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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 4, 2019 3:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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have a wonderful fourth of july, we will see you back tomorrow, "special report" is up next. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert, i mike emanuel in for bret baier. welcome to an expanded fourth of july edition of speech when he seven. the crowds on a national mobile told president trump's salute to america event has been delayed, but the president says he's intending to make his speech as scheduled. the united states capitol police has ordered an evaluation of the west front of a capital before the capital concert due to the threat of possible severe weather. we will have live extended coverage from the lincoln memorial in a few minutes. first up tonight, the fourth of july got up to a shaky start for residents of southern california. a magnitude 6.4 earthquake rattled the region.
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correspondent jeff paul's in bridge pressed california. hello, jeff. >> we are in the town of ridgecrest california which is the closest municipal area to wear this magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck out in the mojave desert. we are still feeling aftershocks here, some foreign a half hours after this event had started and we expect to throughout the day. this earthquake the most powerful earthquake held in southern california in about 20 years. so powerful that people from as far away as los angeles to las vegas, nevada, reported feeling this earthquake. we are essentially at what is the staging area where police and fire are getting updates about this earthquake that started shortly after 10:30 a.m. local time. some felt the shaking while others physically reported swaying so strong in some spots it caused shelves at stores to come crashing down and even broken windows. if so far only reports of minor injuries, but the local hospital here in ridgecrest under
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evacuation orders right now. it looks like they're treating patients outside in tents we've also been hearing about a few fires in the area and ruptured gas lines, likely due to this earthquake. seismologists are still assessing all of the damages and what's exact what happened, but they are no warning that this event isn't over just yet and it's possible there could be an even stronger one on the way. >> we should always be preparing for a big one. this does not make it less likely. if there was about a one in 20 chance that this location will be having an even bigger earthquake within the next few days, but we have not yet seem the biggest earthquake of the sequence. >> ridgecrest is a town of about 28,000 people, about two and half hours away from the los angeles area where we are seeing a lot of reports of people feeling it, so far no reports of any injuries or major damages in the los angeles area but officials saying it is a good reminder that the potential for earthquakes in the area is
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always there. mike buried >> mike: jeff paul leading us off from ridgecrest california, thanks a lot. let's talk now with house minority leader, california republican congressman kevin mccarthy, who represents the area where the earthquake struck. we are mccarthy, it's great to have you. >> thanks for having me back, i appreciate it. >> you folks in california are used earthquakes but 6.4 is pretty significant. how are things in your district? >> you know, when you live in california you've been through many earthquakes, but this is a much different earthquake. we've had more than 50, and normally the first earthquake is the strongest and then you have these aftershocks. this one actually built up. if we are very fortunate. if there is damage, about five different fires, cracks in the road. the hospital. they are evaluating but they move people out to evaluate and see any damage and others. with got a very important military base at them, but were fortunate because the size of this earthquake -- after thing for a moment, two and half hours
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away the buildings in new york -- the buildings in los angeles were shaking. i live in bakersfield about an hour away. if the movement, pools were splashing, things were coming off the wall. we've been through a number of these, but this size is much larger and you remember always the ones that are this large. >> mike: folks with the u.s. geological survey suggest there will be large aftershocks, what are your concerns you make >> my concern -- we are fortunate because this is more in the mojave desert area and it's not as populated. when the north reach it, bigger than this, but very severe, i was collapsed and others, but it happened so early in the morning people were not on the roads at that time. we still lost a few casualties in here we are fortunate, with this earlier this week and a southern end of the district, in los angeles we had a number of earthquakes, about ten, and they're talking about it might be two seismic areas coming together, so you never know.
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my city of bakersfield got pretty much wiped out in the '50s from the earthquake, but we built the bigger standards, we prepare ourselves for it in responders have worked so well together in collaboration with the mayor and upper body else so we are fortunate at how well everybody has worked together. >> mike: 's of the priorities at this point for first responders are going to check just to be sure that roads are safe and how there's not more extensive damage that may be hidden? >> they want to make sure -- first your gas line, have you turn up your gas line. making sure of fires. then with got a military base looking for the water main, making sure the runways are goo good. making sure you got supplies. right now we are very fortunate because the size of this earthquake, you would expect much more damage because of the size, but i think the preparation of what we've done before prepared us for this situation. it's not like a weather person can tell you when earthquake is going to happen.
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they just did. >> mike: our best to you and the good folks out there. >> all right, happy fourth to all of you. >> mike: thank you. the president's july 4th event has brought intense partisan scrutiny to a celebration of america's a birthday that is normally relatively free of controversy. there are some concerns about the weather, but the main speaker is not worried. president trump waiting a short time ago "weather looking good, clearing rapidly and temperatures going down fast. see you in 45 minutes. 6:30-7:00 p.m. at lincoln memorial. we do have an excerpt from the president's address. he's expected to say "today we come together as one nation with this very special salute to america. we celebrate our history, our people and the heroes who proudly defend our flag, the brave men and women of the united states military. "let's bring in correspondent rich edson of the white house. good evening, rich. >> good evening, mike. president trump says the salute to america will be worth the trip down to the national mall
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and potentially worth lorraine too. the excerpts also say "as we get together this evening in the joy of freedom, we remember that we all share a truly extraordinary heritage. together we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told, the story of america. as white house officials defend this event against accusations this is simply a political show. an independence day celebration of a lifetime. or an expense of appropriation of military symbolism to serve the politics of president trump. >> democrats refused to celebrate that greatness, refused to even celebrate our nation's independence or the fourth of july simply because it's donald trump was doing the celebrating. >> democrats have criticized the inventor of the week. if new york progress others tweeted "hope everyone has an enjoyable fourth of july without tanks." this independence day the trump administration is preparing another challenge in court. this morning the president would
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"so important for a country that the very simple and basic are you a citizen of the united states question be allowed to be asked in the 2020 census. department of commerce in the department of justice are working hard on this. even on the fourth of july. the supreme court ruled last week the admin attrition had failed to adequately justify adding a question. the commerce department initially conceded defeat, confirming it was printing census surveys without the citizenship question. then, a presidential suite claiming is it administration was still fighting to at the citizenship question. >> you can ask other things but you can't ask whether or not somebody's a citizen. >> a surprise federal judge and justice department attorneys felt to my color conference call where attorney joshua garber acknowledged "i do not have a deeper understanding of what that means at this juncture has been with the president has tweeted, but honestly as you can imagine, i'm doing the absolute best to figure out what's going on. the judge has given his administration until tomorrow afternoon to drop the issue or lay out its new argument why the citizenship question should be
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on the ones in a decade form americans are required to fill out. and also on this fourth of july, congressman justin amash declares his independence from president trump's party citing george washington's farewell address warning of the emergence of political parties, the former republican rights in "the washington post" the two parties are catering to fewer people, excluding most americans were independent-minded and "with little genuine debate on policy happening in congress, party leaders distract and divide the public by exploiting wedge issues and waging pointless messaging wars." he never mentions president from, though he has previously said the mueller report showed the president report engaged in a beatable conduct. the president responded "great news for the republican party is one of the dumbest and most disloyal men in congress is quitting the party. no collusion, no obstruction. new he couldn't get the nomination to run again in the great state of michigan. of already being challenged for his seat. a total loser." in foreign policy, national
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security advisor john bolton is a plot in great britain of all countries this independence day for the seizure of an iranian tanker that was headed to syria for violation of e.u. laws. bolton says that america and its allies will prevent regimes in tehran and damascus from profiting off this illicit trade. mike. >> mike: rich edson live on the saga north one. thanks a lot. we are awaiting president from's scheduled remarks. there are some weather concerns here in the washington, d.c., area but it sounds like president trump is determined for the fourth of july celebration to go on. correspondent ellison barber is live tonight on the national mall. hello, allison. >> hey, mike. if people to lineup at this gate nearly nine hours ago. you can see they are still piling in now, getting security checks as they make their way through the rain up to the area where people typically come to watch the fireworks display. the parade earlier today a couple of blocks away one of constitution avenue for ten blocks. there were floats, dancers, the
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colonial drum. if we didn't any tanks in the parade but there were military vehicles. we've spoken to some people who say they drove 14 hours to be here for all of this today. you can see the people walking by here right now. they've come with umbrellas. we've seen people throughout the day sitting through the intense waves of heat. then just trying to stay dry, trying to find seats wherever they can. people have stayed through any condition you can imagine and some people say they are here just to see the fireworks. others say they came because of president trump's speech. they all seem to know about the criticisms, the ones related to the military tanks. the unanswered questions related to the cost, but most people would spoken to weren't overly concerned one way or the other. >> the reason he's doing the speech is to support the military and i think it's a good thing for america. >> i'm happy to see them. >> if another president had done the same thing i probably would have shown up anyway.
