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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 8, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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it's really cool. i have. before we go, we have to pay tribute to our good friend ed henry. one of the greatest guys out there going in for surgery tomorrow. donating 30% of his liver to save his sister colleen's life. the ultimate sacrifice. selfless act. thanks for doing that. we will be praying for you and your family. a new podcast drops tomorrow. shannon bream, the "fox news @ night" team takes it over. didn't you like the deer? >> shannon: when i go out on runs there is a wooded area. well populated. but it includes deer. i don't want to scare them, but i want to befriend them like snow white. >> laura: see if they'll run with you and keep pace. >> shannon: i'll report back. okay, we begin with a fox news alert. tonight, former president bill clinton speaking out about high-profile registered sex offender jeffrey
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epstein. he's fighting new charges that could put him behind prison throughout his life. an investigative journalist who's been covering this case joins us live and you will not believe him somewhat she's uncovered. the democratic governor signing bill capitol hill lawmakers access to president trump's state tax returns. the president's team called it harassment. democrats say it's their constitutional duty. later, at 2020 prisoners are a hopeful kamala harris and joe biden see demers, michelle obama makes an endorsement announcement. the latest from the campaign trail just ahead. welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. we begin with financier jeffrey epstein spending the night behind bars facing charges of sex crimes. correspondent brian eunice has more. >> we want to hear from you. >> federal prosecutors in new york city urged anyone who may have been victimized by jeffrey epstein to come forward,
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looking disheveled but calm, epstein a well-known financier to billionaires made his first appearance in new york federal court where he pled not guilty to two federal sex trafficking charges. according to the federal indictment come epstein is accused of making a sex trafficking network between 2002-2005. prosecutors say epstein paid thousands of underage girls, as young as 14, hundreds of dollars to massage or have with sex wim in new york city and florida. he's also accused of having his victims recruit others. >> the alleged behavior shock click >> they found a huge trove of young looking women or girls in epstein's mansion. inside the townhouse, photos were found in a locked safe with handwritten labels like miscellaneous pics one.
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epstein cut a controversial deal with current secretary of labor alexander acosta, then in addition attorney employed up. was facing life in prison but spend 13 months of jail and allowed to leave for work. including great britain's prince andrew, former president bill clinton, and president trump. a spokesperson for clinton says he took four trips in epstein's plane and connection to work with the clinton foundation, but "president clinton knows nothing about the terrible crimes jeffrey epstein pleaded guilty to two years ago are those which which he's been recently charged in new york. he has not spoken to epstein in well over a decade and has never been to little st. james island, epstein's ranch in new mexico, or his residence in florida." prosecutors argue that epstein is a "extreme flight risk and should not be granted bail."
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they incited in part is enormous wealth, including his own private island. epstein's bond hearing is scheduled for monday. shannon? >> shannon: thank you very much. the question and the on everyone's mind, who else may be indicated in the case. can she discern up joins us now. covering this case since the beginning. also author of the book "trafficking." thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you, shannon, for having me. >> shannon: your face an interesting point that it's the then state department for palm beach county is the one who doesn't get as much attention, but he is a critical player here. so much concerning to the then chief of police there in palm beach county. he actually put together this response and referred it to the fbi saying, we need the feds to get involved because somehow there's so much pressure on this county, we do not think this is going anywhere. >> absolutely, shannon.
