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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  July 3, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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umpiring crew and got some cool mlb umpire gear. thanks so much for watching to be 27. i'm mike emanuel in washington. the story guest hosted by my friend trace gallagher starts now. >> trace: thank you, my friend, good to see you. and you are looking alive at the lincoln memorial in washington, d.c., were just under 24 hours from now president trump's july 4th salute to america will kick off. earlier today protesters took to that very spot, ripping tomorrow's event for the display of military hardware calling it "the military the militarizatif independence day. >> we don't think bringing german tanks from world war ii is a show of strength. >> hijacked the national holiday so it is a trump special day is wrong. >> trace: good evening, everyone. i'm trace gallagher in for martha maccallum. those protesters today joining a chorus of critics in the media with several suggesting
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tomorrow's festivities are all about the president's ego and his desire to behave like kim jong un. >> it's just obscene. it really is. and i just hope it doesn't spoil the whole day. >> the president of the u.s. trying to turn july 4th, traditionally the ultimate celebration of and by the people to a celebration of and by one person, donald j. trump. >> i -- the threat is to his fellow americans. i think donald trump -- not a defeat or of tyrants. >> trace: the president hitting back tweeting "the cost of our great salute to america tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth. it we own the planes, we have the pilots, the airport is right next door. all we need is the fuel. we own the tanks and all. fireworks are donated by two of the great. "my next guest is defending tomorrow's salute to america and
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says this is what our founders would have wanted. republican senator from utah mike lee joins me now. he sits on the senate judiciary committee and is the author of our lost declaration, america's fight against tyranny from king george to the deep state. senator, so good to see you. thank you for joining us, sir. >> thank you, trace. >> trace: is it so bad to show off our compliments on fourth of july? is it so bad to show off our pride on this day? >> no, not at all. tanks are great, and if we want to clap for some tanks as they come by before we light up the grills and watch fireworks, that's fine. what these people are needing to come to terms with is the fact that this president, president donald j. trump, has been more respectful of his power as commander in chief and more careful about using it than any president in our lifetimes. and i think that they are freaking out about that and that's part of why they're mad about this. this isn't a problem. this is celebrating our country and our armed services, protect
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us. >> trace: i want to play this -- part of this op-ed for you. the video op-ed in "the new york times" and it was titled "please stop telling me america is great." i'm going to play this and get your response. it watch. >> a bit of patriotism is great. especially when it's built on old or fake news, so as we gear up for another election season for politicians tell us america is great, or that it isn't, and then proceed to make it worse, let's try a more truthful approach. america may once have been the greatest, but today america, we are just okay. >> trace: senator, we played you 28 seconds, that was a much longer piece. it goes into saying how america is really more impoverished and countries like latvia, lithuania, and mexico, saying how our health care is worse. a lot of the claims critics say are absolutely preposterous. your take on that "new york times" piece? >> absolute nonsense.
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that is exactly why we need to be celebrating things like our declaration of independence as we approach the fourth of july. this is one of the reasons why i wrote i would lost declaration, to remind the american people of what frederick douglass referred to as the saving principles in the declaration of independence. if those principles that he said we should stand by and defend at all times, at all places. that's exactly what we need to be doing, rather than engaging in this progressive self-loathing criticism ethics amplified by that piece. >> trace: and you mentioned that they are, you talk about frederick douglass. you talk about progressives and a lot of critics are saying this kind of goes without progressive narrative which says that america is racist and america is oppressive and it's really built for the rich. >> yeah, i find that absolutely appalling. as i explained in our lost declaration, this is a system that recognizes the dignity of the immortal human soul that has
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brought more people out of poverty and into freedom than any other system in the world. we shouldn't be engaging the self flagellating behavior, we should be celebrating who we are and who we are is great. if not because of who we are inherently but because of the things we do. freedom is a choice, one that we have made deliberately repeatedly as a people. that's what we have to be celebrating on the fourth of july. >> trace: and is there a school of thought center that says look there is a reason that 95% of the countries in the world, people are not crossing deserts to get to. people are not risking their lives to get to and if america is so bad, why is it that people want to get in here and live the american dream that apparently, according to some, doesn't really exist. >> they're not crossing deserts to get to latvia, lithuania, estonia. if not crossing to get to mexico, to stay in mexico. if there are a number of reasons for this. in part because the laws of those countries are not very permissive or welcoming to immigrants like ours are.
