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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  July 11, 2019 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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take it seriously. >> harris: got to talk fast here. my democratic guest said it was never on their 201 census. obama administration moved the citizenship question to the american community survey. i'm harris. here's dana. >> dana: fox news alert. new orleans and southern louisiana bracing for tropical storm barry. system is on to strengthen into a hurricane already this year before making landfall on saturday. hello, everyone. i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." the threat of storm surge and heavy rains could spell big trouble for new orleans. the city's already dealing with flash flooding and a rising mississippi river. the chief of police urging everyone to be prepared. >> we would like to remind our villagers to shelter in place. be safe, be smart. heavy rain can cause streets to
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become impassable and quickly flooded. unless it is unavoidable, please remain in your homes. >> dana: casey stegal is reporting live from new orleans. casey? >> reporter: yeah, dana. emergency management officials holding that briefing not long ago describing how they're really preparing for more of a flooding event as opposed to a wind event and things like that. in fact, roll the video. they may have had a slight taste of what's to come yesterday. look at this. caught many by surprise during the morning rush hour. 8 inches of rain came down in just three hours, sending water into businesses, right down there in downtown new orleans metro. and officials at that press conference saying what happened yesterday could bring 12 to 18 inches of rain to southern louisiana by monday. so they say that it could be
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bone dry one minute and then torrential rainfall the next. there is now a mix of voluntary and mandatory evacuation orders now across the region. >> i don't think my life or my children's life are worth it. that money will come back. >> where are you gonna go? >> go up 55 and where we stop, we stop. >> reporter: that man we talked to is taking his four kids and going north. folks are at various sandbagging stations that have been set up. they're getting their boats out of the water, depleting shelves at the local grocery stores while the u.s. army corps of engineers readied a levy system that has been strengthened and raised following hurricane katrina, so a whole lot is going on down here, dana, ahead of this storm. >> dana: including that river behind you. looks like it's rising?
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>> reporter: that's one of the key things here that makes this very unique. the mayor of new orleans and the governor saying if this does make landfall as a hurricane, it would be the first time in history that it would do so while the mississippi river is rising. right now this thing is so swollen, 16 feet in a lot of places, which is considered flood stage or very close to it. dana, those levies we talk about, they're 20 feet, 25 feet the highest in some lower lying areas. so with the river already at 16, potential storm surge and a lot of rain has a lot of folks awfully anxious. >> dana: casey stegall in new orleans, thank you. now to washington, d.c., where president trump expected to announce an executive action this afternoon, on putting a question in the 2020 census to determine how many people in the united states are citizens. the expected move drawing mixed reaction on capitol hill. >> i think the president has the
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right to do it. supreme court actually said that in the process, if you read it. census only comes around once every ten years. we ask numerous questions. this is data we have a right to know and should know. >> it is designed to intimidate families from answering the basic questionnaire in the hope that they won't. we need to continue to fight him in the courts. that's the only way we can stand for basic constitutional protections. >> dana: let's bring in washington correspondent for sirius xm radio. the president has been in a bit of a legal jam because of the way this was set up from the beginning. he's been trying to figure out how to deal with it. what do you expect him to say at 5 p.m.? >> good question. we don't have the full question of this executive action. we don't know exactly what he is going to unveil in the rose garden this afternoon. we know he has vowed to fight on
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on this question of including citizenship question in the census. but as of right now, when i left sirius to come here, it wasn't clear what exactly he was going to announce. >> dana: aclu already putting out a statement before the president even speaks at 5 p.m. saying this. supreme court has spoken. the trump administration's effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census is unlawful. if president trump takes executive action, we will take legal action. i don't think that's right. the supreme court basically said come back to us with a better justification for why you want to put it on there. >> yeah, that's right. one, it's no surprise this will end up once again back in front of the court. what the supreme court said your justification for including this question is nonsense, but you're free to come back when you have a better reason. they didn't say it was unlawful. they said under the current justification, the administration couldn't go forward with it. no matter what the executive action is that gets announced
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later this afternoon, it's not gonna take this issue away from the courts. it will just add another layer. >> dana: has the president already won when it comes to the politics of it? >> he's promised to fight on until the end. that's what we are seeing now. they all know at the white house the courts will ultimately decide this question. but they're going to fight on. they want to turn to the president's base voters and say, look, we did everything we possibly could. we really believe in this. i won't say the outcome doesn't matter from a policy and political perspective. of course it does. but just the act of actually having fought for it, sometimes that can be the point. >> dana: on the other topic on immigration, apparently ice will conduct these deportation raids starting on sunday. kevin mccarthy, minority leader of the house, also had something to say about this. let's take a listen. >> we are a rule of law country. we follow the rule of law. tell me one thin this majority
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has done in the amount of time the speaker called the president and asked him to delay it. has there been a hearing? has there been a bill produced? have we been asked to stay over a weekend to solve this problem? >> dana: speaker pelosi had something to say as well. >> families belong together. every person in america has rights. these families are hardworking members of our communities and our country. this brutal action will terrorize children an tear families apart. >> dana: let me tell you what the ice office is saying. this is from a spokesman there. 90% of aliens arrested by ice in fy2018 had either a criminal conviction, plural, pending criminal charges, were an ice fugitive or illegally entered the country after previously being removed. all of those in violation may be subject to immigration arrest, detention and, if found, removable by final order, removal from the united states.
