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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 5, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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was destroyed luckily nobody was hurt. todd: a minor league's baseball team fireworks show sparks a brush fire. happened outside the st. lucie mets ball park. setting off the rest of their fireworks. they even played their game's schedule. luckily nobody was hurt. carley: that's dangerous too. fireworks are dangerous; "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> on this day 243 years ago, our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to declare independence and defend our god-given rights. that same american spirit that embolden our founders has kept us strong throughout our history. to this day, that spirit runs through the veins of every american patriot. it lives on in each and every one of you here today. it is the spirit daring and
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defiance, excellence and adventure. courage and confidence, loyalty and love that built this country into the most exceptional nation in the history of the world, and our nation is stronger today than it ever was before. it is its strongest now. [cheers and applause] ♪ well, we're coming ♪ to your city ♪ going to play our guitars ♪ and sing you a country song ♪ we'll all be flying ♪ higher than a carolina. >> taking over fox square big and rich summer concert series. this is going to be awesome. pete: that's right it. may be july 5th but it's still independence day on "fox & friends." as the weekend continues, big and rich is going to be here live, jedediah. jedediah: going to be fun. good stuff. >> president trump national mall. ed: what do you get on the fourth the fifth?
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pete: you drink the rest of the fifth. ed: we have the all-american concert series brought to you by san sal dales. all the premiu people are resor. they sponsor it. jedediah: i can't sing but still makes me want to do it. pete: later on the show you can if you want to. you will have the microphone and you will be on stage. whatever you want. come on in. ed: i guess the president wasn't. we heard predictions negative and political and about him. it was all about america. it was about love, loyalty, american exceptionalism, you know what? critics are still finding something wrong with it. jedediah: amazing they are not embarrassed that they behind it up so badly and be so divisive and talks about himself like it's his birthday. it's all about american exceptionalism and military and our country's founding which is something that union fight everyone.
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pete: b-52 bombers if i can get a glimpse of one. the salute to america striking a patriotic cord as we said in washington, d.c. as president trump praised our country and fearless military. ed: not everyone as you noted feeling that american pride. jedediah: griff jenkins joins us live with more on the celebration and the clashes. griff: despite those predictions of partisanship and stormy skies thousands gathered along the mall president trump honored the service and sacrifices of our armed forces. >> on this july 4th, we pay special district to the military, service members who lay down their lives for our nation. griff: what really stole the show you mentioned pete. flyovers, stealth bomber culminating in the blue
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angels soaring as the battle hymn of the republic played. challenging the nation to an even better future. >> for americans, nothing is impossible. >> oh, but some protested outside the white house notorious flag burner was arrested and code pink brought a baby trump balloon to the mall though it was not allowed to fly, protesters blasting the president's salute. >> you see this whole military parade thing reminds you of north korea or nazi, germany. we don't think it's right. >> there shouldn't be tanks in the capitol for this. because that's just not normal. >> >> free of political rancor and division. important point there, we will see what the 2020 democratic candidates have to say on the trail today, griff. pete: thanks a lot. we brought our balloon that can't fly. a few of us.
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can't bear the sight. i had he had watching another network i wasn't watching. the criticism it's going to be political. oh, wait, it's not political it's an eighth grade history lesson. that's a horrible thing that the president was talking about american history, tracing the history of our great military. the critics bounced from one piece of hatred to the next. jedediah: honestly, if your focus is putting out a little baby trump blimp you have to reevaluate your priorities if that's what you are doing on the fourth of july honestly. one thing the speech was about which is important he talked a lot about american exceptionalism. take a listen to the president. >> nearly 250 years ago a volunteer army or farmers and shop keepers, blacksmith, merchants and militia men risked life and limb to secure american
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liberty and self-government. this evening we have witnessed the noble might of the warriors who continue that legacy. they guard our birth right with vigilance and fierce devotion to the flag and to our great country. now we must go forward as a nation with that same unity of purpose. as long as we stay true to our course, as long as we remember our great history, as long as we never ever stop fighting for a better future, then there will be nothing that america cannot do. [cheers and applause] ed: kind of left people like the new york city pflum mucks. flyover and flags as the president plays emcee which is innocuous. emcee of this great party on the national mall. you built it up as if it was the worse thing in the world and going to be political it. didn't turn out that way. pete: criticize it as eighth grade i think we need the basics.
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we live in a country where we have forgotten so many of the founding basics which does make america especially. exceptionalism means you are different than the rest. this is an american experiment started by men which then became more inexclusive because of those founding ideas that is still an experiment and still exceptional in the world today. let's celebrate the heck out of it and that's what it was. jedediah: it's beautiful. i didn't find it eighth grade at all what better day to recownsd the history. he was going in and paying tribute. he went back to george washington. the coincidental congress. achievement in science and medicine. that's what that day is about. many critics said he would make it about him and he did the opposite no. better day than the fourth of july to go through the history this is who we are, we fight to protect your freedoms since day one. that's who we are. i didn't find it eighth grade history lesson at all. ed: many democrats out on the trail in iowa bashing
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him today. not even taking a pause. pete: great point. they are saying he was being political and they were the ones being political. ed: trump made his critics look small during his salute to america. will. pete: mollie hemingway did a very nice job in realtime watching what the president had to say, analyzing it honestly with this take away. watch. >> i have to think that people who were critical of this whole idea of doing something like this have got to feel a little foolish. that was clearly a very good speech, very unifying. i don't think an american around could have trouble with what he was saying. you know, reminding people about our founding and principles of our founding and how they live within us. we are at a point in time where the very notion of being american is sort of under internal attack. there are people who are really resisting the ideas of the american founding. and this is an important time for people to remember what makes us special.
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pete: resistance hasn't just been to trump but to the founding ideas of our nation. that's why he feels the need to reemphasize the basics and the core of who we are and then be proud of it. ed: answer a question at the beginning, will his critics acknowledge how foolish they were. jedediah: they will move on as if they didn't say that like they did the russian collusion. this is the pattern. ed: colin kaepernick broke his silence on july 4th. what have i or those i represent, he represents due with your national independence? this fourth of july is yours, not mine. there is not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody are the people of this united states at this very hour. his tweet quoting frederick doug las. he got a little history lesson after that. jedediah: senator ted cruz jumped right in responded to that. this speech was given in 1852 before the civil war when the abomination of slavery still existed.
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thanks to doug las and so many other heroes we ended that grotesque evil and have made enormous strides protecting the civil rights of everybody. and a little bit more from senator ted cruz. thougdouglas was not anti-american. he was, rightly and passionately, anti-slavery. indeed, he concluded his speech as follows. jedediah: he fought against riflefully so things embedded in the declaration of independence and founding documents would enable -- would not enable slavery to exist for much longer. he knew those founding principles were going to fight against slavery and create equal opportunity for all. that's an important message and if colin kaepernick is going to put his message out there. pete: all this time and controversy that's the best he could come up. jedediah: because is he not challenged. ed: he was challenged by a gold star mom.
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pete: there were a bunch there as well. karen vaughn leads an organization moms for america that is fighting back against socialism and a lot of the basics under assault in our country today. amanda jacobs slamming colin kaepernick yesterday. listen. >> colin kaepernick was getting paid $14 million a year to throw a ball. my son died for $14,000 a year. and he is given more than any football player. any athlete has ever given. this gold star i wear every day isn't for me. it's because of what my son chose to do. i have 30 marines that sleep on my floor and it's great but they tell us that the only thing that kept them going is when they could look up and see that flag, they had hope to go back home to and a hope this country was going to change for the better. not for the worse. jedediah: good for her.
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ed: i hope adisdoe addition doer nike goes to that mom. jedediah: you hear people lost people in this fight and outraged by what looks like a complete represent all genders and races and achievements made because you live in america. tanks to her because of that. pete: reason people come here and still want to come here. "new york times" say okay now if you look at the path of history of what this country has done and what people like that man have given so we can be spree and tweeting will slavery stain on our nation and overcome. that's what you are focused on obsessed with the sins as opposed to celebrating on the fourth of july the
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blessings that god gave us. ed: interesting contradiction all the pregame criticism of the president will be political when it owrnsd hut his critics were much more political well, we have carley shimkus. carley: good morning, guys. jedediah: good morning. carley: let's kick things off with a fox news alert. a dozen americans killed in a helicopters crash in florida. it killed everyone on board. west virginia governor jim justice kohl tycoon was among those killed. no one else has been identified. also breaking this morning. new fears that is massive earthquake could hit california at any moment it. comes after a 6.4 magnitude quake hit the southern part of the say thursday. ruining homes, rocking homes and even causing house fires. look at that the tremor is the largest in southern california in 20 years. more than 100 aftershocks
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have already been reported. today marks the deadline for the trump administration to decide what to do about the census citizenship question. the administration suggested it would move forward with it despite the supreme court blocking the question last week. congress and jump department lawyers now working on a new pitch and hopes the court will reconsider. president trump considering an executive order to add the question. a spectacular show over the skies of new york city. hundreds of thousands of people watching the macy's fireworks display. ♪ [america] ♪ carley: listen to this more than 70,000 shells were launched during the nearly half hour long show. this year's theme was american cinema. highlighting music from movies like stwarsz and
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superman and boy, was it beautiful. those are your headlines. ed: wilshould have brought dean cain back. carley: if you watched closely he was flying by. jedediah: thanks, carley. ed: justin amash using independence day. pete: could he be out of you will congress soon. an iraq vettels us why he is running to take amash's seat. ♪ ♪ new align whole food probiotic.
