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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 5, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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♪ with brotherhood ♪ from sea to shining sea ♪ >> we all share the same heroes, the same home, the same heart and we are all made by the same almighty god. heather: some remarkable sites overnight, friday, july 5th. happening at 4:00 on the east coast, one nation under god, a
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patriotic message to all americans on independence day but protesters hauled away in handcuffs for torching the red, white and blue, live in the nation's capital. the biggest move may not have been from fireworks at all. a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocking california. could more be on the way? millions on high alert with more tremors reported overnight. there was one fourth of july a couple will never forget, a soldier popped the question at just the right moment. "fox and friends first" starts right now.
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>> a beautiful day and what a beautiful night for a lot of folks across this beautiful country. you are watching "fox and friends first" on friday morning. thank you for starting the day with us. hope you had a wonderful independence day celebration with your family and friends. how my family celebrated. here's my dad with uncle sam outside their home and my mom's beautiful decorations. she always decorates really good and my sister scarlett and her dog phoebe all decked out as well and you can celebrate fourth of july without goofy glasses and an american flag. was a wonderful cited the nation's capital. did you see that? the salute to america ceremony.
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look at those people. it struck a patriotic court in washington dc as donald trump raise the country and the fearless military. >> our nation is stronger today than it ever was before. heather: that american pride wasn't held everywhere. that is where griff jenkins joins us with more on the american celebrations and the clashes but that makes up america. i hope you had a great day. >> reporter: happy fifth of july. despite stormy skies, rain and heavy criticism, donald from marked america's 243rd birthday by honoring the us military placing them epicenter of his address to the nation. >> for centuries our soldiers have always pointed toward home proclaiming this we will defend. there is no substitute for victory.
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they are the greatest soldiers on earth. >> thousands gathered on the national mall and flanked by secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs, the president paid tribute to the 5 branches of our military, incredible site, bomber and blue angels, impressive array of flyovers as the band played military service science, donald trump saluting america, the greatest political journey in human history in calling for a better future. >> now we must go forward as a nation with the same unity of purpose. long as we stay true to our purpose. as long as we remember our great history. as long as we never ever stop fighting for a better future, there will be nothing that america cannot do. >> reporter: there were some protests outside the white house, a flag burner, joey johnson, was arrested.
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as we know the code pink brought their baby trump balloon. it was not allowed to live. >> the military parade thing reminds you of north korea or nazi germany, we don't think it is right. >> there shouldn't be tanks in the capital. that is not normal. >> reporter: all in all democracy won out. a peaceful and beautiful evening, the president of what the partisanship they said was coming but we will see what the 2020 field has to save the day after. heather: they have already started. once again, happy july 4th to you. the president preached unity and patriotism in the nation's capital, 2020 democratic hopefuls spent their day stumping in two of the big 3 caucus states, iowa and new
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hampshire, celebrating america. instead of doing that most of the candidates took the chance to slam the president and -- >> incapable of celebrating because i don't think he gets it. >> what the president is doing with this tank and hopefully the pavement won't buckle and all the money on that, it is all about trump. not about our service members. not about their lives in service to this country. >> folks shouting trump, you met them with smiles and said america in response. we want this to be not everyone. >> it is a waste of money. having this event for himself. >> we need money to go into rebuilding our infrastructure, not putting tanks in downtown washington.