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my biggest question, and i don't understand why no one is pointing fingers at, and actually explaining why barry kircher cut the deal that he cu cut. the onus fell on the state attorney's office and, you know, after the chief police michael ritter, who i spoke to at length for many, many years after i started the investigation back in 2009, ritter said to me many times, i did not accept his deal. he wanted to charge him with a misdemeanor. no jail time, no restitution, and no registration of the sex offender. then he took that case, ritter takes the case to the fed. michael ritter, palm beach police chief, take the case to the feds. that's when acosta comes in. that's not until 2006. so acosta and his team, with others, they start to
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investigate. that takes two years but there is a 53 page indictment against epstein. but what happens? welcome to getting close to the 2008 presidential campaign. hillary clinton is the democratic shoo-in at the time. president obama was still not in the forefront. at the forefront. so i believe, given the information that i have and what i've read, at the very top of the food chain they did not want to make as the attorney general said to me when i interviewed him, alberto gonzalez, they did not want to make a political mess. so they basically tapped acosta again, which is also why they hired ken starr and jay let's go it's who wear the two -- speak a lot some high-profile names involved in this. >> they were the two than attorneys who negotiated the plea deal, meaning the agreement
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handed to epstein which was not an order as acosta told me because i've been speaking to acosta for many years since the original investigation and the original arrest in 2005. >> shannon: tonight, president clinton spoke out and said made it clear that there was travel with him, always secret surface, brief meetings, the two of them trying to tie them together like people tonight tying epstein the president trump that those are unfair leaps in logic, the clintons say. >> i haven't read too much information and spoken to too many people on the inside. i actually attempted to interview clinton, but he would not -- he did not agree to do so. and i know from the pilot laws, these are pilot logs that were written by different pilots at different times that clinton went, he was a guest of epstein 27 times. you tell me. doug band was also on the plane many times. many of those times clinton had his secret service with them and
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many times he did not. almost every time that clinton's name is on the pilot logs, there are under age girls. there are initials, there are names of many, many girls on that private plane. you have to ask yourself, this is what i asked myself, why would anyone, not only a former president, fly on a plane 27 times that did not belong to him? >> shannon: the statement from his office, his spokesman tonight says he knows nothing about the terrible times down the crimes that epstein pleaded guilty to a few years ago, goeso talk about he took a total of four trips with them, secret service, dt l, had a meeting with him in his office. security and staff members are you saying the former president is not telling the truth? >> yes, i am saying sadly that he is not telling the truth. first of all, gerald left court,
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one of epstein's attorneys during the original arrest wrote a letter which has been made public. in that letter, he claims that epstein was one of the original funders of clinton global initiative. he gave -- forgive me, jeffrey epstein gave president clinton $4 million according to a source who knows the story about that. >> shannon: the former president tonight saying he knows nothing about the crimes for they traveled together briefly. i know you've been digging on this for ten years, so we will continue to put the pieces together per that's his statement tonight. your book is fascinating and people who want to know more about it can dig in. thank you for coming in. >> thank you very much for having me. >> shannon: fox news alert. obama era nuclear deal with the west, again president trump warns iranian leaders to be careful. kristin fisher here with breaking news. >> good evening, kristin fisher
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kristin to shannon. second time that iran has violated the 2015 nuclear agreement and threatening more violations unless they help iran bypass these biting u.s. sanctions. >> translator: remaining in the deal who did not fulfill their commitment seriously and did not do anything more than talk. iran may be more harder, steadfast, and somehow stunning. >> the threat comes from as the country announce it's now enriching uranium beyond what's allowed in the nuclear deal. a claim that's been confirmed by the u.n. nuclear watchdog. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says there is no question that iran is violating the deal and it's time for the remaining signatories to pull out. >> iran is brazenly violating the deal. it's time for europe to do what they promised to do. >> speaking at the same event today in washington, vice president mike pence who warned iran the u.s. is prepared
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to protect its personnel and interests in the region. >> let me be clear, iran should not confuse american restraint with a lack of american resolve. >> the chinese say it's that kind of resolve that forced iran to violate the deal in the first place, the maximum pressure of the u.s. imposes on iran is the root cause of the conflict. unilateral bullying has become worsening tumor and creating more problems and greater crises on a global scale. national security advisor john bolton says the u.s. is just getting started with its campaign of maximum pressure. >> the president's goal is to get a new deal that would be negotiated in the best interest of the united states. >> that goal is not possible according to iran after the u.s. and cosanctions on the supreme leader and foreign >> we have no hope or trust on any country, but the door of diplomacy is open.
