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tv   Ingraham Angle Special For God and Country  FOX News  July 4, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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let your heart not be troubled. have a great night. >> laura: hey, everyone, i am laura ingraham. welcome to a special fourth of july condition of "the ingraham angle" for god and country. tonight we are going to highlight some of the best angles, some of the best segments. yes, even a man on the street highlight of the greatness of america.a. m tonight, you are going as each article of my angles. first, what it means to be unapologetically american, and my second, we take you back to the first-ever "ingraham angle" and re-air for the first time my inaugural angle called "what is america." we will also highlight stories featuring folks who come under attack for simply loving our president. and in one case, even our very
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flag. finally, raymond arroyo took to the streets of orlando ahead of president trump's reelectioner launch and spoke to supporters about what makes them proud to be americans. without further ado, i present our special tonight. for god and country. as democrats tiptoe through the minefields of controversy brought on by, well, their most outspoken new stars, we are reminded again about one of ther main reasons why trump won and still looking pretty good for 2020. his unabashed americanism. >> america is the greatest fighting force for peace justice, and freedom. in the history of the world. we are not going to apologize for america. we are going to stand up for america. no more apologies. >> no more apologies. no more groveling. no more self flagellating
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ourselves on the world stage. well, as a certain previous administration had done. >> in america, there is a failure to appreciate europe's leading role in the world. instead of celebrating your dynamic union and seeking to partner with you, to meet common challenges, there have beenth times where america has shown arrogance and been dismissive. even >> laura: i actually think that apology is arrogant. but trump is different. he goes over to europe and says hey, we value our alliance.e we love you guys. but it's time for nato members to stop free riding on the american taxpayer. >> i have been very, very direct. nato members must finally contribute the fair share and meet their financialci obligations. but 23 of the 28 member nations
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are still not paying what they should be paying. this is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states.he >> laura: imagine that. an american president in europe standing up for you! looking out for your hard-earned money. they shudder and they sputtered upon hearing all of this. >> the united states will be willing to acknowledge past errors where those errors have been made. the united states is still working through some of our own darker periods in our history. each country must work through its past. and reckoning with the past can help us seize a better future. >> laura: seizing a better future is exactly what president trump has begun to do for america. but not by marinating in guilt over past wrongs in public, but by growing the economy, real hope.
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with a crack team of dedicated pros, trump renegotiated old trade deals to make the more pro-american worker and he's holding trade leaders like china accountable.ak it's about time. can you imagine kamala harris cory booker, or pete buttigieg speaking as triumphantly, as unapologetically as american dominance and manufacturing as trump? >> today jobs are coming back and pouring back frankly like never before. companies coming back into the country, they want the action. production is ramping up in the biggest way. and the awesome m1 abrams tank is once again thundering down the assembly line. >> laura: trump is also unapologetic about the government's duty to enforce our border.
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also, to tailor immigration to america's needs and values. by contrast, the democrats recoil from such terms as american sovereignty, they push instead for abolishing i.c.e. and declassifying the classification of illegals and illegal. >> we are standing on native latino people are descendants of native people. we cannot be told and criminalized simply because of our identity or status period. >> laura: they feel angry about america's past or presence. america acting in america'ss interest -- we can't do that. the president was incensed last week when footage circulated of ilhan omar referring to 9/11 as an occasion where some people did something.
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he retweeted omar's video andid clips going into the towers. the left were not upset about omar's original comments. they were mad at trump claiming he was the problem, endangering this woman's >> donald trump is trying to incite violence and to divide us. >> she does not deserve the vicious, hate filled attacks she's experiencing, threats on her life!oe >> this is incitement. against congresswoman omar against our fellow americans who happened to be muslim. >> laura: i'm just glad someone found beto. i haven't seen them in a while. a local interview in minnesota trump was characteristically unapologetic when he was asked for second thoughts about criticizing omar. the president replied, no, not at all.
