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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 8, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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untold story available now at we issue have a great night, everybody. tucker is up next. ♪ spewing good evening, and welcome to atucker carlson tonight."eliteca mericanruling admissions are supposed to be based on merit. but if that's true, if only the best people get in, then why are the children of so many democratic politicians at yale? we've got the numbers but will bring you that investigation and just a minute. first tonight, after 200 years, the democrats were a political party with conventional political goals. democratic party is now a religious cult with all that
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employed. dissent has been banned. anyone who questions the parties visors left fringe is denounced as a racist heretic, the parties descendant into a purity spiral, and nobody is safe, not even the party's speakers. nancy pelosi, the most left-wing speaker of the house, fire-breathing liberal for longer than alexandria ocasio-cortez has been alive. none of that has been able to save her. ocasio-cortez and a tiny group of house freshman demand explicit socialism in this country right now. they want to open the borders, abolish the prisons, and command the u.s. economy in the name of climate change. plus he has contempt of their total ignorance of how laws are made. she has expressed that content in public and including here. >> she likes to minimize the conflict within her caucus, between the moderates and the
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progressives. you have these wings, aoc and her group on one side -- >> tucker: for saying things like that, pelosi tonight is facing a revolt from within the democratic party. she is being denounced. guess what they are calling her. you know, a racist. here is congressman rashida to lead explaining that pelosi is a pressing freedom of color. >> more people like us, people of color, have been missing in the chamber because most of us, and ayanna pressley says more beautifully. people closest to the pain need to be at the table making these decisions. we know what it feels like to be dehumanized. we know what it means to be brown and black in this country. >> what would you say to nancy pelosi? >> uplift the women, especially the women of color in your caucus that are out there because more people like us, more people like me that come out to vote, we win. all of us win.
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>> tucker: give us power because of our skin color. that's the argument she's makin making. alexandra kaiser cortez made the same the by definition, it's a racist pitch. every bit as a white candidate making the same appeal and many did make that appeal under jim crow. vote for me because of my race. it's disgusting. but it's everywhere now and democrats applaud it. yesterday, for example, former obama spokesman tweeted that her faction is the vision and moral center of the democratic party. a view that is widely shared and bad news for people like joe biden. like pelosi, biden has dedicated his entire life to the democratic party as pelosi, biden has dutifully moved left. he has run on free health care for illegal aliens. but none of it has been enough. people like joe biden are the past in the democratic party and like so many others, he's being
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denounced, wait for it, as a racist. it's over for joe biden, a bitter and back to what might've been a decent political career. only he seems to be back to that. last night, biden groveled one last time in a doomed effort to save himself. >> somehow give the impression that people who i successfully opposed -- yes, i was. i'm sorry if any of you gained the misconception -- that's why i chose here in south carolina and shows an audience that is most likely would've been offended by anything that would've been sai said. >> tucker: it's pointless. it's spitting in the win. democratic party, remorse is a sign of weakness and the weaker eaten. shortly after biden spoke those words, michelle a
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a kind person would've said a kind word about her old man sho. that's not what michelle obama did. >> what, if anything, would you like to say about the kabbalah-? do you have any thoughts about that? >> i do not. moving on -- vehicle i've been doing this rodeo far too long. no comment. >> tucker: moving on. no comment. joe biden not worth defending. he is over. like thomas jefferson, betsy ross, all kinds of other people who are not absolutely aligned with the modern world left. the democratic party demands absolute perfect fidelity at all times. anyone who fails to measure up is finished forever. that attitude is an effective way to terrify weak people and keep public figures in line, but
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the question electorally is will it work on the country? normal americans know they are not racist. they don't think their neighbors and friends aren't racist either. they don't care about that. they care about their jobs, safety, family, country. for years, they walked in despair as both major parties drifted away from those concerns. they took a chance to elect donald trump because he seemed willing to put the basics first. will they reelect him, is a question? will democrats continue to act like this placement absolutely they will. charlie hurt is the opinion editor for "the washington times" and a brand-new book out tomorrow. entitled "still winning: why america went all in on donald trump and why we must do it again." thanks a lot for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. thanks for having me. >> tucker: so we are watching -- and i do not think we are overstating this, we are watching the democratic party change from one thing into something completely different. what is the current democratic party stand for?
