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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  July 7, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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memory of the price of freedom. god bless our country, our troops still serving at this moment so we can live free. god bless texas. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to the next revolution. i'm steve hel hilton. worker, profamily, pro- community and always but especially on this july 4 holiday weekend, pro- america. that's where we start tonight. there was a time when being pro- american. [inaudible] president reagan put it beautifully when he talked of a shining city on the hill. i also loved bill clinton's great line, there's nothing wrong with america that can't be fixed by what's right with america. this week we still have a
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republican president who like ronald reagan is proud of america and happy to say it, to celebrate it but today's democrats, no they're embarrassed by america. far from celebrating, they want to tear down and turn it into something else. that's the background to the salute to america on independence day. the democrats couldn't wait to attack it. >> i don't think he gets it. >> he doesn't get it. okay look, here's some of what the president actually said. together we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told, the story of america. it is the spirit during and defiance, excellence and adventure, courage and confidence, loyalty and love that built this country into the most exceptional nation in the history of the world and our nation is stronger today than it ever was before.
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>> i think you will find joe china that president trump gets what makes america great better than a swamp creature who took billions of dollars in bribes in the form of payment to his family businesses from america's number one enemy. you are the last person to lecture anyone on patriotism. # joe china. but it wasn't just him. it was all of them. how dare you celebrate america tried the left, it's not who we are. >> it's just not who we are as americans but we don't pump our chest with tanks in the street, fly jets over to prove our strength. >> i think reducing our nation to tanks and shows of muscle just makes us look like the kind of loudmouth guy at the bar. >> advocates a waste of money. he's having a parade out there for himself, putting tanks out
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there for himself and if he was serving our nation he'd be investing in higher pay, better housing a better healthcare. >> that is exactly what president trump has done unlike president obama. the big point is captured in that smug platitude plotted out by the ridiculous eric's wall well. it's not who we are. for once, that phrase told us something useful about the democrats, just not the way they intended. the proud americans who stood in the pouring rain and from the lincoln memorial to celebrate their country, that's not who the democrats are. the millions more who watched at home and thought finally we have a president who loves america as much as we do in isn't embarrassed to say so, no, that is not who the democrats are. the democrats won't celebrate america because their new ideology demands that they denigrate america, not least with their reckless divisive lies about concentration camps at the border, collusion with russia.
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today's democrats are engaged in a concerted effort to smear this country at home and in the eyes of the world. when they tell you they don't want to celebrate america because it's not who we are, believe them. president trump by contrast laid out exactly why we should celebrate. the american spirit, he talked about on independence day had driven some the most profound achievements in history for medical breakthroughs to technological marvels. it has continually confounded what the world thanks is possible, but why, how, it's not just chance or luck, there are other countries just as talented and ingenious. here's might suspect as a recent arrival. it's america's greatest achievement that has made all the others possible, and that
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is the genius framework constructed by the founders and expressed in the founding documents all in-service with that simple idea, is liberty under the law. if the guarantee of individual liberty that gave the pioneers the confidence to set out into the unknown and the belief they could build something better. they could govern themselves. power to the people. decentralized and limited government. the rule of law. these are the foundation of the american spirit they have paved the way but also our economic system which investment innovation and success is rewarded, not punished. look at the difference it makes. another incredible jobs report last week. incomes rising fastest, record low unemployment and a fair economy. for example the gap between
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white and african-american unemployment have shrunk by nearly a half since 2016. the obama years gave us low growth and higher inequality. with obama we had the exact opposite lower in a inequality. they been captured by an extremist ideology that is fundamentally anti-american. you sought at the debate. it connects everything. and yes their hysterical reaction to president trump salute to america. they're not celebrating america but denigrating america. not power to the people but power for themselves on the bureaucratic elite. not decentralized government but everything controlled from washington d.c. the democrats don't want limited government. they want endless, relentless intervention by an all-knowing, all seeing all-powerful state. here's perhaps the biggest change from the democrats of the past.