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she was very disrespect all to this country.en she's been very disrespectful frankly, to israel. she is someone who doesn't really understand, i think life, real life, what it's all about. it's unfortunate. she's got away about her that's very, very bad, i think, for our country. i think she's extremelywa unpatriotic and extremely disrespectful to our country.trt disrespectful to our country. i think a lot of americans agree with him. like obama before her, omar reflexively apologizes for ridiculing america for being worried about al qaeda. >> when i was in college, i took a terrorism class. every time the professor said al qaeda, his shoulders went up -- al qaeda, you know? and you don't say america. you don't say england with intensity.
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you don't say the army with intensity. >> laura: yes, because we actually recoil at evil. america and britain, we don't believe are evil, congresswoman. it's off. something is off about that. we bristle at it. yeah, we've got to be clear. she's not alone. the democratic party is becoming infected with this self-loathing quality, meaning more of its members today feel guilty about america's past.t they want to turn that guilt into the ultimate expiation for our sins, the sins of colonialism, racism, misogyny et cetera, et cetera. keep going. they feel justified in tearing down history, attacking religious symbols with deep historical roots. even refusing using to participate in patriotic
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2020 is shaping up to be a showdown between more traditional america and this new kind of twisted vision of america. no matter who the democratic nominee is, this is the ideological struggle before us. and it's hard right now to at least imagine that the american people would not again embrace the true audacity, that unapologetic nature of trump, his a willingness to bow down to the media and political correctness of the moment and his determination to protect the honor and the people of this country. his habit of standing up to the political elite and refusing to back down. there were words for this approach. we used to call it american leadership. and maybe we still do. that's the angle. joining me now with the reaction is conservative commentator and filmmaker dinesh d'souza and chris hahn, former aide to
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senator chuck schumer. dinesh, today's democratic party, it seems that they have a completely different vision for america than those of just -- i would go back 8-9 years ago. how did we get to this point where democrats are so self-loathing they are, youoi know, they are not going to condemn omar, but they will condemn the president for criticizing her? >> well, it seems, laura, that under obama, we had a sort of cleavage between the people who affirmed american exceptionalism, what makes america unique, and obama himself, who led the movement to say that there is nothing exceptional about america, a denial of american exceptionalism. i think today, the debate has moved so that in a strange way both sides, the right and the left, embrace american exceptionalism, except that the right, led by trump affirms that what makes america unique is
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good, america is uniquely good. whereas, the left picks the opposite view, they except america's exceptionalism, but america is exceptionally evil but we are worse than other countries because we are more capitalist, more unequal, more guns, the most racist. in a strange way, there is an agreement on the uniqueness of america, the disagreement is over whether we are uniquely good or uniquely bad. >> laura: chris, today nancy pelosi reacted to alexandria ocasio-cortez in an interview because she's always being asked about one of the freshman congresswoman because they are out there a lot on social media. they have quite a following. this is what went down in the interview. >> you have these wings. aoc and her group on one side -- >> there are a lot of wings. this glass of water is a wing in that statistic.
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not to diminish the exuberance and the personality of alexandria... >> laura: 60 minutes and on today. basically anyone with a d after her name to get elected in those districts. don't make too much of them. is that what's going on here trying to put a little bit of a distance between omar and the democrat party? >> i think if speaker bohner or speaker ryan would've treated? the extremes of their party the same way nancy pelosi does with hers, they might have done more for the country than they did. instead they were utter failures. what she said was absolutely right. w we've got new members of congress.. mostly young, who have a lot of exuberance and a lot of big ideas. should they be as jaded as we are in our older age? i don't think so. i hope not. i do think over time, they will learn to moderate their positions in trying to get things done in a direction theym want to move. i also find it very interesting that there has been a couple of attacks tonight from the right
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on mayor pete buttigieg in trying to call him extreme. i don't know, he seems pretty milquetoast to me other than the fact he happens to be gay. i guess he's rising in the polls. i guess he can be happy? i don't know. >> laura: middle of the road i do not know what the green new deal support is. i do not know wanting to completely rewrite sections of our constitution is, that's not milquetoast at all. people who are milquetoast do not say they want to rewrite the constitution -- >> including the president of the united states when he was running for president, he was against the electoral college. now he supports -- is for it! >> laura: the lesson is dinesh, the left wants to inoculate people from criticism because they are a member of a particular minority group or a group that perceives itself to be aggrieved in the moment. whatever group that is.