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♪ ♪ jedediah: michigan congressman justin amash using independence day to declare his independence from the republican party. in a "the washington post" op-ed he writes in recent years i have become disenchanted with party politics and frightened by what i see from it. the two-party system has evolved into existential threat to american principles and institutions. ed: could amash soon be out of congress all together? next guest is running to
3:20 am
take his seat. next guest peter mara who is running as a republican. >> good morning. ed: justin amash builds this as high-minded problem with american politics. is it that or was he worried that he was about to lose his job because his poll numbers are in the basement? >> you know, it's really hard to tell. i think we have known in west michigan that congressman amash is going to do what congressman amash is going to do. he has always marched to the beat of a different donald trump. it's been a long time coming that he has been looking for a different path. none of us are that surprised. he has been moving away from the republican party for months if not years now. yesterday just made that official. jedediah: peter, have you decided instead of -- i'm sure you have had some issues with the republican party in the past. instead of leaving the party, you want to stay and you want to reform the party from within. why have you made that decision and what do you hope to bring to the party? >> thank you, jed, i believe
3:21 am
in the future of the republican party. i think the republican party can offer solutions to the issues that americans are facing while the democrats are stuck looking in the rear view and re-litigating the 2016 election. you know, when i was in the army, we focused on a mission. we focused on what we needed to do and would didn't let any obstacle get in our way. and we certainly weren't looking in the review the entire time. ed: how do you think your service would impact congress if you were to win in the since that we see a dwindle ling number of american veterans serving in congress first of all and think about big issues like immigration. actually enforcing our laws and our national security. that might be something you would have an impact on? >> >> absolutely. veterans understand that national security is the back bottom of our prosperity. you know, we need national security so we can build a strong economy. we need national security so we can be a global leader. my fellow veterans we have seen what happens at the
3:22 am
front lines. we know what it's like when american foreign policy fails. i was so excited to see the president running on a message of bringing our troops home from the senseless wars that we have been fighting and keep us out of new ones while the swamp and establishment is trying to lure him in. that's where veterans can make a huge difference because we understand the consequences and we know we need to fight for a better future. jedediah: peter, it's no secret that amash has been at odds with the president actually at one point calling for the president's impeachment. how or will you be differen different? >> congressman amash and i differ in many ways. you know, i look at the president and i see someone who has taken an ax to regulation. someone presiding over economic miracle this country hasn't seen for decades. this president is trying to end the wars that have killed so many of my brothers and sisters in arms. ed: we have 30 seconds. >> i don't know how a conservative can look at that and not get excited.
3:23 am
ed: sure. we reached out to justin amash but we haven't heard back from him yet. we will give him the benefit of the doubt. mueller report maybe didn't rise to the level of impeachment in your eyes and there may have been wrongdoing there and he was trying to stand up. what say you? >> i think we need to look to the future. that's where the republican party can be. we can be the party of the future while the democrats are stuck looking to the past. the americans need solutions to the problems that we're facing. and the conservative principles that underpinel our party can offer those solutions. ed: thank you. peter. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. jedediah: one artist was so outraged on the decision to pull these sneakers, he spent his independence day painting the flag outside their headquarters. ed: he is inside our
3:24 am
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maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1 2 3. ♪trelegy 1-2-3 save at pete: welcome back. couple of quick headlines for you. iranian leaders say they will not negotiate a deal with the united states unless approved by supreme leader demanding president trump remove heavy sanctions against the country. this comes as iran threatens to take the next step in increasing uranium enrichment on sunday unless a new deal is on the table. and, in mexico, the murder rate reaches an all-time high on average 94 people were killed every day between january and now according to the mexico daily -- mexico news daily. nearly 500 more murders than this time last year. ed: after nike sparked
3:28 am
outrage pulling sneakers featuring the betsy ross flag. our next guest spent his fourth of july painting that flag outside nike headquarters here in new york city. pete: here is scott lo lobado. jedediah: this is gorgeous. >> i have been painting the flag for 25 years. that's my thing. i started doing the flag stuff back in the 1990s when political correctness popped its ugly head up and started the thing with the flag. here we are again. the reason i was out there fighting on independence day in front of nike is wasn't for me. sunday i spent the day with a world war ii verb, 94 years old, a fan of mine. and we spent hours talking he had tears in his eyes not because of what he went through in the war because he doesn't want to die
3:29 am
knowing that this flag is eventually going to be taken down. the flag that he fought. i had to convince him and promise him that it was never going to happen and then two days later. this happens? it angers me this is happening. pete: that conversation was before. >> it was right before this deep conversation and i promised him i will tell him again, don't worry, we are never going to let this flag come down. ainsley: what was the reaction. here you are in manhattan. what was the reaction by the public. >> i do so many of these protests. american protests. i get a lot of hate and anger and stuff towards me. yesterday, nobody. everybody agreed. everybody agreed. even the conversations i had with, you know, beautiful conversation with this black gentleman and we mentioned -- mentioned about slavery and. this and i said what is beautiful about this flag and this country is that it's not perfect. we strive to get better.
3:30 am
we come through these struggles. we are just a puppy on this stage. we are only 243 years old. we are learning whether it's the gay community that finally gets -- and it's -- we're here to get better. that's what this flag represents. jedediah: that's right. pete: absolutely. scott, did anyone from nike, any employees on their way in or out? >> well, it was fourth of july. it's a holiday. there was security there and i had my speaker blasting the national anthem over and over. like looping for hours. and nobody bothered me it was a great independence day. again an ugly reason. we shouldn't have to be there. nike should be ashamed of themselves. i know a lot of people don't like to do the boycott thing. just think about, this knock this is a billion-dollar corporation, all right? under this flag, makes money and products under this flag mind boggling. it's up to us.
3:31 am
that world war ii veteran wanted to be out there yesterday and his family said no. jedediah: don't apologize for it. ed: the family of betsy ross is listening. the great, great, great grandson of betsy ross wrote you a letter. >> i spoke to him by phone because i met him a couple years ago up in maine. he was going to try to be here too short of notice. he was upset with what happened. i will read one passage. this is john roberts whoever. the great, great, great grandson of betsy ross. in our family we fly the betsy ross flag high and proud in our community on july 4th. alongside our current flag to help us remember and honor those long ago who fought for and gained our country's independence and to honor those today who keep the ideals of unity, equality and freedom alive and well and exemplify the spirit every day in our communities. so, i mean, just.
3:32 am
ed: pretty well said. pete: phil knight started nike out of his garage. you got other options in america other than a company that wants to reject this flag. >> listen, people. we have been through this already with nike. think about it. do we want them to lose their business? no. we want them to change, understand everybody. this flag is -- we are not going to lose this flag. this flag is going to fly for 20,000 years. ed: this one is going to wind up? >> this one i' m tired of come in here and seeing other artist's artwork on the wall. i'm giving you this one. [applause] ed: "fox & friends" gladly accepts it. jedediah: thank you for your passion. beautiful love of america. ed: always welcome here. pete: love it. the most patriotic brands in america has just been revealed. shocker, nike not on the list. can you guess who is number
3:33 am
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>> suddenly think -- >> we are having an earthquake right now. >> yeah. we are having an earthquake. i thought somebody was going -- i thought somebody was grabbing my desk. i hav have infer been in an earthquake. ed: collin cowherd. 6.4 magnitude earthquake rocked southern california yesterday. jedediah: homes damaged and stores destroyed. pete: todd is in our newsroom. todd: good morning to all
3:37 am
three of you. more than 100 reported in the state. some of those aftershocks hitting just over an hour ago. seismologists warning there is a very high chance there will be a magnitude five or even bigger earthquake in the next few days. >> one should always be preparing for a big one. this does not make it less likely. there is about a one in 20 chance that this rotation will be having an even bigger earthquake within the next few days. >> thursday's 6.4 magnitude quake. the strongest quake to hit california in 25 years. happened near the town of ridge crest about 150 miles from los angeles. take a look. this surveillance video near the epicenter shows bottles and food thrown from shelves inside that convenience store. watch this video showing panicked folks running when they feel that quake. caused house fires, gas leaks and cracked roads. >> i could see the lamps really shaking and i thought
3:38 am
it's really happening. it was intense. >> a rolling earthquake long like 30 seconds long. >> strictly rolling, fortunately, it was not a shock. >> california governor gavin newsom twight he has approved emergency proclamation for the earthquake in kern county and after shocks. grateful for the work of our first responders, the local leaders who have been working closely with the communities impacted by today's earthquake. people terrified of what might come next. so many of the folks have never experienced anything like this if they are under 25 years old. i know i lived out there for about 12 years, the worst i had was a 4. a 6.4 wakes you up. pete: todd, thank you. we were just talking about patriotism. fox business network susan li. there is a survey out there about the most patriotic brands in america. >> in america 2019. so it's a tough consumer market, right?
3:39 am
so bifurcated there are so many brands out there how do you distinguish yourself and keep your customers loyal. patriotism very powerful tool because this study found if you have this emotional connectivity to a brand especially through patriotism, you are six times more loyal. so coming in at number one jeep made for the military, built for the military, used by the military for decades. nothing is more patriotic than the armed forces and apparently their vehicles as well. jeep has been number one since 2002. but one that you might recognize, disney comes in at number 2. who doesn't love happy americana, right? this brand owns 40% of the box office. they have everything "star wars." films. marvel as well. and also theme parks. $5 billion in revenue each year from you and me. ed: happiest place on earth. pete: walt disney was a patriot. >> that's right. indeed.
3:40 am
ford. point to he o hersheys and levis number four coca cola. can you actually go through the history of america through the kaleidoscope of coca cola advertising for the last, i don't know, five decades or so from everything, you know, woodstock as to santa claus drinking coca cola. ed: their commercials have been iconic. >> number five is levi strauss acid wash is probably more you, pete. ipo and nothing is more american than blue jeans, right? ed: or fox news. >> i will get to that let me get to that don't jump ahead of me. hershey's another confectionary, number seven. who doesn't love hershey's chocolate brand this july the 4th with red, white and blue. and number 10 is. jedediah: we made the list. >> that's right. fox news fox news made the list last year jumped up from 14th spot. so we are up four points.
3:41 am
pete: up four points to number 10. >> do you know what i didn't say in the top 10. nike not in there. number 23. they did bump up from controversial kaepernick ads september of last year. great example of connecting with consumer. some say kaepernick, the reason they pulled these betsy ross shoes is because they believe that kaepernick speaks to their core audience and young consumer of young male urban. this is the stagesd they want to take on. jedediah: can you talk to me a little i got to get away from mini. i'm all excited about the jobs report. >> i can see bubbling on your face. jedediah: i am. good stuff for us? >> i think 160,000 jobs expected. better than the trend that we have seen for the first four or five months of the year. wages are important since we are growing. wages are up the most in a decade. that's something to watch. if we get something above 160 close to 200 that's what we call blowout which in this case if we get anything in range of 150, 160, that
3:42 am
pretty much cements the fact that we're going to get a rate cut from the federal reserve which releases millions of dollars. that's why we are sitting at record levels in the stock market. ed: fed gets involved and cuts more rate we will see even higher. >> anything close to 100,000 not good. again, this is case where the market is going to take any bad news as good and you will actually seat market go up if we get a disappointing jobs number. that pretty much cements a rate cut. possibly even 50 basis points think about your mortgage going forward as well and housing market. pete: that comes at, what 8:30 today? >> 8:30 today. jedediah: thanks, susan. many over here are asking for carley shimkus. carley: i love your enthusiasm for the jobs report. that's the american spirit right there. jedediah: i can't help myself, you know? carley: all right. guys. take a look at this. >> chilling surveillance video showing the moment the gunman opened fire inside a crowd california mall.
