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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 11, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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i had ted nugent who explained his theory why he is not inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame and the brett kavanaugh book and new details, shannon bream, take it from here. >> reporter: that might team to come with a parental warning. shannon: we will take it out. a fox news alert. another provocation by iran. believed to be connected to iran's revolutionary guard attempted to seize a british oil tanker in the persian gulf. live look at what is next coming up. the labor secretary faces the media in criticisms over his role in a plea deal. alex acosta says a former prosecutor is the reason for the sweetheart deal. that prosecutor is speaking out
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and another victim comes forward. donald trump is celebrating what he calls a major legal victory over the deep state. welcome to fox news at night. we begin with breaking news out of the persian gulf. allison barber has details about the latest provocation. >> reporter: according to us officials this all happened 10 hours ago. a senior us defense official says iran's islamic revolutionary guard tried to seize a british oil tanker in the persian gulf. the official says there were 5 uranian boats, british warships 5 miles behind a british tanker and the warship is said to be iranian boat leveling its guns and threatening to open fire. fox news told they left the area after that. a manned us reconnaissance
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aircraft was flying ahead as well. the iranian president warned the british government they would face repercussions through seizure of iranian oil tanker. >> reporter: your action is very preposterous and a mistake and will harm you. the british started this. they will be directly accountable. >> reporter: gibraltar seized the oil tanker with the help of the british royal marine class. they took -- they had reason to believe the tanker was carrying oil to a syrian refinery in violation of european sanctions. iran denied that saying the tanker was in international waters, the seizure is illegal and accused the united states of ordering it. tensions between us and iran have increased in recent weeks. in may and june several oil tankers were attacked in the gulf of ohman in the strait of hormuz, in june they shot down
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us drone, donald trump call that retaliatory strikes at the last minute. as of today iran has not commented on what appears to be another proverbial shot across the bow. it seems they are not backing down despite donald trump's latest threat of sanctions. >> reporter: thank you very much. fox news alert, donald trump's labor secretary alex acosta is not re-signing over mounting criticism of deal he accused with registered sex offender accused of trafficking. acosta defending what some describe it as a sweetheart deal a decade ago in florida but putting much of the blame on a florida state prosecutor. david fund is tracking the latest in joins us now. >> alexander acosta is still secretary of labor acosta. there have been calls for him to resign but it appears at this moment donald trump and members of his team have faith in him.
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that the change in coming days or weeks. >> at some point the president decides that i am not the best person to do this job i respect that. that is his choice. i serve at the pleasure of the president. >> alexander acosta defended himself in front of cameras for an hour this afternoon after days of mounting pressure, you sustain miami, he gave jeffrey epstein a sweetheart deal that included 13 months of prison. acosta said was the best he could do, blaming local officials. >> the palm beach state attorney's office was ready to let him walk free, no jail time. >> reporter: the state attorney who worked on the case fired back in a statement to fox news calling acosta's version of the story, quote, completely wrong. he says, quote, if mister acosta was truly concerned with the case and felt he had to rescue the matter he would have moved forward with the 53 page
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indictment the his own office drafted. instead he brokered a secret plea deal that resulted in a nonprosecution agreement in violation of the crime victim rights act. this morning a woman claiming epstein raped her when she was 15 shared her story. >> forcibly raped me, knew exactly what he was doing and i don't think cared. >> reporter: reporters repeatedly asked our cost if he would apologize to epstein's alleged victims. >> i'm not here to try to say i could stand in their shoes. i'm here to say we did what we did because we wanted to see epstein go to jail. >> reporter: mick mulvaney said, quote, acosta did great, he did what he needed to do, did an excellent job laying out the facts. we did not hear from donald trump about secretary acosta. we will see if he makes any news tomorrow or in the coming days.
