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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 3, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. also don't forget to dvr the show, because he gets paid for everyone that is dvred. i have to get his agent. he will be back tomorrow. but if you want more of me, watch fox and friends everything the day. let's go to gregg jarrett who went to school to be a lawyer. >> don't hold that against me, we all sin, brian. >> brian: no, you know everything. >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity," trump versus the resistance. i'm gregg jarrett in for sean. president trump will kick off in the historic fourth of july celebration honoring our country beginning at 6:30 p.m., you can watch it all right here on the fox news channel. there will be a military air show. and an epic 35 minute fireworks display, all planned and the president is calling it a show of the lifetime. in the mainstream media, not happy about it. take a look.
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>> what is the message donald trump is trying to send by rolling things down constitutional avenue? who is at two, the resistance in the country? i have tanks. i have a military our motto. the message is a threat. but it is always a threat when you roll out your military. but it is to whom it is a threat, and i suspect the threat is to the fellow americans. >> i am personally outraged about the president hijacking the fourth of july. >> how about the juxtaposition of the images and the children in cages and here is donald trump and there are these, you know, things flying overhead and the tanks. is that really the message that we want to send about america? >> this is not what we normally think has a democratic display of our values, but rather the values of power of making it right, of dictatorship. >> i am struck by the tacky narcissism of it and how thoroughly and annoying it is that the president of the united states needs to take over what was really one of my favorite holidays.
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>> this is not just tacky obnoxiousness, it is fundamentally un-american. >> gregg: things flying overhead. that was my favorite. those are called jets. the network news timed and accusing the president of hijacking the fourth of july. and guess what, msnbc will not be airing any of the event. instead they will just spend hours and hours talking about it. describing the patriotic parade as a hostile, un-american military takeover. there you go. but the democratic mayor of washington, d.c., echoed those concerns saying that she hopes this is not a show of force to our own people. and of course this is not the first military parade in washington, d.c. there are the pictures. john f. kennedy rolled out tanks and missiles and socials for his inauguration in 1961. massive military display. so did president eisenhower, cheering on the lengthy military per session honoring his second
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inauguration. so much for history. joining us now with more on tomorrow's event is white house principal deputy press secretary hogan give dean denny. good to talk to you, one is tempted to conclude that to the left and the mainstream media, which is redundant i realize have no clue about american history and tradition. they seem to have forgotten that we secured our independence that we celebrate tomorrow through military force. you know, general washington in the continental congress, that little thing called the revolutionary war, what is your take? >> it is pretty clear at this point to that the democrats in this country hate this president more than they love america. and that hatred has taken many forms in the short period that donald trump has been in the white house. first the democrats lied about collusion, then they lied about the corruption. then they lied about the crisis at the southern border.
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and now they are lying about the motives of donald trump. who simply wants to celebrate to the greatest idea ever realized in the history of humankind. and that is america. most countries who have a constitution, those constitutions last an average of about 17 years. ours has been around for more than 230. this is no doubt the most amazing place in history. and democrats refuse to celebrate that greatness, refuse to even celebrate our nation's independence or the fourth of july simply because it is donald trump who is doing the celebrating. >> gregg: i said my favorite was the commentator who said oh, things flying overhead. really the favorite was the clip that we played of the ever obtuse joy reid on msnbc who said, you know, the tanks are a threat. as if the president is going to direct the military to turn the tanks on the people and fire
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away. has the antipathy towards trump become so extreme now that these people have lost all sense? >> there is no doubt, listen, i was with the president for quite some time this afternoon talking about the speech and listening to him talk about the themes that he wants to address. and there is not a political bone in the entire speech. i mean, the whole thing is about the greatness of america. how far we have come. and yes, we have had dark days in this country. so many other nations have had dark days. the darkness is not unique. what is unique to america is that we came out of those dark days better and more united. in amazing people. united behind the ideal that is america. that's what the speech is about and what donald trump wants to can be. he wants to celebrate the men and women who are brave and put their lives on the line every single day and allow the freedoms of those journalist to make those claims albeit
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completely false. that is what this is about. for all americans. it is not political or about donald trump. it is about each of us. that's what he wants to convey. >> gregg: we should be so grateful every day for a military that secures our freedoms every day. hogan, thank you for being with us. on independence day tomorrow, millions of americans will be celebrating our nation. but "the new york times," god bless them, their opinion team tweeted out a video to let you know that american greatness is a myth. take a look. >> we got so caught up in the rhetoric about america being the greatest country on earth that we have long ignored the cracks in our system. and while patriotism is great, jingoism is dangerous. especially when it is built on old or fake news. so as we gear up for another election season where politicians tell us that america is great or that it isn't and then proceed to make it worse. let's try a truthful approach.