3:43 am
you can see people running for their lives as one suspect turns around and shoots a teenager. a second gunman stops and unloads on the terrified crowd before running away. four people were hurt. they are expected to be okay. the shooters are still on the run. two families filing a wrongful death suit after the wrong man was taken off life support. this man you see here elijah britman was misidentified as alfonso bennett when he was brought into a hospital. the patient had been severely beaten in the face. police used a mugshot to identify him. the knicksup became clear after the real one showed up to a party shocking loved ones who were grieving his supposed death. body cam video capturing the moment rescues a man from a burning building. take a look at this. >> all right. all right. all right. got to get him out.
3:44 am
>> this way, come on you guys. >> officers pulling a man through a window before he became trapped inside his georgia home. is he expected to make a full recovery. joey chestnut wins 12th hot dog contest devouring 71 in 12 minutes: the thing chess nut falling short of his own coney island record set last year with 47 dogs. i was trying to brake the record, the heat got in my way a little bit. i think i got zapsd a little bit. about five minutes in i slowed way down more than i ever hopes i would. it's all right. i got the win. car cart heat got him, guys. what a disappointment. nikki retained her title eating 31 hot dogs.
3:45 am
that's quite the american tradition. ed: the guy coming close but couldn't cut the mustard jedediah: i feel i couldn't enjoy a dog that quickly water and bread and a lot going on. pete might do well with that. pete: we tried it once on the show. we didn't compete. i think i got like four. >> in 10 minutes? you can do better than that. ed: come on, pete, we will get new training for this. jedediah: can we do it again? carley: i would be up for it too. no water and bread. pete: if you are going to do it got to go all in. carley: no buns, just the dog. jedediah: thanks, carley. ed: appreciate it. jedediah: mother sounding the alarm a hidden danger her son infected with a flesh eating bacteria after a trip to the beach. ed: how concerned should you be about your family. it's summertime and we are separating fact from fiction
3:46 am
about the beach and its dangers ahead ♪ the clock is ticking ♪ so stay ♪ all you have to to wait a second ok the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
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3:49 am
carley: fourth of july early start causing firefighters to dodge rockets. fireworks exploding out of control at a south carolina store. the fire appearing to spark in a storage unit nearby. and for the second time in three years a minor league baseball team's fireworks show sparks a massive fire. the pyrotechnic issued just
3:50 am
outside the st. lucie ball park did stop the team from setting off the rest of their fireworks. they even played their scheduled game. luckily no one was hurt in that incident. jed? ed: seems to sum up the mets season. jedediah: a horrifying story a maryland mom reporting her son was infected with a flesh eating bacteria after a trip to the beach last week. pete: the boy's doctor says he is now healing. could something like this happen to you this summer. ed: here to help separate fact from fiction. dr. row she'dy raj. good morning. >> good morning. ed: how worried should people be? >> this is a relatively rare condition. flesh eating bacteria or necrotizing fasciitis as we call it. potentially very deadly rare if you have any signs of it. red wound swelling quickly.
3:51 am
painful. fever. you want to keith gte fruited immediately. antibiotics can save limbs and even your life. pete: what causes this? >> a few different types of bacteria that can cause it. people think it's just one. it's not true. most common is strep a type of bacteria. infecting a cut or escape or open wound often when it is exposed to water containing this bacteria. jedediah: okay now you are going to separate fact from fiction for us. see what we can figure out. >> summer safety. let's see how good you guys are number one question, flesh eating bacteria can occur in warm gulf water, lakes, or even pools? fact or fiction? two facts and a fiction. the truth is it is a fact. when we are talking about bacteria. they often thrive in warmer conditions. right now even the ocean is getting warmer. a mix of salt water and fresh water. pools, hot tubs anywhere
3:52 am
where these temperatures are higher. bacteria love to breathe. if you have an open wound you should stay out of the water. if it's a tiny cut cover it with waterproof beverage. number two it's okay for people to drink and swim? i bet a lot of people were doing it yesterday but this is definitely fiction. you know, a high percentage of drowning death are associated with alcohol in adults. this is because when you are drinking you lose your perception. you think you are more capable than yo you are. lose your sense of balance. a situation more dangerous. if you are going to swim. swim first and then do your drinking. if you are going to drink stay out of the pool. by the pool is okay. pete: avoid the beer muzzle. >> talking about a picnic
3:53 am
here food sitting out. >> morgan: than an hour is still good to eat? >> this is certainly fiction. we are talking about those hot summer temperatures that we are seeing this time of year. and i'm a gastroenterology just. i see at lo of people with food poisoning. food being left out. things spoil. don't keep any leftovers from a picnic. more than an hour go. do some takeout. do something else. you don't want to risk it. number four, you need to apply at least a shot glass full of sunscreen one hours every two hours. pete: so take a shot every two hours? >> that's not what i said. absolutely fact. many people are not using sunscreen properly. you really want to use enough. that's about a shot glass for an average adult body. do it at least 15 minutes before you go out in the sun. a lot of people lather on and head straight out. you are not protecting yourself if you are waiting that long. ed: don't poor alcohol in the shot glass.
3:54 am
>> no. please wash it and don't swim. number five when grilling a lot of people did this yesterday it's best to cook meat first in the microwave fact or fiction? pete: never. >> this is actually a fact. many people don't realize grilling, especially charring. pete: i don't want to live in this world scwead jed you are living it. >> charring creates chemicals potentially carcinogen nic cause cancer. limit the amount of time the meat is on the grill. one way of doing it is microwaving it first and then grilling for last few minutes. you don't want to put something that's frozen on the grill. thathaw it first. pete: i violated every one of these rules yesterday. >> now you are so much wiser today: pete: i don't know about that. >> number six, you are safe from the sun's rays if you ared in the shade. pete: 100 percent.
3:55 am
>> this is fiction. pete: that's why they called it shade. >> i'm the queen of shaz. i don't mean throwing shade i mean being in the shade. i thought i was protected for many years. i learned actually the uvb radiation is not something you are protected for if you ared in shade. it can bounce off the sidewalk. concrete, sand, so unless you are actually really in deep shade where you can't even see the sky, you are being exposed which means you still need to use your sunscreen. jedediah: pete, it's amazing you have survived so far. ed: he also drinks out of garden hose. pete: are you pro-gardens who drinker. >> not if you have an open wound in your mouth. ed: we have come full circle. dr. raj, thank you for coming in. pete: appreciate it. ed: i can't get over that corey lewandowski, lawrence jones and geraldo rivera all here live coming up. pete: plus, big and rich rock the summer concert series brought to you by
3:56 am
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♪ going to rock ♪ going to rock the boat ♪ shaking my head like a billy goat ♪ going to rock the boat jedediah: salute to america is taking a patriotic in washington, d.c. as president trump praised our country and fearless military. pete: that's exactly right. before we get to that speech. where are we? we are on the plaza fox square and big and rich are coming up on the summer concert series. [cheers] >> fowlt of july entire weekend this year. pete: a long fourth of july weekend is anyone here a little hungover from
4:00 am
yesterday? be honest. ed: good news for pete i just walked by. we have ribs coming from famous dave's. good news is they put them in the microwave first so they are safe to eat. pete: i didn't believe anything in that previous segment at all. ed: you can smell those ribs it's like the smell, the taste of freedom in the air july 4th. pete: i hope you had extra carcinogens in your heat yesterday. jedediah: nice try. ed: we have clean it up all the messes. adorable, pete. pete: thank you so much. what was adorable yesterday was the salute to america. not everyone predictably filling the love. >> man always patriotic griff jenkins live in washington with more on the celebration and maybe some of the political clashes. good morning, griff. >> good morning. president trump defying the rain and predictions defy
4:01 am
mart san rhetoric honoring the service and sacrifices of our armed forces. >> on this july 4th we pay special tribute to the military service members who laid down their lives for our nation. >> as tens of thousands gathered on the national mall impressive display of flyovers b 2 stealth bomber culminating in the blue angels soaring as the battle him of the republic played calling on americans to continue the legacy begun nearly two and a half centuries ago. >> with a single sheet of parchment and 56 signatures america began the greatest political journey in human history for americans, nothing is impossible. >> but some protested outside the white house notorious flag burner was arrested and code pink
4:02 am
brought a baby trump balloon to the mall only to have it grounded. protesters blasted the president's salute. >> you see this whole military parade thing and it reminds you of north korea or nazi germany. we don't think it's right. >> there shouldn't be tanks in the capitol for this because that's just not normal. >> in the end, the sky above the nation's capitol lit with spectacular fireworks. a wet and peaceful independence day free of political rancor and division. we will see how long that lasts, guys. pete: griff, thanks a lot. ed: all the free game hype. the president is going to be political and negative. instead he talked about america being great. he talked about american exceptionalism and about our great military. it was the democrats in iowa and other campaign spots who were bashing the president. they were the ones going negative. jedediah: incredibly unifying message paying tribute to our history. nothing in there that anyone could say oh he made this
4:03 am
political. there was not one line that i heard that was not a unifying message saying we can all come together on founding principles and do what we do best. >> it was beautiful and patriotic. it was befitting of the fourth of july it was we minding americans of the basics. basic god given rights enshrined by a creator and not by a government. individual freedoms and liberty. all the things that make america special. lay that out on a platter. that's what president trump did yesterday's. except the platter was very big and had a big pool in the middle on the washington mall with b-52s. he talked about patriotism. this is another portion of what the president said. >> america's fearless resolve has inspired heroes who defined our national character from george washington, john adams, and betsy ross who douglass, you know, frederick douglass, the great frederick douglass. harriet tubman, amelia
4:04 am
earhardt. douglas mcarthur, dwight eisenhower, jacque robinson, and, of course, john glenn. as long as we stay true to our course, as long as we remember our great history. as long as we never ever stop fighting for a better future then there will be nothing that america cannot do. [cheers and applause] jedediah: a great line. you had an incredible parallel. have you president trump out there with this incredibly unifying message to all americans. and then on the other side you have 2020 democrats attacking trump in full campaign mode making it highly political and attacking his salute to america. take a listen. >> donald trump, i believe, is incapable of celebrating what makes america great because i don't think he gets it. >> it really bothered me what the president is doing with his tank and hopefully
4:05 am
the pavement is not going to buckle in washington, d.c. and all the money on that. it's really all about trump. it's not about our service members. it's not about their sacrifice and not about my brothers and sisters who lost their lives in service to this country. >> is he having a parade for himself. putting tanks out there for him sufficiently. >> i think we need money to go into rebuilding our infrastructure. i'm not quite sure that we need money to go in to put tanks in downtown washington, d.c. >> we got to put him in his place. yes we got to call out when he does something wrong. we can't make it about him. >> bernie, can we get a red, white and blue cap on the fourth of july just one time? ed: the president has been talking about infrastructure bill two years. bernie sanders and the democrats and socialists like him because he is a democratic socialist they haven't worked with the president. they have been resisting on issues that should be nonpartisan bipartisan. the other thing is they constantly say this was a military parade you would see in north korea.