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>> if you look at the people in washington, the party has become the party of open borders, post birth abortion, they support human smuggling at the border. it's absolute lunacy. as you pointed out with joe biden, he is now hocking free health care for illegal aliens. just five years ago, barack obama would've never gotten elected. he would've never got the election running on this crazy nutso platform. these kids have taken over the entire party. i go back and forth between feeling sorry for nancy pelosi and joe biden and kind of laughing at them, because they've gotten what they deserved. they have been littles, afraid to stand up to these people, afraid to call out these people. at times use their same tactics. how did he do it? he began it by accusing donald trump of being a racist and lying about what happened in
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charlottesville. in my book, still winning, i have a whole chapter devoted to what a complete total lie that is, the democrats keep spreading. but, my goodness, this is why donald trump will get reelected, if you ask me. this is why he "still winning," he's blessed with the worst opponents peddling the worst ideas you and i have ever heard from my lifetime supposedly from serious politicians. >> tucker: what's interesting to me is a sober political party would look at the last election and say, wow, donald trump got elected. nobody expected that. why did this happen? maybe there is a lesson in this that we can learn and apply it in the next election. and yet nobody in the democratic party seems to have done that. why? >> i think they are so terrified of what they learn there. the reaction to it is to try --
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i think in a lot of ways they are trying to imitate trump but because all of them are so full of it, they are not simply capable of doing it. when donald trump says something that's outrageous, that shock the system and everything evern washington freaks out about, 90% of americans agree with it. they say -- nobody's ever said that but he's got a good point here. when joe biden or one of these other people say something that's supposed to be shocking and outrageous to the system, everybody in america is like, what the -- talking about drinking out of toilets on the border, what the hell is wrong with this woman? that disconnect is very clear to american voters, even if it's completely lost on our colleagues in the media, which apparently it is. >> tucker: yeah, it's not helping the democrat party in any way and i agree with you completely. >> it's bad for america because, tucker, we need a good opposition party keeping people honest. we cannot trust republicans to
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keep themselves honest. they need good smart people making them honest. these clowns aren't doing it. they aren't capable of doing it. >> tucker: such a smart point and a wise point as is your book. charlie hurt, thanks very much tonight. congrats on the book. >> thank you so much, tucker. >> tucker: if extremism is the order of the day for the democrat party while the american middle class is barely breaking even compared to 30 years ago, the left demands they finance unlimited free giveaways for illegal immigrants. watch. >> would you kick the wall down here? >> absolutely. >> offer a home to refugees. that is who we are. that's values per that's part of what we do. >> instead of building a wall, building a border, we should choose compassion instead of cruelty. >> we welcome refugees and bring people out of the shadows. >> immigration is not a security issue. it's an economic and humanitarian and family issue. >> i think undocumented people
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need to have a means by which they can be covered when they are sick. it's just common decency. >> tucker: richard goodstein is a lawyer and former advisor to bill and hillary clinton. he joins us tonight. the old democratic party, richard -- you aren't responsible for what's happening to your party and i did not want to imply that you are. it's in some sense cruel to hold you accountable for the lunacy that we are witnessing now, but i can't help but ask you, joe biden is supposed to be the moderate in this race, and there he is endorsing free health care for illegal aliens. you look at that and tell me, do you recognize that party? >> you know, i think this is going to be a contest of views. one side is going to talk about open borders. the other side is going to talk about the immorality of kids in cages. one is going to talk about post birth abortion -- that's lunacy. i'm sorry for what charlie said is nuts. you will hear it every single
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day on this network, that's fantasy. but 75% of the people in this country believe that roe vs. wade should be protected. >> tucker: okay. but roe vs. wade does not allow what the governor of virginia endorsed -- >> you are distorting it. >> tucker: allowing -- no, i'm not distorting it. i can play the clip. >> tucker... be when he knew exactly what he was saying. >> sorry. twisting it. >> tucker: the democratic party -- i just want to get to this thing i asked you about. health care for people here illegally per that's not kids in cages, not a rhetorical -- it'sr sticker. that's a real public policy and there is literally no way we can afford that. what do you make of that? does he run and win on that? are you for that? >> what i hear when democrats are talking about giving health care to somebody who is