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shannon: we did hear from him, he was excited about something that happened in court. >> reporter: a federal appeals court panel ruled he did not violate the constitution by making money off of government guests at his hotel in the past few years. attorneys general from dc and maryland suit, they lost was one of the judges questioning whether the lawsuit was, quote, inappropriate use of the courts. a victory for the trump administration. >> in an attempt to get more background, fox news had an investigative reporters into that case for a decade. the man who was then palm beach police chief pointed the finger at the same prosecutor acosta did today, and also said ties between bill clinton and epstein are getting lost in the shuffle. ritter said to me many times i
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did not accept kircher's deal. he wanted to charge them with a misdemeanor, no jail time, no restitution and no registration as a sex offender. you have to ask yourself why would anyone, not only a former president, on a plane, 27 times that did not belong to him. shannon: the current state attorney for palm beach county, florida, dave ehrenberg, thank you for being with us tonight. there is much to unpack regarding the plea deal. what about the last point, she has been looking into this for decades. lost in the shuffle is the conversation, in the past, there were a lot of conversations,
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potential links between bill clinton and epstein. he put out a statement saying he took four trips, there was security and he says there was nothing to it but 27 is a different number and it raises questions. >> add that to my list of concerns about a sweetheart deal that was given out. in the plea deal it is one thing for acosta to give him unity to epstein. it is another thing to give immunity to yet unnamed co-conspirators across the board whose identity had not ever been determined. i have been practicing in self order for 26 years. i have never seen anything like that. i asked my colleagues, judges, defense lawyers and prosecutors can you give me a case to analogize to this and nobody can. it is reprehensible. shannon: now there are new charges, maybe we will get more information, a lot of other
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evidence, potential victims have come forward and maybe we got a picture on this. you had conversations with the state attorney then palm beach county. the secretary saying what the state put together would have allowed -- let me play him saying it and give you a chance to respond. >> in 2006, a grand jury convened by the district attorney used the evidence and recommended a single charge and that charge would have resulted in no jail time at all, no registration of sexual offense and no restitution to the victims. without the work of our prosecutors, epstein would have gotten away with just that charge. >> that is what the police chief at palm beach county said as well. he didn't feel fisher was going to take this seriously.
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>> reporter: i must start by saying i got to the office 6 years after this happened. this was three administrations ago. i wasn't privy to any of these internal discussions. i don't think anyone left in the office had anything to do with it but i didn't understand the secretary's argument that they needed to drop the case to save the case because as mark said they dropped the federal case, gave immunity to other co-conspirators in a way to save the case and that confuses me. i think there are more questions than answers. shannon: he did not think there would be restitution. he felt the federal case gave them that but there is much more to the case. thank you for joining us. to our other top story donald trump celebrating what he calls a legal victory over what he calls the deep state in dc and
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maryland. his personal attorney joins us for reaction. i want to read a little bit of this. from the fourth circuit court of appeals, one level below the supreme court, district of maryland is interested in enforcing the emoluments clause, so attenuated and abstract that the prosecution provokes the question whether it is an appropriate use of the courts which were free to resolve real cases and controversies between controversies. >> a huge win. if you look at what happened, what the fourth circuit said was why are you here? what basis do you have to bring this lawsuit in the first place? it is called legal standing. you get into court you have to show actual harm and the fourth circuit said unanimously that not only could they not show it but with oral argument, this other one is good, it says the
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deficiency of the case was manifested in or argument when counsel for the district of maryland upon being questioned was unable to articulate the terms of the injunction the district of maryland were seeking to address the alleged violations. when plaintiffs cannot specify that why do they come to the court ruling in the first place. this was a total -- this whole emoluments clause issue is presidential harassment. i use that term because i have been practicing law for 40 years and you see case after case, issue after issue where there is no legal injury, no basis to have a lawsuit but they do it anyway because they think it has an impact. i have never seen anybody take the amount of incoming this president has. it keeps me busy. >> the ag in dc maryland, they
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got this wrong, the most extraordinary circumstance of all, donald trump is brazenly profiting from the office of the president and the way no other president in history ever imagined, talking about pursuing further action. >> if they go for rehearing without a dissent, these are well-respected judges. number 2, i think here's what happened. they lost and they lost in a significant way. you have no right to be here. why are you here? they were not able to articulate in oral argument what the issue is, what redress do you want, purely political and courts are not supposed to engage in political questions. this is the best example of ongoing not only presidential harassment but the courts say here on this use of the court system. shannon: this bill that was financial law in new york where they allow the release of the
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president's state tax returns, but -- >> all those people -- shannon: including the guy who authored it, here is what he said. >> congress can't get the taxes of donald trump through the mandated procedures that have existed then new york has a responsibility to step in the breach and help them do it. shannon: they are helping congress achieve their congressional and constitutional duty. >> congress doesn't want their help. chairman neil said we won't exercise -- is looking for tax returns. it will show exactly what this is about. they are investigating how the irs conducts this. they never asked the irs what those procedures are. they didn't do this under any previous administration.