4:06 am
the president said this on the record on camera you can check it out back in 2017 that would have inspired him to do this yesterday is what he saw in france on bastille day. not what the communists are doing but the french are doing. >> there is nothing authentic about what's going on with democrats right now. not like they waited and they heard the president's speech and reacted in realtime to what he was saying. they went in with preprogrammed media driven talking points about what they thought this speech was going to be. and they rolled with it. ed: as tulsi gabbard he is not celebrating the men and women in uniform. jedediah: that was the whole speech. pete: you saw bernie sanders walking up and down that street. they don't have to carry an american flag. not that he is not patriotic. he has a golf cart. this flag is important. it's significant. it matters. shoulder in patch into combat. freedom is not free that flag represents around the
4:07 am
world let's celebrate as loud as possible and be proud of it in a society right now that is starting to dismiss it or starting to say it's a divisive symbol. and that's the contrast. we are going to see that all the way through the election. the flag represents goodness or the flag is something we are rejecting. ed: the president also standing up for first responders not just mental and women in uniform talking as well about law enforcement and treating them with respect, law enforcement officials. that includes border patrol officials who have been under assault themselves in recent days. some of the rhetorical attacks you have seen from democrats alike. what are border patrol agents actually doing? look at these images of these border patrol agents finding migrants in a hot truck not only saving their lives getting them out. people are not mentioning the smugglers and others that are putting these migrants in desperate situations while the border patrol agents overrun, overmatched are doing their best to try and take care of
4:08 am
these people. >> important to note also inside that truck you had minors, you had a pregnant woman. all of these democrats that are out there and are talking about humanitarian crisis. why don't you care that you are incentivizing a system that allows a truck like this under these conditions like this to carry women and children, particularly, and men as well but people in such precarious conditions if you are really concerned about prevention you would be doing something about it. president trump is trying to prevent this situation from manifesting and growing and reproducing. pete: also in that truck a convicted felon attempting to come back into the country illegally once again. i thought griff jenkins had a great stat a couple days ago when i was watching "fox & friends." that's what i do when i'm at home this year alone 3400 people have been rescued by border patrol agents. rescued in life or death situations taken out of rio grand river. saved by americans putting their lives on the ground to save people coming illegally. it's amazing. yet, they get persecuted by
4:09 am
members of congress who go down there and selectively decide what they want to hear. and stick a finger in their face and say you are not doing your job well enough except we didn't give the funds to do this. ed: so fired up about this tom homan retired acting ice director. is he coming on 8:15 eastern. is he going to weigh in on the border crisis. push back on some of the attacks border patrol agents and ice agents. democrats want to abolish ice all together in the middle of this crisis. >> we oftentimes reflect on the troops serving overseas while something is happening on the fourth of july. think about it while we were celebrating on the fourth of july there were border patrol agents on the border doing their job under siege overwhelmed, scanning trucks. walking trails. helping kids. saving families train districting drugs, dealing with cuyahogas. they are doing that on the fourth of july, not with their families to protect the sovereignty of our border so we can live peacefully. jedediah: vilified repeatedly by democrats. unfortunate reality that people on the front lines
4:10 am
not only trying to protect our national security and assist a lot of these people who have come over in horrific humanitarian conditions and cyst these children have been vilified. ed: all-american con summer concert series coming up sponsored by sandals. we wanted to mention that we'll be getting to that in a few moments. get to carley shimkus who has headlines. >> we begin with a fox news alert. seven americans killed in a helicopter crash near the bahamas. the chopper was heading to fort lauderdale, florida when it went down killing everyone on board. west virginia governor jim justice confirms coal tycoon chris cline among those killed. the governor calling him a great west virginian. no one else identified a fire in first class forces packed plane to make emergency landing in boston overnight. police say a phone charger started sparking and set a passenger's seat on fire. this happened on a virgin
4:11 am
atlantic flight headed to london from new york's jfk airport. 217 passengers were loaded on to buses and taken to the terminal no. one was hurt. passengers are being rebooked on new flights. congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is defending michigan congressman justin amash after he quits the republican party. ocasio-cortez tweeting that amash is right in his "the washington post" op-ed about congress becoming more partisan. iraq war veteran peter meijer is running as a republican to take amash's seat. he joined us earlier. >> we know what congressman amash is going to do what congressman amash is going to do. he has always marched to the a beat of a different drum. the conservative principles that underpin our party can offer those solutions. carley: amash says is he becoming an independent. a patriotic florida resort celebrating independence day by building a giant betsy
4:12 am
ross flag out of beach towels. the trade winds island resort on st. petersburg beach dying their towels red, white and blue before laying them out in the sand. they create the patriotic display every fourth of july. those are your headlines. i will send it out to fox square. pete, jed, ed? ed: what a beautiful display. pete: love it. down in florida. joe biden's support is dropping in the polls quickly. but he says he is still way ahead. ed: corey lewandowski former campaign manager says biden reminds him of another candidate who actually lost to donald trump in 2016. corey here live. jedediah: all-american concert series brought to you by sandals. big and rich ahead ♪ save a horse ♪ ride a horse ♪ moving is hard.
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[ sigh ] introducing an easier way to move with xfinity. it's just another way we're working to make your life simple, easy, awesome. go to to get started. >> 243 years ago our founding fathers pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to declare independence and defend our god-given rights.
4:17 am
we will never forget we are americans and the future belongs to us. [cheers and applause] ed: despite the pregame hype the president seemed to choose patriotism over politics in a speech featuring americanism. pete: you wouldn't have thought it was possible if you listened to the media many predicting doom and gloom. jedediah: here to react is campaign manager and author of trump's enemies corey lewandowski. >> good morning. jedediah: amazing to see the parallel of what the media predicted all the doom and gloom trump is making this all about himself and to actually listen to the president's speech was incredibly unifying speech about our country's history. >> as you guys know, the media never wants to give this president the credit that he deserves. yesterday, if you are an american and if you love this country, then the
4:18 am
president reminded you that we're the greatest country on earth and it falls directly in line with what he has talked about which is putting america first. being proud to be an american again. look, he has restored the values that we have held dear for some years. our dominance overseas us being proud that our family members have served in the military. remembering our heritage. remembering the people who came before us. that's what the president talked about yesterday. if that doesn't make you proud to be an american, then it really calls into question if you really belong in this country. pete: corey, how many times is the media going to speculate wildly is he going to do this but in reality he does y and delivers in that event for what he said -- how many times have you seen that? >> unfortunately, i have seen it hundreds of times. look at the president's trip to the dmz last week. the contrast between when barack obama went there behind the glass with the military people pointing out what the dmz was and the president walking across. they said this is a disaster. it was historic event. what he did yesterday, with the fourth of july, massive
4:19 am
crowds bringing people together saying look at the exceptionalism that we have. going back to the campaign. when they said donald trump wasn't a real candidate. wasn't going to win. couldn't be successful. that the stock market was going to collapse. $9.2 trillion in new value because of his policies. the media is wrong every day about this president and the american people know it. and that's why he is going to win in a record election coming up next year. because people stopped trusting the fake news. ed: corey, you are upbeat and positive obviously. close to the president. on the other side of the mainstream media has been predicting the president's demise back to 2016 obviously. particularly, looking ahead to 2020 and building up joe biden is the frontrunner. look at these polls, quinnipiac and cnn. 22% for biden across both polls. kamala harris 20% in quinnipiac. 17% in cnn. and, yet, joe biden says he is still way ahead. watch.
4:20 am
>> >> sir, are you dropping in the polls? >> what do you make of the polls. >> i'm still way ahead. ed: he has been dropping and yet somehow he says i'm way ahead. >> joe biden's campaign is in big trouble. look. the more people see joe on the debate stage his worse his numbers are which is the exact opposite of what happened in the 2016 campaign. remember, when the first debate donald trump was in the center stage leading in the polls. he never looked back. he ran the race wire to wire. joe biden started great name recognition. 50 years of government experience. people listen to him talk and pull numbers fall. joe biden i will make the prediction right now not known to be the democratic nominee. he has not been progressive enough and done enough in the african-american community as kamala harris outlined. his friends and i use that term in air quotes in washington, d.c. going to remind the democratic voters joe can't win the democratic election. joe is trying to win the primaries by saying he is
4:21 am
going to devito president trump. same strategy that jeb bush tried to use in 2016. it's not going to work. ed: who are you going to face. >> bernie sanders against the field. bernie is far progressive. he raised a lot of money. he didn't raise as much as pete did or as joe did. but he is right there. and i think at the end of the day, bernie has a following because when you give away everything free in america college television or illega -- collegetuition or. this election is capitalism vs. socialism. we win. jedediah: corey, i would keep a close eye on kamala harris. she has strength on the debate stage. keep an eye on her. >> not one person has pointed out how she started her career in politics. not one person has talked about her record as the attorney general of california. and so, look, that is coming. and still very, very early. look, she did have a good debate. but it's the first of many. and she had better be.