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sick, who is inside the u.s. borders, is that the country is better off with people who are well then versus people who are sick. so if you are in the united states borders and you are sick, we are all better off if you become well. that's what they are talking about. they are not talking about -- feeling but that's not true. first of all, they are not our people. >> that's what biden says. >> tucker: biden and everyone else in the race i'm aware of has said that universal health care, the program, medicare would apply to illegal aliens. that's just demented -- >> no. you are putting words in that simply are fiction. nobody's talking about medicaid for illegal immigrants. sorry. >> tucker: universal -- universal health care, whatever you are going to call it, those are our current programs, doesn't matter the name. they are saying universal coverage would apply to people who are here illegally but i
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hate to keep repeating myself, i just can't overstate what a huge deal that is pure we are acting, of course -- no, not of course. we can't afford that. that would bankrupt the country and draw the rest of the world here. >> again, this discussion you had with charlie is twisted in this way. >> tucker: i'm not twisting per that's what they said. >> we just had a controlled experiment between the moderates and the liberals in the house of representatives overspending on the border and the moderates won. this notion that aoc is calling the shots is fantasy. i'm sure people might want to hear that and make them feel a little better -- it's just a fiction. just like -- >> tucker: is it moderate to say that people breaking our laws for foreign nationals have a right to government, the taxpayer financed health care? that's a moderate position now question mike that's freaking nuts. >> all i'm saying what i hear, and i'm listening explosives you are when these candidates are answering these issues, what they are saying is that somebody
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inside these borders is better off well and functioning -- b1 we are not better off. americans are not better off when we promise to pay for the health care of the rest -- we can't afford our own health care. on the people who are going under because they can't afford their own premiums, now joe biden is widely promising the rest of the world free health care? >> when his boss was -- this notion that somehow democrats want open borders -- again, is a fiction when we had democrats in the white house, the house, the senate, we had deportation higher than ever. that doesn't square with the narrative. >> tucker: look, i'm responding to what they are saying every day on television. almost all promised at decriminalized border crossing. that's the open definition >> when they have a nominee, they'll be in favor of conference of immigration reform like the democrats passed with
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16 republicans in 2013. >> tucker: good luck. >> i agree. >> tucker: i think we are way past that. richard, good to see you. >> thank you. >> tucker: in san francisco, politicians are destroying art on the historic murals of george washington, because they did not match the current political agenda. politicians destroying art. huh. sound like a telegram to you do democrats stand up to the new cultural revolution? it'll be interesting to know. that's next. chicken?! chicken. chicken! that's right, candace-- new chicken creations from starkist. buffalo style chicken in a pouch-- bold choice, charlie! just tear, eat... mmmmm.
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>> tucker: george washington high school in the city of san francisco features 13 giant murals. they show the life of george washington. the murals were painted in the 1930s as a part of fdr's new deal and features images of enslaved african-americans and dead american indians. the point is that captured both the good and the bad of george washington's legacy. it's art, serious art, actually. but the simple cisco school board voted to spend $600,000 to destroy the mural not temporarily but for forever. they are to offensive to surviv survive. every democrat running for president this year ought to be asked, do you support this question are politicians destroying art they find literally disagreeable. don't count on that question being asked. we contacted several museums and art critics if they were concerned about art being destroyed. only one even responded to our question, the art critic for in your publication. he called it "a fake story."
5:22 pm
no problem for politicians destroying art. doesn't seem to bother the art community at all. the television tele been destroyed due to statues, the red guard destroyed books and art. no use in art that isn't propaganda. dave, did you ever think you'd see a day where liberals were calling for the destruction of art? >> tucker, well, i cannot believe that something completely bananas and insane is coming out of san francisco of all places. the bastion of sanity that is san francisco. look, george washington, like every single leader that we've ever had, like all of us, has a complex past. a couple of months ago, i went to mount vernon which is outside of d.c. and that was his home. they were upfront that george washington, he had that complex -- look, he led the continental army in the american
5:23 pm
revolutionary war and one of the first things he did as president was set aside that power. that was an incredibly amazing thing that he did that we should honor. at the same time, george washington did on the slaves per that's something we have to recognize. he freed his slaves when he passed away. but martha actually heard slaves. >> tucker: like mohammed. >> that's the point. every historical figure is someone of their time, just like us. the idea we are going to erase the past, you are right. to compare it to the tele- ban, to ices, it sounds over the top at some level but it's what we are doing. there seems to be this movement by the progressives that if you erase the past or if you change the nature of words, change the word "owner" so when owner is no longer an owner, he's a governor, that will somehow erase what slavery was. we see these things consistently happening and not only do they not erase the past, they make us unable to navigate the future
