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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 8, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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video of himself licking and sticking a finger a tub of blue bell ice cream and putting it back in the freezer. maurice was copying a viral video to get attention. he faces charges. gross. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. steve: we begin this monday morning with a fox news alert. an urgent manhunt happening right now in georgia for armed and dangerous suspected suspects after a georgia deputy was shot and killed in the line of duty. ainsley: it happened in the northeast of atlanta up in the northern support of georgia. aishah is in the newsroom with breaking details for us. horrible news. >> so sad. deputies search for the escape suspect. that murdered deputy was chasing a stolen vehicle when it crashed in gainsville late last night. and that is when the suspects jumped out and they opened fire.
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the deputy involved returned fire and actually hit one of them. that suspect was taken to the same hospital where the deputy died. their condition is still unknown at this hour. that deputy, by the way, has not yet been identified but, as you can imagine, his fellow officers very shaken up. >> the agency as a whole is taking it hard as any law enforcement agency does when this loses an officer or a deputy and processing through that but, you know, no closure now with suspect still on the loose. >> this marks the 24th officer shot and killed in the line of duty just this year. just a couple weeks ago deputy troy chisholm was shot and killed responding to a assault and battery call. they are using helicopters and infrared term and condition nothing to search for the suspects of course
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still on the run. keep you updated throughout the morning on this urgent manhunt. steve: no description of the suspects have been released, right? >> no description yet. we will keep you posted. steve: armed and dangerous. ainsley: think about he went to work last night in uniform and said goodbye to his family and now getting word this morning. horrific news. steve: it is terrible. keep you posted on the latest from gainsville. thank you for joining us on this very busy monday morning. brian it off this week. we have got pete today. pete: got the weekend bleeding into the twinning of the week like everybody else. was the 4th of july. first public reading of the declaration of the independence in 1776 on this date. ainsley: i hope you had a wonderful independence day with your family back in gear this morning. re-setting especially down in d.c. congress returns to washington. steve: thank goodness they are all getting together the republicans and democrats have decided exactly what to do, how to fix our nation's border problem.
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ainsley: they are working together? steve: oh, are you kidding? pete: i thought you had a fox news alert for me there. steve: remember how this all happened. the republicans have been talking for a while about how there was a crisis at the southern border for the longest time. democrats said it was manufactured to help get the president trump's team reelected in the house and the senate back in november. now democrats say you are right. there is a crisis. but exactly what to do next is a problem. because the democrats have different idea than the republicans. pete: there has been a spat on conditions of the border. a number of democrats went down there and made claims about mistreatment of migrants down there. some quickly rebutted and refuted by border patrol agencies yeah we are overcrowded but not mistreating anybody. ultimately that comes down to congress and space. they did pass money for the border. but four of them decided not to vote for it. ainsley: passed that funding
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that was republican version. nancy pelosi in a recent article is slamming those four freshman congresswomen for not voting. this was maureen dowd. she wrote a column in the "new york times" and it an editorial it is nancy pelosi's parade. that's the title of it. she did talk to nancy pelosi. here is a little snippet from that article. steve: she said all these people have their public whatever and their twitter world, nancy pelosi said. but they didn't have any following. they're four people and that's how many votes they got. if the left doesn't think i'm left enough, so be it. we have to have a solution, not just a twitter fight. and nancy pelosi's problem is she is trying to, you know, she worked really hard to get the gavel back. and she wants her party to be center left. not super left. the super progressives are trying to pull it much further to the left. she is not going to let that happen on her watch because she would like to see particularly the congress
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men and women in those moderate districts reelect. she would also like to see a democrat elected president. >> we know who those four members of congress are. rasheda tlaib. omar. and alexandria ocasio-cortez. she tweeted right after, this multiple tweets at the speaker the most recent tweet from alexandria ocasio-cortez said this: i find it strange when members act as though social media isn't important. they set millions of dollars on fire to run tv ads so people can see their message. i haven't dialed for dollars once this year and have more time to actually do my job. yet we would rather campaign like it's my job. campaign for dollars is something they do every day. call up people and raise money. i use twitter and social media. we are the new members of congress. ainsley: something that nancy pelosi is known to do. she can raise money. that's why a lot of democrats like her. in the article she goes on to say there were a lot of democrats in the primary or in the last election that
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were calling and saying we don't want nancy pelosi to be the leader anymore of our party. and now they're telling maureen dowd. we are sorry. we do want her to be the leader. steve: it talks a lot about how nancy pelosi is able to troll the president and really get under his skin. and it has been very effective. ainsley: beginning of the article is interesting. neither one drinks comparing nancy to the president. neither one drinks yet have family vineyards. they love big bowls of ice cream. last name depending on the state cusswords. both devilishly trolling one another. pete: what she did on the fourth of july. president trump did the salute to america which was very well received. nancy pelosi apparently re-read the mueller report according to this article. will okay. but it's a clear divide that continues through this day. nancy pelosi believes she still has the votes of her caucus. these four progressive members feel like they have the pulse of the base. you look at the 2020
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candidates they are going with the four who voted against the funding. they are going hard left. ainsley: kamala harris is going up. joe biden is going down. steve: couple weeks ago the president of the united states said you know what? planning ice raids. pulling the plug after details were leaked to the press uncertain exactly who did it. although some names have been ban theeed about. ken cuccinelli who is the acting director of citizenship and immigration services, one. guys in charge of ice, has some news. that is those deportations of about 1 million people who are in this country illegally and final orders have been issued against them, they should be ware because something could start promptly. watch. this people in the house come down and complain about them keep coming while not helping fix the problem. it's the height of hypocrisy. realize there is about a
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million, approximately a million people in this country who already have removal orders. they have been all the way through an extremely generous due process pipeline, had removal orders. this is just what ice is supposed to do. the fact that we have fallen to the point where we are talking about it like it's news tells you how far that we have fallen in the enforcement side. i mean, it is the most violated federal court order in america. pete: the most violated federal court order in america. first have you broken the law and come here illegally and then refused to remove yourself after staying too long. it is a generous pipeline. once have you final removable orders. our government has decided it's time to go home because you are not here legally. that's all saying. we talked about this before the show. ongoing process. you don't announce a bunch of raids. this is something ice does every day to enforce the rule of law.
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ainsley: that $4.6 million emergency funding given last month. june first the kids in custody, folks on the border says that money is working and being put to good use out of 2500 kids, june 1st, on this past saturday only 350 in custody. only 20 of them have been in custody for more than three days. steve: no doubt there is a terrible overcrowding problem down there. i heard one of the people on television say yesterday, keep in mind, these facilities were for processing and now they are used for detention. ainsley: built in the 1980s and 1990s. steve: regardless of that, just the fact that they are not set up to be detention centers and they have had to make due. and the money clearly is needed down there. ainsley: they were built decades ago and built to really house men because that was what was coming over the border. now the majority are women -- are children, i should say, and families coming from central america. pete: just like the outdated asylum laws. build things meant for the moment and new problems pop up. if congress won't address it
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you are using old equipment to manage a new problem. ainsley: they do address it and get $4 million and that money goes to good use seeing the numbers go down as far as children are concerned. pete: children go down leading indicator because mexico is starting to crack down a little bit. we will see if that holds. steve: he was giving congress a couple weeks to solve the asylum and loophole problem. they are not even close to that. pete: there is a poll on this that talks about deportations and whether it's popular with the american people. a lot of fear mongering from the left how horrible this is not in step with the way most americans feel. 51% say hey, if you are here illegally and supposed to be deported that's what you should do. ainsley: basically half the country. steve: more than five in 10 swing voters say yeah, yes, let's do that harvard harris poll 9 in 10 trump supporters say deport them if there have been orders issued against them. pete: very interesting. ainsley: let us know what
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you think meantime hand it over to carley filling in for jillian. ainsley: good morning and happy monday. we begin with a fox news alert. a teenager now in custody for a fiery road rage shooting that sent a family of four to the hospital on the fourth of july. houston police say 18-year-old baron opened fire after getting into an argument with the fire. a bullet ignited fireworks inside the car, setting it on fire. the family was able to escape but remain in the hospital. two toddlers are in critical condition with severe burns. recovery efforts underway in southern california after it was rocked by back-to-back earthquakes. scientists now warning another potential quake could come as soon as this week. new video showing the moment a family inside a laundromat frantically run out of the door. part of the ceiling collapsing just seconds after a boy carries a little girl to safety. that little boy a hero. president trump sending a
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strong warning to iran after the companies surpass uranium enrichment limits. >> iran better be careful. you enrich for one reason. i won't tell you what that reason is, but it's no good. they better be careful. iran will never have a nuclear weapon. carley: iranian officials did not respond to the president wants comments but they did say european leaders have 60 days to seal the deal before they break another limit. team u.s.a. is making its way back home right now following an historic victory at the women's world cup in france. >> up the middle. looking, cutting, swing, becomes the hero of the game. u.s. beating the netherlands 2-0. winning second straight cup title. the team will celebrate with a victory parade in new york city on wednesday. those guys are your
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headlines. ainsley: ticker tape parade on wednesday coming to new york. steve: they are indeed. perhaps the most important legacy of this team is they have inspired countless girls to pursue athletic excellencexthemselves. if you were near a television yesterday it most undoubtedly tuned to. this the president tweeted out congratulations on the u.s. soccer team on winning the world cup. great and exciting play. america is proud of you all. ainsley: love you took the high road after the captain and few other people have said they would not come to the white house if invited. do you think he will invite the team? steve: stay tuned. pete: there was a soccer team yesterday? steve: you were busy. pete: i don't love the fact that their political statements put a damper on the way a lot of the people viewed this game. they are great athletes on the world stage. they are wearing our nation's uniform. you want to look at it that way. when you make it political, a lot of people walk back from it and are fraws
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straighted. the president did take the high road. he hope he invitsz them and they will go. steve: something that has been suggested for a while about the disparity about what the athletes are paid. and he said this just before he got on air force one. >> i would like to see that. you also have to look at numbers. when you look at world cup soccer that's one thing and also look at soccer, professional soccer. you have to say who is taking in what. i don't know what those numbers are. i would like to see that but, again, you have to look at the great stars of the men's soccer and the great stars of the women's soccer and you have to see year around how are they all drawn? what is the attendance of world soccer outside of world cup? i would like to see it. steve: now the big question is will he invite them to the white house and will they go? stay tuned. ainsley: if they don't go, what happens then?