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>> i am really here for the fireworks. >> i love america and it seems like it's going to be the biggest fourth of july celebration in history. >> i saw a tiny bit of military stuff. >> what did you think of the military stuff? >> i thought it was cool, but there's nobody inside of them. >> further down the mall, protesters gathered. a trump baby balloon, that kind made famous when people protested president trump's visit to the united kingdom last july. they say the questions, the controversies, the criticisms are all warranted. they believe that the president is militarizing the fourth of july and turning a day that is meant for all americans into a partisan political event. mike. >> mike: ellison barber live with the folks on the national mall. thanks a lot. many of the democrats vying for a chance to replace president trump or in the first caucus state of iowa tonight. correspondent peter doocy shows us what they've been up to toda today.
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>> some candidates pretend not to pay attention to polls. not joe biden. >> i'm still way ahead. >> joe biden says he doesn't plan to do anything differently to prepare for the next debate even though criticism from kamala harris about his civil rights record caught him off balance. >> it came out of nowhere. didn't seem to be something consistent with anything i had been accused of before. >> kamala harris was in iowa too puzzled by the former vp's complaint that she asked about his comments about being civil with segregationists, which was front-page news. they go that the subject of conversation for days on end. so if he and his team weren't prepared for the topic, i don't know what to say about that. >> a big part of the california senator's pitch is a pledge to prosecute the case against president drum. >> i'm going to tell you guys, we have a predator living in the white house. mayor pete buttigieg is trying to take the opposite approach. >> the less we are talking with the president the more likely we
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are to win. >> south bend bear had struggled at home lately in the wake of a deadly police involved shooting. he still petitioned to be the democratic primary candidate with the most runny stomach money raised in the last quarter. >> for all its flaws, the american residential campaign process remains the best way that we have two address the most pressing national issues of our time. >> is money flows to mayor pete, crowds show for bernie sanders. he's as big a draw as any democrat, but focused his efforts today on iowa, population 1,500. >> i come from one of the most rural states in america and other people appreciate seeing elected officials getting out here. >> the democrat socialist senator doesn't seem to focus on a recent run of poor polls because they're not all bad. >> a few points behind biden. >> but for now, sanders and everyone else are still chasing biden. >> if you notice, i'm the guy everybody's talking about.
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>> not all that talk about joe biden has been positive. he says he's not going to change his approach. he does wish the democrats focus more in issues today ten or 20 or 30 years ago which is surprising to hear him say because decades of experience are what a lot of democrats like about him. >> mike: peter doocy live on the campaign trail in the great state of iowa. thanks a lot. we are getting a look at new illustrations tonight of conditions and some of the migrant holding facilities along our southern border. they come as customs officials up their pushback against allegations of inhumane treatment at the centers. correspondent anita vogel has the latest tonight. >> provides freshwater buried pickle customs and border patrol giving a show and tell incited attention facility along the arizona border after democrats alleged inhumane conditions, including no freshwater for
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migrants being held there buried him >> they put them in a room with no running water and these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet buried him >> not so, since roy, chief patrol agent of the tucson sector, who showed a plethora of supplies, toiletrie toiletries, food, and yes, fresh drinking water he says are all available for the illegal immigrants in the facility. >> we are not forcing anyone to drink out of a toilet. >> the latest back-and-forth comes after some democrats have called for the detention facilities to be shut down over what they called squalid conditions. president trump had a different take on twitter tweeting "many of these illegal aliens are living far better now and where they came from and in far safer conditions. the president went on to say if they're unhappy with the conditions, ," just tell them
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not to come. all problems solved. but in the meantime, the american academy of pediatrics is sharing with the media what they call disturbing pictures drawn by migrant children of their impressions of life inside the detention centers. the pictures were drawn by three children ages ten and 11 and show people behind bars and in cages. the acting secretary of homeland security has been meeting with the american academy of pediatrics since december regarding concerns for the underage detainees. he says he thinks things are finally improving. >> f in sounding the alarm for a long time and at. we are 20 at one point in late may and early june in our custody and many of them had been there for several days. in an accessible situation by any measure. that number right now in our afternoon report is under 300 children and border patrol custody. >> he is expected to testify before congress later this month on the status of detention facilities along the border. >> the president 's overall
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immigration agenda was dealt a blow yesterday when a federal appeals court upheld a ruling barring the use of military funds to go towards the border wall. mike. >> mike: anita vogel, thanks very much. if updating something we told her moment, officials have reopened the west portion of the u.s. capitol. looking at life pictures of it right now after ordering people to move because of the threat earlier of severe weather, they are lining up for tonight's capital for celebration. we will talk next with arizona garnishment and debates about immigration and border security. ♪ etcustomize my insurance. and as a fitness junkie, i customize everything, like my bike, and my calves. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ >> mike: we told you moment ago immigration officials continue to dispute reports of inhumane conditions at migrant holding facilities along our southern border. let's talk more about the situation with arizona republican congressman andy bigs. he joins us live. great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> mike: you're an arizona lawmaker. are you convinced by the chief patrol agent of the tucson sector that there are toiletries, fruit, and fresh drink of water for illegal immigrants being held in our facilities? >> yes i am. i've actually been to the border on a regular basis. i communicate with agents. i visited detention centers. i've seen crowding and i've
3:22 pm
seen -- they are them sometimes roman, but they are getting hot meals every day. if they're getting food, they're getting water. they're getting supplies and i believe him when he says they're doing their best and their providing these important supplies to these people. >> mike: i am a interviewed debbie daigle my will play her response and ask you to respond. >> the crowding situation. the women not being able to take baths, they can't read, they're not getting any kind of attention. that's not who we are as americans and i think we all react to this, to what our values are as americans about how any human being should be treated. >> mike: is she off-base? >> i think she has off-base. first of all committees are holding facilities. they're not designed to be detention facilities so if you go to yuma for instance they have a facility designed for 250 and it has about a thousand people there, though they are moving people out. what's happening is there's no place to move them because ice
3:23 pm
facilities are overcrowded. so what's happening is we are releasing literally tens of thousands of people every month instead of holding them. and that's the alternative. if you're not going to -- if you have no place for them, you're releasing them, and that's what we are doing. these are not concentration camps, these are not atrocities. they are getting good treatment, and actually getting released far earlier than quite frankly many of us think they should be but when there's no detention facilities for them. >> mike: some news of the day, your college justin amash of michigan saying he's leaving the g.o.p. writing "modern politics is trapped in a partisan test pilot. i've become disenchanted with party politics and frightened by what i see from it. the two-party system has evolved into an existential threat to american principles and institutions. your reactions? >> i disagree that the two-party system is an existential threat.
