans. and yet the complaints are that there's going to be tanks, the tools of the trades that we never see that keep this nation safe, that allow us to enjoy life every day, not just the fourth of july but the nature -- it's not just you sign up for the military. you go and train to fire that weapon. you train to run the tank. you're a pilot. it's not that we're hoping and wishing that we keep the nation safe. people do that. it's a celebration of them. that's what america sees. it's like why you have a problem with the military and the tools of the trade? >> it's not a celebration of the military. the chiefs won't even be there for just that reason. you know what? >> that's not for just that reason. they had -- >> the chairman of the --
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>> it's not the chairman. it's the president that got out of military service with bone spurs. >> you have to go to that to support your argument? >> at least he's making up for what people complain about in the past. whatever he's done till now, he's changed the trajectory of this country and all of our lives and that's good enough. >> i have a theory that the media hates this because it's not for them. it's for the country. this is actually -- the fourth of july parade is reverse hoff the correspondent's dinner. for two weeks, three weeks, you hear about the correspondent's dinner. they can't wait. nobody cares. >> it's embarrassing for them. in the long run, the american people hear that and this is a worry for liberals. most liberals love the military and love the country and makes no sense what the media has said about it. what is not to love about the country?
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we're fabulous. >> wait a minute. this is about donald trump -- >> it is if you are wearing trump glasses. you're wearing trump glasses. >> turning the fourth of july into a trump campaign rally and you're saying it's about the military. >> it's about the nation. it's about the fourth of july. he happens to be the president. how great for us is that when you look at your bank account. >> it was george conway, kelly an's husband -- >> you're going to quote him? >> insecurity speaks loudly like this. to your point, dagen, about money, why is the national park service giving us two million or three million -- >> you're complaining about $2 mysterious al you proposed a $100 trillion green new deal. really? >> $30 million the national park service spend for their ♪ limu emu & doug
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>> it's an easy excuse to blame president trump. this is what he promised that he would hurt the right people. those images that shock us and shock anybody with decent humanity, it's the roman coliseums. >> as we speak, they're expecting mothers, nursing moms,
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elderly folk, being held in detention unnecessarily doing permanent damage to children. donald trump's own administration report are talking about the term nent damage. >> he's trying to terrorize the families. he wants to intimidate families and to chill them from participating in american life. he has to create chaos, create a problem and try to boo the hero that somehow that solves it. >> many democrats are experiencing a dramatic shift in their thinking on the issue. according to a new poll in january, only 23% said there was a crisis. now it's 70%. an astonishing 40 point shift. to think, months ago they mocked trump for calling the situation at the border a crisis. >> this president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis. >> president trump must stop holding american people hostage.
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must stop manufacturing a crisis. >> the crisis on the border is a manufactured crisis. >> they are calling it a manufactured crisis. >> this so-called crisis at the border is fake. >> this is a crisis of his own making because it was a campaign pledge. >> mr. president, we don't need to create artificial crises. we have enough real crises. >> tonight the president tries to sell a crisis that the facts tell us do not exist. >> all of this, this whole mess, is manufactured. it's a manufactured crisis. a noncrisis at the border that is really not fooling anybody. >> this shut down that he caused by creating a phony crisis actually did cause one danger after another. >> no sign of the national emergency that the president has been talking about. as a matter of fact, it's pretty tranquil down here.
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>> fake, manufactured, artificial. only reason the democrats think it's a crisis now, jesse, is because they figured out how to benefit politically from it. >> i want to have a conversation with juan about this to see his thinking. i need to know. what is the plan? we're going to forget about the fact that, you know, it became a crisis after six months. forget about the fact that we warned this would happen, that we couldn't handle this amount of illegal alien families, that these are regard amounts of families coming in and we don't have the facilities to handle it. if an adult male from central america comes to the country with a minor and see a border patrol agent and walk up, what is the plan to teal with that? >> at the moment -- >> what is your plan? >> i thought -- >> what is the plan. what is your plan to deal with it. how do you handle it? >> if someone is at a port -- >> i'm not talking about that. across the rio grande.