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pete: that's when you get the response that is a fitting response set duly elected president of the united states. loves america and stood for opportunity for women in this country with ivanka trump is doing. it's all good stuff. if you get invited to the white house you show up and celebrate your victory. ainsley: a shame it is political but at the same time i am so thrilled that the united states won. number one again. steve: indeed fourth time historic. second in a row. coming up on this monday morning, the supreme court ruled against the citizenship question on the census kind of. but the president is vowing to fight it. turns out the constitution makes the case for the president ♪ i want to rock ♪ rock ♪ (burke) at farmers insurance, we've seen almost everything,
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when the right to vote at any election is denied to any citizens of the united states, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such citizens shall bear the whole number of citizens in such a state. here to explain is constitutional law attorney general ellis reeves. jenna, thank you for being here this morning. in amendment 14 section 2 it talks about persons. it goes on to say if there are restrictions in some ways, then you have to count citizens. you have to know how many citizens you have. >> yeah. it's great to see you, pete. pete: thanks for being here. >> simple question. when looking at the constitution, we have to look at what is actually obligated by the federal government. in context, the constitution provides specific limited powers to the federal government and one of those things in article 1, section 2 of the original u.s. constitution requires that representatives are apportioned among the several states according to their respective numbers.
3:21 am
the 14th amendment section 2 that you just read talks about and further clarifies that that citizens of the several states. so we look at this mandate that is given to the federal government. but, importantly here, pete, the constitution does not tell specifically to the states or to the federal government how exactly the process happens to count the people in the states. and so that's left up to the political branches. pete: why does the supreme court step. in if there is rationale. why are they stepping in and creating confusion here? >> it's a ridiculous act of political activism. the constitution clearly leaves the process up to congress which will will since 1790 implemented carry out the census. other executive orders. and the executive branch is required to conduct the census and count the people so we can participate in the franchise and have elections.
3:22 am
it's common sense. what the supreme court has done is said that the citizenship question, which by the way has been on every census since the early 1800s it was removed by the ondz in 2010. this is a reinstatement that the question doesn't violate either the enumeration clause nut constitution or congress' legislation. they are simply requiring president trump to provide further rationale. pete: they are going to do that. you would say, even so he, he as an executive with this clear prerogative has the time and the ability now to still ensure that the citizenship question is on the census? >> absolutely. and really the supreme court should not have required him even provide any sort of rationale there is a clear constitutional basis. is he fully within his ability to ask the citizenship question and reinstate it on the census. pete: we will see. they say they will. i hope they do. we will see if they do. jenna ellis rives. thank you for your time. i appreciate it? >> thank you, pete. pete: disney star died just 20 years old after suffering
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so ditch the old way of selling your car, and say hello to the new way-- at carvana. pete: welcome back. a couple of quick headlines for you. president trump pushing back against the british to the u.s. after learning he called his administration diplomatically clumsy and inept. >> the ambassador has not served the u.k. well. i can tell you that. we're not big fans of that man and he has not served the u.k. well. so i can understand it and i can say things about him but i won't bother. pete: sir king darrick's unkind words published by the daily mail. moments ago greece swearing in a new conservative prime minister after a land slide victory in its parliamentary elections overnight. the right leaning new democracy party more than doubling its number of seats and now has the majority.
3:27 am
new day in greece. steve, down to you. steve: it is, indeed. thanks. hollywood mourning the loss of 20-year-old disney star cammeron boyce. >> when she gets here i'm going to ask her to the dance and blow her mind while i blot confetti cannons. >> will she say yes. >> how could she not? i have this face, c plus average and two coats of deodorant. >> star tragically passed away this weekend after suffering a seizure in his sleep. the results of ongoing medical condition according to disney officials. steve: the tragedy leaving many people with questions. here to weigh in is dr. associate professor of medicine at nyu. >> good morning. steve: such a tragic story. the family has revealed he has suffered from seizures for a while. >> okay. right. epilepsy seizure disorder can occur. not that uncommonly and certainly in young people. it's very rare that it would be fatal but it can be
3:28 am
official if the southeasterns are not controlled with medication. steve: some suggestion there could be another medical condition snow, with that. >> that's right. so seizures can be associated with other conditions things like stroke or head trauma and infection such as meningitis which is inprogram that mafings the covering of the brain, a very high fever. very low sodium. a lot of other things that could contribute to the formation of a seizure, which is a focal or generalized disturbance of the electrical activity in the brain. ainsley: wouldn't normally think someone would i do die as a result of a seizure. what are the warning signs. >> many think seizure typical jerking of the limbs. also could have someone staring off into space for a few seconds. losing their orientation. might experience a strange smell. there is not a lot can you pin point before the cerebral actually occurs. if you do see someone who is having a seizure. you want to make sure they are lying on their side. put something under their head. something soft and don't put anything in their mouth.
3:29 am
really get medical attention for them quickly particularly if it's lasting more than five minutes. steve: i was literally 10 feet from there building and a man had fallen down and was having a seizure right there and had all those typical symptoms. people were like what do we do? someone suggested i think you putting so in their mouth. old fashion put a stick so they don't by the their tongue. you don't want them to accidentally swallow it and choke on it. ainsley: what came to mind? tragic story. we don't know enough information. was it more of a chronic medical condition or seizure disorder. of course you also have to think about were there any drugs involved because that can also cause seizures. we just don't know and hopefully get more information. steve: it is a heart-breaking story because some kids. ainsley: loved him. what a following and how
3:30 am
talented he was. >> right. ainsley: adam sadler wrote what a great guy he was and how much he will be missed. verify involved in charity work and special kid. >> it's unfortunate. of course if you do have a child or anyone your family that has seizures. make sure they're keeping on top of their medications and you have to be careful about driving, swimming all of these things if you do have seizures. ainsley: parents are having to explain this to their children because a lot of kids in america have known him and followed him. steve: sod. is a dr. raj, thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: 6:30 now in new york city. our top story. a georgia's sheriff's deputy shot and killed overnight. the 24th officer to die in the line of duty this year in the united states. dan bongino was, of course, a new york city police officer and reacts to the breaking news coming up next. ♪ you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours.
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3:35 am
now with suspects still on the loose. pete: deputies say the suspects burglar rides several homes and cars over the weekend. as of enough to they do not have a description for the suspects or know how many they are looking for. steve: they are expected to be armed and dangerous and that's what the case in the gainsville, georgia area right now. let's bring in dan bongino, fox news contributor, former police officer and secret service agent author spy gate, great book. dan, we do this story way too many times. >> yeah. and it hurts every time, steve. you know, you have to think there is a family member now that's gone. i mean, what does that mean? that means every holiday, every get together on thanksgiving or christmas is going to be an empty seat at the table because some maniac decided to take the life of one of our patriots. think about it, right? we all work hard. everybody gets that but, you know, if you are an architect or pilot, you
3:36 am
generally understand the task ahead of you each day, go to work, fly the plane, build the house, whatever it may be. that's not the case when you are a cop, steve. when you go to work and at "roll call," you have absolutely no idea what's waiting for you that day. you have absolutely no idea that you might make it home. and, thanksfully, most people don't have to suffer the consequences losing one of their partners. these stories are horrible and when i woke up this morning and read about it. it tears pieces of your heart out each time. ainsley: hard when you read these stories and think about when these guys pull a trigger and kill a police officer. don't they realize that's a human being and a life and the families are going to mourn? there have been 24 officers killed in the line of duty already this year, dan. do you think they will find these guys? one is in the hospital, apparently he is the guy that shot, according to reports, that shot the police officer. he's in the hospital. >> yeah. once you typically get one it's easy to roll up the rest of the gang.
3:37 am
one thing about criminals is typically they are not that bright. that's why they are criminals. i just remember being a cop at these moments and putt you in the moment for a second. things can flip like that, guys. out on the street. i worked in the 7-5 precinct in new york. listening to radio 1:00 in the morning radio silent and next thing you know complete chaos because a cop has been shot or hurt. it changes your life when you go through it. pete: absolutely. dan, thanks for your thoughts on that. we want to get your take on another topic this morning. you wrote the book "spy gate" a look at what happened into the trump campaign in 2015 and 2016. representative peter king republican from new york was on a program earlier this weekend and said they believes the abuses by intel agency also be revealed which bill barr's investigation, huber, horowitz come out. here's what he had to say. >> there is no legal basis at all for them to begin
3:38 am
this investigation of his campaign and the way they carried it forward. the way information was leaked. the improcedure applications they filed in the fisa court to get surveillance. all of this is going to come out. pete: do you believe they will find no legal basis? >> they won't. i think what congressman king is alluding to, and this is critical. the viewers need to understand. this there is a formal process, pete, for opening up an fbi investigation. it's not guesswork. it's written out in their investigative manual. to do that, and to implement those steps like using spies, intelligence assets to spy on the trump team, which happened. you have to meet criteria that was never met. this is not guesswork. the fbi has a manual to prevent this kind of malfeasance. you cannot open up a case on an american citizen in a campaign wowft meeting criteria. they were never met. i have to believe that's what he is talking about based on my research of the
3:39 am
case. we cover it extensively. the process. check this box. check that box. they didn't check it. ainsley: do you think it's speculation or do you think he knows something? do you think so he has talked to huber or bill barr or horowitz? >> i think he absolutely knows something. i'm getting word that a lot of people are starting to fold. people pretending to be tough guys. i'm not going to talk. i'm not going to talk. now all of a sudden when john durham the attorney looking into this for the government, there is some threats involved and some legal meat on the bone. all of a sudden people are starting to talk now. the full extent of the mall feensz in this case is starting to come out. pete: interesting. steve: i heard a catherine herridge report where they are going back to reinterview some of the people they talked about earlier to de-conflict earlier accounts. why is it it, do you think, dan, when mr. barr was up on capitol hill, i want to say in march or april, he said i thought that the reviews would be done by the end of may, early june? here we are in july already.
3:40 am
>> well, what's probably happening now is you get these people when they had no threat of being subpoenaed or potentially either jail time or losing their job, they probably told one story, steve. now, all of a sudden, we have a u.s. attorney involved who has the ability to issue arrests, issue subpoenas. and all of a sudden those tough guys and tough women involved aren't so tough anymore. hence, they have to go and de-conflict meaning unlie their lies. meaning the lie they told before. they have to create another lie or actually tell the truth to de-conflict their prior version of events. steve: it's getting deem. ainsley: we just want to know the truth. don't we. pete: any sense on timing, dan? when might we know? >> well, it depends on what these reinterviewed witnesses are saying and how deep the deconfliction of the laws is going to be. i would expect probably by the end of the summer. i would hope. i had heard a lot of the ig's investigation was
3:41 am
wrapped up. but, again, if stories start to change, and you get a cooperator that comes in and wants to give up the cookies in the cookie jar, you better eat those cookies you have a darn good case if you have an insider talking about what really happened from their perspective. steve: let's see what happens. >> you know, it's one thing to get a story about robbing a bank from a videotape. it's another thing to get the story from the bank robber. that's a whole different ballgame. steve: indeed. pete: thank you very much for your time. >> thanks, guys. ainsley: carley is upstairs and she has more headlines for us. carley: hey, we begin with a tragic story here. 18-month-old girl has died after falling for local american cruise ship. being dangle out of a window. she slipped from his hands and fell 11 stories from conflict. the girl was reportedly from indiana on vacation with her family. police are calling it a tragic accident and have not
3:42 am
filed charges. a landmark trial in the opioid crisis could end today. johnson and johnson wants an oklahoma judge to toss out the case without any more testimony. the company claims they are being made into a, quote: scapegoat. johnson and johnson is fueling the nationwide epidemic. the judge will hear arguments from both sides this morning before making a ruling. the trial began back in late may. a young man from washington being hailed a hero after he ran into a burning home to save his niece. >> i wasn't going to let her just sit there. i wasn't going to let my niece die. i would do it again. i really would. i don't care. i really would. i would go back in there and do it again even if i got burned worse or died. >> he helped his sister save all three of her children thursday night when their house caught on fire. he has second and third degree burns on his face, back and arms. thankfully everyone survived. is he certainly a hero.
