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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  July 9, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> pete, thanks for helping. >> we love having you on here. you are heading out for vacati vacation. >> yes. >> good luck. >> bill: fox news alert. news this hour, national security officials, only moments from now, the homeland security department, putting out the latest report on threats and attacks against our country. good morning inside of "america's newsroom." first, the house is getting ready to take action. criminal contempt action against bill barr over the citizenship question controversy that brews in washington. it's tuesday. we've made it so far. >> sandra: you are saying that already. good morning, bill. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. voting soon on citations for both william barr and ross.
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he says that he sees legal way forward for adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census. >> bill: nancy pelosi boiling the entire issue down to race. she lit it up with this comment. >> this is about keeping -- you know it -- you know those hats. make america a white again. they want to make sure that certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. and it's not what our founders had in mind. and it's not -- we can decide who we are as a people. >> we can consider all the options. we've been in constant conversation with the president ever since the supreme court decision came down. you will see what approach we are taking. i think it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census. >> bill: there is a lot more today. kevin corke begins her coverage today from the north on.
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kevin, good morning. >> good morning. the order of the day in the capital. this time over a census question asking about citizenship of americans taking place. now as you know, this is all about trying to figure out, says the white house, who is in our country. the ag, bill barr, as he said, thinks of something that the commerce department should be able to ask people who take our survey. the opposition to the supreme court opinion, that they say, telling the associated press, i agree with him. the supreme court decision was wrong. he goes on to this, bill. opportunity potentially to cure the lack of clarity that was the problem, and we might as well take a shot at doing that. so what does it all mean? there are a few legal maneuvers that the doj might consider. they would like to go back to the court with a clear explanation in order to satisfy
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the justices. >> the president knows that there is constitutional legal ground. the supreme court didn't issue a legal impediment decision. justice john roberts said that they left the door open, and of those president plans to barrel through it. >> kellyanne conway not long ago, as you know, the supreme court ruled to block the question, finding the administration's argument, enforcing the voting acts right, simply didn't match up with the evidence in the case. democrats are calling into question the motivation for the question on citizenship. they suggest it's really about suppressing hispanic and latino participation in the upcoming census survey. of course, the white house is saying american citizens, regardless of race, have no problem talking about their citizenship status, but democrats are trying to get noncitizens to take part in the survey so they can add to their numbers in congress and get more federal dollars. very interesting argument.
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>> bill: not over for now. good to see you. >> sandra: the sex trafficking case against jeffrey epstein pure lawmakers now calling on alex acosta to resign. here's why. he was attorney in florida, he negotiated other than secret plea deal on similar charges against epstein back in 2008. >> he cut a sweetheart deal for a powerful person at the expense of vulnerable people, and we shouldn't have him in an enforcement position with this administration. >> will he remain as the secretary of labor? >> i don't know, but i'm glad that somebody is looking at that. >> i think he has some very tough questions he needs to answer. my hunch is he will soon no longer be serving as secretary. >> sandra: bryan llenas, live with more this morning. good morning, bryan.
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>> sandra: sandra, good morning. among the biggest in manhattan. this is where investigators say epstein molested children as young as 14. you can see the damage to the front door. that is where fbi agents broken using a crowbar over the weekend. inside, investigators say they seized lewd photographs. hundreds, maybe thousands, showing nude or partially nude photos and girls names and titles. yesterday in court, two of his accusers watched as a disheveled yet, epstein pleaded not guilty to two federal sex trafficking -- having sex with dozens of girls as young as 14 between 2002 and 2005. both former president bill clinton and
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president trump spoke highly of him. trump called him "a terrific guy. he had known for 15 years." clinton said he appreciated his insights and generosity, but a clinton spokesman release this statement yesterday. "he knows nothing about the terrible crimes jeffrey epstein pleaded guilty to one photo some years ago or for those in which he has recently been charged in new york in 2002 and 2003." he took a total of four trips on jeffrey epstein airplane, one to europe, asia, and two to africa. stops in connection with the work of the clinton foundation. a lawyer for president trump said that he never had a personal relationship with epstein. sandra. >> sandra: speaker nancy pelosi is speaking out against secretary of labor alex acosta. what is the latest on that? because yes, sandra, as you mentioned in your intro, secretf
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labor alex acosta is really starting to feel the pressure. he was the one who brokered that sweetheart deal. he pleaded guilty to lesser state charges, rather than a federal sex trafficking charges i could have landed him behind bars for life. he instead went to jail for 13 months with work release privileges, and now speaker nancy pelosi is calling for his resignation. saying "he must step down, as he was attorney, he engaged in an unconscionable agreement with jeffrey epstein, kept secret from courage as young victims, preventing them from seeking justice. this was known by potus when he appointed him to the cabinet. "he has i in the past defended e deal with epstein. >> he was going to get off. and it was the work of our office that resulted them in going to jail. >> the white house has not issued a statement since his
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arrest. sandra. >> sandra: bryan llenas with the latest in new york city. >> bill: nancy pelosi accusing the administration of trying to suppress the minority vote. she calls it an attempt to "make america white again." from "the wall street journal," collin. good morning to you. what is not laced with race today? anything? >> it's a crazy argument. you know, on the one hand, we have nancy pelosi saying "make america great again" is about making america white again. at the same time, we have, harris playing the race card against joe biden. i'm inclined to defend joe bid joe biden. i think this is a ridiculous thing, that joe biden's are racist because he opposed boxing and so forth, but then i remember joe biden played the race card against my romney, think he's going to put african-americans in chains again, and we have this nonsense with the speaker. it's just really sad.
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>> bill: the question has been on the senses in the past. but if it's not laced in race, it is certainly politics. our cocaptain of the soccer women's team had the following to say. >> i have said something i think, not everybody, i think everybody is with me. we don't want to go to the white house. thank you chuck schumer for inviting us out. we are very excited to accept your invitation to come. >> it's their choice here and she's a talented player, it doesn't mean that her political judgment is all that great. but she is entitled to go where she wants and to not go where she wants. whether all the players agree or not. >> bill: they hold their fire. that was a great scene in newark yesterday. in the meantime, july 4th, the big celebration. they probably jumped the gun on
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that. he was boasting a little bit. >> right. >> standing on the steps of the great lincoln memorial, looking out on the crowds, incredible, big beautiful crowds braving the weather all the way back to the washington monument. we celebrated freedom and all of its magnificence while saluting our great military. it was something really special. >> bill: jumping on it prior to purity you had a piece on that today. yankee doodle donald is my name that mcgurn writes. he wraps himself in the flag, all eager to help. >> i watch the parade where he spoke. i thought he gave a rousing, great speech. tribute to american heroes. and all of the people before that that he was going to politicize and speech, make it a campaign rally, go after his enemies. well, that's what they did. that's what joe biden did. he used his fourth of july speech to attack the president.
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so i watch thought, and then my wife and i watched "yankee doodle dandy." the statute is just half of a block away of year. they are both stroman. over-the-top patriotism. that is what trump was. in the movie, they ask him what is the secret to your success. he says i am just an ordinary guy who knows what ordinary guys like to see. very similar to trump. >> bill: bill mcgurn from "the wall street journal." nice to see you. >> i am here to tell you president trump is maximum pressure campaign against before is working. >> sandra: national security advisor defending policy on iran, after tehran breached the 2015 nuclear pack. so what happens as tensions continue to escalate? >> bill: wrapping up heads after the leaked email showed him disparaging the president.
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why trump is calling him "a very stupid guy" today. and what it means for the special relationship between our two countries. >> sandra: looking to send 1,000 more national guard troops to our southern border. ted cruz is on deck with his take. >> i look at the border -- finding out how bad is it? nothing changes until we have a timeout, involving the united states. as long as you can do what you are doing. with the freestyle libre 14 day system just scan the sensor with your reader, iphone or android and manage your diabetes. with the freestyle libre 14 day system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose levels any time, without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at
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>> sandra: fox news alert. flash flooding emergency declared in our nation's capital as torrential rains pounded the washington, d.c., yesterday, washing out roads, forcing high water rescue, sending water gushing into metro stations. even though white house basement yesterday experienced some flooding. we will talk to one woman who
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captured some stunning videos coming up later in the show. >> iran should not confuse american restraint with a lack of american resolve. the united states of america and our military are prepared to protect their interests and protect our personnel and our citizens in their region. we will continue to oppose iran's maligned influence. >> bill: strong statements there, vice president mike rounds on iran after they exceeded uranium limits set by the nuclear deal in 2015. john hannah, former national security advisor to vice president dick cheney. do you think that they finally realize that this is serious? >> i think europe is really beginning to get it, bill. as upset as they are that the united states kind of threw a wrench into the works on the iran nuclear deal, they are more
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worried about an iranian much to a nuclear weapon they warned them on several occasions not to breach the deal, whatever you do. the iranians have now blown past a couple of gaps. the french are now going to try and negotiate them back into -- back to the negotiation table, but time is running out for europe. they are going to have to step up and join the united states and isolating iran. >> bill: talking about all of that. do you think iran will sit down, ever? at some point? >> listen, at some point, but this is a revolutionary regime that is all about death to america, so their first option, their first play here is clear they going to be to try to escalate, intimidate, create a crisis that will force either your come the united states, or both, to back off on these crushing economic sanctions.
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if they are able to deter them there, to convince them that that is a dead-end street for them that only results in further pain and threat to the integrity of that regime, then maybe at that point in time, as a last result, the iranians go back to the table. >> bill: in the meantime, you have to wonder if they lash out. we documented that over the last several months. >> that's right, they already are. >> bill: they can buy it on the international market. they are capable of doing that, however, that is not what they are choosing. are you following this between the ambassador -- the president tweeted earlier today. have a lot to say. talked about the wacky ambassador from the u.k. called him a very stupid guy, prime minister may, called it a disaster. in the meantime, stressing we are the best military, bus economy, getting better and stronger. what is your take as you look at that?