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and chris raises the preference of the mayor of south bend. i do not hear anybody talking about it except for him, but b what's your take about the criticism of these freshman congresswoman? they are getting annoyed themselves. they think they are being criticized only because omar is muslim or aoc is latina instead of on their ideas, which i believe in most cases are ludicrous and are dangerous to the country. >> well, i think that there should be legitimate debate on the kind of issues that are raised by ocasio-cortez or by omar. but you can't have this kind of debate because the moment you criticize them, they begin to scream and say, you're only attacking us because of the color of our skin, but only attacking us because we are muslim, but the truth of the matter is what someone said what omar did, if that person wasn't
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muslim, i think it still would've been extreme and why? because her statement left a genuine doubt, if a reasonable person were listening to her from mars with no background they would not be able to tell if she was on the side of the victims of 9/11 or the perpetrators. there was a kind of ironic dismissal of what happened in 9/11 and so people were legitimately outraged about it. this is an assault on the country as a whole. so the anti-americanism seems to have a legitimate basis and look at the way the left is protecting her, circling the wagons, making it look like trump was the bad guy, even though nothing could be more accurate in a commercial -- >> what a propagandist you are. >> laura: and propagandist for whom, chris? you just said that boehner would've been more successful if
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he didn't listen to the more traditional conservatives? boehner working for a pro-pot group now. >> and ryan. >> laura: do not say that he's some great savior for thend republican party. >> no, no, no. i said he could've gotten more things done if he were to take the extremist in his party and put them to the side the same nancy pelosi did. >> laura: you mean donald trump who won the presidency?an >> needed paul ryan -- >> laura: get out, that's ridiculous. donald trump won, chris! he won. do you get it? >> what i find preposterous is that there is an environmental crisis, people talking about this green new deal and people throwing out ideas out here. i'd like to see the right come back with their own ideas and meet in the middle like we used to do in america. instead, we demonize them and d guys like dinesh demonize people on the left coming up with ideas instead of coming up with their own ideas. >> laura: are you saying chris hahn, your response, the
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idea that the left -- i mean having been the victim of all this, and i don't whine about it because it's the way it is inn the arena, they are the biggest demonizers out there. they want to run people off the air waves. this is what the left does. we want to debate issues. you want to talk about the green new deal, which car gets to be thrown in the crash sheep chris. >> but the left comes up with ideas to save the planet -- >> laura: the left does it i'm a person of this background. >> i haven't heard that one. >> you can be called every name in the dinesh, close it out. >> i think chris will remembern there is a big discussion on the left on how to defeat trump and there is the affirmation that trump cannot be allowed to be normalized. in other words, we cannot have normal political debate in this country. why? trump is like hitler circa 1933.
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we've got to treat him as the demonic force that he is. when we have a panel, we do not want to have a single trumpers on it. we have had three years of accusation of investigation and the real debate, and i thinkat that's been the fault of the left, not of trump. trump has been trying to put issues on the agenda. even trump's trade policy, have we had a real debate about it? no. why? because of this atmosphere of intimidation accusation, investigation and that's about it. >> laura: chris? real quick. we've got to go. >> there's been a lot to investigate, not only the president but some of the people put in his cabinet who are no longer with his cabinet. he now has a cabinet that's mostly acting. if he really loves this country in this constitution, he would appoint people and let the senate confirmed in the way the founders intended it. >> laura: okay -- all right. we all got our licks in here but -- >> we did. >> laura: i'm all about having a debate of big ideas. do not try to claim the right is the only hard ballplayer in the room, chris hahn. that is a joke.
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the left is in the demonization game, they call trump a traitor for two years. >> used at hardball. we've said this before. >> laura: still to come on the special edition of "the ingraham angle," what is a america.hi my angle to put this holiday weekend in perspective. plus, a teen fighting back after being told to take off her maga hat at school.tibe her message to trump haters next. maga hat at school. her message to trump haters not even our competitor's best battery can match the power of energizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one.
