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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 9, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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emotional story for him trying to save his sister's life and taking the risk of his own life in the process. jillian: if all goes as planned both of their livers will grow back in a short period of time. good luck, ed. we are thinking of you. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ joy. ♪ let it move you ♪ let it move you ♪ joy ♪ let it move you. steve: starting the day. yesterday a little rainy in the big apple. ainsley: everyone was talking in the city yesterday they were glad it rained a little bit because it cooled things down. it was so hot. pete: sunrise. ainsley: how about that song i choice joy that's king and country. they have been on our show. steve: did that number on the show summer concert series. pete: i think i was sleeping that morning. i will go check them out.
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ainsley: let's get talking. steve: the attorney general for the united states revealed yesterday. ainsley: in south carolina. steve: he was touring a facility talking about criminal justice reform he said i agree with the president the supreme court got it wrong there should be a question regarding citizenship on the census and he has got something up his sleeve. we are probably going to hear about it in a day or two. listen to this. >> we have been considering all the options. and i have been in constants discussions with the president ever since the supreme court decision came down. and i think over the next day or two you will see what approach we're taking. i think it does provide a passive for getting the question on the census. steve: how is he going to do it. ainsley: he didn't give any details. he said he thinks there is a pathway to do it legally. pete: number of options executive action including going back to the court
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there is a time pressure here. when you prints that many paper ballots or that many forms there is a black book. ainsley: they have already started printing them without the question. pete: add an addendum whole another level of complication. steve: the president is expected to issue a memo to the commerce department to include the question on the census. if he does that will there be a court fight? that's the big question. then again, will there be a fight with congress? absolutely. pete: i'm sure there will be. and will there be motives impugned about why this question is on the census to begin with? of course there will be. nancy pelosi, as she often does, takes it to more than the next level in this case. and she slammed why president trump wants this on the census. take a listen. >> but this is about keeping, you know, make america -- you know, those hats, make america white again. they wants to make sure that
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people, certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. and it's not what our founders had in mind. and it's not what we can decide who we are as a people. ainsley: you wonder why this is important. yeah, she is saying the president wants to make america white again. so the president, the administration, and folks who want this question, there is several reasons why they want this, these numbers determine how we spend federal money. $675 billion. it's also used to determine the population. it's also used to draw our congressional districts and helps enforce the voting rights account. the president says that protects minorities at the ballot box. but democrats don't want it on the census for this reason, according to rush limbaugh. >> the left is doing everything it can to increase the census by including illegal aliens in
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it. and if you put a citizenship question on there, you might depress or suppress the participation of the illegals. and the democrats demand and require that the illegals participate in this. they want as many unproductive dependent souls as they can get. supposedly living legally in the united states. pete: those people are relines on the big government they want to give them and the free stuff that they are offering at the ballot box. but ultimately, you can't vote if you are not a citizen. steve: that's the rule. pete: maybe it's good to know how many citizens you have when you ask the census. ainsley: now there are several states voting including new york that want illegals to have drivers licenses and they want insurance. pete: free college and insurance. what they are saying this
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hasn't been on the census. it's been on the census every year. is it on the direct form or long form? it came off in the long forms in the 150s, and 1960s. president trump said it's just as important today as it was in 1950 or 1960 to know whether a human being here is legal or i will not illegal. other countries like canada that liberals love so much ask this question of citizenshion theircitizenship f. why not us? steve: sounds like nancy pelosi in a letter to colleagues pretty shortly they will vote for contempt of congress attorney general of the united states and wilbur ross the customers secretary because they failed to honor a subpoena for commerce. stay tuned. vote on that coming around the corner. pete: amazing. steve: jeh johnson. former secretary of department of homeland security. ainsley: under obama. steve: he has been on this program a couple of times. he said peopl in an op-ed
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regardless of your political party people should be outraged at the overcrowding at our southern border. ainsley: upset with democratic candidates very extreme. we have to pay attention what's happening at the border he writes. it's going continue to crease the recent level of monthly apprehensions southern border about 100,000 by multiples if we don't pay attention to this. he goes on to say if we can roll this back i would love to read. this this is part of that article. steve: we cannot as some democratic candidates for president now propose publicly embrace a policy not to deport those who enter or remain in the country illegally unless they commit a crime. this is tantamount to public declaration amplified by smugglersmugglers in central ama that our borders are effectively open to all. this will increase the levels of monthly apprehensions at our southern border about or more than 100,000 by multiples. ainsley: a lot in the democratic party, including nancy pelosi have said if you are here illegally and
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you haven't committed a crime other than crossing a border then you should be able to stay. pete: then, you have got presidential candidates saying crossing the border shouldn't be illegal in the first place. we have talked about driver's licenses and the left is against voter i.d. at the ballot box. they don't want to see your i.d. if you vote. which means we don't know if you are a citizen or not. this is the party of illegality. in this case jeh johnson was really powerful when he first came out. obama administration dhs official saying in our day if there were 1,000 people crossing the border illegally that was a really bad day for me. today we are seeing 3, 4, or 5,000. old school democrat who says i still believe in borders. i still think citizenship matters. what about these guys? steve: he also said give nancy pelosi a break. the fact that she is taking a lot of heat within her caucus from some members because she did go ahead and accept that moderate version of the 4.6 billion-dollar emergency funding bill. he said, look, that's how you lead.
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sometimes you have to compromise which is a dirty word these days. elizabeth warren who is running for president is clear she does not want to compromise. she would like to decriminalize crossing the border. listen to this. >> i think that the whole notion of criminalizing the approach to coming across the border without documentation is not making anybody any safer. we just need to be in a different position on this. pete: oh boy. ainsley: she is saying it should thought be illegal to cross the border without documentation, without papers. pete: then when you say like president trump has that if you don't have a border, you don't have a country. you are precisely correct. ultimately they are willing to swing it wide open on the left today it's cool to be anti-american. it's cool to say that we are the problem in the world. it's cool to define us by our sins of the past as opposed to understand the gems of personal freedom and equal justice that our founders gave us 243 years
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ago which we just celebrated are not that special and not worth preserving. steve: well, look, it's political. unfortunately, we all know this is a terrible problem on our southern border there is a crisis and overcrowding. and it's political. dave reuben from the reuben report sees it this way politically. >> they have gone more radical. if they have gone more to the left as they have gone more to socialism and far leftism, they have silenced the good liberals because when you call everyone racist and big gouted and the rest of it. it is the greatest, chilling effect that you can possibly do. and they have done this really effectively. and the good liberals, they don't nosy where to turn anymore. what they are afraid of is if they dare say don't destroy art. let's not remove the past of the first president of the united states of america. they think those cries, those false whys by the way because they are almost always false, they think those false cries of racism and bigotry will be used against them and that's what they fear the most.
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ainsley: he has been on our show before. he was liberal and now is he a libertarian because he says they have gone too far left. pete: lunancy. big difference between liberals or leftist. a liberal or blue dog loves their country believes in the roughly law sees things differently maybe higher tax rates and deport less people as opposed to leftists see america as a bad place and erase our parties. the democratic party is if you feel leftist. everyone is bernie. steve: they are also interested in raising the federal minimum wage. currently more than 7 bucks an hour. if you look at some of the 2020 democrats, listen to this push for 15 bucks per hour. >> it is long past time we have a $15 federal minimum wage. >> we need to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. >> we have got to raise that minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> a minimum wage that is a
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living wage, winning that fight for 15. steve: that sounds great. pete: it does sound great. ainsley: unless you own a small business. steve: cbo said that 17 million americans will get a pay increase. but, that is offset by the number of people who will lose their jobs because business also not be able to keep them employed. the median estimate is that i believe 1.3 million will lose their jobs. then they go on to say this. pete: there is about a two thirds chance that the change in employment would lie between about zero and a reduction of 3.7 million workers. which makes the real minimum wage, when you raise the minimum wage to $15 zero dollars because you don't have a job. ainsley: if you own a small business and employing 10 people and raises minimum wage, your profits aren't going to change. how are you going to pay for that you have to probably get rid of some of your employees and that's how they come up with this number. steve: the cost for the
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person buying the thing will go up as well. pete: absolutely. ainsley: that's a big jump. steve: sounds great. ainsley: right now 7 something and they want to increase it to 15. steve: why not? pete: increasing naturally which is the way you want it to because of the trump economy. steve: supply and demand. pete: you want to force companies to raise wages because there are so few employees to be had because everyone is working that you have to raise it or provide other benefits. and that's happening. no, no, let's have the government jump in and do more which always -- ainsley: tell us what you think on good morning, jillian. jillian: four teenagers behind bars. one facing murder charges in the shooting death of a georgia deputy. hall county deputy nicholas dickson shot in the stomach just below his bullet-proof vest. >> there are simply no words
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to express the profound grief that his loss brings each of us. he was out there in the darkness while most of us slept. it was his job, and he loved doing that and he loved serving. jillian: a vigil for dixon will be held tonight. the 28-year-old leaves behind a wife and two young sons. his parents say he was leaving his dream. nikolas dickson the 24th police officer shot in the line of duty this year. the toddler killed when she fell from the deck of a royal caribbean cruise ship was the daughter of a south bend police officer. chloe slipping from grandfather's arms and he sat her on the window on the 11th floor deck. her parents will stay there during the investigation. now to extreme weather. historic flooding slamming the d.c. area. look at this video. a half of foot of rain falling in just two hours.
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it's really unbelievable to see some of these images. roads turning into raging rivers and knocking out power for thousands. drivers scrambling to the option to of their cars. while others abandoned them on flooded streets. a metro plane plowing through look at that a water fall coming right through the ceiling. unbelievable. well, and ho how about this team u.s. back in the united states. rapinoe accepting chuck schumer's invite to capitol hill at a veiled swipe to president trump. >> said most of the team not everybody, i think everybody is with me. we don't want to go to the white house. thank you chuck schumer for inviting us out. we are very happy to accept your invitation to come. >> it's unclear if the president will host a championship celebration at the white house. stay tuned for that. send it back to you. steve: that's right. because the president had said earlier he would invite the team now that they have
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won. jillian: if he they're making it very clear they are not going to go then what happens. ainsley: when he was asked about it he hasn't given it much thought whether he is going to invite them. she says yes to chuck schumer and no to the president. jillian: that's right. steve: ticker tape parade tomorrow. pete: downtown me as somebody who won't be there. ainsley: see it on the street days later because it's a block away. pete: president chuck schumer that's not a thing is it. ainsley: remember the six officers were told to leave a starbucks because they made someone feel unsafe. our next guest a former police officer says this is part of the bigger problem in society. he is here to explain ♪ taking my time on my ride ♪ ♪ i'm a migraine sufferer and i'm an emt. when i get a migraine at work, it's debilitating. if i call out with a migraine, that's one less ambulance to serve a community.
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♪ ♪ steve: starbucks copy of executives meeting monday with tempe arizona police officers who were apparently asked to leave one of their stores on the fourth of july because a customer reportedly felt unsafe by the police officers. the tempe officer's association saying in part that monday's meeting went very well.