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we respect the rights of the individual. these are the things that we need to be celebrating. >> trace: it there's an argument that says, look, you look at america, parades are part of our fabric. we had parades for military members. we have parades for world series champions. it's kind of who we are and on fourth of july, what's wrong with a good old-fashioned parade, whatever it includes? >> that's right. we devote substantial resources as a country to developing this technology to producing this equipment to help protect us and make us safe. if we want to showcase it now and then, there's no harm in that. and but, if all we display our large inflatable rocky and bullwinkles or spongebob squarepants replicas, perhaps people around the world will get the wrong idea. that's why i don't think this is a bad idea, it's a good one. >> trace: senator mike lee,
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good to see you, happy fourth of july to you and your family. >> thank you, same to you and yours. >> trace: also here tonight, jonah goldberg, america enterprise institute fellow ensign to get a columnist richard goodstein, democratic strategist and former advisor to bill and hillary clinton's presidential campaign. good to see you both. richard, it sounds like, i'm not sure if you read the comments there, sounds like you're not really on board with this parade the president is holding tomorrow with the military pieces and such. >> i totally agree with senator lee but july 4th is about celebrating the declaration of independence. a military parade -- look, it's not about the cost, and i guarantee you will never know what this cost. it's not about the toll it's taking on the roads in d.c. it's not about the fact that donald trump doesn't know that sherman tanks went out of service in 1957. if not about that stuff. to me, it's about the misappropriation of the lincoln memorial. lincoln was all about unity and healing and we have -- i think
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even you would have to admit, the president who glorifies and keeping people from being unified and healing i don't know that rolling tanks down the street is a way to do it. if china korea, north korea, and russia have parades like this because they're insecure. we're not insecure. are we trying to impress by thi this? >> trace: i think when he said you have to admit -- i think when he said you have to admit, he was speaking about you. >> [laughs] i hate to do this to everybody but i'm going to be a riot of nuance here. i think having a parade -- i think from speaking at the parade is a bad idea. i wouldn't have done it. i also don't think at the end of the world and it's not worth gnashing teeth about. with that presidents do military style parades before. people are comparing this to tiananmen square, which i think is outrageous both in terms of the fact that it's insulting to
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the u.s. military entered united states, but it's also insulting to the people who sacrificed their lives at tiananmen square. this isn't any of that. i do think that because donald trump is a polarizing figure, he's injecting politics into this in a way that is unfortunate, but it takes two to tango. if people are projecting politics onto trump as well and it just seems to me another place were sort of the culture war lights are filling over but people need to get over themselves at the idea that this is a prelude to a coup for this makes trump hitler, it really doesn't. >> trace: what journal speaking is harvard law professor responded to msnbc and an article about the tanks arriving in d.c., said this resemblance two days before tiananmen square is chilling. your response to that? there's also some military generals, richard, in the united states that they look, this is just not a good idea. >> right. i do think it's notable that
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there are these generals for disassociating themselves with this. this parallel to tiananmen square frankly is a bit twisted in my humble opinion, but again, the money -- we will never know what this cost. the money that could have been spent on housing people of the border or frankly all these homeless people the president told tucker carlson he was intent on kind of addressing, that money could be spent on many, many better things. it is at the end of the world as jonah said mike of course not. is it donald trump being donald trump and making it all about him? yes. i think his problem though is the people that he had in his corner, suburban women in 2016, who we lost in spades in 2018, are not going to be turned on by this. he is baseball, but the people that he needs to win election next year, i don't think so. >> trace: jonah, i want to put this on the screen, at post by -- holidays used to bring us together. in the trump error they tear us apart. i'm quoting here, "tribalism
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would doubtlessly disturb adams and jefferson, squabbling a independence day eve over whether it condones labor each one of the third president, or to put the betsy ross flag on nike sneakers. more significantly, president trump's order tanks and other military assets into the nation's capital for a new kind of ceremony that critics fear will be as much a celebration of himself as the nation's birthday. your thoughts on that? >> actually, i would flip it around. i think the more significant thing this week in terms of all of this is actually nike basically leaping headfirst into the culture war and basically it is nike who is responsible for turning the betsy ross flag into a white supremacist symbol. almost no one in the country had ever heard of the idea that it was a symbol of white supremacy until nike took the advice of colin kaepernick and now everyone's got to take sides on this. if this is one of the reasons why i feel like i'm taking crazy pills almost every single day, because there's no retaining walls for the culture war these
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days. everyone's got to say everything is racist. >> trace: before you respond to that richard, i want to put this gavin newsom tweet on the screen because he responded to doug ducey, the governor of arizona, saying he's going to pull the financial deals with nike. he says -- gavin newsom said "thank you for doing the right thing. california is open the stomach for business and welcome those that represent the best of our american values." left out the fact that nobody comes or because it's too expensive to do business, the taxing is too high, housing is too high for employees and of course the regulations are supremely high, but your thoughts on that tweet from gavin newsom? >> it is the fifth largest economy in the world, or is it sixth, forget. well if one is doing pretty well notwithstanding the taxes and regulations and so forth. it's got other problems. there is this competition between states to get big employers like nike, and if arizona is going to say get away, there's going to be a lot of states, not just california, that are happy to say we can find room for you, gladly.