3:43 am
the tempe officer's association is feeling encouraged after an apology from starbucks. the coffee giant wants vice president traveling to arizona to make amends after a grouch officers were asked to leave a store because another customer felt unsafe. the tempe officer's association issuing a statement thanking the public for the support and encouraged in that the starbucks is taking steps to make amends. it's a shame that had to happen at all. steve, ainsley, pete, send it back down to you. steve: thank you very much. ainsley: glad they did apologize. pete: for real. steve: go out to the streets of new york city and there he is, adam joins us. it was rain ago little while ago. where is your umbrella? adam: i don't need it right now. i'm in a good move because steve you are right it was raining and more rain is going to move in the next 10 or 15 minutes. a little bit of a break out here at the moment. temperatures feel fantastic not just here but across the country. a lot of spots waking up in the lower 60' low lower 70's anu
3:44 am
were 60's today. severe weather in the middle of the country, plains, northern plains we are talking about winds up to 60 miles per hour. so some big thunderstorms possibly some hail with it. maybe an isolated tornado. this is not going to be a big tornadoes outbreak but the possibility is there that we should get a short run tornadoes being fueled by yes, more warm air. 90 degrees in bismarck today. that's the northern plains that i'm talking about where you could see some of that severe weather in a huge swath of the country. temperatures in the lower or middle 90's. that continues in to to tuesday and some of that heat returns here to the east coast once the rain kind of moves on out. it's going to feel even warmer than that you put those feels like temperatures. a lot of spots getting into the upper 90's. closer to 100 degrees. as i toss it back in to you guys, it is july. this is kind of what we are supposed to expect. ainsley: late july gets even hotter. pete: thanks, adam, appreciate it. the trump administration has been sounding the alarm
3:45 am
about the crisis at the border. for months now democrats like rasheda tlaib are finally on board. >> they are under a lot of trauma that they are in the facility that is dehumanizing. pete: why did she vote against a funding bill to help? former congressman scott taylor is calling her out. he might have a big announcement, too. steve: maybe. ♪ ♪
3:46 am
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♪ carley: good morning. quick headlines to get. to say check your medicine cabinet. some eye drops and ointments sold at walgreen's and walmart. issuing call backs for 23 products because they might not be sterile. officials say the items could lead to life threatening infections. there are no reports yet of anyone infected by these products. and amazon customers can now return unwanted items at kohl's. the two companies rolling out this service nationwide after testing it out in a few cities. kohl's will package and ship returns back to amazon distribution centers.
3:50 am
the department stores expect the program to drive up sales. another reason to go shopping. all right, guys. send it back down to you. steve: we love kohl's cash just saying. ainsley: that's great take your amazon stuff to kohl's and shop at kohl's. steve: bring in scott taylor former virginia congressman and republican and former navy seal as well. good morning. >> good morning good to be with you guys. steve: nancy pelosi and aoc have been going back and forth over the last couple of days over the facts that four progressive congresswoman ilhan omar, aoc, rasheda tlaib and a ona presley all voted against that $4.6 million to help ameliorate the problem at our southern border. obviously it would take a lot more money than that. in the meantime that's all they have got right now. >> sure. steve: they have been trying to explain why they voted against it the four freshman have. what do you make of their argument? >> quite hypocritical.
3:51 am
they didn't vote for humanitarian aid and border security which helped to exacerbate the problem there preaching about how wrong it is yet their actions are contributing to it and quite frankly even more so their policies that contribute to more of a problem at the border. that is things like decriminalizing the illegal crossing into our border or when i was in there they had democrats put forth policies to not detain any pregnant women. now, that shows a lack of understanding of what's going on at the border and how it actually works with the cartels that control plazas. if you put forth a policy that says we won't detain any pregnant women, who do you think the surge is going to be to the border? pregnant women. their lack of action quite frankly is contributing to more dangerous crossings, more deaths on the border and more of a humanitarian crisis. pete: scott, rashed tlaib on a sunday show yesterday tried to explain why she voted against it and the situation at the border. here's what she had to say. >> the mere touch, the mere even me holding the hand
3:52 am
broke them down in tears. that tells you that under a lot of trauma that they are in a facility that is dehumanizing. this is a choice by the current administration. they are choosing to not allow asylum seekers to go through the legal process. i will not vote for something that is broken and deteriorated and is inhumane. it was because we knew this was not the choice that we needed our country to move forward on. there is a better choice. and we have seen it in the 1980s, we need to do better than we are doing now at the border. pete: acknowledges it's overwhelmed but wouldn't fund the solution. >> they didn't do that few months ago when the president said there is a crisis at the border. shows ignorance of history at the border. go back to the last administration and seat crisis unaccompanied minor crisis and see what contributed to that it's policies and statements like this that allow for these cartels that move people to the border that create more of exactly what she says that she wants to prevent. i mean, freed that korea on
3:53 am
cnn asylum laws up 240% people trying to claim asylum from 2014. asylum as you very well know a very small amount of people equally qualify for asylum. see this massive increase because you are having statements and policies put forth by democrats and folks like representative tlaib that's contributing to this humanitarian crisis. ainsley: we saw last week aoc saying like concentration camps or the week before and when congressman woman tlaib was asked about it on sunday shows she says yes, i agree with her. can you react to this story but also you have a big announcement. >> we have a history of me coming up here of course "fox & friends" i have always appreciated you guys you are fantastic and patriots. as i walk around virginia and talk to people in grocery stores and gas stations and beaches. there is a hunger for leadership change in virginia. we have a leadership crisis
3:54 am
in virginia. and we think washington is broken and we need a fresh start in the senate. today i'm announcing that i am going to be the next united states senator from virginia. pete: very cool. by the way, congratulations. that's a big stem. >> thank you. pete: you had the job in the house and now you are running for the senate. lot opponents? steve: i think we know the democrat. >> 12 years is enough. senator warner has been is there 12 years. the "new york times" actually has this quote because they thought that he was going to break this news, this allusion of russia collusion, of course, when he is -- he used the platform of the intelligence community. he is privy to information that we're not classified information and telling the american public and telling virginians that there was collusion and traitor use activity. of course there was not there was no collusion. i think 12 years was enough. and the "new york times" said it best when senator warner has been slogging through the senate with no signature achievements in 12
3:55 am
years. perhaps this job is not for you. steve: i saw a recent poll of people. they said one of the main things that they're disappointed with congress, you know, the house of representatives and the u.s. senate, is the fact that nobody is getting along. nobody is getting anything done because everybody hates each other. how are you going to fix that? >> i think it's a fantastic question. when i was there. we got less than 3% of bills that are introduced into congress become law. we passed two of them in two years to help bring accountability to the veterans affairs and also at the highest levels and pass the alert act save lives across the country. every single bill that i introduced had a democrat co-sponsor. we actively work to bring people together and get things done which is exactly why the virginians sent me there in the first place and exactly why they will send me tout 123459. ainsley: why do you want this job. >> i want to help people and have a seat at the table to move this country from the proper direction. pete: how tight is it in virginia. >> very tight no.
3:56 am
question. we are underdogs. no question. as you very well know we the people have been taking left hooks for years and years and years and we might hit the canvas. we will get up and dust our niece off and move forward. tight race. we will need help from everybody we need from everybody across the united states. it effects you. pete: that's true. every senate race in the country has an impact on america. thank you very much. steve: thank you for announcing on our program. >> always a pleasure. thanks for having me. pete: thank you for your service. ainsley: navy seal. how did mitchel michelle obama really feel about leaving the white house? >> to sort of sit at that inauguration and to look around at a crowd that was not reflective of the country. it was a lot emotionally. steve: the former first lady took a shot at president trump's supporters. you will hear that straight
3:57 am
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4:01 am
pete: deputies say suspects burglarized several homes and cars over the weekend. as of now. they do not have a description for the suspects or know how many they are looking for. i would suspect, guys through the morning we will get more information about that. you want to get those suspect's names and identification out -- >> steve: i don't think we still have received the name of the officer who was killed at this point. ainsley: they probably have to tell the family first and family notified and release that information. i'm sure they have a press conference later. so sad because men and women put on this uniform at night. kiss their family goodbye and go out and put their lives on risk. and individual with no reason at all shoots this officer and takes their life. these families' slifs are changed forever. pete: far too often. steve: we had dan bongino on with us just about an hour ago. he expressed an sentiment about how this line of work is tough not only on the person who puts on the uniform but on their
4:02 am
families as well. >> you have to think that there is a family member now that's gone. what does that mean? that means every holiday. every get together christmas is going to be an empty seat at the table because some maniac decided to take the life of one of our patriots. you know, when you go to work and you are at "roll call," you have absolutely no idea absolutely no idea what's waiting for you that day. and have you no idea that you might not make it home. thankfully not everybody in america has to suffer the consequences of losing a part of their family. these are horrible. pete: regular days, sundays, mondays, fourth of july. they are doing it for all of us. ainsley: for you, for you, for you, and for your family. we thank them. steve: on the 8th day of july. so far 24 members of law enforcement have been killed in the line of duty. pete: god bless every single one of them and their families. ainsley: overnight, the department of justice
4:03 am
re-charging legal team in a final push to add citizenship question to the 2020 census. pete: president is reviewing all. steve: mark is here to break it down. why did they switch teams. >> the justice department is not saying why it's changing out lawyers for the census case. but a department spokesperson says the government is expected to file some new documents involving the matter later today as you guys know this stems from the trump administration's effort to ask respond dents if they are u.s. citizens. the question could entice some people to avoid answering the question or the census all together. the supreme court last month ordered the case be sent back to lower courts but the president says he still wants the question on the census. >> president has expressed determination. the supreme court didn't say this couldn't be asked. they didn't appreciate the process by which it came forward the first time. the president is determined
4:04 am
to fix that and to have it roll forward in the 2020 census. >> the justice department released a statement last night thanking the lawyers who i guess up until now have been working on the census case. the attorney general is confident in the new team though will take the case on from here. steve, ainsley, and pete we will watch to see what happens today. ainsley: they are supposed to file these court papers today. pete: what's clear from the outside is something got messed up here. argument was confusing. so the court rejected not saying you can't do it. they said your argument does not seemed tether to the rationale. steve: five judges said the census act allows for the question. five judges said the rule making that added the question didn't work. so apparently somebody messed up in that particular argument in front of the supreme court. it looks now like they are bringing in another team to clean up the mess. pete: switching lawyers.