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what do you know about this? >> only what i have read in the new york times account of these forth coming raids. these democrats are very upset about this, this operation to sweep. you heard kevin mccarthy, the republican leader, take the republican position. it's a really interesting back drop. there have been calls to abolish ice. it's a fairly young agency. 2003 it was formed. you're all seeing another debate, which is some democrats not coming out and saying it's time to dismantle the entire department of homeland security. not abolish its functions, but break it up. >> dana: what do they think that would accomplish? >> well, the thing is, i'm not sure, dana. because a lot of the functions of dhs were absorbed from other departments. >> dana: at the justice department, there were different things. the country was not prepared for modern terrorist attacks. in addition to that, you have
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cyber attacks. how do you protect the homeland? not saying everything was perfect, but i don't see why dismantling it is a good winning message for them. >> i think the main target is still ice. i don't think it's dhs broadly written. although, as you know, having served in the bush white house, there are on going rolling arguments about, say, surveillance, about tsa surveillance and the rest of it. lot of those debates went on in the runup to the creation of the department. they haven't really gone away. they went away for a little while and they're back, in part because of the distance of 9/11 and the scale an scope of government surveillance. >> dana: all the scale and scope of the problem of immigration is bigger now, too. we love having you on the show. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> dana: jeffrey epstein's legal team making a push for his release. would a judge ever agree to a bail package worth tens of millions of dollars? plus we're hear from the
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attorney of two epstein accusers and share a letter between epstein's lawyer and the now labor secretary alex acosta. >> i remember feeling so disgusted and shameful. in the same way, you know, i had $200 that i didn't have before, so it was like -- it was just a tough pill to swallow. i had a heart problem.
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his attorneys say epstein is willing to put up his private jet and $77 million new york city mansion as collateral. they're all asking epstein wait out the trial inside his 21,000 square foot, $77 million upper east side mansion with permission to leave only for doctors appointment. they will agree to gps monitoring and not to seek or obtain any new passports. epstein's bail hearing is scheduled on monday. prosecutors say he is an extreme flight risk due to his vast wealth and prior allegations that he intimidated witnesses. epstein's lawyers argue prosecutors are discriminating against epstein because he's rich. meanwhile, it turns out during a new york hear in 2011 about epstein status as a sexual offender manhattan district attorney's office agreed in court that epstein should not be registered as a top level 3 sex offender in new york, but rather
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the lowest possible classification, level one, despite the fact, according to the new york post a state assessment deemed epstein to be highly dangerous and likely to keep molesting girls. the da office alleged they made a mistake and epstein was classified as a legal three. labor secretary alex acosta insists that his office handled the case appropriately and if it wasn't for the plea deal acosta brokered, epstein would have spent zero time in jail. all of this as we're hearing epstein's attorneys are going to submit a sealed document. >> dana: oh wow. yeah. let's unseal it. let's see how he made his money. that's still a question. we'll have you back. thank you. let's talk about this with paul kassler, a former federal judge and attorney, who represented two of the victims in the 2008 case against jeffrey epstein.