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starbucks again sincerely apologized for its role in the incident an. in turn, the officers involved were given the opportunity to express in person their concerns over what happened. they came away from the meeting feeling heard and respected. joining us now to hear his point of view former tucson police officer and arizona native brandon tatum. brandon, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: when you first heard this story about these officers in tempe arizona at the starbucks where apparently the barista went up to him and said hey, you are making one of the customers feel uncomfortable and apparently they were asked to either move out of the customer's line of sight or leave, when you heard that, what did you think? >> well, i think like most people i jump to conclusions to make this about starbucks when, in fact, it's not about starbucks specifically. i was outraged because i think that it's ridiculous for anybody living in america to feel unsafe
3:21 am
around men and women who are sworn to protect and serve simply drinking a coffee. i think this speaks to an issue broader than starbucks. this is one barista, starbucks apologized. i could tell you when i was in uniform going to starbucks was one of my favorite places they always treat officers with respect. customers were always nice. there is a generation of people in this country that just do not understand the value of law enforcement in this country and they feel the need to feel, i guess,, afraid of law enforcement which i think is unjustified which causes barista to have to do something that i don't believe she wanted to do. steve: brandon, how did that happen? how did we get to this point in time for some people who feel that way about the police officers? >> well, i think a lot of it falls to media. some of the mainstream media outlets are just hell bent on putting out negative imagery on law enforcement. some of the responsibility comes down to politicians. and, also, people in the community who literally protest no matter what happens, no matter who is right or wrong.
3:22 am
they protest every time an officer shoots someone. i think that education needs to be the forefront of our discussions moving forward and if we are going to make this thing better. not every police officer shooting is negative, is bad. the majority of the shootings are justified. and i think if people understood the law. they understood the use of force policies people would realize that officers are using discretion properly. steve: you say education is the key? >> education is key and creating a balanced perspective in the mainstream media and coming from our politicians as well. steve: well, let's see what happens next. brandon tatum, former police officer out in tucson, sir, thank you for joining us today from l.a. >> thank you for having me. steve: you bet. what do you think about that? email us meanwhile, how do 2020 democrats plan to change our education system, speaking of education. well, some want to take on charter schools. >> not a single dime in my administration will go to them.
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we took everything you love about the bloomin' onion and created a menu you've never seen before. ♪ bloom, there it is! ♪ bloom, there it is! this bloom-ified menu starts at $13.99. and it's gonna blow your bloomin' mind! steve: time now for i didn't care headlines. first up, president trump says he is not done rolling back obama era environment tall regulations. listen to this. >> my administration is now revising the past administration's misguided regulations to better protect the environment and to protect our american workers. steve: the president making those comments at an environment white house event he says former president obama wanted to punish workers by putting more regulations on industry. meanwhile today, 2020 hopeful bernie sanders and congresswoman aoc are expected to propose making the climate crisis an
3:27 am
official emergency. according to the guardian the resolution says global warming urgently impacts the economic and social well being, health and safety and national security of the united states. let's stand by for that resolution later today. all right, ainsley and pete? ainsley: thank you, steve. 2020 democrats unveiling their plans to change the education system by railing against charter schools at the national education association forum. >> there is a place for public nonprofit charter schools but private charter schools and voucher programs. not a single dime in my administration will go to them. >> we end federal funding completely for for-profit charter schools. moratorium on all new charter schools. >> get away from charter schools. no federal funding for charter schools. >> demonizing the things that work. but how would any of that address the fact that in
3:28 am
2017, get this. 65% of fourth graders were not proficient in reading and 67% of eighth graders were not proficient in math. here to react is president and ceo of the national alinings for public charter schools nina reese. nina, thank you very much for being here this morning. their answer is always more money for government schools without looking at these alternatives in charter schools that have lifted a lot of kids. >> that's correct. and it's also important to remember that the national education association and the american federation of teachers are two of the largest and most powerful special interests lobbiys right here in washington, d.c. the fact that these candidates are saying the things that they are saying has a lot to do with their needs to get their attention. since 2012, these two entities have invested more than $200 million on elections. so, they are definitely powerful and their views on charter schools certainly has impacted the democrat field to some extent.
3:29 am
ainsley: you are the expert in this and they are not. you have been working with this organization for a long time and have a lot of experience with the educational field. so what was -- what would be your advice to these democrats if you were sitting at a round table with them? >> first and foremost, charter schools have now been around since 1991. the first person who started talking about charter schools was the former head of the american federation of teachers the late shanker, president clinton, president bush have been huge advocates. this is a bipartisan issue. a new poll by democrats for education reform demonstrates that over 58% of black, registered democrats support charter schools. over 52% of black registered latinos represent charter schools. so, there is not only demand but there is bipartisan and most importantly, charter schools are most effective at serving the needs of low income students and students of color. over two thirds of our students are students of color. and over 50% of our students
3:30 am
are eligible for the free and reduced lunch program. so we are currently serving the needs of the various students that the democratic party is seeking to serve and our policies within the charter school system have actually demonstrated better ways of spending money, better ways of raising students achievement. and raising the overall quality of education. pete: nina, as you point out these teacher unions are about as powerful a lobby that exist in washington, d.c. especially on the democrat side. yet, did you go to these inner city schools, government run schools and failing kids and long lines for the types of schools you are talking about, whether it's private or public charter schools. parents want to get their kids in because they want to give them a shot up and out. what's different about a charter school than a public school? >> charter schools are schools of choice. they are authorized by an entity school district, state entity or a university. they are held accountable by the parents who attend these schools. so if a school is not able to attract enough students,
3:31 am
that school cannot keep its doors open. there is also a contract between the entity that authorizes the charter school. so after five or so years, if a charter school is not performing up to the starntiondz set by the authorizer, it can be closed and a good number of our charter schools have closed as a result of not performing well. that's the difference. pete: there is real accountability there. >> there is the charter school teachers by and large are not unionized and there lies the friction between the teachers union. pete: there you have it right there unions don't like that. ainsley: john hopkins review looked at schools in rhode island and released a 3-page review of these school districts. public schools have appealing let complaint, rodents, broken ceiling tiles. is this happening all around the country? >> hopefully not. this is great example of what happens when the needs
3:32 am
of bureaucracies and adults get ahead of the needs of students. pete: yes. >> this story was definitely a heart wrenching one. what's interesting about rhode island is that it actually boasts some of our best charter schools and so, again, if you give parents alternatives, they will be able to walk with their feet and go to options and attract entities that are able to serve the needs of their kids best. pete: the situation of education is just like vets. if you put the veteran first, as oppose touted v.a. first, you make different decisions about priorities. if you put the kid first, as opposed to the public and government institution first, and parents, they make different decisions if people are actually held accountable when you have teachers who can't enforce basic discipline in their classroom, how do you expect kids to learn? if there is one big change, you would ask policy makers to make today to education, what would it be? >> it would actually be to empower those very teachers to do what they're best at
3:33 am
doing which is today indicate students. again, a big portion of the people who are running charter schools right now are former teachers in public school systems and were attracted to this model because they wanted to do something different and it is certainly making sure that they have policies in place to keep the classrooms safe is one of the things that a lot of teachers want. ainsley: sounds like a win-win. if parents have choice, they get to choose where their kids go to school based on their needs. just like veterans if they have the choice of what hospital to choose it sounds like a win win. pete: not if you are a union because you need dues and membership and power. >> thank you for having me. ainsley: one fisherman thanking president trump for cutting regulations and getting him off the hook. >> i'm just so grateful for all the work you're doing, sir. our businesses are doing better. my wife don't yell at me as much. well -- [laughter] ainsley: that fisherman is here live coming up next.
3:34 am
pete: plus a rookie takes home the crown at the home run derby. what is pete alonzo going to do with his 1-million-dollar prize in the mets finally do something right. abby hornacek spoke with him. she is live in cleveland's all-star game ♪ ain't nothing going to fill it ♪ ain't nothing going to fillhr it ♪ now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? not ecan match the power of energizer.tery for all-day, all-night protection. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want
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♪ freeze frame. steve: well, it's a replay of your shot of the morning or should we say catch of the day? [laughter] pete: what was supposed to be a cute photo is now a viral sensation and also still cute. a wisconsin mom bought her three sons rubber fish at south dakota museum and wanted to take a issue '. ainsley: it wasn't until after that she realized her youngest son landon on the end has a fish in his mouth. ainsley: when i first saw this i thought they were real fish. actually makes me feel better it's not a real one. pete: kids will put anything in their mouth all the time. steve: he is hungry. hello. ainsley: and very cute. steve: speaking of fish next guest is a fisherman who attended environmental leadership summit in the east room at the white house yesterday talking about how rolling back regulations is helping business owners. >> i'm so grateful of all the work you are doing, sir. our businesses are doing better.
3:39 am
my wife don't yell at me as much, well -- -- when you want me to shut up, i will. i am telling the truth like donald trump. did a little bit but you are much handsomer. give him a hand. [cheers and applause] trump 2020 his name is bruce row back and is he a fisherman and owner of bill bones bait and tackle. he joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you doing? ainsley: we are great. bruce, tell us what it was like to meet the president and tell him how you feel? >> it was really exciting. it was really, really exciting to meet him. i had my son taryn with me, of course, as you guys have probably seen the segment and everything. it was amazing for him as well. it really, i got to tell you, heart felt, felt fantastic to see him. i stand behind him and a lot of things he is doing and done are just helping
3:40 am
america tremendously. on my behalf they had $63 million allotted and actually president trump went up to get $200 million basically for and completion date for the herbert hoover dike and that's all good for our business. if the lake can hold more water, then, therefore, more water can be held in there. again he is worried about the people on the other side of hoover dike, too. the president loves everybody i just don't get why everybody gives him a hard time is he a great guy. i was proud and honored to meet him, sir. steve: you can tell by your sound bites that you were excited and i think i know how are going to vote for next november. >> yeah. >> steve: it was
3:41 am
environmental event and in particular your business has been impacted by the toxic algae down in florida. >> correct. steve: that's why the president did talk a little bit about legislation that secured $100 million to help red tide which everybody from florida knows is a big problem. how is your business now? >> this year, like i said, my wife wasn't yelling at me as much. a lot better. seeing people wants to get in the water. previous news media things that are on news and it's aired from the year before, two years before. and they're like can i touch the water? can i do this? can i do that? really quick i want to mention one of migrate customers that comes in my south store in stuart bob he mentioned to me on saturday, bruce, we are down an inch in grass in the lagoon and
3:42 am
we have got a lot more grass growing. but this is great start. there is a lot more work to be completed. and i really tell you, with president trump at the helm, not only is america getting great again but is he going to make ourest areas, our river, our water, everything best. i confidantely feel and this met a lot of people in the white house yesterday that assured me of that. and are genuine people and i truly believe that. pete: critics say because is he not obsessed with climate change he hates the environment. are you telling me that president trump actually cares about clean water and clear skies and doing the right thing by mother earth? >> absolutely. absolutely. that's the way i feel. that's just my personal opinion and what he is doing. he wouldn't allow all this money and everything to go and proving things if he didn't care, you know. so that's my own personal opinion. and like i said.