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i totally agree with jonah. i think to make this betsy ross flag into something that it never has been again is an unfortunate aspect of what our current politics look like. it's not good. >> trace: i had people call me last night and say what? reporting on the shoe? and i said it's a long story. jonah goldberg, richard goodstein, good to see you both. >> thanks. >> thanks. >> trace: up next, what the future holds for eddie gallagher after being acquitted of murder. plus, ken bernie bounce back after his campaign takes a hit in several new poles? >> i think comp is a dangerous president but if all we do is focus on him, we lose. our job is to develop an agenda that speaks to the needs of workers. when we do that we are going to win and win big. ♪ most people think a button is just a button.
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♪ >> trace: new details tonight about what the future holds for eddie gallagher, the navy seal who was found guilty and sentenced today proposing for a photo with a human corpse after being acquitted in the murder of an isa spider in iraq. jonathan hunt's life forjonatha. >> chris, chief gallagher addressed the court for the first time today having been found not guilty of murder, but guilty of posing for a picture with the body of a dead isa spider. as part of the sentencing hearing on that one charge, gallagher stood facing the jury and delivered an unsworn statement. he said he took responsibility for mistakes and said "i put a black eye on the two communities of the most, the united states marine corps and the u.s. navy." if the jury nonetheless gave him the maximum sentence for the
4:19 pm
charge on which he was convicted, four months in prison, although he won't actually serve another day, because it was held for more than twice that in pretrial confinement. the rent was also reduced as part of the sentence. he said prosecutors should never have brought the case. >> they tried to frame me as a criminal from the get-go. but, you know, we knew the truth the whole time. we knew i was innocent of these charges the whole time and i overcame it by having my strong wife with me the whole time, and my legal team. >> there is no doubt this trial exposed a split in the usually tight-knit navy seal community pitting some of the u.s. military's most elite fighters against each other, a point not lost on chief gallagher. >> i would say to future navy seals, loyalty is a trait that
4:20 pm
seems to be lost. i would say bring that back. you're part of a brotherhood. remember, your there to watch her brother's back. he is there your back. stay loyal. >> chief gallagher will, according to his attorney, retire as soon as he is eligible later this month. in the meantime, the gallagher family say they intend to enjoy the fourth of july celebrating freedom. trace. >> trace: jonathan, thank you. also tonight, for many fourth of july means barbecue and fireworks, but for presidential candidates it means hitting the campaign trail. nearly all of the 2020 democratic candidates are expected to swing through iowa over the holiday weekend and bernie sanders might need it the most. his standing among democratic pack has fallen in three polls this week dropping down into fourth place in each of them. joining me now, jack kingston,
4:21 pm
former georgia congressman and now a trump 2020 surrogate and jess o'connell, former ceo of the democratic national committee. welcome to you both. i want to put this fall back on the screen because i just got a brief look at it and i want you both to react to it because it shows that in quinnipiac, cnn, suffolk university, all of those poles he is down. six, four, seven points, but he's in fourth place across the board and that's really bad news for bernie sanders. i know the old saying is there's a lot of time left, but when your poll numbers are going down, it seems like the clock is ticking fast and furious. >> well, i'm addicted to the polls too. and they're going to keep coming out fast and furious. but i think we do have a long way to go. we are in like mile -- first mile, mile and a half of a marathon here. so predicting the winner is going to be a fool's errand at the moment. i would say this, the fund-raising members also came out in addition to the polling numbers.