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>> eight years the white house, called into character this nation. >> we see something wrong we've got to call it out. we can't make it about him. heather: display democrats insisting the president would give a partisan speech, molly hemingway from the federalist said he delivered a speech every american can be proud of. >> people who were critical of the idea of doing something like this of got to feel a little foolish, clearly a very good speech, very unifying. i don't think any american could have trouble with what he is saying, reminding people about our founding and the principles of our founding and how they live within us, talking -- whether they are artists or inventors or warriors. levers of freedom and anxious whether that is in the military or our inventive spirit or list
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for expansion or nuclear weapons, we love freedom and are anxious. heather: we wanted to know what you thought of the president absolute to america and so many responding on social media. just a few for you so far. allen on facebook said it wasn't a campaign rally. as for the definition of the term. it does prove trump is and will be the potus and should support. instagram user writing amazing and very proud american and nick on twitter said the event was a perfect way to honor america and american history. he showed who the real patriot is. keep those comments coming in. some other headlines. a fox news alert, 17-year-old charged in a fiery crash that killed a tennessee police officer. latina slamming into john anderson's cruiser after running
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a red light before sending anderson's car into a call before bursting into flames. the 4 year veteran with the national police department was declared dead on the scene. >> it goes without saying when we lose an officer. >> anderson leaves behind a wife and 18-month-old son. a lot of prayers for them for sure. a miami dolphins player loses his arm after a horrific fourth of july crash. authorities say the defensive tackle's vehicle hit a concrete barrier and slipped over in miami. paramedics had to amputate his left arm to get him out of the vehicle. the cause of the crash is being investigated. some of norton's teammates visiting in the hospital, he is in critical condition but is expected to survive. chaos in chicago three people stabbed after fourth of july celebration, more than a dozen
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others traveled in the aftermath on the iconic navy be are. police say the stabbings were sparked by a fight and someone yelled about guns causing more's panic in a stampede of thousands, the stepping victims are in serious to critical condition. 16 others were hospitalized but are expected to be unclear. it is unclear if any arrests have been made. about breaking overnight a fire in first class forces a packed plane to make an emergency landing in boston. police say a phone charger started sparking and then caught fire. this happened version atlantic light headed to london's jfk airport, 217 passengers were loaded onto buses and taken to the terminal. no one was injured and they are waiting for another flight. perhaps not unexpected.
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chestnut wins his 12th hot dog eating contest devouring fr.71 in 10 minutes. probably claiming the mustard belt. >> 4, 3, 2, one, begin! heather: the 35-year-old dominating the competition but falling short of the record from last year with 74 hotdogs. >> got in the way a little bit. got stuck a little bit. 5 minutes in, got more -- i got the win. >> the women's division, nikki retained her title as 31 hotdogs. 71 hotdogs in 10 minutes. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour and it is deadline day to make a deal to
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close the asylum loopholes. acting ice director says not making a deal will put millions of americans at risk and he's here live. we are showing you how you celebrate independence day. olivia and grayson, enjoying fourth of july at the pool. a patriotic photo of her daughter reagan and their dog chester and then take a look at this guy. showing his pride at 2-month-old. ♪
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>> today is the last day for democrats to strike a deal to
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close the asylum loophole or ice raids will begin in major cities across the country but congress isn't even in session due to the fourth of july weekend. here to weigh in, acting ice director, thank you for joining us. the deadline is here, congress not in session. what does that mean? >> the agency and the president articulated it. he gave congress a number of weeks to act on this population and take everybody in september of last year. the homeland security at the justice department to fast-track immigration court proceedings for the surge of families on the border. they were noticed to go to court, many did not, thousands did not. ice noted these folks, we will
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set you on a path to get you in front of an immigration judge. thousands ignored that notice and you are out there. hundreds of thousands of families have come to the border since last december. it is important to close these loopholes. if congress doesn't act in the sense of using asylum laws to protect people and give them relief instead of having them abuse the system by coming into the country and being released and never being heard from again this is a way for the administration itself to close this loophole. heather: we can bring up the tent cities this is expected to take place. this was released two weeks ago, one of the other issues, information was leaked that put these people in danger. >> it is important for the public to understand what ice is trying to accomplish in this. the security side and what the
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public needs to look at how important this is how it relates to immigration enforcement. and if immigration enforcement in the interior is off-limits, you can't have a secure border. and a system of immigration that has integrity. people who deserve to be here can stay. or neglect to take it. there has to be enforcement action on the other end of that. >> npr is reporting, you can explain a little more. the administration is sending notices about $500,000 in science illegals who failed to leave the country. >> and they don't remove -- fiscal penalties. it is another tool the administration at their disposal
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to use for targeted ways. heather: the latest in border fighting. the ninth circuit ruling, to build the wall. will that get through legal red tape? >> that is a real challenge. you can see where this president has done everything he can to help secure the border and providing immigration system, he has moved out on authority they believe they have under the emergency powers act to access money to build the wall. the action plans, plans for 100 miles of wall. they need resources to do that. congress is in control of those resources and the president found another way to access this funding. it is in the courts and they will prevail. >> he declared a national emergency, a lot of this hasn't
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been discussed, 3 or 4 isis members, arrested in nicaragua, by crossing the border. >> we have to have a secure border. the wall, people who worked to secure the border. and these are the threats that exist if we don't secure the border. heather: thank you, appreciate it and happy fourth. have a good weekend. 20 minutes after the top of they are, aftershocks rattling california after a massive earthquake. >> we are having an earthquake. >> new fears that a new quake is happening every day.