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america may have once been the greatest, but today america, we are just okay. >> gregg: you got that? we are just okay. also this week city officials and comments jefferson hometown voted to no longer celebrate his birthday because the third president and declaration of independence author owned slave slaves. joining us with reaction is victor davis hanson. we are just okay, because our health care is not to the greatest in their opinion and education is not good enough. and there are is gun ownership, what is your take? >> well, by every standard of the video, they are mistaken. we have 18 of the top 20 research universities in the world. we are the largest oil and gas producer. we invented fracking. a silicon valley high-tech was an american brand. we are the longest
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constitutional democracy in history. we have 50 million immigrants here that would disagree with "the new york times." they came for some reason. there were 50 million people in the united states that mostly came from poor countries. they have a different language, culture, and protocol than ours, and they wanted to give it up to come to the united states. we took in more immigrants last year than any country combined. we do not have a legacy like china murdering 37 million people or rush of 20 million people or destroying europe twice like germany or starting a war in the pacific like japan or driving people out of their homes in central and latin america. i don't know what happened to the new modernist idea that you have to be perfect to be good, and the shortcoming defines you rather than the majority of your positive traits. but my god, the united states is the great country that it always has been. and as far as jefferson, we are hearing that jefferson was a flawed individual. what man in history was
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president of the united states, vice president of the united states, secretary of state with the louisiana purchase doubled the size of the country, founded the first secular universe, and read 20 lines of used entities in greek every night, opposed slavery and was a flawed human being because he was a man of his time. there's not one critic that would have any of his abilities, not a fraction. and i guess just to sum up, i think we are in a revolutionary time when we can see what these democratic primaries, just as the hijack of the french revolution, the bolsheviks, the 60s radicals destroyed the party of kennedy and humphrey. there is no democratic party. there is no old-style liberalism. the aoc agenda, the representative agenda, the beto o'rourke agenda in mexico. all of those issues have destroyed democratic liberalism. and we have learned to really
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radical phase now. trying to attack the past and the president so that it can govern the future. i think most of the viewers are outraged by it because they do not believe that this small minority of radicals has a right to expropriate our traditions, our history and redefined america into something that it never was. >> gregg: you know, it worries me when i read the story about we will know longer honor thomas jefferson's birthday, yes, he was a flawed individual. who among us is not a flawed individual? and slavery was horrible. absolutely horrible. there's no question about that. but are we going to blow up mount rushmore because jefferson and washington 'faces are sculpted? are we going to burn all books because they make references for our founding fathers? does that worry you? >> yes, it does. i know that they are not sincere. martin luther king jr. was a great american.
