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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  July 8, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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>> buzzfeed of this sunday, horrendous conditions at the border for migrant children. >> every day we learn more about the conditions in trump detention facilities and every day it is worse. >> the cruelty that we see from this administration, the cruelty of policies, the cruelty is not by-product, it's policy. >> they have no idea what's going to happen to them. seems like the message from the president is, kids, suck it up, it's not that bad. >> there's a huge issue, we need
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border patrol agents, we need more funding, what do democrats say, manufacture crisis, alexandria ocasio-cortez visited another one of america's overwhelmed migrant holding facilities, she left and immediately started lecturing as it's her habit, condemnation of the people who are trying to keep our borders safe. >> inspector general's report calling detention centers a ticking time bomb, is that even possible in polarized culture? major fireworks over the presidential fourth of july which he built as patriotism and media detractors called expensive and narcissism. joe biden finally apologizes and finally does tv interview as some predict doom and gloom, lead shrinking and kamara harris
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surging, is it way too early for the political arbitraries. attack from antifa, shocking symbol of violence, other conservatives being harass, are the left tolerating such animosity? media buzz. ♪ >> media were giving emotional coverage to border crisis when they have new fighter, fighter from alexandria ocasio-cortez after she and other democratic lawmakers toured a detention in texas. >> there's abuse in these facilities and these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet, they were drinking water out of the toilet and that was them knowing a congressional visit was
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coming. >> they do a great job. they do a great job. they are crowded because democrats will not give us any relief from the loopholes. >> joining us to analyze the coverage gail trotter. gillian turner, fox news correspondent and former national official. gail, this story is permeated by politics but when you have homeland security general, centers are ticking time bombs and that seems substantiate some media reports? >> the ig reports shows evidence that there's a crisis and immediate action is needed and you're seeing that in this administration with the méxico-u.s. deal, you're seeing lowering of releasing of illegal aliens into the united states, so there's an effort to make sure that they're not putting more people into these detention
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centers in the u.s. >> you think the coverage reflects that? >> no, it does not. the place that has that is breitbart news. >> "the new york times" has blockbuster pieces, two full pages inside the paper, in conjunction with el paso times, 11 reporters, lots of documents, gillian, has this kind of reporting, not just this story, broken through political and convinced the public that there's genuine crisis? >> i don't think so, i think media on both sides are failing. they are following every rabbit and that does disservice to the problem, you have border patrol agents pushing back on the stories that the conditions are poor, the conditions are okay, president trump jumps in and say actually very good and journalists are forgetting that
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their role here is not to focus on the side-bar arguments, what matters to the media is whether or not alexandria ocasio-cortez thinks they were drinking out of toilet bowl, whether these are concentration-camp situations, what marchs is reporting on the problem, i applaud that kind of investigative journal from the times, that's a serious piece, lute of other stuff is just noise. >> acting custom chief disputed some of the details on the times on abc this morning, what's your take on the reporting and there was a pretty harsh media reaction when president trump said to migrant families in facilities have it far better now than where they came from. >> what i agree with gillian the media is doing disservice, they are not covering of how we got to this particular place, when president trump took office the administration was keen on tightening the screws, making it as deplorable as possible.
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>> not true. >> what ended up happening, more folks said we could cross the border before he built this quote, unquote, wall, here he said today with oversight report that indicates dhs to address dangerous condition and prolonged attention of children and adults in rio grande valley. he sits on television saying they doing great. >> you are wrong because part of media failure is lack of appreciation of where we came to be in this position that we are in right. it's multiple administrations over many years, it's not president trump, president trump -- >> this this is what i was just saying, blame it on president obama, blame it on president trump dodges the issue, we have this problem, the problem exists, it's real, we want to fix it, how do we fix it?