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today's democrats don't even want the most vital elements of the american inheritance, the rule of law. at that first presidential debate, almost all of the 2020 candidates back to the decriminalization of illegal immigration. on wednesday, cory booker asked escorted migrants toward the border himself, even president obama's former homeland security secretary now says the democrats are effectively for open borders. the democrats point to the statue of liberty and say immigration control is un-american. they forget one vital thing, it's not just liberty, it's liberty under the law and it is there latent assault on the rule of law that is truly un-american. let me end on a personal note about america. i'm an immigrant just as my parents were in england after they fled communism in
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hungary. i've always been pro- immigration. how can i be anything else but it's especially those of us who believed in the virtues and benefits of immigration who should want to see it properly controlled. public consent depends on government control of immigration. that's why immigration has to be done the right way according to the rules. that certainly how i've done it since i moved here with my family and i thought this july the fourth weekend was a good moment let you know that i'm now begun the process of applying for u.s. citizenship. i can't tell you how much i appreciate the opportunity this country has given me and the welcome you all shown me and now i'm looking forward one day to celebrating independence day as an american, if you'll have me that is. let me know. at steve hilton x and next rev fmc. senior advisor katrina pearson is here and fox news
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contributor and author of the new book power grab jason shape us. lots of topics in there, immigration, the democrats going nuts, where do you want to start. >> i think i'll start by saying of course we welcome you. i applaud you. we need more americans that fight for this country. i think you have it exactly right. they didn't even have a flag during the debate on stage. their anti- american are deplorable and the others are just as expendable because their main focus and priority are on the family and children of illegal aliens in foreign nationals on the way. i think your absolute right, most americans see that.
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there were democrats at that event in washington d.c. who watched this president and who were excited to be there because there are some democrats left in this country who love it and who supported because it is the united states of america, it's the best country in the world and it's exactly why everyone is trying to come in. >> when you show clips that you showed what these democrats were saying, frankly in my opinion, any presidential candidate that is criticizing saluting america on independence day should be disqualified. >> well said. jason, the democrats would say it's outrageous, were not anti-american we just have a different set of ideas. we look at the way they are running around, deliberately distorting and making stuff up to make america look bad, when you look at the shift to the left, it contradicts something
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very important about the spirit and soul of this country. >> the president believes in american exceptionalism. i believe in that and yet democrats are embarrassed about the country, there embarrassed of the flag, there embarrassed this president has wrapped himself in the flag. i think that's why the overwhelming majority of americans love this president because it's the one thing that supposed to draw together, a flag of the united states of america. it shouldn't be a partisan issue but there choosing to make it a partisan issue. i think they do so with their own political peril. i like the sum of what you're saying. the rule of law does give us the liberty and we do believe in limited government and there is a fundamental difference between what the democrats believe in which is more eager government and what
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president trump is fighting for to increase our liberty by giving more chances, more opportunity. >> you could say that debate which is a framework which is different than anywhere in the world. anywhere else in the world that would be a really weird thing to say. [inaudible] it's just fundamentally anti-american. >> it is. the people won't allow it. it's not about big government. it's about power and they
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won't say that. in order to have all the power they have to have the government as big as possible so they can control everyone. they will exempt themselves just like they always have in the past but it is about power. this erratic derangement that we see among the democrats and in the media, although i repeat myself was really coming from this trauma of this election and they grasp onto this and you see this constantly attacking innocent people as deplorable and attacking in adamant objects because now they're unhinged. you saw this debate. we have this plethora of candidates who were saying outrageous things with read dick illicitly stupid policy and what we have today, president trump's approval is now the highest it's ever been and that gives you a clue on where americans stand on these issues today. >> were going to look, i'm sorry were out of time forward and a look at the policy shift