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this was leaked to its intent. the question is who is the target? >> that's the real target. it is not that you have diplomats around the world trying to get their foreign offices -- foreign leaders. at the state department, i was there for a number of years. this is the worst nightmare because i read all lot of them talking about the foreign leaders, that would certainly give the british investor or a run for his money and how disparaging they were if you question was who leaked it? why did they do it? what's their agenda? there is some talk now in britain even though they are going to look at possibly a foreign hack of these cables to see whether or not there was an adversary state that is looking to get in between the united states and great britain. because at the end of the day, whatever the personality blowups are, this is our critical
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bilateral relationship for the united states. such as last week on the iran issue where the brits took control of that iranian shift i was trying to -- so eventually, the ambassador is going to get thrown under the bus. we are going to have a chance with the new british prime minister tooth turn the page here and get this relationship that is so critical for international peace and security in the interest of the united states back on track. >> bill: well stated. it was just a month ago where the queen hosted him. so grandiose and so well received. the foundation for the defense of democracy, john hannah, great to have you back on her show. >> thanks, bill. >> sandra: president trump promising he would "got" obamacare, and now they are deciding whether the signature law should be struck down. plus, a warning to viewers here as disturbing footage services
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>> sandra: some news here on the 2020 race. another democrat entering the race. tom steyer, the billionaire activist, also pulling to impeach the president, has funneled a lot of money into advocacy for doing so. tom steyer just announcing he will officially enter the race for the 2020 democratic nomination. we will have more on that coming up. >> bill: news this morning,
6:25 am
federal judge blocking the attempt -- ruling that the administration does not have the authority to require drug companies to include the price and a television ad. the decision comes only a day before the roll was set to go into effect. saying "we are disappointed in the court's decision and will be working with the department of justice on the next steps in litigation." >> sandra: meanwhile, the battle of obamacare now going to a panel of judges, whether it will stand. dr. marc siegel, good morning to you. "wall street journal" this morning, "legal setbacks on health care." what happens next and all of this? >> to put the pieces of this together, obamacare is going down to the court of appeals. the administration is not
6:26 am
backing the law this time. they are saying that when you got rid of the individual mandate, which was tax, the law is unconstitutional. that is what the lawsuit is saying. of course, roberts rolled initially about the law was constitutional because it was tax. sandra, speaking legally here, in the supreme court, they tend to rule in favor of existing law and go by statutes. they will probably strike out the statute with the individual mandate. meanwhile, the trump administration is trying to deregulate the law and put in place pieces where if you took out the individual mandate, you want more choice. you want group plans. you want association plans. you want medicaid expansion to have work requirements. across-the-board, these things are getting tied up in court. 90% of the attempts to deregulate the law and introduce more choice -- 90% of these
6:27 am
attempts by the trump administration are now tied up in court. >> sandra: what do you think ultimately happens here? >> i think we have to have a compromise. if the law stands, we have to have ways to fill in the gaps. why wouldn't you have medicaid with work programs, states that say hey, we want people to have the opportunity to participate in community service, to get education -- >> sandra: i know you reference kentucky and arkansas. >> exactly. those two waivers that were requested were basically not approved because of courts. courts ruled them down. so medicaid expansion, i like the idea of work requirements if the states wanted. why shouldn't associations be able to come together? that will lead to more competition, more chores, and more access to cheaper plans. >> sandra: how about drug price transparency? >> bill said that that has also been struck down by a court. i am deeply disappointed by that because i think we need to know what are prescription drugs
6:28 am
cost, we need to be able to see what the list prices are so that when we go to the pharmacy, when my patients go to the pharmacy, and they are asked to pay more out of pocket with a co-pay, they understand it is because the prices sky high. if we know the list prices of drugs, we could have more competition. drugs companies say we are charging less. that is crucial. that can be overruled. >> sandra: this big legal fight over health care and what the trump administration is trying to do here, extends beyond the 2020 election? >> it is going to be a crucial piece. be on the 2020 election. i was hoping that some deregulation pieces come into place, and i do think obamacare -- >> sandra: health care, one of the biggest issues that voters are concerned about. thank you. >> bill: thank you. 20 past the hour. tragedy. a 1-year-old girl slipping from her grandfather's arms, falling to her death. what we are learning about how
6:29 am
this happened this morning. >> sandra: plus, lawmakers returning to washington. a battle over the citizenship question on the 2020 census. texas senator ted cruz will join us on that and more. >> i would ask the democrats, they are screaming rhetoric, but truly, what are you afraid of? i asked that all the time. it why wouldn't you want to know who is living in this country? along with support, chantix is proven to help you quit. with chantix you can keep smoking at first and ease into quitting. chantix reduces the urge so when the day arrives, you'll be more ready to kiss cigarettes goodbye. when you try to quit smoking, with or without chantix, you may have nicotine withdrawal symptoms. stop chantix and get help right away if you have changes in behavior or thinking, aggression, hostility, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, seizures,
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6:33 am
interest rates, and that is keeping markets on edge this morning. the dow down 100 points. and bill, we are watching those markets as the president is tweeting away as well. i'm sorry, that president tweeting this morning that he is very confident about the economy. he noted the very strong numbers on the economy few and much potential for growth, setting a very positive tone. we will see how markets respond. >> bill: 's keep it rolling, right? 33 past the hour. >> i would not object to bob going up to testify, but after i saw that, he indicated he was not arrested in testifying. i'm disappointed to see him subpoenaed because i don't think that serves unimportance purpose, dragging bob mueller up if he is going to in fact stick to the report. it seems the only reason for doing that is to create some kind of public spectacle. >> bill: there is the ag bill barr, speaking ahead of the
6:34 am
testimony next week. it will be the first time that he answers questions in public on the report in the investigation. sol wisenberg, fox news contributor, independent counsel. how are you doing? welcome back to our show. you look handsome. thank you for doing that. much respect. do you think this happens? >> oh, yeah. i think it's going to happen. mueller has committed to it. he's going to testify, but it never works out as well as people on the hill seem to think it will work out. i don't expect much to come from it. clearly, the democrats want to use mueller to talk about the terrible things they say president trump did, listed in the obstruction part of the report, because the democrats believe the american people are stupid, they haven't read the report, they don't know anything about the report. if only they would read it, they would immediately move to impeach. since they are not doing that, according to the democrats, they
6:35 am
have to explain it to people. it didn't work when they put john deere in there. now they are going to try bob mueller. i just don't think it is going to work. >> bill: here's jim jordan talking about that same topic last night. >> why people are coming forward in this investigation, the reason they are coming forward is because there's a new sheriff in town. that's bill barr. he has announced he is going to get there -- we talked about those on your show. he said that there was leadership. he said that there is a basis for his concern about those that took place, and he used terms that should scare every americ american. >> bill: jim jordan there. bob mueller said he is going to let the report speak for itself. he will only talk about what is in the report, zero virtue. he says "mueller should testify and tell us when he knew there was no collision." bill barr -- i don't think, has a problem with either way. >> he is going to answer any
6:36 am
question put to him that he can legitimately answer. there is a danger on the republican's part -- people like jim jordan, if they come in there, and try to demagogue it, do 5 minutes of speeches, instead of asking him legitimate questions, there are a lot of questions from the republican side, like the one that you mention, that can be asked, and i would be interested to hear what bob mueller has to say. for example, bob mueller, since you accept the clear statement doctrine, the law, which says that basically if a statute could be interpreted to interfere with the president's article to bowers, it will be interpreted as not applying to him. that is a very important limitation on the alleged obstruction asked by president trump. they should ask a lot of questions about that. they are intelligent questions that democrats could ask as well. i just don't think we are going to see a lot of intelligent questions. we are going see a lot of
6:37 am
demagogue i. >> bill: in the meantime, i want to get your take on this jeffrey epstein case. it went public and a big way yesterday. last night, she was on with shannon. she wrote a book on human trafficking and the epstein case. listen to what she described. >> i believe, given the information that i have, and what i have read, that at the very top of the food chain, they did not want to make, as the attorney general said to me when i interviewed him, they did not want to make a political mess. >> bill: she is framing her answer in 2008 -- hillary clinton's run for the white house -- there is a lot of political news out there -- what do you think is going on with this epstein matter. >> well, i discount all of the conspiracy theories. i think what happened is the
6:38 am
u.s. attorney's office in the seventh district of florida and back into thousand seven -- 2008, made a mistake in the way that they handled this case. they should have kept the victims informed. i think epstein's lawyers did a very good job. they are criminal defense attorneys, and they got the best deal that they could further client. the question is whether or not the public was served by that. what is so disturbing, really, whether or not is it is really a violation of the victims rights act -- >> bill: that's unfortunate. do we have the satellite back? got a little bit cut off there. maybe we have a chance to get his answer. if we don't, we move on, and our apologies to our viewers. it is a very interesting case. we will see where it goes. we will get sol wisenberg back. if you are out there, eventually, thank you. >> sandra: meanwhile, sean hannity calling out what he sees happening in the
6:39 am
democratic party today. >> this is all going to get worse. they are deep wounds that will divide democrats all the way into the 2020 election. >> sandra: congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez using speaker nancy pelosi's words against her after being accused of insulting the democratic leader. at our a-team will break that down next hour. >> bill: stunning video here. us and call literally swallowing a five car. where did she go? >> the car just went down in there! look! with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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6:43 am
save our democracy in every possible way. >> sandra: both sides of the aisle on the census issue, speaking out. he is considering all options to put in the citizenship question the 2020 census. barr saying that he does see legal way to do it. senator ted cruz serves on the judiciary committee. good morning to you. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> center, good morning. >> sandra: first of all, do you want to see the question on the census? >> absolutely. this is just common sense. the constitution gives to the federal government the responsibility to do a census -- he needs to be an accurate count. needs to count the people who are in this country, and for virtually every speech on for over a century, it has included the question "are you a citizen or not?" as we are debating public poli policy, a lot is unknown. so for example, you see the
6:44 am
figure that there are 11 11-12000000 illegal aliens. the truth of the matter no one really knows whether that is 11 million, 12 manny, or a bigger number. so it is important that the census do an accurate count. it is basic common sense that you ask about it. >> sandra: common sense is different from the legality of it, though. the supreme court obviously didn't like the administrations justification for adding this question -- saying that it seems contrived. do you see that? >> i do. i will say that she's justice roberts opinion, i thought was disappointing, siding with the liberal justices, concluding -- essentially, he did not credit the commerce department's justification. he basically said that they didn't cross -- i thought that was unfortunate decision. the supreme court majority also says quite clearly of course you can assess question.