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>> if europe does not help iran circumvent these u.s. sanctions, iran says it'll keep violating the deal terms every 60 days. shannon? >> shannon: kristin fisher with the very latest tonight. thank you so much. the attorney general says he sees a legal path for adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census. despite that the supreme court blocked its inclusion. bill barr did not go into detail, only telling the associated press that the administration will take action in the coming days. house speaker nancy pelosi says the administration is trying to suppress the hispanic vote. >> this is about keeping -- you know what should be on the hat? make america white again. they want to make sure that certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. >> meanwhile, the attorney general weighing in on the special counsel robert mueller's capitol hill testimony scheduled for next week of accusing democrats of now playing games.
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>> i'm disappointed to see him standing. it seems to be the only reason for doing that is to create some kind of public spectacle. if bob decides he doesn't like the subject, the department of justice would certainly back him. >> shannon: mueller said his testimony would not go beyond the 448 448 page report releasn april. tonight, the new york's new will democrats actually do anything with it? up next, meet the emphatic state senator who authored the bill and are in c party [ paper rustling ] exactly, nothing. they're completely different people, that's why they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual. they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton.
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congresswoman, democratic socialist alexandria ocasio-cortez taking her public feud with house speaker nancy pelosi to the next level tonight. you correspondent jonathan hunt has the story. good evening, jonathan. >> good evening, shannon. in an interview that nancy pelosi gave to "the new york times." asked about the opposition to a border funding bill from four freshman liberals include representatives alexandria ocasio-cortez and ilhan omar. pelosi was critical of their opposition to the bill and said, "all these people have their public whatever and their twitter world, but they didn't have any following, therefore cold people, that's how many votes they got." ." aoc responded via her twitter, "that public whatever is called public sentiment and wielding the power to shift it is how we actually achieve meaningful change in this country" but while conzelmann omar use the
8:19 pm
spanish word for pathetic in apparent reference to her comments and added, "you know they are salty who is using power to shift public sentiment. sorry not sorry." congresswoman rashida tlaib defended her colleagues on abc's "this week." >> all of us have these experiences that have been missing in the halls of congress. honor that, respect that, put us at the table. let's come up with a solution together. >> a cause ocasio-cortez who has more than 4.6 million followers also clapped back at speaker pelosi's dismissal of twitter come with mlgs prominent, "i find it strange that members act that social media isn't important. they spend missing to make millions of dollars to spend tv ads so people can see their message. i haven't thought of her dollars once and have more time to do my actual job, yet we'd rather campaign like it's 2008."
8:20 pm
to add to the disagreements over impeachment and the green new deal, a debate over the value of tweeting, and it's pretty clear that this is a generational divide among democrats as well as a political one. shannon? >> shannon: well said, jonathan hunt. thank you very much. new york's governor is adding a new bill that could give congressional democrats access to president trump's state tax returns. jerry nadler describing it as a "workaround" to white house obstruction. the trump legal team calling a presidential harassment. let's turn to the democratic state senator who authored the new york bill, brad wellman, and from the republican association, harvey dillon, to work it out. it's being described it this way. by you, senator can you say i do not want to head into 2020 without americans and new yorkers knowing more about trump's secret business dealings. is this strictly political,
8:21 pm
senator? >> no. this is a bill, now a law, not to one individual, but those who file taxes in the state of new york. it's an important principle we are supporting here in new york, which is the separation of powers, which is checks and balances, which is tax transparency, and most importantly, shannon, which is the oversight responsibilities of congress. if congress can't get the taxes of donald trump through the mandated procedures that have existed since 1924, then i think new york has a special responsibility to step in the breach and help them deal with, and that's what we are doing with this new law the andrew cuomo signed today. >> the governor in a statement said the bill gives congress the ability to fulfill its constitutional response abilities and strengthen our democratic system to make sure
8:22 pm
no one is above the law. what's along with that? >> i think this is a deeply cynical bill and a problem in search of a solution, shannon. the reality is that even congress is not allowed to ask for an individual's task on the tax return without a proper legislative purpose. there is no purpose for seeking a private citizens returns before he decided that he wanted to offer them, so a workaround is making a mockery of our separations of powers in our systems of check and balances. in fact, the problem for the state senator is that the president is actually seeking to block this unconstitutional interference and the invasion of his privacy, so the state thinks they can help by doing this "workaround." democrats should be very careful what they doing here, it's a pandora's box.