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a little bit later in the show. it was so deeply revealing of where they are. even though they say we must understand we can't make that mistake again you know the way they talk they really look down their nose from a cultural perspective even the food they eat. that's why they can't stand trump because he connects with that and represents that and gives voice to that. before we take a break, have to mention the u.s. women's soccer team winning the world cup earlier today. what a great way to close out the weekend. many congratulations for fantastic and inspiring achievement. after the break, the people versus chief justice john roberts. it's going to be a controversial one. don't go away. i can't tell you who i am or what i witnessed,
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this week the trump administration announced it intends to put a consensus question on the election. whatever the argument about the census question there was an aspect of the ruling and especially the majority achieve opinion from the chief justice that will have long-lasting and disastrous consequences for the country way beyond the census. tonight it's the people versus chief justice john roberts. the argument used by the chief justice to block the citizenship question was that the rationale for the change given by wilbur ross was that he was responding to a request from the justice department and wasn't written the real reason. he was planning to put this citizen question on the census
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before it came in. so what. under the constitution it's an executive branch decision that has long been a legal precedent that the court can't object to action just because there are other reasons for the decision than those stated. john roberts has just overturned that president and this will have massive and deeply damaging implications for the way things work or rather don't work in america. in the defense of the case written by justice clarence thomas and joined by gorsuch and kavanaugh, he wrote the court has opened a pandora's box and challenges in administrative law. what does all this mean in plain english and what does it mean for you. [inaudible] is had no on t aca, asylum,
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even blocking immigration. the court said no to policies you voted for. all in all, unelected judges have ruled against the trump administration more than 70 times, way more than the rates. this is what happens when you vote for this type of president. now this ruling will make it ten times worse. any part of that group will be able to take legal action against the administration and helping as justice thomas said through deposition, delay and distraction. great. that's just what we need and even more politicized
6:21 pm
judiciary. even more roadblocks in the way of actually getting things done that help your life. the worst of it all is john roberts own motive. for the him it is all about the image of the court. now that he's the swing vote. he doesn't want to make his court look partisan. the other week he balanced his ruling on gerrymandering with this damaging on the review of executive decisions. he supposed to be the chief justice, not the cheap pr. he supposed to interpret the constitution, not what the media will say about his court. this will hurt america for years. it should haunt chief justice for the rest of the time on the bench but above all it shows the importance of taking his power away by reelecting donald trump so he can put robert in the minority where he belongs. tell me what you think of that at steve hilton x and next rev
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fnc. i bet clarence thomas had it right, you don't want these judges making subjective rulings from the bench based on what they want. the legislative branch is a political and it will change from time to time, but that's okay. you shouldn't have to state the reason and try to get in to the mind and be the mindreader of what they were really looking for, especially in the case of the census where they have precedents in order to do it. i know we'll talk more about that but really, this is a bad decision. they can't let the court try to be mindreader's and subject their own will upon the court. that's not what they're supposed to do. >> some people have made the comparison with his decision on obamacare back in 2012 where he basically voted to let most of it stand in the real reason people speculated is that he didn't want to look
6:23 pm
as if he was killing off something that was just a political priority, but now, for the same kind of reason, he's done something that wasn't actually just a one-off thing like obamacare. this will hurt so many different areas of policy and get people so frustrated, it's all just talk and nothing gets done, this is why. >> it is why and it seems like chief justice roberts wants his legacy to be generational destruction. it was far worst back with obamacare because it was unconstitutional and at that time you had justice roberts literally bend over backwards trying to reform the individual mandate into attack therefore it would be good to go something that our congress, the people who actually represent the people didn't vote on. let's just push this right on through, that has
6:24 pm
nondestructive for generations have we seen. now here we are that it's not unprecedented, this is the question that was on the census before in history so is not brand-new, it's not like the president is seizing power and the intent by someone who recommended it, now all the sudden is directing the supreme court of the united states. >> i worked inside government, there's so many factors in conversations and meetings and discussions and memos, all of that now can be done by any kind of legal challenge, and there are those of us that are worried that when it goes to the courts they can make that subjective analysis and say this is right and this one's not right. >> that's not what they're supposed to do.