3:43 am
steve: we have got to go, bruce. if folks need bait and tackle in the fort st. lucie area billy bones bait and tackle. >> thank you so much. ainsley: i am glad you were able to go your son is a cancer survivor and your wife doesn't yell at you as much anymore: jillian: i wouldn't yell at you behind camera anyway. financier jeffrey epstein is behind bars after pleading not guilty to sex trafficking charges in new york. epstein is well known in the political world having connections to many world leaders including former president bill clintons. clinton releasing a statement saying he knows nothing about epstein's alleged crimes. that's a claim an investigative journalist disputes. >> i'm saying sadly that he is not telling the truth. almost every time that
3:44 am
clinton's name is on the pilot logs, there are underaged girls there are initials and there are names of many, many girls. >> a spokesperson for clinton says the former president traveled on epstein's private plane just four times. six illegal immigrants wanted by ice are back behind bars for allegedly robbing over 100 homes. the group linked to a honduran burglary ring targeted apartment complexes in the houston area. police say the men waited until people left before prying their doors open and stealing gold, jewelry and cash. ice officials say most of the suspects have been deported several times. well, outrage is growing after one city council votes to stop saying the pledge of allegiance before meetings. >> at the end of the pledge it does say justice for all. so that does mean all. [chanting u.s.a.] jillian: the st. louis council in minnesota made
3:45 am
last month because they wanted to be more inclusive. they voted without hearing the public. had a huge crowd last night. they will study the issue further before considering another vote. pete: study it further? jillian: yes. snowball the dancing cock do you hadance cock doyou for yeary smooth dance moves. >>moves ♪ back street boys all right. jillian: now we know snowball is a natural born performer. scientists studying his dancing finding know ball has 14 different moves that's about 14 different more than me none of which he learned from humans or other birds including his most famous move the head banger. if you have got it flaunt it. ainsley: really cute. adorable. pete: really important
3:46 am
study. probably federal funding for that thank you, jillian. steve: meanwhile, it was epic finish last night to historic home run derby out in cleveland at progressive park. >> that was a line drive off the top of the wall. >> there it is. fires the bat up. he is your home run derby champion of 2019. ainsley: he is th champion new york mets star winning the 1-million-dollar prize after crushing 23 home runs in the final round and vowing to donate part of it to wounded warriors and to tunnels to towers. pete: fox nation abby hornacek spoke to him all about it. she joins us live from progressive field in cleveland. good morning. pretty cool. >> it was a battle of the rookies last night, like i mentioned. vlad jr. vs. peter alonzo. ultimately taking it 23-22 did i talk to him before the
3:47 am
derby i asked him if he was to win that 1-million-dollar prize what would he do with it? this is what he said. >> if i were to win, i would be donating 5% to the wounded warrior foundation and then an additional 5% to tunnel 2 towers. i respect anyone who puts their life on the line every single day and going to work knowing that they have to make the ultimate sacrifice. there is people that are making sacrifices every single day abroad, like keeping us free and then there is people at home keeping us safe. >> yeah. really really amazing answer to him. nice to see that he is donating to a cause like that. honestly well deserves. he veto vladimir guerrero jr. beat the record in a single round with 29. valiant effort by pete alonzo. a lot of excitement last night. even more excitement tonight with the mlb all-star game. i actually had a chance to talk to some of the guys before they take the field.
3:48 am
>> the talent level here is unbelievable. i think that's every year. the young wave getting every year really special. >> work hard to put yourful? a position to be these type of things. young guy coming to the first one is fun. >> what does it mean to be a rookie in this competition? >> i just feel blessed. it's just crazy to be not just in the derby but all star as a rookie. i'm really happy with the impact i have had on my team. >> work all day, have fun and try to enjoy this as much as can you. >> why is this all-star game different for you. >> uncertainly of my season to start. i missed the first couple starts and spring training was a grind for me. starting there to where i am now and to get to be on this team is really special. >> one of those areas i'm going to try do my best and pick everyone's brain.
3:49 am
and use it for different things to help me along with my career. >> it's fun talking to these guys. come in here and dry to learn and get better and i think all of them try to do the same thing, too. >> this is your seventh strayed all-star nod. what makes this one different? >> you know, just being here knowing what to expect. taking it all in. i wanted to make sure everything slowed down a little bit this time and enjoy every minute of it. >> yeah, you guys. obviously a lot of veteran players. some rookies. it should be a good battle tonight. steve: absolutely. we will be watching. all right. are you going to be driving anybody to work? i know you have got ride-to-work on >> i'm driving every single player to the mlb all-star game tonight, guys. i wish. that would be great. pete: check out the show.
3:50 am
love that interview with pete alonzo. what a perspective. wounded warriors. ainsley: what a great guy. thank you so much, abby. steve: speaking of all-stars. the judge is coming up next. chugga-chugga, charles! my man! hilda, i like the new do. got some layers in there, huh? the more, the merrier. got to have this stuff in the morning. oh, that's too hot. act your age. get your own insurance company. carlo, why don't you start us with a little bit of cereal? you can spread it all around the table. and we're gonna split the warm hot dog. and i'll have a glass of grape juice to spill on the carpet. oh, uh, do you want some to spill? act your age. get your own insurance company.
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3:54 am
♪ possible in this case. >> we have been considering all the options. and i have been in constant discussions with the president ever since the supreme court decision came down. i think it does provide a passive for getting the question on the census. ainsley: attorney general bill barr backing the president's push to add the citizenship question to the 2020 census but is he right? steve: let's talk to judicial analyst and host of liberty file on fox nation judge andrew napolitano. we don't know exactly what mr. barr is talking about. it sounds like they have got a plan. they are trying to get that citizenship question on the census. >> here is what they are confronted with. the constitution says the census can ask one question how many people live there the federal law says the census can ask questions to help the government to governor. does it help the government to know if everybody in a given dwelling is an american citizen? well, the president would argue yes and that's a rational argument. the statute also says for every question they have to give a reason and the reason
3:55 am
has to make sense. that's what impaled the government's argument in the supreme court. steve: they blew it. >> correct. the reason they gave didn't make any sense. the reason they gave was we want to help enforce the voting rights act. the voting rights act is not enforced by the commerce department. it's enforced by the justin department. b it doesn't apply in three quarters of the state. c the justice department didn't ask for any help. this reason you gave according to chief justice roberts is contrived. you made it up. we will not let do you it. a week later the brass of the doj. i don't know if the attorney general himself was involved in. this the brass of the department of commerce said okay, we lost. we have to print these forms and start printing them, case over. pete: i remember that. >> two days later what does the we lost. that's fake news. steve: turn off the printer. >> we. >> will find a way around it. calls the attorney general and find a way around it. i don't know how they can
3:56 am
get around it. i'm fascinated to see what argument they can come up with. you cannot create an argument by an after thought. you can't have a rationalization to justify government behavior after the behavior has taken place. ainsley: with a new lawyers can they take it back to the supreme court. >> they can't contradict what they said earlier which is where the president got them in a little bit of trouble. the president said in one of those famous driveway interviews he gave we need to ask this question because of redistricting. whoa. the lawyers told all the judges in the case that has nothing to do with redistricting. so that's why they had to change lawyers. when you change lawyers, judges are skeptical. something is going on. >> to your average view viewer to myself. citizenship seems like a layup. >> i agree with you. this seems like it's in the legal weeds and occasionally it can get into the legal weeds. the attorney general says he can get the president out of the weeds. i think the supreme court views it differently. thank you, guys, all the
3:57 am
best. ainsley: we have a big show ahead counselor to the president kellyanne conway and house minority leader kevin mccarthy are both here live coming up. ♪ ♪
3:58 am
3:59 am
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4:00 am
to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex - now in triple strength plus magnesium. ♪ ♪ let's get it started ♪ let's get it started in here. steve: let's get it started hour two of "fox & friends." a look at our nation's capitol on this tuesday, july the 9th. brian is off today. pete hegseth is in his place. pete: good morning. ainsley: you know this you are probably an early riser when you are on vacation you still get up early. pete: do you. ainsley: yes, i get up at 3:00 a.m. and i go to bed early. i have to-to-put my daughter to bed and i fall asleep with her on vacation. i haiti want to stay up later and i can't.
4:01 am
steve: ainsley, i'm with you. i wake up at the same time and then i say i'm on vacation and i'm. [snoring] pete: doesn't take much. steve: inner party squabbles. we told you yesterday how nancy pelosi in speaking to maureen dowd at the "new york times" her op-ed four house freshman democrats made themself essentially irrelevant by voting against the bill with the funding that was going to go to the security at our southern border. those four members voted no against it. and so now some have suggested that those four members, including aoc insulted the speaker. ainsley: that's right. nancy pelosi was speaking in california yesterday in san francisco. and she stood by her comments. listen to this. >> all i said was a statement of fact. the four of them opposed the bill. we were protecting the children overwhelmingly our
4:02 am
caucus voted to protect the children. our blue dogs, our moderates and all the rest voted to protect the children. they did not. and they did not have a further following. so that was what i was saying. they have a following in the public. i'm just talking about in the congress. pete: yeah. a point we made yesterday is that she thinks she has the votes. she currently has the votes. those four members who have big twitter accounts and lots -- gobble up a lot of the public conversation. steve: they do. pete: feel like they're driving public sentiment in the debate. ainsley: aoc used some of nancy's quotes in the past in a tweet. she writes: a glass of water could have beat a 20 year inbum went bent. the green dream or whatever. their public whatever. and then she says those aren't quotes from me, they are from the speaker. having respect for ourselves doesn't mean we lack respect for her. it means we won't let everyday people be
4:03 am
dismissed. steve: she disputes the critics who say she insulted the speaker. she is calling it as she sees it. meanwhile that's what charlie hurt does and did last night on the tucker carlson program where he talked about how the people in a leadership position like joe biden, former vice president now, and nancy pelosi, the speaker of the house, they have got to do something about the people who are taking the party super left. watch this. >> you know, the party has become the party of open borders they support human smuggling at the border. it's absolute lunancy. as you pointed out with joe biden. is he now hocking free healthcare for illegal aliens. just five years ago barack obama would have never gotten elected. he wouldn't have gotten the nomination running on this kind of crazy nutso platform. but these kids have taken over the entire party. and, you know, guy back and forth between feeling sorry
4:04 am
for nancy pelosi and joe biden and kind of laughing at them because they have gotten what they deserve. they have been little wienies, afraid to stand up to these people. steve: harsh words. and nancy pelosi made it very clear she feels that the democratic party in this country should be slightly center left. center left. not super left. and we had jerome on the program yesterday, and he said that as long as the party is pulled so far to the extreme, that person, on the democratic side, will not win the presidency. >> we knew 2020 would be some sort of confrontation. it was gonna be a clash. because the base of the party has gone so far left. would joe biden stand up? would any moderate get traction? nancy pelosi has become so how the moderate on the left. which is insane. she is a liberal from san francisco. she talks about blue dogs. there are very few blue dog democrats left, which was the group of moderate democrats. it has not been a clash between those two sides. it has been a complete retreat and capitulation. the moderates are basically
4:05 am
saying we can't take on the hoard. the left wing hoard that has loud twitter accounts and you watch other networks and they have gone far left, too. that's the echo chamber. there is no showdown. nancy pelosi is the only one trying to do it with a few votes in the house of representatives. that's it. and then she is resisting the tide of wanting to impeach. 80 members in her caucus that want to impeach the president. they have caved to the left. steve: joe biden when he launched his campaign trying to be a little more moderate. is he getting pulled a little to the left every day. pete: his poll numbers go a little lower every single day because it's not authentic. steve: i looked at real clear politics in the nationwide polls, joe biden is ahead of kamala harris by 11 points right now. what's interesting is in iowa, biden is ahead of sanders by 10. and new hampshire he is ahead of bernie by 13. and in national polls, mayor pete only has 5%. however, in iowa and new
4:06 am
hampshire, he is at 10%. in both states. ainsley: last night or yesterday there were 23 candidates running for the democratic party. and now there are 22. swalwell has dropped out. eric swalwell he is the politician from california. pete: yeah. i'm so surprised because there was a grassroots swell for swalwell. steve: oh now stop it. he was realistic. i gave myself a chance to try to pick up some traction. did not do it. and, you know, and now it looks as if -- as they win know down the field and it becomes harder for these people 1% to make the debate stage. people are going to realize is this really worth it? do i have a chance in the 11th hour to go from 1% to 40? ainsley: he is the first. we will start seeing more and more of this. >> pete: he ran on gun confiscation. steve: gun violence problem in this country. pete: ran as a one issue
4:07 am
candidate. sometimes that works but usually it doesn't. steve: all the people on the democratic side has a problem. how do they argue against the pretty good economy right now. you talk to everybody well it's a pretty good economy right now. here is what kamala harris said yesterday myrtle beach in south carolina. >> we have the current occupant of the white house crowing around about how this economy is doing so great. and then you ask how so are you measuring the greatness of your economy of yours? and he points to the stock market. well, that's fine if you own stocks. they will points to the unemployment numbers. well, yeah, people are working. they are working two and three jobs. and to make the point again in our america, you should only have to work one job to have a roof over your head and food on the take. steve: okay. so that's her argument for why the trump economy is not so great for people in her estimation.