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they enter with a minor -- >> if they're applying for asylum, they say you're allowed to apply. >> so you don't know who they are. they don't have ids. you tonight know if they're related. how do you know they're related? >> i don't know the answer to that. what you do is if you're the border patrol officer, you ask questions and also -- >> where do you ask those questions? >> what do you mean? you sit and talk -- >> in the middle of the hot desert? >> no. >> so you believe we take them to a facility. >> absolutely. >> you don't ask them questions together. you have to separate them to make sure their stories a straight. so you briefly separate them and hold them in a facility. once you ask them questions and you think you can ascertain anything, what do you do with them next? >> if they're a family, then you have to -- if they applied for
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asylum. >> what is the process? >> what do you mean? what do you do with them? what do you physically do with them? >> at the moments we detain people for a time and nine we let them go. >> okay. so you let them go. to the interior of the country. >> no. people come back for those -- >> 7%. >> so you let's them talk to the agents and release them and wait for a hearing. >> correct. >> that's what trump is doing. that's exact will trump is doing. >> no, it's not. >> yes, it is. >> that's what the president is doing and you're calling him the scoundrel, this bigot and you agreed with the whole process. >> you missed a lot of news. >> it's unbelievable. it's unbelievable. >> because trump has now limited applications for asylum. told people to wait in mexico. you must have missed a months of month. >> juan, you just agreed with the president. his exact policy. >> let me say this. one, trump exacerbated a
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difficult situation. there was never an invasion by any military force coming across that boarder. now it's a humanitarian crisis. that's why the numbers have gone up. we've seen the pictures. you saw the picture of the man that died with his daughter. >> i think nancy pelosi got on the horn and sent out a talking points memo to the members of the media that called it fake and manufactured and said you idiots, we need -- >> that's different -- >> why did they change their tune so rapidly? >> because they realized that they were disgusting hypocrites. i remember how this started. we've been doing this show. it began with the excitement of caravans with the activists push. to encourage the use 0 children as props in a strategy to overrun a system that was previously run by obama. all of those pictures of kids in
2:20 pm
cages were from obama's time. never minds. but people did die during that. while they died, all of those people said there was no crisis. so i don't -- when they talked about the suffering and the drawning that happened now, that makes me sick because those people were laughing when people were talking about crisis. they lost their seat at the table. >> literally laughing. >> look, you have a situation here where they have known what the situation is. it's not as though anybody just became aware of it. the reason the president was elected is because americans recognize the problem. we cared about it because specifically that dad and that little girl that died has been encouraged to come. >> exactly. >> because of the rhetoric that we hear about free healthcare, sanctuary cities. maybe they wouldn't have been safer at home but the move moving through because of the encouragement of literal rhetoric, what gavin newsome is saying, obama was saying at the time, is having them undertake these adventures that end up
2:21 pm
being very dangerous. now we know that people are being -- little kids are being rented out on the southern side of the border for people to bring them over. it facilitates sex trafficking and human trafficking and pain and suffering. all of this rhetoric just because of the politics of the democrats. this is what we're opposed to. they will be abandoned by a system that will collapse like the one they're fleeing from. >> and they're trying to leave a difficult situation -- >> and a dead dad and dead daughter in the rio grant. >> and in terms of the burden on the united states. you can't have open borders and a welfare state. president trump warns california about their homeless crisis. president trump fires back. the war of words next. hi, i'm joan lunden with a place for mom,
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♪ >> all righty. president trump is issuing a warning to california cities to get ahold on the homeless crisis or he's going to have to get involved. >> we cannot ruin our cities. you have people that work in those cities. they work in office buildings to get into the building, they have to walk through a scene that nobody would have believed possible three years ago. this is the liberal establishment. this is what i'm fighting. now areas that you used to think as being really something special, you take a look what's going on with san francisco. it's terrible. we're looking at it seriously. we may intercede. >> california officials are listening and shooting back at the president. l.a.'s mayor said that it's a
2:27 pm
cheap political shot. here's gavin newsome. >> homelessness, what the hell is going object with our state? i agree with the critics. i agree with all of you. you know? we got a crisis out there. we did some things that we recognize. good enough is never enough. in the spirit of the speaker and of the pro tem and their generous words, i think that we did justice this year to the effort. to donald trump, eat your heart out. we're running record surpluses. you're running record deficits. that's a california value that also speaks to this remarkable state. >> i don't know what most of that meant. >> he looked great though. >> yeah. >> he was practicing his delivery. obviously the mayor of san francisco, the condition of
2:28 pm