4:05 am
ainsley: james vernon former white house lawyer heading up the efforts to get the question on the census. seems like a rationale thing if you need to know the population and congressional lines that you would know who lives in your state. pete: you need to know how many citizens you have. basic reasons of constitutionality. steve: right there. are different uses of -- some places in the constitution it says persons. and in other amendments to the constitution it says citizens. so the message is mixed up. you had a great guest about an hour ago who tried to make it very clear what we are looking at here. pete: her name was let me turn my page here jenna ellis lives rives why we need it it's common sense, watch. >> the executive branch is required to enforce the census and counted the people so we know we can participate in the franchise and have free and fair elections. count the citizens in the
4:06 am
united states. the supreme court should not have required him to even provide any sort of rationale. there is a clear constitutional basis. he is fully within his ability to ask the citizenship question and reinstate it on the census. pete: we have quo equal branches here. the executive is fair to challenge the supreme court. ultimately there is a lot of ambiguity here and point to the constitution. in the 14th amendment, section 2, in the first part, steve, to your point it talks about persons. >> right. pete: in the seconds part it talks about citizens. when the right to vote any election is denied to any citizen of the united states. the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the portion which the number of such citizens shall bear to the whole number of citizens in such state. this was passed before women's suffrage. we shortened this because there is a lot of complications in that ultimately if you get something wrong in counting persons. the fall back is counting citizens. you better know how many persons you have with the census and how many citizens you have. and it's right there in the constitution. it's a really easy argument to make.
4:07 am
ainsley: sounds like based on what the supreme court said something is messed up. they didn't say it's constitutional you said wording? steve: rule making was confusing. pete: yes. rationale. the supreme court is not supposed to take that into account. the supreme court said look whether or not it's constitutional. otherwise, they are use, judicial activism and that's what appeared to happen in this case. steve: right. they said to the trump administration, go -- you know, we are not saying you can't do it. just go back and figure out a better rule because this one we don't like. pete: that's exactly what the trump administration appears they will do one way or another. if it's straightforward as apple pie. are you a citizen of the united states of america as a part of the census. it's easy and everyone gets why that is common sense. ainsley: we were talking about this o'er the fourth of july weekend. we watched the debate a few weeks ago and all those democrats raised their hands saying they wanted to give insurance toil legal immigrants. many people cannot even afford obamacare and their
4:08 am
own insurance. those are people who live here legally. why are democrats pushing for illegals to have so many rights? >> we need comprehensive immigration reform. if you are in this country now, you must have the right to pay into social security, to pay your taxes, to pay into the local school system. >> put undocumented immigrants, as long as they haven't committed a serious crime, on a parv pathway to citizenship. >> it's not a progressive decision finance a common sense thing. when it comes to emergency services, policing services, hospital services, undocumented immigrants here are art path our community have access to those things. >> i think undocumented people need to have a means by which they can be covered when they are sick. steve: you think about where the democratic party is right now as compared to their platform in 2016. the party has taken a super hard left turn. back in 2016, there was no suggestion to decriminalize
4:09 am
illegal border crossings. and there was no support of sanctuary cities. but that's where we are right now. pete: absolutely. decriminalizing the border. providing sanctuary cities. giving driver's license to people in a lot of these places and free healthcare and not checking ids anyway at the poll. rightly question what the motivation is representative tom mcclintock republican from california went straight to that point. here's what he had to say yesterday. >> they have completely alienated middle america. and their future political success depends upon bringing in a new and impoverished population that is susceptible to every empty socialist promise they make. 7.5 billion people live on this planet. most of them live in countries that are impoverished and suffer violence. that doesn't give every person in them the right to come to our country. pete: it's pro-illegality. the belief that no person can be illegal, therefore,
4:10 am
citizenship is unnecessary. that's the mindset now of the new left. that's the four folks we talked about in the house now all the 2020 candidates. guess what snell have a if you have time fighting president trump on that battle. steve: listen, it gives voters a clear choice. a binary choice. ainsley: that's right. steve: president trump stands for this. the democrats stand for that which do you want? check here. ainsley: we all have a heart for those individuals that are trying to have a better life. there are a lot of people that wanted a better life that did it the right way. we have a heart for them, too. it's doing it the right way. pete: get in line, follow the process. don't circumvent it. steve: meanwhile over the weekend saturday at the essence festival down in new orleans, former first lady michelle obama was being interviewed by gayle king and gail asked her some questions about what was it like when you moved out of the white house? she said that her kids felt very sad leaving their house of eight years. and then she did ask a little bit about how she felt about how did the
4:11 am
president trump rolled back a lot of what barack obama and his administration accomplished. and then she -- then she talked a little bit about what it was like on the day that donald trump became president and barack obama became a former president. listen to this. >> that day was very emotional and then to sort of sit at that inauguration and to look around at a crowd that was not reflective of the country. and i had to sit in that audience, one of a handful of people of color and then listen to this speech and all that i had sort of held on to for 8 years watching my husband get raked over thcoals. it was a lot emotionally. pete piatt just imagine in george w. bush had sat on a stage and said i looked out
4:12 am
on that crowd and i saw a group of people i don't even recognize. it doesn't even look like my country. he would never say it. it would never be acceptable. same view here. she is stereotyping people much like the deplorables comment from hillary clinton. ainsley: she says something similar in her book. i hate she is doing that i wish she would take the high road here. what do they say when they go low we go high. i wish she would take the high road. they praised president obama and michelle obama for talking to them on the phone for helping them with the transition and walking them through the white house. when you talk about past presidents or future presidents. if you have been a president or first lady keep it above board. steve: what do you think about her comments? we'll share them later on and also on facebook on this monday morning. pete: the crowd was not reflective of our country. ainsley: of her country. what she wants america to be. steve: 7:12 now here in new york city.
4:13 am
carley has an alert about another country. carley: very important news here, guys. we begin with a fox news alert. iranian leaders say the country is officially enriching uranium to 4.5%. breaking the limits set by the 2015 nuclear deal. president trump warning the nation to, quote: be careful when breaching the cap. by breaking the commitment of the deal iran is one step closer to weapons grade material. european leaders have 60 days to save the deal before they break another limit. an 18-year-old students pilot is killed in a fiery plane wreck in mississippi. beauty queen lake little crashing on a golf course while practicing takeoffs and landings. set to participate in pageant later this month. she dreamed of becoming a professional pilot and was alone when the plane crashed. the ntsb is investigating that wreck. today billionaire hedge fund
4:14 am
manager jeffrey epstein is expected in court. the registered sex offender arrested in new york over the weekend on new sex trafficking charges. they stem from the allegations of trafficking underaged girls from his new york and florida homes in the 2,000s. epstein was sentenced to 13 months in prison on similar charges in 2008 in florida. stop what you are doing and watch this adorable video. an atlanta military mom giving her son a surprise he will never forget. 10-year-old jamari davis' mom waiting for him at his scuba class. the two had been separated for seven months when she was deployed in afghanistan on christmas day. just take a look at that video and that scuba gear is just about as big as he is. how cute is that? ainsley: i mean, my goodness. we are tarnts. carley you are going to understand one day you love your children so much to be without them for months. this is what they do for us.
4:15 am
carley: amazing. pete: out of the water and pops up and there is mom. steve: looks familiar. ainsley: thanks, carley. 14 minutes after the top of the hour. have you heard about this? a woman gives birth to someone else's baby. steve: how does that work? ainsley: she thought she was delivering her baby. big mixup. how does this happen? we will talk about it coming up. ♪ most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination. most people haven't driven a lincoln. discover the lincoln approach to craftsmanship at the lincoln summer invitation. right now, get 0% apr on all 2019 lincoln vehicles plus no payments for up to 90 days. only at your lincoln dealer.
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that was easy! glad i could help. at xfinity, we're here to make life simple. easy. awesome. so come ask, shop, discover at your xfinity store today. ainsley: this is a shocking new lawsuit. a couple is suing a fertility clinic in california after claiming they gave birth to somebody else's babies. fertility treatment resulted in two female embryos for the couple. soon sonograms started to show they were pregnant with twin boys that were not gwinnett particularly related to them. the couple then to make matters worse give those babies back to their blige parents. here to weigh in dr. shepard. good morning to you dr. shepard. >> good morning. ainsley: how in the world does this happen? a nightmare for the mother or both parents. >> ifully any standpoint. even as a physician, as a mom this is a nightmare on
4:20 am
all fronts. you know, hearing the story initially, this is something that obviously we know in this world is very rare. but, it can happen, so, you know, assistive reproductive technology is something that helps up to 1 to 2% of births that are in the united states. so, 1 to 2% births are from some type of assistive productive technology. infertility impacts one in eight couples. this is the no something that is going to effect a few people here and there. this is a large representative of people that use these services. i will say from a physician standpoint from the actual retraction to retrieval to transfer there are so many steps involved through that process whether it's with the jennette cyst or lab technician. but we all do have a responsibility to ensure that the actual transfer is going to the right person. now, the association of
4:21 am
society of reproductive medicine actually stated recently in an article. any fertility clinic they have to immediately give any innovation if they think that there is going to be some mix-up with the transfer to a different parent. ainsley: dr. shepard, what happened here this woman had gone through so many different steps to get pregnant. continued to fail. then they had spent $100,000. they hear this is a mecca of reproductive facility out in california. they fly all the way across the country. they have their female embryos, she requested that those be implanted in her. two of them. then they start to get the ultrasound and the ultrasound says these are boys. she is saying what? the doctor said hold on sometimes we get it wrong. the boys are delivered and they realized they put in two eggs that were males but belonging to two different parents. how do we know if women out there are going through this that they're going to get the right eggs? >> that's the thing as far as reassurance we want patients to know when they
4:22 am
go to the fertility clinic utmost responsibility from the clinicians and others to make sure this type of mistake does not happen. as far as reassurance we want moms and couples and anyone out there using assistive reproductive technology. this can happen. it's very rare. there is always the legal and social challenges that come. ainsley: they are suing big time. >> oh, absolutely. ainsley: i'm sure they will win this case. the couple was asian-american. the babies are born of a different skin color. two different families and they had to give them back to those respective parents. do you agree with that? >> yeah. and that's what, you know, when we look at asrm and what their declines are and what the implications can be biologically those kids belong to someone else. that is a heart breaking thing that we see. sometimes we don't account for the emotional trauma that these parents have to go through. also the blig biological.
4:23 am
ainsley: targeted and killed simply for wearing the police uniform. sergeant says this will keep happening if something doesn't change. that warning as we remember their sacrifices. that's next.