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great to have you on, sir. yesterday alex acosta said his breakfast meeting with the defense attorneys was routine. listen to that. >> yes, i met with opposing counsel. it was a breakfast meeting because i was staying at the hotel. it was after, after, not before and not part of a negotiation, but it was after the agreement had been negotiated. that can be confirmed by looking at the date on the agreement and the date of the meeting. then i referred that attorney to the career prosecutors. nothing changed in that argument. >> dana: how do you respond to that? >> well, what happened at that secret one on one private breakfast meeting was that secretary acosta and one of epstein's high powered lawyers agreed to keep that nonprosecution agreement secret from the victims. for the next eight months the victims were never told that there was an immunity agreement in existence that was going to prevent federal prosecution of epstein for the crimes he committed against them. >> dana: there's a letter that we have here from jay leskowicz
11:18 am
to acosta on october 23, 2007. let me read this. i all want to thank you for the commitment you made to me during our october 12 meeting in which you assured me that your office would not contact any of the identified individuals, potential witnesses or potential civil claimants and their respective counsel in this matter. do you think alex acosta was not being forth coming on that yesterday? >> well, i won't speak to his motives, but i will speak to the facts. facts are after that private one on one meeting, it is clear for the next eight months victims were never told there was already a signed agreement between epstein and acosta preventing federal prosecution. that's, of course, documented by the whole pattern of what happened over the next eight months. a federal judge has now found that the u.s. attorneys office, led by mr. acosta, concealed the agreement and misled the victims about what was going on. it all seems to relate back to this private one on one meeting.
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>> dana: the judge that ruled on that, that was just a few months ago. what was the process to finally get this back into the courts? >> well, it's taken us 11 years. secretary acosta, while he was the u.s. attorney and then his successors have thrown up road block after road block. we're pleased the judge finally reached the merits of the issue, is now looking at remedying it. >> dana: another thing secretary acosta said, he said former palm beach d.a. was basically going to suggest no jail time and he was blaming, basically, the d.a. there. do you think that's right? >> well, what we know is it was a 53 page indictment prepared by career prosecutors in acosta's office, all well supported. for some reason, secretary acosta chose never to file that indictment or anything like that indictment. i think that's the key thing you have to look at when you're wondering ab what happened at the federal level. >> dana: paul, what is your goal for the victims in this case
11:20 am
moving forward, since you've known them the longest? >> we're trying to get justice for florida victims in florida. we're trying to get the immunity provisions that blocked epstein's prosecution in florida rescinded, so the victims will have the right to confer with prosecutors there, explain what happened to them. i want to say to secretary acosta, one of the big problems with what we have with what happened yesterday, he spoke to the washington press corps about his reasons for doing all this. he has never come to florida to talk to the victims. please come to florida to talk to the victims. i know they would have lots of questions they would want to have answered. >> dana: paul cassel, thank you so much for joining us today. there was a mystery overseas as an american woman is found dead in a world war ii era tunnel. iran is being accused of yet another provocation in the persian gulf. what britain said happened in the strait of hormuth next. one of the benefits we as a country
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11:25 am
recent uncertainty when it comes to the economy. it could come by the end of the month. we'll keep you posted on that. another apparent escalation in the persian gulf. british officials say iranian vessels tried to block one of the british tankers in the strait of hormuz leading to a tense but brief standoff. tehran denies the claims, which come a day after the president warned britain for facing retaliation for seizing one of its tankers last week. it's like the provocations keep ratcheting up. >> today iran tried to seize that british tank, although a smaller gun boat was able to intervene. it told the iranians to back away. moving forward the oil tanker is owned by british petroleum and was headed out of the gulf when the incident occurred. while iran is denying involvement, the event prompted the british government to raise
11:26 am
the warning for british vessels traveling in iranian waters. they called on iran to deescalate while the british foreign minister praised his country's navy. >> obviously very concerning involvements. also very proud of the royal navy and the role they played in keeping british assets, british shipping safe. we are continuing to monitor the situation very very carefully. >> reporter: the incident comes one day after iran's president called on britain to release an iranian tanker the british seized last week near the strait of gibraltar. it is expected to trying to deliver iranian oil to syria. today british authorities arrested the captain and the chief officer of that vessel for raising the stakes in the standoff. the events taking place across the region, coupled with iran breaking two key parts of the nuclear deal this month certainly raising tension in the region amidst an already fragile
11:27 am
situation. >> dana: thank you. we're all learning in detail about an american scientist found dead in greece. investigators say two locals discovered the body inside a former world war ii nazi bunker on the island of crete. police say the 59-year-old was suffocated and her death is, quote, 100% criminal. >> translator: the time of death corresponds to the date of her disappearance. that is seven or eight days, if i am not mistaken. it was on the day that she had gone for a run and two hours after her last meal when this event happened. but we cannot know if it happened close by or far away. >> dana: eaton was in crete for a science conference. her death is still under investigation. house speaker nancy pelosi responding after congress woman ocasia-cortes aqued her of selecting out women of color. >> the overarching purpose of
11:28 am
our foreign policy, i believe, must be to defend and advance our security, prosperity and democratic values that the united states stands for.