3:24 pm
i will also say that where they're going, the threat is the establishment that's been in place for quite some time and for him leaving one party to the other, that's his own personal choice and he's free to make it, but the reality is we are stuck with an establishment -- i think president trump has found out how deep that establishment goes. i know that justin and i actually fought together to try to dismantle the establishment in some ways. it is very difficult. i would say it's the unit party system or if at the top personnel on both parties that are kind of working together to maintain the status quo and that is the biggest problem as far as a party goes in this state today, in this country today. >> mike: congress meant andy bigs, kind of you to give us a few minutes on the fourth of july. happy independence day and we thank you for your time, sir. >> thinks, happy independence day to you too, and your team. >> mike: there are new concerns tonight about iran's ability to engage the u.s. in a war that has nothing to do with airplanes and tanks.
3:25 pm
this evening from a correspondent gillian turner looks at iran's capabilities on the cyber thomas butterfield. >> cyber experts are ringing alarm bells about the very real possibility of a full-blown cyber war between the u.s. and iran. they cite new evidence that iranian hackers are developing large-scale attack plans to use against american businesses. this includes reports that over the past two months over 1200 command and control domains linked to iran were registered. and more than 700 of those are now active. national security sources warren iran's next move could set in motion the first real cyber war between washington and tehran. the white house says president trump steam is prepping for any and every eventuality on earth and in cyberspace. >> i was standing just a few picks away from him when he made a comment yesterday. he's serious about this because we have to protect our allies. we have to protect the united states citizens here and abroad and we are going to do that at all costs.
3:26 pm
>> up until now, u.s. engagement with iran in cyberspace has been limited to what experts describe as tit-for-tat operations. there is yet to be any prolonged back-and-forth cyber warfare between the two countries. but on june 22nd, u.s. cyber command confirmed the u.s. conducted online attacks against an iranian intelligence firm believed to be behind the attacks on oil tankers. >> it's a very, very good tactic and technique edits has a very serious signal to whomever we do it to. >> iran has a history of retaliating against u.s. and cyberspace. in 2012 it attacked saudi armco, a major oil company after the u.s. carried out a cyber operation that damaged iran's nuclear infrastructure. now iran's preparations raise the stakes and the potential for warfare. >> i would fully expect that they would respond in some manner in the cyber way and in many ways that's a new domain.
3:27 pm
>> on capitol hill, the scenario has lawmakers tackled up. >> you look at everything from china to russia using cyber against us. it is the modern warfare. we certainly know that from our elections in 2016. >> cyber experts say american businesses could already be copper most by iranian hackers and not even know it. if a risk that's especially dangerous in the midst of weeks of escalating tensions between washington and tehran. tonight signs point to both countries mobilizing for an online battlefield. mike. >> mike: gillian turner come thank you. >> you bet. >> mike: president trump salute to america event starts shortly at the lincoln memorial. the motorcade has arrived. we will have complete live coverage after a quick break. coverage after a quick break. ♪ i had legs like you. yeah, like a regular person. no. still half bike/half man, just the opposite. oh, so the legs on the bottom and motorcycle on the top?
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>> mike: welcome back to "special report." we are waiting for the president at the national mall. as you can see, a majestic scene right there in front of the lincoln memorial. we expect the president and first lady to appear any moment now. if correspondent mark meredith on the mall right now. mark emma describe what you're seeing around you. >> good evening, happy fourth of july. right now we are seeing light rain showers. nothing compared to what we saw earlier today because around 3:45, 4:00, it was a downpour. that was happening as people were just being let in to right here where we are, which is the perimeter surrounding the lincoln memorial.
3:31 pm
where we are right here, you can see the podium right there behind me, enclosed with bullet proof all around it. we expect the president to be taking the stage there within the next 3 minutes or so. vice president mike pence arrived here to the lincoln memorial about 20 minutes ago, he waved to the crowd when he was up here, did not deliver any remarks. if we do expect them to come back out with the president and just a little bit. as have been talking about, the rain has been one of the biggest questions going into today. what would that not only mean for turnout, but also for what the event would look like itself, if it was going to be down pouring. with these light rain showers it does appear like this event is going to go on. the president of austria's motorcade has arrived here. the crowd was watching a live video feed from the white house that was showing the president and the first lady as they were leaving the white house residence and it's a really short drive your, as you well know, from the white house to the lincoln memorial but secret service owning the president there in the fall motorcade along with the press pool and they arrived here at the lincoln memorial within the last 5 minutes or so. we do expect to hear from the
3:32 pm
president shortly. we have gotten a brief clip -- brief idea of what is remarks are going to be look at. we are going to be listening closely to what he has to say. >> mike: here with the president's arrival. with that let's bring in our panel. hugo gurdon, editor in chief of the "washington examiner." mollie hemingway, senior editor at the federalist and josh, politics editor for national journal. panel, let's get your thoughts before we hear from the president going into this. josh? >> the president likes a spectacle and he's going to be getting one tonight. the big issue has been the weather and the president looks like we'll be on time. there's been rain and there's more rain in the forecast, but the big challenge is whether the president can make his speech beyond politics, whether he can unite the country, whether it's going to talk about american principles or whether he will be trapped into talking about himself. it's a big moment for the president. it's a unified moment, but this has been suffused with partisan politics. it's a big opportunity for the president to make it above just partisan politics.
3:33 pm
>> mike: experts would seem very patriotic, very fourth of july. at molly your expectations? stickel based on those excerpts it sounds week we will have a very unifying as opposed to partisan speech, and that is important. i tend to be someone who loves independence day. it's a holiday that we celebrate all over the country. there's no reason you can't celebrate it here. political leaders throughout the state mark it with speeches. i would like to see this be something that all presidents do every year, not just on special anniversaries, but every independence day. it's really good to her member those principles of our founding and the declaration and i hope that happens today. >> mike: you seen aircraft that serves as air force one flying over the national mall, quite an image for folks gathered. hugo, your thoughts going into the speech? >> i think people who are here to see the thing will really enjoy the spectacle. i'm sure there are lots of children who want to take sell things with the tanks. there will probably be a different opinion amongst those people who are at home.
3:34 pm
but i think one of the points that needs to be made about the political division here is the context of this thing. harvard professor compared the tanks in the streets of washington to the tanks in the streets of tiananmen square. absolute stuff of nonsense. it all depends on the context. where i'm from in britain, every morning from the cavalry, sabers drawn towards buckingham palace. it's just a way that the left-wing are trying to make president trump seem like he's authoritarian. and it's rubbish. >> mike: we've seen some of the aircraft flying overhead despite the weather concerns earlier in the evening. saw some osprey helicopters flying over the national mall. as i mentioned, the aircraft that serves as air force one, a spectacular setting there in front of the lincoln memorial. what about some of the political concerns going into this, some of the criticisms we heard from democrats going into it, josh, could they have egg on their face if this just turns out to be a big white and blue event?