4:22 am
>> berniey's big problem is everyone bernie now to your point. >> pete raising a lot of money is pete buttigieg and not pete hegseth. >> pete hegseth already has a lot of money. this is pete buttigieg we are talking about. pete: i wish you were right, brother. thank you very much, corey. jedediah: the attack sparking national outrage. antifa brutally attacking a reporter in portland. pete: former antifa member says that group must be stopped. that former member joins us live coming up next. [beeping]
4:23 am
4:24 am
4:25 am
4:26 am
jedediah: time for news by the numbers. 81%. how many suspects flagged by facial recognition technology turned out to be innocent. 42 matches only 8 were correct. the software has been used by london police to find suspects in crowds. next, $11.8 million. that's how much you'll have to pay for the island seen in the promotional video for the failed fyre festival. on sale two years after millennials arrived on a different island to fema tent accommodations and canceled performances. and finally 800 pounds. that's how much this shark tracked off the coast of new jersey weighs. the great white dubbed miss may has traveled more than 2700 miles since being tagged in florida in february. down to you guys. ed: not a bad deal for an island. haven't been shopping for one. a reporter getting beaten on
4:27 am
the streets antifa rally in portland. latest in a string of attacks by so-called anti-fascist group. pete: now a former antifa member is speaking thought a new op-ed saying enough is enough. antifa must be stopped. ed: here with more is a former antifa member turned conservative at the leadership institute. gabriel, good morning. >> good morning. ed: what turned you? why did you go inside antifa and why are you coming out now. >> the reason i first started antifa national socialist movement that went through my community in southern california. that's how i met a lot of the members. honestly the reason i left is because i was getting tired of being spoon fed lies. every time i talked to antifa members it just felt like same slogan instead of having conversations. meanwhile, when i talk to conservatives, i had honest conversations and as a matter of fact, i'm very glad that somebody from the leadership institute reached tout me when i was on the fence because they took me under their wing and today i actually have his job and i
4:28 am
help conservatives across the country helping them fight against antifa. pete: gabriel, what does antifa believe they stand for? >> they believe themselves to be freedom fighters. somebody fighting against fascism? what is fashio fascism? anything they don't like. ed: do they teach violence? because this video is shock. it's disturbing and disgusting frankly what they're doing in the name of freedom. do d. they coach you on being violent? >> no. i think violence is not necessarily something that you coach. it's more of a mob mentality a lot of people who are wearing the black mask don't go into the rally thinking they are are going to hurt somebody. they get caught up in if somebody hits someone you are expected to jump in and help out somebody else who is in the black mask. pete: gabriel, why do they wear masks? if they are such freedom fighters why do they hide their face? >> they are scared. they know what they are
4:29 am
doing is wrong and there would be repercussions for it. ed: look at this op-ed from the assistant professor in the wake of the portland attack. antifa in america militant antifascism isn't terrorism it's self-defense that's a professor who is supposed to be teaching young people like you. >> the problem is he is not alone. at the leadership institute's campus reform we routinely report on a lot of profersz who advocate violence no self-defense to go and attack conservative students and not self-defense to attack journalists like andy. pete: you say they fight against things they don't like and arbitrary in that sense. reading your background you were first engaged because they were protesting the pledge of allegiance. is it america they don't like? >> i think so. a lot of them -- at one of my first protests i attended a couple of my friends had
4:30 am
the flag flipped upside down with anarchy sign in the middle. they hate america and what america stands for freedom and liberty and all of the things that they don't. ed: at least have you seen the light gabriel nadales thank you for coming. in. pete: you have a powerful voice and platform. thank you for using it for good. >> you are welcome. pete: colin kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem. some sports caster thinks we should call him can't america. ed: lawrence jones is fired up. he wants to talk a little bit about our friend colin kaepernick. big and rich are out there. they are coming up. pete: lawrence jones, too. ♪ ♪
4:31 am
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about meningitis b vaccination.
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>> suddenly to think -- we are having an earthquake
4:34 am
right now. >> yeah, we are having an earthquake. i thought somebody was going -- i thought somebody was grabbing my desk. i have never been in an earthquake. certainly not on the air. ed: wow that was live brothers at fs1. collin cowherd playing out on fs 6.4 magnitude earthquake hits california yesterday. jedediah: largest quake in 20 years. pete: our own jeff paul joins us from the epicenter of that quake. jeff? ed: good morning. >> despite this earthquake being the most powerful one that this area has felt in 20 years, damage from this event is not widespread. the man who owns this home unfortunately one of the unfortunate ones his home here now boarded up after it caught on fire minutes after this magnitude 6.4 earthquake video shows the moment the flames got out of
4:35 am
control. there were other fires. ruptured gas lines and reports of mobile homes damaged and knocked off their foundations so far only reports of minor injuries in an earthquake that could be felt as far away as las vegas. some patients in a local hospital were evacuated as a precaution after the structure showed signs of damage. the concerns now are what could happen next? some reports indicate an estimated 200 after shocks have occurred following the earthquake. there is 1 in 20 chance of even bigger earthquake in the coming days. >> we don't know if there is going to be any more after shocks. we had one sitting in here and 08 after shocks as we talk. is there another percentage of aftershock that's unknown. unlike fire or flood we can predict this stuff. with the flood we know where the water is going. fire, with earthquakes we can to the predict. >> governor gavin newsom has declared a safety emergency. when we ask local officials why they requested that, they told us that has to do with all the aftershocks and
4:36 am
unknown of what could happen next. i could tell you through the night while we were trying to sleep we could fill after shocks few mention before we got on air we felt one more. it is happening and we expect more to happen in the coming days. back to you in new york. pete: jeff, thank you very much. appreciate it. back here in new york city other side of the country talk to lawrence jones campus editor in chief keeping up with jones and man on the street on fox nation. how are you doing? great to have you. >> you saw the salute to america yesterday on the national mall, president trump delivering as jedediah has pointed out correctly a message of unity. >> it was such a political speech. so many things like lock her up and get rid of the democrats and build the wall he commanded the troops to go on the street. come on. this is what the media told us is going to happen as with all they overamp things up. get people all riled up. it was nonpolitical speech. the president unified the
4:37 am
country. i think it was one of his best speeches. can he take that on the campaign trail now? i think i can. jedediah: take a listen to what some of the president had to say yesterday. >> we will always be the people who defeated a tyrant, controlled the continent, harnessed science. took to the skies and soared into the heavens. we will never forget that we are americans. and the future belongs to us. [cheers and applause] >> as long as we never ever stop fighting for a better future then there will be nothing that america cannot do. [ applause ] >> yeah, no politics there. >> lawrence, i'm sure you are waited with baited breath for apologies from the media and democrats who said he is going to be so divisive, right? >> we didn't get any apologies during the russia
4:38 am
investigation after the no collusion came out. we won't get apologies now. this is why the american people are tuning out to them. this is why the ratings are tanking right now. they asp them up and get them all emotional and then the facts come out and it's nothing like they predicted it to be. >> look what was going on outside the white house while a lot of this was playing out. people coming together to celebrate america's birth and you have other people out there burning the american flag. i got an email last night from a secret service official who said there were secret service officers who got injured caught literally in the crossfire there. what goes through the mind of people who seem to hate america so much that even on july 4th they would do. this props to the uniform secret service kept their cool yesterday while when people are burning an american flag. let me tell you something. they think america is defined by the president of the united states. fact of the matter presidents come and go. disagreements with barack obama. disagreements with george bush. america is not defined by the person that's in the white house. america is defined by the
4:39 am
ideas, as a libertarian myself i have disagreements sometimes where the government is going. i think spying on americans. at the end of the day the idea is to hold them accountability. the biggest defense is the constitution of the united states. a lot of people don't recognize that. pete: kudos to the guy who ran into the crowd and put out the burning flag with his bare hands. >> a lot of these people out here don't have jobs because they want complete anarchy out here. this is the antifa crowds of the world who believe they don't like anything. damage things, set things on fire. i think it's a childish way of dealing with life. at the end of the day, we will have things all the time that we disagree with the country on. there is a better way to do. >> lawrence, i got ask you about colin kaepernick causing a loft controversy with betsy ross flag. there is a sports blog out there talking about how colin kaepernick what do they call him captain america. with a kap. jedediah: kaepernick just saved nike from making a big
4:40 am
mistake at this point kaep is captain america. >> is he a capitalist. realizes nike has a group support their shoes. target audience and saw great profits from. this as it relates to benefits for the black community, there is a lot of people out there that are up vesting every single day to make this country a better place especially in black america. i don't think colin kaepernick is one of those because he was on the downside of his career and decided to kneel. >> they are missing the bigger picture though. in america someone like phil knight can start a shoe company in the back of his garage and turn into a juggernaut without the government restricting them and compete on a fair level. what is colin kaepernick missing about the betsy ross flag or u.s. flag? >> i think he wants to go -- i think he has a revisionist point of history. because some people because it's been said some kk members decided to take the pledge. every symbol in this nation whether it's a business or private business or our american flag will be
4:41 am
hijacked by some extreme group. the bottom line is where did it come from? okay? and that's what the debate is really. i don't like getting into the symbolism of the debate because i don't think it's helpful for the country, again, he has a target audience. is he trying to make money now because is he not in the league anymore. he was already on the downside of his career. that's a fact right now. part of the reason why he was kneeling he was on the bench. i would like to focus on the people actually contributing to this economy and contributing to black america. making life better for the people in my community. i don't think colin kaepernick is one of them. ed: phil knight can launch a nike juggernaut. lawrence and jones keeping up with jones and man on the street. check him out fox nation, we appreciate it. jedediah: head over to carley shimkus right now. how are you doing? >> listen to this tragic story here. a miami dolphins' player loses his arm after a
4:42 am
horrific 40 of july crash. his vehicle hit a concrete barrier and flipped over near miami. paramedics had to amputate his left arm just to get him out of the vehicle. some of norton's teammates visiting him in the hospital. he is in critical condition but expected to survive. san francisco votes to paint over a mural of george washington and they will spend over $600,000 of taxpayer money to do it. the 83-year-old mural coming under fire at a high school over images of white pioneer standing over the body of an native american and slaves working at mount vernal estate. legal challenges are expected. hillary clinton mysteriously withdrawing from a cyber security conference. she was scheduled to deliver the keynote at d.c.'s cyber defense summit in october. a vegas email was sent to attendees due to unforeseen circumstances secretary clinton will no longer be able to participate in this
4:43 am
year's conference. no further details were given. clinton came under fire for using a private email server while serving as secretary of state. stop what you are doing and watch this video. an adorable little girl in virginia celebrating the fourth of july with the star spangled banner. ♪ oh say does that star-spangled ♪ banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the rockets -- and the home of the brave ♪ carley: oh my gosh, i could watch that 10 times in a row the patriotic cutie wearing a shirt that says some day i will be president. and i betcha she will be. jed, ed, pete, back to you guys. ed: maybe some day she will be performing with big and
4:44 am
rich. this country music duo has become a game changer in the coming to your city and they are coming to our city right now. >> they are taking the united states by storm on peace, love and happy storm this summer. time to visit us on the fox square. pete: here with more is big and rich. give them a "fox & friends" welcome. [cheers and applause] fourth of july on thursday and that friday big and rich. >> came here to play music more all the people. we are still in celebration mode for independence day. i don't know but. i have a lot of leftover fireworks. i'm going to fire them as soon as i get back to tennessee. ed: can't do it in new york city. >> i heard about that. in tennessee we can back out in the woods. ed: tell us about the tour. we understand you honor a lot of folk in the military and first responders at your shows. >> called the peace, love and happy hour tour. you want to come to that show. every being show we bring up
4:45 am
active duty personnel and veterans for now over 1,000 concerts without missing one. we bring them up onto the stage to the redneck rivera hero's whiskey bar and sit them down peace, love and happy hour peanuts. we sing god bless america and now over 1,000 shows in a row. think about that. today is one show. over 1,000 in a row. we will continue that the rest of you are career. [applause] jedediah: i love that single did you with greg gutfeld about politics. i didn't expect it to be enormous success. you raised a ton of money off of that and it shot up to number one. what was that like for you? >> folds of honor right here. so everybody knows about folds. greg and i sat down to write a song that you couldn't go anywhere without being hit with politics. i think we should be able to be friends at some point whether you disagree or not. shut up about politics. even two and a half minutes listening to the song.