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>> they don't pass the law, they they need -- >> the particular law that is created the situation, children being stripped by mothers. >> that was the flores settlement. >> passed by donald trump, to rip babies -- [inaudible conversations] >> i want to move onto aoc, we played at the top, she has drawn enormous media attention, very skilled at doing, tour with other democrats, they were forced to drink water from toilet and made headline everywhere. >> yet another example of where the mainstream media accept it is dubious claims made by someone like alexandria ocasio-cortez. i'm a lawyer and i think journalists have a reasonable expectation in their professional duties to fend on evidence and critics of the
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media show that the combination, toilet is a common thing that they use in facilities and the mainstream accepted this and ran with this. >> 51 in women, 71 men in cells for 41 men, that's dehumanizing. >> it's a crisis and trump said that in january. >> put forward by our government, period. >> let me come back with aoc question, gillian, attacking her personally and she can go too far, she talked about these being concentration camps, a lot of people found offensive and she talked about fascism. tapper pressured her and how senate compromised. i think all the money should be humanitarian aid and none of it should go to ice. >> how much coverage goes to that versus the toilet-water
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comment? there's no comparison, toilet water, the drinking-toilet water comment will dominate for days and that's unfortunate to the detriment. >> in morning new york city nancy pelosi went after aoc and 3 other freshmen liberal congresswoman saying they have a big twitter world but they don't have any following, 4 people, how many votes they got. brought chocolates to pelosi for the interview to loosen people up. also exposed by the nonprofit news room propublica. cpb is taking this seriously and saying it's investigating. >> as they should. i don't think all border patrol officers are bad, 99.99% are doing the right job.
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they laugh at you, easy for you to discriminate against you and do things that are happening in southern border. >> you mentioned earlier, the whole thing about did some of this exist in obama administration, some conservatives put photos under president obama administration, showing the overcrowding, the fencing and the kids, there was 2014, there was no journalists in uproar, i'm not saying the magnitude was the same, there's so many migrants. >> the more remarkable point they used the photos from the obama administration and tried to pin that to what's going on now and so it's president trump repeated charge of fake news and when you have all of the allegations made including the facebook group that they say in these reports are actual border patrol officers, they don't have proof of that, they need to investigate this, they need to make sure that the people that
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are saying are actually participating in this actually are because, you know, things on the internet are not obviously all of the time true. >> there have been news reports that senior customs officials knew about the facebook group for years. >> reports. >> i haven't seen a denial -- we have no idea. gillian: friday evening i spoke with customs border patrol, they denied allegations by alexandria ocasio-cortez that they had known about the facebook before going public. there's a double standard that -- [inaudible] >> the person is politicizing the problem by posting members of the prez posting photos of detention centers under president obama, look at the terrible conditions, it's making it again a political problem, it's not a political problem, it's an american problem, people
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are suffering in u.s. customs. >> one at a time. you believe it hasn't broken through a lot of people because politics surrounds this that it is a humanitarian crisis regardless of who is to blame and now in the meantime, president trump who delayed this a couple of weeks ago says he will soon begin waive of deportation in major cities, is it fair to say, by the way, there were lots of deportations under president obama and a lot on the left did not like that, is it fair to say that this is was a terrible idea? >> they thought it was a terrible idea under barack obama. he had record number of deportations, every event he was protested and the media covered that. >> the level of criticism from the media i would say muted compared to what donald trump -- >> this president is clearly keen on tightening the screws on those crossing the border,
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number 2, dismantled the program to provide foreign aids, guatemala, honduras and nicaragua. now the situation is exacerbated and that's why you are seeing family unit at the border. >> i'm glad it's getting so much coverage, it certainly has been politicized and not helping. fireworks over the president's fourth of july celebration, why fourth of july celebration, why did it get thanks for the ride-along, captain! fourth of july celebration, why did it get i've never been in one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv.
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geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years. you ok back there, buddy?