4:08 am
ainsley: well, the president disagrees. pete: so do a lot of americans. >> we're setting records on friday we had the all-time in the history of our stock market, the all-time highest number. and we intend to go a lot higher. during the campaign i talk about growth. and we have had great growth. but we're going to have a lot more of it. for me it's jobs. and today, we set a new record for jobs. we're setting it almost on a daily basis. we are up to almost 160 million jobs that's a statistic that is just so obvious and so more people working if you think. more people working in the united states today than at any day ever in our history. that's a very important number. and it is simple. pete: what kamala says is so disingenuous. i have worked three or four types of jobs sources of income. today can you do that more
4:09 am
flexively. how many times do you know people to drive uber or bring in extra cash. thank god we live in a country where you can bring in money from different places and do different things. ainsley: when i'm in an uber and talk to them and get to know them many of them do say they extra money. how many extra i do mind if i ask it t. is enough for kids to take an extra swim class one guy told me or enough to put money aside for their kids to go to college. i love those types of people. my dad worked several jobs if he had opportunity to make extra money he would. steve: threw hear the counter point kamala harris and the president. going forward you have to figure that the white house knows that is the president's best card at getting reelected reminding people how good the economy is are you better off today than you were four years ago? i have heard some polsters say this white house has not done a very good job reminding people about the economy instead they get
4:10 am
sidetracked on other stuff. going forward they have got to talk about the economy. pete: the stock market is great if you have stocks. to her pointed, a fair one, it's not always the best indicator. are your wages going up? do you have the opportunities that you need? ainsley: do you have the opportunities. do you remember at dinner with your kids 2008 half the people lost their jobs. pete: those industries that have come back. manufacturing things here in the u.s.a. and wages going up too. that's wanier. steve: we were talking to bruce roar back fisherman and owner of billie baits tackle in port st. lucie in florida. they have been devastated by the toxic tides and algae. yesterday he was at an event where he praised the president where the president talked about legislation that secured $100 million to fight the red tide in florida, for
4:11 am
which that man in the blue shirt is very appreciative. >> i mean, i'm just so grateful for all the work you're doing, sir. our businesses are doing better. my wife don't yell ated me as much -- well, when you want me to shut up, i will. but i'm telling the truth. and dad would always say look like donald trump he did a little bit. but you are much handsomer. give him and ha. [applause] trump, 2020. pete: that clip will blot minds of democrats. in their mind president trump hates the environment you, right and isn't doing enough here. in this case he is addressing the way it's hurting businesses. and also when you loosen regulations supposed to hurt the environment too. you can be sensible about loosening regulations that don't make sense to make it easier for the business owner while also being a good steward of the virmted and making sure that businesses have clean water in which to fish. something you don't even think about but for the people who depend upon that for a living it's critically important. those are the forgotten men
4:12 am
and women that the bureaucrats in washington have ignored with their ideas for decades. president trump says how about common sense. clean up the water, loosen regulations and people do better. steve: the president really needs to win florida in 2020. ainsley: we had him on the show earlier. he told us why he loves president trump. listen. >> with president trump at the helm, not only is america getting great again but is he going to make our estuaries, our rivers, our water he confidently feel that and stand behind him. a lot of things he is doing and done are helping america tremendously. this is a great start. there is a lot more work to be completed. steve: and that's what the president pledged to do yesterday. ainsley: i love that guy. pete: good dude. steve: 7:12 on a busy
4:13 am
wednesday. jillian: following a number of stories following this. iran threatens further breechesz breaches of the nuclear deal. enriching uranium to 4.5% but saying 20% enrichment is an option. inching closer to the 90% needed to build a nuclear weapon. ship toll protection across the strait of hormuz. the waterway is crucial to oil trades. the federal judge ruling the trump administration cannot require the drug drops list prices in tv ads while the judge said the policy could help lower drug price the administration doesn't have the authority to enforce it. he also shut down the argument that the rule violated drug company's first amendment rights. the policy will go into effect today -- was to go into effect today. attorney general bill barr offering former special counsel robert mueller a way out of his house testimony next week. >> seems to me the only reason for doing that is to
4:14 am
create some type of public spectacle. if bob decides that he doesn't want to be subject to that then the department of justice would certainly back him. jillian: now mueller originally said he wouldn't testify on the russia probe as he included everything he had to say in his report and only agreed after the house intelligence and judiciary committee subpoenaed him. a shocking discovery at an arizona goodwill. look at this. employees finding a purple heart in a donation box. >> did the recipient of the medal give it away? did their family not knowing it was in the box? who knows? jillian: the medal is engraved with the name nic damelio. he went missing in action in world war ii. the store has been trying to find the family. sharing photos of the medal hoping someone will come forward. i'm sure if that family knows that it's theirs and missing it they will come forward. hopefully they do.
4:15 am
pete: absolutely. steve: thank you, jillian. meanwhile dangerous shift? strategy by ms-13. gang members now have a new way to hide from police officers. homes. two law enforcement leaders here to sound the alarm coming up next. if ywhen you brush or floss, you don't have to choose between healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax has 8 designed benefits for healthy gums and strong teeth. complete protection from parodontax.
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pete: welcome back. they are known to carry out crimes in wooded areas. now they are empty buildings and foreclosed homes to avoid law enforcement. ainsley: anthony cousins of the long island gang department and in charge of emergency service mrs. waylon hotion. thank you for being with us. >> good morning. ainsley: we did stories on ms-13 and the way they kill some of these victims is so brutal. what are you seeing out on long island? >> it's really rough, you know seeing young people being killed, searching, you know, real rough wooded areas looking for, you know, someone's young kid. it's rough. it's hard for us, but, you know, it has to be done because somebody has got to combat this.
4:20 am
pete: and you have been combating it and there has been a crackdown. but now waylon, we are seeing them use a different tactic, any enemy or gang unit will go to the path of least resistance but now it's abandoned buildings? >> absolutely. in the village of hempstead we put together a task force we call it zombie task force every empty building in the village of hempstead we assigned building inspectors along with the police department. board up a building and put up a innovation if anyone is found in the building they will be arrested. that's how we in long island combat them coming into those empty buildings by assigning building inspectors to tag every vacant house and make sure we board it up. ainsley: is it working, detective. >> it is working again, it's like any other parasite. if you don't stay on top of it, it's going to grow. pete: absolutely. is the parasite shrinking on long island? is ms-13 at a point where they could eventually beer
4:21 am
eradicated from long island. >> we have seen a big reduction with the collaborative effort of the state, the federal and the county police working together. we have seen it impact impact. but like anything like detective cousin said if you don't stay on it, we haven't gotten to the point where we can say that they are totally gone. ainsley: so they were living in the woods and now moving into abandoned houses? why are they doing that? >> just think about it, if you go inside of abandoned house, you are outside of the normal eye where every regular police officers on patrol passing by. you can't see necessarily what's going on inside of a vacant or abandoned house. also, they are able to use these houses to their advantage because just like your home, you know your home better than i do. so they are able to use these houses to, i guess grow and harvest their activities. pete: we covered the police
4:22 am
killings and shootings on this program because we honor law enforcement. we know when you put the uniform on and step out every day you are going by the gang whose motto is rape, control. keep the boot on the neck will you? >> absolutely. ainsley: thank you, guys. god bless you both. be careful out there. we all know the joke why did the chicken cross the road? now pete wants one town to rename chicken dinner road. pete: the mayor says no way. good for him. ainsley: chicken dinner road. pete: taking on pete. ♪ ♪ need the love you feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin an overly sensitive
4:23 am
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4:26 am
ainsley: it is time now for news by the numbers. first $250,000, that's how much army recruits could be getting as bonuses. the pentagon is considering paying them $60,000 and raising the minimum age to 26 years. the move comes as a bid to turn the u.s.s. infantry into a high-powered fighting machine. next, $21,000. that is how much a minneapolis homeowner is being forced to pay for a broken water line near his house. he has to replace all the led segments that run beneath four lanes of traffic thanks to old city ordinance. homeowner fighting to change that rule. $67,000 is how much it was causing a city town to recycle. suspending curbside program after it became too expensive. because china is no longer buying recyclables because of the new tariffs. steve, down to you. steve: thank you very much. ainsley. we often hear the question why did the chicken cross the road? now pete is asking an idaho
4:27 am
town to change the name of one of their roads. pete writing to the mayor of caldwell idaho in protest of chicken dinner road saying, quote: pete is asking to change this road's name to one that celebrates chicken as individuals not as beings to kill, chop up and label as dinner. the mayor's response? no way, no chance the mayor joins us now from boise, idaho. mayor, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: so when you got this letter from pete that said could you change the name of chicken dinner road to chicken road as a kinder alternative, what did you think? >> you know, when i first got the letter, i honestly thought it was a joke. i read the letter and i literally laughed. i mean, i literally laughed. but then i realized it was for real, which then the. laughter changed to complete irritation. oh my goodness what a waste
4:28 am
of time. it actually made me quite upset. steve: well, i know this has made news out in your neck of the woods. what is the origin of schikechicken dinner road, mayo. where did it come from. >> really a rich history. the name of the road used to be lane number 12. farm family by the name of morris and laura lamb lived on this road. they happened to know the governor at the time. his name was c. ben ross. and she was known for her famous chicken dinner, mashed potatoes rolls and apple pie. this lady was well-known for this. she happened to know the governor. she noticed this lane 12 where she lived was in poor condition. she invited the governor to her home, served him one of her famous chicken dinners and took the opportunity to show him the miserable condition of this road and asked him, you know, is there something you could do to make this road better to get rid of these potholes in the governor told her if you can get this road grated, if
4:29 am
you can get it graveled, i will make sure it gets oiled for you. she called the county commissioners, they agreed to do it. then she called the governor, reminded him of the commitment to her and the very next day the road was oiled and so, you know, that's how the road got oiled. then it happened that on that following halloween, some people vandalized this brand new road that she was so proud of and wrote on it lamb's chicken dinner avenue. and, of course, the kids said she came into the house mad as a wet hen and this infuriated her. but then the children in the school buses and so forth with this name it became an chicken dinner. chicken dinner. well it stuck. and that's the rich history behind that road. yes, a are the path history. steve: all right. so the big question is, mayor, regarding the people of your area, how many of them think that you should change it from chicken dinner road?