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it is called the donald trump tax return act. they said clearly what this is about like the new york attorney general saying her basis for running for election was to bring harm to the president legally. now you have the new york legislature doing this and it ends up in the same ball of wax. these are not real issues, these are attempts to use the legal system to subvert, why is new york state passing this law? we want to help congress and congress is they don't want the help but it hurts their case. i think their cases 0 to begin with. >> our courts are very busy. thanks for dropping in. weather alert, new orleans declaring an emergency after the city got eight inches of rain in 3 hours and more rain is likely on the way possibly in the form
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>> shannon: a brand-new b >> a brand-new book with a behind-the-scenes look into brett kavanaugh's contentious confirmation hearings sparking backlash. hillary clinton's former aide who runs an advocacy group is heading back saying there were multiple true journalists who got book deals and been digging deeper into the kavanaugh allegations, this pro kavanaugh propaganda was rushed out to get ahead of what the right fears is
12:21 am
coming. molly hemingway to respond to justice on trial. welcome to you both. i covered this and learned so much, so much more digging than in the heat of the moment but a chance to respond to the allegations this is just propaganda and is not legit. >> part of the anti-kavanaugh effort, those who shared his political agenda, it is true we don't share that political agenda and we think journalism is not about having a political agenda that reporting the fact so we talked with 100 people from the president to supreme court justices to members of the senate and everyone involved with this cavanagh confirmation process to get the definitive story. it was an indication that is -- having reporters who don't share that agenda.
12:22 am
>> you were acting to shove through the cavanagh confirmation to make sure he did get a seat on the bench. did you -- everything was on a condensed timeline. there was questions whether the investigations were thrown out or how many investigations he had been to to get the cdr he had. were you able to uncover anything new about christine ford and the circumstances? >> we were following it closely but we both learned incredible amounts of things, some things nobody knew. there were a lot more details about christine ford but the media was not reporting in part because the white house and senate purposely weren't sharing information how she was more aggressive with young men than
12:23 am
she talked about, very widely talked about in maryland suburbs, how she was a heavy drinker but it was interesting because it is information they had heard, they said we are not going to touch this and they had strategic reasons knowing the media would jump on it saying they are attacking her but also interesting it wasn't doug in but there were 1 million interesting stories how things got across the finish line. shannon: it dawned on him these calendars every when made fun of, it dawned on him that at some point those may help him. >> rumors of an allegations that came out but no one had any idea what it was. as soon as the actual allegation comes out has enough specificity that he remembered i have this weird thing that i kept
12:24 am
calendars much of my life and i might still have them in the basement. when you have an allegation this was not something that had any merit or value, how can he get other people to believe him and he gets to the basement and find the calendar and thinks i have something that can show people that is not just me saying this. shannon: for a good portion of this country, there's always going to be an times by his name that she was believable and compelled by her testimony in the acree is the supreme court of having somebody who committed or tempted sexual assault as a justice. >> what struck me is we have seen this before, not just the allegation and that farce of a hearing but justice thomas, we saw america went from 2 to 1 thinking thomas is telling the
12:25 am
truth but then after decades of the drumbeat of people saying this narrative from what they thought at the time, we wanted to combat that so make sure the facts are out there so people could see what the truth is. we don't want the people who tried and failed to keep him off the court to be able to discredit him by writing reimagining of history. shannon: wherever you come down on brett kavanaugh it is an interesting read and you will learn things you didn't know before. thanks for giving us a behind the scenes look. the latest on the man accused of killing a college student in you tie and the chilling details. odors, burying them in a flowery fog. switch to febreze air effects! febreze eliminates even the toughest odors from the air. freshen up, don't cover up. febreze
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>&c"ajry can't see what it is what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star. >> utah reeling after an emotional press conference revealed shocking details about mackenzie luwak's murder.