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he was a plagiarist, he was a serial philanderer fleur. recent revelations are shocking. cesar chavez went down to the border to beat up migrants. he let the colt infiltrate his union, does that mean that their achievements have to be denied? we have to remove a national holiday because of that? is margetts angry at such a awful eugenicist that planned parenthood should be disbarred? so nobody in the left is saying, 100 years after jefferson with the benefit of history, woodrow wilson was a eugenicist and a racist and therefore we will remove the name wilson school from princeton university. we don't believe that they are going to do that, we don't believe that samford university is going to say that leland stanford who endowed the university for his son miss used agent labor in the 19th century, we would classify him as a racist, are we going to get rid of that name? it is always selective. they always go for the
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convenient circling target, but never the one that would cause real infrastructure on the left of the progressive union. because we are all human, we do we are not perfect or divine. >> gregg: victor davis hansen, thank you so much for being with us. joining me with more on all of this is host of salem radio, america first, sebastian gorka, and charlie kirk. good to see you both. if america's greatness to is just a myth and we are only okay according to "the new york times," why is it that hundreds of thousands of people are clamoring at our border and sneaking in? >> america is the only country in the history of the world where even those who say they hated refused to leave. that's how you know you live in a great country. all of these people should be in canada by now. i thought they were all going to leave the country of president trump was going to get
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elected? the long and the short of it, and victor davis hanson was brilliant in that segment that america makes mistakes, but we are not a mistake. is the world a better place because of america? and the answer is of course. and what i find disturbing is radical ideology that stems from the universities, which is something that i am fighting against every day. has now metastasized in the highest levels of leadership in our government. what used to be fringe ideology is now mainstream where we have "the new york times" editorial page on the eve of july 4th saying we are just okay. essentially bashing the greatest experiment in human history. and it could disappear like this. there is no guarantee that it is going to continue. but with an ideology like that, it is rather horrifying. >> gregg: i was saying off-camera before the segment to charlie that i always read "the new york times" first thing in the morning because i like to start my day with some comedy. but as charlie remarked, it is no tragedy. right? >> it is not comedy, and it is
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not tragedy, greg, it is perversion. this is, this video was not just written by some brainwashed millennials, the kind that charlie is trying to help all over american campuses, this had to be approved at every level of editors, this had to be approved by the executives that publish "the new york times" ." what oregon says that just before the biggest national holiday in our country, we have to make a five minute video that trashes our country? and i have one very simple question, and charlie is right, vdh's monologue or assignment was amazing. but which nation is great? is it any of the nations in europe that initiated two world wars in the last century? that perfected the concentration camp in? is it russia? is it china?
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there is no other country, it is a sad photograph, but what other country in the world sees a man risked his life and the life of his 20-month-old daughter to cross the rio grande to come to freedom? no other country, only america, greg. >> gregg: i want to come back for full circle, since when is it a dirty word to pay tribute to our military that sacrificesr lives for our freedom, and in america, the mainstream media among liberals and to hear this from the presidential candidates who are trashing any reference to the military and tomorrow's parade. it is just, it is ludicrous. >> i can tell you where it came from. the radicalism reared its head in the 1960s paid what happen was those radicals were professors. and then they taught teachers and generations and this anti-americanism has grown to levels that we never would have ever imagined. where the same people that were spitting on soldiers in the
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1960s and '70s are running our universities. and they are the same ones that are editorializing the segments and writing copy that are saying that there is something wrong about our military. it is our military that allows us to celebrate july 4th. and i applaud president trump completely for remembering our troops by putting forth some of the military weaponry that was once used in world war ii and a reminder that this freedom is not free. that there has been blood, toil, and sacrifice behind it. in the attacks by the left have been so incendiary and uncalled for and to compare them to a third world dictator is really disappointing in the american dialog. >> gregg: your thoughts on the parade tomorrow, because he won't be watching it on msnbc. they refuse to aerate because there is military hardware there and jets flying overhead. and you know, may be the new slogan ought to be the un-american channel, but in the president's speech that was all about america, not politics.
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>> this president, i work for him as mr. trump, i worked for him in the white house, he loves this country and he loves our military, he loves our law enforcement. i will be there watching it with my eyeballs while cnn, which has 600,000 viewers on a good night, that is 0.3% of the population, they will be running a documentary on white supremacists in america. this is the insanity. think about the fact of the matter. president obama bombed more nations, greg, than any president since truman and roosevelt. did the left, did "the new york times" have a problem with this? they are talking about tanks rolling down pennsylvania avenue, we have two static tanks and two armored personnel carriers, so that will be four static vehicles. this is the insanity of the left. charlie is right. it is the people who wear the