4:30 am
>> zero. it's amazing what social media does these days. did i an interview live on the radio. did i respond to a newspaper. at first i didn't even want to dignify this ridiculous request. by giving an answer. you know, i better do something. so i did respond and it has gone viral. the amazing thing about this is you know in 22 years of being mayor, there has been lots of issues come to this city. not one has been like this. i mean, we are getting letters, emails, text messages. and all kinds of suggestions for new names such as drumstick drive or mashed potatoes and chicken dinner boulevard. or baked chicken. it's amazing. we have pictures of people standing under this road sign with a bucket of kentucky fried chicken. it's amazing what this has done for our community and just unified our community saying don't give in. don't change the name. this is who we are. steve: doesn't sound like you want to russell any ruffle y
4:31 am
feathers. thank you for joining us today from boise. >> thank you so much for having me on. it's a privilege. steve: now we know. mayor, thank you very much. what's your suggestion for the name of that street? email us meanwhile, it's a big promise from 2020 democrats. have you heard? >> $15 federal minimum wage. >> we need to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. >> we have got to raise that minimum wage to $15 an hour. steve: that sounds good. only problem it could put more than a million americans out of work, maybe more. charles payne has the stunning new report from the government coming up. good morning to you. ♪ big time ♪ -and...that's your basic three-point turn. -[ scoffs ] if you say so. ♪ -i'm sorry? -what teach here isn't telling you is that snapshot rewards safe drivers with discounts on car insurance.
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4:36 am
only have to work one job to have a roof over your head and food on the table. ainsley: here to react is host of making money on the fox business network charles payne. what do you think about those comments. >> listen exaggeration and old talking points. i will say friday the jobs numbers come out and people more people are working two jobs. we don't know why. sometimes it's because of opportunity. one of the things that's ironic for democrats because they talk about life work balance and the ability if you want to go in at noon and work until midnight, businesses should be accommodating. that's what people are doing too. people work fog uber and lift. th --lyft. women working -- total amount of women in the workforce is 5.6%. numbers going up but not anywhere near the catastrophe that democrats are talking about it being. pete: she sort of mocks the stock market. it's not just about your 401(k). if the stock market tanks
4:37 am
and crashes we are in a depression it's a key indicator. >> obviously a key indicator. a report card to a certain extent on the economy. also gives businesses confidence. that's when they hire you. that's when things get moving. everyone should root for the stock market to group. mostly are directly or indirectly tied to it. most of us are tied to it for sure. steve: minimum wage 7 to 8 bucks an hour. democrats would like to see that essentially doubled. listen to this. >> it is long past time. we have a $15 federal minimum wage. >> we need to raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour. >> we have got to raise that minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> a minimum wage that is a living wage, winning that fight for 15. steve: you know, charles, that sounds good if you are making 7 and have the opportunity to make 15, that sounds great. the cbo, congressional budget office came out and said that it would impact
4:38 am
17 million people would get an increase. >> right. steve: however, there is a very steep cost. >> there are very, very steep cost. i went through the entire cbo report. this year benefits and non-benefits wages obviously would go up but just give me jesuslessness would go up. business incomes would go down. consumer prices would group and u.s. economic output would go down. out of the five american categories wages would go up. 10 million people in poverty and 7 million out of poverty would see a wage increase 1.3 million jobs eliminated from the economy. and by the way. steve: why would that be? >> if you are a business, okay, and you are a small business and you have to -- and right now paying 9 bucks and forced to pay 15, you have got five employees you may let one go. these numbers get more dire as you get more households. most of these households may have more than one person working minimum wage.
4:39 am
30 bucks an hour. take one of those people out of the equation, right? so have you got two working, maybe 15 bucks, you are still getting 30 but one less person working. won't go straight up to 15. it would gradually go, so you would go 10, 12, you go 15. ironically families not living in poverty would lose $9 billion while families in poverty right now would gain $8 billion at $15. ainsley: if you own a small business you are going to fire someone. >> you have to you won't have a choice or pass cost along. i watch the market all day long and even with tariffs people talk about pass costs along. it ain't easy to pass costs along. we live in deflationary environment. people are not going to pay more for a product today than it was yesterday. pete: why 15 bucks. amazon workers are set to protest on amazon prime day their wages that are around that number already. >> it's just a number they pulled out of a hat some time ago. someone crunched some
4:40 am
numbers and said okay this is a good one. and you are right. the next complaint will be it's not a quote, unquote livable wage. and soon it would be why not 20? why not 25 in the problem also, of course, is that $15 is a lot more in mississippi than it is in new york city. so for the federal government to say all -- this is it across the board, every city, every state has to pay this amount of money, you are going to stifle economic opportunity for the very people that you claim you want to help. pete: great point. steve: one of the biggest shopping days of the year aside from the christmas and holiday season is amazon prime day because you get it shipped for free. and now it sounds like these workers at one particular fulfillment center are talking about striking on that day. you obviously they have gotten amazon's attention. they want a raise. >> listen. remember though bernie called out jeff bezos. bezos blinked and went to 15 right away and tried to push
4:41 am
walmart and others to do the same thing. once a business blinks at this kind of stuff they will continue to be targeted. you know, listen, amazon those warehouse jobs pay a lot more than the retail jobs. you know, we are talking $16 an hour versus 20, $21 an hour. it's -- it is what it is. these are targets. amazon wonderfully, wealthy, successful company. it's going to be a target for a long time like walmart used to be the target. like oil companies used to be targets. ainsley: you all rely and depend upon it, because you don't have to leave your house to get up to shop. >> there is a reason it's at this level. ainsley: amazon offers already what this outside organization is asking for. we provide great employment opportunities with excellent pay. we encourage anyone to compare our pay, benefits and workplace to other retailers and major employers in the shakopee community and across the country. steve: that's in minnesota.
4:42 am
>> i have to tell you they are absolutely right. i remember the same argument for walmart. places where walmart opened and it was a god send. i can remember going down to alabama in certain places and visit family down there, when a walmart opened, people lined up for those shops anjobs and grateful for te jobs. ainsley: have to fire people and pass cost on to customers and big box store next door they will shop there. >> they will. although some of these small businesses got smart. i will tell you what, pros and cons. i have never had luck going into some of these big box stores asking for help. a lot of small businesses that have survived have survived on customer service and things like that. ainsley: that's true. >> make the shopping experience better for everyone. that's what happens. it is called creative disruption. it makes things better when there is more competition. ainsley: when you don't have to buy a lot pull right up to the front door in small towns where i grew up. run into the small store familiar with the faces and
4:43 am
don't have to go down all these aisles in the very back ever the walmart store to get what you need. >> it could be a god send, depends. economy is doing well. report out yesterday that says at this moment, it set a brand new record, people feel if they lost their job today that they would get a job right away tomorrow. it's at all-time record. this is from the new york fed. the bottom line is the economy really is on fire. the irony the folks making really great strides are the ones that democrats claim are getting hurt. they have been getting hurt for decades but doing much better right now. pete: great point. charles, thank you for reading these cbo reports. ainsley: so we don't have to? pete: so we don't have to. >> you love it my wife not so much. come on down. one more thing. did you know that -- steve: did you know it's time for the news with jillian? jillian: good morning. don't do the news let's just hear charles. you are rocking that blue suit, my man. nice. >> thank you.
4:44 am
jillian: get you caught up on some of the stories we are following. starting with this 2020 presidential candidate beto o'rourke slams our nation's history campaign event in tennessee. >> this country was founded on whited supremacy every single structure and institution we have still reflects the legacy of savory and segregation and jim crow. jillian: is he for study reparations for the descendants of slaves. the woman who encouraged her boyfriend to kill himself taking her case to the supreme court. michelle carter appealing marijuana slaughter conviction on the free speech. pressured suicidal boyfriend to take his own life in text messages in 2014. her lawyers claim she was found guilty on, quote: words alone in violation of the first amendment. stop what you are doing and watch this insane video. a doorbell camera saving four lives during a house fire and as you can imagine
4:45 am
this was all caught on camera. look at those flames. the home caught fire in the middle of the night. flames triggered a motion censor which then sent an alarm to the family's phone waking them up. thankfully, everyone was able to get out safely. a massive sinkhole swallows a minivan in virginia. check this out. >> smoky, oh my god. oh [beep] >> can you imagine if that was your car? the parked minivan plummeting 20 feet below ground. thankfully nobody was inside. sinkhole formed after rain flooded a nearby creek. it was also in that video i heard somebody say oh it looks like you are getting a new car. pete: yes, if you have got good insurance it could be a good day. steve: and have you proof. ainsley: could be a lot worse. pete: thank you, jillian. appreciate it. get your telescopes ready if you have one. because i don't.
4:46 am
ainsley: amazon prime. pete: maybe can you see saturn's rings. ainsley: it's going to be where it's closest to earth. steve: fox news meteorologist adam klotz is here to tell us if you have a clear view of saturn tonight, adam, the verdict? adam: obviously depends where you are this is across the entire country. new york city did you know that saturn is going to be as close as it is the entire year tonight. look up skies clear. any stargazers out here? come on, give me some of that energy. [cheers] adam: what about you? no? this one right here is camera shy. we have a dog out here. this is the forecast. temperatures not looking too bad across the country. mid 70's, closer to 80 degrees in the heartland. it is going to be a hot one across the south into texas and portions of mississippi stretching to alabama. those are heat advisories. that means temperatures running up into the middle 90's or. so i actually think there is going to be lots of clear
4:47 am
places across the country tonight. look up, see saturn, everybody, wave as we toss it back. in i do love a sign. this is not the best made sign i have ever seen but i love that you have it. ainsley: it says hi mom and dad, san antonio. >> getting a new liver. excited for him at home. congratulations. ainsley: that's great. ed henry's surgery is today. pete: prepping right now. ainsley: say a prayer for him. steve: meanwhile, will the president find a way to get his citizenship question back on the census. counselor to the president kellyanne conway joins us live from the white house. she is next. ♪ ♪ before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent heartburn, marie could only imagine enjoying freshly squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection.