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>> scary moments caught on camera when a 6.4 magnitude earthquake in southern california. this is inside a los angeles newsroom and shows the intense swaying caused by the region's largest quake in 20 years. aishah hasnie joins us with
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reaction, their attention turns to the aftershocks. is that a possibility? >> air happening right now. there was a 4.5 magnitude aftershock an hour ago and seismologists are warning there is a high possibility that there will be a magnitude 5 or bigger earthquake in the next couple days. thursday, 6.4 magnitude quake, the strongest quake that hit california in 20 years. have happened near the town of richcraft, 150 miles from la. this surveillance video shows bottles and food all over the place in a convenience store and this video shows panicked folks running when they feel the quake happen. the quake caused multiple injuries, house fires, gas leaks and cracked roads. >> really shaking, it is really
1:26 am
happening but it was in sense. >> a rolling earthquake, 30 seconds long. >> it was rolling. >> reporter: account heard on fox sports when experiencing it and millions of viewers, watch this. >> suddenly bj -- having an earthquake right now. we are having an earthquake. i thought somebody was grabbing my desk. i have never been in an earthquake, certainly not on the air. >> reporter: gavin newsom tweeting he has approved an emergency proclamation for the earthquake and aftershocks, grateful for the work of our first responders was office of emergency and local leaders working closely with the communities impacted by today's at quake. as we said those aftershocks continuing at this hour.
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people are terrified of what might come next. >> keep an eye on that. seems to be already happening. thanks so much, have a great weekend. more than a dozen beaches along the gulf coast shut down this weekend because of the toxic algae blue. the closures to 19 beaches that have been closed since last month. people risk getting seriously sick if they go into the water, unseasonably warm water, the mississippi river flood waters blamed for the rapid algae growth. be aware of that. don't go in the water. another reason to not go in the water, a great white shark off the coast of new jersey. the 10 foot long, 800 pound shark has traveled more than 2700 miles since being tagged in florida in february. miss may adding fear to beachgoers on the heels of 22 attacks in the us this year was the odds of being killed by a
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shark are low at just one in 3.7 million. in fact you're much more likely to die by fireworks or in a car accident. i don't know if i would take my chances. time is half past the top of the hour. 2020 democrats, we are on the campaign trail in iowa with candidates hoping for an independence day boost. hillary clinton deletes herself from a cyber security conference. why she is dropping out as keynote speaker. you don't want to miss this. do not miss big and rich on fox square all morning long, all-american summer concert series. come visit us in new york city. ♪
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>> half past the top of the
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hour. 17-year-old charged with a fiery crash with the tennessee police officer. the teen slamming into john anderson's cruiser after running a red light. a 4 year veteran with the police department survived by a wife and 18-year-old son. the jobs report was released, numbers will show a strong rebound with 160 jobs added from may. the report could be the deciding factor whether the fed cut interest rates later this month. salute to america striking a patriotic -- donald trump praised the fearless military. >> our nation is stronger today than it ever was before. >> that american pride wasn't filled everywhere in dc.
1:33 am
the protesters outside the white house. the 2020 presidential hopeful celebrate independence day by hitting the campaign trail. peter doocy with a look at how democrats are hoping to win over voters in a critical early primary state. >> barbecues, and politics. especially in iowa. have a dozen democratic white house hopefuls crisscrossing the state participating in celebrations in a state with the earliest of context. >> i am the guy everybody is talking about. >> joe biden is the front runner but lost ground after the first debate.
1:34 am
>> people appreciate what is happening. >> some candidates hoping to make personal connections while others including beto o'rourke are talking policy including immigration reform at the southern border. >> we got to share your perspective, we live on the us-mexico border, live in a city of immigrants, we have something to share about how to make the country safer, and -- >> the first nominating contest, scheduled for february 3rd for next year. in the morning, peter doocy, fox news. >> a long way to go. not a long way with this. today is the deadline for lawyers to come up with fresh now fretting a citizenship question to the census.
