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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 8, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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there. i hope we get them. this has got to stop. the shakes, throwing it all over this guy. that is all the time we have left. hope you had a great fourth of july, great to be back. thank you for making us number one last month and cable. let not your heart be troubled. there she is. you missed me. >> laura: can't you do better that number one? i mean, honestly, you've been a slacker these last 20 years. >> sean: 23 but who's counting. >> laura: number one -- just one? can't you -- >> sean: you know what i told o'reilly the other day and my radio show? i said, why don't you come back to gable. i like to be number one again because then i will take a lot last crap. i think it comes with it. >> laura: we all take it, hannity. it's evenly -- >> sean: you get your fair share of it. no doubt about it. but i am there for you. and tucker when you need it. >> laura: i'm glad i play sports. that's all i can say. [laughs] >> sean: this is a blood
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sport. >> laura: i play field hockey. field hockey players are pretty -- >> sean: i played ice hockey but we'll talk about another day. >> laura: handed to come a great show, great to have you back. i'm laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington. it's great to be back. in moments, rudy giuliani, former presidential candidate himself, and consultant out to president trump ahead of 2020, is here to respond to my "angle" on who is really pushing kamala harris to the top of the democrat heap. and by the the white house should be concerned. plus, antiviolence rocked another city this past weekend. tonight, one of its victims is here to tell us why he was back in the hospital just days ago. a former fbi official reveals why the group should be designated tonight a domestic terror organization. and later a former sex crimes attorney breaks down all of the hideous and lurid details inside the indictments of disgraced financier jeff epstein. and dan bongino sounds off on a
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starbucks employee shaming arizona cops. you do not want to miss it. but first, as promised, kamala harris kamala, obama 3.0. that is the focus of tonight's "angle" ." in case you hadn't heard, kamala harris continues to surge in the latest polls ahead of what we are seeing now is a striking distance of front-runner joe biden. now he was left stunned and stammering after harris smacked him on the issue of race in that first primary debate. >> there was a little girl in california. she was buzzed to school every day and that a little girl was me. on this subject, it cannot be an intellectual debate among democrats. >> because your city council made that decision. >> the federal government must step in. >> laura: after her impassioned and painstakingly choreographed takedown of biden
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and his view that local authorities, not the federal government, should decide whether busing is right for their school districts, well, harris, she is now adopted by its position! by the way, that is a point his press secretary made plain on twitter last week. you can read it. she's on all sides of most issues. she will say and do anything to win. including lobbying up biden with a vicious racial smear. in other words, it is like, well, joe, you are not really a racist, but... and let's face it, obama's former two term vp, he is the only real challenge standing in the way of her claiming the obama mantle. because what could be more historic? following the first male african-american president, then four years later, the first female african-american president. and to beat him, she has to win
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over black voters. that is a core constituency for the democrat party that still favors biden. this weekend, kamala harris spoke at the essence festival in new orleans. she unveiled a new $100 billion housing plan that will fund down payments on homes and closing costs for african-americans. >> so a typical black family has just $10 of wealth for every $100 held by a white family. so we must write that wrong. after generations of discrimination, give black families a real shot at homeownership, by taking these steps, we can shrink their wealth gap between black and white households by at least one-third. >> laura: but what about the hispanic white wealth gap? or the native american-white
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wealth gap? a lot of different wealth gaps out there? how do you equalize at all? well, this is clearly racial pandering of the worst sort. but it's designed to peel voters away from joe biden. who this weekend was still trying to apologize for his, let's face it, terrible debate performance, and then reinforce -- he was trying -- his obama bona fides. >> the problems that we have today. that is why i am proud to work alongside barack. i don't say president obama. two weeks ago, somehow gave the impression to people, i am again, yes, i was, i regretted. >> laura: and michelle obama was given a chance to quell her
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parties racial storm and defend her husband's loyal former running mate when she was at the essence festival. watch. >> what, if anything, would you like to say about the kamala-biden dustup? he apologized today. do you have any thoughts about that? >> i do not. >> okay. >> moving on. >> i've been doing this rodeo far too long. >> moving on. >> no comment. >> laura: it's like very telling. final comment? kamala racial roundhouse kick to biden's head, the obama's haven't even defended joe biden by saying something as innocuous as, we work closely with joe for more than 80 years. he's not a racist. but michelle decided not to even throw a short lifeline to biden. and she did that for a reason.