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♪ ♪ steve: we are using that graphic because we are going down to the white house right now. kellyanne conway counselor to the president joins us right now live from the north lawn. kelly, good morning to you. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. steve: beautiful morning down there. >> boy, is it. steve: yesterday the was this south carolina answering questions regarding the citizenship question that you would like to see on the census. the supreme court said you can't do it because of the rationale that was given in
4:52 am
those arguments. but the attorney general said it sounds like they have figured a way to do it. he didn't give any details. what can you tell us? >> well, the supreme court did not issue a legal impediment decision. they basically said come back and give us a different rationale. why can't we just ask the question the way it was asked for 50 years before the obama administration yanked it out of there? we have been asking questions like this the american community survey every fifth year asks a similar question. think of all the questions that nobody complains are included in our u.s. census every 10 years that include far fewer americans and invasive. asking how many toilets in your house and who is using them? it's absolutely ridiculous. this is why the president is fighting for its inclusion. look, this country has said the census is important. as president trump has mentioned, we spend about
4:53 am
$20 billion and counting on it. we have said it's an important exercise. so why not get it right? the census in the past has been increasingly responsive to changes in american demography. and this is an example of that. i would ask the democrats, i hear they are screaming rhetoric. but truly what are you afraid of? i ask that all the time. what are you afraid of? why wouldn't you want to know who is living in this country and who is a citizen and who is not a citizen? steve: why do you think? >> i think they don't have a good answer for that like most things these days they don't have a good answer. look, they are the same people who said manufactured crisis through manufactured outrage, this president stood in front of the whole country and the world in his only oval office prime time address to date to take to to the american people and say we have a humanitarian and national security crisis at the border. we need congress to do a fix on asylum tpp flores and
4:54 am
give us money on humanitarian aid. they blocked that over a dozen times. they still don't have an immigration hearing scheduled which tells you how unserious they are this big issue. it's risen to the top of the polls as number one issue. it took them blocking aid so many times to turn around last week and last two weeks and give $4.6 billion in aid. that's really the president's request. so they capitulated to that do you know who suffered? the people suffered. our brave men and women at the border protection, the kids who these kids who democrats pretend they complain about. those four female democrats that nancy pelosi is brushing back, i think they are all freshman members a major meow moments brushing back in a huge catfight really ridiculing them and they voted against the democratic aid package. they preen around to detention centers and saying oh my god look what's happening and then they vote
4:55 am
against $4.6 billion worth of aid including the democratic package. pete: you mentioned screaming rhetoric, nancy pelosi put it this way as to the reason why the president wants a citizenship question. >> this is about keeping, you know, make america -- you know, those hats, make america white again. they want to make sure that people, certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. and it's not not what our founders had in mind. and it's not what we can decide who we are as a people. pete: once again they go to racism. >> i don't even understand what she is saying that was so incoherent says the white woman standing next to the white woman at the podium, which of course, i have no problem with. she is the speaker. but it really just makes offense. it tells you what a thin auspicious argument they have. nancy pelosi of course she is going to feel a certain way because she represents san francisco. and that's a sanctuary city
4:56 am
where we know a young woman was murdered in front of her father years ago by an illegal alien who been deported numerous times and back in san francisco. also, we all see what's happening in san francisco under nancy pelosi and other democratic leaders, quote, unquote, watch. increase in homelessness, you see the syringes all over. a lot of the filth on the streets. i think san francisco is a beautiful city and should be restored to its greatness by getting a lot of these nonsense politicians out of the way who look the other way and pretend what they don't see. they have been looking the other way at the border while this president, my boss and our president has made this an issue for over the four years he has been running and being the president. it has been a central piece of his presidency and we finally got that aid. now we have to get serious about the national security crisis that people see. ainsley: kellyanne, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. have a great day. ainsley: you too. more "fox & friends" coming up ♪ working 9 to 5 ♪ what a way to make a
4:57 am
living ♪ barely getting by ♪ it's all taking ♪ and no giving ♪ . .
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5:00 am
♪ steve: july 9th, tuesday, hour three of final hour of "fox & friends." pete: only problem chasing the sun if you catch it you're in big trouble, right? ainsley: i think of the sun, july, august, hottest months of the year, we're halfway through the summer. in south carolina they go back to school next month. enjoy your summer. enjoy sleeping in and watching us in the morning. we appreciate it. steve: if your travel plans bring to you new york city. say hello to adam or janice.
5:01 am
if it is -- pete: make a sign better than one piece of paper with a pencil and folded. steve: sentiment counts. we'll talk to but the news and lead story. it's a census showdown. will the president fine a way to get the citizenship question approved and on the census? ainsley: attorney general william barr are considering all options as house democrats are threatening to hold him and commerce secretary wilbur ross in criminal contempt. pete: kevin corke joins us from the white house with the latest. reporter: good morning. you heard kellyanne conway allude to it. they remain convinced the president is also convinced adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census is absolutely the right thing to do. in fact i can tell you this, if his attorney general has his way, he is likely to make it happen. >> we have been considering all the options and i have been in
5:02 am
constant discussions with the president ever since the supreme court decision came down and i think over the next day or two you will see what approach we're taking. i think it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census. reporter: you heard ag bill barr say in the next day or two. i made some phone calls this morning. when he says a day or two, he is not kidding. it could possibly happen as soon as today. we'll keep you posted on that. over on capitol hill, house speaker nancy pelosi is trying, president by adding question to the census is keeping hispanics and latinos from answering the survey. >> his hat, make america white again. they want to make people, certain people, are counted. it is really disgraceful. it is not what our founders had in mind. it is not what we can decide who we are as a people. reporter: white house officials
5:03 am
retort, american citizens are not afraid to acknowledge whether or not they're a citizen. what democrat are trying to do they say is they're trying to get more power in congress by countying non-citizens. interesting debate, one that will continue, move forward even as early as today. for now, back to you. pete: steve: thank you very much. can't wait to hear from the attorney general and administration how they will do it. we had kellyanne conway with us, our first question, we haven't heard any details. anything you can tell us about it? she said this -- >> the supreme court did not issue a legal impediment decision. come back and give us a different rationale. why can't we ask the question the way it was asked for 50 years before the obama administration yanked it out of there. think of all the questions nobody complains contained in u.s. census every 10 years that include, a far, far, smaller number of americans, i would ask the democrats i hear their
5:04 am
screaming rhetoric, truly what are you afraid of? i ask that all the time, what are you afraid of? why do you not want to know who is living in the country, who is a citizen, who is not a citizen? pete: the supreme court said you can't do it, you have to have a better reason. steve: not this one. pete: somewhere a lawyer at the commerce department or just tis department bungled this thing. there is clear rationale. they have to make it clear. ainsley: their argument was we want to enforce the voting rights act. justices said it seems to have been contrived. we need more of an explanation. why is the census important? because there are 67 a billion dollars if federal spending determined how we spend it based on how we handle the census. it determines the population of course. it determines how many congressional district every state gets. it helps enforce the voting rights act which protects minorities at the ballot box. steve: talk one of the other things kellyanne touched on was
5:05 am
inner party squabble going on between nancy pelosi, speaker of the house -- ainsley: four freshmen congressman, women. steve: super progressive. it has been suggested that perhaps aoc insulted the speaker in brushing back. here is nancy pelosi yesterday defending what she had said about the four freshman members who voted against the bill to fund the problems at our southern border. >> all i said was a statement of fact. four of them opposed the bill. we were protecting the children overwhelmingly our caucus voted to protect the children. our blue dogs, our moderates and all the rest voted to protect the children. they did not and they did not have a further following. that is what i was saying. they have a following in the public but i'm just talking about in the congress. ainsley: aoc responded to that
5:06 am
on twitter. she wrote some things nancy said about her in the past. she said a glass of water could have beat a 20 year incumbent. the green dream or whatever, their public whatever, those are not quotes from me, she said. they are from the speaker. having respect for ourselves doesn't mean we lack respect for her. it means we let everyday people be dismissed. steve: aoc said part of the rationale voting against it, she did not trust the administration with the money. pete: they don't trust him with anything. usually they like to spend a lot of money. tammy bruce had strong message on freshman democrats and speaker with nancy pelosi. >> they have different points of view and reasons they're going after each other there is reason nancy pelosi has been in congress a long time. sees to understand you can't punish people, abandon them, based on politics wanting to hurt, for example president trump. there needs to be money at
5:07 am
border. real lives are affected. they seem to think twitter that matters. "new york times" said the average democrat is not on twitter. these are the extremes. it is matter being experienced enough to understand what the difference is between the actual grassroots and what is going on in social media. steve: the other thing is nancy pelosi wants to hold the house. she does not want to lose it in 2020 and the worry among a lot of traditional democrat is, moderate democrat that is to say that if the presidential candidates pull the parties so far to the left, the people who are moderate in the party may actually lose out. pete: where do they have a home? who denneds them in that context? none of them could be on the presidential stage. you look at the moderates on the presidential stage. they're not getting in i traction. joe biden started high, because he has such high name i.d., dropping in the polls, now that he has come out of hiding, exposed positions he has. he was in hiding. you don't run successfully when
5:08 am
you're not talking. comes out in the debate. clashes with the leftists. his answers are not sufficient. his poll numbers go down. this is a house divided. we'll see where it foes. ainsley: you set this up. pete: my home state of minnesota delivering the goods. in st. louis park, the city council there, they hold city council meetings like every municipality in the country, every time they do the meetings they traditionally say pledge of allegiance like most city councils or schools. they voted, it could not be as welcoming to people, not inclusive. let's quietly vote to stop saying the pledge at beginning of our meeting. they didn't think it would be a big meeting. they voted 5-0. all five members voted to get rid of pledge. people recognized it. backlash was big. ainsley: there was outrage. there were a lot of protesters at city council meeting. >> to the republic for which it
5:09 am
stands -- >> 15 seconds. >> usa. usa. usa. pete: well the folks came out because they said it only takes 15 seconds, it means a lot to us. this is america. ainsley: i still can't believe this. it is the pledge. it includes everyone. it is inclusive of every sing pell person that lives in this country. steve: here is sound bite from ann, one of the city council members. she says she is surprised by the outrage. >> i'm appalled that our little suburban community's meeting protocol sparked this polarizing conversation in our community. what it means to be patriotic. >> let her finish. >> people have been nice on this our city at that on the front lines. it certainly was not our intention. pete: she is appalled because people are not happy that they have removed the pledge of
5:10 am
allegiance in america? ainsley: how could they not think this would not cause outrain. pete: that is the problem. i don't think these members are anti-american. that is not a big deal. pledge doesn't matter. we're past the whole patriotism thing. we're patriotic, we are city council members. that is yesterday thing. steve: keep in mind, the vote wasn't even close. ainsley: this lady, i love her. she came dressed dressed in red, blue. steve: there was were a lot of red white and blew. this couple talked about why the pledge needs to come back. >> the at end of the pledge it does say justice for all. so that does mean all. >> resident of st. louis park, i felt the decision was anything but inclusive. steve: sounds now if they're going to examine, you know what they did, they will talk to folks to see whether or not they should reinstate the pledge. ainsley: i hope they do. pete: they need to study the
5:11 am
issue further. is that the shortest study of all time? am i missing something here? [laughter]. ainsley: what do you think will happen? pete: they got their reaction. this woman, ann mavety, came up with the idea in the first place. she said our workers on the phone lines have been on the front lines. she lost the perspective. who has been on the front lines? air force vet. other guys fighting for our freedoms. at least we pledge allegiance to the country that gives freedoms and pivs justice to all as those folks pointed out. common sense. ainsley: these folks are voted into office. if you're voted in, you have to represent the community, represent the constituent. i'm curious to find out what happens going forward in the next election. they have to think about that on the board. majority of people that live in the area want the pledge to be said. pete: do you think? check the tape. ainsley: five people, not one of them voted to keep the pledge. steve: i bet there is some sort of a compromise. they will come up with a compromise. pete: really?