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11:33 am
is our power. we have a big fight and we're in the arena. that's all i'm going to say on the subject. >> dana: joining me now, former ohio senate minority leader and terry holt. i want to read to you this tweet from dan crenshaw saying madam speaker welcome to the true nature of identity politics where you're accused for being racist for no reason at all and where lazy insults are used against you to replace substantive debate. let's have you listen to this quick sound byte from former speaker gingrich. >> everything becomes an attack on women. since pelosi is a woman, it can't just be women, so now it has to be women of color. key thing here is very simple. we have now seen a group of genuine radicals who are way outside any reasonable position, and their public spokes person is aoc. >> dana: what are you hearing behind the scenes about this
11:34 am
feud? >> i can't say that i have an inside scoop, so to speak, but i can tell you what i hear from real people across america and real people back in the state of ohio. lot of people don't care. amongst democrats what i think is happening right now, there are a lot of people that are frustrated with what i would call main street democrats that are frustrated that people like alexandria ocasio-cortez have become the spokes person for our party. she does not represent our party. one thing actually aoc mentioned this. fact of the matter is, the democrats took back the house of representatives in 2018 not because progressive had a clean sweep, but because moderates were competitive in marginal district places like orange county, california, suburban philadelphia and miami dade florida. so i'm not saying being a legislative leader in the state senate is like being speaker of the house, but ky say sometimes you do have rifts inside a
11:35 am
caucus. nasty things are thrown around. speaker pelosi understands how washington works. she's not a racist. and she's a trail blazer in her own right, so i think aoc is way out of line. >> dana: jerry, how do you think the speaker should deal with this? >> she's dealing with something new, really, isn't she? this is what they call on capitol hill a member management issue for the speaker. it's traditional that freshman members give the leadership a lot of trouble. they usually do and it's usually controllable because the leadership has the mega phone and microphone and can still dominate the conversation during most of nancy pelosi's career. now, they may only be four or five members but they have an outside influence outside of the chamber opinion >> dana: big time. >> she has a media problem. >> dana: how do you deal with that? >> well, she's given us a brand new poster child. it used to be hillary clinton, then it was nancy pelosi for
11:36 am
republicans as that scary alternative to main stream politics. now we have alexandria ocasio-cortez who is now their new poster child. >> dana: republicans would like nothing more than for aoc to be the spokes person. >> that's not doing us any favors as democrats. >> dana: let me all show you this, one other topic. bernie sanders, is he a centrist? >> you followed the last campaign. many of the ideas that i put forth, $15 an hour minimum wage. in a few days u.s. house of representatives was gonna pass $15 an hour minimum wage. bernie, public colleges, universities tuition free, that can't be done. university of texas today announced families 60,000 or under free tuition. all over the country people are moving in that direction. >> dana: bernie sanders kind of being ignored while everybody el is adopting his positions.
11:37 am
>> it seems every time i have seen bernie sanders, he's complaining that somebody stole his idea. i feel like the campaign has passed him by. he was sort of the leader of the movement. but now the movement is in full bloom and he's a little on the sidelines. >> the way i see bernie sanders is one of these self-made ceo's in a business that gave all five sons offices in the office building to groom them to take over the business and now they want to take over the business and he said, i'm not quitting. i'm not retiring. >> dana: he wants to keep that corner office. >> exactly. >> dana: amy mcgrath said she's going to challenge senator mcconnell. she has tweets where she flip flopped so badly yesterday. she still raised $2.5 million yesterday. >> every candidate knows there's two or three questions you've got to prepare for before you ever open the door to the press. one of them, especially if you're in kentucky running against mitch mcconnell is what you said on kavanaugh.