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remember in 2008 when candidate obama needed joe biden on the ticket? he needed him to give him, obama, some moderate blue-collar crowd. to make it more palatable to mandeville america. that was in an as is now. we are living in different time times. biden is not really needed today to be the heir of obama is in. no, harris, when you look across the board, harris is a much more logical fit. and some notable obama administration alums are already working for harris. there they are. and who doubts that kamala and the team are in contact with obama, who seemed to enjoy being, at least not say it, but they appear to be enjoying this role role of would be, pe, down the road, king and queen makers? watch. >> barack and i are going to support whoever wins the primary. we are supportive of everyone. we are giving advice to whomever zeke said. -- >> you give advice to whoever
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seeks that? >> anyone who calls or wants to cooperate >> laura: of course she has. but we all still remember this moment in 2013. when president obama is warm words for kamala harris raised some eyebrows. private event, he said, "she's brilliant and she's dedicated, she's tough. she also happens to be by far the best looking attorney general in the country." i am sure michelle was thrilled at that line. but there are other deep contacts at play. check this out, harris' younger sister, maia, who was the former head of the northern california chapter of the aclu, is married to tony last. tony west was one of obama's ag eric holder's top lieutenants at the justice department. i would bet my bottom dollar, as my mom used to say, that team obama is advising harris and advising her to go really tough on her opponent, to be the fighter that hillary clinton was not, much of the obama's
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frustration, i might add. biden was just the warm-up act, though, for kamala. now she is lashing out at president trump. land with mild, ludicrous charges. >> i have known predators and we have a predator living in the white house. so when we look at this campaign and we look at the path before us, it will be to successfully prosecute the case against four more years of donald trump and i am prepared to do that. [cheers and applause] >> laura: maybe she will even start copying trump supporter's favorite campaign chant they were derided for when they were screaming "lock her up" about hillary. maybe she will just change the "her" to "him." you get the feeling that kamala believes she can prosecute any case she sets her mind to even when the facts are nonexistent. >> the current occupant of the
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white house going around about how this economy is doing so great. the economy is great, and he points to the stock market. well, that is fine if you own stocks. we say, well, how else are you measuring the greatness of this economy of yours? and they point to fox news. >> laura: okay, let me get this straight. she not know about pension funds, how those are invested in the stock market -- forgot about that. but trump's historic high wages, record them unemployment, the boom in american manufacturing jobs, more manufacturing jobs created during trump than obama. i just saw this yesterday, consumer confidence is now at an 18 year high. we are supposed to believe that is all due to fox news? [laughs] wow. i didn't realize we had all that much power. harris, i think, is going to
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have a heck of a time convincing americans that things are not better. the economy is not really stron strong. and a lot of them are just happier than they were during the obama years. maybe not antifa but most of the people. i guess if she just wants to traffic and high-stakes deception and of course, the celebrity fueled razzle-dazzle, she certainly is hanging around with the right people. and that is the "angle." and our next guest reveals which rival the trump team is most concerned about. joining us now is rudy giuliani. attorney for president trump and former presidential candidate himself. rudy, great to see you. >> nice to see you. >> laura: is the president shaking in his boots? he doesn't wear boots. shaking in his -- i don't know, o shoes of come over kamala harris? >> he's not shaking at all about kamala harris or any of them. the president realizes there's going to be a candidate, we don't know who it is, and they are going to have to make all these crazy charges.