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cloth of the republic that make our freedoms possible. and there is no greater show of respect then to see them fly above us and to see them parade down our streets and for us to think them at least once a year for our liberty, gregg. >> gregg: behind you is the lincoln memorial and the washington -- they would be scratching their heads if they saw the reaction. >> they would be horrified. >> gregg: absolutely. >> it will be on the lincoln memorial, abraham lincoln had his flaws too, he over oversaw horrible things. remember him for his merits and his virtues, they superseded anything he did incorrectly. in the history of the left, so morally reprehensible, we saw it to rear its head with the betsy ross episode with nike, and we see it with a demagogue towards the military paid we will must remember our founding fathers and thank them that we are able
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to exist in the greatest nation of the history of the world. >> gregg: good to see you both, thank you so much. when we come back, the battle of the deep state continues, ken starr, bret holman, david sean will be with us to reveal what documents need to be declassified. and the hypocrisy over the border crisis. that much more as the "hannity" special continuous. ♪
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♪ >> gregg: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." i am gregg jarrett. trump versus the resistance. and now as we continue our quest to hold those who abuse power accountable, spotlight shines on the need to declassify
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everything from fisa applications to the 302 reports, exculpatory material and a whole lot more. as a new "wall street journal" column points out that there is piece of evidence much of the media is ignoring. the classified dependents of the department of justice 2008 inspector general review which may hold the most powerful evidence yet of anti-trump bias in the clinton email investigation. remember, comey told the inspector general that the borough "obtained highly classified information in march of 2016 that included allegations of partisan bias or attempts to impede the investigation by lynch." and to listen to comey back in 2017 refusing to talk about those allegations. take a look. >> "the new york times" recently reported that the fbi had found a troubling email among the
6:25 pm
ones, the russians act from democrat opportunists. the email reportedly provided assurances that attorney general lynch would protect secretary clinton by making sure that the fbi investigation "did not go too far." how and when did you first learn of this document? also who sent it? and who received it? >> that is not a question and i can answer in this forum, it would be a classified response parade i have briefed leadership of the intelligence committee on that issue. but i cannot talk about it here. >> gregg: why not? rather than focus on the 2016 election scandal, democrats are continuing to fuel mueller mania all across capitol hill even as their partners in the media are already sounding the alarm that this upcoming testimony could actually backfire. and only the holden, and bolden
6:26 pm
president trump who continues to take his america first message straight to the voters announcing a 2020 rally in north carolina. the same day as mueller's testimony. joining me now is ken starr, along with former u.s. attorney bret holman, and david sean. great to have all of you with us here. judge, let me start with you. i remember the comey testimony vividly because i right about it extensively in my book. and it strikes me that if there is an email that essentially, you know, loretta lynch, the attorney general and saying, i'm not going to let the case go too far against hillary clinton, my goodness, doesn't that need to be declassified? >> yes indeed, gregg, i think you when, and the american people are in agreement, we need more rather than less. and especially in light of the
6:27 pm
very serious questions about the integrity of the fbi's leadership even touching on the justice department. during that period in 2016 before the president was elected president. we need declassification. happily, as you know, president trump has delegated that responsibility to the attorney general of the united states bill barr, who is very experienced pit he will do a very professional job of protecting national security, sources and methods, but also then getting the information now that we the people need in order to make our own judgment about what happened. >> gregg: david, the evidence is pretty compelling that the fix was in. that hillary clinton was not going to be charged. i will point your attention to what peter strzok said in private testimony. he said that it was the doj attorneys that told the fbi to charge, to change gross negligence to extremely careless, and then his lover, lisa page testified that the doj
6:28 pm
said "you are not going to charge gross negligence." was the fix in? >> absolutely, very, very troubling. and remember, remember michael horwitz inspector general said that he did not have access to all of the emails. if so we still have not seen some of the emails between strzok and page. you discussed this brilliantly in your book starting at page 40 about the whole fix that clearly was in. and judge spoke beautifully earlier. he is absolutely right. but there is a question as to whether and why the information was classified in the first place. i frankly don't believe former director comey that there was a need for it to be classified. >> gregg: i wonder if you believe comey, because he said i have not coordinated or reviewed the statement in any way with the department of justice or any part of the government. they don't know what i am about to say. then how come four days earlier
6:29 pm
pages sent a text that said she, lynch knows no charges will be brought to? >> this is one of the more shocking discoveries i think for many of us that worked in the department of justice. jim comey held himself out of having the white hat. he was all about transparency. all about the rules, following the rules. you look at what he said in the hearing and he says, i would have to give a classified answer in response to that. well, he stuck with that and he continues to use that as the defense mechanism to reveal the things that he was doing. many of us that were in the department of justice, worked with jim comey would have fired jim comey instantly on many of the issues that we now know he was involved in and how he handled them. >> gregg: and judge starr, the twist on all of this is that it was the russians that intercepted the email, which
