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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 4, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> a remarkable american hero. i should note there is some hope that congress will pass the 9/11 funding extension before the august recess. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington. i am mike emanuel. >> it is thursday, july 4th, this is "fox and friends first" which happening at 4:00 on the east coast, pure american pride. in just hours donald trump will honor the military in his salute to america to celebrate our nation's birthday. we are live from the national mall with patriotism and politics, picking sides, 2020 democrats defending nike's decision to cancel issue design featuring the betsy ross flag. how millions of americans are refusing to bow to the pc police. >> how many colonies were there in the beginning? >> 15. >> what you did we declare our
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independence? >> 1984? >> josé did you see? the painful independence day quiz putting millennials on the spot. "fox and friends first" starts right now. >> good morning to you. we live in a free world thanks to our military and they will be honored today right there at the national mall in washington dc, live shot, lots of action as we
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celebrate independence day. you are watching "fox and friends first" on thursday morning. happy july 4th to you, thank you for starting the day with us. on this independence day here's what makes me proud to be an american, talks about this before, this is a picture with some friends that i made on a flight to washington dc. these are world war ii veterans and they definitely deserve our thanks today and every day and proud american coverage from across the country a couple years ago at the uss yorktown in charleston, south carolina where we will be broadcasting live again this year throughout the day. stick around for that once again throughout the day. we want to what makes you a proud american. share your photos with us and we will air some of those throughout the show and be sure to send those throughout the day. we will share them online as well and we have been talking about this.
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the controversy coming along with all the pomp and circumstance, tanks and other military vehicles rolling into place ahead of donald trump's salute to america but other nations celebrate this independence democrats are slamming this as a political stunt, griff jenkins live at the national mall ahead of what is sure to be a patriotic day, good morning and happy fourth to you. >> happy fourth of july to you. a show of a lifetime, i wouldn't miss it for the world. we are down here on the mall. let me give you a look at where we are, 17th st. constitution, independence towards the lincoln, where the president will speak. it is under lock and key, the secret service coming in. as we look over here just to the right a little bit you can see the police. we can't continue their because of security preps. it has been decades since a
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president spoke. there are tanks, tanks and more tanks, and they say it will cost 21/$2 million, quite a heavy ticket but the president says it is certainly going to be worth it as we are about to show you a tweet. a lot of security preps is the name of the game, the president is tweeting, he says the cost of our great salute to america tomorrow will be very little compared to what it is worth. we have the planes, we have the pilots, the airport is right near next-door at andrews and all we need is the fuel. all fireworks donated by two of the great nights. we shall see. as we mentioned in that lead up, the 2020 candidates are not excited about this, saying it is all about the president, take a listen. >> this is america's birthday, not his birthday. if you want to military parade
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think about military families. >> to prop up a presidential ego is not reflecting well on our country. it is not a show of strength, it is a show of insecurity. >> the essence of who we are. >> a parade that is fundamentally about him and getting tickets into the hands of would be donors for the republican party. what a waste of money. >> what we expect, tens of thousands of people will be out for the show, it starts at 6:00 :00 pm and at 9:00 the fireworks. we will see some protests here. code pink has the day be trump but in but it can't fly. they need a permit to fly and a possible flagburning protester who has done this before. it is very exciting. and hopefully we just get fireworks honoring the military and the presidential address.