4:22 pm
99% of bernie's donors contributed $100 or less, which means he can go back over and over again to them. and for goodness sake, he had a million donations this quarter. there's a lot of strong support for him out there still. and i think is going to have a lot of runaway on this. >> trace: it when they say the running analogy, there's a mile and have raised and got a long way to go. remember the runner who takes off out of the gate and starts off really fast and any kind of false back in the pack. that runner never really tends to really catch up again in those races. i want to just say, the sanders campaign, this is yesterday, says that bernie did very well. in debates he did well, the numbers reflect that and i'm not quite sure what numbers the sanders campaign are looking at because the numbers we just showed you do not reflect that. your thoughts on that? >> what's even worse is the polls also show, for those who did not watch the debate, bernie did better. i don't know how they can point to anything in the debate, but i think he's politically a dead man walking.
4:23 pm
i think is going to be permanently in the 4-5 slot. last time -- if you look at the advantages he had, it was really a clinton establishment versus an outsider with bernie race because they never got any traction. so bernie got the anti-hillary, antiestablishment boat and on the same hand, hillary knew she was going to win, whether it was rigged or not and she would not attack bernie. he got a pass on the negative hits. that's not going to happen this time with so many candidates. and the other thing is frankly -- >> was meant to say hillary clinton won fair and square, we will leave that there. i think something that's interesting when you talk about the people that are supporting his campaign, i saw a report today that show that the number one professional people giving him money right now our teachers and the number one employer of people who are donating to him is walmart, so he is striking a nerve with working mike working class america. that's going to keep them in this race and going for a long
4:24 pm
time because that message is resonating with people. >> trace: you when i talk about this -- hold on one second, jack. we talked about this on friday morning. i was on "america's newsroom" and it was after the debate on thursday and we talked about the fact that bernie's name really never came up. we were talking about on friday morning and his name just never came up, and that's not a good thing. it really isn't, because you want your name to resonate. bernie sanders is talking about the same things in 2020 that he was talking about in 2016, so that tends to be a problem. if it's not resonating now, when is it going to resonate, quickly. >> what i would say as he remains in the top four contenders of a race that is 22, 23 plus people. that's pretty impressive. >> trace: jack, your thoughts on that? >> let me say this. i don't think is going to be the nominee. i don't think he has a shot at being the nominee anymore, but whether he is or not, he's won the debate because if you look at the top democrat positions of health care abortion, climate change, immigration and the economy, all of them have really
4:25 pm
adopted his positions, which is the extreme left wing. whether it's open borders and free health care for illegal aliens, or if it's live birth abortions or medicare for all, socialized medicine, bernie sanders set that agenda that's all the democrats when they all raised their hands, what happens is people look for the new and shiny object. in this case, the new messenger, whether it's mayor pete or kamala harris. politics is unfortunately in many cases about the new shiny object and bernie is not that player anymore. >> trace: sure. i want to get you both to respond to the fact that also if you look at bernie's -- his treasure chest, not going the way they thought it was going to go. he still raising money. it's robust, but not what they thought it was two months ago or was going to be two months from then. so the question is if you're not raising money and you're losing a little bit in the polls, where does that put you, and how do you regain momentum?