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but i think is pretty comfortable. i am, certainly comes with a vac of they have gone so far to the left. kamala harris is in favor of open borders. what kind of prosecutor she is if she is in favor of open borders. if you are in favor of open borders, you must be in favor of open doors. let everybody end. let's not find out who they are or identify themselves. she's in favor of leave term abortion. late term meaning the day before the baby is born. we can go on and on. high taxes. she does a little better job than some of them, like warren and bernie, of disguising herself as not as quite left-wing. but when you examine her positions, she's very, very left wing. i think she is the flavor of the month because joe could not defend himself and it was kind of pathetic. she eviscerated him and i thought it wasn't with very much. and i think that we got a very, very big signal from michelle. that was definitely calculated. you saw that. i mean, you pointed it out
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beautifully. michelle is a very smart woman, whatever else she has. >> laura: rudy, she could have said, i'm not taking sides here on the presidential contest, but we know joe biden very well. joe and jill were really close to us, serving with them for eight years, not a racist bone in his body. >> that is easy to say. >> laura: she went out of her -- i think she went out of her way, both of them, not to say that. you can't -- you don't hear a peep out of barack obama unless it is a sideswipe eye drop without really mentioning him by name. i have found that to be -- i kind of found that to be graceless on the part of the obamas. >> at a bare minimum, biden is entitled to, "he's not a racist." also, he's not. i have a lot of issues with biden, including what appears to be a lot of corruption in china and ukraine. hundreds of millions -- millions one place, billions other place, while he's negotiating for america. his son is pulling down millions
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of dollars and joe was taking him there on air force two. come on. that was one of us, we'd be indicted by now. but i believe the democrats aren't touching that yet. they are trying to take them out on his lack of confidence. >> laura: rudy, they seem very, and surprisingly, unprepared. they should have been prepared for incoming from someone they know it is close with the obamas. >> let's face it, joe is never been a good candidate. i know -- she's not that bright. the president says that, it happens to be true. everyone always says come all, he's funny, he's uncle joe. the fact is, he's not the brightest bulb -- >> laura: he's a back slapper type. a shoulder grabber. >> he's not that smart. >> laura: rudy, jill spoke out tonight -- >> the rest of the people are smart. obama is smart. michelle is very wicked smart. they also realize he's not up to it. they want to end. i think they feel that joe is
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going to self implode at some point. >> laura: jill biden spoke out tonight and if they were clearly stoned and ill-prepared for this attack. let's watch. >> big a surprise for you so far? >> the biggest surprise, i think, was the debates. i think probably kamala was a little bit of a surprise. i think that is a big surprise of five. >> laura: again. how are you not prepared for that? that is disqualifying in and of itself. >> of course it is. if you are not prepared for kamala, are you prepared for -- are you prepared for kim jong un and putin and people in china? [laughs] >> laura: no, they make too much money in china. >> honestly, joe is not prepared. that is a sad truth about him. >> laura: rudy, we got of a lot of other topics we want to get to. we destroy that topic. >> [laughs] >> laura: i want to get to what attorney general barr said about mueller's upcoming
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testimony next week. watch. >> i was disappointed to see him subpoenaed because i don't think that serves any purpose dragon bob mueller up if he in fact it's going to stick to the report. it seems to me the only reason for doing that is to create some kind of public spectacle and if bob decides that he doesn't want to be subject to that, the department of justice would certainly back him. >> laura: what you make of those comments? >> i think that the attorney general realizes this has gone way beyond what normally happens that way beyond the bounds of ethics and discussing the facts about somebody about whom you are not going to bring charges. 8400 plus page report, ten minute sort of suggested press conference, and now we will repeat it all with this kind of glorified testimony? i think the attorney general is very concerned about it. from a political point of view, i almost like it because i
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believe that the republicans have a lot of good questions to ask mueller. he's going to have a very hard time answering them. i think the net of this is going to be that people are going to have more questions about mueller after it's over them before they go in. i can see why the attorney general, and i was in his position, i'd be very conced about how this is really doing something terribly unethical, that prosecutors are taught, you never should do. you should never talk about a case when you decline prosecution. ever, ever, ever. >> laura: we will get into this topic later in the show but i did want to get your taken thoughts on what's happening with jeffrey epstein, he pled not guilty to charges of sex trafficking minors. breathtakingly hideous allegations. did you know him? did you have any interactions with him ever? >> i don't believe so. i don't a member of her meeting with him. his face looks a little familiar but it may be because i've seen them on television. i can't imagine that i know him. he's a real close friend of bill clinton. he's the one who travel on