san francisco. he was also -- it's not true what he said. california has a $1.5 trillion deficit. they have a little bit of a rainy day fund. it's extraordinary. the -- i'm a native of los angeles. it's extraordinary. when the democrats took over the state, there's no -- they have complete veto control, no republicans running sacramento. tent cities through los angeles. dagen, you're from san francisco. beautiful city, important american city has been just destroyed effectively. do you agree that this is like much ado about nothing -- >> no, that's homeless crisis in san francisco. i lived there a year. it was happening then. there's a very light touch among politicians in california in dealing with the homeless and impacts everybody, the taxpayers. it's just -- they're trying to
2:29 pm
blame president trump for a problem of their making. a $21 billion surplus this year in california. so it's not a money problem. the mayor -- >> there's $1.5 trillion -- >> they have money coming from silicon valley. how do they spend it? not to clean up the homeless problem and help these people. the mayor tried to blame the federal government, but there's $120 million still going from the feds to the homeless authority in l.a. >> it comes down to policy. it's not just suddenly everybody got kicked out of their apartment, right? or decided to not live in a house. there's regulations about housing, about who can use housing. there's over 100,000 units that are not occupied in l.a. county. it's because of the regulations and rules that are keeping people from being able to have those ants, also the cost of living. the cost of having an apartment. don't you think at some point
2:30 pm
liberals have to admit when they're in charge and the cities decline it's their fault? >> this is all about politics. >> it's policy, yes. >> it's not about policy. everybody in america, republicans and democrats, would like to do a better job with homelessness. president trump says you know what? that interview, he said i'm going to get in there and help. then he pulls back. the reality is, he shut down. he pulled budget numbers from the one agency that was going -- >> this is the other problem. the federal government is wanting them to bail them out. >> no. he said he wanted to solve it. both of you have been talking about money. to my mind, what we have here is a political effort to say oh, these cities are run by democrats or that state. >> no, liberal cities and states, jesse -- >> have one illness --
2:31 pm
>> it's liberal policies -- >> and income and equality -- >> it's liberal policies or not? >> it is. they can fix it if they wanted to. they don't want to fix it. if trump comes in ho help them out, they won't let him because they don't want it to look like he's fixing their problems. >> if the federal government can do something about getting people into units that are available, i'm not sure. should he leave it to them? newsome doesn't have a grasp on what's going on. >> the reason why nobody is doing anything is because the political leaders in california are not close to the problem. they don't have to see the homeless when they go to work. it's all downtown. hollywood spends $200 million on movie budgets to create these nightmares when all they have to do is take a gopro and go to skid row and make a movie there. they don't. look at the silicon valley rich, the googlers. they never have to go near the suffering on the street.
2:32 pm
it's hilarious are more concerned about trump words. the reaction time to trump is instantaneously. there's disease, crime, but they don't do anything. they're in a mind -- in a bind because they're defending their failures while egging on unfetterred immigration which intensifies the problem and displacing workers and jobs. if you took the politics out of this, it would be solved. nobody is injecting politics -- >> we must go. that is clear. >> one more thing -- >> and getting passed the gated communities. mayor pete calling on young americans to receive their country. details are next. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands?
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call to service for americans wanting to serve their country. it's inspired by his time in the military and he hopes that the plan will re-ignite a sense of unity in america. the mayor's plan is aimed at new high school graduates. it would expand the existing peace corps and create new service corps aimed at addressing climate change and mental health. he's hoping to recruit 250,000 americans and grow that program to 1 million a year by 2026. so greg, i think that he's trying to say that he's a man that has ideas. by the way, i think delaney, warren have all said yes to this kind of program. now you have the mayor jumping in. >> who knew he was such a nationalist. national service? mayor pete is in the alt right. but i will listen to this. i like ideas. this idea has come around
2:38 pm
before. my libertarian part know goes -- but i would like people to have experiences that are valuable and untethered to the virtual of signals of higher learning. at the expense of college degrees. if companies would value this and said you did this service, peace corps or whatnot or valued that. i would think that would be awesome. so i would -- as a military vet, he knows that it clearly helped shape them. when you see him up there, he has a sense of order, discipline, professionalism. he should push that. but you know, it's also voluntary. so libertarian, i'm okay with it. >> so you're the last out of college, jesse. what would you -- >> he didn't go to college. >> you didn't? >> no. >> last out of high school. >> i personally wouldn't do it. i would like to go to college like i did.
2:39 pm
it's a great plan, an ambitious plan. it will take the pressure off of the tuition costs that are sky rocketing. if you want to talk about homelessness, you have a mental health component. put them in the areas on the left coast, california and help clean these people up. the climate change thing is good. maybe pick up trash, get rid of everyone's straws. who knows. it's an ambitious plan. i don't think it will get to a million. it's good to have young people motivated -- >> i don't want busy bodies. you're talking about butsy bodies. >> listen, if people go around and pick up trash, that's not a bo body. >> hands off my straws. >> i at a store and i wanted a straw. they said no. i was like an idiot. okay. fine. i survived. >> the front of your shirt is okay. >> can i give you a tip? >> twizzler. >> use a twizzler.