1:35 am
donald trump reported the considering using an executive order to add it. temporarily blocking it before reasoning is provided. iranian leaders say they will not negotiate a nuclear deal with the united states unless approved by the nation's supreme leader. he is really all talks with the us. and demanding donald trump remove heavy sanctions with the country. this comes as the country threatens to take the next step in increasing its uranium enrichment on sunday. unless a new deal is on the table. the us asking for assurance the taliban fight against terrorism.
1:36 am
a new round of talks following an afghan peace conference on sunday. hillary clinton withdrawing from a cyber security conference. clinton was to deliver the keynote address at dc cyber defense summit in october. the vague email was sent to attendees, during this circumstance, secretary clinton will no longer participate in the conference. clinton came under fire during her presidential campaign for using a private email server while serving as secretary of state. the time is almost 20 minutes until the top of the hour but donald from sending a message of unity. a historic salute to america. >> one people chasing one dream,
1:37 am
the same home, the same heart. >> our next guest glad he left politics out but the district the red cord with democrats and republicans? we will debate it up next. how so many celebrated on our 243rd birthday and here's more. tara sent this photo of her 3 children showing us their red, white and blue with baby number 4. senior producer kim with her husband mike and baby boy landon and but loads of cats and lastly, gregory sent this photo of his wife celebrating independence day in ocean city, new jersey so keep that coming. - [narrator] today, millions of people
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>> we are one people chasing one dream. we all share the same heroes, the same home, the same heart and we are all made by the same almighty god. >> donald trump sending a message of patriotism and pride at the salute to america event, his speech was not political. to critics of him an apology? here to debate is jonathan harris, republican strategist, thank you for joining us this morning. i will start with you. people were up in arms leading up to the speech saying it would be all political, a political pep rally for the president and it definitely was not. >> cnn and msnbc and other outlets reporting all day but what is interesting is if you have cnn saying this is one of the least polarizing speeches of his presidency, msnbc saying in their headline story as well
1:42 am
this was a speech where he praised the armed forces and didn't delve into politics. if the president had gone here today and made this a and 882020 rally i would have a different opinion but he was apolitical, celebrate all-americans and i wouldn't have liked it if president obama did it either. you always have some americans like that. heather: he didn't mention himself once which everyone was listening for that. as peter mentioned, the media agreeing with donald trump the speech was not political. as you take a look at that do you agree? >> i agree the speech was not partisan and i give him credit for that. he heard a lot of calls not to do that and heated those calls. i think like most people, not like most people but didn't think the speech should have happened, the fourth of july
1:43 am
should not have been co-opted to be a political event. flexing the military in and of itself is uniquely political at least on the global stage but it was not partisan so i give him credit for that. heather: why is flexing the military political in your opinion? >> the military is occupying a lot of places all over the world. we are at war in places, celebrating the birthday of america flexing the military, talking about our military conquests which he spent the majority of the speech doing. >> he was not talking about military conquest. the soviet union and north korea, these missiles and everything else, these tanks, these fighter jets are there to protect freedom, not to crush the people. you can't say the united states is occupying the world. heather: if it were not for military conflict we would not
1:44 am
be a free and independent conflict. the lesson in history struck me. >> it came across. interesting for president that tweeted boring about democratic debates, for me watching the speech it was kind of boring, dry speech. >> it was supposed to be boring. it is not political. >> i will try again. it wasn't a and aga rally but it did come across very boring, poorly produced. heather: i don't think we were watching the same speech. >> there were awkward moments he was waiting for applause and people didn't applaud and they would apply because he was waiting. it was a little bit boring. otherwise like i said good for him for not making it partisan. heather: look at what we are watching, the flyovers of the blue angels, the military, people talking about the tanks
1:45 am
rolling through. remarkable to watch and on independence day talks about the civil rights movement, the women's suffrage movement, he tried to be very inclusive i thought in this. you get the final word. >> if the president wanted to make it a political event he could have taken $105 million he and the are in c raised last quarter and made it a political event and got millions from it, thousands of votes. but he didn't. he went and saluted the military and msnbc and cnn agreed with that. as far as i'm concerned it is a closed and shut case. >> we have a military data salute the military. heather: they do many days. we can disagree because we live in america. thank you for joining us. a warning if you are spending the holiday weekend at the beach, a threat lurking below
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is what a site. i could watch fireworks forever. a spectacular show over the skies of new york city, hundreds of thousands of people watching the macy's fireworks display but
1:50 am
this time more than 70,000 shells were launched during the half-hour show. this year's team was american cinema highlighting music movies like star wars and superman and it was something to see for sure. it might have been the biggest earthquake to hit southern california in 20 years but yesterday's shock didn't bother the big bear's famous eagles was a massive quake, you can see any eagle waking up and the tree shakes but he seems completely unbothered by it. this is in san bernardino national forest, 110 miles from the earthquake's epicenter and still shaking their. a mother sounding the alarm about a danger at the beach. her son becoming infected with the flesh eating bacteria after swimming in maryland.