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planes with him, went all over with him. i'm not saying that bill clinton was involved in any way but he's the one who was really close to him. i can't imagine i ever had much to do with anything. i don't recall ever having anything to do with them. >> laura: looks like they are clearly after this alex acosta labor secretary for the president with effectively deal, any thoughts on that tonight? >> my view is somebody charged with the things he is charged with, you throw the maximum penalty at him. i don't know what he decided as u.s. attorney. i don't want to second-guess that. my knee-jerk reaction to it is that the guy should be in jail for a long time. given what i know publicly, and have to put in the caveat, everyone is presumed innocent. >> laura: one final thought, rudy, question, nancy pelosi nancy pelosi spoke out today on the senses citizenship question and made an outrageous wipe -- more than a swipe -- at the president. watch. >> this is about keeping -- you
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know that his hat, make america white again. they want to make sure that people, certain people, are counted. it's really disgraceful. it's not what our founders had in mind. who are we? what is america? >> i don't know what's wrong with her. the question is, nancy, whether you are a citizen. we have white citizens, black citizens, we have hispanic citizens, chinese -- it's whether you are a citizen. >> laura: why did she say it, rudy? going back to my "angle." this is by any means necessary to take out the president. they want to divide this country, they wanted her and white against black, hispanic against black, white against -- i mean, it is a cynical, horrible strategy. >> every single thing that is done, whether it relates to anything like that or not, they will interpret that way. it's like a talking point they just repeat. there is nothing racial about asking someone whether they are a citizen. it is like seeking identification before you vote.
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that's racial? >> laura: she knows it. she sang it anyway. >> you have to produce identification to get on an airplane. >> laura: nancy pelosi's mind. she is doing this very reason. they are worried about trump gaining even a five percentage point among african-american voters because it's a great economic record he sat with african-americans. criminal justice reform. i think they are panicked about that. they don't want to -- they want to divide the country on racial lines. i think it's disgusting. everyone is doing better in this economy, everybody. >> the president when he ran an '16 said take a chance on me, you can't do any worse. you know, they are doing better than they have ever done, all of us. >> laura: rudy, got to go -- just go -- just make particularly minorities. >> laura: rudy, great to see you. coming up, the leftist mob known as antifa struck another city this weekend. i had we speak to one of their latest victims and a former fbi assistant director says it is time to call antifa what they are. he'll tell us what that is next.
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♪ >> laura: antifa strikes again. this time bringing their chaos to washington, d.c. the group was trying to disrupt a demand free speech rally when they clashed with police. this comes as anti-know, the
7:24 pm
conservative journalist attacked by a antifa last week, returned to the hospital due to injury stemming from that attack. despite the bleeding in the brain, andy is kind enough to join me now. andy, first of all, how are you feeling tonight? >> i am just trying to concentrate on my recovery, thank you for having me on. >> laura: i'm glad to see you. we described -- i also want to ask you, we describe you as a conservative journalist. is that -- do you want to be described that way? i've read conflicting reports on that. how do you prefer to be described? >> i think that's probably fair. i don't take too much issue with that. my work is out there on the record and people can make their judgment. >> laura: all right, that's fair. you report on antifa violence, and in portland, oregon, but as we just said, they were in d.c. this past weekend, physically attacking people at a free
7:25 pm
speech rally. so this is not just a west coast phenomenon, is it? >> not at all. i've been warning for a long time now that this is the paramilitary movement made up of extremist, violent, communist anarchists. they are actually agitating for a revolution. so violence is their modus operandi. they are not confined to small progressive cities on the west coast. you see them all over the united states, and also, even outside of the u.s. >> laura: when you see only three democratic candidates, including one who dropped out tonight or today, eric swalwell, and the other guy pulling at 1% -- only three of them condemned the attack against you. what does that tell you? if you or anyone else, certainly anyone on the left, or a protected class, it would have been a national conversation about who are these people, we must all condemn them, they
7:26 pm
would be candlelight vigil's. it would be absolute, just -- unanimity of thought. three candidates out of the 20! your thoughts. >> i think it says that i i am the wrong type of victim. a lot of these candidates who remain violent are the same ones who came out to express continued support for jesse's mullets hate crime hoax. >> laura: andy, have you thought of learning martial arts? i know you are filming stuff. but if someone is attacking you, have you ever thought of hitting them back? i know it is hard because they are throwing stuff out you. but my instinct is, i want you to hit them back. i'm sorry but you have to defend yourself more than just with goggles. >> yeah, actually because i've never been in a fight, the first impact was to my head and from the back and i just -- before i could even gather what had happened, the punchers just kept
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coming in every direction, and then i was blinded. >> laura: no chance. >> no chance divide. >> laura: andy, and a lot of people out there would be happy to train you. i think it is probably good for a lot of americans to learn how to defend themselves in certain circumstances. andy, we are thinking about you, praying for you. best of luck out there. we'll check in with you soon. >> thank you. >> laura: antifa violence has once undergone so concerned that he wants to designate antifa as a domestic terrorist organization. i should hope so. we should have a lot of people say signing onto that. phil cassidy of louisiana saying this he was doing this in part because of my valise attacks. here's former nypd commissioner bernie character traits because this is an extremely violent group that goes out and threatens, intimidates, attacks with extreme violence for political reason. i think they should be designated as a terror group, domestic terror group.