4:24 am
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4:26 am
steve: now time for news by the numbers. the first number 8, as in 8 years. that's how long it took to get this fugitive, that man right there, behind bars. authorities arresting michael strain at a montana ranch. he has been wanted since 2011 after being indicted on federal weapons charges
4:27 am
captured. >> next number 21. how many beaches toxic algae is shutting down in mississippi. which is all of them. people risk getting seriously sick if they go into the water. seasonably warm water mixing with the mississippi river water floodwaters being blamed for the rapid algae growth which is shutting down all the beaches. finally 232 pounds that's how much this record-breaking carp. look at the size of that thing reportedly weighs. massive fish was caught in thailand by a british man who said it took almost an hour and a half to reel in that giant beast. that, pete, is some your news by the numbers. pete: that is a beast. thank you, steve. as police search for suspects in the murder of a georgia sheriff's deputy overnight we covered that on the show. we remember the ambush that took the lives of five of our nation's heroes. dallas police officers killed in what was the deadliest attack on law enforcement since 9/11. police later learned the gunman was motivated by strong police hatred.
4:28 am
an issue that continues to create problems for a law enforcement today. for here to react is dallas police sergeant and president of the dallas police association michael matta. sergeant, thank you very much for joining me this morning. i know you have a heavy heart as you reflect on that day three years ago. >> yes. and thank you for having me. pete: of course. >> it's been a rough week and rough day. >> what are you remembering about those five officers that put on the uniform every day and that day, like any other, not sure what they will face and unfortunately they met an ambush from a cop killer. >> right. well, they were all the pure definition of what we expect in a police officer, especially in the dallas police officer. they were all well-liked. well-known. one of them was actually my partner for a short period of time. and so it touched a lot of officers throughout the department. everyone in the department knew them or knew most of them. and so, again, we are just
4:29 am
numb. every time this anniversary comes. pete: sergeant again this morning we're waking up to the terrible news of another officer shot in georgia. have we wrapped our arms around this anti-police sentiment that seems to have been too pervasive around our country? >> no. we really haven't. and, what is sad is i think the worse is yet to come. because this narrative that police are out there killing people every day is so untrue. and it is still being pushed by select groups across the country. that's a narrative that has to change. police are out there protecting the public. we are not out there killing them in the streets. pete: of course. sergeant, what has your department tried to do over the last three years to change the public in dallas' perception of your police force? >> that's what was very disturbing about what happened on july 7th, three years ago. the class police department, the city of dallas, we have
4:30 am
an amazing relationship with the community. we have been doing community outreach programs for years, well over 10 to 15 years. and so the fact that this happened in the city of dallas, in a city that we have always had a very good and tight relationship with our community, that's what was most shocking. we pay for the ills and the sins of another part of this united states, and unfortunately, we lost five officers because of it. >> we saw another example over the weekend. covered it on the weekend program "fox & friends" location in starbucks in tempe, arizona. six officers. one individual complained that six police officers were in that particular starbucks. they were asked to leave. starbucks has thankfully since apologized. is that indicative of the same view that still exists in our country. >> it is. it is shameful. i know these officers. they were regulars there they knew the barista who asked them to leave or to
4:31 am
get out of the point of view of this person who complained. at what point are we going to look at people and say you know what? let's wake up. let's wake up and understand what officers do every day. they risk their lives for people they don't know and they do it because they love their community. it was an insult. it was an insult not just to those six officers that were in starbucks but every single officer out there that risk their life and wants to be a part and needs to be a part of the community. for one person to say you know what? i don't like you because of what you wear offends me. i think that's very sad in this country. steve: sergeant, does it make you a feel a little bit better that starbucks came out immediately without caveats and said this is wrong. we apologize? >> absolutely. that's exactly what these companies need to do when they see something that just on face value is just, you know, it's just against what we all stand for. and that's inclusion. especially inclusion of those people who risk their lives.
4:32 am
it's not just police officers. it's firemen. it's nurses who go out there and they help the public and every time they can. yet some point somebody needs to tell a person who has a complaint like this. you know what? those are people, too. they are your neighbors. they are your son's coaches. they are your daughter's you know, girl scout leader. we're just like every citizen out there. we are normal human beings, the difference is we do risk our lives for people we don't even know. pete: when something goes wrong in their lives. the people they need precise folks they are protesting against or taking violent actions against. sergeant michael matta, we know you still wear the uniform this morning. we know you have a heavy heart. hope everyone remembers 7/7 in dallas. thank you for your public service and being such a public advocate. we appreciate it? >> thank you for having me. pete: you got it. baseball's best are in cleveland today for the all-star game. not the only big names in
4:33 am
town. abby hornacek is live with the celebrity all-star game coming up next. >> how did you prepare for this game? it's a big deal. >> i didn't. i have been lifting and eating right since i complitted to this last week. i plan on going back-to-back mvp. cleveland vs. the world. no matter what we will win. if you live with diabetes, why fingerstick when you can scan? with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes.
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with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at
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we could be heroes ♪ me and you ♪ we could be steve: ed henry is a hero for all of us for what he will do tomorrow to help his sister colleen. ainsley: he announced it over the weekend when he was aanchorring with pete. pete: knea few of us know. his sister has hereditary liver disease. ed henry is a smash. he made the decision to getting in the fighting shape you need to be to have this major surgery and donate 30% of his liver to his sister. steve: you don't give up your whole liver. you need part of it. it can regenerate. pete: it regenerates. it's a process to get back on your feet or healthy. ainsley: if he gives 30 or 40% of her liver it grows back. pete: for him and gives her liver a chance to heal. he is very rightfully emotional about it yesterday on the program when he announced it to all the
4:38 am
viewers. here is a part of what our good friend and colleague had to say yesterday. ed: i'm going to donate a part of my liver on tuesday. [crying] pete: for our viewers you have had a heavy heart rightfully so. your sister colleen has a liver disorder a and you as her brother is decided to step up and donate. ed: it's been a long journey. it's good to talk about it. i hope it helps people. there a lot of people who need organ donation. she is on the national list it. takes a long time. we don't know. i just got to try to help. and it will speed it up. but, she gamed it out and said it was amazing. gratitude was amazing. but, wait, if we do, this your birthday, you will be recovering during your birthday. and i said yeah, the doctors told me my birthday is ruined this year. but don't worry, i have a birthday next year. she laughed and said stop,
4:39 am
stop. in all seriousness, i was trying to bring humor to it because i will have another birthday next year. and the most important part is my sister is going to have a whole bunch of birthdays coming up. and that's great. ainsley: y'all pray for him. the surgery is tomorrow it. is a serious surgery. even though the results will probably be -- everyone will be okay. and her life will be spared because of this. it is serious. any surgery is. y'all say a prayer for him. steve: it's a major surgery for both of them. i saw on your program yesterday, did you have a doctor who explained the process and this is what ed is going to go through and this is what their livers are going to go through. >> this is a big surgery for you. and the good news is that in 2019, the technology is well-refined. he is going to be losing 30s%, 40% of his liver. his sister is going to be getting that part. it knows exactly how much space to grow into within several weeks a repeat cat
4:40 am
scan or mri, you will see that this small piece of a liver will feel the space, stops growing, functioning perfectly, and it is an absolute miracle. ainsley: the human body is incredible. he did say he talked to his wife and kids. is he a father. he has to think about that. they all said you have got to do this, dad. we support you. pete: the human body is incredible and so is the human soul and heart and the love he has for his sister. the willingness to be out of a career that he loves for a while in order to do it. there is risks involved. thankfully it's a 9 type of surgery. things should go well. prayers will be appreciated. ed henry is a good man. ainsley: how long will he be out? pete: we don't know yet. god bless him in how is he doing. thinking about him and praying for him today and tomorrow. ainsley: takes a really special person. steve: can you read what's going through his head and prognosis and what lies ahead for him at ed wrote an op-ed i'm
4:41 am
becoming a liver donor for the sister i love so she can live a long, healthy life. ainsley: did he lighten up and laugh a little with you, pete. he challenged you. y'all are like brothers. you challenge each other out on the fox square all the time. pete: he is going to come back with like a rejuvenated robot body that's been reborn. steve: 6-million-dollar man. ainsley: i'm giving my organ what organ are you going to give. pete: not today. he doesn't want my liver, i will tell you that. ainsley: carley is over there, she has headlines for us. carley: is he fantastic. article is so good. jet ski. an american couple rented in barbados is found weeks. no signs of the missing couple from new jersey. they were both wearing life jackets taking the jet ski out to sea. they found the jet ski hundreds of miles away in
4:42 am
gwatney da loop. they were last seen on june 24th. musical festival changes course coming under fire for race-based pricing system. afro future fest was offering half price tickets of 10 bucks to people of color upcoming event in detroit. the policy was meant to inensure marginalized communities meant to attend. after a series of backlash including a by racial rapper pulling out there. is now a set admission price of $20 with a suggested donation for non-people of color. sitting in a boat striking a dock. watch this. the bolt sending sparks flying at a yacht club in south boston. that boat was supposed to be in a race over the weekend. luckily nobody was on board. athletes, actors, mascots and even presidential candidates have all accepted the bottle cup challenge.
4:43 am
now a pop star is taking the latest internet sensation to a whole new level carrie singing the cap right off the bottle there, it is unclear exactly how she worked that magic. it's obvious she sung the bottle cap off. ainsley: how did she do it fishing line glued to the top? ainsley: that's really funny. steve: just a little magic. ainsley: she is known to hit that high note. pete: do you know how many kicks it would take to kick it off the bottle. carley: i would love for you to try. pete: bottle flips. that no way. ainsley: unscrew the whole thing one kick. pete: that's not true. ainsley: right? it's true. pete: it's barely true.
4:44 am
ainsley: it's not true. can we cu queue up the video you? can see the original one see it spinning and flies off. pete: you should try it on the show. ainsley: watch this: it spins all the way off. watch. boom. i told you. but is he like a can you think if you fighter he has major experience doing. this. pete: there you go. we have solved. this. steve: we 100 percent can't do that. meanwhile, what we can do is tell you about. this major league baseball's 90th all-star game is tomorrow. the festivities are already underway bringing together some very big names. ainsley: fox nation abby hornacek has it all from progressive field. hey, be ay. >> hey, guys, how are you doing? it is beautiful here in cleveland, ohio the wind is expected to pick up tonight. we will see how that fairs with the home run derby. we quick things off with the
4:45 am
celebrity home one. team cleveland vs. team worlds. team cleveland made up of all the talents from cleveland. we actually had time to catch up with some of them before the game. check it out. >> what does it mean for you to be back here in cleveland? >> i love coming home. i have got a free hotel. see my relatives. >> how did you prepare for this? this is a big game. this is a big deal. >> i didn't. if they are hoping for something big for me, they are making a mistake. >> i have been training three times every single day lifting and eating right since i committed to this last week. i have been preparing for a long time. >> my son ohio used to pitch to his whole whole. just turned 20. i forced him to pitch to me, practice with me. that's the great thing about this bring people together. >> are you nervous. >> yes. i think it's because i'm out of my element but i like it. different kind of nerve. >> i'm coming back here to
4:46 am
my hometown of cleveland, ohio, and i plan of going back-to-back mvp cleveland vs. the world. no matter what we will win and dominate. >> he talking a lot of trash saying is he going to steal mvp i think you have a leg up. >> [inaudible] i just hope he has the game to back up his talking because he has been doing a lot of it. >> looking back at your career, what's your favorite moment. >> oh my god so many. four world championships. i have a batting title. i have a gold glove for defense. there is so many great moments in the 16-year career with the new york yankees it's hard to pick and choose. >> it's a dream come true as a kid. i grew up in the 1990s watching all these legends but the '97 all-star game i was at that game as a kid 8 years old. that made my life complete. for it to come full circle and now giving me the opportunity to wear one of these jerseys during all-star week is pretty cool experience. ♪
4:47 am
>> yeah, guys, a good mix of legends, bernie williams tommy and simone. the didn't win world won 21-16. that's what happens when you talk a lot of smack. pete: i was hoping you were going to interview brian kilmeade that's why he was out playing the celebrity game. maybe next year. >> yeah, next year for sure. steve: you don't have to waited until next year. today you can check out her program on fox nation it's called ride to work. she has actually driven me around the building in a terrifying 15-minute ride. ainsley: you are pretty funny when you do it. you are doing a great job. love it. >> thank you. it's hard to focus and talk. safety first. always. steve: indeed. pete: steve, when she drove you it didn't look like. ainsley: she talks about driving with heller eyes closed.