3:35 pm
>> democrats certainly know how to overreach and as hugo was saying, may make it about totalitarianism and just freaking out over tanks being on the capital. i do think the bigger challenge for the president -- i hope a lot of average americans were able to kind of see the military equipment, to see the tanks. there were some reports that it was sort of to the vips, the people who are tickets. one of the great things about july 4th and about the ceremonies on the mall is it's for everyone. so i hope that the ceremony is democratic and has been open to the general public. >> there was so much opposition to having tanks and i found out there were only a couple of tanks. it's all most disappointing. i love seeing our -- i love our military, i love seeing our military aircraft and tanks and whatnot and to find out it was only a couple of tanks to have all this opposition to it, if anything, the disappointment should be that there aren't more tanks. >> any one of the reasons there's so much opposition is his opponents, the president of austria's opponents and critics
3:36 pm
think a lot of people might enjoy it. >> that is the aircraft that serves as air force one flying over the national mall and we will let you complete your thought for sure but wanted to draw the folks attention at home watching as you see the spectacular aircraft known for carrying presidents of the united states everywhere they go, now going over the national mall with the crowd gathered awaiting president trump and his speech. hugo, please continue. >> it's quite a sight and i think a lot of people will enjoy that. i think there probably is a certain amount of political calculation in the president wanting to do this. his primary promise was to make america great again, so it's hardly surprising that he wants to show american greatness, and that might include military equipment. jfk has had a military parade. eisenhower had a military parade. this is not unprecedented, and i think people are making a lot of fuss. >> mike: eisenhower had tanks rolling down the street. jfk had missiles actually in the parade, so if you go back some
3:37 pm
in history, it's not that big of a deal. >> and it's not just the military that we want to celebrate on this day, but the military is a big part of why we do have our freedom secured and it's important that we not forget that. >> mike: we hear hail to the chief playing on the national mall, that means president trump is a writing let's listen in. musical mystical [hail to the chief instrumental plays] ["hail to the chief" instrumental plays]
3:38 pm
[cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "usa"] [cheers and applause] >> president trump: hello america, hello.
3:39 pm
the first lady and i which though mike wish each and everyone of you a happy independence day on this truly historic fourth of july. [cheers and applause] today we come together as one nation with his very special salute to america. we celebrate our history, our people, and the heroes proudly defend our flag, the brave men and women of the united states military. [cheers and applause] we are pleased to have with us vice president mike pence and his wonderful wife karen. [cheers and applause] we are also joined by many hardworking members of congress, acting secretary of defense mark esper and many other members of my cabinet and also the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, general joe dunford. thank you. thank you.
3:40 pm
thank you. lieutenant general daniel hawkinson of the national guard, and distinguished leaders representing each branch of the united states armed forces, the army, navy, coast guard, marine marines, and very soon, the space force. as we gather this evening in the joy of freedom, we remember that all share a truly extraordinary heritage. together we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told, the story of america. it is the epic tale of a great nation whose people have risked everything for what they know is right and what they know is true. it is the chronicle of brave citizens who never give up on the dream of a better and brighter future, and it is the saga of 13 separate colonies
3:41 pm
that united to form the most just and virtuous republic ever conceived. on this day, 243 years ago, our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to declare independence and defend our god-given rights. [cheers and applause] thomas jefferson wrote the words that forever changed the course of humanity. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. [cheers and applause] with a single sheet of parchment
3:42 pm
and 56 signatures, america began the greatest political journey in human history, but on that day, the patriots who would determine the ultimate success of the struggle were 100 miles away in new york. they are, continental army prepared to make it stand, commanded by the beloved general george washington. [cheers and applause] as the delegates debated the declaration in philadelphia, washington's army watched from manhattan as a massive british invading fleet loomed dangerously across new york harbor. the british had come to crush the revolution in its infancy. washington's message to his troops laid bare the stakes. he wrote "the fate of unborn millions will now depend under
3:43 pm
god on the courage and conduct of this army. if we have therefore to resolve to conquer or die." [cheers and applause] days later, general washington ordered the declaration read aloud to the troops, the assembled soldiers just joined an excited crowd running down broadway. they toppled the statue of king george and melted into bullets for battle. the faraway king would soon learn a timeless lesson about the people of this majestic land. americans love our freedom and no one will ever take it away from us. [cheers and applause]
3:44 pm
that same american spirit that emboldened our founders has kept us strong throughout our history. to this day that spirit runs through the veins of every american patriot. it lives on in each and every one of you here today. it is the spirit, daring, and defiance, excellence and adventure, courage and confidence, loyalty and love, that built this country into the most exceptional nation in the history of the world, and our nation is stronger today than it ever was before. it is its strongest now. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "usa"]
3:45 pm
>> president trump: that same righteous american spirit forged our glorious constitution. that rugged american character led the legendary explorers lewis and clark on their perilous expedition across an untamed continent. it drove others to journey west and stake out there claim on the wild frontier. devotion to our founding ideals led american patriots to abolish the evil of slavery, secure civil rights, and expand the blessings of liberty to all americans. [cheers and applause] this is a noble purpose that inspired abraham lincoln to rededicate our nation to a new birth of freedom, and to resolve that we will always have a government of, by, and for the
3:46 pm
people. [cheers and applause] our quest for greatness unleashed a culture of discovery that led thomas edison to imagine his light bulb, alexander graham bell to create the telephone, the wright brothers to look to the sky and see the next great frontier. we are americans. nothing is impossible. [cheers and applause] exactly 50 years ago this month the world watched in awe as apollo 11 astronauts launched into space with a wake of fire and nerves of steel, and planted our great american flag on the face of the moon. half a century later, we are thrilled to have here tonight the famed nasa flight director
3:47 pm
who led mission control during that historic endeavor, the renowned jean krantz. [cheers and applause] >> president trump: gene, i want you to know that we are going to be back on the moon very soon, and someday soon we will plant the american flag on mars. it's happening, gene. it's happening. our nation's creativity and genius lit up the lights of broadway and the soundstages of hollywood. it filled the concert halls and airwaves around the world with the sound of jazz, opera, country, rock 'n' roll, and rhythm and blues. it gave birth to the musical,
3:48 pm
the motion picture, the western, the world series, the super bowl, the skyscraper. the suspension bridge. the assembly line, and the mighty american automobile. [cheers and applause] it led our citizens to push the bounds of medicines and science to save the lives of millions. here with us this evening is dr. in manual. when he began his work, 99% of children with leukemia died. if thanks largely to his breakthrough treatments, currently 90% of those with the most common childhood leukemias survived. doctor, you are a great american hero. [cheers and applause]
3:49 pm
>> president trump: americans always take care of each other. that love and unity held together the first programs. it forged communities on the great plains. it inspired clara barton to found the red cross, and it keeps our nation thriving today. here tonight from the florida panhandle is tina belcher. her selfless generosity over three decades has made her known to all as mrs. angel. every time a hurricane strikes, mrs. angel turns her tiny kitchen into a disaster relief center. on a single day after hurricane michael, she gave 476 people a warm meal.
3:50 pm
mrs. angel. your boundless heart inspires us all. [applause] >> president trump: thank you very much. from our earliest days, americans of faith have uplifted our nation. this evening we are joined by sister deirdre vern. sister byrne is a retired army surgeon who served for nearly 30 years. on september 11th 2001 the sister raced to ground zero. through smoke and debris, she administered first aid and comfort to all. today she runs a medical clinic serving the poor in our nation's capital. sister, thank you for your lifetime of service.