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>> a whole lot of fun. i don't get how honoring our military is being spun and supposedly just about donald trump at this point. we will have more coming up. have fun today. democrats trashing today's salute to america because they don't want to pay for it but as mark jason reminds us these are the same people who want to get free healthcare to illegal immigrants. >> making a big deal about this. we have tanks rolling down the streets in 1991 after the persian gulf war, they bring more armored vehicles on a regular basis at the dc convention center for defense industry and for democrats to complain about the cost of this, this is the party's candidates collectively propose $50 trillion of spending in the debates last week a complaint
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about trump spending a couple million dollars for flyovers, this is ridiculous. >> you can watch today absolute to america right here on fox news starting live at 6:00 pm eastern. i will certainly be tuning into that. today, thousands of officers are hitting the streets, the water and the sky for a fireworks show in new york city and for the first time drones will be used to keep watch over the crowd of millions, crews unloading hundreds of pounds of fireworks on the brooklyn bridge ready to light up the sky tonight, no credible threats against the celebration so that is good news. everybody be careful out there. the white house selling to appeal a court order blocking emergency funding for the southern border wall. the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling the $2.5 billion in pentagon funds were not
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approved by congress and did not fall under, quote, unforeseen military requirements. the ruling follows a lawsuit by the aclu and it comes after donald trump declared a national emergency in february to tap pentagon funds for the border wall. the acting dhs secretary slamming alexandria ocasio cortez's remarks about migrant detention centers. >> these women were being told to drink out of the toilet. >> kerrimac alain and says that is a false accusation. >> it is not accurate. we would never ask anyone to drink out of the toilet. the woman in that cell and access to a 5 gallon jug of water and the soul is not lots. >> border patrol agent in tucson arizona tweeting this video to show what the facilities i really like, even drinking water from the sink. a sea of blue saying their final goodbyes to 9/11 first responders it was alvarez, the
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former nypd detective losing his battle to cancer linked to his months at ground 0. his family honoring the hero in an emotional funeral service. >> i love you, dad. i promise to keep walking on the bright side of the line. i promise to be the man you inspired me to be. >> i pray that the angels let you in just as i know you will be there to lead me in, just as you promised. >> john stuart who fought alongside alvarez to extend the september 11th victims compensation fund was there. but not there, new york mayor bill diblasio and governor andrew cuomo. bill diblasio did attend alvarez's weight. lewis was 53 years old. navy seal eddie gallagher plans to retire after being cleared of murder charges. he will be eligible for retirement in 3 weeks when he hits 20 years of service was on
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wednesday at jerry demoted him and reduction in pay for posing with the body of a dead isis fighter and he was sentenced to four months in prison which he has already served. former empire actor jussie smollett demanding chicago's lawsuit against them be moved to federal court. 's lawyers arguing it makes sense since he is a california resident. the city sued them for $130,000 investigating the alleged hoax attack. all charges were dropped against him related to making a false report, but a special prosecutor was recently appointed to re-examine the case so we will see what happens now. did you see this? it was a record-setting day on wall street at a holiday.
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the dow up nearly 180 points on the shortened trading day closing 34 points behind 27,000, a new all-time high. the s&p and nasdaq hitting new benchmarks and donald trump tweeting overnight stock market is the highest in the history of this country, the 104th time, we have reached a new high. congratulations usa. everyone knows or supposed to the july 4th is independence day but do people actually know the history behind the holiday. jesse waters hits the streets to find out. >> how many colonies were there? >> 15. >> 10? >> 12. >> 13. >> can you name any of them. >> boston is a city. >> who is your favorite founding father? what about george washington,
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what did he do? >> george washington was one of the presidents. >> which president. >> the second president after lincoln. >> the revolutionary war, who did america fight. >> countries. >> great britain. >> what year did we declare our independence. >> 1984. >> way off. >> 1776. >> 1776. >> he is on parole. what country did we declare independence from. >> virginia. >> the name of our national anthem is. >> the national anthem. >> it is the star-spangled banner. >> very good. a little rendition. are you ready? >> oc can you see by the dawn's early light. >> the land -- the ramparts we watched. land parts.
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>> josé desire star-spangled banner yet wave. >> best one today. >> 1984? the time is 12 minutes after the top of the hour. congress is running out of time to meet and immigration deadline from donald trump. close asylum loopholes or ice raids will begin. national border patrol council vice president hector gaza too busy focusing on the election instead of keeping americans safe and joins us live next. and we ask you to send some photos telling us why you are a proud american. our line producer with his adorable son brett and andrew, celebrating independence day with their american flag waving and director rusty shares this
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picture of his daughter abigail probably waving the american flag. also joined by josé. happy fourth. these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office they have businesses to grow customers to care for lives to get home to they use print discounted postage for any letter any package any time right from your computer all the amazing services of the post office only cheaper get our special tv offer a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again!