7:28 pm
>> laura: what is a's is specific behavior would justify that? we are joined by assistant fbi agent. he led the team that tracked down the atlanta olympics bomber. what is the reason, number one, that antifa fits this designation? >> antifa is an ideology but they have people who follow that ideology around the country and they have exhibited all the hallmarks of domestic terrorism as designed by statute. that means they are committing violence or intimidating civilian populations for their own political aims. doctorates there. the only other requirement is that the criminal act that they are committing, which are myria myriad, happens in united states within our borders. >> laura: chris, here is the 18 usc 30 3:30 one. you know it well. the term domestic terrorism means activities that involve
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acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws, appear to be intended to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, to influence policy of government by intimidation or coercion, to affect the conduct of government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping." you heard the previous guest. the goal is to create anarchy. and so discord, leading to armed revolution in the united states. in all people watching thinking, oh, laura -- they run around with masks and they throw things that people and their wounds on the back of the heads of individuals, innocent individuals. if this were any other group of people who were being targeted or innocents being targeted by people with face coverings, chris, i mean, whether it's the kkk or antifa, you should not be walking around as part of a protest -- not talking about religion -- talking about part of a protest, violent protest, where we can't see your face.
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i don't even know that's a lot anyway. >> it shouldn't be allowed. there are many states, north carolina is one of them, where you can't wear a mask during a protest. you can't carry backpacks and some studies because of ordinances. you can carry sticks and poles and frozen water bottles and padlocks tied to bandannas or other makeshift weapons. but that is the hallmark of antifa at various events across the country. i mean, their goal -- their stated ideology, it's fair game, and they advocate committing violence against anyone they define as a fascist. that is a pretty broad definition. i've seen people with maga hats being defined as fascists. and called from the crowd and beat down with sticks and poles. almost like a gang beat down. >> laura: right, and rocking into drugstores of the weekend in washington, a friend of miney
7:31 pm
masked. people were taken aback by this is just -- it is madness, complete madness, and the u.s. government, both parties, should take a stand against it. it's beyond politics. this is dangerous and it's a real problem. chris, thank you so much for being with us tonight. we'll check back with you soon on this and much more. next we take you inside the indictments of jeffrey epstein and speak to a sex crimes prosecutor about how he could have gotten away with this for as long as he did. plus, and a statement late tonight, did bill clinton just ? this one about his ties to this disgraced financier. details ahead. at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great
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and look great. "guarantee". we say that too. you gotta use "these" because we don't mean it.