8:23 pm
persecuting this particular president is inevitably going to result in escalation and more personal records. what's going to be next, new york? are we going to offer medical records of people you don't like to the senate, to the opposing party, the house of the opposing party? this is a really bad precedent and i'm sure it's going to end up failing the way the effort in the house is going to resolve. >> shannon: there would be those who say it won't stand up to legal scrutiny. in the peace in "the new york times," they said the bill has been harshly criticized by those in york as a bill of attainder. i had to think back to law school. it's aimed at a single person or group and you and many others have said that the president's name is not in the bill but you've made clear what the bill is about. do you worry about the legal challenges to it? >> i actually don't worry about the legal challenges. it's not a bill of attainder, as you pointed out. those who say so are barking up the wrong tree, in addition to it not applying to one
8:24 pm
individual, and applies to all politicians in the state of new york. it also doesn't have a punishment. unless you conclude that sharing your tax returns through the state tax department with congressional tax committees is some sort of punishment, that of course raises a question, shannon, that all americans i believe have at least in the back of their mind, what is donald trump hiding? we have a responsibility as lawmakers, as new yorkers come in your public officials, to help congress answer that question. we also have the responsibility, shannon, to understand how the new tax laws passed by this resident is benefiting himself and his family personally. >> shannon: we are talking tax returns that predate his time in elected office or running for office. i want to ask you, the poet has an interesting take today, it seems have passed by democrats in washington are not in a hurry to use it and get these returns.
8:25 pm
why wouldn't they be? there's plenty of information there in the state tax return that would give them some of what they are looking for. >> sure, absolutely. there is some transfer between one or the other, but may be the democrats in the house are smarter than i'm giving them credit for because they realize it's going to be turned around as fair play for them. given the new work standards from the courts we are going to use, there was words of politicians used against them when we determine the constitutionality of statutes, proves my point. he is out in the witch hunt for the president and this is specifically targeting him in curiosity using what he did back when, that is a fatal flaw. i welcome the opportunity to see that. >> shannon: we'll see if that where it ends up. senator, he might've expected that. thank you both for joining us. >> if i could just say one thing, we cannot forget, shannon, that president trump broke 40 years of political tradition by not releasing his taxes. the american people have a
8:26 pm
right -- >> so what? >> shannon: we've got to leave it there. >> this is america, thank you. >> shannon: thank you, guys. biden goes into apology mode and leans into his old friend, his opponent, the media. we wait in next so, you never have to talk about it. unless you're their spokesperson. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. [ text notification now that you have] new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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8:31 pm
despite the fact that the former number two is pulling at number one. but things are not easy for joe biden. he and kamala harris continue a public disagreement over his stance on busing. >> what, if anything promote you'd like to say anything about the dustup? to have any thoughts on that today? >> i do not. >> harris criticized the today, he was in south carolina. >> if any comments i made were taken in a way that people took offense from them, than i am truly sorry for that. that was not my intention. >> the new poll has biden beating president trump by 14 points if the election were held today. kamala harris says she's just as electable. >> i fully intend to win this election. >> as biden and harris charge on, other candidates say he's done. >> today ends are for the initial campaign.