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>> time is almost up, donald trump delayed nationwide ice raids giving congress 2 weeks to amend are broken asylum loopholes. that deadline is tomorrow and congress hasn't gotten the job done so what happens now. hector garcia's vice president of the national border patrol council and joins me live. thank you for joining us and happy july 4th to you. it means a lot to you. before we get into that let's talk about the asylum deadlines coming up tomorrow. it appears nothing has been done. >> we have a do-nothing congress.
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>> if no action was taken in two weeks those ice raids would start again but we can follow through on that operation. >> that is one of the reasons it was delayed last time. we don't know who leaked the information but that puts our agents in harm's way. >> donald trump is giving congress an opportunity to act. making sure they do something about it or not and it is clear they are not going to do anything. >> how will it help? >> we have to stop encouraging illegal immigration. we allow people to come to this country, 0 consequences, don't show to immigration hearings. why would people come to the united states. that is why we have a problem at the border and a crisis and
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border patrol agents and properly fund border patrol and also change laws. >> wire democrats talking about open borders? >> there hoping for their next election instead of the safety of the american people. they don't count on people being victimized by drug cartels or angel families victimized by illegal aliens and it is more about personal gains than the safety of the american public. >> we were just discussing, we've seen a lot of videos and reports coming in about order patrol agent saving lives and that something you do every single day with migrants who are coming across, you have personal experience with that. >> an older man that was abandoned by human smugglers left to die and drowning but this is something we see every
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single day, it is unfortunate so many members of congress like aoc trying to dehumanize border patrol agents. not only did that but trying to call is not these and white nationalists. 52% are of hispanic descent. >> you mentioned that yesterday. that is important to point out, not only is it demoralizing but also dangerous, this type of conversation out there. >> you can't imagine the hate mail we are receiving. my hometown of laredo, texas, a very serious threat from someone calling is not seize, encouraged by people like aoc. heather: we appreciate the work you and border patrol are doing every day. happy fourth of july. thank you for coming in. we will be right back. (client's voice) remember that degree you got in taxation?
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>> happy fourth of july. you are watching "fox and friends first". potentially horrible story, us border agents desperately searching for a missing 2-year-old girl. according to the cvp the girl and her mother from haiti were attempting to illegally enter the country when she went missing. he was last seen crossing the rio grande river. this comes just days after a father and 2-year-old were laid to rest after drowning in that same burr. also immigrants also attempting to illegally enter the country. the police officer who froze
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during the deadliest mass shooting in america is out of job. body camera video shows cordell hendrix cowering in a corner in the mandalay bay resort in las vegas which he admits he was terrified with fear just one floor below where a gunman was opening fire killing 58 people back in october 2017. the police union is reportedly fighting to get his job back. some new calls for an anti-mask a lot in the wake of violent antifa protests. we have been following this, the portland police chief wants to ban protesters from covering their faces and allowing officers to report demonstrations. she says it will help speed up investigations and hold rioters accountable. the city has taken criticism for its slow response to an attack on a journalist. the chief denies those claims that mayor ted wheeler prevented law enforcement from intervening. and this is crazy. the family of the child actress known as many aoc is shutting
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down her social media can't, they say the 8-year-old and the family are getting desperate. >> socialism is so amazing like socialism is like social media. >> the girl's a father tweeting the left's harassment and death threats have gone too far for our family. we been getting calls on our personal phone number for our safety and our child lab safety, we deleted all many aoc accounts. their home address was also docked out there. the time is 15 minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump to publicly honor the us military on this fourth of july but behind the scenes doesn't he honor them every day of the year? our next guest says the president deserves a lot of credit and we will break down how he is putting veterans first
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since he took office.
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>> welcome back, half past the top of the our. look at our top headlines this morning, tanks and other military vehicles rolling into place near the lincoln memorial for today's salute to america. donald trump's independent celebration set for tonight along with several military flyovers. a separate parade planned by the national park service and 49 million people are expected to hit the road for the holiday weekend. aaa says record 41.4 million will drive and those drivers can expect delays up to four times longer than a normal commute. let the games begin, today's 103rd annual fourth of july hot dog eating contest at coney island.