3:51 pm
thank you. [cheers and applause] our nation has always honored the heroes serve our communitie communities. the firefighters, first responders, police, sheriffs, ice, border patrol, and all of the brave men and women of law enforcement. on this july 4th we pay special tribute to the military service members who laid down their lives for our nation. we are deeply moved to be in the presence this evening of gold star families whose loved ones made the supreme sacrifice. thank you. thank you. [cheers and applause]
3:52 pm
thank you very much. throughout our history, our country has been made ever greater by citizens who risked it all for equality and for justice. 100 years ago this summer, the women's suffrage movement led congress to pass a constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote. [cheers and applause] in 1960, a thirst for justice led african-american students to sit down at the woolworth lunch counter in greensboro, north carolina, . it was one of the very first
3:53 pm
civil rights sit ins and it started a movement all across our nation. clarence henderson was 18 years old when he took his place in history. almost six decades later he is here tonight in a seat of honor. clarence, thank you for making this country a much better place for all americans. [cheers and applause] in 1963, reverend martin luther king jr. stood here on these very steps and called on our nation to live out the true meaning of its creed, and let freedom ring for every all across our land. america's fearless resolve has inspired heroes who defined our
3:54 pm
national character from george washington, john adams, and betsy ross to douglas, you know, frederick douglass, the great frederick douglass. area tubman. amelia ehrhardt. douglas mcarthur. dwight eisenhower, jackie robinson and, of course, john glenn. it has willed our warriors up mountains and across minefields. it is liberated continents, split the atom and brought tyrants and empires to their needs. here with us this evening as earl morris. after retiring from the air force, earl worked at a va hospital in ohio. earl found that many world war ii veterans could not afford to visit their memorial on the national mall so earl began the very first honor
3:55 pm
flights that have now brought over 200,000 world war ii heroes to visit america's monument. earl, thank you, we salute you. thank you. [crowd chanting "usa"] thank you. thank you. our warriors from howard roll call of american patriots running all the way back to the first thought so mike fought and won american independence. today, just as it did 243 years ago, the future of american freedom rests on the shoulders of men and women willing to defend it. we are proudly joined tonight by heroes from each branch of the u.s. armed forces, including three recipients of the congressional medal of honor.
3:56 pm
thank you. [cheers and applause] they and thousands before us served with immense distinction, and they loved every minute of that service. to young americans across the country, now's your chance to join our military and make a truly great statement in life, and you should do it. [cheers and applause] we will now begin our celebration of the united states armed forces, honoring each branch's unique culture, rich history, service, song and distinct legacy. i invite acting secretary, please, mark esper, secretary of defense, and chairman dunford,
3:57 pm
head of the joint chiefs of staff, please join me. [cheers and applause] in august of 1790, by request of george washington and alexandra hamilton. congress established a fleet of ten swift vessels to defend our shores. these revenue cutters would fight pirates, stop smugglers, and safeguard our borders. they are the ancestors of our faithful coast guard. [applause] when our ships were seized and stale to sailors kidnapped by foreign powers in 1812, it was a revenue cutter, the swift schooner thomas jefferson that swept into capture the first british vessel of the war.
3:58 pm
in 1897 when 265 whalers were trapped in ice in the ice fields of alaska were closing up, courageous officers tracked 150n frontier to rescue those starving men from certain death. in 1942, the coast guard manned landing crafts towards the pacific when the enemy attacked u.s. marines from the shore. if coast guard cinnamon first class douglas munro used his own boat to shield his comrades from pounding gunfire. he gave his life. hundreds of marines were saved. as he lay dying on the deck, his final question of body devotion that sales with every coast guardsmen, did they get off?
3:59 pm
[applause] on d-day, the coast guard's famous max box fleet served valiantly through every hour of the greatest amphibious invasion in the history of our country. said the water boiled with bullets like in mud puddle and hailstorm, but still the coast guard braved death to put our boys are in utah and beache beaches. [applause] every coast guardsmen is trusted to put service before all. they punch from helicopters and barrel through pouring rain and crashing waves to save american lives. they secure our borders from drug runners and terrorists in rough seas at high speeds, the sharpshooters take out smugglers engines with a single shot. they never miss when the red racing stripes of a coast guard vessel break the horizon.
4:00 pm
when their chopper blades pierce the sky, those in distress know that the help is on the way and our enemies know their time has come. [cheers and applause] these guardians of our waters stand semper parada's [applause] they are always ready. they are the united states coast guard. representing the coast guard today, you will soon see in hh 60 jay hawk helicopter based at coast guard air station clearwater along with an hh 65 dolphin from air station atlantic city and in hc 144 ocean sentry from air station miami. [cheers and applause] is a good ♪
4:01 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:02 pm
♪ [applause] >> president trump: thank you. thank you to the coast guard. on a cold december morning in 1903, a miracle occurred over the dunes of kitty hawk, north carolina, when two bicycle makers from ohio defied gravity with a 12-horsepower engine, wings made of cotton, and just a few dollars in their pockets. just six years later america was training its first pilots to take these magnificat machines up and over the field of battle. in world war i, our fly boys rushed the skies of europe and
4:03 pm
aces like eddie filled parts and headlines with tales of daring tools in the clouds. general billy mitchell saw the promise of this technology and risked court-martial in his quest for independent air force. he was proven right when empires across the oceans try to carve up the world themselves and america stood in the way. we wouldn't let it happen. [applause] after pearl harbor, lieutenant colonel james doolittle and his raters flute be 25 bombers off the carrier deck off the pacific and enduring defeat and as president roosevelt said, the nazis built a fortress around europe, but they forgot to put a roof on it.
4:04 pm
so we crushed them all from the air, 177 liberator bombers flew dangerously low for broad daylight without fighter protection to cripple the war machine. if more than 300 airmen gave their lives to destroy the refineries and five pilots were awarded the congressional medalf honor for their actions in that single raid. it was airmen chuck yeager who first broke the sound barrier. it was airmen like buzz aldrin who traded their sabre jets for rockets to the stars and it is our incredible airmen today who wield the most powerful weapons systems on the planet earth. for over 65 years, no enemy air force has managed to kill a
4:05 pm
single american soldier because the skies belong to the united states of america. [cheers and applause] no enemy has attacked our people without being met by a roar of thunder and the awesome might of those who bid farewell to earth and soar into the wild blue yonder. they are the united states air force. it representing the air force you will soon see beautiful brand-new f-22 raptors from langley air force base in virgi virginia. and one magnificent bead to bomber from whiteman air force base in missouri. ♪
4:06 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
4:07 pm
[cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "usa"] >> president trump: what a great country. in october 1775, the continental congress ordered the construction of two sailing vessels, each carrying ten cannons and 80 men to sail eastward. our young fleet tested their sea legs against the most powerful navy the world has ever seen.