6:45 am
and that is uncomplicated as a legal matter. virtually every census for over 100 years has asked about question. bill clinton asked about question -- whether there was citizenship. barack obama asked the question. now, there are two different censuses that are done pure long form and short form. this dispute is whether to include it on the short form as well. it has been on the long form for a long time, but as a legal matter, if you can do it on the one, you can obviously do it on the other. >> sandra: does it leave the door open for a better justification if that would happen? >> it did. the court was quite explicit on it. not to say that the court won't be political and won't try to second-guess it, but it shouldn't. as a legal matter, this is quite straightforward, and i am surprised that they have indicated their intention to go forward. clear authority of the present, the administration.
6:46 am
in fact, constitutional responsibility, and they need to do it. they need to do it accurately, and they need to do it right. but part of it is asking basic questions, including our u.s. citizen? >> sandra: now we know that the house will vote soon on charges for bill barr and wilbur ross. they want to know the real reason why they added this in the first place. they want the documents behind it. you are shaking your head. respond to that quickly before we move on to the border. >> the house right now is all politics all the time. speaker pelosi and house democrats are driven by justice blinding white hot rage and hatred of the president. they are all about indictments. they are all about investigations, subpoenas, and ultimately, i think we will see next year impeachment because their base is filled with rage. i will tell you, the american people are happy the economy is booming. it happy that we have the lowest on employment in 50 years. we are happy that we have the lowest african-american
6:47 am
unemployment that we have had -- ever recorded. so i wish the democrats would stop playing politics and instead focus on common sense policies policies that focus on jobs and of our real needs of the american people. >> sandra: it brings us to the southern border. we know that you just returned from a trip there. what did you see? >> well, on monday, i was down at the rio grande valley. i've been down there many times. we had a full-blown crisis. it is horrific. in the month of may, over 144,000 people were apprehended coming into this country illegally. it is a crisis. what we are seeing in particular is more and more kids -- children who are being brutalized. they are being brutalized by human traffickers, they are being brutalized coming over, and the reason for the crisis as congressional democrats. in particular, the loopholes in the loss. i tell you one of the stunning things that i hurry down at the border last week. it used to be several years ago
6:48 am
that if the adult males coming into this country -- roughly 2% had a child with them. you know what that number is today? 50% of adult males now have a child. i signed one detention facility what they call daddy day care because it is all of these single adult males that have a little kid, and it's because congress has screw this up. the democrats have put in place loopholes that say to a human trafficker or drug trafficker if you bring child, grab a little boy or girl and bring them with you, that child is i get out of jail free card. that is cruel, heartless, it is inhumane. >> sandra: i know you are addressing that humanitarian crisis. now requesting 1,000 more troops to head down to the border. but as far as the humanitarian prices that you are describing, senator, you penned a letter too the acting dhs secretary -- asking to lean on the generosity of the american people.
6:49 am
american charitable organizations to donate to individuals in the u.s. customs and border protection custody. what is your goal here? what are you asking for? >> again, this is basic common sense. what i have asked is to implement a policy that they can receive donations from americans in terms of diapers and supplies. the reason why this became problematic is that congressional democrats stonewalled and blocked the funding to deal with this border crisis. so it is simple common sense to say that if a church or charity or citizen wants to donate supplies and they are needed, the dhs ought to be able to support it. i think there is enough flexibility in the law to work with at. >> sandra: i'm running out of time. i have to ask you about these charges against jeffrey epstein. alex acosta must go says nancy pelosi. i know you tweeted on the issue purity settings conduct was
6:50 am
despicable. everyone should be vigorously prosecuted. speaking about jeffrey epstein, as far as alex acosta, should he have to go here? >> well, listen, epstein's conduct, as we said, was despicable. those who target children, it is a horrific evil. i'm glad that he is being prosecuted. i think everyone who was involved in this crime and participated abusing children, they should be prosecuted as well. that may well include epstein, the big, big democratic fund-raiser. i think we need to follow the evidence where it goes. >> sandra: alex acosta was involved in that secret plea deal. should he have to go? >> he was a u.s. attorney. i'm concerned about the allegations, but the department of justice has an ongoing investigation. i think we should have imposed the toughest penalty we could have based on the evidence. and i think we need to inquire -- >> sandra: senator ted cruz, great to have you here.
6:51 am
>> bill: a bit of a warning. it is nasty. caught on camera. what led to this brawl. what we know about the connection between those involved. coming out. [yelling] which led to the discovery that sometimes a little down time can lift you right up. expedia. everything you need to go.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> bill: police in california reopening an investigation to brawl at disney plan. some of you will find this disturbing, certainly. here it is. >> [bleep]. >> bill: the video circulating on social media. a group of adults fighting as children and others look on. what are you hearing from the park? good morning. >> the park said this is all
6:55 am
going to be turned over to the police department. now that the police have seen the video, they may file charges, but indeed, they greeted visitors and saw this fight break out. it begins when the woman in the white top spits out the man in red. he responds with a combination of punches. but then he will square off with a man and a white shirt. that guy will then go after the woman in the tan top. the two kids in the stroller get wheeled out, then actually the mother in the motorized wheelchair tried to break it all up, and the woman in white again gets pummeled by the man in red. police say all seven belong to the same family. brother, sister, cousin, we don't know exactly. the fight then resumes as hundreds watch. the two women then began fighting. the mother gets knocked on. some park visitors step in to stop the family feud. spectators are yelling "call security." but they continue filming. the woman in the white, she goes down, gets punched.
6:56 am
the man in red walks away. then the woman, just as it appears that it is over, the man in red then goes after the woman in tan, and all in the time of about three and half minutes, police arrived. now that they have seen the video, they may file charges. >> bill: thank you, sir. william la jeunesse. >> sandra: threat assessment from the homeland security and the secret service on the biggest dangers that we face today as a nation. we will have more on this at the top of the hour. thus, controversy brewing after the big world cup by the u.s. women's world cup soccer team. will they or won't they visit the white house?ar about a-team breaks it down after if you don't love your glasses, we'll make it right. guaranteed. visionworks. see the difference.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
but always discreet is less bulky. and it really protects. 'cause it turns liquid to gel. so i have nothing to hide. always discreet. >> sandra: fox news alert. now, top national security officials about to release the annual report outlining the biggest threats we face as a nation. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: good morning, sandra. i'm bill hemmer. giving their review of mass attacks in public places, how to prevent them going forward. doing a deep dive on the perpetrators and their motivation. catherine herridge watching this now live in washington. >> good morning. we did hear from the department of homeland security and the secret service. the suspects and motivation behind that attack in 2018.
7:01 am
>> this year's report focuses on 27 incidents of mass violence. incidents in which three or more people were injured or killed. all of these having been carried out in public spaces between january and december of 2018. and they used 27 affected workplaces, squirrel schools, as of worship. >> this assessment offers trendlines on the perpetrators and their preferred method of attack and motivation. in 2017, over half of the incidents involved individuals with criminal backgrounds or a history of substance abuse. this is the most important statistic. three quarters were online, mostly social media, telegraphing that they were in trouble and prone to violence prior to the attacks. the individuals made concerning statements before they carried out the acts of violence, and law enforcement sees these cries
7:02 am
for help as i red flag and possible intervention point. we are expecting more about an hour from now with more of the bottom line were last year. >> bill: thank you. we will be back to talk. catherine herridge. >> over the next day or two, you will see what approach we're taking. i think it does provide a pathway for getting the question on the census. >> the house right now is all politics all the time. they are driven by a just as blinding white hot rage and hatred of the president. >> sandra: fox news alert as attorney general william barth still says that he sees a way forward to add the controversial citizenship question two the 2020 census. ted cruz thing it is all about politics. democrats now looking to hold paul's barr and wilbur ross in contempt.
7:03 am
that is where we stand at the moment. let's bring in "america's newsroom"'s a-team. jessica tarlov is here. hugo gurdon "washington examiner" editor in chief. and ed rollins, fox news contributor. good to see everybody. so, the census battle. still taking this on. barr says that he sees a legal way forward. do you think it continues? >> yes, i think it continues through until the hard deadline. it always seems to me, the fact that the justice department was going to be printing these things without the question was an overreaction to that -- the administration throwing in the towel. i don't think that there was ever the error, very likely. president trump doesn't throw in the towel. wait a minute, i thought that that was what the census was for. to count americans -- i think it is extraordinary that we are not allowed to count americans.
7:04 am
>> bill: what if they want to know how many cards you want? >> there is also this idea that citizenship involves certain robustness. if you are not prepared to answer just because you are not allowed to say whether you are an immigrant or not -- that is a real problem. >> bill: nancy pelosi has some ideas. have you heard? >> you know, it is make america white again. they want to make sure that people, certain people are counted. it's really disgraceful. it's not what our forefathers had in mind. >> bill: do you have a problem with this? citizenship? >> well, i do have a problem with the question being on the senses, considering the reason for them wanting if you do comes from a 2016 memo written by a republican memo.
7:05 am
and in that memo, it made clear that they wanted this question on the census so that you would undercount minorities and immigrants in urban centers and over count white folks in rural areas. it was used for congressional redistricting. he said it out loud. and bill barr will have an issue because they haven't given a legitimate reason for why only the trial lawyer has abandon ship. now the cpp is the one handling it. >> bill: 's how many cards do you have? >> i was cochairman of the congressional committee in 1980. he was a reapportionment expert. he basically learned how to count well and did it very well. nancy pelosi is the protege of him, the ultimate for drawing of lines in california. this is all about reapportionment, and the bottom line is this question should
7:06 am
just be put in. they should never have made a big deal out of it. it was taken off a 1953. 1950. it is not a big deal. at the end of the day, all of these records are sealed for 73 years. the country should know who their people are. they should know what color their people are, what nationality their pupils are, what their income is. >> sandra: kellyanne conway said that she asked what are you afraid of? that is what she poses -- the dems i don't want this. you had something to add. >> when chief justice roberts wrote that his opinion, he said that their explanation for the link between this question and the voting rights act was both reasonable and reasonably explained. he said that there were other motivations for their -- evidence of other motivation that this was contrived. basically saying that you have and dotted the i's or crossed the t's.