4:26 pm
>> i think he is reporting out $24 million, so that's not nothing. i think what you're saying from the democrats that are running is a very different vision and message for america and that's where the energy enthusiasm is coming from and the money might be scattered right now among candidates, but you can be sure that is the race narrows, and i do think bernie will be in that top tier for an awful long time as the race narrows, that money and that energy and enthusiasm is going to consolidate and in terms of the issues, that's what we do this campaign for, that's what our democracy is about and we are about to find out what people want out there. >> trace: jess o'connell, jack kingston. i will give you a chance in a second. >> polls show that democrats want a winnable candidate and that's why joe biden is doing well and they perceive bernie is being somebody who is not electable. >> trace: joe biden also lost a lot of ground multiples. lost a bunch of ground last week so it's anybody's race right now. jack kingston, jess o'connell, happy fourth of july to both of you. >> happy fourth. >> trace: next "the story"
4:27 pm
explores a twist in the case of just 16 years old walking home from the library, when a blunt object hit her in the back of the head and two men murdered her in cold blood. what the parole board just decided about the fate of one of her convicted killers is next. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug
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4:32 pm
16-year-old honor student who was beaten, and brutally murdered while walking home from the local library and quiet pearl river new york nearly four decades ago. one of the two accomplices in that crime has just been denied parole following weeks of public outcry and other calls to new york governor andrew cuomo to stefan after that same parole board granted the release of her other killer. live in new york tonight with exclusive reaction. >> tonight outrage and desperation. the family, the community and former governor of new york george pataki urged andrew cuomo to stop the release of one of hercules. october 20th, 1980. she was hit in head with a concrete block, she was raped twice, strangled and stabbed five times just a block away from her home. at the most
4:33 pm
brutal murder the medical examiner had ever seen. these two men were convicted of second-degree murder, the toughest sentence at that time. the last month he was granted parole. he served 39 years in prison. now the 66-year-old is set to be released monday. again, he watched her be raped, and then rape-80 before stabbing her five times. former governor is now calling on cuomo to reconsider. >> the governor can certainly ask the parole board to take another look. to look at the facts, to look at the lack of remorse, the brutality of this murder and if they did, i think they would have to see what so many of us see, that this man should not be out on the streets. i've seen this attitude in the past, the criminals aren't violent thugs that belong behind bars, they are victims of
4:34 pm
society and somehow we have to understand their motives. while, i'm not interested in understanding the motive here. it was a barbaric, hideous murder. that's enough for me. i've been very careful about not commenting on state government policies since i left office, but this release of this rapist and this murder is so hideous to me that i really feel an obligation to speak out so that, first, hopefully it won't happen, but if it sadly does, that it won't happen again. >> trace: this parole board has made other recent controversial decisions, like releasing herman bell, who murdered two new york city police officers and releasing marybeth tanning, a woman convicted of killing her infant daughter and suspected of killing seven of her eight children. but in the paula case, the organization petitioned for paula filed a lawsuit demanding a new parole hearing, a delay in the release and they want him to live at least five counties away from paula's surviving mother.
4:35 pm
in pearl river, more than a thousand people -- days after the vigil, three separate members of the parole board denied -- robert mccain. in mccain's hearing, the board said "the recent and strenuous community opposition and official opposition indicates your release at this time would not be compatible with the welfare of society. further, your release would trivialize the tragic loss of a teenager's life. two men convicted of the same crime, to go very different outcomes. governor andrew cuomo has said nothing about the case and the decision to release him monday despite repeated requests on fox news. trace. >> trace: we have not heard the last of the spirit of bryan llenas life for us in new york. thank you. remember this? >> because loving your country shouldn't just mean watching fireworks on the fourth of july. loving your country shouldn't mean excepting your responsibility to do your part to change.
4:36 pm
>> trace: it now 2020 candidate and south bend mayor pete buttigieg is pitching his own plan for a more service-minded america. jason chaffetz has reaction to that and more next. ♪ rate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines and if you're pregnant or planning to be. ready to treat differently with a pill? otezla. show more of you.
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covers us with what? you got me. [ scoffs ] she's an insurance lady. and i suppose this baker sells insurance, too? progressive protects your pets like you do. you can see "the secret life of pets 2" only in theaters. ♪ >> that's why as president i will expand americorps up to 250,000 slots and make that increase service vehicle, to meet national goals by providing health care -- so that citizens see their efforts in acting to a common purpose. we have to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded. >> trace: that was then senator barack obama on the campaign trail 11 years ago pitching his plan for service-minded citizens. now we're hearing a similar idea from 2020 democratic candidate
4:41 pm
pete buttigieg. if the south bend mayor rolling out a new call to national serve plan from the my promising a funding service boost to -- like a claimant core, all with a reported price tag of roughly $20 billion over ten years. let's bring in jason chaffetz. a former house oversight committee chairman. now a fox news contributor and the author of the brand-new book "paragraph." jason chaffetz, good to see you, sir. thank you. kind of interesting to see barack obama if that sound right there, talking but he wants to see 250,000 in americorps and such. if that's exactly what did not happen because there is still like 75,000 now. pete buttigieg wants to get that number up to 250,000 and also include things like groups for climate change and so forth. your thoughts? >> thanks. no doubt about it. if this is just more big government. this is not a new idea.