8:32 pm
swalwell close three shop three months to the day, as he focusing on reelection to congress. >> if there was a viable chance, i would not be standing here today. from day one i was running to win. >> but his absence doesn't mean the field will get smaller. >> there is the objective fact that donald trump is a cancer at the heart of america. >> there are reports that tom steyer, the billionaire behind the impeach trump movement, will soon jump aboard. that sound from tom steyer from earlier this year around the time he would not run for the white house but he's changing his mind in "the new york times," pointing out that stier may enter the race as early as tomorrow. >> it certainly keeps things interesting. >> one down, one added. >> shannon: thanks, david. biting question about repeatedly invoking former president obama's name on the campaign trail as he continues
8:33 pm
as he defenses on record on civil rights. let's talk about it with former bernie sanders staffer great to have you both with us. writing in "the washington post," jennifer rubin has a piece saying, now biden apologizes? part of an overall strategy to ignore his primary opponents and engage directly with president trump. he can now benefit by being yanked back in the primary race from his premature general election campaign. that's certainly how it fell from the beginning with him? >> yes, like most things jennifer rubin writes, i would find that fairly wrong and not even applicable to the situation. i think what biden is finding he's having a warm welcome to democratic politics in 2020, and it's not like anything he's experienced before. he has not owned up to comments he made in the past which is a more genteel cordial washington. it's also a washington which made comments about people that
8:34 pm
current democratic voters rightfully find distasteful. the worst part about all of this is he's now going as he goes on his apology tour, he expects people he feels like he was therefore in the past, mainly the obamas, to be there in the past and they are not. i'm sure he eventually will say that he asked michelle obama to endorse and probably asked sasha and malia not to endorse. probably a couple of days away from that. throughout this process, they wouldn't even stand up for him and pick up a side. the comment was no comment when they asked if she had any comments about an apology. she's probably the one person who could have said, i know joe biden and this does not represent who he is, but she failed to do so pure that's a real problem and they continue to drop in the polls because of it. >> shannon: under the headline, will he get it? the article says that obama remains a hugely popular figure with the democratic base. biden, this time, he's going to be the lead car.
8:35 pm
can you get there without help from the obamas, and do you think they will step up to his defense? >> he should be able to get there on his own but he's running for the president of the united states. it's not michelle obama or barack obama's job to make sure he is elected. they had to be elected on his own. this apology tour started with tom perez apologizing to black women but we had senator harris apologize for her truancy law. we had senator 322 apologizing for believing her grandmother when she said she was native american, and we had mayor pete apply just black folks last week. i'm looking forward to sanders and biden to apologize for the crime bill. once we move past the apologies, let's focus on the policy. the policies won't work saying i'm sorry without providing a specific policy that can address a lot of these issues. it'll fall on deaf ears, the poll numbers will continue to fall down if we are not dealing with the issues at hand. vice president joe biden realize he cannot take advice of saying
8:36 pm
never apologize for nothing. his numbers since have fallen quite a bit behind not taking ownership. >> shannon: you mention poll numbers, mention your numbers from "the washington post" and they put trump up against a number of these candidates, he is down 14 points head to head, down eight to harris, down six to sanders. and the need of concern at this point? long ways out, when you look at history were people were 15 months out? >> if there's anything 2016 should teach us, it's paying attention national polls bear only only few states we that matter, it came down to 77,000 and change for votes. if you want to know where things stand today, we need to be looking at swing states. i think it's a mistake for us to focus on national polls. but the one number you did not show is donald trump versus the socialist candidates. whenever they ask that head to head, donald trump won. that's what we get down to, if
8:37 pm
the democrats nominate someone defined as a socialist, it plays right into the president's hands. if he can make this a race between capitalism and socialism, he's going to win on election night. >> shannon: i want to know something else on the pole. bolstered by a strong economy, 51% approval of trump's handling of the economy, more than half for the fourth time in his presidency. quick word with the good news from the president? >> it's good news. i did nothing democrats are running on the economy. they should be mentioning how they can improve the economy, but to me it's simply they do not like trump bottom line and they do not like his morale and what he's done to the country but they are going to have a tough time with getting down to the general. but first they will have to win the primary and joe biden understands that. >> shannon: thank you both very much. good to see you. breaking tonight, president trump puts iran on notice as they once again reached breach the deal they broke with obama. on standby next.