5:12 am
what is the compromise? ainsley: say half the pledge? steve: you saw the vote tote, 5-0. pete: they thought it wouldn't be a big deal. not a big deal. they're finding out otherwise. the reservoir of patriotism it the country is deep. it is deep even in st. louis park. steve: you think about this what is going on pete's home state. email us, facebook us. ainsley: jillian has more news. jillian: amy mcgrath is running to unseat senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> started with this man. who was elected a lifetime ago. and who has bit by bit, year by year, turned washington into something we all despise. jillian: senate minority leader chuck schumer recruited mcgrath to run for seat.
5:13 am
she lost house race to republican andy barr. overnight. do why lawyers reportedly grilled the british spy who compiled a fake dossier on president trump. three attorneys from the inspector general's office met with christopher steele last month. the unverified dossier led to the fbi launching a probe with president trump's elk ad ties with russia. investigators want to know if the agency followed proper protocol when it applied for fisa warrant when it conducted surveillance on former trump advisor carter page. funeral services are today for legendary automotive executive lee iacocca. he was 94. he will be laid to rest after a funeral mass. iacocca is credited with saving chrysler from bankruptcy in the 1980s. and introducing the world to the mustang and minivan. prince charles could claim the thrown sooner rather than later a royal expert telling
5:14 am
yahoo!, that queen elizabeth could relinquish most of her powers to her son in two years. she can deligate duties to next this line if she feels unable to perform. she would never completely renounce the thrown. her majesty turned 93 in april. i will send it back to you. steve: thank you, jillian. meanwhile 2020 democrats like bernie sanders keep pushing socialistic ideas. socialist ideas to say. pete: our next guest says in a new op-ed, that those ideas ruined her great grandfather's life. it is personal. she joins us with a important lesson why american capitalism is so important and so good. ♪ [music playing] across the country, we walk. carrying flowers that signify why we want to end alzheimer's disease.
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5:18 am
>> democratic socialism means to me, requiring and achieving political and economic freedom in every commune in this country pete: they're all bernie now. democrats rushing further to the left and embracing democratic
5:19 am
socialism or out right socialism. how disasterous would this be for america. in the new op-ed, what socialism i met for my great-grandfather. our next guest says socialism wrecked the ideals of his great-grandfather. helen, thank you very much for being here. appreciate your time. helen, lay out what, leftism, collectivism, communism, socialism, what it means, why it wrecks so many lives. >> well all the ism means, there are all different shades of darkness. they mean they ruin people's lives. they mean they lose your freedom. means government will take your property away, forcefully for redistribution purpose. all the history in china, cuba, all countries implement socialism it brings nothing but misery to ordinary people. pete: helen what happened to your great-grandfather. >> my great-grandfather was a
5:20 am
farmer a wheat farm farmer. he owned land through hard work. he sweat tears and blood through every inch of land. when the communists took over 1949. they started land reform. they forcefully took land away from my great-grandfather and landowners like him for redistribution purpose. so my great-grandfather lost, he lost everything. pete: so they didn't, that government didn't see your grandfather as an individual with a soul. they saw him as a tool of the government. isn't that the big difference between american-style capitalism, freedom says you're an individual with a choice, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, collectivism, socialism has a plan for your life. that could include running you over? >> right. not only they didn't treat it, people like him as individual, they treated him as evil individual. they treated people hard-working who own properties as evil individuals.
5:21 am
they are concerned that the property owned equally. they are responsible, people like my great-grandfather somehow responsible for other people's miserable life. that is unfair. pete: what do you say to democrats out there, come on, democratic socialism is a far cry from chinese communism? what would you say to them about walking down this path? >> i will tell them don't do it, because democrat socialism is a bait and switch scam. it offers nothing new. it is no different from the socialism that my great grandfather experienced. it all begins with the great promise and it will end with misery just like all other socialisms practicessed before. pete: what a great way to put it. sounds great. free stuff, free everything. your life will be better, except when it turns out the government runs it all, it will to the improve. helen, thank you for the fantastic segment.
5:22 am
the op-ed in the "wall street journal" thank you for taking time. god bless your great-grandfather. >> thank you for having me. pete: you got it. is there a doctor on board? a celebrity doctor saved a man's life after he went into shock during a flight. the doctor is in with that incredible story coming up next. ♪ if you have moderate to severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information
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5:26 am
led states that the affordable care act is no longer constitutional after congress repealed a provision taxing people for not having insurance. home depot, cofounder plans to give to president trump as re-election bid. bernie marcus gave reportedly $7 million. the former ceo telling the atlanta journal constitution that he will support president trump again in 2020. steve: real life nightmare at 30,000 feet as a passenger went into anaphylactic shock. pete: that is a long flight. fortunately him a celebrity doctor was onboard. he jumped into the action and saved the young man's life. ainsley: the social media sensation says there is important, there are important lessons to be learned from the incident. here with us, with more on the heroic story, with dr. mike. congratulations. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. ainsley: i know you do this all
5:27 am
the time. for us this is pretty amazing. tell us what happened. >> we were over the atlantic ocean. there was no way to land. i hear there is a young man going into anaphylactic shock. we have to act quickly. the throat is closing up, blood pressure is dropping and that is fatal if not treated. we broke up delta's emergency kit, what i found to my shock they do not have a epipen on board. the epipen is autoinjector you can put in your thigh, they resolve all the symptoms instantaneously. what they did have epinephrine for cardiac arrest, different dosage, much thicker needle, something you're not supposed to use in this case. however life or death. we troubleshot the medication, changed up the dosage, gave him medication. it worked rapidly. his throat opened up. we were able to save his life. steve: the reason you knew his throat was opening up you were using flashlight on your phone.
5:28 am
>> yes. this was something straight out of "house" or gray's anatomy. i'm used to being in a hospital setting. someone has allergic attacks. you give them proper medication in proper form. hook it up up to the monitor. pilots say should we turn around and go to canada or land on islands in portugal. i am trying to figure out what to do to save the patient in a given moment. pete: when you hear that, is there a doctor on board, are you scared, worried, snap into your mode, what is the mind-set? >> you sort of get into the mode, being someone trained in family medicine, i'm trained to treat all sorts of patients, young old, anyone in between. i was confident in my abilities. you never know what to expect, what tools are available. what scared me, this could have been very bad. had the epinephrin had not worked we would make incision in the neck, had swelling continued. there are to sharp objects on a
5:29 am
plane. i have no idea what i would have done. ainsley: describe the scene. were you near thefy, flight attendant comes up, made the announcement. what happens? >> i was in the front of the plane. they made announcement. initially had only hives on his hands. he had medication. we gave him that. 20 minutes later he said my throat is swelling. we blocked the area off, had to remove clothing in order to give the injection, gave him a painful injection to upper thigh. ainsley: what made it painful? >> the needle is so bigger than the ones in the auto-injectors. steve: he saved his life. do you think the situation was unique on delta air lines? do airlines have epipens. >> they don't have epipens on board. steve: is that for liability reasons? >> i can't answer that. in a age of allergy reactions are on the rise, peanuts are
5:30 am
there. had i not been on that plane, no one would have been capable of knowing what dose to give and what could have been really dangerous. they saw epinephrine written on box, gave full dosage it could have stopped his heart. ainsley: really? >> yeah. pete: what do we do call for a doctor on board, there isn't one, we have no expertise? steve: turn around. >> turn around, start doing landing procedure. most airlines have a health care connect they can patch into. they can give them paid dance what medications to give. it is really one of those situations where you have to act quickly, hope for the best. ainsley: my friend's daughter has major peanut allergies. she carries around epipen with her at all times. if she is with babysitter, hands it to the babysitter. some people don't know they have allergies they find out this way. what happened after y'all landed? did you stay in touch with the guy? >> he went right away to the emergency room. they monitor his vital signs, which i was doing for a few
5:31 am
hours. if he was released. we met a few days later in jerusalem. it was great meeting. he was happy and touring. it was like nothing happened. to think what could have happened had i not been there or situation worsened is really scary. steve: you have a sense of humor about it, because when you met him, what did you say to him? >> i will get him again with one of those needles. steve: what about the co-pay? >> he has to make the co-pay to my address. ainsley: send him $20 if you're watching, sir. you're like dr. oz. he has saved some people in these situations. >> dr. oz is great friend of mine. it is really easy takeaway from this. a, get airlines to have epipens on board. b, if you have a epipen, bring it, make sure it is not expired. because they do expire. steve: great point. dr. mike, thank you. good job. ainsley: house minority leader kevin mccarthy joins us live coming up next. steve: we're hours away from the all-star game. abby is live with eight-time
5:32 am
all-star hall-of-famer john smoltz. ♪
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♪ steve: welcome back. let's bring in congressman kevin
5:36 am
mccarthy, he is the house minority leader. he joins us from statuary hall. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: earlier we were talking about the census showdown. the supreme court came out and said that the argument that the administration made was incorrect. i was quoting the attorney general, mr. barr, yesterday and i think this got confused by somebody. mr. barr agrees with the president. the supreme court decision was wrong and mr. barr see as way to get the question on the census. how important is it for your point of view to do that? >> well, it is not just my point of view but you have to think of it as americans as a whole. you only do this once every 10 years. it has been on the form, especially the long form up until president obama took it off. so it is one time you can ask the question, to see who is in this country and ask all the different questions. you can't do this next year and the other. why it is so critical to get this done now because they are
5:37 am
printing it as we speak. so from that perspective, the supreme court did not say you could not do it. the president has a right to do it. i'm very interested in seeing what the attorney general is able to say in the next day or two because time is critical. pete: mr. colleague, mr. leader, your colleague, i mixed up my words, your colleague on the other side of the aisle, speaker of the house says no, the reason this president wants to do it to make america white again? >> that is no untrue. look what the president achieved through all the americans through the economy. more african-americans, hispanics are working. president is focused on all of america. that is the reason he is looking into this as well. ainsley: biden, bernie sanders, judge, mayor buttigieg and beto o'rourke have all said they want the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour but there was a cbo report came out on the effects of increasing the minimum wage, there is 2/3 chance the change in employment would lie between
5:38 am