4:48 am
thanks, abby. steve: check it out on fox nation. brett kavanaugh's confirmation was one of the most emotional hearings in history. now we are getting emotional look inside the process including threats one u.s. senator faired even before she voted. ainsley: mollie hemingway and carrie si have the story coming up next. ♪ ♪ chugga-chugga, charles! my man! hilda, i like the new do. got some layers in there, huh? the more, the merrier. got to have this stuff in the morning. oh, that's too hot. act your age. get your own insurance company. carlo, why don't you start us with a little bit of cereal? you can spread it all around the table. and we're gonna split the warm hot dog. and i'll have a glass of grape juice to spill on the carpet. oh, uh, do you want some to spill? act your age. get your own insurance company.
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♪ >> we never expected that it would devolve into this. explaining this to our daughters has been about the worst experience of our lives. little liza all of 10 years old said to ashley we should pray for the woman. that's a lot of wisdom from a 10-year-old why mean no ill will. ainsley: wow. hard to watch that isn't it, if you are a parent. brett kavanaugh's confirmation as supreme court justice was one of the most tumultuous in history. pete: now our next guest are examining that fierce fight to take down justice kavanaugh in new book justice on trial.
4:53 am
steve: mollie hemingway and carrie investor reno joins us now severino joins us now. >> we wrote this book because what happened with the kavanaugh nomination was one of the most important things to happen in the country. millions of americans were horrified as they saw what happened not just to this man but what was happening to justice itself. we interviewed 100 people including the president and other key figures at the white house. supreme court justices, dozens of senators to get this exclusive, inside look at what happened and why it was so important. and we learned, you know, we were both involved in the kavanaugh confirmation. i covered the story. but we were shocked by what we didn't know and what we learned. pete: that's what i'm going to ask, carrie. i feel like i know the story because we watched it unfold in front of us. there is a bigger story behind the scenes. >> one of the stories we saw was a story of courage on a lot of the levels. courage of the president a
4:54 am
lot of people said with some support a lot of times president also give up on something like this and cut and run. he didn't. he stuck behind his nominee. this courage of people like ashley kavanaugh who was such an amazing force and strength for her own family and for even the people around her even though she was the one going through this and you talk about being the parent of children and what she this to go through. susan collins, what a courageous stand that she was willing to take with a lot of bullying going on there was some really amazing stories of courage. ainsley: mollie, before you all got together to write this book were you all friends in washington, d.c. or how did you decide to write this book. >> we knew each other a little bit. we went into it without knowing what it would be like to work together. we had a blast. we did have a lot of access. we were very appreciative to to have that. >> really cautionary tale. you thought that was something to see wait until the next one. >> this is replacing kennedy who was a swing vote with a trump nominee.
4:55 am
imagine if the next justice ginsburg replacing her with any nominee off of the trump's list would be a seed change on the court. i think that's what is so important to see what happened before so we can learn the lessons now. >> get the factual accounting one of the things so horrible about what was going on the advocacy rule that the media played. basically running part of the anti-kavanaugh process. being able to get the actual facts out. what actually happened and what was significant and being able to tell stories that the media, frankly were covering up. steve: what actual advice did he get going in from people trying to shepard him through the process. >> he got a lot of the conflicting advice. he came out of the bush administration which had a certain way of being. he was a trump nominee. one advisors you are a trump nominee you need to fight like it. he clearly did take that course and no option at some point they were actually out to completely destroy the man's life. he was fighting for his own name. pete: that was a powerful
4:56 am
moment when he came out and really punched back. was that decision decision? did someone else make that call? why was that the approach he took. >> so many great stories we tell. that was one we loved learning about. is the inside him, again, this is conflicting advice. and then at the last moment right before his testimony, really the room was cleared and saying okay, how -- this is basically you. this is your moment to save the nomination. that was a really significant moment it's a powerful one. pete: now or never. ainsley: mollie, do you think this changed the course or the way we will see trials in the future. >> that's the reason we thought it was important to write "justice on trial." we know this is the way things if they had suck succumbed. it's important for people to know what's going on with the activism on the left. pete: new book "justice on
4:57 am
trial" goes on sale tomorrow. >> thank you very much. pete: joe biden goes on apology tour too little too late? steve: joe lieberman weighs weis in on that in about 10 minutes. >> with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. . . may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be. otezla. show more of you. ♪
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5:00 am
tell congress, "end surprise billing, and don't let insurance companies put profits over patients. paid for by physicians for fair coverage. steve: 8:00 in new york city. within the last hour a urgent manhunt for a armed and dangerous land as person of interest in handcuffs. it is unclear if that person will be charged. all of this coming after a young georgia deputy was shot and killed in the line of duty overnight. ainsley: the sheriff's office says the deputy was chasing a stolen vehicle when it crashed near atlanta. he returned fire when the suspects began shooting. their condition is not own at this point. the deputy has not been eitherfied. >> the agency as a whole is taking it hard as any law enforcement agency does when it
5:01 am
loses a law enforcement officer or deputy, processes through that but no closure now withs is special on the loose. pete: deputies say they burglarized several homes. several persons are being interviewed according to officials. yet another individual doing work for us, under attack for just doing his job. ainsley: this is the northern part of georgia, northeast of atlanta. steve: around the gainesville area. terrible story. one suspect is in the hospital. it is unclear exactly their condition, but clearly they would be able to talk to that person to try to figure out who else is involved as they try to continue the manhunt. we talked to dan bongino 90 minutes ago. as terrible as this story is, something we talk about way too often. 24 members of law enforcement have been killed in the line of duty this year. it impacts their families in a
5:02 am
very profound way obviously. >> you have to think there is a family member that is gone. what does that mean? it means every holiday, every get together, thanksgiving or christmas will be an empty seat at the table because some maniac decided to take the life of one of our patriots. when you go to work at roll call, you have absolutely no idea what is waiting for you that day. you have absolutely no idea that you might make it home. thankfully most people employed in america don't suffer consequences losing that, one of their partners. these stories are really horrible. ainsley: we don't know all the details. it was a youngster, think about that, sacrificing his or her life at such a young age. clothes are still hanging in the closet. families are getting word their lives are changed forever. pete: sheriff's deputies, stolen car they get fairly regularly. all the time. every perresponding today in the
5:03 am
back of their mind that could have been me. it is part of the calculation. it happens way too often. it is the third anniversary of the dallas shooting. 7/7. i talked to one of the police sergeants there. they are still feeling the impact of losing those five patriots. the reason we cover it on this program is a patriot serving their community. ainsley: thank you for you who put on the uniform for all of us. steve: that is our lead story. let's talk about what happens down in washington. whatever the to see, it is interesting in the nancy pelosi runs into alexandria ocasio-cortez in the hall. they had some back and forth where nancy pelosi was interviewed on the west coast, by maureen dowd, it showed up in her column yesterday. she said things that show there is the vision, within the democratic party. pete: not clear they would be
5:04 am
happy to see each other. ainsley: we know republicans and democrats are divided. now the democrats are divided. this is what she said in the op-ed. it is titled, it is nancy pelosi's parade. what nancy told maureen dowd, all these people have their public, whatever, their twitter world. they didn't have any following. they are four people. that is how many votes they got. if the left doesn't think i'm left enough, so be it. we have to have a solution, not just a twitter fight. pete: this fight is centered on the bored he fight. she she believes she still has the votes. steve: on twitter, aoc had a number of tweets and the latest one apparently is, i find it strange when members act as though social media isn't important. they spend millions of dollars on fire to run tv ads so people can see their message.
5:05 am
i have not dialed for dollars once this year, have more time to actually do my job. yet we would rather campaign like it is 2018. yesterday, you may have seen this, when nancy pelosi mentioned all these people have their public whatever, then aoc come back, said that public whatever is called public sentiment, which is clearly a shot at nancy pelosi, which politics can be a lagging indicator. political power in washington which nancy pelosi currently has, could be indicative of power she once had and democrat party that once existed. the candidate are endorsing aoc's "green new deal," "medicare for all," bernie sanders style socialism. which is what alexandria ocasio-cortez talks about. who has more power? it is not clear. ainsley: maureen says, some top democrats who called me before the 2018 midterms urged me to write a column saying it was
5:06 am
time for nancy pelosi to go. they admit they were wrong and they love the way she put together a winning coalition and gotten into trump's head. steve: here is the whole thing. we're in the primary season. although no voting happened yet. traditionally during the primaries, if you're a republican you go pretty far to the right, you come back to the center for a general. if you're a democrat you go to the left, until the general, you go in the center. they carved out these 2020 candidates for president have carved out such far left positions on different things like decriminalizing illegal border crossings, free health care for illegals. it is hard to see how they go from so far left, back in the middle where the moderates and independence will actually support them. pete: it is also shocking that we believe nancy pelosi is a voice moved race in the modern democratic party. steve: shows you how far things have come. pete: she also in the article,
5:07 am
ainsley, she spent her 4th of july, nancy pelosi, rereading the mueller report. sounds to me like a heck of a 4th of july. ainsley: she is looking for something. pete: i have to read the mueller report. more russia. ainsley: it is so interesting how our country changed, the left changed, when bernie ran, he said socialist, what, does he know what socialism? most of the candidates are for that, we want to give illegal immigrants insurance. that was the talk a lot of people i was with talking about that. pete: part of the reason bernie is not breaking through like in '16 they're all bernie. ainsley: joe biden was supposed to be like nancy, more centrist. pete: joe lieberman will be on to hear what biden is facing. ainsley: how far left will he go to win? pete: he doesn't know what to stand for because he is not left enough, steve, as you said earlier. steve: we'll see what happens. the president called off i.c.e.