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♪ ♪ >> in the runoff the fourth of july, the president's credit
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knicks the media absolutely exploded over plan of giving speech at memorial. >> this is dangers because it's fundamentally un-american, politicizes a nonpartisan celebration of we the people, is the president of the u.s. trying to turn july 4th, ultimate celebration of and by the people celebration of and by one person, donald j. trump. >> people on the left hate the president so much that they are willing to just put a negative spin on anything. how many times have they seen a flyover in an athletic event? everybody loves them except and until president trump is the one proposing it. >> here is what the trump extravaganza looked like. >> together we are part of one of the greatest stories ever told, the story of america. it is the epic tale of a great nation whose people have risked everything for what they know is right and what they know is true
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[cheers and applause] >> many of flyovers, gillian turner, rubbed some people in the wrong way, here is what i thought, fox and cnn carried it live, msnbc not only carried it but ripping on what he might say, was there a media overreaction? >> yes, and i think this was an instance where anticipation and anxiety surrounding the events was a lot worse than the event turned out to be, i think the bite, the bar from the media was much bigger than bite, there wasn't a military parade, i think that's what people were all up and arms about prior to event itself. >> any president could have given the speech, it wasn't a partisan speech like some critics predicted. washington post homepage on opinion section, one column by mark, trump made his critics look small during his salute to
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america, columnist, trump tried to make independence day all about him, he ended up looking small. >> there's a hysteria about it ahead of time, there was overreaction as gymian was saying and -- gillian was saying and now down playing because the speech and event was so successful. i had chills listening to it. you heard about henderson, 18 years of age organized first sit-ins in south carolina, so we had great people from history like eisenhower, fredrik douglas and then we had people who at 18 year's of age declare own personal independence and the media is silent now that it's over and overreactions were not borne out and we are not hearing the celebration of it by the mainstream media and that's a shame because it was a great history lesson. >> did get coverage for the first day or so, by the way, there were tanks, fdr,
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eisenhower, inaugurations, special vip tickets were given to trump donors and allies and rnc sort of undercutting at least in advance the nonpartisan theme. >> well, i think the president could have had the speech, the tanks are not my speed but the president's speed, god bless him, i do have a problem how tickets were distributed, the national celebration, during that particular time all members of congress, all 535 of them are issued tickets, here none of them were and all to rnc for purposes of ginning up political support. [laughter] >> anyone could go. vip section, the white house says this was standard practice with the tickets and dnc, meanwhile the district of colombia here is pretty ticked off because all the added security and logistical clause
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and national park service diverted 2 and a half million dollars for event that was supposed to be spent on improving parks across the country. >> coverage has been uniformly negative in the district for maybe viewers at home who don't want local news, people are pretty much in arms on who is footing the bill. >> some may be reimbursed by the fed. president trump not that popular within the district of colombia and that doesn't come as a shock, richard fowler, gillian turner, gail, pundits seizing on new polls that joe biden's campaign is imploding, up next exclusive first peek on new book on what really happened with the brett kavanaugh nomination. i would like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans, because i know there are so many of you who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years
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or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. with automatic authority from the va, we can say yes when banks say no.
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>> first work on television at new book called justice on trial, the kavanaugh confirmation and the future of the supreme court, it's by my colleague fox news contributor molly hemmingway, the authors who interviewed president trump and several high-court justices report that when kristin blosey ford alleged that kavanaugh, they had information derogatory on kristin ford, the authors are tough on the coverage including accusing media of intensely personal dislike of kavanaugh. the book says that julie, represented by now indicted michael avenatti was making obviously ridiculous allegations
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at being gang raped at 10 parties and sexually assaulted, her story fell apart at nbc interview. >> he would push body against them. >> there's difference between statement last week and what she told us, she became aware of efforts by kavanaugh and his friend mark judge to spike-punch at parties. in our interview she said she saw them near the punch but did not saw them spike it. >> secret-supporting witness but when she undercuts account blaming aavenatti for twisting the words, the media sat on the story for a while. deborah ramírez who claimed that kavanaugh had exposed himself, collaboration and acknowledgment that ramírez had significant damps in her memories and took her 6 days to name kavanaugh.