8:38 pm
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>> shannon: iran says it's breached another person of the deal that it made with obama. let's bring in the former chief of staff, national equity advisor john bolton. and general hunts. welcome to you both. so the new york daily news that iran trump iran program is failing. it was only after the trump administration impose punishing the sanctions that iran exhilarated accelerated its nuclear enrichment. what do you think? in my opinion, what we are trying to do is get a better deal for the u.s. i don't think you can tie iranians bad actions as a terror supporting state, they've been doing it for 25 years, to what
8:43 pm
this administration did or didn't do. they blew up seven different ships, shot down one of our drones, they've been extremely aggressive. they killed hundreds of americans in iraq and hundreds of americans directly supplying weapons. it's a terrorist state, bad actor's. the problem is this is a backdrop of 17 years of war. i do not think we ought to be thinking about military options for a long time. we've got 17 years of our guys, less than 1% of the country fighting. i think it's an economic option we have with iran, not militarily. >> shannon: former u.n. ambassador john bolton said this today. >> no regime that chance deatho america or death to israel will get from this administration. >> we talk about sitting down making a deal with them but is it possible with this
8:44 pm
administration in position of the national security advisor? >> i think president trump is open to a deal with iran. i do not think warren wants a deal. concerning whether we should pull out of the deal -- i think there's a lot of evidence that iran was violating the deal and never declared its nuclear program. it would not allow inspections of military sites, and the deal would allow iran to enrich two reactor grade which is easy to make into weapons grade. disasters deal, i think pushing for a better deal was the right move by president trump. >> shannon: colonel, what do you make about those experts who say that iran has always been in compliance until recently that they are openly telling us they are defying it. we read the statement from experts who said last week they've been in compliance with the deal, no reason for our president to walk away from it. do you buy that? >> no. they been complaining about a deal that we can inspect. we have not been able to get into these sites.
8:45 pm
we are dealing with a terrorist state. the issue is what do you do about it? it's been very difficult for us and the rest of the world, take north korea's example, preventing countries from becoming a nuclear power. north korea has blown up 6-7 nukes on the ground. the issue is we are strangling warren economically and they should be reacting anyway they can. my issue is we have to be very, very careful, iran is the four times the size of a rack. we have to be careful of our military options. >> shannon: iran's for deputy minister is that mike says to protect the nuclear deal. not to nullify it. this is a call for talks and if they fail to use this opportunity, they should not doubt our resolution to leave the deal. russia is a signatory to the deal too. to get those parties to stay there, help them with the economic trouble that the
8:46 pm
colonel talked about that obviously has been a bit of a result of this section, but they are pressuring all the parties that are still out there to come to the deal, defend them. if not, they say another 50 days, there's going to be another breach. >> shannon: shooting down an unarmed drone, planting terrorism, and now increasing im enrichment program, this is driving the europeans away from iran. it's driving them towards president trump. this is not going to work. we know president trump is not going to give in blackmail from iran, but states don't want to either be there been protests against iran, this approach is not going to work. >> shannon: do you want to add something there? >> yeah. it's not clear yet that we got anything close to help from any other country. i appreciate what the guest is saying. problem is we need to have a coalition and right now we do not see one happening yet. >> shannon: interesting to note that french president mike
8:47 pm
and a lot of conversations going to try to head this thing off before he gets worse. thank you both. >> good to be here. >> shannon: this is a fox news alert. fox confirming that the full house is expected to vote on criminal contempt for attorney general bill barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross over failing to provide documents and information over that citizenship question on the senses form. familiar with the thinking that will be closed very soon. a recess is coming up so we'll see if it happens before then but we'll keep you updated. some on the left arguing the air conditioning is sexist. we will explain. at i need. oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no... only pay for what you need. liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> shannon: the channel unveils its matchup on a live drawing july 18th, hoping to fend off criticism that nbc face for how candidates were divvied up over two nights. cbs this morning catching flak for what critics call a softball interview with former first lady michelle obama. this it done created buzz and also some rage but critics point out that the pair had a cozy relationship and the vacation