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>> laura: i want to start by posing a basic question. "what is america to mean?" a question that gets lost in the infighting that consumes us in washington. ronald reagan said that the american dream is not that evern man must be level with every other man. the american dream is that every man must be free to become whatever god intends he should become. over the past few decades, the
11:23 pm
government became an obstical to people realizing that dream. politics is supposed to be a career devoted to public service. protecting our life, our liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. but for too long, it was dominated by special interests big business, and, of course the media elite. the politicians were supposed to be helping you.. instead, they helped themselves. they were elected to run the government. not to run you over with it. millions of americans voted for trump because they had had enough. they were tired of being bullied by politicians and this so-called experts who gave us endless wars, saddled us with $20 trillion of debt, and left us with a border more wide open than harvey weinstein's robe. they were tired of the ruling bipartisan elites in washington and a media establishment that didn't just cover them, but covered for them. day-to-day. what do you worry about? paying the bills?se sending your kids to a decent school, health care, may be for retirement?
11:24 pm
most of us i think want 3 things. prosperity, safety, liberty. that includes preserving our history. so far despite the endlessss negative reporting, we are doing pretty well under trump. unemployment is down, the trade deficit is down. trump is renegotiating nafta and other unfair and outdated trade deals.s. he has reformed the va. he is appointed incredible judges to the federal bench more coming this week. of course, justice gorsuch to the supreme court. enforcing the border, novel concept, and deporting violent criminals. who wouldn't want that? what do trump's opponents resisw against? i will tell you. what they are really resisting is losing power. people took their power back on election day. and the establishment is mad as hell. let's face it.
11:25 pm
they do not like the american people, the elites. or their forefathers. there is a self loathing in the air, forces bent on erasing our historical memory? american monuments, works of arts, literature, the remembrances of men and women who imperfectly made their mark on the american experiment are being ripped from the classrooms and the public square. the memory and works of washington, jefferson general lee, even harper lee are being sacrificed on the high altar of political correctness. what kind of country are we leaving our children? we owe future generations the opportunity to understand the glories, and yes, the sins, of the people who made these united states of america. our children have a right to be fully informed, and right to a complete record of what went before and, yes, that chance to
11:26 pm
ask themselves in time what is t america to me? in george washington's farewell address written with alexander hamilton, he says, of all theeo dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity religion, and morality are indispensable supports. in vain would that man claim thl tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, the firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. what we believe. our love of god, family, and country. these aren't trite relics of the past. but are at the very core of who we are as americans. this show is going to be about all of this. and certainly, the political the legal, and the cultural battles of the day. but something more. how all of that affects your life and that of your family. i take all of this very personally.
11:27 pm
i am doing this because i care about what happens to this country, to our children, and our children's children. there will be times when you disagree with me and sometimes vehemently so, and i'm sure you will let me know. all i will say is i call it as i see it.i as i've done the past 20 years and i'm going to get answers for you and hold the powerful accountable. that includes you, mr. president. every night with you, we'lles continue to answer this question. what is america to me, to all of us. now to a california high school student who took on her school district after being told shee couldn't wear a maga hat to class. maddie miller saying she was trying to show her pride to her country. the school district told "the ingraham angle" that she could not wear the hat because it wasn't a school hat or a hat from a school club or activity. our dress code is actually silent on political attire. we do not intend to position
11:28 pm
ourselves to be making subjective judgments about what is and isn't political. earlier this year, i spoke with mattie mueller who said her free expression would not be stifled. they say this has nothing to do with stifling your political belief. do you believe that? s >> i would have to say that i wholeheartedly disagree. >> laura: okay. what evidence do you have that the school is actually discriminating against your political belief? >> currently on-campus as of today, i checked today, i saw four hillary clinton t-shirts one obama shirt, a bernie sanders hat, and about seven lgbtq rainbow flag hats on campus today. >> laura: where they in classrooms? >> yes. >> laura: okay. that's pretty good evidence. okay. e so it looks like if that's
11:29 pm