6:25 pm
they've opened up this box because i think you're right, it's not just this case, it is going to live on in perpetuity and it will create all kinds of problems. it will empower them -- >> it just opens up this possibility to get anything done. it's just gonna get worse and people are going to get more disillusioned with politics and government because it's gonna get even more impossible to do anything. >> we've always said its president trump against the world and every day we see that to be true more and more over time. hopefully the president will be able to move forward on this there executive action or some other manner to force this through the court system. it is common sense. a country has the right to know who's in it. this is not some weird sick thing they're trying to make it out to be, it's a power grab. the democrats want as many
6:26 pm
people in this country because the numbers, it gives them the electoral advantage and they want more. they don't care about people, race, gender, they're just want the people on their side. >> were to be talking more about that aspect of the central ruling. i wanted to make sure everyone understood the wider view. go to fox if you haven't done it already. it will be a great discussion. and next outcome of the danger of china and the law that was introduced to stop it. distracted teenager has the car. at subaru, we're taking on distracted driving [ping]
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welcome back. last week i had a chance to talk to missouri senator josh about his positive impractical plan to protect the u.s. from the china threat. take a look. >> one of the members of congress that has been toughest on the threats in china is josh holly from missouri. senator, i've been watching what you been saying on china with great approval. i'm very excited to talk to about it. big picture, how would you set up this threat. >> they've already taken our jobs come they're trying to steal our technology, they're trying to build our military on the back of our middle class and it's time we got tough. we can't continue to allow them to run over us. that means getting tough on trade, getting tough on stealing our technology and stealing our jobs.
6:31 pm
>> one specific aspect that you focus on is the connection between our technology companies in the chinese military and you've got a specific proposal on that. tell us about that. >> chinese researchers who want to come over to the united states should have to, and work on sensitive technologies in our lab should have to go through background screening to make sure they're not actually agents of the chinese government or the chinese military. it's an additional layer of security to make sure again china is not using the researchers to be spies. unfortunately we know they are trying to do this. so has russia and iran. my bill would put a stop to that and save gotta go through this extra background check. if you want to work on sensitive technology in american labs. >> it has really burrowed into our establishment, not just
6:32 pm
academia, but when you look at washington and the chinese influence through think tanks and lobbying, there's one particularly egregious example that we've highlighted on the show which is president obama's former head of cybersecurity, they're now working for a law firm, don't you think that whole practice of lobbying for a foreign government should not just be declared as it has been in this case it actually outlawed. >> i would say it's very, very concerning.
6:33 pm
they have cheated up the system systematically for years or if it's trying to conduct espionage on our college campuses or whether it's forcing our companies to sign these technology transfer agreements and they don't give us access to the market anyway. it's time we realize the threat china poses to our middle class, to our safety and security and got serious about it. >> would you go as far as to say there's a comparison here, we should actually be looking at some kind of systematic disengagement or releasing our dependence on china because we would have never made ourselves so economically and technology in other ways dependent on the soviet union, would we. >> i think we absolutely need to make sure we are not dependent on china we need to recognize them for what they are which is, at-bats, a strategic competitor, probably an adversary. they're trying to hold hostage
6:34 pm
farmers in my state making them the focus of retaliation on these tariffs, that's the kind of game they play. then they try to inflict pain. we gotta give put ourselves in a position to compete and win and protect our people. >> last question, we've been really focusing on one. particular individual and that's joe biden. we been telling our audience week after week how he is compromised by china while he was vice president. billions of dollars in payments to biden family businesses. it seems to me extraordinary that there's no real interest in following this up other than here in a few other places. what do you think, should this be properly investigated, joe
6:35 pm
china should be properly investigated. >> absolutely. we should follow the evidence to where it leads and you can see in the comments about china seeing the they're not really competitor, the best thing you can say about that is that is just totally ignorant. it's willful ignorance. china is a huge threat and they have been for years. that's the tip of the iceberg. they want to be a global superpower at our expense, we cannot let them. >> i'm really pleased to see you recognize this threat for what it is and you're there fighting on behalf of our national interest. it's great to see you this evening. thank you, senator. >> thank you. >> coming up, a swamp watch update. jeffrey epstein was arrested by the feds but what about some accountability from the man who gave him the sweetheart deal. details, next
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remember jeffrey epstein, the billionaire who ran sex pyramid scheme and alexander acosta who was florida general attorney accounting to 13 months in county jail with work release. i called his role in this official role. >> you help cover up a billionaire pedophile sex crime on an epic scale. now you are in president trump cabinet. i think you will all of us an explanation and an apology and if you can't do that it's time for you to go. well, the skeleton in his closet is back in the public eye following the arrest this weekend on charges of sex trafficking. will we finally see some
6:40 pm