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buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference. >> laura: in a shocking and horrifying headline today, financier jeffrey epstein was arrested and charged with sex trafficking. it's alleged that he abused dozens of underage girls and unfortunately this was not the first time. for the story we go to fox news chief correspondent jonathan hunt in our west coast newsroom. jonathan? >> good evening, laura. jeffrey epstein was brought into court today, his hair disheveled and dressed in a blue jail uniform, having spent the night in a cell. a far cry from the comforts of his private jet, which had flown him to the u.s. from paris over the weekend prior to his arrest. prosecutors revealed they found hundreds, perhaps thousands of lewd photographs of apparently underage girls when they searched epstein's new york mansion. they charged him with abusing
7:35 pm
dozens of girls as young as 14. >> children are provided epstein massages while they were nude or nude partially. children who were entitled to do all these things at the hands of a man more than earn nearly three times their age. >> epstein was jailed pending a bail hearing next monday, which prosecutors will argue he should be kept in jail. >> we think is a significant flight risk and that is why we are seeking detention pending trial. he has enormous wealth. the charges are very serious and carry with him maximum sentence of 45 years in jail which, to someone of epstein's age, it's basically a life sentence. >> epstein's attorney dismissed the charges in the indictment as "ancient stuff" and accused the government have essentially seeking a redo after a 2,008
7:36 pm
nonprosecution agreement in florida allowing epstein to plead guilty only to charges of soliciting a minor. that deal was overseen by alexander acosta, who was then u.s. attorney in miami, and is now president trump's labor secretary. epstein's friends and acquaintances have included mr. trump, britain's prince andrew, the actor kevin spacey, and former president bill clinton, whose office tonight issued a statement saying in part, "president clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes jeffrey epstein pleaded guilty to in florida some years ago. all those with which he had been recently charged in new york." some of epstein's accuser issue statements as well today, welcoming his arrest and saying it is time for epstein and his "circle of powerful people" to be brought to justice. laura? >> laura: jonathan, thank you so much. joining me now to analyze as a former sex crimes prosecutor
7:37 pm
herself. nicole, good to see you. based on what we know so far, is a southern veteran of new york likely , in your mind, to get a conviction against epstein here despite that previous deal that he has struck with a former u.sf florida? >> that is definitely something that we can't tell just yet. we certainly do have quite a lot of information from this very wordy indictment that said, what we don't have is access to any n this case whatsoever. all this indictment is an allegation. it is simply the government making an accusation that this is what epstein did. >> laura: the headlines obviously are disturbing. the indictment is long, as you said. epstein knew his victims were underage, that is part of the indictment for some, minor victims expressly told him their age, and he wasn't working alone, according to another part
7:38 pm
of the indictment. he worked and conspired, nicole, with others, including employees and associates, who facilitated the conduct, among other things, contacting victims and scheduling their encounters with epstein, paid people apparently. it goes on and on and on. is this the way the high and mighty, those with hundreds of millions of dollars, how they would operate in a situation like this, to try to insulate themselves with people in high places? >> i certainly hope not. i certainly hope that what we find out is that this is not true. it certainly looks horrid. it's absolutely salacious. that means may be one reason why the government in this case has included so much detail in this indictment, to get the public's attention, and to really get people thinking about the horrific nature of these charges. but the reality is that we have heard no evidence whatsoever. i certainly hope that this is not how he or anyone else
7:39 pm
conduct themselves. >> laura: obviously the political aspect of this is tantalizing, another part of this. he knew a lot of people, a lot of democrats, rudy giuliani mentioned this earlier tonight, said, i don't even know if i met him. i know bill clinton knew him and a spokesperson for president clinton tonight releasing a statement -- earlier today, saying that he knew nothing about the charges, and he took only a total of four trips on epstein's airplane back in 2002 and 2003, nicole, but white records from epstein's plane revealed that clinton actually took at least 26 trips aboard what was known i guess sd will lolita express. so is that discrepancy is in fact true, and flight records are vital records, not clear why bill clinton's name would be on a flight record if he wasn'te fair for them to bring bill clinton in as some type of witness?