7:07 am
>> sandra: usually, there is five years of consideration. they are trying to push this through and less time than that. this is disingenuous, considering the memo that i started talking about. >> the bottom-line is that wilbur ross has a right to do it. he should have just on it. >> is not breaking protocol, the? >> what is protocol? >> five years. >> well, if you want to ask something about cars or what have you -- >> you know that that is not the same. it's not cars. >> whatever they all say, it is all about who gets what. at the end of the day, its account. we have a right you know who our citizens are, not that it is used for anything other than information. >> bill: number two here, sean hannity has got some ideas. deep ideas about where the democratic party is right now. >> so the division of the democratic party is only going to get worse by the day.
7:08 am
circular firing squad is forming pure look at the feeder of doing right now between speaker in name only pelosi, and speaker in all reality, alexandria ocasio-cortez. there are deep wounds that will divide democrats all the way into the 2020 election. >> sandra: just got, does he have a point? there is major division within your party. when you look at these four members of your party that have been very outspoken on issues, grabbing all the headlines, and nancy pelosi is really highlighting that issue. >> she is saying the truth, which is they are for people. they only get four votes. i have a new piece of today on the hill that that arthritis into this issue. nancy pelosi is totally correct to be highlighting who won in 2018. of those were moderates. 35 of 40 seats that we got back are held by moderates, members of the new democratic coalition. they are great representatives
7:09 am
for causes that they champion. but that doesn't mean that they speak for the whole party, and nancy pelosi is still in charge. i think that she has a right to say that. >> bill: whether or not you want to debate the point that she is making, or just make up the democratic primary -- democrats are going through what we went through. it was a shock to the system. the democrats right now are feeling it. >> right. i think that what we are seeing here, those parties are pretty weak. it is one of the reasons why donald trump was able to take over the party. we know that the democratic party is equally weak. bernie sanders almost took over the party. now what you are watching is these people who indeed only have four votes, but they are dragging them to the left. i think one of the things that is happening here is that nancy pelosi is not used to being disobeyed, she is also being disrespected. they are kind of brushing her as i. >> their reality is 218 votes give you legislation. they are certainly gathering all of that.
7:10 am
they are prominent people. to cover stories of nancy pelosi -- twice speaker, and aoc. >> sandra: you look at this tweet from aoc. she is not taking nancy pelosi's comments lightly. she retreated nancy pelosi's own words. "a glass of water could've [beat a 20-yr incumbt]" "the green dream or whatever" "their public whatever" those aren't quotes from me; they're from the speaker. having respect for ourselves doesn't mean we lack respect for her. it means we won't let everyday people be dismissed. nancy pelosi felt compelled to respond to that. >> i would have as well, but i don't see this necessarily as i feuded -- they can't get along. nancy pelosi gave her everything that she wanted when it came to that. i think that she has been eminently fair to them. and i don't want to call the division, but there is certainly a far left progressives, and where the majority of the party is -- that is normal.
7:11 am
there is a division between those two ideologies. it doesn't mean that we can't all get the honda candidate or that nancy pelosi doesn't have support -- >> bill: tom steyer is getting in. he clearly sees an opportunity right now, based on the primary. >> the danger for tom is that if he chooses to run as an independent, he basically guarantees that trunk at three reelection. he is not going to win the nomination as a democrat. based on the dollars that he is willing to spend. >> bill: all right. in the meantime, our ladies are going to be in lower broadway tomorrow. here we go. then they are going to be on capitol hill. maybe we can talk some sense into them. here is megan ripping out the invite. >> that's great. i love that. interested to see what mcconnell does. thank you, chuck schumer -- we are very happy to accept your invitation. >> basically asked on the invitation.
7:12 am
if they don't want to come, they don't have to. being in the white house, it's a lot more important than having chuck schumer in the senate. because the thing that interests me about this is that for sure, president trump should extend the invitation, and i assume that they would not go, but what is really interesting to me about this women's world cup is that it is kind of like a coming-out party for them, even though they have one night before. they have been very in-your-face and outspoken politically. they are behaving the same way that male sports men do. and a lot of people have found that kind of offensive. maybe it is because i'm british. i took particular offense. so perhaps my view is biased. i didn't particularly like it, and i think that the nfl has this rule. >> this is a little sip of tea for alex morgan. i am fan girling totally over these women.
7:13 am
i do think it is a different type of team. they have a level of confidence and bravado that is important i can to help male athletes have been acting for decades, and i think their support for equal pay, for the lgbtq platform is incredibly important. the conversations that we are having right now are the ones that are top of my four democrats, which is why they are happy to see aoc and chuck schumer. congratulations to the women. welcome home. >> i agree. fabulous event. they played as a great team. >> great team. >> sandra: they were there to win, and they got that done. >> bill: they are young too, and they will be back. cincinnati, ohio. thank you, hugo. good to see you. fox news alert. hearing word from the center pier minority leader chuck schumer expecting to call for alex acosta to step down after the arrest and sex trafficking charges of jeffrey epstein. alex acosta was a u.s. attorney in florida who apparently helped
7:14 am
epstein make a plea deal after he was convicted for soliciting prostitution from underage girls. >> we will get right back to that. congressional democrats, applying increasing pressure on the alex acosta. and his former role as a u.s. attorney in florida who signed on to you that you thousand a plea deal for jeffrey epstein. under that deal, jeffrey epstein did not face any federal charges and served only 13 months of partial confinement during which he was allowed to spend 12 hours a day at his office. none of the teenage girls that he allegedly traffic were consulted about the deal. a violation of florida as writes a blog here late last night, speaker nancy pelosi to nancy pelosi tweeted that he must stop down as u.s. attorney, he engaged in an unconscionable agreement with
7:15 am
jeffrey epstein, kept secrets, preventing them from seeking justice. this was known by potus when he appointed him to the cabinet. also, joining policy, tim kaine. >> it was a sweetheart deal that secretary acosta cut for him. really allowed him to evade justice. >> most but not all are calling for him to resign. they told reporters yesterday that during the confirmation hearing that they looked into it. what they agreed to when they were u.s. attorney, approved by the justice department, defended by the obama justice department. here is what he said during that confirmation hearing. >> at the end of the day, based on evidence, professionals within a prosecutor's office decided that plea side
7:16 am
guarantees that someone goes to jail, that guarantees that someone registered generally, and that guarantees other outcomes is a good thing. >> kellyanne conway suggested this morning that it was not clear to prosecutors back in 2,008 that he would have received any jail time, had the case gone to trial. will. >> bill: thank you, doug. >> sandra: ruling from the second circuit, saying that president trump engaged in "prohibited viewpoint discrimination" in his request to block twitter followers. this is a ruling that is just coming into us now. we will continue monitoring this for you and bring you more as we get it. and there is more breaking news near the nation's capital this hour. you think your commute was bad yesterday morning? while back historic flash flood
7:17 am
sending waters, leaving passengers running for higher ground. we will talk to the woman who captured this dramatic video. >> bill: also, decision time for authorities investigating the brutal murder of the university of utah's student. will charges hold up in court? we will bring you details on that in a moment. >> as i said, we continue to work this case around the clock in the hopes that we would be able to provide the lueck family, our community, justice. let's get down to business. the business of family time... ...and downtime. ...and you time. ...and forgetting what time it is...altogether. modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business is making time,
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with confidence you can get coverage where you need it most. that's xfi advantage. make your xfi even better. upgrade today. call, click or visit a store. >> bill: we are just getting right out of texas that billionaire ross perot has died after a five month battle with cancer. he is best remembered as a candidate for president in 1992. bill clinton went on to win, but george h.w. bush lost his reelection bid. ross perot had just turned 89. the man at the center of all of this in those years. ed roberts, the campaign manager for ross perot. welcome back. our conversation continues. the first time you met him? >> he was very charming. what he didn't understand --
7:22 am
once he started being scrutinized as a candidate, it was a point in time where he was leaving all three. 39%, both bush and clinton were behind him, but once he started being scrutinized by the media, he didn't like it. in the case of drum, he loves it. gets in the fight basically. he had a 1-800 number. he had 6 million people call and volunteered to be a part of that. it was a phenomenal movement. i am not saying he would have won, but he certainly would have done better. >> sandra: a wonderful family man as well. he had a son by his name. ross perot jr. he was head of the company, perot group. he described him as a great family man, wonderful father. but at the end of the day, a wonderful humanitarian.
7:23 am
>> he was extraordinary. the efforts that he made. across the country, great american. politics wasn't his cup cup of tea, and he said to me one day i just want to run a campaign. he didn't understand politics and the news media particularly. >> bill: you and i have debated this in the years past. let's debate it again. did he caused a george h.w. bush a second term? >> he was 60% of the country at one time, looking to someone to fill that gap. did he take that away from trump? or i mean from bush? i think he did. i made the case that there were 4 million republicans -- they would have voted for the
7:24 am
chairman of the party, either one. it wasn't ross perot voters, per se. he gave some time for clinton to get his campaign together. at the end of the day, he did not cost him the election. >> sandra: we just got word that ross perot has passed away at the age of 89. they have confirmed that after five month battle with leukemia, he has passed away. he was diagnosed just in february. he had a massive infection the next month that nearly killed him according to his family. he showed up at the office most days with the omnipresent american flag on his lapel. >> he was a tough little man. >> bill: he was a very successful businessman, did a good deal with ibm. that really catapulted his business career. his personal fortune as well.