4:08 pm
john paul jones, america's first great naval hero said "i wish to have no connection with any ship that does not sell fast, for i intend to go in harm's way." he got his wish many times when his ship was shot into pieces off the coast of england by a british vessel under four dozen guns. one demanded to surrender, jones very famously declared "i have not yet begun to fight." [cheers and applause] when our navy begins fighting, they finished the job. the war of 1812, captain james lawrence fell with his brothers on the uss chesapeake. his dying command gained immortality. "don't give up the ship." [applause]
4:09 pm
in the battle of mobile bay, admirable david lashed himself to the rigging of his flagship to see beyond the can smoke crying "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead." in world war ii, it was aviators launched from the carrier enterprise hornet, yorktown, who filled the skies of midway and turned the tide of the pacific war. nobody could beat us, nobody could come close. on d-day, cb engineers came assured to destroy blockades and barriers taking way for the invasion. when he lost their lives, but they took the german defenses with them and remain crushed up on the beaches like a mighty storm. from the naval demolition units
4:10 pm
of world war ii arose a force that became famous in the delta. if they don't want to see our force again. the very best of the very best, the navy seals. [cheers and applause] it was the seals who delivered vengeance on the terrorists who planned the terrorist attack of 9/11 on our homeland. it was the seals who stand ready to bring writers retribution and mountain jungle -- america's sailors are not born, they are forged by the sea. their traditions are rich with the salt and blood of three centuries. when old glory crossed the waves of foreign shores, every friend and every foe knows that justice sales those waters. it sales with the united states
4:11 pm
navy. [cheers and applause] representing our great navy today will be 2f18 super hornets from naval air station oceana in virginia along with two f35 lightnings from california. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:12 pm
♪ >> president trump: so great. in november of 1775, the continental congress created two battalions of a new kind of warrior, one who kept and would protect our ships and sailors and be at home both assure and with musket in hand, their versatility was proven in the war of independence went 234 continental marines conducted their first amphibious raid. capturing the british supply of gunpowder and cannons at fort nassau. ever since marines have fought in every american war, their legend has grown and grown and grown with each passing year. it was the marines who won
4:13 pm
america's first overseas battle, vanquishing pirates on the shores. they are high, stiff collar, which shielded them from the pirate sword earned them the immortal name "leatherneck." [applause] it was the marines who after two long days of battle, marched through the halls of montezuma. it was the marines who took heavy casualties to kick the troops out of bella would in world war i earning the title "devil dogs. and it was the marines who raised the flag on the black sands of iwo jima. [cheers and applause]
4:14 pm
from the reservoir -- from hellman to baghdad, marines have struck fear into the hearts of our enemies and put solace into the hearts of our friends. marines always lead the way. after the 1983 marine barracks bombing in beirut, which claimed the lives of 241 great u.s. serviceman, marine sergeant lay in bandages, so badly wounded, barely alive. when the common dance of the marine corps came to visit his hospital, the sergeant had to feel for the general's collar. he wanted to feel his four stars. he could not see, and he could not speak. he signaled for pen and paper and with shaking hand he wrote two words. "semper fi."
4:15 pm
[applause] that motto, semper fidelis, always faithful, burns and the soul of every marine. the sacred promise they have kept since the birth of our country. they are the elite masters of air and land and sea on battlefield all across the globe. they are the united states marines. [cheers and applause] representing the marine corps today will be a brand-new vh 92, soon to serve as marine one. along with 2v22 osprey's from famed hmx one helicopter squadron at quantico, the nighthawks.
4:16 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:17 pm
[scattered applause] >> president trump: in june of 1775, the continental congress created a unified army out of the revolutionary forces encamped around boston and new york and named after the great george washington, commander in chief. the continental army suffered a bitter winter of valley forge. he found glory across the waters out of delaware and sees a victory from cornwallis of yorktown. our army rammed the ramparts. it took over the airports. it did everything it had to do, and at fort mckendry under the rocket's red glare, it had
4:18 pm
nothing but victory and when don came, their star-spangled banner waived defiant. [cheers and applause] and gettysburg, our soldiers gave the last full measure of devotion for the true unity of our nation and the freedom of all americans. in the trenches of world war i, an army sergeant named alvin york faced an inferno of enemy fire and refused to retreat. he said "i won't leave. i won't stop." he shot his rifle 18 times, killing 18 of the enemy. when they fixed bayonets and charged, he killed seven more. the entire german machine gun battalion surrender because of one man, alvin york.
4:19 pm
a generation later, the army returned to europe and embarked upon a great crusade with knives and rifles in hand, the rangers scaled the cliffs of normandy, the 101st airborne leapt into the danger from above, illuminated only by enemy flares, explosions, and burning aircraft, they threw back the nazi empire with lightning of their own from the turrets of sherman tanks and of the barrels of the m1 rifle. in the darkness of the battle of the bulge, with nazis on every side, one soldier is reported to have said "they've got us surrounded again, the poor bastards." outnumbered, american warriors fought through the bunkers pork
4:20 pm
chop hill and held the line of civilization in korea. in the elephant grass of vietnam, the first cavalry made its stand amid a forest consumed in flame with enemies at every single turn. the army brought america's righteous fury down to al qaeda and afghanistan and cleared the bloodthirsty killers on their caves. they liberated falluja and mosul and helped liberate and obliterate the isis caliphate just recently in syria, 100% gone. for centuries, our soldiers have always pointed towards home proclaiming "this we'll defend." they live by the creed of douglas smith macarthur. there is no substitute for victory. they are the greatest soldiers on earth. [scattered applause]
4:21 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
4:22 pm
>> president trump: nearly 250 years ago, a volunteer army of farmers and shopkeepers, blacksmiths, merchants, and militiamen, risked life and limb to secure american liberty and self-government. this evening we have witnessed the noble might of the warriors who continue that legacy. they guard our birthright with vigilant and fierce devotion to the flag and to our great country. now we must go forward as a nation with that same unity of purpose. as long as we stay true to our cause, as long as we remember our great history. as long as we never stop fighting for a better future, then there will be nothing that america cannot do. [cheers and applause]
4:23 pm
[crowd chanting "usa"] thank you. we will always be the people who defeated a tyrant, crossed a continent, harnessed science, took to the skies, and sword into the heavens, because we will never forget that we are americans, in the future belongs to us. [cheers and applause] the future belongs to the brave, strong, the proud, and the free. we are one people chasing one dream, and one magnificent destiny. we all share the same heroes, the same home, the same heart, and we are all made by the same
4:24 pm
almighty god. [cheers and applause] from the banks of the chesapeake to the cliffs of california. from the humming shores of the great lakes to the sand dunes of the carolinas, from the fields of the heartland to the everglades of florida, the spirit of american independence will never fade, never fail, but will reign forever and ever and ever. so once more, to every citizen throughout our land, have a glorious independence day, have a great fourth of july. i want to thank the army band,
4:25 pm
the national park service, the interior department, the incredible pilots overhead, and those who are making possible the amazing fireworks display later this evening. now, as the band plays the battle hymn of the republic, i invite the first lady, vice president and mrs. pence to serve as secretaries and military leaders to join me on stage for one more salute to america by the famous, incredible, talented blue angels. god bless you, god bless the military, and god bless america, happy fourth of july. [scattered applause]
4:26 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:27 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:28 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:29 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:30 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [scattered applause]
4:31 pm
♪ ♪ ♪
4:32 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
4:33 pm
♪ ♪ [scattered applause] ♪
4:34 pm