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jonathan hunt is following this from the newsroom. >> reporter: truly disturbing information as prosecutors filed charges of aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of justice and desecration of a human body against a 31-year-old they say brutally beat and killed mackenzie lueck after meeting her in the early morning of june 17th. >> mckenzie's arms were bound behind her back by a zip tie, 5 cm whole located on the left side of her skull with part of her left scalp missing. mckenzie suffered blunt force trauma to the left side of her skull resulting in significant intracranial hemorrhaging which would have been fatal.
12:31 am
>> reporter: he tried to burn lueck's body for burying her body in a canyon 18 miles north of salt lake city. earlier the university of utah student had flown into salt lake from her family home in california. she had arrived safely and then taken a lift to the park where he met -- she met him. he was never heard from again. prosecutors confirm mckenzie lueck communicated with ajayi before meeting him at the park. >> i will not comment on the nature or comments but what is important is the digital time connection was established through investigative efforts. >> reporter: the district attorney said mckenzie lueck's
12:32 am
family are grateful for the generosity of so many strangers and friends and the support and prayers are helping them through an unimaginably difficult time. >> reporter: another death of an american in the dominican republic. the latest incident is not related to the recent state of mysterious deaths of tourists that luxury resorts. it appears plastic surgery may be to blame. phil keating picks up the story. >> reporter: despite warnings by the centers for disease control and prevention for all americans not to engage in medical tourism tens of thousands of people do every year despite the risks of death, infection and disfiguring bacteria. on friday in the dominican republic, according to the sister of the new york mother, died on the operating table from a blood clot in the middle of
12:33 am
having lycos section and tell me talk procedure. according to the dominican republic, 50,000 tourists travel to the island injecting the equivalent of a quarter billion dollars into its economy. a recent study from the university of texas named to the to make a republican most dangerous place to travel for plastic surgery after numerous people died or suffered serious illnesses from infection. most of the procedures wherever breast reductions and lycos section. according to her sister she found her dominican doctor on facebook, who said he could do it and for less money than in the us. her sister says she was a smart, vibrant and passionate woman and her cheap surgery came at a terrible cost. these tests are not related to the dominican resort tests we have covered extensively in the last month.
12:34 am
a dozen american tourists have died in the dr over the past year and a half, for what many family members consider mysterious circumstances. many had taken drinks out of the minibar before falling ill and dying. the dominican health minister order toxicology tests on several of those victims. we are awaiting those results and in the case of friday's like the section death, the health minister has ordered a full review that clinic, the case and the doctor. >> thank you very much. residents are set up, using plants, fences and other berries to prevent homeless people from squatting outside businesses and homes. in some parts of la, there using chain fences around buildings and sidewalk planters to discourage loitering. california's budget includes $5 million to find veterinary care for homeless people's pets. washington state attorney general bob ferguson suing the u.s. navy overexpansion of air operations on whidbey island
12:35 am
because of the environment. the office asserts the navy failed to have an environmental review process to measure the impact on public health and wildlife. a goodwill store in tucson, arizona is on the hunt trying to track down the family of a purple heart recipient. this middle showed up in mid-june, now reaching out to the public hoping someone out there will help find the family of a world war ii veteran who served his country fighting in the navy. first time to abolish ice and alexandria ocasio cortez is it is time to ditch the department of homeland security. we will take you to the border for reaction where the drug trade is wreaking havoc. chris on and brandon judd are here to weigh in when we return.