5:24 pm
because we cannot figure out where we were last time. that's what we have to grapple with it i'd rather have honest conversations about these things than just destroy everything in the name of tolerance, or something like that. >> tucker: but where is the so-called art community. i remember republicans in the '80s taking a lot of heat because they didn't want to find a certain art subjects with tax dollars. you have politicians saying that we need to affirmatively destroy, the to make the face, vandalize art. art that's been there for 80 years an intrinsic value no one has question. why is nobody raising the alarm? where are these liberal saying, wait a second, along with book burning -- this is too far. we can't do that. they are not saying that. >> tucker, this exact issue you're bringing up, where our decent liberals, this is exactly what i've been talking about for years. as the progressives that you referenced earlier in the show, as they've gone more radical, more to the left, as they've
5:25 pm
gone more to socialism and far leftism, they've silenced the good liberals because when you call everyone racist and bigoted, it's the greatest chilling effect of what you can do. they'd than this really effectively paid the good liberals, they do not know where to turn anymore for allies. what i've found, as someone who does consider myself to be liberal, i found i can break bread and make allies with people like you and people that are on the rights that are open and willing to make some disagreements. what they are afraid of if they dare say, let's not destroy art, let's not destroy the past of the first president of the united states of america. they think those cries, those false cries, by the way, because they are almost always false, they think those false cries of racism and bigotry will be used against them. that's what they fear the most. what i want most of your listeners to understand is that this is why people have to start speaking up. this is a hysterical minority that i think if more of us
5:26 pm
started speaking up, i think we could actually get them to quiet down for a change. >> tucker: it's kind of amazing that we are going to stand by and allow politicians to destroy a work of art. using $600,000 in tax money. it's hard to believe that we are going to allow that to happen and i really hope we don't. dave, great to see you tonight. thank you. well, harvard, stanford, and other elite colleges offer their students a fast track to success, but admissions are not an even playing field. they tell you, only the most impressive kids get in. that's not true. how do you know question make the children of democratic lawmakers seem to be disproportionately represented at harvard, yale, stanford. we've got some of the questionsr you after the break. none of your ideas make eyecare more frustrating,
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>> tucker: if you've ever watch chris cuomo on cnn, you wonder how this guy got a tv
5:31 pm
show. he has good abdominal muscles, good for him, but he can't speak english. just pure gibberish. like pig latin, dogs barking. kind of remarkable. is this guy educated in the united states books make let's check. wait a second. the entry says chris foreman went to yale university in connecticut. yale has famously high admission standards for your kids couldn't get into yale. no chance for they'd have to be incredibly smart, geniuses, really. is chris cuomo a secret genius? does he have some amazing talent that's invisible on television? maybe he speaks urdu, a deep grounding in part of the physics. maybe he can calculate pi to the final digit. turns out he has a more impressive qualification. his father was the governor of new york. if you want to get into a top american college, it's best to have a parent who is a
5:32 pm
well-known democratic politician. that's the most effective qualification of all. don't take our word for it. take dante de blasio, the son of bill de blasio, the incompetent mayor of new york city. like chris cuomo, he somehow got ntl. once there, dante de blasio found himself surrounded by people just like himself, the thoroughly average children of other prominent liberals. according to press reports, that would include the offspring of at least three democrats currently serving in the u.s. senate. michael bennet, amy klobuchar, and sheldon whitehouse. all of them send kids to yale. did you? no. but they did. their colleague richard blumenthal is a stunning number of senate democrats who have sent children to harvard university. senator bob mendez is a harvard parent, so it's in is senate minority leader chuck schumer. schumer said to make sense both of his kids to harvard for barack obama sent
5:33 pm
one of his, so did former new york governor eliot spitzer. the record goes to former vice president al gore. al gore's an four -- imagine that, four kids in a row to harvard. it's about as likely about getting hit by lightning every single day of the year, and somehow the gore family pulled it off. congratulations, gore family. andrew cuomo, the sitting governor of new york sent one of his kids to harvard, but sent some to brown. that's another ivy league university that your kids can never get to. highly selective, apparently for the kids of nonpoliticians. none beat stanford you can never meet a single person who went to stanford. it's that rarefied. yet here is the amazing part. hillary clinton's daughter reads right in. how did chelsea do that?