5:08 am
raids couple weeks ago. i will give congress two weeks or so, to figure out how to close the loopholes to do something about the amnesty, rather the asylum programs in this country, which are mandated by law. so it now sounds according to the acting direct are to have u.s. citizenship, immigration services, ken cuccinelli, who used to be the attorney general for the great commonwealth of virginia, sounds like they're on the verge of starting the raids again. watch this? ainsley: he was on with dana perino. watch this. >> people in the house come down and complain about them keep coming while not helping fix the problem. it is the height of hypocrisy. there is about a million, approximately million people in this country who already have removal orders. they have been all the way through an extremely generous due process pipeline. had removal orders. this is just what i.c.e. is supposed to do. the fact that we have fallen to
5:09 am
the point where we're talking about it like it is news tells how far that we have fallen in the enforcement side. it is the most violated federal court order in america. pete: talking about folks that have final removal orders. they broke the law once. now they're breaking it again, because they have stayed too long. we identified who they are. this is what i said. this is their job. the left may want to abolish i.c.e. reality, federal agency does interior enforcement. they are going to do it. ainsley: a harvard "harris poll" asked folks, asked you, should the administration move ahead with roundup of illegal immigrants. 51% said yes, 49% said no. it is about 50/50. >> nine in 10 trump supporters said deport them. voters that supported hillary clinton not likely to support deportation. ainsley: if they're not criminals, we don't want them to deported. pete: they want to make them a path to citizenship. ainsley: people would say they
5:10 am
criminals they did that illegally. pete: but that is what democrats want to get rid of, want to make it a civil offense rather than criminal offense. ainsley: correct. steve: all these people mr. cuccinelli referring to have been through the court system. all the cases have been adjudicated. they know one day there could be a knock at the door. that could come sooner than later. pete: they're not going to tell us when it is. that is not how they do things. usually a quiet process. steve: although the president tweeted it out, talked a little bit about it. then somebody, somebody leaked it to the press and then they pulled the plug on it. ainsley: roy is the chief, a chief border patrol agent, tucson sector, will come on the show at 8:20. this is what he posted on twitter. >> a lot of information that don't allow people to brush their teeth. this is toothbrush preloaded with toothpaste. it is readily available.
5:11 am
fresh water is provided by regular basis at a watercooler. steve: talking about the facility being provided to people that are being detained. president said yesterday, as he was about to get on to marine one, to go on air force one to return to washington, d.c., he was going to invite members of the press to go down to take a look at the detention facilities. it will be interesting. we've, couple weeks ago we already made a request, we would like to go down. we would like to speak to some of the detainees. ainsley: not a lot of video inside the facilities. nice he is taking us inside. pete: there is so much disingenuous misinformation. aoc, rashida tlaib, they're drinking from the toilet. not being taken care of. like concentration camps. using the word, content operation camps. these amazing men and women serving our country, not
5:12 am
supposed to be taking care of men, women, babies. to impugn them they're trying to mistreat people, totally miss representative cents. you met these guys. their heart is in the right place. ainsley: you always want to know what your tax dollars are being used for. emergency money congress passed last week, democrats were onboard, $4.6 billion. on june first there were 2500 kids in custody. this past saturday, about a month later, 350 in custody. only 20 in custody for three days. the money is going to good use. republicans say, send more money to improve the facilities. steve: this has become a political issue. depending whether you're blue or red, you have a certain prism you look at regarding this. but you look at those images of all the people crowded into those detention centers. there's a problem. it is a bad problem. pete: everyone acknowledges that. steve: both sides in washington need to figure out how to fick
5:13 am
it. ainsley: hopefully they will. let's hand it over to carley, with headlines. carley: heartwrenching story. a 18-month-old girl died from falling from a cruise ship. she was dangled out after window while it was docked. according to reports she slipped from his hand and fell 11 stories on to concrete. she was on vacation with her family. police are calling it a tragic accident, they have not filed charges. recovery efforts underway in southern california, when it was rocked by back-to-back earthquakes. scientists warning another potential quake could come as soon as this week. new video showing the moment a family inside after laundromat frantically runs out of the door. part of the ceiling collapsing seconds after a boy carry as little girl to safety. look at that. kevin spacey could meet his accuser face-to-face in
5:14 am
massachusetts courtroom. the man who claims the actor sexually assaulted him at a bar three years ago may be forced to testify if he can't find his missing cell phone. spacey's lawyer say they need to recover deleted text messages that may help his case. a judge ruling the accuser must appear in cut today. if he cannot turn it over. team usa is making its way back home right now following historic victory at the women's world cup in france. >> looking, cutting, goal! 2-0 u.s.! carley: the u.s. beating the netherlands 2-0. winning second straight title. they will celebrate with a victory parade in new york city on wednesday. so a big day and a big win -- ainsley: good for them. hate that they got political but glad they won. go usa.
5:15 am
steve: carley, thank you. joe biden apologizing on the campaign trail over the weekend on comment about working with segregationist senators in the past. >> was i wrong two weeks ago? yes i was. i'm sorry for the pain and misconception and- [applause] ainsley: but is it too little too late? joe lieberman knows biden pretty well. he is on deck. steve: morning, joe. ♪
5:16 am
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5:19 am
♪ >> was i wrong two weeks ago? yes, i was. i regrets it. and i'm sorry for your pain and on this mill perception. -- misperception. -- do it before 2008. making a judgment about my record, my character, my ability to handle the job with anyone. steve: former vice president joe biden apologizing on the campaign trail about his remark working with segregation its, while defending himself from the attack of fellow democratic hopefuls. joe lieberman was a democratic nominee on the 2,000 ticket.
5:20 am
he joins us now. >> good morning, steve. steve: great to have you. what do you think about joe biden. he said initially he would not apologize, but now he is apologizing. >> apologizing goes this was not humiliating one. basically he was saying, sometimes in the united states senate and in government, if you want to make it work, to solve people's problems you have to work with people you don't agree with on everything else. it would have been one thing if he voted as segregationist, he never did. the reason i say it was not really awful apology, and he lowered himself, if you listen to that, those comments he basically said, if you misunderstood me and thought i was somehow embracing segregation, i apologize because that is not what i intended to do. look at my record. that is his strength. look at the fact i was good
5:21 am
enough for barack obama, the first african-american president of the united states, so give me a break essentially he was saying. steve: reason everybody was talking about that, after his debate performance and kamala harris came after him regarding the seg mitigation it comments, he said he wasn't expecting it. she said, look, that was in the news a lot. she was shocked he wasn't ready for it. >> as he said in an interview he did last week he didn't expect it to come from her. this is joe biden, because he knows her, she knows him, she knew his son bo. they were both attorneys general. this is campaign. joe knows that. campaigns today are particularly tough. she an opportunity or moment, he didn't respond as well as he could have, should have have, i hope and believe he will do better next time. as a leader they will come after
5:22 am
them. steve: what do you make of your party shifting apparently in such a public way so far to the left? >> well you know in congress, particularly in the selection of a presidential candidate these are really historic times for the democratic party. it will say what kind of party it is and if the democratic party becomes the choice of candidate for president or by the policies that follows in congress a far-left party, or revolutionary party, instead after center-left party or traditional democratic party that gets things, it will not win. the democrat won the house last time because they ran a lot of center-left candidates in swing districts. i thought nancy pelosi's interview over the weekend was so important because she basically took on the three or four far-left members of the house democratic caucus.
5:23 am
that bill the house adopted on border security, immigration was a good bill. steve: but they are, the people who voted against it are defending that stance. what are you going going to do. >> they're wrong. steve: joe, thank you very much. >> thank you, steve, good to be with you. you'll ask... what pain? with advil liqui-gels.
5:24 am
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5:26 am
ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. a urgent manhunt for armed and dangerous suspects land as person of interest in cuffs. pete: right now it is unclear if he will be charged. this comes after a young georgia deputy was shot and killed overnight. steve: kaitlin pratt joins us with live developments from the case. reporter: good morning to you. a sad morning here in hall
5:27 am
county georgia. bit of the landscape, we're a hour north of atlanta, this area is with wineries, lakes, so this is surprising. late last night a car had been stolen, came up flagged for deputies here in the area. they tried to stop it, and that chase came to a crashing end behind me here in this residential neighborhood. just in the last hour 1/2, after eight hours of hiding, a person of interest in this situation cuffed in front of our cameras, taken into custody. he is just being called a person of interest right now, but it is believed to have been in that vehicle, a vehicle that fled deputies last night. once it came to a crashing halt, that is when everyone inside bailed, running away from deputies. they were all armed. deputies gave chase. that's when that running gunfight happened.
5:28 am
as a result, one deputy only described at this point as young, ended up passing away at the hospital. a person he, police believe shot, one of the suspects, also at that very same hospital. his condition unclear right now. so, while the gbi, the georgia bureau of investigation is looking into that police shooting, there was another investigation, an intense one happening right now. the search for the other people in that car. >> agency as a whole is taking it hard as any law enforcement agency does when it loses an officer or deputy, processing through that. no closure now with suspects still on the loose. reporter: as you heard, the entire department still processing all of this while trying to find those remaining burglary suspects. the reason they're so concerned,
5:29 am
these guys believed to have been behind a number of robberies this past weekend, robberies in which guns were stolen. so they're considered armed and dangerous. at this point police don't know how many people they're looking for. they're counting on the person of interest help them get the rest of those suspects. it is latest here in hall county, georgia. i'm kaitlin pratt. back to you. pete: tough story. any sense we hear back from police and law enforcement for an update. steve: particularly the name of the young officer? reporter: we've been told that right now they're trying to contact his family members. you got to feel for them of course. then also the sheriff has promised to talk with media later on this morning. we're of course looking forward to hearing from him, learning more about this young man on his department. steve: live in gainesville, georgia. thank you very much. pete: tough stuff. as the summer heats up a disturbing trend emerging in
5:30 am
florida. for the second time in a week, police discovered alligators speeding on human corpses. a 16-year-old boy found in the jaws of a alligator july 4th. ainsley: they found the foot in stomach of an alligator right there. steve: what could behind these insights, animal expert jeff corwin. he joins us via skype. what do you make of these two cases? >> alligators are predators. the watery world of florida is their habitat. i think, steve, it is very possible that these tragic victims expired from other means, not from alligators, because not only alligators very good predators and hunters, they will also be very good scavagers. so it is very possible someone could drown by other means, find
5:31 am
themselves in alligator habitat, be potentially consumed. ainsley: do we know about these individuals how they died if you don't think they were killed by alligator? 16-year-old jarvis delafrd, the 45-year-old, his name was michael ford ii. do we know anything about them or how they died? >> ainsley, i don't know the backstory of these folks. this is something i'm adding from the point of as a naturalist, biologist of alligator behavior. it is possible that they could have been preyed upon. people have been eaten by alligators when they have been hunted by alligators. it is a very rare, rare occurrence but many times alligators will take advantage of a food source that has been previously deceased and even if that food source is decomposed, it is not a problem for an alligator. they have a incredibly robust immune system. pete: jeff, florida has a very
5:32 am
large alligator population, 1.3 million alligators throughout the 67 counties in florida. there is statewide nuisance alligator program in 2018, there were almost 15,000 complaints and over 8,000 alligators removed. are humans and alligators interacting more often just by population growth? is there a reason why we might see more of this. >> that is an excellent question and an excellent observation. the truth is, is alligator populations have exploded. what you need to keep in mind is that alligators just a few decades ago were critically endangered. they are one of our greatest conservation success stories, to the point now they are no longer endangered. this animal can be hunted and considered a resource but every month over 3,000 people move to
5:33 am
florida. and as the population of these two pinnacle species, human beings and alligators increase, the odds that there will be conflicts will also increase. if there is a body of water in florida, if there is a pond, a swamp, a lagoon, even a swimming pool, very likely there is an alligator nearby. we both shared this ecosystem together. that is where you get situations like this. ainsley: jeff, remember there was that little boy down in florida, i think in the orlando area, he started wading in the water, his dad watched the alligator take him under. there were signs of warning. brian who is from new york, he never heard anything like this, if i had been there, my child i wouldn't have known alligators there. growing up in the south, steve is familiar with florida, in the growing up in florida you know to be careful that there are marshes we know alligators are in there. for folks not familiar with it,
5:34 am
what should they look for? you have a little dog a lady at a house in hilton head, killed trying to save her dog from the alligator. beaches of florida, south carolina what do they need to know to save them? >> you hear my little dog back there. the truth seriously, what people need to recognize is that these are powerful, powerful creatures. a lot of the conflict and a lot of dangerous scenarios that unfold between human beings and alligators, ainsley happens when people lose their respect for these animals. they feed them. you know that's a problem in certain parts of alligator country. you go down to the water hole, you start feeding little bits of bread. ainsley: not a good idea. >> little bits of food to alligators, eventually that alligator will lose its fear of human beings. rely on human beings as a food source, potentially human beings into a food source.