accountability from alex acosta? in my view it really is time for him to go. look, i think what drives people crazy, this case and in so many others katrina is the sense that people just do things in their past in life moves on, there's no accountability, no one's actually held responsible for things they did. >> what, specifically for this case, you literally have to go back to 2002 to really grasp the bizarre circumstances that have surrounded this case and the people around it, and it is quite disturbing when you look at all of the allegations. dozens of women, young girls which have a zero tolerance policy for, and i think at this point, if you are the story, that's a problem. i think that's where we are today and will know tomorrow when we see what the actual charges are, if these are indeed new charges, new
6:41 pm
allegations from recent people and if that turns out to be true, then we probably should look at making some significant changes if this turns out to be what it said to be. >> i think the chief of staff, the acting chief of staff mick mulvaney has probably had some serious conversation, serving the president's cabinet is a privilege, not a right, every time i've seen donald trump in action when there has been a flareup in something or someone has gone over the line, the president has taken care of this. i would be surprised if the president allows it to continue and faster. he's taking some op ads and some serious concern from people are big fans of the president. i don't see why or how this person can continue on and i think you're ahead of your time by calling it out in december and it's. [inaudible] >> we should be clear it's not
6:42 pm
anything he's done since president trump appointed him but there's something about it. it's so egregious and revolting. >> you have to deal with it. when you continue to make yourself the issue and distract from the president's agenda, you no longer need to be serving there. this is not going to go away. this case will continue on and the coziness in the relationship, i think the more people look at how the sky, the labor secretary dealt with it back then is really bad stuff. >> the argument they're making is even through his confirmation hearing, there were u.s. attorneys who looked at this over three different administrations. there was something maybe we don't know that was going on at that point in time and the government does with the government does. we don't always know why. i do think now, if true that these allegations are new and recent, then all of those things will be opened, and at that point either we should say something or step aside so
6:43 pm
this can play out. >> and remember the labor secretary is the one that supposed to oversee human trafficking so just gets even worse the fact that his job is supposed to oversee that and his record on human trafficking. this guy epstein, for years it seems he's gotten away with it and looks like finally now in this administration he might be getting the justice he deserves. all right, coming up, after this past week, it's clear the loonies have taken over the democrat parties. loony left is next.
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
this is not 2016, this is 2020.
6:47 pm
people are woke. >> you can say that again. the entire democratic party is this week's loony left. when they say people are woke, she seems to be talking about her fellow candidates. the mainstream positions now look like they are open borders, free healthcare for legal immigrants, his trance pandering, woke pandering, yes it's official, the loony left is no longer fringe, it has taken over the democratic party. >> i mean look, this is just laughable. when you see someone like kamala harris pandering the black people, you know there's a problem. but, there is actually a nickname for her with all my black friends and online community actual
6:48 pm
african-americans, ice call her chameleon harris because she is. [inaudible] there has been this whole uproar because she's presenting herself in the medias presenting yourself is african-american. she's proud of that, that's not what's happening. she's given it to what you've just discussed, all of the trance pandering and now she's trying to really beef up her african-american credentials by using, i don't know, woke. >> he misspoke and has cleaned it up, but for example going on about abortions, it's just one example. >> reproductive justice, and then you've got the policy shifts where they all put their hand up to these positions that are so extreme compared to just a couple years ago. >> and just recently the democrats have just shown they
6:49 pm
have a distaste and they don't like the flag, they don't like the fourth of july celebration, their embarrassed by anybody who wants to stand up and wrap themselves in the flag and they put themselves in a terrible position. but i think that's when your focus is on pandering and just winning as opposed to having a principal and stating that principle in the ground, when your rudder list, this is what happens. you start meandering wherever the news of the day goes and next thing you know you're left with appeasing a very small percentage of americans and you're leaving 80% of the country behind. >> and what are they think, do they think they can just kind of change all this when it comes to the general election and you have a nominee who gets elected, they can just sort of ditch all this or what. >> that's the plan, the plan is to win the primary and you have the furthest to the left, the ones who are falling off the cliff, those who the
6:50 pm
democrats are pandering to. as ridiculous as it sounds, they do believe this is some sort of strategy because what we've seen is i don't think they have any intention of moving to the center even after the general election. >> that is the interesting question, as you might say, it's worse than that, they really mean it. >> donald trump likes the flag, they don't like it. if he wants to protect the border then he wants open border. >> i want to focus on the borders because that interest me. it's fascinating to see over the last couple of weeks since that debate, you've had so many commentators, a lot of them real trump hating columnists and so on. they all say some version of
6:51 pm
they are effectively open borders are functionally open border, criticism of donald trump saying this is the official position of the democratic party, open borders. >> they don't even want to fund ice or protect the interior from the open border. they are definitely supportive of open borders mainly because they need the votes, when you have people like aoc and all of the new democrats pushing these kinds of policies, it really makes them look more loony than they really are, but they do believe it. the thing about it is when you're going into 2020, the position is very clear, the voters will have a choice, you either vote for america or you vote for a democrat. you can't get any more clear than that. >> remember aoc and the whole lot of democrats were saying there's no crisis at the border, that's fiction.