4:42 pm
if 20 billion have volunteers over a ten-year period matt, plus he wants grants on top of that. we want people to volunteer but you should do it through your church or the united way or the red cross. maybe your local school. there's plenty of places to volunteer. what he wants us to implement his own policies and his own politics and have the government pay for it by the tune of $20 billion. that's just more big government. >> trace: i think you're right. what's happening happening as a lot of churches, a lot of private organizations are growing, so the need for some of these other groups isn't as vast as it was years ago. he said, quoting here, "this is because our national -- our social fabric needs axing" is what he says. this is just coming off the debates and something else to kind of lift him up, is that a fair assessment? >> yeah, but it's a retread of an old idea. he's going to present it as if it's new and it's exciting, but it's just big government
4:43 pm
politics. a classic liberal line that they need more government to fix the nation 'has problems. but they really should be doing is focusing on and supporting those nonprofit groups. let them do their thing but without the government funding, this decision is to take money out of somebody's wallet and give it to somebody else. i don't want them taking that money out of my wallet. we are already $20 trillion in debt. >> trace: it's interesting because we were talking to the previous panel but how the performance of bernie sanders isn't what they were really hoping for. pete buttigieg came at him in the debates and he didn't have a breakout moment, but he was steady throughout. his fund-raising appears steady. he's trying to lift himself, is this kind of a reaction to what happened last week during the debates? just looking for something else to lift himself up, and to do that he's moving a bit more to the left [boos] >> i think you've seen senator warren in the moves that she's made, because she's
4:44 pm
actually had a policy initiative. i disagree with every single one of them, they will destroy the country, but she has been policy-centric. i think what he's doing is trying to emulate and does duplicate what barack obama did because he was the one that pushed this idea, but it's an old liberal trick of let's spend more money to have people volunteer so i can implement my climate change global warming initiative. that's really what he's trying to do. >> trace: you can get the phrase climate change in there, people love it on the left. jason chaffetz, always good to see you, thank you, sir. >> thanks, trace. >> trace: up next, the girlfriend of u.s. women soccer star megan rapinoe, pending an op-ed on the ongoing feud with, as she puts it, "adolescent boy" donald trump. ♪ they really appreciate the military family and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good,
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♪ >> trace: the back and forth between president trump and u.s. women's national team star megan rapinoe taking a new turn. rapinoe's girlfriend and wnba star sue bird is firing back writing in the player's tribune, quoting, "there's nothing better demanding your attention. it would be ridiculous to the point of laughter if it wasn't so gross, and if his legislations and policies weren't ruining the lives of so
4:49 pm
many innocent people. joining me now, most of the michael knowles show on the daily wire and wendy, a professor and founder of the 1954 equity project. thank you both for coming, good to see you both. i want to continue if i can with this piece that sue bird wrote in "the players' tribune," which is really kind of a magazine geared towards younger soccer players and she goes on to say this. she says, "you got all these crazy blogs writing terrible things about this person you care so much about, and now they're doing takedowns of megan on fox news, and who knows whatever else. it's like an out-of-body experience really." what are your thoughts on that document >> here comes another out-of-body experience, i guess. i don't typically look to wnba stars for my political philosophy, but on this question, she actually seems to know less about sports and she does about politics. what she writes in that piece is
4:50 pm
what this is fundamentally about is the prowess of a single athlete at the top of her game, and that's not what this is about. trump is right, megan rapinoe and sue bird are wrong. this is about the nation. sports has always been about the nation. nations have their games and this is especially true at the international level. megan rapinoe is out there on the national team representing the united states. she hates the united states. if she doesn't like our own country, she denigrates the flag, which is a symbol of the country. that's your prerogative to do that, but she shouldn't be doing that while she's out abroad representing the united states in these games. president trump using the bully pulpit to stick up for america was exactly the right thing to do and megan rapinoe and sue bird should really think about what sports means. >> trace: michael says megan rapinoe if the united states. that's not what she says. if i want to play this sound bite of what she says about what a great country this is. watch this. >> yes, we are a great country.