5:34 pm
was it her formidable brainpower? you can check out her food or feed and judge for yourself. there is a chance that chelsea is intentionally misleading us. it's possible that her if that's the case, chelsea clinton is utterly brilliant. she's the jonathan swift of our time. but it's also possible that chelsea isn't joking at all. it's possible. it's even probable that she is every bit as dull and self serious as she appears to be. in that case, not only is chelsea clinton profiled lisa brilliant, you have to wonder how she holds a job. how does someone like that get into stanford? some of the kids at georgetown university in washington, d.c. georgetown's alumni magazine available online, so the next time you have a second for you, take a look that you'll recognize many of the names inside. biden, pelosi, kennedy. these are the children of famous
5:35 pm
democratic politicians. are they impressive, hardworking kids who deserve to be at one of the countries most prestigious universities? may be. maybe some of them. maybe not. it doesn't matter. it's irrelevant. they are the offspring of prominent democrats. that's the point. that's why they are at the georgetown fear and how does this happen? it happens because our meritocracy is a sham. it's fake. they tell you that only the most accomplished students get into these schools, but they are lying. their friends' kids get first dibs, kids whose families can help them down the road. the children of some pathetic politicians are an obvious priority for admissions officers. these are the same politicians who funneled billions of tax dollars to college universities every year. letting a senator's kid every year in is quick quote pro, unregulated lobbying. remember the varsity blues were a group of soccer moms tried to
5:36 pm
gain in the admissions system? this is farm work corrupt. how many chris cuomos get in every year? just like higher education, it's a picture prestigious schools pretend they only admit the only qualified applicants because nobody can prove otherwise. the real admissions numbers are secret, hidden from public view. even though we pay for those schools because all of them take massive amounts in tax dollars. elite colleges are like public companies that lie about their balance sheets. they are cooking the books to defraud shareholders. in this case, the shareholders are the entire country. a handful of elite schools from the gateway to success in america. if you go to harvard, you are all but guaranteed to make money over the course of your life than someone who didn't go to harvard. it's that simple. and so when you rig the admission system, what you are really rigging is american society. you are creating an impenetrable
5:37 pm
class system for your own benefit. that's exactly what they are doing. you often hear progressives say that they are worried about income inequality. they don't mean it. at all. how do you know they don't mean it? if the left really cleared about the stratification of american society, they would make college admissions transparent. they forced stanford to open the books and show us how they are assembling this year's freshman class. that's what they do. but democrats in congress haven't done that. and want to do that. they seem strangely incurious about how the process works. like they don't want to know all the details. in fact, they already know precisely how the admissions game works, and they strongly approve it. why wouldn't they approve question make their kids are benefiting from it. joe biden is now promising free health care to illegal aliens. do you think that's crazy? kamala harris can top it. she is promising giving housing subsidies based on skin color. for real.
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>> tucker: getting hard to stand out in the democratic party these days. everybody wants health care for illegal aliens, for example. most are open to race-based reparations. senator kamala harris of california going further than that. offering a plan to spend $100 billion on housing down payments, but not for everyone. only for people of a certain skin color. watch this. >> a typical black family has just $10 of wealth for every $100 held by a white family. we must right that wrong and after generations of
5:43 pm
discriminations, it gave black families and real at homeownership. >> tucker: her bill would also loosen credit standards with the goal of creating more home loans. if you like you've heard that before, you have. in fact, that's exactly how we taint our entire u.s. economy back in 2008. may be senator kamala harris missed that. melissa francis did not. she knows a lot about the economy, and we are happy to have her rejoin us again tonight. melissa, that does sound very much like how the subprime meltdown happened 11 years ago, does it not? >> it's exactly like that. it's when we decide that homeownership is a value and something that everyone should have and is an automatic good and the governor should favorite and spend money on that is how we got in that crisis in the first place. she used some numbers, which always interested in excites me because i think people are doing
5:44 pm
math. that later ends up not being true. that's beside the point. she said the program would close the wealth gap between black and white families by 31%. i thought how interesting, how did she get that number? i read her website and read the dmo study she cited, and they did a study where they said that it's all valued of homes go up, first of all. and go up the same amount over time, this would close that wealth gap. she is assuming that home values always go up, and no matter where you buy them, they go up by a lot. if there is one thing we learned in the last housing prices and financial crisis, it's that's not true. there are a lot of people out there, like myself, who lost money owning a home. it's not always a bargain, not always a good thing. in fact, it's very sticky. so she is advocating the government sponsoring down payments for people. first of all, that's not true.