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just like that. shipstation. the #1 choice of online sellers. go to and get 2 months free. >> shannon: this is a >> fox news exclusive, tonight we take you on a 2 or of one of
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the major trouble spots for drug smuggling along the southern border with america's drugs are. mark meredith joins us from south texas were officials say they are being stretched beyond limits. good evening. >> where we are right now you can see border patrol agent stopping each of these cars are crossing from mexico into the united states. agents are looking for drugs and they do find them. they found the truck yesterday that had 190 pounds of meth hidden in the back of the truck. officers say this is almost routine to find these kinds of drugs but officials also told us they're having a harder time catching folks because what is happening on the southern border. >> border agency the rio grande river in texas which separates the us and mexico is a prime spot for drug traffickers but agents also tell us they are overwhelmed with trying to control the area. >> the majority of these, is
12:41 am
marijuana but we have encountered them. >> herman rivera says he like many agents are struggling to manage migrants medical and military needs while preventing drugs from reaching the us, jim carroll, donald trump's drugs are told fox news exclusively he shares the same concerns. >> they are trying to help people, make sure they survive the journey but they have no ability to focus on the core mission of finding out what is coming into this country. >> our cameras were there. the border patrol in south texas says it is receiving between 700 to 1000 migrants every day. >> just part of the job really. it really affect every agent out here, the kids. >> back in washington several lawmakers have criticized border patrol's handling of the migrant crisis, some comparing facilities like the ones in south texas to concentration camps. >> cvp are superheroes for what they are doing here. >> border patrol initials
12:42 am
release this video showing how smugglers are getting drugs across the border. agents so they home or american see the video to get a better idea what frontline agents everywhere up against. and officials tell us they have a lot of video just like what you just saw, the vice president and a group of lawmakers from dc will be here in south texas at the end of the week getting an in-person briefing about border operations and they are about to seek a detention facility. >> thank you for your reporting down there. despite the problems the drugs are spelled out congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez says not only does she want to abolish ice but is hoping to get rid of the entire department of homeland security. we will see what our guest things, let's bring in krypton from the aggressive progressive podcast and president of the national border patrol council brandon judd. i want to play a little more of what the drugs are had to say about how the cartels are using
12:43 am
people to cover their drug trade. uses take. >> they are sending people across the border knowing these fine men and women are going to be tied up with them and then complete carte blanche to some the drugs across. >> what is your experience with the people you represent with that. >> i have patrolled the border a regular basis and what i have seen is these cartels will force people to cross the border at places where they want them to cross. it ties our hands and create artificial gaps in our coverage which allows them to cross higher value products like narcotics in the area we had to vacate to pool resources out of the field to take care of asylum-seekers. shannon: a tweet from chip roy, a republican talking on twitter about people he has experienced you are being held hostage, i have been at the border when agents discovered a stash house filled with migrants being held
12:44 am
by cartels until they paid off their debt. what is dehumanizing is we are allowing mexican drug cartels to abuse migrants while profiting in human trafficking. where does congress begin to tackle this problem? >> a great question and they started in 2013 with border security, economic opportunity, immigration modernization act passed through the senate with a bipartisan vote brought on by the gang of 8. lindsey graham was part of that and so was chuck schumer and never got a vote in the house of representatives. my friend supported that bill in 2018 and it needs to be sharpened with the president should call for that bill right now, he should call mitch mcconnell and have nancy pelosi pass as well, she will. it might be we can do little bit but that is a great place to start. a lot of money for border security, modernize the immigration system and does a lot of things we need to do
12:45 am
instead of just talking and fighting about it. the president has to look for a real solution and this is a real solution that could be passed shannon: all sides including the new york times admit there is a crisis at the border. >> there is a crisis and if we don't get in front of that we will deal with this and talk about it. we can put a end to this but we need the political will to do it and unfortunately we haven't seen that from our congress. we have to put the resources on the border. we have to invest in that and stop dangerous talk of abolishing ice, abolishing dhs and recognize their is an issue, let's get in front of it and stop it. shannon: if there is a bill that can toss up amnesty a certain segment is not going to vote for that. >> the president of the united states has a big bully pulpit, he could get this past, a
12:46 am
bipartisan bill, most people in law enforcement supported it, it had brought support across the country, immigration troops supporting it, john banner was afraid at that time, taking him out because of this bill. it is something that is very important, it's all the actual problem. it is controversial for some people on the left and the right but it is a good solid piece of legislation that would pass if brought up for a vote today and human resources border patrol needs, and a pathway to solving these problems with immigration including the dreamers and others and would create a incentive to monitor people and acknowledge the problems we have at the border. shannon: everyone acknowledges the problems exist. but chris, thank you both, good to have you on. patriotic pandemonium. >> one nation under god --
12:47 am
>> after minnesota city council decided to scrap the pledge of allegiance, unanimous vote, the president weighed in. we are going to talk to the city's mayor and larry o'connor, with us live next. >> are you a veteran, own it of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt, put cash in the bank, and lower your payments over $600 a month. call today. and get the financial peace of mind every veteran deserves.