accurate, i have no reason not to believe you, if that's accurate, people can wear what they want to wear.ra i see kids coming out of school wearing short shorts and i'mi like, my mother would freak out. but they are wearing lots ofsh stuff including hats. i see a lot of political symbols on shirts. it seems like kids are encouraged to be mini activists which is not how i grew up. but if you are a conservative activist, then you are kind of a hater.r. that's how the dominant culture sees you. why did you want to pick this fight, which is pretty brave to do that most probably public schools in the country? >> thank you. i chose to pick this particular battle because i ended up at the beginning of the first semester getting an internship with devin nunes and david valedao during their midterms. that's when i really discovered my true passion for politics. i realized that the school
11:30 pm
system seems to be trapped under the government's thumb about what they are supposed to, you know, teach, what is acceptable what's acceptable to force down our throats, in a sense. i realize that it's not always the truth.h. so i chose that as a conservative. raising a family -- my family was made through adoption, so i was born into the pro-life army. i was decided that i felt like someone needed to take a stance someone needed to stand up not just for clovis north, not for clovis unified, but nationwide for the conservatives and for christianity monitoring that's going on campuses. >> laura: there is a federal judge who actually said, or a judge, who said the following. we will put it up on screen about maga hats. the hat is something that could invoke violence or invoke controversy, for the safety of the students the school is within its legal rights, former
11:31 pm
federal district court judge oliver wegner said that. so your hat could provoke people to violence. so i imagine that gets thrown on the list of reasons why thisis hat, they claim it's not political, but like it's looked at as a problem. >> actually until the judge said it, it had never been brought to my attention. >> laura: are you going to be wearing that hat? >> yeah. i haven't been because i know it's a big issue right now.o but i did order a black one. i intend to try and wear it on-campus because black is one of our school colors. >> laura: you cannot say maga either. maybe a silhouette of trump. >> today i went to -- sorry. today i went into school and i guarantee i'm the only student
11:32 pm
but i had to get my support the blue sweatshirt approved. i had to get all of my sweatshirts and an shorts approved. o >> laura: you are a troublemaker. >> what can i say? >> laura: you look pretty edgy. getting in trouble at school. very interesting. we will be following. that is a nonconformist here on "the ingraham angle." we appreciate it. victory at the supreme court over a historic peace cross. the group that argued the case next. that argued the case
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>> live from america's news headquarters, happy fourth of july. this video from a camera shows the moment a quake hit. there is a town about 150 miles northeast of los angeles. there were multiple injuries reported. the injured were taken to the hospital. this is the strongest earthquak to hit the region and 25 years. despite the rain, the show went on with president trump salute to america celebration. there were flyovers to featuring aircraft from each branch of the armed services. president trump addressed the crowd using the lincoln memorial as his background. in his speech, the president
11:36 pm
said that our nation is stronger than it ever was before. >> laura: now a fantastic resolution to a story we brought you earlier this year. this piece cross builds 94 years ago at the sight of a world war i memorial in maryland came under siege from liberals who wanted it torn down. they sued for its removal claiming it violated the establishment clause of the constitution. in a win for religious liberty in a 7-2 decision, the supreme court ruled the marylani peace cross war memorial can stay. this passage says it all. a government that tears that monument's religious symbolism and scrubbing away any reference to the divine will strike many as aggressively hostile to religion. joining me now with more on this landmark victory is kellyy
11:37 pm
shackelford, president and ceo of the liberty institute that argued this case on behalf of the american legion before the supreme court. kelly, is today a full victory? as far as you hope the court would go? >> there are some people that wish that the thomas opinion which would've been more explicit in saying lennon is dead. >> laura: the test which liberals have relied upon to diminish what the clause is about in the first amendmentsh but it looks like on substance but the court did ground this and it's been around for a long time. my concern is will there ever be another memorial like this that's allowed, and a new one on a of public land. >> if they would've struck down this memorial, you've got to go into arlington cemetery and take
11:38 pm
down the large crosses. you've got to go in every community to have religious symbols and images. instead of that, they want the other direction, this approach that we've had for 50 years is not working. it's causing the government to be hostile to religion, that's's why nativity scenes, veterans memorials, menorahs -- >> there was a case when i was clerking for justice thomas, you think we are moving in a direction it's going to be more hospitable to all religious expression because that's my concern that going forward, we won't be able to do a cross likw this because it's new, it's not like, the ones at the museum. it's been around for a long time. >> i don't think so. some people try to read what was said in the opinion today as
11:39 pm