8:52 pm
years ago. at one point agreed with the former first lady that the obama administration was scandal free. do not lower that thermostat. according to a "new york times" opinion piece, air conditioning is sexist. in the piece titled, do americans need air conditioning, the writer states that ac is an engine of patriarchy. the arthur argues that temperatures are often determined by man and that can lead to discomfort who according to the study prefer warmer temperatures. starbucks get of his meeting again with the tempe police department after one of its workers asked several officers to leave because of a customer complaint on the fourth of july. national correspondent william la jeunesse reports on the fallout tonight. >> i think that's a little bit ridiculous. >> at the starbucks in tempe, arizona, a customer reported that he did not feel safe in the presence of six police officers sitting nearby, pumping the
8:53 pm
employee to ask the cops to either move out of the customer's line of sight, or leave. >> unfortunate this occurred at starbucks, but when behavior like this occurs, it's our responsibility to bring it to te attention. >> shannon: the officers left, other than making a scene the union posted this dumb starbucks photo saying the store has their respect for cops. >> it was an insult not to those officers, the six officers that were in starbucks, but average and the officer that risked their lives and wants to be apart and needs to be a part of the community. for one person to say, you know what, i don't like you because of what you wear offends me. >> shannon: >> starbucks apologized saying those officers should have been welcome with dignity and the utmost respect by our employees. instead, they were made to feel unwelcome and disrespected, which is completely unacceptabl unacceptable. >> sometimes, you know, people they get jittery around cops. you know, they just get nervous or out of body.
8:54 pm
>> the incident sparked debate online, the original "dump starbucks" was a 44,000 likes, 11,000 comments, and 20,000 retweets. >> this is both the benefit and the problem with social media is you can take one little event that would otherwise be insignificant, wouldn't even be a blurb in the newspaper, and it hit at the right time. >> starbucks with those involved, the union and police chief all declined for a comment. shannon? >> shannon: william, thank you very much. putting a price tag on the damage of the california earthquake. that tops tonight's western round out the geological society estimating the financial toll of the quakes that rocked southern california over the weekend at roughly a billion dollars. president trump says help is on the way, g.o.p. leader kevin mccarthy in the earthquakes and informed him that we will be working very closely on
8:55 pm
emergency funding. also spoke to governor gavin newsom. all working together. new figures out of san francisco revealed double digit growth in homelessness. the new data finds that the city's homeless count has soared. meanwhile, services because of your court has ruled that a controversial new law that taxes the city's wealthiest companies to fund homeless services is legal. portland democratic mayor ted wheeler still facing criticism for last month's lottie antifa protest, a black mark against the reputation while not taking a position from the city's police chief to ban demonstrators from wearing masks and allowing law enforcement to film protests. our midnight hero is next. ed at. i've even built my own historic trading model. and you're still not sure if you want to make the trade? exactly. sounds like a case of analysis paralysis. is there a cure? td ameritrade's trade desk. they can help gut check your strategies and answer all your toughest questions.
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9:00 pm
and brings awareness of those in need for those two are at the top of our prayer list and will keep you updated on both. the most-watched, most trusted and were glad you spend the evening with us. good night from washington. i'm shannon bream. ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." elite colleges are the pathway to the american ruling class. how many of our overlords went to harvard? almost all of them. admissions are supposed to be based on merit. but if that's true, if only the best people get in, then why are the children of so many democratic politicians at yale? we've got the numbers, it's fascinating. we will bring you that investigating investigation in just a minute. first tonight, after 200 years, the democrats were a political party with conventional political goals. democratic party is now a


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