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joey chestnut and 5-time winner nikki pseudo-weighing in on the top of the empire state building and competitors have 10 minutes to eat as many hotdogs as they can to get $10,000 and the coveted mustard belt. probably a little bit of a crummy cake out of things. the debate over nike's patriotic shoe design is heating up. 2020 democratic candidates defending the company for pulling sneakers as american brands respond with their own ways of displaying the flag. aishah hasnie has more on praise and backlash. >> 2020 candidates weighing in on this. julian castro supporting nike's decision to pull the sneakers featuring the betsy ross american flag. the company chose to do that effort spokesperson in former
1:32 am
nfl quarterback colin kaepernick raised objections. >> i was glad to see that and my hope is they didn't just do it to do it but understand the significance. there are a lot of things in our history that are still very painful. >> fellow 2020 contender beto o'rourke telling the jewish insider i respect the decision nike made and grateful for the conversation this is producing. california governor gavin newsom looking to make a profit off of this after arizona's governor announced his plan to withdraw incentives for a nike plant that was supposed to be built in his state. he tweeted this, we are just a quick jaunt over the border, thank you for doing the right thing. california is open for business and welcome to those who represent the best of our american values but not all americans think the flag is offensive. this picture of the betsy ross flag design on its field, the
1:33 am
team tweeting after a lot of thought we decided just to it - tag america. the team later took down that tweet and apologized to kaepernick after coming under fire but georgia based clothing company not apologizing. it is printing t-shirts with the flag design. the owner will be on "fox and friends" this morning at 6:45 eastern time to chime in on this controversy. heather: q. donald trump in his salute to america celebration at the nation's capital. here to take a look at the military and veterans under donald trump is concerned veterans for america dan caldwell. thanks for joining us today of all days.
1:34 am
let's begin by taking a look at donald trump's military accomplishments, we are talking 3.1% pay raise for service members. the choice act, the emissions act of 2018, the va accountability act of 2018. a lot of record low unemployment for events. do you think he gets enough credit for all this? >> in some cases i don't think he does. in regards to reforms, the veterans affairs, in many ways our revolutionaries. through laws he signed and moment it has changed the nature of that department. in 2017 he passed the va accountable the protection act making it easier to fire bad employees. in some cases it took 700 days to fire va employees involved in where i am from and the president signed the law that reduced the time it took to get
1:35 am
those employees off the payroll down to 21 days, that is a huge piece of civil service reform is one of the biggest pieces of reform we've seen in federal government personnel policies since 1980 and the va mission act expanded healthcare choice for veterans to ensure they track failing va hospitals, something he campaigned on and the actor was rolled out is going very well and he and his va secretary robert wilkie deserve credit for that. heather: and a push to improve the mental health of our veterans which is not been addressed as it should be in the past. the president having the salute to america, this parade with military vehicles and flyover, going to give a speech honoring our military but at the same time all these folks including democratic candidates protesting it. why? >> i think when you are talking
1:36 am
about donald trump and the military and this particular salute to america i personally thought bringing tanks in and stuff, i could see arguments for why he should do it or don't do it the end of the day some of these remarks being made about bringing in a couple tanks that are unarmed are just ridiculous, comparing it to tiananmen square, comparing it to what happened at the end of the soviet union is over-the-top. >> why not compare it to jfk. he did that. why not compared to president ford because he did that. >> exactly. i don't think it is worth anybody's time to expend this much mental energy criticizing something like that. we have much bigger problems, much more important issues to discuss like how we are using military overseas, the level of funding they will need in the future. those issues are more important, not whether or not we bring a few tanks to the national mall which you are correct in pointing out has been done many times before.