it's only if it's old. >> laura: the ones who do not trust the court, like me. >> i think gorsuch and thomas came into occurrence, but if it's something that we've been doing since the beginning of the country, that is long-standing. even if it was just this week. >> laura: justice ginsburg read from the bench, they don't usually read from the bench which means they are upset. t the star of david is not suitable for honoring christians, so a cross is not suitable to honor those of othev faiths who died defending their sotomayor joined her, the descent claimed that having the peace cross on the government highway, over nonreligion.ig we were just in normandy why where the crosses be acceptable or in any other depiction? >> you tear all the religious symbols down. you ignore history, mothers who lost sons in world war i, they picked a spot. >> laura: you could with the coins, these secular humanist giving aggrieved commentary. they basically say that there
11:40 pm
was one person jesus christ above all else and that's not allowed in this country. >> what they say is any sectarian symbol -- every religious symbol is sectarian. whether it's the star of david jewish, a cross that's christian, they are all sectarian. this is the way they want to get rid of the sectarian symbolism, it goes back to something basic. we are religious people with religious heritage, we have secular and religious monuments. that's okay. >> laura: i argue there's a lot of secular religions out there demanding fealty, the various movements with their own symbolism. a lot that are not officially declared it but just as dogmatic. congrats. >> thank you. great day. >> laura: thank you so much. when we come back on the special edition of "the ingraham angle," raymond arroyo goes to a trump rally to find out what patriotism means on thisio fourth of july. he's going to share what he found next. once-daily toujeo helps you
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>> it's a movement made up of hardworking patriots who love their country, love their flag love their children, and who believe that a nation must care for its own citizens first. together, we stared down a corrupt and broken political establishment. >> laura: welcome back to a special edition of "the ingraham angle," for god and country. a few weeks ago, president trump officially kicked off his 2020ra campaign with a new slogan, keep america raymond arroyo, fox news contributor traveled to orlando to talk to supporters about what independence means to them independence day, raymond, what did you find? >> we spoke too young, we spoke to old about what patriotism means on this fourth of july. the results were interesting. watch.ul what does being an american mean
11:45 pm
to you? >> my nationality is venezuelan until now, so i know what it is to be harassed, hated. >> i love america. it's great. being a patriot, my family fled from socialism. my grandfather fled from germany when bismarck was coming in control. yeah. >> stepping in this free ground stepping on a country where you can say and do whatever you want, you can think whatever you want, you can feel whatever you want. >> today, we celebrate our independence day! >> what are you celebrating? >> i'm celebrating the freedom that we have as americans toe vote the way that we want to vote, and i know that everybody is voting for a trump. >> this great economy, our great country, our freedom, and our veterans. >> what makes you proud to be an american? >> we are the only people people like us, a diverse couplp can be together.
11:46 pm
truly exceptional. >> why do we celebrate in july 4th? what did we sign that they? >> the declaration of independence.s >> what you celebrating this july 4th? >> my birthday. >> america was very well my great birthday, independence from the tyranny of english tea. >> who were the three presidents who died on july 4th? >> come on, raymond... >> adams. it was jefferson. i'm going to say madison? no, no. monroe. >> leave it to the july 4th birthday guy. >> they finally got it. i love this day. but when you read john adams' letter to his wife on july 2nd he wrote, i'm going to read this. second day of july at 176 will be a most memorable epocha in the history of america. it ought to be celebrated by
11:47 pm
succeeding generations as the day of deliverance by solemn acts of devotion to acts of god almighty. it should be celebrate by palms parades, guns, shows, sports bells, illumination. july 2nd, that was the day they actually voted on the declaration of independence. it was just adopted on the fourth. adams thought the second should be the day. but this is the day we commemorate. >> laura: i like calling it independence day instead of fourth of july. it's colloquial to say fourth of july, but in a time frame where so many are looking down on our country calling into question its inherent greatness or its s founding, or its founders, i think it's incumbent upon all of us as parents to teach our youngsters, our kids, about the wonders of america. all anew for a new generation that means that patriotic -- raymond is so good about this for his kids because took them every year he lived in washington to the memorial day
11:48 pm
concerts, for the july concerts. you are always taking them, and inspiration to me. i obviously start doing that with my kids as well.s >> it's a day we should remember and remind our kids the fragile nature of independence and that revolutionary spirit that led to our independence. all these guys thought they were going to get hanged. everyone of them thought their lives were in peril. their fortunes, their families they risk it. because the ideal was worth more than what they had today. we have to keep that in mind. >> laura: what are we willing to risk for freedom? today, right now? there are a lot of people who are attacking lots of different voices, including ours. this is for america. we need to bring the truth out and talk about liberty, talk about the struggles but we are not perfect but always getting better. >> a great line i love from john paul ii.ct freedom gives you the right too do what you ought, and we need to consider that particularly on this independence day.