6:30 pm
only underscores that hillary clinton really did jeopardize national security with her private unauthorized unsecured server even though president obama said oh, gee, she did not jeopardize national security. >> yes, and that cannot be right. it absolutely was so unconscionable that the secretary of state would do what she did and do it intentionally. and the changing of the characterization i think is, well, to me it is unpardonable. you do not when the fbi comes forward with a conclusion based on their very careful evaluation of the facts then say, no, we are going to change that. that is not your view. your view is instead a softer and gentler view. so there is just an enormous amount of questions about the professionalism, frankly of the doj and its relationships with the fbi. leadership in particular during
6:31 pm
the course of the obama administration. and the loretta lynch email. if this is true, it is absolutely explosive, because that shows that there is a very serious issue of integrity at the very top of the justice department. >> gregg: if people like loretta lynch at the department of justice made a decision on not to charge for political reasons, is that obstruction? >> absolutely, it is obstruction and several other things. it is so problematic. listen, as i have told you before, my father was an fbi agent and we are very proud of that. what these people did, comey, mccabe, strzok, paige, tore down the reputation of one of the greatest agencies in the country. and civil libertarians like a jerry nadler should be outraged by it. they should be should be outraged by the people they have embraced. that tells you that there trump hatred outweighs everything else in their agenda. that's not what they were elected to do. >> gregg: i will let you have
6:32 pm
the last word. >> we should be afraid of what pattern we are starting to see. we have seen the director of the fbi follow a pattern of hiding things that he does not want us to see, leaking things that he hopes to get out there, not charging hillary clinton when many of us thought that there should have been charges. and why? why does he come out right before the election? because he thought he was going to win. and he was going to cover her after she became president. in the same pattern occurs with the fisa court when we have the steele dossier and though almost actionable request from the fbi to the fisa court that we now know is not accurate. so what we are seeing is a pattern that should scare folks. that's what congress should be looking into. is what is it to those in power are doing with the power they have? >> gregg: abuse of power and corruption to perpetuate power.
6:33 pm
judge ken starr, bret, thank you, david, as always, appreciate it. coming up on on the "hannity" special, the left is showing shameless hypocrisy on the prices at our southern border. we will have the latest example. stick around. ♪ and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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>> america will never be a socialist country.
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♪ >> gregg: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity," trump versus the resistance. political battle lines being drawn on the border after the radical democrats running in the 2020 primary proposed decriminalizing illegal order crossings. well, even president obama's dhs secretary is coming out saying, hey, that is open borders polic policy. in the meantime, congresswoman
6:38 pm
aoc, alexandria sph calling out border detention centers "concentration camps" feigning panic over inhumane conditions all the while opposing funding legislation for the humanitarian crisis at the border. rush limbaugh's not going to let her get away with this hypocrisy, take a look. >> how does she go to the border and whine and moan about conditions there, and have a need to moment at the same time when she voted against both the house and senate to bill to approve money to address these conditions? she votes against the money to improve it and goes down and complains about it. so how did she do that? she does that because the media lets her get away with it. >> gregg: today the president took to twitter to right "if illegal immigrants are unhappy with the conditions in the quickly built and refitted
6:39 pm
detention centers, just tell them not to come. problem solved." joining me now with reaction, political columnist jeffrey lord, and host of fox nation's "keeping up with jones" and "man on the street" lawrence jones, and sirius xm patriot host kerry picket. good to see all of you, so let me start with you, you were down at the border, aoc said they were drinking out of toilets, being forced to do so, my understanding is that was pretty quickly and easily debunked, wasn't it? you were down there. >> it was easy to debunk. i think if she was honest with herself. she took a picture of what she saw, the toilets and many of those cases connected with the fountain on top of it, but that is standard on the border. in a lot of prisons as well, but the left has been talking about the photo that we saw of the kid that had drowned with his father, which was a terrible
6:40 pm
photo that we all saw. a terrible situation. but the real story is that there will be a lot more of those if it was not for the border patrol rescuing kids every single day. let's be very clear where they stand on this. this is aiding and abetting the cartel, because this is about just not getting across the border, you have to pay a fee. so we are talking about the conditions or the crisis on the border how they manipulated 2014 photos of the cages during the obama administration. or they won't talk about to the obama separated families as well. but democrats are going far to the left. and i thought i would never see the day that democrats go further to the left than barack obama. >> gregg: you know, carrie, trump is to blame for all of this according to the democrats, but they never look in the mirror, especially the candidates, are they inviting illegals to cross the border to sneak into our country? free tuition, free health care, we will give you a driver's license? sanctuary cities, kumbaya.