♪ ♪ >> the united states navy blue angels wowing the crowd on the national mall. we've been listening to president trump's address at his salute to america fourth of july celebration at the lincoln memorial. the president went through some of the country's early history and also some more recent times. he prayed the u.s. military, introduced veterans and encourage the young americans to join the armed forces. then it was time to the tributes to the into visual services and flyovers from a wide array of aircraft. a huge crowd was also entertained by the united states army band and army chorus. spectacular as always. if the president concluded by
4:35 pm
saying the future belongs to americans. let's hear a bit of his speech. >> would come together as one nation with this very special salute to america. with elevator history, our people, our heroes and the who probably and dumb i could flag the brave men and women of the united states military. americans love our freedom and no one will ever take away from us. >> let's get the latest now from the white house. it rich edson is there tonight. good evening. it struck me that we heard a bit of a state of the union feel to the address where the president highlighted many americans doing extraordinary things to make the country in the world a better place. your thoughts? >> quite a punctuation at the end there. the entire capital region heard the blue angels fly overhead but what you had essentially was a one-hour presentation of a 243 year history of the united states, one of the
4:36 pm
president said brought americans together as one nation to recognize the military, gold star families, first responders. started with the story of the birth of the united states. if the of 1776, and really incorporated american history. the history of each service division, each service branch, brought in the military hardware associated with that, certainly with the flyovers throughout this entire presentation. and any accomplishments throughout american history and the american men and women who accomplish them. everywhere from the lewis and clark expedition, the abolition of the evil of slavery, civil rights. the wright brothers, clara barton, apollo 11. country, r&b, the world series, the super bowl, medicine, d-day, and all the united states is doing currently to keep up in that tradition. here's the president. >> president trump: it is the spirit, daring, and defiance, excellence and adventure, courage and confidence, loyalty and love, that built this
4:37 pm
country into the most exceptional nation in the history of the world and our nation is stronger today than it ever was before. it is its strongest now. >> that was the general overview of american history, and that was followed by mention or history, detailing of each service branch followed by the service branch's song, and the military aviators coming over and flying those planes across the national mall over the national the washington monument into the lincoln memorial where the president was standing. mike. >> mike: the weather was a little rough but the crowd seemed to have a great time. thanks so much. let's bring in our panel. hugo, the editor in chief of the "washington examiner," mollie hemingway, senior editor of the federalist, and josh kraushaar, politics editor for national journal. hugo, let's start with you. what stuck out to you? >> it was a very deft speech but also very simple one. he went through, as was just
4:38 pm
noted, great events and great men and women from american history, but he tied history to the modern day. the thing that struck me about it was he referred to our quest to greatness. the whole point of the speech, the whole thrust of the speech was about america's quest for greatness, which of course reflects his own make america great again. what he wanted to do with this speech, he didn't have to be political because the entire indication of american greatness and the great people was sort of a stirring cry for people to continue that tradition. >> mike: for folks with a patriotic bone in their body, this had to really touch them. if your thoughts? >> first up, after think people -- think people who are critical of this idea have got to feel a little foolish. that was clearly very good speech, very unifying. i don't think an american around could have trouble with what he was saying. reminding people about our founding in those principles of our founding and how they live
4:39 pm
within us. talking about these great americans who have lived, whether they are artists or inventors, warriors, all of these people. it reminds me actually of calvin coolidge, or great former president who was born in independence day. the theme that he would talk about is be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray. that's what i took from this speech. be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray. but as that is in the military oro invented spirit or in our lust for expansion or artistry or whatnot, we are people who love freedom and are anxious for the fray. >> mike: josh, your thoughts? >> it was an ode to american exceptionalism and even though there was no politics asked mike discussed in a speech there was an unmistakable political subtext at a time when a lot of leading democratic president of candidates are dwelling on america's faults through history. you had nike this past week take the original betsy ross flag off of one of its shoes under protest from colin kaepernick. this was a contrast to that.
4:40 pm
this was a peon to american exceptionalism and attribute to america and even though he didn't bring a politics, the contrast was unmistakable. >> mike: you mentioned betsy ross, let's take a listen to the president. >> president trump: america's fearless resolve has inspired heroes who defined our national character, from george washington, john adams, and betsy ross, to douglas, you know, frederick douglass. the great trick douglass. harriet tubman, emelia ehrhardt, douglas macarthur, dwight eisenhower, jackie robinson, and of course, john glenn. >> mike: reference to a number of great americans, but betsy ross was included in that. your thoughts? >> i love the allusion to frederick douglass, who had written and spoken as beautifully, and abraham lincoln. people who knew that our country did have problems, but the solution to america's problem was in america herself. and this is a noted contrast of
4:41 pm
people were talking about the flag is being a symbol of hate for the founding as being this irredeemable situation. america is a great country and it's great and it's one of these things were great americans throughout time have known that it is great that when we have problems, we seek to improve them. i loved the call out civil rights heroes and others who bravely stood against oppression and persecution and who are people that we can all look to with admiration. >> mike: there was also a reference to some of the folks on the front lines of some of the current immigration crisis of the border. people doing very difficult jobs at the border. let's take a listen to that. >> president trump: our nation has always honor the heroes who serve our communities. the firefighters, first responders, police, sheriffs, ice, border patrol, and all of the brave men and women of law enforcement. >> mike: hugo, what about that
4:42 pm
line? >> i think with the president managed, as i was saying earlier, he managed to bring relevance to today and he was giving a shout out to the people who he wants to know are supporting him and he wants americans to support. he wants to deal with the border crisis. he wants people to respect -- to ice in the border patrol and the people who do the hard work down there. these references to current politics and indeed the one to betsy ross by, they were all legitimate, they were all nicely brought into the speech, but they will, i think, and this is where i disagree with molly, i think the people who didn't want to like this event are not going to like this event. there were enough political references in it, there was a lot of the military stuff laid on very thick. they probably will not like it but i think he would have actually persuaded or stirred a lot of people for independents.
4:43 pm
>> mike: there are concerns about price tag and what would this be, bringing tanks to washington. your thoughts on some of the critics pregame and where they may be no? >> this will be all forgotten after july 4th. that's not a winning democratic issue and frankly, that's part of trump playbook. he knows that he brings up hot button topics. i don't think it's an accident he mentioned ice specifically because he knows democrats, especially the more progressive democrats are going to overreact and they'll end up turning political lemonade into lemons and by their overreaction. i think the president knows what he's doing in many ways. he uses issues that are very polarizing, tries to stir up the opposition and watches things as they go as they turn out to be. >> i really think it would be good if this was a good annual tradition for people, regardless of the politics, can come together, remember the founding, the member that we are one people that we share a lot. there is so much division in the world but this is a great day. you look at communities throughout the country, everyone's gathering for
4:44 pm
parades, they are gathering and celebrating their local law enforcement and their fire department and whatnot and it's just a great, great time for everybody to put away some differences and remember that we are so blessed to be americans. >> mike: amen. more with the panel when we come back. ♪ hey, who are you? oh, hey jeff, i'm a car thief... what?! i'm here to steal your car because, well, that's my job. what? what?? what?! (laughing) what?? what?! what?! [crash] what?! haha, it happens. and if you've got cut-rate car insurance, paying for this could feel like getting robbed twice. so get allstate... and be better protected from mayhem... like me. ♪ mno kidding.rd. but moving your internet and tv? that's easy. easy?! easy?