5:45 pm
the math they are using is ridiculous. the beyond that, you are right. this is what caused the housing crisis. if you look back at the home values over time, it's actually during the bush administration when we decided that homeownership was a value everyone should have an hud invested heavily in that that we create in the bubble that burst and crippled a whole bunch of people. you are right, this could be really bad for families who took her up on the offer. >> tucker: exactly. >> dug in a neighborhood and bought a house where values dro drop. >> tucker: this is -- the problem with not punishing anyone for the disaster of the meltdown in '08, we didn't learn a lesson. under her program if i'm getting this right, one family can go to the government and say, i need help buying a house, told you are the wrong color. in other family being told you can buy a house. why is that not racist? >> it certainly appears that way. when you look at her website, she talks about people who have
5:46 pm
lived in a redlined district for the past ten years. and then she says that those are black families. i don't know if you can for sure make that distinction. i don't know what areas she's talking about. but if you are talking about buying in a neighborhood where values haven't gone up, that's a risk in and of itself and if you talk to millennials nowadays, they don't want to own things because they have seen the hazard in that, the risk in that. when you buy a home, you are stuck there. you can't walk away. this is really interesting. she says it's the credit rating holding everything back, so she wants to make a fair credit reporting act that includes rent payments, cell phone payment, utility payments go towards your credit score. that's a really interesting idea that can cut both ways. can you mention for young people, your cell phone payment, utility payments, if you don't make those, that also destroys your credit score per that's what she's advocating for. so i do not know if is well thought out, tucker. >> tucker: it doesn't sound like it is, but the details are
5:47 pm
interesting. thank you for digging into that. great to see you. the democratic plan to get free health care, college, and more to people in the country illegally is risky even if they cared about enforcing the border. they don't. every major candidate competing to see who can be more brazen in backing completely open borders. it's so bad that even president obama's dhs secretary jeh johnson can't take it anymore. in in a new column, johnson accs his party of extremism and saying the policies that the candidates for president are advocating would amount to open borders, no matter how much they pretend otherwise but rob smith is a turning point usa spokesman who joins us tonight. rob smith, when jeh johnson, who i don't think anyone would describe as some kind of right wing plant, starts calling you in the open borders extremist, i mean, that is the end -- that's the proof, i would think. >> i would say the same thing.
5:48 pm
i would say the proof is in the pudding. you know, the democrats continue to go on and on again with these radical agendas and they say over and over and over again that it's not open borders. they say is not open borders but you just played a clip of beto o'rourke literally saying he would tear down the section of the wall at the border that he was being filmed that right there and then. i do have to say, as a black american illegal immigration hurts black americans the most. it hurts us very, very badly. you know, when i was watching the democratic debate, and i watched every single democrat on candidate for president raise their hand when they said that they would advocate for free health care for illegal immigrants, i looked and i said, what american of any color things that the democrats have anybody else in mind other than illegal immigrants? they have totally turned into the party of illegal immigration. it's hurting black americans. it really is. >> tucker: looking at the poll
5:49 pm
numbers on the question, i mean, there are no group of americans that support this. >> no. >> tucker: among african-americans, support -- by the way, hispanic americans don't support it. but african-american support is low. how can the leaders of the democratic party -- do they not care with the poll numbers say? >> here is the thing. first of all, african-americans are not stupid, okay? if we were, we would've elected hillary clinton president. that tells you we are not stupid. we see what's going on here and we see people advocating for things like free college, free health care, all these different things. number one, we ask for who is going to pay for it, it's not just going to be the rich. obviously it's going to be the middle class and the other thing that the middle class do when they try to to attract latino americans they tried to pretend that hispanic and latino americans are all illegal. i know a lot of legal hispanic americans that are against immigration.
5:50 pm
against open borders. what ic honestly as a voter, as an african-american, as somebody who turned conservative within the past couple of years specifically because of this illegal immigration issue, what i've seen is the party that was historically supposed to be for african-americans is selling us out for illegal immigrants. i am telling you the conversation on the streets, people are talking about the same thing. i hear conversations in my black barbershop in brooklyn that would make both you and i blushed, tucker. you and i >> tucker: people know what's going on. >> people know what's going on, african-americans no absolutely what's going on and going into 2020 committee republicans are going to make a large plate of african-american voters. when you look at 2016, when you look at the fact that donald trump got more black voters in the previous two court nominees, right? you see the rnc in donald trump and the republicans going after
5:51 pm
after american voters, we have to talk to african-american voters, do you want to vote for republicans or do you want to vote for the party of open borders, do you want to vote for the party that is shafting you, that is opening up the doors for illegal immigration? >> tucker: right. thank you for that. good to see you tonight. >> absolutely. thanks for having me. >> tucker: u.s. foreign policy has been focused on preventing rogue states from getting nuclear weapons, but there is another threat out there that may be ignored by too many. dr. marc siegel investigates us tonight the danger of bio weapons, which is imminent. and certainly real. that's after the break.