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>> and to the republic for which it stands one nation under god,
12:51 am
usa, usa. >> protesters out in force in minnesota after the st. louis city council decided to stop reciting the pledge of allegiance at the start of their meetings, the president has weighed in as well. let's turn to the mayor and larry o'connor to break this down, welcome to you both. my understanding is you were not for this idea but you support the council's vote. it was unanimous and the idea behind it. what is the benefit in getting rid of the pledge? >> thank you for having me, giving me an opportunity to share with everybody in america what is going on in our little city of 50,000 people.
12:52 am
st. louis park is a fabulous community filled with a lot of people who are very patriotic, they love their country and respect the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem and what we saw monday night was the beginning of a discussion our community is having around the role of all these civic activities and how do we display our patriotism and moving forward what we are focused on is having a conversation with neighbors and residents about the best way to go about that and that includes having a discussion about the role of the pledge of allegiance at our meetings, which is what we have been discussing in the last couple weeks. >> some people are uncomfortable by the pledge, they were not born in america but they come here and wants to share their life with the community. is that a good reason to say our meeting doesn't need to have the pledge? >> when people become a citizen of this country they say the pledge.
12:53 am
with all due respect you are great at pi and spinning this on behalf of your community but this was not the beginning of the conversation, we saw your city council end the conversation, they decided to dictate to everyone that the pledge isn't important anymore and i got to tell you for the rest of the country looking at your town we are so beleaguered and sick of divisive politics, we can't watch women's soccer without divisive politics, we can't watch the fourth of july on the nation's mall without politics. can we please rally around something and all agree on something and that is pledge of allegiance to this republic, for which it stands, one nation under god, with liberty and justice for all, it is that simple and if someone doesn't like her feel uncomfortable let them opt out but you haven't started a conversation, you ended the conversation by declaring you are better than the pledge. >> the irony of a local counsel in congresswoman omar's district getting rid of the pledge of allegiance is she has accused
12:54 am
pro-israel americans of having allegiance to a foreign country. are you worried that this is becoming nationalized and political? >> it certainly has taken on a life of its own. i felt like the mayor of america. i've been getting emails and phone calls from all over the country but we are focused on trying to have this conversation with our residents. the point that was raised earlier about people feeling uncomfortable i had a lot of conversations with people who are not citizens or who are recent citizens and in all the conversations i had with folks on that issue they made it clear they don't feel uncomfortable saying the pledge. one gentleman -- one gentleman for example told me he recently went to a sports event with his wife and he is not a citizen but he certainly stood for the national anthem and put our hand on our heart and sang the song and it made us feel more included and more welcome in that space. i would like to see the pledge
12:55 am
brought back. i have been clear with my colleagues about that and that is what the conversation is moving forward, it will include the discussion, do we bring the pledge back or don't we, what is can we express our patriotism here? >> i would love to continue to discuss this. we will stay on the case and have you back, thank you very much. our midnight hero will melt your heart without saying a word. er , there are thousands of jewish holocaust survivors trapped in relentless poverty. there's no heat, no electricity, no running water, they're cold hungry and sick and they're suffering and dying needlessly. christians and jews together stand obedient to god to listen to his word. god gives us a special calling to help the orphan, the widow, the weakest, the survivors
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1:00 am
are tonight's midnight hero. thank you for giving us a smile and some encouragement. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. >> good morning. it is thursday, july 11th. happening at 4:00 am on the east coast a fox news alert. the break in the case of a missing kentucky mother who disappeared 6 months ago. police and fbi swarming a home overnight believed to be savanna's last known location with what we know about the person being grilled by investigators. democrats blasted for making a spectacle on capitol hill using obama era photos to push their kids in cages narrative as


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