6:52 pm
now there yelling and screaming because there isn't enough money to take care of these people. you voted against it. you wouldn't support the idea that they need money at hhs. >> and so hypocritical. anyway, whatever, there's been more fun to be had because coming up, joe china is back doing what he does best, sticking his foot in his mouth, we have the tape and you will really enjoy it. that's next. ♪ limu emu & doug mmm, exactly! liberty mutual customizes your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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6:56 pm
steve: okay. he's the guy that took on putin and iraq in if you could make out anything from that rambling incoherence is that stood up but basically they did nothing with it and walked into crime yet and ukraine and president trump has gotten talk with russia and that is standing up to other countries. china, my goodness, joe biden is vice president went soft on china as we keep telling you because the government put a billion dollars into his own businesses. if you thought that was funny, watch this. >> come on, man. come on, man. come on. come here, man. no deal, man. i smacked him in the mouth. steve: honestly, after that he said this. >> i think they make people want a president who has dignity. steve: dignity? i will smack you in the mouth.
6:57 pm
he the president with dignity? >> i don't think -- i think google doubt might have taken a nap. he was sleepy during the debates now trying to find his way back. it was interesting when he said that there would not be russia meddling on my watch and it was your watch so it was funny. i feel sorry for him at this point. he bragged about obama entrusting them with the power and authority for ukraine and you covered extensively how that went down. i just feel sorry for uncle joe at this point. >> the facts are elusive to joe biden. this is what happens when you're elected in 1972. he has literally been in that -- he's been an elective office that long and i think the democrats smelled blood in the water and i don't think he'll be
6:58 pm
that no money and they are circling hard and they need to let joe keep talking because he will talk himself right out of it. there's a reason why he failed multiple times before. >> there's a reason why his staffer had to step in to the end and the interview. when your staffer has to step i. steve: president trump has said i'd like to taste biden because he so terrible and they're saying he's playing a terrible game but i don't think he is. i think he means it because he's so terrible. >> cap, he is. i think would be great to keep the president trump beat joe biden and we could charge admission for that one incident i think it would be quite a scene for america but in all seriousness joe biden really should we consider what he's doing just for his own legacy mainly because of the issues he has.
6:59 pm
to jason's point he's been in politics for four decades of it will be extremely hard to constantly defend his position where every other week he will have to apologize for that position just because all the 30 others will call him on that. steve: he's been pushed to the left the whole time. >> democrats will select somebody but the path to get there will be a hard one. if donald trump keeps playing his a game he will be reelected, i have no doubt that he stronger politically today than he's ever been. steve: when you see these candidates and not just their performance but with biden there but policy -- in the end president trump one not just because he's strong as a campaign but it was the policies and arguments he made when you see the arguments coming from the other side well -- that's all for tonight. my thanks to katrina and jason and to you for watching. the moon learn more about the next revolution by checking out our new podcast.
7:00 pm
mark levin is up next. see you next monday when the next revolution will be televised. ♪ ♪ w mark: hello, america. welcome to life liberty and levine. of great constitutional scholar tonight. john eastman, how are you? you are the professor of law at chapman university and i've known you a long time and you are a brilliant man and have gone up and down the federal chain and a whole bunch of constitutional issues. i wanted to talk to you about several of them. we had, earlier this week, 375,i 400 whatever


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