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one of the most interesting figures in the book is kavanaugh's wife ashley. >> i've known him for 17 years and this is not at all character, it's really hard to blame, he's kind, he's good. >> the book says ashley kavanaugh who studied bible verses prayed that her husband wouldn't be nominated. >> joe biden defends himself in cnn interview and says he wasn't prepared for kamala harris
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♪ ♪ >> the media went absolutely bonkers after democratic debate
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and finally he did a major interview with cnn chris cuomo. >> busing did not work, my state is the eighth largest percent. i wasn't prepared for the person coming at me the way she came at me, she knew bo, she knows me. >> joining us now from charlottesville, university of virginia center for politics, larry, why did joe biden, finally talking to cnn, here is a big mega phone and never uses it, why doesn't he he use more tv news? >> because she's stubborn and rusty and those are the two adjectives i'd ply to him, based on what i have seen so far on the campaign, it's often true with senior politicians, they have been through so many
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campaigns, they've won so many, think they have achieved great heights and they don't expect criticism, i love the part where he said, i thought there could be criticism but not from her, she knows me, she knows my son. >> yes. >> exactly. >> apologized for giving the impression he was praising the segregationists senators, i'm sorry for any of the pain or misconception i caused anybody, the misstep in his word, could he have stopped the media bleeding by doing this apology a week or more ago? >> oh, absolutely, he should have done it at debate, most senior politicians have better instincts than that, he did not, he got his backup and he made a
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green-horn mistake which is you don't separate your strong argument from your weak argument, did he learn from it, it took him 2 weeks, so do what was manifestly obvious on the night of the debate. >> yeah, campaigns move so much faster now than with -- biden is used to. >> kamala harris, kind of hard to distinguish from the position that she was attacking biden or 1970's, struggled to make distinction, why isn't that a bigger story? >> well, it should be a bigger story because she's come around to essentially his point of view in the 70's and i think the reason, howie, is because a lot of younger people that is everybody below 60, you know, the real youngsters, they didn't go through this, they don't understand that it wasn't just
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whites opposing busing, a majority of african americans consistently opposed busing too. this was one of the least popular innovations in civil rights ever. >> absolutely, you went through or lived through busing battle in virginia in 1970's that was tearing the country apart and a lot of people felt like the elite politicians sent to kids to private schools were imposing solutions on their kids, has coverage in 2019 been simplistic in suggestion and implying, insinuating that if you weren't for busing then or any limits on busing that you're basically racist? >> of course, and again i hate to put it all generationally, but a lot of reporters are very young, they didn't have a clue, maybe they googled something in wikipedia about busing but they didn't live through this, they don't get it and because they don't get it they tend to apply
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what you apply the simplistic label. >> let's turn to polls, the media just went absolutely nuts when cnn poll came after, registered dems and democratic leaners showing kamala harris surging to second place and quinnipiac poll that showed biden up by 2 over harris, basically statistical tie and abc survey and gives 29 to 11% lead over kamala harris, doubling support, are pundits overreacting to these varying polls in some numbers saying biden is soon to be toast? >> i wish i could get that as a question on jeopardy sometimes. obviously the answer is yes, they always oversimplify, they always react too strongly, too quickly to every new event, to every new poll, hey, the voting
12:36 am
starts in february, you know, i understand there are 25 candidates, they can't report every day that x is ahead because nobody will pay attention, it's not interesting, they have to mix it up and change the leaders that doesn't mean it's accurate reporting. >> do you think the polls were influenced by days and dais of coverage where many pundits said there's no question kamala harris did look good in debate, joe biden, was slow, out of touch and she got the growing profiles and aggressive and prosecutor and all of that, when you get bombarded in that kind of environment, then the next poll is taken, is there a cause an effect there? >> there could be a cause an effect, what's interesting to me and what ought to be cautionary tale for pundits is apparently their punditting had no effect, in fact, biden is doing much better and we have gone back to not quite the situation we were
12:37 am