2:40 pm
i don't mean to digress. >> i was going to come to you. are you surprised at greg jesse both open to mayor pete's idea? >> no. >> that we're open minded? >> coming from a democrat. >> he's not really a democrat. >> surprised that you believe in work, jesse? greg, just doing work. i love this. steal this from chris stirewalt. he said you mentioned virtual signalling. what people are doing on social media and online are wearing a hope t-shirt or eating a vegan burger and taking a photograph of it on instagram. there's nothing virtuous about that. bacon, mack and cheese, that's virtuous. doing something, drive somebody -- cooking for folks and helping them out. >> give the homeless ribs. steak. >> the only place this works is
2:41 pm
at the local level. this used to be about church, your neighborhood. whatever clubs were in your community. he's suggesting another massive federal program to train a million or more americans -- >> what does train mean? to be democrats? >> how is this going to be -- when you think about what the government does with people once they get their hands on them. this is my concern. we want this to happen but normally happens at the local level and maybe it speaks well to the family breaking down and who is going to be in charge -- >> send their kids to europe. >> i'd rather have them do this than on being on instagram taking pictures of their butts. >> one quick thing. pete buttigieg is a man of faith. is this the church infiltrating the government? >> no. no. this is his effort as the rhodes
2:42 pm
scholars, another idea. >> we have more coming up, featuring an insane video of a speed boat crash. much more here for you on "the five." priceline will partner with even more vegas hotels to turn their unsold rooms into amazing deals. delegates, how do you vote? (cheering) ♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... that is freaky. (applause) take prilosec otc and take control of heartburn.
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>> welcome back. time for the fastest seven. first up, you know, fourth of july is a great time to be cruising around on your luxury yacht. watch out for this guy. shocking moment. a junk man deliberately flew his speed back into the back of a yacht. happened on lake st. claire michigan last weekend. he was arrested for his alcohol-fueled crime. greg, there's video of you on a boat drunk. is this it? >> no, no. this is -- this man is a hero. those people were human traffickers. why do we -- no, this guy -- like it's hard to run into something on the ocean. you have to be really drunk to hit another boat. >> i think he had a lot to
2:47 pm
drink. this is an attack on the rich. they're under attack everywhere. >> wait a second. am i not -- looks like he's intentionally doing it. >> he drunkingly intentionally rammed the yacht. >> it was a yacht sucker punch. >> it's wave rage. woe need two more of these and do a segment. >> wave rage. >> you'd arrest him for malicious behavior. >> and he will get sued and won't have the boat. >> he was circling the boat and gave them a one fingered salute which they had to blur out. i relate to that though. if you're in a mercedes and you honk at me when i'm with my dog, i will fall on the hood of your car and put a dent in it. i'm big. i weigh more than i look. >> don't drink and boat. can it be dangerous. >> a really good message to end that on, jesse.
2:48 pm
>> just act responsibly on the lake or river or ocean, wherever you go. big victory for team u.s.a. in the world cup defeating england 2-1. but the u.s. women's soccer star alex morgan tea-sipping gesture that is offending some britts. >> happy birthday alex morgan! >> and there she goes. former member of england's national team expressing dis approva approval. for me, it's distasteful. greg, the british i thought had a stiff upper lip. >> i hear a phone ringing. okay. what was the question? somebody's phone is ringing. this is true equality. the longest time, we had professional athletes that were male that were jerks. now we have female athletes that
2:49 pm
are jerks. i don't like the idea of taunting another time. >> really? >> she was and taunting. he was honoring the tea drinking that the british do. it was like a tea party. >> it was erika. >> she was being -- referencing what they do and what they enjoy doing. if they get upset, they're going to get upset again because we're going to beat them in the finals. >> don't you think the britts can take it? upset over a little taunt? >> i hear this not from the britts but some americans saying this is rude and arrogant. >> i think these women have worked their whole lives to be in this moment. >> she's been -- >> and let me just say, wow! what a dominant team. we have to celebrate but -- >> a double standard to greg's point? you have the male athletes, the dream team, show boating,
2:50 pm
alley-ooping. in football, dancing. >> give them a little bit of in and a little bit of we beat your -- >> that's right. >> it is the fourth of july. there's a reason why. >> it's all about team. >> we beat them before. they still are clearly upset. it's a good country. they can handle being beaten again. how well they're doing after these last 200 years. >> finally what will american baseball cooking this fourth of july holiday? here's a list of their favorite foods. cheeseburger. bacon cheeseburger. french fries, onion rings. we have the food on set here. our intern's parents have a restaurant on 57th and lexington. greg, you allowed to eat it? >> yes.