6:41 pm
everybody is welcome. >> does seem like that, but julian castro who is calling for the decriminalization of jumping the border, but they don't really go into details about that. but what does jumping the border really mean in terms of decriminalization, does that mean, what about our ports of entry over at our airport? does that mean that anybody can rush the customs over at our airports, what about the northern border, as far as canada is concerned, what about visa over stays? does the policy change they are? people have to think about that, because at this point it just becomes complete anarchy. >> gregg: jeffrey, how is it even possible intellectually for aoc to cry about the conditions and at the same time she is voting against a humanitarian aid bill that would improve the
6:42 pm
conditions? >> gregg, there is an old saying on capitol hill that call mess, and two categories, were courses and show horses, and she is demonstrating that she is the show horse. she has no intention of doing the heavy lifting, the hard work to get this problem solved. she is already on record months ago saying that this was a manufactured crisis. the president said that it was a humanitarian crisis and she said no, no, this is a manufactured crisis. now she is going down there and hugging these kids. why does she not provide the money to take care of these kids? she is not going to do it because she does not want to do the work. she wants the p.r. and she gets it. >> gregg: go ahead, lawrence. >> that is just the deal, there is no accountability. she is in new york and the bronx, she does not represent a border state. she does not have to face constituency middle america in swing districts. she can say whatever she wants to say with no accountability because the media is not going
6:43 pm
to hold her accountable. i've been to her district. her voters will not hold her accountable. >> gregg: i think she is in queens, brooklyn, actually. but i want to play a clip. we do not have the clip. congressman dan crenshaw was -- he went through how first it was no crisis, and then there was a crisis but it was a manufactured crisis. and it reminds me of the supertramp album "crisis, what crisis?" ." >> i was at a press briefing with nancy pelosi just about a month or two ago, and i specifically asked her, just a few months ago your caucus was saying that it was a manufactured crisis, and her response was, oh, no, no, we never said anything about it. and i was like yes, yes, yes you did. and she started talking about the humanitarian crisis. they started pivoting towards
6:44 pm
the humanitarian crisis, not the hoax crisis that the republicans were talking about. that's how they weaved their way out of that one. >> gregg: i will get the courage of conviction awarded to jeh johnson, president obama's homeland secretary. when he said, this did not start with president trump. >> of course it did not start with him, those cages, i still laugh at this, that somebody connected with the obama arrow tweeted out pictures of these cages and discovered that they were taken in 2014 when president obama was in office. i called them obama cages. that's what these things are. the bottom line is the message to these kids from aoc and others is tough cookies, kid. we will use you as a pond to get p.r. and that's what is really disgraceful. you have the father and his young daughter died, drowned, trying to get here because of the message that they are
6:45 pm
getting from these people. it is disgraceful. >> gregg: that was so heartbreaking. we will never forget it. jeffrey lord, kerry picket, lawrence jones, good to see all of you. you will not believe the hate symbols that media is comparing to the american flag. we'll get to it next on the special edition of "hannity." stay with us. ♪ we're carvana, the company who invented
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♪ >> gregg: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity," trump versus the resistance. with the fourth of july right around the corner of a few hours from now, one of the biggest social justice warriors in the country is showing his patriotism by calling the american flag racist. that's right, ex-nfl quarterback colin kaepernick told nike that it shoe featuring the iconic
6:50 pm
betsy ross flag was offensive because 250 years ago some americans owned slaves. nike subsequently pulled the shoe from its store shelves. this is the same betsy ross flag prominently displayed at president obama's second inaugural. there was no outrage then. i did not hear from colin kaepernick. but naturally many in the mainstream media are backing nike's decision, colin kaepernick's faux moral outrage notwithstanding. take a look. >> this republican republican x outrage is almost laughable. the shoe, the flag it, it represented a period of time where with all due respect, i was three fifths of a human being. that is an issue. people don't want to go to the time. >> when you look at the early version of the american flag, what does it symbolize? >> it symbolizes, i see the colonies and that leads directly to slavery. >> in some cases the betsy ross flag has been co-opted by white supremacist groups like the kkk.