4:46 am
went number one and raised money to folds of honor. jedediah: amazing. >> we talk a lot of politics. we are not able to shut up about politics on this show. it's what we talk about. when you are out there honoring veterans and troops and military and country on. what you see the flag become controversial what does it say? >> we are all americans. we are all here celebrating this great country since 1776. so to come together and celebrate it with music is the greatest, the greatest ever. and that's what we have always felt was music without great thing brings us all together. that's what this celebration is all about today. we will be out here and keep the music going. >> i love it. >> i think all of us just love our country and we love country music. we are just glad to be here to continue to celebrate it
4:47 am
and everything that we are so blessed to have. all these faces, right? >> what inspired your music on this tour? was it the patriotism of this country or just to give your fans something new and fresh? >> i think it's both of those. we love our country. john and i both have had family members and so many friends that are involved in the military from decades ago. friends from new york city that are first responders we see them on our journey across the country. you see the disasters happening you just saw it. firefighter on tv. these are truly the men and women on front lines of freedom all across our country. we get to salute them every show. jedediah: what's your favorite song to perform? >> what's our favorite one? >> i told kenny this the other day we could probably be 100 years old and they
4:48 am
might even wheel us out if we can go save a horse, ride a cowboy. [applause] >> they will probably still jump. >> stairway to heaven, baby. pete: does it ever get old being part of a sound track of america. >> no. as a matter of fact, some of the coolest things have happened where people will come up to big kenny and i and say okay, so we met in a bar listen to save a horse and ride a cowboy and walked down the aisle lost in this moment with you big song of ours. when your music becomes book marks in people's lives that becomes the ultimate compliment. pete: are you going to perform for us this morning. >> several songs today. pete: some we know. >> we are glad to be here guys. new york city is about to get a rock down. ed: redneck pete: it is good whisk whiskey. redneck top of the hour big and rich will be performing top of the hour. don't go anywhere ♪ save a horse
4:49 am
♪ ride a counsel ♪ well, i don't give a dang about nothing ♪ i'm singing and bling blinging ♪ while the girls are drinking ♪ "shaving has been difficult for me i have very sensitive skin, and i get ingrowing hairs" "just stopping that irritation.... that burn that i get. i wouldn't use anything else" ♪ most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation.
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pete: welcome back. this week navy seal eddie gallagher is a free man found not guilty on murder charges in the death of an isis fighter. he and his wife andrea joined us on "fox & friends." >> i feel completely grateful and blessed to have this support i had this whole time. >> we overcame this and continue to make sure this does not happen again to warriors in this country. pete: don't want to happen it again. well it is, another warrior currently facing murder charges from his own government is green beret major matt golsteyn accused of killing a taliban bomb
4:53 am
maker. here with update is major golsteyn's wife julie golsteyn. thank you for joining us this morning. >> good morning, pete. pete: good morning. your reaction to the way eddie gallagher's case played out and please give us an update on what matt is facing right now. >> sure, we are thrilled for eddie, andrea, their children, sean, the entire gallagher family why are so he happy for them this nightmare is over. this experience is nothing less than traumatic. that's the best way i can describe this what the was formally arraigned last week at fort bragg. motion hearings august and september. and trial date of november 4th. so we are getting ready hopefully have our victory. matt has been at this for 8 years of this persecution. and four years ago matt was cleared of any wrongdoing after a six day hearing where all the evidence was presented an army panel said
4:54 am
what he did was legal combat action and took out a identified bomb maker, member of the taliban why we are here, i do know why we are here because he wasn't supposed to win that board. he was never let out of the army either charged in or medically tired. that said at the army review agency until he was charged with murder and got sent back to fort bragg with no action or no explanation because the army always planned to do this. pete: to summarize briefly matt killed taliban bomb maker. army looks into it, army clears him. other people in the army still don't like that so they are trying him again. now is he going through a court-martial. eddie gallagher's case wrapped up. he was found not guilty. your process is still going on. you said eddie gallagher a couple years. you said his almost 8 your family can't move on.
4:55 am
what will happen in this process you believe this system will ultimately find matt not guilty. >> this is like living in a twilight zone. almost a decade ago. he has he already been cleared. there is no evidence because there was no crime. so, i don't know what we're doing here. but i do know that just like at eddie's trial what this trial will be a scathing indictment of not only the military justice system as a whole special operations under general burdett. jag corps; division under fort bragg under the leadership of angel myles. these are the people that need to be investigated and prosecuted. we hope that general mille takes as much interest in these inept unethical people as did he in matt's case. pete: is he getting access to the lawyers he needs. is he being treated fairly? what's his situation. >> no. we provided you with an
4:56 am
email of colonel todd sunday matt had requested permissive tdy next week to meet with part of his legal team in washington, d.c. once again this is not the first time, he was dbsd that opportunity. he is told that he needs to report for duty at fort bragg which as i said before his duty is to report at 9:00 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon as an accountability check. that's it. that supersedes his desire and need to meet with his legal counsel when his entire life is in the balance. pete: on the line. >> also still separated from our children, me. and also he has also been denied -- the commands has denied his access to captain nina hilner who represented to represent him fours years ago on the board. they denied it because they said there is no existing attorney-client relationship. she wants to be on the case. pete: should be allow you had to. >> now they are getting pressure from robert manly
4:57 am
to -- pete: julie i hate to do this but we will go to black. >> no problem. pete: we hope you get justice and your family as well. more "fox & friends" on the otherth side. which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go. . . (danny) let me get this straight.
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♪ we're coming to your city ♪ when we're up in buffalo, don't you know those yankees dripping enough to drown ♪ ♪ well, we're coming to your city, gonna play our guitars, sing you a country song ♪ ♪ we'll all be flying higher than a jet airliner and if you want a little bang in your ying-yang come along ♪
5:02 am
everybody now. ♪ we're having ourselves -- ed: big and rich coming to your city. pete: "all american concert series." jedediah: they're amazing performers. you can watch this on "fox nation." they have amazing energy. they are all about country. they make you feel good. pete: they love to have a good time. they do it with a purpose. they love america, give back to it. very appropriate. ed: first-responders at all their shows. 1000 straight shows where they honored, brought on stage, veterans, first-responders, people who should be celebrated. pete: i don't know this for a fact, weed at calendar, day after 4th of july, who could we put there? big and rich. ed: not bad way to sell red nick whiskey. jedediah: one of my favorite
5:03 am
people to debate, geraldo rivera, correspondent at large the welcome the day after 4th of july. >> hi, jedediah. happy july 5th. jedediah: happy july 5th to you. i want to go straight to president trump's speech and. >> i miss it live, watched it on c-span. i thought the president defied all the odds, legion of critics thought it would be about him. it was not. it was not a political speech at all. it was a rousing patriotic traditional call to patriotism for all americans. the crowd was good. he defied the humidity, the soaking rains. the planes flew. everyone seemed to have a good time there were minor scuffles here and there. generally speaking it was a huge success. i was delighted that the critics were defied and abashed, at
5:04 am
least they should have been. ed: if you missed it live on fox, replay on c-span like geraldo. here is a quick taste. then we'll get geraldo to respond. >> nearly 250 years ago a volunteer army of farmers and shopkeepers, blacksmiths, merchants, militiamen risked life and limb to secure american liberty and self-government. this evening we have witnessed the noble might of the warriors who continue that legacy. as long as we stay true to our course, as long as we remember our great history, as long as we never ever stop fighting for a better future, then there will be nothing that america cannot do. [cheers and applause] pete: geraldo, can the president's critics get past him and hear a unifying message like that? >> i think major, you know the answer to that. i think trump-hating is such a
5:05 am
pathological affliction, people can't give credit where credit is due. i also want to point out the president was extremely disciplined in his speech yesterday. he was appealing to all americans, not just those who supported him. he was remembering our patriotic past, extolling the virtue of our heroes. i like that donald trump. i really do believe if we saw more of this of 45th president, there would be, he could have an effect, he could run a campaign that is positive, run a campaign that celebrates the fact that we've had 121 months in a row of continued economic expansion. celebrate the fact we have record low minority unemployment. talk about the things that unite us as a people. i love that donald trump. john rich and i were were both "celebrity apprentice" contestants. john was my mentor in my appearance as president's final
5:06 am
season on the program. we saw that donald trump on a regular basis. i like that. when the president is that inclusive, that is a good thing. it makes his critics look foolish. jedediah: i agree with you, i like that side of president trump. there was enormous contrast, president trump giving unifying message, 2020 democrats actively on the campaign trail, attacking trump, attacking his salute to america, basically saying stuff that wasn't even in it. >> donald trump i believe is incapable of celebrating what makes america great because he doesn't get it. >> i hope the pavement will not buckle in washington, d.c. >> it is all about trump, not my brothers and sisters who lost their lives in service for this country. >> he is having parade for himself. >> i'm not sure we need to spend money to put tanks in downtown washington, d.c. >> we have to put him in place.
5:07 am
it is not about him. ed: bernie talking about spending money. he doesn't want spend money. >> any of his money. your money. pete: they said he would be political. then they go out and bash him on the 4th of july. >> you didn't have kamala harris calling him a predator. i just think that they will miss the boat. if they think that america is going to go forward with a sourpuss, paranoid and frightened despite their best efforts, i think they will be sorely misadvised. this is the way i believe to move forward from this point. let's celebrate what unites us. the united states military, its long history, that was the star of the show yesterday. those flyovers were quite impressive. you had the raptors and b-2s, and so forth, it was really to watch it, you know, you feel pride. everybody love as parade.