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♪ >> tucker: north korea has been one of the president's biggest foreign policy concerns in 2019, you can see why. the country's nuclear weapons. nuclear weapons are a threat.
5:56 pm
but they are not the only thread killing millions of people. as genetic engineering grows more sophisticated, experts are warning about the danger of bio weapons. dr. marc siegel is our fox medical correspondent. he is wrote a piece about bio weapons. he joins us tonight to terrify us. doctor, thank you very much. how concerned should we be about bio weapons? >> i am going to terrify you tonight because there is something called synthetic biology. we used to look at the anthrax threat or the smallpox write and say, we have vaccines for smallpox or anthrax, not contagious. that is -- but now we have entered an error where we can put together novel viruses called synthetic biology. department of defense put out a report on this last year and it's terrifying. the tools that are out there, tucker, like crisper cast nine, genetic editor. it's a scissor that can splice your dna. guess but also can do? it can spice up a virus. put it back together in a
5:57 pm
different way. make it more deadly, make it something your immune system has not seen, make it something that spreads easily that we don't have vaccines for. i have news for you. iran is working with this tool. the scientists working with it in iran are not terrorists. but of course iran sponsors worldwide terrorism. so what happens if there is a somehow gets into the wrong hands? not the tool necessarily but someone makes one of these viruses and spreads it into the wrong hands. that is something that is possible and it is something that a steering committee put together by hhs in the fall is looking at. but this is mushrooming into a much bigger threat than we all thought, because again, we can see new viruses that we've never seen before. they are much more deadly and spread much more easily. pandemic flu for example, like 1918. someone could take a flu virus, change or just a little bit, and we have 1918 again. >> tucker: something like that could so easily boomerang on the
5:58 pm
person deploying it, though, couldn't it? >> well, sure. not only that, we are looking at ways to try to combat this. like i said, flu, we are looking at the idea of universal flu vaccine that would work even against a synthetic flu. but as you know, again, not to scare people, but terrorists are not exactly thinking about their own health or social responsibility. that is for sure. so this could really get out and end up being a worldwide threat. i think we need to be thinking about this more. the steering committee is fine. but we are talking today about enriching uranium in iran. we should also realize that iran is a bioterror program, and north korea has a bioterror program. her north korea, the bioterror program has proved dominantly existing threats that are already out there. we've talked on the show here about how ebola is so deadly. but ebola doesn't spread easily. but tucker, you could take an ebola virus and genetically engineer it and it starts to spread more easily. that is what we have to be
5:59 pm
concerned about right now. >> tucker: that just sounds horrifying. it sounds like something that we should be genuinely concerned about. dr. siegel, thank you for that. >> thank you, tucker. very important. >> tucker: and important announcements, and had read one of the best people here at fox,d reporter that -- obviously, a genuinely loving person. you don't need proof of that. here it is anyway, tomorrow he'll be temporarily taking leave of fox in order to save the life of his sister, colleen. she's got to degenerated liver disease. so he's donating much of his liver in order to save her life. as in all surgery, there's a risk of complications but for him, it was worth it to help his sister. the prayers of our entire show staff are with ed henry and his sister at this time. all of fox is behind them as well. godspeed for sure. that's it for us tonight. we'll be back tomorrow, 8:00, the show that is the sincere and sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.
6:00 pm
dvr it if you can figure out how that works. in the meantime, have a great night and prepare yourself. life in new york city this evening comes the host of the 9:00 p.m. show on on fox news channel. >> sean: i got to tell you something, so i just talked to ed henry a little while ago. what is amazing about this whole thing, so the liver is basically broken into two lobes, sometimes they are not entirely equal. so 70% will remain with him. his sister will get 30%. and in a month, both will regenerate and grow to their exact size. it is amazing. yes, hurrah look on ed's part, amazing love, but it's incredible, the human body. godspeed to him and his sister. it's an amazing story. he's a great guy. >> tucker: a brave man. good to see you. >> sean: buckle up, everybody. welcome to "hannity." hope you


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