zero and reduction of 3.7 million workers. so a lot of people would be laid off because small businesses cannot afford this. what's your reaction? >> well, not only are the democrats trying to overturn the 2016 election, they're trying to overturn all the economic gain we have been able to achieve. think for one moment. we're at the strongest economy we've been in the last 50 years. this democratic party is no longer the democratic party. this is the socialist democratic party. the congressional budget office just analyzed this. this is what they are coming together. they have been trying to do this quite some time, to raise the minimum wage lose up to almost 4 million jobs in america. why would we want to do that? don't we want to make sure small businesses are able to grow? i started my first small business 20 years old. three things i learned. i was first to work, last to leave, the last to be paid. i was bringing new jobs up. we want the opportunity. we want to make america continue to grow that way. but democrats continue to move
5:39 am
towards this socialism that is going to destroy this country. steve: you know, speaker pelosi has made it clear in that op-ed with maureen dowd a couple days ago she is trying to keep the party center-left. all of these freshmen, very progressive members, four in particular, it looks like there is tension on the other side of the aisle. >> not tension. chaos in the caucus. these democrats if you watch them, they are no longer democrats, stop calling them that, they don't call themselves that, they call themselves socialist democrats. look at policies they offer. the whole debate will be about control versus freedom, socialism versus freedom. before we left before the 4th of july, you watched a vote in the senate about the border supplemental, funding for the kids, 84-8 every single democrat on leadership side voted for it, but when it came over here,
5:40 am
nancy pelosi continues to appease the socialists. she tried to fight it the entire time. they're fighting now as they go forward. they have a real chaos inside their whole caucus. pete: they have one more member. eric swalwell dropped out. he will be in the house. >> between eric swalwell and marianne, republicans wanted to give them money to keep them on stage. ainsley: what do you think will happen to the democratic party? do you think they will split, there will be two separate parties? >> they are already split. the socialist wing is continuing to pro. think about this, bernie sanders has the best chance now to become their nominee. where did he go for his honeymoon back in the '80s? the soviet union. he was registered as a socialist. remember that? then you've got all those who are rising up, raising the most money, they come from the socialist wing of the party. look at four new members of the democrat socialist party here inside the house. they are the wing of the democratic party. they are the new movement of
5:41 am
that party which they call themselves socialist democrats. pete: sure do. good point. steve: kevin mccarthy thanks for joining us today from statuary hall. all right. 19 minutes before the top of the hour this tuesday. ainsley: jillian is upstairs with headlines. jillian: ilhan omar opens up with a story on injustice that shook her to her core. the minnesota democratic congresswoman recently told high school students thaw a elderly woman arrested and thrown into jail for stealing a 2-dollar loaf of bread. some say she embellished the story, when pressed on accuracy of the account, she said the details might not have all matched but that is what i remember. minnesota officials say police only arrest thieves when there is threat of future violence. no way, no chance. that is the response an idaho mayor said to peta when they asked him to change chick
5:42 am
indinner road to something more friendly. he joined us earlier and couldn't believe it was real. >> i honestly thought it was a joke. i read the letter, i literally laughed. i literally laughed. but then i realized it was for real, which then the laughter changed to complete irritation. i thought, oh, my goodness. what a waste of time. jillian: he says chicken dinner road is not even technically in his city's jurisdiction. we'll see what happens. stop what you're doing, watch this. see that? a man plummets on to a car at florida dealership before calmly walking away. exactly where he fell from is unclear, but the owner believes it was from the dealership roof after he climbed on top. they hope to find the unidentified man, telling "miami herald," that you quote, can't fix stupid. we don't have all the details to be judgmental. we'll move on.
5:43 am
police finding a purple heart in a donation box. >> did the recipient of the medal give it away? did their family not knowing it was in the box? who knows? jillian: the medal is engraved with the name of nick damelo, jr. he went miss in action since world war ii. the store is trying to find hits family but had no luck. if you have any information the store to find the demilo family. head to our website, with more information. i'm sure somebody is missing that. i'm sure think will be happy to find out it is there. steve: contact us. we'll put you in touch. meanwhile we're in touch with the streets of new york city. that man is out there with the crowd. >> in touch with the streets of new york city, enjoying a fantastic story. are you enjoying the weather? >> yeah! >> that will not be the case in everywhere in the country.
5:44 am
it will be steamy before the day's over. 90 degrees here in the city. look at maps across the country. there is heat advisory across portions of texas, louisiana, mississippi, alabama. as i toss it back in to you, pete, i noticed on the 4th of july you were wearing a bow tie. i think you're a fashion influencer. look at this. you inspired this young fox news viewer. pete: good-looking dude. >> where are you from? >> fort lauderdale. >> fort lauderdale. jackson you look very good, much better than pete. pete: i agree. looks fantastic. ainsley: dot bop. you just do this. pete: stay happy. stay quiet. >> don't cry. don't cry, you're on tv. steve: pretty much do that until they're 30. meanwhile an epic finish last night to the historic home run derby in the city of cleveland. >> that was a line drive, off the top of the wall. there it is! fires the bat up. he is your home run derby
5:45 am
champion of 2019. pete: wow, new york mets star, derby champion, pete alonso crushing 23 home runs. ainsley: how great, 23. that is amazing al, nl. i don't know which one. ainsley: joining with us a preview live from progressive field from cleveland, "fox nation"'s abby hornacek. hall of fame pitcher, 8-time all-star and fox sports analysts john smoltz. >> john has a lot better credentials than i do. 22 seasons in the league. eight-time all-star. from the eyes of a guy who has been here before, what is the experience like? >> it is amazing. you get an appreciation for your peers. feels like you checked in. when you play baseball as long as those of these guys will
5:46 am
play, there is admiration level unmatched. three days off is nice but nothing like putting a uniform representing your city, coming against the guys you compete against all year to showcase your talent. >> al is looking for the seventh consecutive win in the all-star game. what does the national league have to do to steve off another loss? >> the all-time series is close. the american league dominated last several years. there is lot of pride for each league. the youth in this sport is greater than ever. they want to showcase what they can do, and represent their league. you get announced to opening day. when you get announced there is something special about it. each league has a lot of pride. >> speak more to the generational change. even in the home run derby we had two rookies make it to the final round. >> there have never been more prepared young players to make impact right away. i'm in awe of the talent.
5:47 am
i'm in awe of their preparation. they're not afraid of the moment. any other industry you would step in to try to make an impact would be much more difficult, but they're getting used to it. the good and bad, they are playing so much young, they're able to showcase games to handle it. the bad it brings in a lot more risk for injury. i sit in a booth. i marvel at the talent. i marvel at the power and rawness this game has. the game is in good hands when you think about 20 years old coming to do it. >> alex core remarks and dave roberts have stacked team. who has the advantage. >> typically the american league always has the sluggers. i think national league actually has a better lineup, if you can say that in a lineup with stars. i think they are probably well-served to probably put up runs. it is usually low scoring game because pitchers dominate because they're in and out. i think you will see offense because of that youth i was talking about. >> should be a great game.
5:48 am
very competitive. john smoltz, thank you very much. he will call the game. fox sports 1 starting their coverage at 7:00 p.m. you can watch it there. pete: fantastic pitcher. steve: abby, maybe you can drive him to work. >> i would love to. steve: abby has a show on "fox nation" called, "ride to work." she drove me around the block couple weeks ago. there is a flashback. >> you had a great time, right? >> steve: i did. watch this. we're doing "ride to work" the live version. >> the live version. the other talent was in the front seat this is big time for you to be in the back seat. are. steve: are you a great city driver? >> i'm a great driver. i only hit go people on the way to work. if you drive aggressively nobody bothers you. steve: why are you going this way, we are sitting in traffic?
5:49 am
>> i love traffic. ainsley: she is pretty funny. abby, i've been watching your segment. they're great. >> thank you so much. you know, john, do you think i could drive you to work some time? i do the show on "fox nation"? >> i think it would workers specially with all the traffic. mlb network, i will never complain about new york traffic after being in london this week. i have a great appreciation for the patience it takes to navigate around the city. >> i have no patience. don't expect that from me, john. maybe one day. we'll get extra long chair. we have to scoot the chair back as far as it goes for john here. steve: good idea. if you don't have the app for "fox nation," download it. "ride to work" with abby. it is great. ainsley: thanks, john. it is the independence day picture that is going viral. a boy tying honor guard member's shoe while he is holding the american flag. they're both here live coming up next. good morning.
5:50 am
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5:54 am
ainsley: so weight sweet. an 11-year-old boy with his family during an independence day parade when an honor guard's shoelaces became untied. that boy quickly sprang into action to help. pete: josh brown, arlington texas police officer, jarrett wilson join us with more. thank you both for being here this morning. josh, i will start with you. you went to the parade to watch the parade. never thought you would be part of the parade. what prompted you to go out there and tie his shoes? >> well, i think it was just respect for an officer, that i wanted to do that. pete: supercool. steve: indeed. officer, you're holding the flag, you can't really bend over to tie your shoe. how did you relay to somebody, hey, i need help right here? >> well i had let the rife man
5:55 am
on the end, know if he could find someone to assist me to tie my shoe, that would be great. just so happened josh was the first person that was closest to us. he was the lucky one. ainsley: josh, you did a really good thing. were you nervous about doing it or did you instantly say i have to go out there and fix this problem. >> i was kind of nervous, i started doing it. i was like, it's not that bad. steve: officer, i have a feeling you will never again be in formation or holding the flag without your shoes so unbelievably tied. ainsley: dot double knot next time. >> definitely, definitely not. i think at the end when i met him he was more worried about the knot he tied lasts throughout the parade. pete: did it last? it lasted. you did a great job. ainsley: what do your friends say, your family say that you're
5:56 am
famous? >> they were very excited. pete: josh, you're 11. you have your whole life in front of you. what do you want to do when you grow up? >> i want to be a police officer. ainsley: right on. pete: you picked right one. officer, why do you wear the uniform? >> i always had a passion of serving whether for my country or the community. so i have always had that, that want to want to serve and help others. pete: very cool. ainsley: god bless you, thank you for serving and putting on that uniform. josh, we wish all the best. god has big plans for your life, sweetie. you are raised well. give your parent a hug. pete: everything happens for a reason. supercool. thank you both. ainsley: more "fox & friends" straight ahead. with advil, you'll ask... what sore muscles? what pounding head? advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts.
5:57 am
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>> pete, thanks for helping. >> we love having you on here. you are heading out for vacati vacation. >> yes. >> good luck. >> bill: fox news alert. news this hour, national security officials, only moments from now, the homeland security department, putting out the latest report on threats and attacks against our country. good morning inside of "america's newsroom." first, the house is getting ready to take action. criminal contempt action against bill barr over the citizenship question controversy that brews in washington. it's tuesday. we've made it so far. >> sandra: you are saying that already. good morning, bill. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. voting soon on citations for


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