5:35 am
you have to respect them. give them space. pete: we have to leave it right there thank you for your expertise. we appreciate it. more "fox & friends," one of the coolest national anthems you have herd in a long time. wait until you hear where he is playing. aww, you did the laundry! it's got to be tide.
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[playing "the star-spangled banner" ] >> talk about letting freedom ring. ainsley: a get tartist celebrating our birthday with the rocking version of the national anthem. pete: he is live here this morning. it is not the grand canyon but we'll make it work. steve: you have an amp on the cliff of the grand canyon. there is no plug into there? >> no. >> nope. a little adapter running off the cigarette lighter of my vehicle. i played national anthem at larger event in a amphitheater in atlanta. people are looking for ways to create content to get their name out there. this was an idea i had.
5:40 am
pete: you happened to be out there? >> no i went out there to do it. pete: cool. worked out really well. steve: how many people looked at that. the single is available on apple music. if you like to download it. >> there were 1.5 million views before fox picked it up, blasted it too everybody else. there is 5.1 million. ainsley: thank you, andrew sugds download the music. who is at back of the. >> brian mccann. ainsley: the catcher. so you love him. the braves reached out to you, right? >> yes. ainsley: what did they say? >> they loved video. they will bring me out to suntrust park. steve: how would you like to play for us? >> i would love to. steve: here he is.
5:41 am
♪ [playing "the star-spangled banner"] ♪
5:42 am
[playing "the star-spangled banner" ] ♪ [cheers and applause] pete: andrew suggs. thank you very much, sir. ainsley: andrew suggs. carley has headlines. carley: amazing. can't wait to shake his hand. tribute pouring in after disney star cameron boyd's death.
5:43 am
he was too young, too sweet, too funny, talented most decent kid around. the 20-year-old play sand letter's son on "grownups 2". he reportedly died from a seizure in his sleep, caused by an ongoing medical condition. dr. raj joined us earlier on warning signs of a seizure. >> typical jerking of the limbs. you could have someone staring off into space a few seconds, losing their orientation. they might experience a strange smell. there is not a lot you can pinpoint before the seizure actually occurs. carley: was to appear in the new hbo show, "mrs. fletcher." two fatal crashes on boeing 737 max jets have been mainly blamed on software error. the committee will see if the pilots knew how to turn off the
5:44 am
program as boeing said they could. the investigation could lead to a change in pilot training standards. close call in italy after a giant ship loses control. watch this. [ship horn] oh, boy. a cruise ship nearly smashing into a docked riverboat in venice while battling stormy weather. three tugs pulling the vessel away just in time. this comes weeks after a different ship crashed into a small boat in venice leaving several people hurt. tempe officers association is feeling encouraged after an apology from starbucks. the coffee giant vice president traveling to arizona to make amends after a group of officers were asked to leave a store because another customer felt unsafe. the tempe officers association issuing a statement thanking the public for the support and are encouraged that starbucks is
5:45 am
taking steps to make amends. those are the headlines. ainsley: thank you, carley. rashida tlaib doubling down on comments comparing border facilities to concentration camps. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez, your colleague who was at the border with you compared the facilities to a concentration camp. do you agree with that comparison? >> absolutely. i mean there is a number of experts say, it is traumatic. they are in a facility that is dehumanizing. they are choosing to not allow asylum-seekers to go through the legal process. steve: here with reaction to that, chief border patrol agent in the tucson sector, roy villarreal. chief, good morning to you. >> morning, how are you doing? steve: we're doing okay. that was a sound bite from yesterday. that is her opinion. what is going on there? >> for months on end the border patrol has been speaking about the humanitarian and border
5:46 am
security crisis that's confronting us. we've been overwhelmed, overtaxed, doesn't mean that the people in our car are not treated treated with dignity and professionalism known for border patrol. pete: chief, when she says these are concentration camps, she is saying you run a concentration camps and your colleagues on the southern border. what is your response to that charge? >> again, for months on end we've been speaking about this crisis is. the system that is in place was not designed to handle family unit, unaccompanied children. we've been speaking about this with utmost transparency. the system has been broken. we've been asking for help, during, throughout this time frame, the men and women from the border patrol done the best they can with the situation at hand. that means the care, whether taking people to the hospital, providing food, basically hygiene. we do our best. we have been overwhelmed.
5:47 am
to assert there are concentration camps along the southwest border is absolutely absurd. ainsley: you took us inside one of the facilities. show the audience what you posted on social media. >> okay. >> this is our diapers, baby wipes, clothing for children. in front of me is a supply cart available to families and unaccompanied children. it includes baby formula, crackers. a lot of disinformation that we're not allowing people to brush our teeth. this is toothbrush preloaded with toothpaste. it is provided to everyone and readily available, with more than one. there is fresh water provided regular basis at a watercooler. there is water provided, this is combination toilet sink and the sink provides fresh water. nothing wrong with this water. ainsley: chief, why did you
5:48 am
decide to do that? >> the intent behind the video was simply to dispel the misinformation in the public and social media. i think it is important that the public understands that we're doing our best with the utmost of care for those that are in our custody. that includes the, basic essentials. whether it is a toothbrush, snacks, daily meals. medical care, whether on-site through doctors at our facilities or taking someone to the hospital. more importantly to dispel a lot of misinformation out there. steve: some images, chief we've seen there are way too many people to our eye to be in particular holding area. i know you're saying you have got supplies and stuff like that for them, but do you understand why some people are coming back with a different opinion? >> absolutely. again this system at that we have in place has been broken. it is overwhelmed. it is beyond capacity.
5:49 am
fortunately the supplemental fund something assisting us from the perspective providing funding to hhs. so they can acquire beds and space for unaccompanied children. short period of time we went population of 2500 unaccompanied children to just over 300. it, it is just, it is hard to understand, it is hard to comprehend when you look at this, but reality is, when the system was overwhelmed and broken we needed help. we've been asking for it. thankfully the supplemental will help but more needs to be done. that is deterring, cutting off the loophole to bring the situation to an end. pete: what to me is wrong your motives are being impound. that you want to mistreat kids, tough circumstance, good folks like you are making the best out of a real difficult situation. ainsley: keep pressing on, chief. you have a lot of support. >> thank you, have a great morning. steve: meanwhile we all know and love lee greenwood's classic
5:50 am
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hey! i live on my own now! i've got xfinity, because i like to live life in the fast lane. unlike my parents. you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited...
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anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> good monday morning. awaiting comment from mike pompeo. big warning from iran to the u.s. what are the options?
5:54 am
general jack keane with analysis on that. president trump start as new week hitting all-time high on approval. the women are number one again. guess what is next for them? come join sandra and me. we'll see you in seven minutes, top of the hour right here. pete: thank you, bill. country music icon lee greenwood celebrating our nation's independence this 4th of july weekend by helping those who protect. ainsley: lee greenwood teamed up with helping a hero for once again a welcome home ceremony to give an especially equipped home to a afghanistan war hero. his name is matt guts ridge. guthridge. >> good morning. steve: we'll reroll some video especially outfitted for you. what was going on in your mind? >> i was amazed. you are right it, was specially
5:55 am
outfitted for me. that is way helping heroes does each of houses. each of these veterans they have their own issues to deal with. not everyone fits into a specific mold. steve: how do they outfit your house? >> wide doors for wheelchairs and ramps. exterior pathway when i take the trash out to the driveway when i need to. it is great. pete: little things. you get injured, recovering, move on to the next phase of wanting a normal life. >> right. pete: can't always fine that. >> right. ainsley: tell us your story. >> i deployed to again again in 2010 and there for 11, 10 months. a lot of combat. i eventually stepped on a landmine, march 10th, 2011. it blew off my foot and mangled my left leg. but after about two years of trying to recover and heal the leg, i eventually elected to have the thing chopped off. steve: lee, tell us why this program is so important to you.
5:56 am
>> we have to take care of veterans, particularly friends who spent so much time an recovery from a wound that would absolutely take us out. we would be debilitated. matt along with other soldiers we helped giving homes to. we have given over 100 homes now in 22 states. steve: unbelievable. >> with awful lot of help from target, mike lindell, from my pillow. he has a whole bunch of pillows from mike. we want people to be involved. we encourage anyone to help us in this endeavor. steve: helping aa pete: thank you both. corporal, thank you for your service. have a great attitude. steve: i think i heard this song before. >> cool. >> more "fox & friends." ♪
5:57 am
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♪ oh! oh! oh! ozempic®! ♪ ask your healthcare provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. >> these guys are going to be in the afternoon show over on
6:00 am
fox nation. in the meantime, if you would like to help build a house for an injured vet, go to >> god bless. >> they have their book out. >> bill: good stuff, guys. good morning. mike pompeo might address the escalating tensions with iran. we are watching that story. we will bring you any news that comes out of washington, d.c. meanwhile, escalating words between liberal democrats and the house speaker this weekend. went to a whole new level. good morning. we hope that you had an awesome july 4th weekend. i trust you did. >> sandra: i can tell you feel rested. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith pure nancy pelosi responding to some criticism from freshman lawmakers who say she came to republicans on the board are bill and phil to secure a stronger for migrant


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