5:08 am
i remember as a guy growing up on long island and seeing parades in small hometowns across the country as reporter, see veterans in various conflicts march by, they're with the kids and scouts. everybody celebrates it all together. that i think he, president trump, hit the right tone and his, the detractors seem annoying and petty in contrast. that is the way i saw it. pete: well-said. i remember the parades myself as a kid. they have an impact. you see what your society reverse. ed: meantime you have a colin kaepernick. we talked about the nike shoes. he decided to speak out on july 4th. what do i or those that represent to do with your national independence. the 4th of july is yours not mine, there not a nation on earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloodily than our
5:09 am
people of these united states at this very hour. frederick douglas. this was in 1852 and before the civil war. we made enormous strides to protecting civil rights of everybody. douglas was not anti-american. he was rightly and passionately anti-slavery. does ted cruz has a point? >> he absolutely does. selective editing of history does nobody any good. colin kaepernick is criticizing, for example, the betsy ross flag. as i understand it, i'm not a reels statute student of american history but betsy ross was a quaker. the quakers were in the lead of the abolitionist movement. the quakers, were, always been anti-slavery. they have been in the forefront of the women's movement. they have been not forefront of many civil rights struggles in our nation's history. betsy ross, you know, the upholstery maker who sewed the
5:10 am
flag according to american legend, that is to me exactly why her flag should be celebrated. you know, for him to use kind of like sordid version of american history, either intentionally, or through lack of knowledge, and to criticize that symbol that flies proudly, proudly over the betsy ross home in philadelphia, my family and i were just there visiting independence hall, i think it is really a misstep. you know, colin kaepernick, to his credit sells sneakers. he seems a sincere person. nike on the other hand seems a corporation that is so intent on being woke that they do, you know, steps like this, willy-nilly, to be politically correct in all cases forever. i think it is unfortunate. again divisive, it is unnecessary. as i said, with her being a quaker, misstates american history. jedediah: geraldo, why at this point does colin kaepernick have so much influence over nike?
5:11 am
>> jedediah, that is a great question. i don't think that we can discount his sincerity. i think colin kaepernick believes what he -- pete: he said it was about police brutality why he originally protested. was it actually about the flag to begin with? >> let me get to jedediah's, if i can her, essence of, my answer to her question. i think that bottom line is, as recent history shows, colin kaepernick sells sneakers. he sells product. he moves nike's shoes in a way that other endorsers have not heretofore. so in a way this is the best example of american capitalism. nike put aside their, you know, their pretense to whatever the noble motive is. they want to sell more shoes. they have got a guy selling shoes. i think if you look at it, yes, okay, he is a good guy, he means well, but he also sells sneakers. if he didn't sell sneakers i bet you bottom dollar you wouldn't
5:12 am
see them hustling to get betsy ross' flag off the sneakers. pete: they could have sold those sneakers. a lot of americans would love to buy the shoes. >> amen to that. >> geraldo, good advice to all of us. stay woke he says. pete: maybe stay asleep. ed: he said stay woke. i'm quoting him. geraldo, appreciate it. serious news to get to with carley. carley: we begin with a fox news alert. seven americans killed in a helicopter crash near the bahamas. the chopper was heading to fort lauderdale, florida, when it went down killing everyone down. west virginia justice confirms coal tycoon, chris kline was among those killed. he called him a great great west virginian. no one else was identified. aftershocks in california. usgs confirming one a few minutes ago with a magnitude of
5:13 am
5.4. that after a 6.4 magnitude quake hit the southern part of the state thursday, ruining roads, rocking homes. even causing house fires. the tremor is the largest in southern california in 20 years. more than 100 aftershocks have already been reported. a dramatic rescue after five-year-old boy who fell into a storm drain. take a look at this incredible video. [cheering] the child plummeting 27 feet while watching fireworks with his family in indiana. he was stuck in the drain for 90 minutes before police were finally able to pull him out. he was taken to the hospital but is miraculously expected to be okay. check out these pencils made from a meteorite. together they could be worth 1.$5 million. they were created from a 4 billion-year-old meteorite
5:14 am
discovered in sweden more than 100 years ago. the guns are starting at $500,000 a piece in a an upcoming auction in dallas. are you kidding me? those could be used when we plant an american flag on mars. pete: true. intergalactic handgun. jedediah: how do i get a meteorite? pete: i have a meteorite, what will i do with it? how about make a gun. these pad des, we are underusing them. at remainder of the program i will -- ed: stay woke cards. border patrol spots dozens of migrants packed in a hot truck. serious story. they were smuggled across the border. jedediah: i.c.e. director tom homan sees incidents like this turned deadly. he is here with that warning next. more likely to choose luvs.
5:15 am
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5:19 am
director, whom -- tom homan. happy 4th of july weekend. >> good morning. ed: you a prettying agent in 2003 responded to an incident just like this? >> yeah. 2003 i responded to victor a, texas, where the texas rangers kept the scene hot for me. i was walking around back of a tractor-trailer with 19 dead aliens at my feet, including a five-year-old boy who suffocated to death in his father's arms. this is no way to be smuggled. year-and-a-half san antonio, texas, tractor-trailer incident where several people died there. border patrol no doubt saved a lot of lives today. ed: couple points i want to get to. what about the border agents under assault by alexandria ocasio-cortez and others for allegedly not being humane, when here they are in this incident, finding migrants who are in a hot truck could be near death,
5:20 am
are actually saving their lives? >> absolutely. they do this every day. every day they do this. this last year, look at data, the border patrol has, over 4,000 lives were saved by border patrol since last year. 4,000 people in dire straits rescued by the border patrol. they pull men and women out of the river every day. they deal with sick families. they take that sickness home to their own families. i said the other day, they actually bring toys from their own children to these facilities to play with them. ed: is it border patrol agents fought that the migrants show up in hot trucks or maybe smugglers and others to blame? >> absolutely. criminal cartels this is about making money. these people would have been left in the trailer another hour or so, that temperature was doubled. men and women of the border patrol doing their job, defending their nation every day, being attacked unbelievable amount from the media, from their own congress. from their own lawmakers.
5:21 am
ed: let's talk about one of those lawmakers. running for president. democrat cory booker, he himself posted on social media he was showing asylum-seekers how to cross-border, how to actually do it. now we want to be clear if there are people who are legitimately seeking asylum, hallelujah, we want legal immigrant here all day long, but when you're a presidential candidate a senator, encouraging people to do this, when we don't know if they're doing it legally or not, or have legitimate asylum claims, how do you respond, sir. >> it is disgusting. again, here is a sitting lawmaker that has failed american people on the border the entire time he served congress. they as president trying to entice more people to come to the country. i bet you one thing, i bet he didn't stop to one border patrol agent thank them for putting their lives on the line every day, i bet he didn't do that. ed: you would do that. you do every time you come on
5:22 am
the problem program. tom homan, retired acting i.c.e. director. have a wonderful weekend. >> thanks for having me. ed: we continue to celebrate our country's independence, we remember this is the land of free because of the brave. jocko willink led the most decorated special-ops unit of the iraq war. he is here live with a very special message next. but first here's big and rich, once again, performing now, quote shut up about politics ♪. ♪ ♪ shut up about politics ♪ ♪ all this carrying on, it has
5:23 am
been going on a little too long, but i got something to fix us all up, a big shot of my whiskey from a big red cup ♪ ♪ shut up about politics ♪ ain't nothing but a big pile of tricks, stop all the fighting and shut up about politics ♪ ♪ shut up about politics ♪ shut up about politics can i get a hell yeah?
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♪ jedediah: welcome back. some quick headlines for you. the 4th of july getting a an early start forcing firefighters to dodge rockets.
5:27 am
fireworks exploding out of control at a south carolina fireworks store. the fire appearing to spark in a storage unit nearby, destroying containers of fireworks. for the second time in three years a minor league baseball team fireworks show sparks a massive fire. the pyrotechnic issue just outside the st. lucie mets ballpark, didn't start the team from setting off the rest of their fireworks. they even played their scheduled game. luckily no one was hurt. over to you, pete. pete: as we celebrate our nation's independence, we remember this is the land of the free because of the brave. the american flag represents our freedom but it carries a heavy burden, the weight of its fallen defenders. those are the words of our next guest, retired navy see, former commander of navy seal team three, jocko willink. thanks for being with us her this morning. i read the op-ed. it was personal one.
5:28 am
you were in the honor guard of a navy seal lost on the battlefield, seth stone, you talk about what it means to fold the flag and deliver it. share it with our audience. >> i wrote the piece telling what is was like to give the flag to seth's mom. something many, many mom gone to delivering a flag to the fallen relatives and parents. it is one of the hard heft things i ever had to do. it is not about me. it is all about of as you that do that job, serve that duty. more important about the families that receive that flag in that horrible moment. pete: it is powerful and vivid imagery. check it out at, so well-written, not surprisingly from a great author like you. this piece wraps it together at the end. you wrote, my friend was buried in that sacred place, above it all, soaring in the sky was our flag. bearing upon it the weight of a million souls who gave their lives for it, yet it flies, and
5:29 am
yet i flies, carried aloft by its freedom and by pressures memories of those who gave us that freedom. at the end of the day, you come back to the flag? >> always. you know, when i see that flag, that is what it means to me. i remember holding that flag. i remember passing that flag to seth's mom. i remember seeing the tears in her ice. that is something i will never forget. every time i see the flag i remember all the men i lost in combat and all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for thin credible country. pete: the working title for your piece, the heaviest flag, you talk about the weight carrying that flag. share that feeling. >> again, this is something that no service member ever wants to do, but at the same time it's one of the biggest honors that i ever had was to pass that flag from seth's coffin to his mom
5:30 am
after the honor guard folded it. and the weight that you feel in that flag is something that i'll carry with me forever but, for me, passing that weight on to his mom was just incredibly powerful for me because i know that you know, this is her son who she raised and, you know, now she's, he is gone before she is. that is such an incredible burden. like i said this, is one example of thousands and thousands of families that have given their loved ones for this country. it is something that we should never forget. pete: a son she sacrificed on the altar of freedom you're precisely correct. when you talk about the flag, what about the inverse, how do you react with people disrespecting it or symbol of racism? you've seen the debates in our country. today, what do say to that? >> those are people don't really
5:31 am
understand the flag's history and they're looking something to make controversy b there is no controversy about the american flag. it will represent freedom. that is what it will always represent. pete: well-said. how does jocko willink recognize independence day? how do you celebrate it? >> i do what most americans do, spend time with me family, grill up some food and enjoy the freedoms we have every day. that is what i do. pete: big party for the greatest country on earth. jocko, thanks for your time. thanks for the op-ed on >> thanks, pete. pete: the june jobs report out moments ago. we'll bring you the numbers next. first, big and rich performing "8th of november".