in prior to the debate but approximately the same, so maybe people are still and should tune out the pundits, tune out the commentary, did not watch 4 hours of debate, you don't have to watch commentary around it and -- >> let me just play you one more sound bite with the interview with cnn. >> 80% of your party says it's center left. >> i am center left. >> it's getting amplified. >> look, look, center left, that's where i am. where it's not is way left. >> most of the democratic candidates, larry, have moved sharply to the left, biden sees himself more center left. are the media misjudging just how liberal the democratic party has become? >> well, they misjudging from the grassroots level because what biden said is actually true, the party is still center left, what most democrats like most americans can't even define
12:38 am
a socialist, they don't know what socialism actually is, but there's a real danger here and i think biden unlike some of the younger ones who are running for president, he recognizes the danger, if democrats move too far to the left the election is over. >> i agree with you on that, we will see how it plays, larry, great to see you from charlottesville. >> thank you, howie. >> the video of andy nose bruise goes viral. how much does the left care about video goi
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>> it was a brutal attack by left-wing antifa members on andy, conservative writer in portland, oregon and sparked ferocious media debate since he posted video of battered and bloody face wondering what happened to the police and everybody got to see it. >> when i realized what was happening it was too late u a mob of people were wearing masks started beating me with their fist and some of them used objects to hit me and all this time i kept thinking, where are the police. >> joining us now from new york kat , has turned this into
12:43 am
controversy. >> absolutely, i see it as being something that if you imagine if this had been a guy in a maga hat who beat up a new york times reporter or cnn reporter i think that people on the left would have covered it a lot more than they did, now, the left-wing outlet did cover it, they did say they never condone violence but in the same breath, well, he's provoked them, et cetera, et cetera, i think when someone is beaten so badly they go to the hospital, it should be this is not okay full stop. >> right, let's put up a little bit of cell phone video of the attack itself, you can't see everything but gives you a sense of chaos, pretty serious charge that in the ideological shoe was on the other foot -- wow, looking at this it's really something. if this had been a liberal
12:44 am
writer attacked, you think the story would have been much bigger by order of magnitude, that's rough. >> i really do think so, i do think conservatives went a little too far in painting a larger picture in particular donald trump, jr., wrote a piece in daily caller that said that the media response or lack of media response proved that people in left-wing media or mainstream media are defacto antifa supporters, i wouldn't go that far because like i said everyone did say they don't condone violence when they discontinued it for maybe a few outliers who don't represent the mainstream media, if this had been a magna -- maga hat this would have been a way bigger story, people blaming the president and republicans in general. >> as happened during the jussie smollett hoax? >> people went after that right
12:45 am
away, all over the news, we saw the liberal mention it but didn't rise to the same level as it did with jussie smollett. >> some of andy ngo's writing is controversial, that's besides the point, he was covering protest and this was attack on free speech, aren't liberals supposed to care about free speech? >> you think all americans care about free speech, i'm a person who disagrees with a lot of the journalist's work, somebody getting up so bad for exercising first amendment rights. >> and apparently suffered a brain hemorrhage and having trouble with certain memory functions, absolutely awful, the democratic mayor, the city ted wheeler owes him apology, supervises police force and there hasn't been very much empathy. she own it is virginia restaurant, she kicked out sarah huckabee sanders for sin of being president trump's press
12:46 am
secretary, if you're directly complicit in spreading hate or ter pech waiting suffering maybe you should consider dining at home. nobody cares, we are in new age of intolerance toward conservatives and trump supporters? >> i really absolutely they that we are, i think that people say it's se -- synonymous and think political views make them good or bad, it's not left or right anymore, it's good or bad for these people, with the washington post piece, the news hook that she hung it up eric trump getting spit by server which we should all say is unacceptable. >> absolutely. any civilized person should say this behavior is unacceptable as toward andy ngo, kat timpf good
12:47 am
having you. >> thanks very manager pe. >> whether the party is moving a bit too far left
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>> california has been debate with democratic candidates for decades often portraying opponents in mocked sessions, lawyer with the washington firm, represents many people in the media including me. i spoke to him earlier from long island. welcome. >> thank you, good to be with you. >> if you were doing debate prep for joe biden, given his drop in the polls and given his style, what would you advise him to do in next debate to enable him to bounce back?