7:25 am
why did he make the decision in the late 1980s -- she thought i need to be president because? >> he didn't think bush was doing the right things on the economy. he clearly thought that the deficit was too severe. he also thought of the mexican trade deals worth bad deals, and he really tapped into the same group of voters donald trump tapped into. >> bill: so that mexico deals at that time -- he didn't like them. this is a guy from texas who would know very well what happens when you do business across borders. borders. speak out absolutely. there was a little argument between him and the bush family. i don't think it was as personal as some people made it out to be. i think he cared about what happened. he would go on "the today show," he would get all of these people saying you need to run. very much like the trump movement. >> bill: remember that night that he did the debate? >> sure. >> bill: it really spiked
7:26 am
ratings. cnn really had the field to themselves in the early '90s. did ross perot embrace -- or did he have disdain for the media and the necessity that was required? >> he had a disdain for the mainstream media. he left larry king, "the today show," certain people who treated him well. but he didn't like people who didn't treat him well. he wanted to basically do his own thing. he didn't want to accommodate the press. and that is what did him in in the end. >> sandra: what was like to work so closely with him? >> he was tough. he didn't understand politics, and he wanted results day one. he was very tight with his mon money. >> sandra: a billionaire. >> he promised the comanagers that he would spend $152 million -- but getting every penny out of him was hard.
7:27 am
>> bill: why did he seek your counsel at that time? >> i ran reagan's campaign. i think he saw me sort of as someone who want to change. i was sort of an outsider. i liked the idea of taking on the establishment. i got a little disillusioned with bush, chairman of the congressional committee. and i thought that was very -- >> bill: you stand by him today. you don't think ross perot cost and the second time? >> i don't think so. >> bill: but you have numbers that prove them. >> i stand by them. i will say that bush caused himself the election. >> bill: 's when you think about the late '80s and early '90s, how would a guy like ross perot do in america today? speak out if he would run all the way through, to be elected governor or senator, shore
7:28 am
appeared to be elected president, that is -- i don't think that he would be president. >> bill: you talk about 6 million americans. you do that at a time when you don't have social media. you can follow him on facebook. >> he would say where are all those names? locked them and of all. i would say i need those names. i need to send out mailers. people who need to volunteer and do something. take action. he says i'm not going to send them junk mail. i said it's not junk mail. he had no understanding of politics. he had a p.r. firm. he was instinctive. he tapped into very much like reagan or trump. understanding where the country was. he didn't like politics, per se. >> sandra: how would you describe his impact on politics today? >> i think he proved that an independent can run again. 19% -- a real campaign. that was a comeback.
7:29 am
the the 30 day campaign. i dropped out early, he dropped out the day after i left. all summer, didn't campaign, came back in september. got into the debates, and obviously, that was probably what caused bush the election. >> bill: that was it? you wonder what a younger donald trump has observed from afar. new york businessman. look at ross perot, what does he think? >> i think he thought he could do it. he thought for a long time. there has been this great untapped -- the ross perot movement. trump movement. all part of the same movement. >> just sort of anti-washington. antiestablishment. >> sandra: describing ross perot's death here. 89 years old, died after a five month battle with leukemia. he ran for president twice. 1992 and 1996, about which we are speaking now. he said "in business and life,
7:30 am
he was a man of integrity and life. a man of reversion, principal, and deep compassion." he touched the lives of thousands of people and through his charitable endeavors." talk a little bit about that. >> he went to annapolis. he didn't stay in the military. you would go into his office, it was like an ant apple's hall of fame. he was always with the pows, there was a lot of contradictions. at the end of the day, he was a true american. love this country deeply and passionately. and people loved him back. >> bill: what were the contradictions? >> he went to annapolis but didn't want to make a career out of it. five years, wanted to get out into and a half years. basically, we like to control things, and obviously, he did a
7:31 am
lot. >> bill: if he were to have risen to the level of president, what do you think his policies would have been? how do you think he would have changed america? >> i think the budget would have been very, very important. he thought we were spending way too much money. i think the key thing was very much like trump, he didn't want to be a partisan republican or democrat. the key thing was always how would you deal with the congre congress? >> bill: tough to do. >> thank you. take care. >> bill: we are a member of the life of ross perot, his family informs us he is dead at the age of 89. we will be right back.
7:32 am
7:33 am
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7:34 am
>> sandra: going live now to the senate floor. chuck schumer speaking on alex acosta, calling for him to resign. >> no one can figure out why mr. epstein was able to persuade u.s. attorney acosta not to prosecute, other then that epstein could afford a high-powered, high-priced attorneys. as the "miami herald" editorial board wrote this morning "it was not just that acosta failed to get it right in 2008, the evidence suggests he didn't care to." accordingly, i am asking three things. first, i am calling on secretary acosta to resign. it is now impossible for anyone to have confidence in secretary acosta's abilities to
7:35 am
lead the department of labor. if he refuses to resign, president trump should fire him. instead of prosecuting a predator and a serial sex trafficker of children, acosta chose to let him off ea easy. this is not acceptable. we cannot have as one of the leading appointed officials in america someone who has done this. plain and simple. second, i am calling on the department of justice as of the office of professional responsibility to make public the results of the reviews of the epstein case. senators have called for these findings, but the justice department so far has stonewalled and refused to make some public. this review cannot be kept in the dark, particularly given the
7:36 am
new revelations, and there should be hearings. third, the president needs to answer for his statements that he has made about his relationship with mr. epstein. in 2002, he said that he had known him for 15 years and he was "a terrific guy who enjoyed women on the younger side." epstein was also reportedly a regular at the mar-a-lago club for years. the president needs to answer for this, and i don't recall is not an acceptable answer in this case, particularly for president trump appointing mr. acosta or to such a powerful position. now on health care. today, oral arguments begin in the texas versus united state united states -- and the fate of our entire health care system hangs in the balance, due to
7:37 am
this nasty, cruel lawsuit. >> sandra: you have been listening to senator chuck schumer on the senate floor there officially. as expected, calling on the resignation of alex acosta. president trump's labor secretary, referencing back that then secret plea deal that was made for jeffrey epstein in 2008. making the case that he should go, and if he does not resign, he calls on the president to fire him. >> bill: chuck schumer on the floor, he moves on to health care. we shall move on as well because the president is -- >> we will also defend american sovereignty, american prosperity, and we will defend american jobs. [applause] >> bill: the same speech that he hit the far left democrats with, saying it would devastate the economy. we will tell you how much he believes -- >> sandra: plus, rush limbaugh on the elite tapes, saying
7:38 am
european elites are feeling that he. moneyman charles payne has a lot to say about that. he joins us next. >> there is nothing wrong with america being great. it does not threaten anybody. except america is anybody's, and the u.k. is not one. europe is not an enemy. is that net carbs or total?... eh, not enough fiber... chocolate would be good... snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna gives you the sweetness you crave while helping you manage your blood sugar.
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and there's never been an easier way to get great advice. a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> what i have asked the secretary is to implement a policy that they can receive donations, they can receive donations from americans in terms of diapers and supplies. if a local church or charity or citizens want to donate supplies and they are needed, the dhs ought to be able to accept it. i think there is enough flexibility to do that. >> sandra: homeland security is asking for a 1,000 north texas national guard troops to be sent to our national border. the pentagon not yet approving the request, but let's bring in our headliner, robert perez, deputy commissioner of cpb.
7:43 am
would that help? 1,000 more troops to the border? >> absolutely, yes. many of your viewers now, and we have been sharing for part of the last year, our partners in the department of defense have been critical partners of ours in collaborating to help deal with the blood of we have had, augmenting our border patrol agents, all of our operations on the front line to get them back to their law enforcement duties. this latest requested specifically to help support our ongoing humanitarian crisis and deploy some of those national guard folks pull two additional facilities that we will be putting up later this month in addition to the ones we have already put it. to deal with the overcrowding and our border patrol stations, deploying some of that national guard back to the port of entry to support the officers, many of which had been
7:44 am
redeployed into our border patrol stations again to help deal with the front line of this ongoing -- >> bill: i believe you will agree that that number is 6,000? >> it is somewhere there about. i don't know it to be that high right now. but they are performing a critical function, for example, mobile surveillance camera is a technology that we have. our agents deal with the criminal element that we are still having to manage, all the while dealing with this ongoing humanitarian challenge. there are alien smuggling organizations that continue to exploit these loopholes by way of moving these incredibly vulnerable populations, particularly children, through our borders. they are using children as virtual passports, and at times, even recycling them. other criminal elements. gang members, smugglers, that we absolutely need to deal with on
7:45 am
a daily basis. our military partners alongside us will help us perform that mission. >> sandra: robert, you have a lot on your plate. you have to prioritize every single day. what is top priority for you at our southern border? >> look, sandra, it is a mitigation -- near-term and long-term solutions to the crisis. i think it's really important to note that for the better part of 18 months, we've been sounding the alarm's. letting people know that there was an unprecedented number and volume and different type of demographic that was arriving on our border. i think that universally, people do understand that we have a crisis. it took us nearly two months to convince those on capitol hill that we needed more resources by virtue of a supplemental bill to the tune of $4.5 billion, which we have finally received, to deal with some of the resourcing needs in the immediate term to deal with this. now, we need people to focus on the legal loopholes and fix those. those are the loopholes that are
7:46 am
being exploited by the criminal smuggling organizations. it they are being it -- the most vulnerable populations are being preyed upon, specifically children, as i just mentioned, and we absolutely need to fix those loopholes to put these criminals -- >> bill: one more question here. apprehension at the u.s.-mexico border fell from may to june. what accounts for that? warmer weather? is that mexico deploying their southern court at their border? >> i think it is a couple of things. an unprecedented agreement that we have made with mexico. again, that the president was able to secure. it nearly about a month ago. we are definitely seeing and are encouraged with the steps that mexico has taken. we need them to sustain those efforts and do more. it is all the efforts that we
7:47 am
ourselves have put forth to make available again all of them man's -- the resources on the border, but make no mistake about it. even at 25% drop, which is what we expected to see in june versus may, that is still over 100,000 apprehensions at our border. we are still in a crisis. we absolutely need to continue to address this. >> bill: sir, thank you for coming back today. >> sandra: robert perez, thank you. >> thanks, bill, sandra. >> bill: 's rerun member of the life of billionaire, philanthropist ross perot. what a life. he died today at the age of 89. new reaction in a moment when we come back. >> if anyone in this country should be obligated to serve our country and its people, i shou should.