5:32 am
♪ they fought for their lives, but most of their skies and the ones that skies ♪ ♪ on the 8th of november, the angels were crying as they carried his brothers away with the fire raining down and the hello all around ♪ ♪ there were few men left standing that day, saw the eagle fly through a clear blue ski, 1965, the 8th of november ♪ ♪ now he's 58 and his ponytail 's gray
5:33 am
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pete: we are back with a fox news alert. and it's a big one. june jobs report released moments ago, 224,000. ed: that's right. added in the last month. that is more than economists predicted. susan li said the smart people were saying 160,000. jedediah: that's right. the unemployment rate rising slightly to 3.7%, up from 3.6% last month. overall looks good. we'll bring in peter morici, former u.s. economist for the u.s. international trade commission and a university of maryland professor emeritus. welcome, good morning to you. >> good morning. happy fourth. jedediah: happy fourth to you as well. what do you make of the job's numbers? >> it's a lollapalooza number. that's all i can say. the recovery is firing on all cylinders, it is great news. i don't know, they must be popping champagne early in the morning at the white house. the president couldn't get better news. pete: we were anticipating
5:37 am
160,000, 150,000, we heard it could be low as 100, people don't really know until the number comes. here it is double that. what does it tell you about this recovery? what is driving this number, peter? >> essentially people continue to spend money. the naysayers on the other side said the tax cut would be a one-off, that the consumer would sit on its hands once the first year passed by. mr. krugman, wake up, smell the coffee. they're out there spending. they're spending on different stuff than they used to. they don't buy the cars the way they used to do, they last so long. they're spending money on services. that is stuff they make right here. that is good for the domestic economy. businesses are investing in artificial intelligence which is very good news. ed: you mentioned krugman, paul krugman has been wrong on every turn of trump-nomics, the rise of donald trump. talk about joe biden in iowa yesterday. i heard a clip where he was telling the crowd, this is the
5:38 am
obama-biden economy. donald trump inherited this economy just like everything else in his life. he has to be waking up saying oh, gosh, he took the obama-biden economy, put it on steroids. >> mr. biden is contortionist. he managed to be out of step with his own party. he managed to be out of step with the trump administration. most importantly what americans have to recognize is that mr. biden is out of step with reality. you simply cannot attribute this economy to barack obama when during the obama years, we grew at less than 2%. now we're growing at nearly 3%. we're getting 50% more growth, wages are up, the stock market is up. you know, these are all good things. why does he have to insist that trump is a disaster when he simply isn't? this is like saying the new york yankees really play hockey in orlando, florida. jedediah: peter, democrat have to hit the campaign trail now. they are going to advocate for policies that are the direct
5:39 am
opposite of what has achieved this incredible growth. how is that going to work out for them? >> big lie technique has worked for them so far. they have most americans convinced they didn't get a tax cut when they did. they have more money in the take-home pay than 15 months ago. he have week in the paychex. they have them convinced this was a tax cut for the wealthy. they have them convinced more inequality thanks to these changes, when we don't. inequality is driven to some extent by the kind of automation we have these days and globalization. hey, guys, the democrats drove globalization pretty hard. donald trump is trying to fix that. pete: absolutely. if they want to play who did it better game, obama and trump. let's play it for a second. if you look at key swing states, florida, indiana, iowa, michigan, ohio, elsewhere, income growth which is key independent eight tore whether people have more money it their pocket, under obama, sub essentially than under trump. almost double in iowa.
5:40 am
across the board in the trump economy people's wallets are getting bigger. do you think, peter, they're smart enough to realize that? >> i think it is tough for folks to grasp numbers. the changes in the economy are gradual. you gradually get better. you gradually improve the circumstances. the real problem, the trump white house last something to do with this. the messages out of the council of economic advisors has been absent. there is all kinds of important things they should point out to the american people about the democratic platform, about the trump accomplishment that they're not. if, the white house has to improve its messaging. here i'm not talking about kudlow. that is the job of the council of economic advisors. frankly, it has been absent as joe biden. that is a real problem. ed: prodding the white house to do more. ask you something else following what pete and jed were talking about. i was in miami a week 1/2 ago
5:41 am
with the democratic candidate. one candidate kept telling me in the spin room after, yeah, unemployment low, wage is up, those are stats, people are not feeling it. i'm not saying i agree what they're saying. i'm running it past you. democrats believe, maybe wrongly, these are stats, jobs numbers, unemployment, people in the country are not feeling it, are they right? >> they should be feeling it. it is kind of tough to feel it, when you open the newspaper and put on the television, unless you view fox or read "the washington times," the fox website, you're constantly being told you're worse off. the stuff that i see in my inbox from bloomberg, from "the new york times," so forth, so many local papers have throw away lines, about inequality being worse and donald trump's policies making it worse and so forth. this is why. we need credible messaging with specifics from the white house to counteract this. not just the kind of generalizations i have given you
5:42 am
now. for example, why we add up what the democratic agenda would cost? socialized medicine, forgiving student loans, the whole list, everybody thinks that stuff will be wonderful, free, free, free. you would have to triple taxes. do you want taxes tripled? that is the kind of taxes they pay in europe. why isn't that messaging coming out? why did "the wall street journal" have to print the data you are citing right now as opposed to coming out of the white house? ed: bernie sanders said i would raise classes on middle class. jedediah: don't worry he says, peter, you will like it. this "qunnipiac poll," do you think president trump deserves credit for the state of the economy? 41% say he deserves credit. 27% say he doesn't. i understand about messaging, what people read, if you have more money in your pocket, buy more stuff, that is how you feel it in the everyday life the impact on it, no?
5:43 am
>> look at polls over the several last republican presidents, it is very easy for a republican president to do well at something to get 40, 42% approval on something he is doing. it is news when a republican president is getting above 48. that is re-election numbers. the real problem, what you just showed me the number of people didn't answer either way. that is a problem. it is like, you know, they have been on mars these last two years. ed: i know how they feel. >> try to find someone like me over at msnbc. you know what they do? scissor them between two liberals, peter, where did you get those numbers from? don't send anybody to the university of maryland. this is data printed in the book. it is that simple. for example, the stock market is not overpriced. the stock market is reflecting the prosperity of american business thanks to deregulation and lower taxes. they're making more money, which means americans iras,
5:44 am
retirements are brighter now than they used to be, their prospects are better. gee, what's wrong with that? that is not the rich pigging out. that is you having a secure future. ed: we checked the dow futures are down 100 points. i know the dow, sometimes there is bad news it goes up. it is good news, it goes down because somebody is reading, but is your read? >> those futures were down before the jobs report, a. b, several really up days. so today is the kind of day, a little bit of edge comes off. the other thing the jobs report like this does not incline the federal reserve to cut interest rates. ed: right. >> so the market will day-to-day behave in ways that don't seem to reflect the economic reality. over the long haul though, if the economy is doing well, profits do well and the market does well, you showed data earlier in the show as i recall, maybe that was over at fox business. we get two monitors in the green room, how much -- kind of hard
5:45 am
for an economist to grasp two monitors. ed: one monitor on the other monitor. >> exactly. we're not that smart. that's why we're economists. if we were smarter we would be accountants and physicians. in any case look how much the market is up during mr. trump's 10 your. the reason for that is a very strong economy and his policies have had something to do with that. they need to start messaging that much better. pete: well-said. peter, you're a smart guy. is peter morici smarter than all of us on the couch? ed: fact. jedediah: fact. pete: it is true. peter thanks very much for reacting to the monster job numbers. ed: fact, carley shimkus is here as well. carley: i live peter morici. he is the best. a fire in first class forces a packed plane to make an emergency landing in boston. police say a phone charger started sparking, it set a
5:46 am
passenger seat on fire. this happened on a virgin atlantic flight heading to london from new york's jfk airport. 217 passengers were loaded on to buses and taken to the terminal. no one was hurt. they are now waiting for another flight. two families filing a wrongful death suit after the wrong man was taken off life-support. this man, was misidentified as alfonso bennett when he was brought into a hospital of the patient had a severely beaten face. police used a mug shot to identify him. the mixup became clear after the real bennett showed up to a family party shocking his loved ones who were grieving is supposed death. wow. car owners in north carolina now have a new option when they get their license plate. look at this. the dmv now offering one with the words, in god we trust. a 2018 law cleared the way to create a new option with the national motto. car owners can request the new plate at no additional charge
5:47 am
when they renew their registration. i knew that was pete applauding. we love that. listen to this, joey jaws chestnut wins is 18th nathan's contest devouring 71 in ten minutes. >> four, three, two, one, begin. carley: he fell short of his own record last record of 74 hotdogs. >> heat got in my way a little bit. about five minutes in i slowed down way more than i ever hoped. i got the win. jedediah: part of the "fox & friends" family, he made an appearance on this very show a couple years ago where he went head-to-head or dog to dog with pete. pete, how did you do? >> not well. jedediah: did you dunk it in the water? pete: i tried to dunk. carley: it gets stuck in your mouth. ed: i guess you're not the top
5:48 am
dog. pete: good joke, ed. jedediah: up next big and rich perform their smash hit. "save a horse, ride a cowboy ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ pete: impromptu ed henry chant. ed: waiting for that all morning. pete: all american summer concert series you know who we
5:53 am
got? big and rich. what are they playing? ed: playing save a horse, ride a cowboy. take it away. >> are you ready to go? can you hear us? >> we're here for one reason, one reason alone, that is to celebrate america. hope y'all ready to save some horses. ♪ well i walk into the room, passing out hundred dollar bills and it kills and it thrills like the horns on my silverado grill ♪ ♪ and i buy the bar triple round of crown, and everybody's getting down in this town, ain't never gonna be the same ♪. ♪ cause said he will up my horse, as i ride into the city, i make a lot of noise 'cause the
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♪ >> get away now. >> how is everybody doing? make some noise. [cheering] you know these words, say them with us. real simple, it goes like this. ♪ i'm a thoroughbred, that's what she said, in the back of my truck bed as i was getting buzzed on suds, out on some backcountry road ♪ ♪ we were flying high, fine as wine, having ourselves a big and rich time, and i was going just about as far as she had let me go ♪ ♪ but her evaluation of my cowboy reputation, had me begging for salvation all night long ♪ ♪ so i took her out giggin
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frogs, introduced her to my old bird dog, sank her every willie nelson song i could think of ♪ and we made love. ♪ 'cause said dell up my horse, and i ride into the city, i make a lot of noise 'cause the girls, they are so pretty ♪ ♪ what, what? save a horse ride a cowboy. what? what? save a horse ride a cowboy ♪ >> god bless america. we're big and rich. thank you, everybody. appreciate you guys.
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>> in the "after the show show" you'll be performing at fox check it out. amazing crowd. have a great friday, everybody. great friday. >> jon: a fox news alert on the job market making a bit of a comeback with the new labor department report showing employers added 224,000 positions in june. shaking off may's disappointing numbers. unemployment nearing a five decade low rising slightly to 3.7%. we could get some remarks from the president. he is set to leave for his golf resort in new jersey soon. he became the first president in nearly seven decades to speak at the national mall on the fourth of july. i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. >> alicia: i'm alicia acuna in for


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