12:51 am
>> i wouldn't tell him what to do and i think it would be important to be sharp, to be ready, to assume attacks again and in perfect world you'll have a couple moments you can deliver that will resinate, go viral and take back what happened in the first debate. >> the conventional wisdom is in multicandidate field the attacker, the person who goes on offense can also suffer a backlash, kamala harris riding wave of press, why there hasn't been backlash against her? >> there hasn't been much, i did commentary that it seemed it was rehearsed and was going to happen no matter what, i think there's a skill to being able to deliver an attack to use your words, you have to do it carefully, you have to do it politely, you have to do it intellectually and you have to do what kamala harris did
12:52 am
brilliantly afterwards which was make it very clear that she was not making accusation about joe biden's inclinations with respect to race and that she had in fact, great respect for him. >> right. this is the most liberal democratic field in decades and no question about it. you had 10 candidates raising their hand on the stage saying, you know, let's provide health coverage for undocumented or illegal immigrants, you have kamala harris saying, elizabeth warren among others for medicare for all in a way that would eliminate private insurance, many of the mainstream media now saying that some of the positions could be lethal in general election campaign against president trump. >> what you're doing is hoping to be elected president and you can't be elected president unless you get the nomination and you can't get the nomination unless you got those caucus goers and primary voters voting in your favor so you have to keep in mind the immediate audience which is the activists
12:53 am
because that's how you will get the nomination but i have memory of spending hours and hours worrying about just what you described, which is the implications of statements made during the primaries with respect to the general election, it's a fine line, it's never done perfectly and i think it's premature to make judgments about the general election. >> making premature judgments is what the media do. >> you have played george h.w. bush, you played dick cheney. prepare your candidate for the worse. >> i absolutely don't try to imitate or act, i'm not that
12:54 am
talented, i simply try to replicate, rhetoric, their policies, i prepare when i play the role, hundred issues and what the candidate, the republican candidate has said about those, i try to internalize them, i watch every day before the practices, every day before the debates to see if they've done any variance on their themes and i try to do the best i can to replicate what will be said on the stage, my goal is very simple, i don't want my candidate to leave the stage night of the debate having heard anything on that stage that he or she has not heard during the rehearsals. if i accomplish that, i've done my job. >> all right, well, i won't ask you to do your bernie sanders imitation because you said you will stay in character, bob barn
12:55 am
barnett thank you very much. >> i was pretty harsh on jerry because it was good to be ready for that even though george walker bush was a professional man and when i would go too far she would literally walk over from her podium to mine and punch me in the arm and i left those rehearsals with a black and blue arm, so physicality does enter this, howie. >> dually noted, ouch, mad magazine is going down for the count and look at the enormous impact on the culture. impact on the culture. ♪ 't easy.
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is eligibility for a va loan country give our veterans for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. >> mad magazine folding after years and this is stunning news for those who grew up with biting and silly, learn today
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look at the world in new and everyone from justin bieber, donald trump, from politics to pop culture, mad recently popped into the news when trump said that pete buttigieg looked like mascot, the candidate had to google it, never know the twisting humor symbolized by icon. all print magazines are having problems, it was so much part of the culture for so many years, well, that's it for this edition of media buzz, i'm howard kurtz, check out media post, you can subscribe at apple i tunes or fox news, original videos for the web and continue the conversation on twitter at
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howard kurtz, we would like to reach out on all platforms as they say, remember, we will be back here next sunday, 11:00 eastern with the latest heather: good morning to you, it is monday july 8th, this is "fox & friends first", citizenship circus, president trump shaking up legal team to get the citizenship question on the census, the moves just made overnight as the department of justice just prepares to make its case, sweet tng deal, starbucks holding summit with arizona police officers after denied service on independence day, but is it enough for customers to buy the apology?