7:48 am
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>> well, we are focused on practical solutions. more than 100 democrats in congress now support the so-called green new deal. their plan is estimated to cost our economy nearly $100 trillion, a number unthinkable. it will kill millions of jobs,
7:52 am
crushed the dreams of americans. disproportionately harm minority communities. >> bill: so you know how he feels about the green new deal. charles payne, host of "making money." >> sandra: tell us how you really feel. >> yeah. we've got to update the old saying for inflation. no pun intended, but it is to a degree, pie in the sky. if this they were to pass today, it would cost so much. wind, solar, replace coal and fossil fuels. we don't have the electric system to do it. we don't have a way of harnessing the sun in the mojave desert, somehow taking that energy and transporting it to north dakota. so, it's really -- it's one of these things where they spent so much time on the hype and the scare phrase. if it's too hot, that's a sign of it, too cold, that's a sign
7:53 am
of it. not really giving us practical implementation of how this will not only save the planet, because essentially, that's what we are talking about. also the fact that china and the others -- >> sandra: you can type a healthy economy to facilitating environmental ideas. >> yes, those pictures of smog in l.a. there is no doubt that even in china, they have smog alert days, people can't even go to work. i know that people conflate climate with weather, but the fact of the matter is we all want to be great stewards of the planet, the idea is is there an emergency that would call for america to take a giant step box stomach back economically, or the way that we have always gone about it, ideas not based on fear but based on our own practicality. >> bill: keep an eye on it, right? >> that's right.
7:54 am
>> bill: the europeans and how they feel about us. watch. >> it's rooted in a bunch of european elites, just like their american counterparts, having a cow over the concept of "make america great." when they hear trump talk about "make america great again," it's like their banking is shutting down. it's always about money. end of these people are afraid that the great american federal reserve is shutting down. trump is going to shut off payments. >> you know, let's be honest, the elites, to his point, they are in trouble. they have been in control for decades. people are rising up. there is a revolution going on. the latest example is the election in greece. there is a revolution going on in this world, it is in india, japan, all over the world where the elites, people are pushing back against the elites. keep in mind it's not that they
7:55 am
dislike president trump or "make america great." ultimately, they like the fact that regular folks are taking greater control of their lives. they have serious disdain for the idea that regular people think that they know how they can control their lives. they have been controlling their lies for so long that they got so comfortable with this is the position we are going to be in indefinitely, and now that is changing. and they are upset about it. >> sandra: interesting stuff. charles payne. see you at 2:00. >> bill: have you heard -- >> sandra: don't go on facebook. >> he got deleted entirely. >> because the american public, let's face it, they are kind of okay with spying if it is free and convenient. i hate to say it. whether it's alexa, google searches, we are giving up a large chunk of our privacy. >> bill: we need a solution. give me the option to pay.
7:56 am
and i will continue to use your service. >> that still means that you ultimately have to control these companies. i don't know the people believe it. >> sandra: we haven't seen people change their habits. >> it's free, convenient, we put our lives on there anyway. >> bill: reaction pouring in. ross perot passing away after a battle with cancer. president george w. bush saying "texas and america have lost a proud american. he epitomized the american dre dream." we have live report from ross perot's home in dallas, texas, coming up next. he round . oral-b's gentle rounded brush head removes more plaque along the gumline... for cleaner teeth and healthier gums. oral-b. brush like a pro. who used expedia to book the vacation rental which led to the discovery that sometimes
7:57 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert now from texas where his family says ross perot has passed away. the two-time presidential candidate and self-made billionaire was 89 years old. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning to you. grew up in poverty during the great depression. he made a fortune during the computer industry, but he went on to play a pivotal role in the 1992 election. he won about 19% of the boat that year, and that helped, many believe, propelled bill clinton into the white house. casey stegall live and alice. we say "helped" because we just had ed rollins on, and he has taken exception to that claim,
8:01 am
but nonetheless, we remember the life of ross perot today. >> good morning. what a life it is. we can tell you that he died this morning, surrounded by friends and family at his home, which is here in dallas. this was following a five month battle with leukemia. that according to his family. he ran for president twice on the independent ticket and has built a site, '92, he challenged george h.w. bush and then arkansas governor bill clinton. he took a 19% of the vote, and analysts later said that his mere presence in the race it did in fact tilt the result in clinton's favor. then in '96, he once again challenged an incumbent, senator bob dole. we remember his platform of talking about and pointing out the deficit, living beyond its means. his family released a statement,
8:02 am
reading in part "in business and in life, ross was a man of integrity and action. a true american patriot and a man of revision, principal, and deed commission. he touched the lives of thousands of people through his unwavering support of the military, veterans, through his charitable endeavors. george w. bush saying this in part. "he loved his dear wife, children, and grandchildren. laura and i send our heartfelt condolences to the entire perot family as they celebrate a full life. the 89-year-old billionaire also spent much and devoted much of his life to philanthropy, helping various organizations. no word yet out of dallas this morning, bill, on memorial services, public attributes. this information just breaking this morning. we will keep you updated. >> bill: thank you,
8:03 am
casey stegall. >> sandra: fox news sundays chris wallace now joins us by phone. good morning to you. as we remember ross perot this morning, you remember the early 'and 90s when he jumped into the presidential race. >> some people may not know that ross perot had a real good chance as an independent third party candidate to be elected president. june of 1992, running against bill clinton and george h.w. bush. in june of that year. 39% support. bill clinton further below that. then suddenly in july, and people never quite understood why, got back in and october.
8:04 am
he had enough support, but dramatically lower supporter. he had gotten in, got an outcome then back in. the president of the united states, the democratic nominee, bill clinton, in the three debates. and a lot of people think that had he never gotten out, he might have been elected president. he was one of the most successful third-party candidates ever. he got 19% of the vote. in the final election. the winner-take-all election system, did not win a single electoral vote, but as for getting out of the race in july, he would have had a real serious chance to be elected president. >> sandra: very interesting to look back at the man, described as a family man he was a billionaire. he rose from poverty and became one of the wealthiest men in
8:05 am
this country. as ed rollins was just joking, he was always very frugal. he was always pinching pennies. and this is a man who dramatically changed the landscape of politics during that time i in the united state. >> absolutely. he was a billionaire back in the '80's and '90s when there weren't so many. you know, he was one of the major billionaires. one of the major americans, on the most wealthy list. you know, you talk about him being very frugal. one of his big issues, his first, particularly in '92, was the deficit. that debt. it is believed that if we continue to live beyond their means, that the country was going to go down the tubes. a great country couldn't have this debt. i don't remember exactly what it was back in 1992, but it was a
8:06 am
fraction of what it is now. over $20 trillion. then the other issue, which became a big issue especially in '96, nafta. do you remember he use to talk about the giant sucking sound you hear. but all of the jobs were going to leave america and go south of the border to mexico. it became such a big issue that he ended up on the larry king show debating with the vice president of the united states. they were worried about perot as a third party candidate in 1996. wanted the vice president of the united states to debate ross perot, and generally speaking, the thought was that gore had beaten perot.
8:07 am
lots of interruption. he kept saying let me finish, let me finish. a lot of people made fun of that. i will say one other thing about ross perot as a political figu figure. spend some time with george w. bush. you know, he was an enormously graceful and kind of man. the only person i ever heard him speak ill of was ross perot. and i honestly believe -- and there is some reason to believe it, that bush 41 -- of ross perot had not run, then bush would have won reelection against bill clinton in 1992, but with ross perot splitting the vote and taking those 19 million votes away, the bush people felt that he would have won reelection. >> sandra: you heard a lot of that from ed rollins a moment ago. in our recent interview, ross perot jr. describing his
8:08 am
father is a great family man, looks wonderful father. at the end of the day, a wonderful humanitarian. just to figure out how he could help somebody. it's very interesting look back at his life as we remember ross perot today, dead at the age of 89 years old after a five month battle with leukemia. chris wallace, thank you for calling in. >> my pleasure. >> bill: fox news alert. we are learning new details about a tragic story involving a toddler, who died after calling from a cruise ship docked in puerto rico. that little girl was apparently playing with her grandfather near a window when she slipped from his arms. we pick up the story live in miami. >> bill, it's an absolutely horrible tragedy for this indiana family. while they are all the cruise ship, their 1818-month-old girl plummeted 150 feet to her death. from the 11th story of the ship. the ship we are talking about is about royal caribbean under freedom of the seas.
8:09 am
very large vessel with 136 passengers on board. it was soon to depart from puerto rico. the girl's grandfather was holding her and thought her on a windowsill or was holding her out the window when he lost his balance and accidentally dropped her to her death. puerto rican police are investigating, and the family remains on the island. according to the south bend, indiana, police department, the child's father is one of their officers. they state "we offer our sincerest condolences to officer alan wiegand and his family during this difficult time, following the tragic loss of their child while in puerto rico." asking the community to pray for the wiegand family as they grieve and respect their priva privacy. the 1-year-old girl was about to depart on a weeklong caribbean cruise with her mom, dad, both sets of grandparents, and her two siblings. the devastating accident happened saturday afternoon while the ship was supported in the capital of san juan.