7:40 pm
down the road? >> it is possible, i suppose. the government can talk to anyone that wants to talk to the government. if the government has questions for bill clinton, certainly, they can ask. does he have to answer? he doesn't. does this make him an any way connected to this incident? there's really no evidence to support that at this point. it is definitely interesting that these allegations are so salacious and so absolute horrible that people in epstein's circle field immediately -- they immediately have the need to go out until the public that they knew nothing about this. certainly, we will probably not hear the last of these witnesses today. i think there are more coming forward. >> laura: nicole, as we heard, they seized a lot of records, disks from his safe apparently that were individually labeled, including a lot of, you know, appear to be underage girls, labels and various ways micros
7:41 pm
that is clearly going to be, i would imagine, evidence of something. i can't even think about it. that doesn't mean he's guilty, if it's child pornography, he's guilty of something else, correct? >> absolutely. it sounds absolutely disgusting and horrible based on what we've heard from the indictment. what we haven't seen is what they have actually collected. that is of the government has got to do in court. the government now has to put up the evidence. they have to show the things they have said in this indictment. it's interesting to me that they have come out with such detailed information about the delegation before we have had a hearing in court. so we shall see. >> laura: we have to remember, people are innocent until proven guilty, and a lot of prosecutors have come out with a lot of rest or to bluster and then turned out to be black on their heels a jury gets to hear the case. certainly hideous so far. nicole, thank you so much. we appreciate it. on what i supposed to be the most patriotic day of the air, a
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finally, a refreshing lager that you can taste. barb, i can taste my beer. >> there was a customer that felt unsafe because there were so many police officers inside the store. two of them are veterans. one of them having served over 20 years in the military.
7:45 pm
especially on july 4th, it was pretty upsetting. unfortunately, this appears to be the new reality for law enforcement. >> laura: that was sergeant robert ferraro, president of the tempe officers association, describing what his officers were kicked out of starbucks on july 4th. now the coffee giant is attempting a cleanup tonight. executive vice president rose and william saying, "on behalf of starbucks, i want to sincerely apologize, saying then treated with dignity by the upper upmost respect, instead they were made to feel unwelcome and is respected, which is clearly unacceptable." joining me now to react as dan bongino, former nypd office officer, and fox news contributor along with jonathan harris. so dan, what is his due, -- what does this do? when i saw it on twitter this to over this weekend, i was so angry, we are not going to starbucks. let's have a conversation. they didn't come out quickly, did they not, to apologize?
7:46 pm
and their apology does seem sincere. does not address the situation in your mind? >> well, listen, it is tough to say. we live in this snowflake culture now where i think the company needs to be a little bit more forthright. here is the reason for this, laura. while this person had the right to be offended, starbucks had the right to turn around and say, we don't care that you are offended. you don't like the sight of cops you run toward a problem when you are having one and running away from a problem, right? then get up, get out of those starbucks, and go find another spot. that we cater to this, i think they should have had a more forceful statement. having said that, it is one employee. i don't want to indict the whole company for the mistake of one employee. but even if you are a little bit confused about this, go ask a manager. hey, someone is cleaning but the cops pray that the manager tell the people to go pound sand. this is a really dumb decision.
7:47 pm
good for them for getting ahead of it. >> laura: i think the police officers should get free coffee, free of whatever they want. i'm sorry, what they put up with on a daily basis, i think they should be treated really well. there are bad cops -- but amazing work on 99.9%. jonathan, i want to ask you about this. because of this were a different person from a type person, kicked out or not allowed income a protected class to minority, like race on philadelphia where african-americans were treated poorly, and it was national outrage, and rightly so. in this case, we don't know who was the employee, what person was offended and why. it seems like an aggressive lack of curiosity. i'm glad that starbucks came out. if the shoe were on the foot and other groups of people were kicked out or made you feel unwelcome, the media would be all over this. but it's kind of fox and a few others. >> i feel like people are talking about it. "the new york times" is reporting that everybody involved was caucasian, i
7:48 pm
believe pray that is with "the new york times" is reporting but we don't know. >> laura: i don't care what color skin they were. i care about why they felt this way. were they disciplined? if not, why? >> is looking at some of the data, and i was thinking to myself, the police on average according to reports kill about 1,000 people a year, since about 2015. it's been in the 900, 990s in some cases by the majority of them are white men. so i can understand, if there's a white guy, maybe him feeling a little uncomfortable -- >> laura: your answer to this starbucks thing is the police are killing people willy-nilly? >> no, i'm just saying that i can understand why that person may have felt uncomfortable. that is what i'm saying. >> laura: dan bongino's going tp former police officer. the data indicates that people are -- jonathan is calm but he says the data indicate that people are rightly concerned. >> i don't care if he is calm. what he just said was so dumb that i'm stunned he set it on national television. >> are facts dumb?