1:37 am
>> a lot of politics taking over what should be a fun day. imagine being a little kid and watching that go by in front of you? it is cool, it is exciting. dan caldwell, thanks for joining us, appreciate it, happy july 4th. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, but fourth of july is a celebration of freedom not without serious risks. thousands of preventable injuries reported every single year, don her jennifer caldwell is here to break down what you need to know before you light up that grill and set off those sparklers. continuing our independence day tradition we ask you why you are proud to be an american. andrea sent us this photo of her little girl enjoying her fourth of july flag and watermelon. got to have some watermelon on the fourth. so cute.
1:38 am
lastly take a look at these two patriots, sent to us from ken and cindy in georgia.
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>> days after was blocked by the supreme court justice department is exploring ways to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. donald trump tweeting we are absolutely moving forward as we must because of the importance of the answer to this question. doj lawyers have until 2:00 tomorrow to come up with rationale for adding the question that could possibly sway the supreme court to reverse its decision. pro-life groups pushing for supreme court appeal after federal judge temporarily blocks ohio's heartbeat bill. the law would ban most abortions every fetal heartbeat is detected which can be discovered
1:42 am
before many women even know they are pregnant. ohio right to life calls the decision disappointing, the state aclu legal director says it reinforces a woman's constitutional right to choice. millions of americans will be enjoying the cookouts and fireworks to celebrate america's birthday but how can you make sure you and your family stay safe. here to share her best safety tips is doctor jennifer caldwell. thanks for joining us, we appreciate it. what is one of the main things that happens on july 4th in terms of injuries? >> injuries, something we often see, we know around 180 people go to the er every day in the month surrounding july 4th because of injuries. we know the big firecracker, sparkly season, we see burns, more extreme accidents than that and the goal is to prevent it.
1:43 am
>> as you continue to talk about it, the fireworks safety tips especially with kids. >> i love the first one, never let kids play with fireworks. the american academy of pediatrics recommends families and parents get fireworks for personal use. a lot of states outlaw them. >> we think sparklers, sparklers can burn it 2000 °, easily ignite shirts, burn toes. you can imagine how that would be dangerous. we want adults to be involved. adults choose to use or have fireworks, keep water handy and to make sure your fireworks, the consumer product safety commission has lots more tips about things you need to do. >> i thought sparklers were safe as we have always done sparklers in my family. >> when i grew up in iowa, not
1:44 am
that they are not safe but they can be really dangerous. >> a lot of folks grilling hamburgers, hotdogs and things like that. >> i hope somebody invites me over. hope i get an invite. when you have charcoal or something you only want to use it outdoors. keep it far from your home and children and pets as well 3 feet away. keep it clean. you want to get the fat and grease off of it, super important and don't leave the grill unattended even for a second, make sure somebody is watching that. >> make sure your meet is fully cooked. >> we don't want gastroenteritis or food poisoning, that is very important. >> another thing, bring mayonnaise type products. >> that's really good to. salad and things that need to be refrigerated, keep foods that are supposed to be cold cold and hot hot. be very safe. don't leave things out all day long. >> you will be invited to a
1:45 am
couple. >> i am hoping. great to have you here. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. the number of citizens who say they are proud to be an american hits a new low according to a new poll. >> not proud of this country? why wouldn't you be proud of this country? america is the best place in the world to live. >> lots the civics in grammar school, people don't know the history of the country. >> carly shimkus hitting the street to find out the truth and she is live with those results. we're the slowskys.
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>> on this fourth of july, is american pride at an all-time low? according to this gallup poll just 45% of citizens hold said they are extremely proud to be an american. carly shimkus hit the streets to find out the truth and she joins me live to talk about it little more. who are they talking to? they are not talking to fox fans. >> absolutely right about that. 45% is an all-time low. when i asked people how they feel about this country i did receive some pretty patriotic responses. watch this. >> we are talking about the fourth of july, and patriotism and i'm standing with a proud american right here. why are you proud to be an american? >> greatest country ever and we should be thankful and thankful. >> i can think of a lot of reasons but i'm so thankful to have the freedom we have. >> i love living here.