6:51 pm
>> now the flag has been used by people who want to pummel african-americans,, and other people, neo-nazis who want to claim that they have the true copyright on american identity, why not choose a flag that is representative of any nomadic everybody? >> gregg: it is not just the media, several 2020 democratic candidates also weighing in and trashing the american flag. joining about it, sail national radio syndicated host and to cindy lou. i guess that colin kaepernick runs nikes these days, what is next, red, white, and blue sneakers will be banned? no, white sneakers, because that is white supremacist. >> who knew that colin kaepernick had this power? my goodness, he was able to get nike to recall issue that they had already manufactured all because he complained, what would've happened had colin kaepernick not complained
6:52 pm
and the shoe had come out? nobody would've cared. so this was all colin kaepernick's call. it is absolutely stunning. he does not have a problem with the flag as he pointed out. obama had not won, but two big betsy ross flag said his second inaugural and the current flag that we have had since 1960 has 13 stripes on it, one of which for the original 13 colonists and 50 stars, 13 of which are representing the original 13 colonies. so colin kaepernick has a problem not with the betsy ross flag, but flags in general, don't go to a philadelphia-76ers game, because that same betsy ross insignia is there logo. >> gregg: you know, kathy, come on. i'm confused, never occurred to me that the, i thought 13 colonies was represented by the betsy ross flag, since when is a really meaningful as white supremacy symbols?
6:53 pm
>> since colin kaepernick brought it up, and it has caused so many people -- >> gregg: so he is the final arbiter with moral supremacy? >> not the final, no, not the final at all. to the beginning. he is starting the conversation. no, nike has made billions of dollars with the partnership with colin kaepernick. he is a social justice warrior, part of a counterculture movement in this country that is so american and patriotic to question everything. don't just believe everything. question everything. >> gregg: why isn't colin kaepernick concerned about nike moving a lot of their production jobs to china, which is one of the world's biggest diffusers of human rights including imprisonment and torture and execution of people who dare to disagree with the government, but i'm not hearing him get upset about that. >> one issue at a time, and arizona is taking out a factory
6:54 pm
and arizona is saying bring it over to us, and we should be upset with arizona, they are taking away 500 jobs. california said bring them to us. so california is actually complaining about china taking the jobs. so good for colin kaepernick to make a point that california wants to bring them back to ame. so the conversation is they are. >> gregg: larry, i will lead it to you to correct kathy on this issue. >> well, she said one issue at a time, of all of the issues facing the country and black americans in particular, the betsy ross shoe does not even make the cut. if colin kaepernick has this power and persuasiveness and clout on social media, how about dealing with the number one problem facing black america and that is the lack of fathers in the home. how about dealing with the poor government schools that kids go to? or the dropout rate in some inner's city schools approaching 50%, how about dealing with some of these trivial problems now
6:55 pm
that we have mattered the betsy ross problem? >> gregg: betsy ross was a remarkable woman who had her own business and she sewed to the flag and created the flag, i think that you would be sticking up for her? >> yes, and i am so happy that colin kaepernick brought up the issue that betsy ross made this flag and could not even vote at the time that she actually made the flag. >> gregg: nice of asian. >> i'm so thankful for the conversation. >> gregg: larry elder, kathy, thank you very much. more of the "hannity" special after the break. we will be right back. ♪ you ever wish you weren't a motaur? sure. sometimes i wish i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top?
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7:00 pm
safe independence day. remember to watch the festivities with a, d.c. on the fox news channel, 6:30 p.m. eastern. and tammy bruce is in for laura tonight. t"the ingraham angle." tammy, i'm throwing away my nike apparel. >> i don't blame you. you are doing a great be jo. 56 fabulous fourth of july, the most magnificent holiday ever. >> yes, it is, i love it. >> have a great night. i'm tammy bruce for laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle." final preparations under way at this hour for trump's salute to america as criticism mounts for the historic i understand evens day celebration. is it really warranted? kailee and chris are here to debate that us with us soon. the dhs and cvp fighting back after a new report calls on the administration to fix the overcrowding at those border detention facilities. a border patrol agent is here the respond with the real story