8:10 am
according to police, the maternal grandfather is salvatore nello, while the rest of the family lives in indiana. as we speak, there is a news conference happening. he is a well-known miami attorney, specializing in saving the cruise ship industry. he is now representing the family, who are too distressed to talk -- he blames the ship. it was a playroom for children. that is where they work, surrounded by glass partitions, one section did not have glass. it was open air. the 18-month-old thought that it was glass, could bang on the window, as she does when she is watching her brother play hockey games. and she fell to her death. >> bill: bill, thank you. just continuing with the paraphrasing there. the family needs answers. all wall full of fixed windows
8:11 am
and a kids play area. why would you have that danger without any warning signs? apparently, khloe like to bang on this window. the grandfather assumed that there was glass and that window. and apparently there was not. what a tragedy. what a loss. >> sandra: the comparison was made at her older brother's hockey games, how she liked to bang on the glass there. the assumption that that was there. the family taking issue with the accountability. we will see were all of that leads. alex acosta is being called on to resign. we are now learning that he says that he is not planning to step down and that the backlash. it more on this as we get it, but first, did you see this? >> trunk promised to bring back jobs. he promised to lower drug prices for so many kentuckians. who is stopping him from doing
8:12 am
these things? well, mitch mcconnell. >> bill: new bid to take down mitch mcconnell peered planning to use him in next year's congressional elections. donna brazile reacts on that in a moment. >> sandra: plus, dramatic story of race and injustice told by ilhan omar to high school students. but was it more faction domestic fiction than fact? we are going to deals into the next. ♪
8:13 am
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>> sandra: new controversy for congresswoman ilhan omar as the minnesota democrat admits she may have loved some facts and a dramatic story she told to high school students. it was meant to showcase racial injustice and was about an african-american woman who was detained and then find $80 for stealing a loaf of bread to feed her starving young granddaught granddaughter. "the washington post" writing "her story echoed the plot of the les miserables. if true, it is also probably embellish." syndicated columnist, online contributing editor. good morning to you. this is out there. she has responded to it. what you make of it? >> this is just another example of congresswoman omar getting herself in trouble. she is talking to hundreds of high school kids, stirring up these ideas of racial tension,
8:17 am
and she really should have gotten her facts straight before going out there and storing the racial pot. getting kids excited about something that didn't take place that she totally embellish. >> sandra: she responded to this in an interview. she said that she may have flubbed the facts. she might have had a prior arrest, referencing back to the woman. she said i'm not sure. the details might not have all matched, but that's what i remember. >> you expect better than that from a congresswoman, going and talking to you impressionable young people. the idea that she is advancing with these other far left young democrats, that america is a deeply and just country, nobody of color can get a break ever. currently, this is based on exaggeration or lies. >> sandra: we will see if she pushes father. meanwhile, i want to ask you about the census. william barr says there may be
8:18 am
"legally to get this question. >> i think they are going to go to court. there is a new legal team pushing this. getting into -- they should just make the point that this question was asked all the way up until 2010 when obama broke that precedent. he was the first president not to have it on there in one format or another. ultimately, president trump wants to go back to the tradition. now 199 years old. are you a citizen? are you not a citizen? it is not a crazy question. the united nation urges countries to ask these. this is some paranoid right wing racist things. this has been asked since 1820. it was obama who broke the chain. >> sandra: doesn't make its way on there eventually? >> i think so. i think if they just say we are just going back to what has been done since 1820, that is very
8:19 am
smart. >> sandra: i want to ask you about your peace today. you say it is a salute to america, it made fools of trump-aphobes. we heard it was going to be this big egotistical exercise. prelude to this, he did not use the words cricket hillary, nancy pelosi, republican, democrat. fake news. mentioned only in terms of i like to welcome these people. melania and i wish you a happy fourth. apart from that, i thought it was a very beautiful, sweeping thing. >> sandra: in fact despite the criticism. some came before it even.
8:20 am
then all lot after. as he constantly does. the trump hating military rarely reports, you right "he tried to coalesce the divided country. a couple experts there. i want you to expand on that. >> this is one country. we were all created by the same god, he uses these words of unity all the time, and people say he is dividing our country. you saw when he invited the white sox to the contrary dominic -- he is trying to do these things to bring us together. the media just want to drive the narrative that he is the divider and she is, as i think joe biden put it. i see him in his speech is repeatedly trying to bring us together and get zero credit for it. >> sandra: really interesting perspective. deroy murdock.
8:21 am
>> bill: the roads opening up. a sinkhole swallowed an entire car. the stunning video coming up in just a minute. plus, melania trump making a second stop to other states hit hard by opioid addiction. he is going to join us in a moment to tell us how west virginia is trying to get past a devastating epidemic. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one. you should know the location of a decent bathroom.ation, my gut says, take new benefiber healthy balance. this daily supplement helps maintain digestive health naturally while relieving occasional constipation and abdominal discomfort. new benefiber healthy balance front slams on his the hbrakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time. hey, no big deal. you've got a good record and liberty mutual won't hold a grudge by raising your rates over one mistake.
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hey! i live on my own now! i've got xfinity, because i like to live life in the fast lane. unlike my parents. you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back,
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it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> sandra: la crazy video of a sinkhole swallowing a car. >> all my god! >> sandra: that dramatic video, it happened. sucking up that minivan. officials say he had pushed an underground pipe out of place. not because of the road to then collapse, creating a 20-foot
8:25 am
deep crater. that was something, bill hemmer. >> bill: you know, it's not your day when that happens to your car. the boat we saw taken on the boston harbor by the lightning -- out of all the boats, it had to hit mine. first lady melania trump visiting huntington, a city that has gotten the worst of the nationwide opioid epidemic. spoke with the first lady. governor, how are you doing? good morning to you. >> hey, bill, how are you doing today? >> bill: i'm doing well. melania trump has been there twice now. how is this day doing trying to recover? >> well, bill, we still got a terrible problem. it is a terrible problem all throughout our nation. in huntington, of all places, i went to school in huntington. i got my mba they are. my undergraduate degree. my wife kathy and i were there. so i've got a lot of love for
8:26 am
the city of huntington. but if i could just tell you this, huntington is making incredible strides forward. becoming a city of solutions. with melania, and, the trump family in general, bill, the thing that people miss so often in general is that these people really care. they catch a lot of air all the time. with the nation in the world, our economy on and on, but the thing that people miss that a friend would know it is how much they care, and they care about west virginia. they care about all of her people in our country. they are just great, great people. >> bill: what was her message? >> well, i think she's trying to find a way to find a way, in order to attack this terrible problem. not only just in west virginia but throughout our whole nation.
8:27 am
bill, let me tell you this. this is not that hard. every politician wants to get on their soapbox and pretend everything about a program that they have come up with, or get into print newspaper or whatever it may be. but this is just a sample. if we would just count -- we don't have to count the legs and divide by four. if you would just follow this simple formula, we've got to have hope and compassion. then we've got to have real-life training. then we have to have a way to get these people back. in the last and final scenario, we have got to have true hope to put back in these people's lives. >> bill: how close are you to that, governor? do you feel like -- are you have time -- third quarter? have you turned the corner?
8:28 am
>> we have turned the corner in west virginia, that's for sure. but we still have a long way to go. bill, i keep saying the same thing. it's just us. here's the thing. until we as a nation, until we as a people really feel like we've got to put our all into this thing, these drugs will cannibalize us. we've got a real problem. absolutely, this should be our number one priority in many wa ways. >> bill: i appreciate you. come back soon. we want to keep updating our viewers on this. ohio, kentucky, pennsylvania. you name it. it governor, thank you for your time. >> bill, thank you so much. >> bill: my best to you. >> sandra: another twist in the kevin spacey sexual assault case. the attorney says that he wants the whole case thrown away. >> the court could make an inquiry right now of mr. little. do you attend to do this at all
8:29 am
proceedings, and if so, we would move to dismiss this today. this entire case is completely compromised. >> sandra: will the judge though out the craze of the disgraced oscar winner? >> bill: also, so much for the happiest place on earth , huh? this happened at disneyland. what we are learning about those involved. they have a connection. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:30 am
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>> bill: fox news alert. there is twist in the kevin spacey sexual assault case. refusing to answer questions about text messages that he claims were deleted from his phone. his mother, a former boston tv news anchor later admitted that she deleted some of the data from her phone that could be unflattering to her son.
8:33 am
>> as a mom, when i see my son doing something that i don't think he needs to be doing, i had conversations with him about it. so it was an important teachable moment in my opinion. and i was concerned with the video. i don't know mom out there who would not have done the same thing. >> the tax before hand -- >> it was not relevant to the case. i didn't touch anything that was relevant to the case. >> bill: so the events led spacey's lawyer to ask the judge to throw the case out. the judge has not yet ruled. >> well! >> sandra: that video has gone viral now, showing a group of mostly family members at disneyland punching each other and some children as others in
8:34 am
the group log on. police have reopened their investigation. william la jeunesse is live in los angeles with more on that. william. >> shot saturday, posted sunday, millions have now watch this video of a guy who seemingly punches everybody but mickey mouse. it begins with the women in the white top, spitting at her brother in front of goody's playhouse. he responds with a left right combination and squares off with a guy on the right, who instead picks a fight with another woman. the kids in the stroller get wheeled out, then the mother and the motorized wheelchair, tries to break it up. the woman in white again gets pummeled by her brother who says i am ready to go to jail tonig tonight. what we are not picking up in our video. i couldn't tell if that was my monitor or the actual stuff. police say that all seven are in one family. hundreds watch as the two women
8:35 am
then begin fighting. their mother gets knocked down. some visitors step in to stop the family feud. they call security. they yell, but they continue to watch and film. the woman and what gets whacked. this time, she's out cold. just as it appears it's over, the man in red then drag the woman across the pavement by her hair. security shows up. it goes on about 4 minutes. by the time police arrived, sandra, it is over. they all refused to cooperate at the time. police had not seen this video. now that they have, they say they have opened an investigation. the d.a. could file charges, fighting in public, endangering children. >> sandra: thought investigation is ongoing. william la jeunesse, thank you. >> mcconnell teams to take great pride in calling himself the grim reaper. it is part of his political campaign. >> she has got it absolutely right. for the first time in my memory,
8:36 am
i agree with nancy pelosi. i am indeed the grim reaper when it comes to the socialist agenda that they have been jetting up over and the house with democrats support, sending it over to america. so this is full board socialism. yeah, as long as i am the majority leader of the senate, none of that stuff is going anywhere. >> bill: we have a new political story line. they target for democrats in the congressional election. they will try to paint him as the reason for what is wrong with washington. can it work? donna brazile, fox news contributor. how are you doing this morning? >> i'm doing good. can i just say something about this fight? i know jerry springer is going to get in touch with the family, but what a hot mess. in front of children, in front of mickey and minnie. that is terrible. i am shocked by people would act
8:37 am
like that in public. but you know what? i'm not surprised. i have to say that. >> bill: the happiest place on earth, did you know that? >> i have bought dishes. i bought many dishes. >> bill: can you flip the script on mitch mcconnell? he has been tough for years. >> just like kentucky bourbon, you can dilute that with a good candidate. a mimeographed, although she fell short, i do believe that she is going to give senator mcconnell some reasons n to block legislation that would help lower prescription prices that would raise the wage for millions of americans. this is not a socialist agenda. this is an american agenda that mitch mcconnell is ignoring. >> bill: that's what people are missing here. amy mcgrath, her bed, she failed the last go around. she is married with three kids i
8:38 am
believe. she has a military background. and you know what she was talking about, she was talking about watching the debates from two weeks ago with her husband. this is how she described it. >> my husband is a registered republican, and i'm a democrat, but i was an independent for many years. there were times where we looked at each other during the debates, and we were concerned that many of the candidates work pulling a little too far left from where we are. we are moderates, like most americans. we just want reasonable solutions for some of these things. >> bill: pulling a little too far left. that is what democrats are up against in many cases. >> you know what? the democrats fall to the left, the republicans fall to the right. if she wants to be in the heavy metal, that is her lane. i am all for everything right now. i am -- right now, i am just -- >> bill: you're dodging the issue. >> you know what, bill?