2:51 pm
my diet is suspended for 48 hours. one thing i hate about fourth of july, the hot dog eating contest i find revolting. i love food. somebody is dipping buns and water and shoving pork down their throat, why is that an experti expertise? >> they're well-trained athletes. joey chestnut is one of the best. do you barbecue? >> barbecue is always a good thing, a good hot dog is hard to get done. hot dogs are fabulous. the amtrak train service have a good hot dog.they shocked me. they're so good. >> we pay for that hot dog. >> you know what i love about this? fourth of july is a time to eat. i love crabs. so i get a bushel of crabs -- >> i always get crabs on the fourth of july. >> a different issue. >> i bet you i can pick blue
2:52 pm
crabs faster than you. >> you think so? i don't think you're from san francisco. you're from virginia. >> challenge accepted. >> that would be fun. >> dagen and juan, crabs -- >> why are they blue? >> one more thing is up next. ♪
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♪ >> "one more thing." >> way down south in chile and argentina, something spectacular happened yesterday. take a look. yes, they saw a total eclipse of the sun. the moon passed between the earth and the sun totally blocking sunlight for nearly 5 minutes. people in the path of the eclipse also felt temperatures drop by several degrees. sky watcher scientists gathered from around the world with protective eyeglasses and these amazing telescopes all around to
2:57 pm
record this rare occurrence. the last time we in the usa had a total eclipse overdressed parts of our country was in 2017 and that was almost 100 years after the previous time. >> all right, jessie. >> my official firecracker rankings. make sure be safe, not legal everywhere. where some protective eyewear. there you go. number five, sparklers. fun for the kids, but not really an adult firecracker. let's get to the good stuff, number four, m80s. they give you nice pop. i got a little tmt, let's get into it. black cats. all over the ground, really loud. make sure to plug your ears. if number two, bottle rockets, that will get you airborne with a nice little sound, but the number one, roman candles! shoot them at your friends, make sure you have your eye contact here like that. be safe, everybody! >> sorry. rome had. no roman candles in my house.
2:58 pm
it's time for ♪ animals are great ♪ ♪ animals are great ♪ animals a great i've got to tell you something, i hate you, vacations, because people like to stay at my house and you all the different schedules. take a look at this poor guy. all he wants is to take a nap but he has people over and the people over just have a whole different lifestyle, right? they just don't care. they want to get up early. and what did they do? what are you doing? they want to wake him up and it's like, you know what, just leave me alone, you stupid duck! i don't know how they do that thing. that is great. ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great >> a 66-year-old grandpa gets surprise tickets to see his favorite singer. watch it. >> would you like to go to a concert maybe on that evening? may be in las vegas?
2:59 pm
>> gaga? oh, my gosh! i just got goose bumps. >> gaga? yep, lady gaga, his granddaughter gave them tickets to see lady gaga and of course the video went viral because it's sweet. if concert venue, in vegas, reached out and has given him more tickets. i got that concert in october. >> tammy. >> 53% of americans are willing to think about living in a tiny home. if they like it and now you can go to amazon, it's like your new sears catalog for an $18,000 cabin, free shipping, will take you a few days to build but you will have to have some friends and you will be in good shape right there. >> you know it's a free way to own tiny home? just gain weight. >> there you go. an additional part of my "one more thing," new show on fox nation called "get tammy bruce." it drops every tuesday on demand, so check it out at
3:00 pm
>> excellent and also check out jesse's show saturday and my show saturday because they're going to be brand-new shows, even on the holiday. set your dvrs, never miss an episode of us between three. "special report" is up next. hi, mike. >> mike: hello, great. thank you very much very much. >> you got a period. >> mike: president trump us that he is not given up and having a citizenship question on next year's census. the growing controversy, how political will it be, and how much will it cost? on the day before america's birthday, the nation says goodbye to a hero. this is "special report" ." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, on mike emanuel, in for bret baier. president trump is not giving up or giving in on his insistence next year's census include a question about u.s. citizenship. the president tweeted today that reports tuesday about the effort being abandoned or fake news. this sets up a major fight with critics who


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