1:51 am
lindsay watts from fox affiliate in washington with a warning for parents everywhere. >> these images have been shared thousands of times on social media along with the mother's message. she says her son was in west ocean city swimming in the day near route 50. she noticed little spots on his body. the next day they were open wounds and then doctors informed her, her son contracted a flesh eating bacteria. her latest update is good news. her son is healing. what happened, days after a florida woman died near tampa. the injuries are devastating. the family says it started with a 77-year-old scraped her leg in the water. >> i want to be normal again. >> reporter: elsewhere in florida, kylie parker had to have a chunk of her leg removed after she went in the ocean with a skateboard injury on her foot. >> it almost cost her her life.
1:52 am
on the beach having fun, we were there doing the same thing. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says the victory typically enters the body through cuts, burns or insect bites. it is rare and the cdc says most to contract it of other health problems. early symptoms include wet or swollen skin, pain and fever. doctors 8 is crucial to get treatment immediately. >> right in front of you you are seeing this. >> lots of reasons not to get in the water this weekend. if you are not a fan of the standing desk we have good news for you. a new study finds it is okay to sit at work but not so much at home. >> got to get you lazy boys out of these chairs. you should go outside and be with the 3-dimensional people.
1:53 am
for too long is worse than sitting at work. researchers claim those who watch four or more hours at a time had 50% greater risk of heart disease or early death. it might have to do with brief periods of activity at work and many people eat large meals before watching tv. coffee bars with sweet lattes are popping up in high schools with the help of dairy companies. one way the industry is trying to boost milk consumption after decades of souring sales. they blame this on school rules limiting the fat content in milk and people turning to other substitutes like almond milk. 8 minutes until the top of the hour and a fireworks fiasco. a minor league baseball team celebration goes way way wrong and believe it or not this isn't the first time.
1:54 am
we asked you to show us how you celebrated america yesterday. kaylee showing their adorable red, white and blue dresses. our director, rusty, sent this photo with his college friends and their children celebrating the holiday with a bbq. a patriotic lunch there. ♪ i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program. if you're age 50-85 and looking to buy life insurance on a fixed budget, remember the three p's. the three what? the three p's? what are the three p's? the three p's of life insurance on a fixed budget are price, price, and price.
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heather: live look at new york city, big and rich performing on fox square all morning long on "fox and friends" for the all-american summer concert series. definitely head down. you don't want to miss that. i bet there will be a huge crowd today, very fitting of the day after 4 july. finally, the island featured in the film fire festival's promotional vehicle is up for sale. you can buy it, a private island in the bahamas for just
1:59 am
$11.8 million, the fire festival ended up in a different island. with fema tents, canceled performances and cold cheese sandwich. now it is time for the good, the bad and the ugly. a patriotic proposal for a special couple. us airman james macarthur getting down on one knee during a local fourth of july parade in minnesota. he deployed for 9 months. he had one big question to ask his girlfriend, she said yes. congratulations. now the bad. fourth of july getting an early start forcing firefighters to dodge rockets.
2:00 am
exploding out of control at a south carolina store, the fire sparking in a storage unit nearby destroying containers of fireworks the store sells. finally the ugly. for the second time in 3 years on minor league baseball team's fireworks show sparks and the pyrotechnic issue near the ballpark, didn't stop the team sitting out the rest of their fireworks. no one was injured. a lot of excitement. that wraps up his hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us. have a great weekend. "fox and friends first" continues right now. goodbye. jillian: it is friday, july 5th, scenes of destructio


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