4:51 pm
there's many things that are so amazing and i feel very fortunate to be in this country. i would never be able to do this and a lot of other places, but also that doesn't mean that we can't get better. >> trace: is this the way to get better, wendy, when she loves this country, but she says this is the way to get better, to go after the president, your thoughts on that. >> i find it laughable that here we are about to celebrate the independence of this country and we are all about to chow down on burnt hot dogs and potato salad and instead of the president congratulating these women were going out there wearing our nation 's name on their jerseys, he is instead of attacking her. we all know that when it comes to athletes, since the beginning of time, they have used their platform to be able to speak up on issues, whether it's muhammad ali, you can look at lebron james, you can look at colin kaepernick. she has the right to do so. america is not devoid of issues, america is not void of criticism. what makes us patriotic and what makes us american is the ability to criticize our government, and so right now megan is actually
4:52 pm
more patriotic than the individual who lives at 1600 pennsylvania avenue was bullying her when she is actually defending this country every moment. >> trace: she started this. it does he not have the chance to counter? you know he's going to punch back. it doesn't he have the chance to respond? speak of course he should. muhammad ali in the 1960s was not the beginning of time. the split is asian of sports as a way to attack the country itself as a terry wearing a phenomenon and a terrible phenomenon. megan rapinoe can say everything she wants about the aspects of america she likes but the fact remains she is protesting the symbol of the country. it's not just a symbol of one issue. it's a symbol of the whole country and even more egregiously, she is doing on the international stage. i am so pleased that we have a president was willing to stand up for this country, especially on the fourth of july. >> trace: ten seconds. go ahead, wendy, last word. >> i think what's egregious is a president who continues to bully athletes whenever they have a different political affiliation than he does. we are americans and we have the
4:53 pm
right to not only critique, but criticize and make sure our country gets better. that is why i am a united states citizen, to be able to do that. >> trace: at wendy, michael, happy fourth of july to both of you, great debate, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> trace: the countdown is on to president trump's celebration of america, we go live to the national mall. there it is, that's coming up next. ♪ ty mutual customized my car insurance so i only pay for what i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ when crabe stronger...strong, with new nicorette coated ice mint. layered with flavor... it's the first and only coated nicotine lozenge. for an amazing taste... ...that outlasts your craving. new nicorette ice mint. it's a revolution in sleep.
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>> less than 24 hours from now, president trump will host the fourth of july salute to america in the nation's capitol. the president will speak followed by a grand display of america night. it's being build as the biggest fireworks show the nation's capitol has ever seen. here's david givens. >> it's going to be so packed,
4:58 pm
it's going to be hard to get around. the white house is calling this event salute to america. they say this will bring everybody together regardless of political party. they're saying it's going to be quite a show. in a few hours, we're expecting the m-1-a-1 abrams will be moved in. the bradley fighting vehicles were moved in. the abrams and bradleys will be stationary and not moving because of the impact on local records. in 1990, the abrams rolled down the streets to washington d.c. to mark the end of the gulf war. here's what you'll see if you come out in personal. the b-2 stealth bomber, marine helicopter and the famous blue angels. the cost, the white house not saying much but there's reports that department of interior will allocate did 2 million used for
4:59 pm
the event. fireworks will be donated. president trump tweeting today the cost of our great salute to america tomorrow will be very little compared to what it's worth. not everybody agrees with that tweet. local d.c. officials are concerned about the infrastructure with the army tanks. others are worried about the message. >> we don't need to shout to be heard. we don't need to roll the tanks for the rest of the world to know our strength and our might. i don't know that these plays are necessary. they're very expensive. >> 11:45 tomorrow a.m., everything will kickoff on the mall. the big event at 6:15. the faa restricting airspace because of the planes and fireworks. >> if you're out there tomorrow and get a chance to see the blue angels, they're well worth the
5:00 pm
watch. it's spectacular. it's really something else. have a great first of july. that's the story on this wednesday night. have a great and safe happy fourth of july. i'm trace gallagher. tucker is up right now. >> hi, everybody. hope you're having a great night. hope it gets better. i'm lucky enough to fill in for tucker carlson. he's coming back from south korea. just a few months ago, democrats and the elite media establishment were united. everything is fine at the border. there's no immigration crisis. don't panic. it was in a word manufactured. >> folks, the president has manufactured one heck of a political crisis for himself. >> donald trump is manufacturing a national security crisis. >> this is a manufactured crisis. >> president trump must stop holding the american people hostage. st


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