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♪ >> mike: this is a fox news alert. updating one of our other big stories of the day, southern california dealing with aftershocks tonight following a magnitude 6.4 earthquake this morning. correspondent jeff paul is live in ridgecrest california tonight. hello, jeff. >> yeah, mike, that's what everyone is breaking for right now, the aftershocks. we were just getting an update from police and fire a short time ago here in ridgecrest when they were talking about the ground started shaking. people appear to this house will are at and it caught on fire a few minutes i guess we are being told after this earthquake hit ridgecrest, and we are getting a better understanding of some of the damages. there also told that if you other houses in the area caught on fire and some of the gas lines in the area were ruptured as a result of this earthquake. so far we are only hearing of minor injuries and not widespread damage but the mayor here in ridgecrest declaring a state of emergency. if we asked exactly why she
4:48 pm
decided to determine if a state of emergency. there is what she had to say, take a listen. >> because without over 87 aftershocks of this. we don't know what's going to happen, and with that, the state of emergency allows us to seek significant help from other governmental institutes. >> we have had some time to visit a few stores in the area where we are seeing things have been knocked off the shelves. if those of the damages we are seeing at stores. hearing a local walmart pretty hard hit but again, no serious injuries. the other story line we are following is a local hospital here has been evacuated mostly as a precaution, but they have also seen some damages. >> mike: jeff paul live in ridgecrest california where the community is bracing for more aftershocks, thanks a lot. president trump's fourth of july event to honor the military is concluding at the lincoln memorial. it featured some impressive military hardware. let's get some background on what it takes to pull that off.
4:49 pm
lucas is live at the pentagon. >> what we saw is not just one flyover but actually seven flyovers. air force one kicking things of off. air force jets, f-22 raptors flanking a b2 bomber in that bomber through round-trip from its base in missouri. just a reminder of the coordination you need for this kind of event. not only wear those seven flyovers taking place, each one has to be designed to go over the mall at precisely the same time and a lot of coordination on the ground and it's also a reminder to america's adversaries that this is what the u.s. military can do. in fact, it was just one day before president trump took office that a pair of bombers launched from missouri and struck an isis target in libya flying around the world, refueling 15 times in mid air, flying around the world and back to land. just some other notes, there were no sign of the tanks. there were a lot of criticisms
4:50 pm
about tank on the mall. as mollie hemingway said, all of the two tanks that were coming up from the third infantry division from georgia. there were no sign of them. we just saw the bradley fighting vehicles in front of the podiums. apparently the camouflage works very well on the tanks. also it's a reminder that flyovers happen routinely. if b2 flyover on the rose bowl, there also flyovers and sporting events across america. there were other flyovers taking place on july 4th outside of the nation's capital. b-1 bombers from south dakota flew over six different cities in south dakota including deadwood and custer. also f-15 burlesque through over missouri -- excuse me, washington state and towns in oregon. >> mike: at lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon, thanks a lot. let's take another listen to an excerpt from the president's speech before we bring back our panel. take a listen. >> president trump: devotion to our founding ideals let american patriots to abolish the
4:51 pm
evil of slavery, secure civil rights, and expand the blessings of liberty to all americans. this is the noble purpose that inspired abraham lincoln to rededicate our nation to a new birth of freedom and to resolve that we will always have a government of, by, and for the people. our quest for greatness unleashed a culture of discovery that led thomas edison to imagine his light bulb, alexander graham bell to create the telephone, the wright brothers to look to the sky and see the next great frontier. we are americans, nothing is impossible. >> mike: that will certainly be a memorable line. for americans nothing is impossible. with the panel. josh, thoughts going forward from this? will there be some healing, or we back to red meat politics tomorrow morning? >> we will be back to red meat
4:52 pm
politics but it will say this was a unifying speech by the president. molly was talking earlier he invoked the civil rights movement, suffragette movement. he definitely was seeking inclusiveness in the speech and anyone who appreciates american history will find a lot to like and what he had to say. >> mike: somebody was into the space for us, let's take a listen to the president about going back to the moon and beyond. >> president trump: we are going to be back on the moon very soon and someday soon we will plant the american flag on mars. it's happening. it's happening. >> mike: what about that, that forward-looking, america should dream big and continue seeking beyond the moon? >> it was a very optimistic speech and he did talk a lot about looking beyond where we are now. i do think it is true though that we are at a point in time where the very notion of being american is sort of under internal attack. there are people where really resisting the ideas of the
4:53 pm
american founding and this is an important founding to time for people to a member what makes us special, what makes us unique and have different expressions of that, but it was almost too optimistic given what we are dealing with in our current situation with some people being very opposed to the founding -- the ideas of the american founding. if >> mike: hugo, as someone with a delightful accent who was not born here, what stands out to you? >> what stood out to me is a lot of british people are getting the biffed throughout american history. aside from that, -- look, what stands out actually timmy is the strength of american patriotism. even setting aside this speech where it was designed to stir the sort of fires of patriotism. one of the things that foreigners coming to the united states releasee is the
4:54 pm
flags, the pride in the military, but not just in the military, in the founding principles, and that's actually where the political debate right now is. i think that a lot of people, conservatives, believe that the democratic party and the left are really heading towards a kind of post-constitutional form of government and that the issue today is not only about this policy or that policy. when president trump says make america great again and invokes american history, is really drawing the lines between those who want to preserve what america really is and those who want to change it, they think, obviously, for the better. >> mike: go ahead, molly. >> to bring up calvin coolidge one more time, there was this wonderful speech he gave on juld about the enduring finality of the declaration of independence. somewhat political speech given what we are talking about. he was speaking against progressivism, the idea that
4:55 pm
we've evolved past the constitution. even these debates that we have right now have a precedent going back decades that might be because for some optimism for people who despair over the current debates. >> mike: when we come back, independence day around the country. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. nice! but uh, what's up with your partner? oh! we just spend all day telling everyone how we customize car insurance because no two people are alike, so... limu gets a little confused when he sees another bird that looks exactly like him. ya... he'll figure it out. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> mike: a live look at the white house when we will wrap up our special coverage of this "special report." final thoughts and what we saw? speak of the biggest divide is the difference of the politics of grievance and the politics of hopes. trump was talking about the politics of hope in his speech. he's been focused on the politics of grievance. democrats are divided, candidates talking about hope and candidates focused on bereavement grievance. it'll be a very, very powerful tool for him to enact the election. >> my final thought, today is when we would remember the day of independence. our colleague charlie krauthammer, a great tradition that i encourage your friends to follow. >> it was unifying in town but i do not think it won't work in that respect. >> mike: a look look at some
4:59 pm
independence day celebrations around america. in new jersey, an american flag shape hot air balloon went up in the air in honor of female veterans. the balloon named american one is five stories tall and weighs 135 pounds. huntington beach one annual fourth of july parade, this year's team theme was sweet laf liberty. the largest fourth of july parade west of the mississippi and right here in d.c., vice president mike pence welcome new citizens to the u.s. this morning as the speaker of a naturalization ceremony. >> as of today, the men and women gathered before me today who just raise the right hand have now joined the ranks of the freest and most prosperous nation in the history of the world. >> mike: thank you for watching a very special, special
5:00 pm
report. on this independence day. i'm mike emanuel well, i will see you at 11:00 eastern for "fox news @ night." up next, a special edition of tucker carlson tonight. ♪ >> good evening, and welcome to a special tucker carlson tonight. every day, they show weighs in on the news of the day. this is our job. it's a new show. occasionally we like to take a step back to get perspective. we like to pause and think through where this country is going. it helps sometimes to adopt a decade-long time frame, that doesn't simply adjust the next election or next presidential suite. we try to do that, a median prompt is an op-ed by mitt romney that criticized the president, but the opening was