11:49 pm
how are we using that freedom every day? it's a great day to reflect on that and share that rich history with our kids so they keep that fire alive in them. it was very fragile. >> laura: is it true that yourur second son was going to be named souza to john phillips? >> i will name one hamilton -- i didn't name alexander my first born after alexander hamilton long before the musical. alexander hamilton hangs in my office. >> laura: good thinking. you are a big music person. happy independence day. and next on the special ingram angle, antifa protesters swarm a small town pizza shop and vandals target an american flag mural. a hear from that owner of that shop next. f that f that shop
11:50 pm
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>> laura: welcome back to this special edition of "the ingraham angle." antifa targeting a pizza parlor. the reason? the restaurant painted an american flag on the side of it building. i spoke with them owner, a veteran who organize the parade.
11:53 pm
what was the protesters beef be about the flag? >> they didn't want the flag. they felt it meant a political position and they were opposed. >> what political position is the flag other than this is the united states of america. did you engage in any conversations with them? >> no,m i didn't. it didn't really interact with them. i just absurd. >> for of a standing outside? were they coming in and expressing themselves verbally to you sam never going to order one of your pizzas or grinders or what? >> i did get up to peep people, in and say they couldn't suppor my store any longer because the thought that it took a politica position so they couldn't give me their money.
11:54 pm
are these college kids? i know you have a college. >> in particular that was not a college kidt. that came in and told me that. >> that's a relief. that happen. and then fast-forward to the paint c splattered all over the mural. we will across the country are wondering why we are focused on his one small town in new york and this one-year-old. we are focusing on it because i is our flag. it represents a lot. joey, you are a veteran and you saw this could happen in your hometown and you decided to do what and why? >> when i saw -- i personally have a problem wit that. that why do we have an event where we all just, together in support of the flag and the mural and show our support. i wasn't sure how it was going
11:55 pm
to go. it was amazing. we all had our leg flag and we showed our support. >> do you have a chance to spea of these brave protesters who were against this mural? did you ever engage in any meaningful dialogue with any of them? >> i tried. there's not much meaningful dialogue to have with most of them.he we had some of them show up. tried to explain you guys at th bright be here. i was labeled many different names. it was just about supporting ou flag way and our military. >> it seem like the protesters, from the way they appear, i don't even know if it is protest .
11:56 pm
they are trying trying to intimidate maria to put something else of the to frighten her.hy t that's why they have had such a black flag. looks more like isys and their goal is to do what really? to have more dialogue her to shut it down? >> to shut it down. they would rather go away and not be there. they didn't want us to be out there that day. there were like 20 of them. we just did our thing. our chance for the usa. >> my final thoughts and i fourth of july message.
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
>> laura: i want to thank all of you for joining us for the special independence day edition >> i want to thank all of you for joining us for this special independent the addition of the intermingle for god and country. hope you had a wonderful independence day filled with your family, friends, or your experiences that remind you of how precious our liberty, our freedom is in the united states and the great sacrifices it took to preserve that freedom and will continue to preserve it as the years go by. despite all the politics but divide us, we are never unified around certain concepts, we are still americans first and
12:00 am
foremost in this country, silver shining city on the hill. happy independence day and see you next week. >> welcome to fox news at night. we begin with a fox news alert, the president considering something with more teeth when it comes to getting a citizenship question on the 2020 census. 2020 democratic presidential hopefuls kamala harris and joe biden fight over school busing. more on their war of words later and southern california dealing with aftershocks following a magnitude 6.4 earthquake this morning. we take you there live but we start with donald


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