8:39 am
you know why? because she needs to tell the american people, especially those in kentucky who will vote for her, what she stands for. >> bill: kentucky is red. kentucky is for trump in a big way. we will see if it stays that way. here's how kevin mccarthy describes what she was doing. watch. >> it's chaos in the caucus. these democrats, if you are watching, they are no longer democrats. they don't even call themselves democrats. they call themselves socialist democrats, and look at what the policies are. this whole debate of the next presidential election is going to be about control, socialism versus freedom. >> bill: how about that, donna? >> i think evan needs to go ahead and get another sip of coffee because what he's talking about makes no sense. maybe some coffee that i have never drank. i am a democrat, proud to be an american, and also proud to fight for those americans who still feel left behind.
8:40 am
that is what we call ourselves. bill, you know i can't stop people from coming up with jokes. i was just a big joke. >> bill: tom steyer is in the race. what does that mean? >> that means that $100 million will be flowing into the democratic caucuses and primaries next year because tom has been activating democrats for over the last seven years, since he stepped away from his business to focus on climate change. now, he is focusing on other issues. i think he's going to be a formidable candidate because he has resources to go everywhere. >> bill: who does he hurt? one question mike sanders? >> we'll see if he qualifies for the next debate, which we all know will be held in a few weeks. if he can go to the states and create a buzz. i don't think he hurts any of the top-tier candidates. he could be a surprising candidate after a few weeks.
8:41 am
we will see. >> bill: i guess we are at 21 now. i'm losing count. >> sandra: look, bill, i need more paper. >> bill: so do we. >> sandra: don't cut a tree to get it. bless you. >> sandra: she was convicted of encouraging her boyfriend to take his own life. now, her attorneys are taking her to the highest court in the land. why they say that conviction should be over concerned. growing outrage in the wake of child sex trafficking charges against jeffrey epstein. we will discuss both cases thanks. >> it is time for jeffrey epstein and those who participated in the sex crimes to be brought to justice. perce instead of just 80 percent like other loans.
8:42 am
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buy a home with no down payment. at newday, your service is your down payment. >> beginning in at least 2002, continuing until 2005, epstein
8:45 am
was alleged to have abused it dozens of victims. the alleged behavior shocks the conscience. while the charged conduct is from a number of years ago, it is still a profoundly important to the many alleged victims, now young women. >> sandra: prosecutors outlining the sex trafficking case against billionaire financier jeffrey epstein, while attorneys called the new charges against him "an unwarranted redo of a case that was settled years ago." also a fox news contributor and attorney, what you expect to see when this all goes down, andy? >> well, sandra, this is going to come down to a big fight about the scope of the plea agreement that in 2007 did away with the first case against epstein. i think we have to separate out what we think of that outcome. to me, it's an atrocious plea
8:46 am
agreement. and i think that hats will be rolling for the officials who actually signed off on it. but we have to distinguish how legally effective it is. whether he had been sentenced to 1 million years or no time at all, he gets double jeopardy protection for everything that's in the prosecution. a sound what they are going to have to show is that even though what they are charging him with now occurs in the same scope of time and is reflective of exactly the same kind of condu conduct, somehow it is different from what the 2007 plea agreement was. it is going to be tough, but one side is going to argue that it is very broad and covers those similar acts. i am sure that the justice department thought this through before they charges. they have to have some evidence
8:47 am
that shows these victims, that it is different from the first one. >> sandra: we will watch and see where that all goes next. meanwhile, news on michelle carter. she was someone who encouraged her boyfriend suicide. she's appealing to the supreme court in the petition. it reads in the end of the criminal conviction should not turn on labeling games by which our court deems to be unlawful action. no protection. involuntary manslaughter, encouraging her boyfriend then to kill himself. >> even though i would not have voted to convict, it is likely that the conviction will be upheld. there is a doctrine known as a verbal act.
8:48 am
if they are saying it is pure speech. it can't be the kind of active behavior that results in criminal liability. and we know that that is not true -- the simplest example would be like the head of the mafia telling the hit man "whack him." then he goes out and commits a homicide. we would agree that the head of the mafia, he only use verbal speech. pure speech, as the defendant is claiming in this case. that obviously causes the murder. so we know that in certain circumstances, pure acts of speech, as it were, can be acts that bring on criminal liability. the problem here is usually when we have a verbal act, it is reflective of a real clear intent that an illegal outcome will happen. here, it seems to be that the verbal act is much more ambiguous. also, very, to my mind, remote
8:49 am
to what actually caused the death here. really the action of the person who committed suicide. the problem is that just because you disagree with me on that, does that make you rational? a juror who would vote to convict, and i don't know if i would say that a person would be irrational just because they would agree with me -- >> sandra: it sounds like it is going to be a very tough case. we will certainly be watching. andy mccarthy, thank you. >> bill: one of the best players. it calling on the lead again on the it is baseball juice? you have the all-star game tonight. >> sandra: say it ain't so. >> bill: we will find out pure shots were flying out of cleveland last night. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right -
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>> that was a line drive off of the top of the wall. >> fires h. >> he is your home run derby champion. >> bill: they were flying out of cleveland last night, the all-star game later tonight. one of the best pitchers in the game, justin verlander. he went on a rant, blaming major league baseball, the commissioner, he said "he said we won more often, he comes in, the balls or juice. it's not a coincidence. we are not idiots." he has denied the charge. june 2018, major league baseball pot rawlings. >> bill: so about a year ago. he is just -- one of the best in
8:54 am
the game, isn't he? he said this last night -- they are turning it into a joke. they own the company -- he went on to say that they have been juicing the balls in the home run derby forever. i find it really hard to believe that they own rawlings, and the balls become juice. what do you say? >> there has been a lot of evidence that people have taken apart baseballs in the last few years, and evidence is found that baseballs that were produced after 2015 have a different composition of the core than they were before hand. they use to have a cork that was in the middle. now it is rubber. >> bill: that's what they called a pill because you're >> essentially, yes. >> bill: so, can the pills be doctored? >> yes. what joel madden set about this, you might as well just put titleist on both sides of the
8:55 am
balls. it is a foregone conclusion that baseball has been doctored. if you look at home run numbers, also a little bit of declining attendance, so we want to see more people coming into baseball. we just saw those games in london. those balls seem to juiced up to me. they were flying out. >> bill: here is what we found going back to 2015, 4900. in 2015, so far this year in 2019, 39. do you have it? do you have it on paste now for 6,600. it would be an all-time record. >> home runs are of nearly 60% from 2014. attendance numbers are down. is this a good thing? 1998, around that time -- you see that big john. that is the maguire-sammy sosa year. 2014, you go to 4,000. now we have had a large increase since then. they are trying to attract more
8:56 am
people. they say they love the long ball, they loved seeing those home runs last night. but what does that mean? pros and cons? attracting new fans, cons -- >> bill: my family is one somebody of justin verlander stature talks about it this way, you listen. thank you, terry. we will see you tonight. it's on fox later tonight from cleveland. the game starts at 7:30 eastern time. check it out. >> thanks, bill. >> sandra: president trump about to welcome to the white house, they will be holding talks and bilateral meetings happening today. commenting on several key issues, including the 2020 census. stay with us. we will bring you these remarks at the top of the next hour. day. go with align whole food blend. from the pros in digestive health.
8:57 am
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whenso if you find, you get troom at a lower rate,tee. hilton is like... we're gonna match that rate and give you an extra 25% off. what would travel sites do if you found a different price? that's not my problem, it's your problem. book at and get the hilton price match guarantee. 7 okay, kid are you a cubs fan or a white sox fan? >> sandra: 100% chicago cubs from the very beginning. big baseball family.
9:00 am
>> bill: 100% cincinnati reds fan. >> sandra: okay. >> bill: that means we can't have a waitress at night. [laughter] you're going to take national league! >> sandra: i'll be watching pray that's it for us. thank you for joining us. we will see you back here tomorrow morning. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, we could soon hear from president trump as he welcomes the leader of qatar at the white house. this, as the attorney general says he sees a legal way to the citizenship question to next year's census. this is "outnumbered" and i'm melissa francis. here today is harris faulkner. political columnist for the "washington examiner," kristen soltis anderson. syndicated radio host and fox news contributor, leslie marshall. and joining us on the couch, editor in chief of "campus reform" and fox news contributor, lawrence jones is with us, as well. you have fantastic socks on as always, my friend. >> lawrence: thank you. just giving people some flavor. >> melis l


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