7:49 pm
>> there were stable police officers life -- i was there. i am pretty sure jonathan wasn't. the worst day of your life is a use of force incident. number one, laura, because god forbid you have to use force. you think that is funny? a cop goes to -- i'm not on talking! i'm knock down talking! >> laura: 20 seconds, we are going to a hard break. >> you're probably going to get sued and lose your livelihood after you unfortunately had to use force against another human being. >> laura: checked the numbers, we'll have you both back. we got to do an hour on this. up next, inspiring patriotic displays you don't want to miss. stay there. ♪
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7:52 pm
>> laura: just in time for last week's independence day celebration, a poll came out that was pretty depressing. according to gallup, the number of people who describe themselves as extremely proud to be an american was lower than at any time in that survey's history. and among democrats? that number was only 22%. what? i'm not sure you can find humor in those who dislike america, hate america, or hate her symbols of the flag, like this masked buffoon from antifa
7:53 pm
who never learned how to use a lighter in anarchy school. but that shouldn't obscure the true patriotism that we all witnessed one way or another, i think, during our independence day celebrations across the country. for starters, the minnesota twins, i was there the day before, paid a special tribute to world war ii vets, including a negative theory server general george patton, the renowned third army. >> staff sergeant roger hallstrom, rewarded the ninth legion of honor, the highest award given by the french president. he is 93 for first lieutenant bill paxton turned 103 last month. it is an honor to spend and all with you today. speak to my gosh. hundred one? and he stood for the entire commemoration. i mean, there was not a dry eye
7:54 pm
in the stadium. and a viral video, four young man with the group kings return wowed the internet with this incredibly moving rendition of god bless america. ♪ god bless america out ♪ my home sweet home >> laura: i tear up every time we see that. maybe five, six times... there was this two your old abigail grab it who melt our hearts with her or durable rendition of the national anthe. ♪ with the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave >> shannon: >> laura: she knowss
7:55 pm
more than a lot of americans. and fans went wild at the u.s. women's national team nabbed a world cup title again this weekend. the players were obviously thrilled and deservedly so, so were millions of americans who watched. but a couple of members of the team marred their victory by dragging the american flag on the ground, almost dropping it. one player smartly saved old glory from that unfortunate desecration. many of the off of the field headlines were generated by the women's team cocaptain megan rapinoe who said wouldn't go to the white house invited. beside the bars, present from decided to congratulate the team on their win as he well should have. in the end, all the bile and invective didn't overwhelm trump's salute to america, or the thousands of expressions of patriotism we all saw, and i hope we also rated ourselves and our own families across the lan.
7:56 pm
reminds us to matter where we are, no matter our race, are created, we are americans, the first in the spirit of liberty will endure. tonight's last fight is next bite is next.
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7:59 pm
>> laura: it's time for the last bite. family and friends gathered on a beach on michigan july 4th when they were visited unexpectedly by a special visitor. watch. >> enjoying himself here on lake michigan. >> laura: i thought it was really odd when the young woman tried to put spf 50. like, you are going to get skinned... it was the cutest thing ever. have you ever paid a dear?
8:00 pm
it's really cool. i have. before we go, we have to pay tribute to our good friend ed henry. one of the greatest guys out there going in for surgery tomorrow. donating 30% of his liver to save his sister colleen's life. the ultimate sacrifice. selfless act. thanks for doing that. we will be praying for you and your family. a new podcast drops tomorrow. shannon bream, the "fox news @ night" team takes it over. didn't you like the deer? >> shannon: when i go out on runs there is a wooded area. well populated. but it includes deer. i don't want to scare them, but i want to befriend them like snow white. >> laura: see if they'll run with you and keep pace. >> shannon: i'll report back. okay, we begin with a fox news alert. tonight, former president bill clinton speaking out about high-profile registered sex offender jeffrey


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