1:50 am
>> a lot of things that are controversial and we are allowed to discuss our freedoms and have that conversation everywhere and anywhere we want to. >> recent poll came out that found that fewer americans than ever before are proud of this country, does that surprise you? >> they are not proud of this country, why wouldn't you be proud of this country, america is the best place in the world to live. >> lost a little bit of the civics in grammar school. people don't know the real history of the country. >> i think we are part of the country but just torn, what side we are on culturally and socially. that is the biggest issue but we are proud to be americans. >> the best country in the world, god bless the united states of america. >> that is good to hear. when you add up the people who said they were very proud, it is 70%. we are trending in the wrong direction -- >> we need to reverse that trend but i think today a lot of folks
1:51 am
will be feeling patriotic if you enjoy bagels, today is a patriotic day on that point and bruker is showing their american pride this independence day for a limited time only, as long as they have red, white and blue bagels and these are the stores participating nationwide. >> is beautiful, the purpose of this perfect breakfast this morning, better than eggs i hate when people die and this. this is gorgeous. >> do they do that for the fourth of july? is and that just easter? >> when you make scrambled eggs. >> this looks a lot more appealing. and these are soft bagels too. >> they have been around since 1983 celebrating american companies as well. so thank you for sending us these bagels. we will shove out. >> stop by and celebrate the fourth.
1:52 am
the time is 10 minutes until the top of the hour. take a bite of it. all sorts of things to make their way into the carpool lane but this is one for the books. listen to this. >> listening to that? >> how this trooper responded when this driver and his passenger were pulled over. wait until you see who the passenger was. happy fourth to you. we asked you to tell us why you are a proud american and kathy sent this photo of a family enjoying independence day. happy fourth to you and scott sent us this photo to g in iraq and we thank you for your service, to all our servicemembers overseas and this one is from our producer aaron,
1:53 am
her twin brother sean, vfa 31 ordinance men aboard the uss george hw bush, big happy fourth to you, send your pictures. i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. the three what? the three p's? what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase,
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>> live look down 6th ave. avenue of the americas, use the american flag flying right there and that is central park in the distance because the sun is coming up. a lot of celebrations all over the country today. but first look at this. this massive volcano erupting spewing ash and lava off italy's coast. the irruption sending smoke billowing through the air on the island of stromboli, the
1:58 am
explosion killed an italian hiker who was on a journey trekking up the volcano at the time. dozens of people were reportedly jumping into the ocean for safety. fireworks might not be the only thing flying through the sky tonight. a new list reveals the states with the most ufo sightings and washington state tops the rankings with 6000 sightings, this according to the national ufo reporting center and the u.s. census. montana and vermont round of the top 3, you are the least likely to see a ufo in texas. it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. up first the good. look at this, teenager mowing the american flag into his frontline in texas meant to honor his friend who took his
1:59 am
own life while floyd. good job and there's this flag in plant city, florida honoring servicemembers, law enforcement and donald trump, took the homeowner 6 hours and 16 gallons of paint to complete. that is in dedication. look at this, blackberry getting trapped in a car and totally destroying it. the wild intruder terry the interior of the car apart after opening an unlocked door in colorado. a wildlife officially eventually let it out. opened the door himself. this is a crazy story, the ugly. a hearse driver find out the hard way a passenger happens to be alive if they want to use the carpool lane. >> is not with us anymore. i will give you a warning on that. >> the driver taken by surprise. the trooper told him to get out of the hov lane. doesn't count. we want you to keep your proud
2:00 am
american pictures coming to us, how you is a limiting independence today and tonight and we will air those tomorrow morning. thank you for joining us and beginning your fourth of july early on "fox and friends first," have fun today and tonight and be careful, goodbye. >> it is thursday, july 4th. pure american pride, just hours from now the president absolute america. >> we take you live to the national off of the patriotism and politics. plus plus 1 sanctuary state governor rolling out the red carpet for nike after arizona kicks them to the curb. >> who was waging the cold war nike started when it scrapped the betsy ross sneakers. >> we are not going to make america great again, it was never that great. >> lack of patriotism by some on the left isn't new.


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