11:38 am
how could she have not had her position clear and present and staked out? >> she did. this is what happens when you make politically expedient statements. >> if you're going to shoot at the bear, you better hit the bear and kill it. this was terrible. >> dana: they missed the bear. i like the analogy. thank you very much. foreign policy. a tag team attack on today's campaign trail mix. joe biden giving a big speech on his vision for america's role in the world. pete buttigieg unveiling a plan to counter racial inequality. peter doocy starts it off with biden's address. >> reporter: joe biden was here for about the last hour in midtown manhattan. he took credit for helping lay the ground work to defeat isis.
11:39 am
he took credit for stopping the flow of migrants to the southern border before trump took over. and he promised to to smooth things over for some of america's allies who feel they may not be treated the same under trump as they were under obama. >> the biden foreign policy agenda will place america back at the head of the table. working with allies and partners to mobilize global action on global threats, especially those unique to our country. american leadership is not infallible. we've made missteps and mistakes. >> reporter: mayor pete buttigieg elsewhere is trying to boost his support today along african-american primary voters, releasing what he called the douglas plan. among the main goals, establish health equities in communities where people have been marginalized, make public college tuition free for low income students and reduce the
11:40 am
incarceration rate by 50%. mayor pete concentrates on certain blocks of primary voters, others are concentrating on tom dyer. warren said supporters tom staoeuer announced he is running for president and plans to spend $100 million of his own money to try to win. look, good to have a competitive primary, but here's the thing. we need our candidates to compete to have the best ideas, not just to write themselves the biggest checks. styer is not anywhere in the primary polls right now, but it does say a lot about primary contenders recognizing his ability to bank roll a long campaign so they are calling him out by name in what has been a polite primary so far, dana. >> dana: he has $100 million to spend. no wonder they don't want to sleep on that. peter doocy, thank you. a grisly discovery prompting
11:41 am
major update in the case of the missing mother of four. plus new orleans bracing for a tropical storm, while the city is already reeling from flash floods. we'll have the latest next. y give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. need cash? at newday, veteran homeowners can get $54,000 dollars or more to consolidate high rate credit card debt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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>> president trump expected to speak in the next hour, and talk about an executive action on questions for the census. president pushing for citizenship question, but now there are indications today that he may be rethinking that demand. we'll find out soon enough and have live coverage. the president also sounding off about house democrats taking a major step for forcing some of his associates mentioned in the mueller report to testify on capitol hill. his son-in-law, his former attorney general and many others. that and the rest of the day's big events coming up as fox news
11:46 am
continues in the next hour. >> dana: southern louisiana getting ready for tropical storm barry. the system is posing a major threat to communities like new orleans that are already dealing with rising waters from torrential rainfall. we are following all of this. it's going to be bad? >> potential is there for it to be bad, especially around the new orleans area. there will be a lot of people who get some really significant flooding. we don't know exactly who that's going to be, but we know areas from alabama to say eastern louisiana especially are in the threat. we have this up here to show where we have been dealing with flooding. all of this has to be taken in context with the rain we've seen over the last six months and the flooding along the mississippi river and the tributaries of that. now, we're already dealing with flooding because of all of that prior rain. because of that, the mississippi river in new orleans is at 16 feet. now, when katrina happened, the mississippi river was at three
11:47 am
feet. it's already at 16 feet. 20 feet is where the levees would be topped. it will only take four feet of additional water moving up into the mississippi for that water to spill over, maybe into the french quarter, the lower ninth ward. that's where it's going to be a problem. french quarter is about 14 feet below sea level. you try to pump that water out, which is what they try to do. but they pump it out on the other side to the mississippi river and now that will be too full to take anything. that's why we're concerned about new orleans. the storm in and of itself won't have enough time to become a really strong storm. the center of the storm not where you see the action from the storm. when that's the case, it's not really getting its act together. the official forecast still brings this up to a category one hurricane. i think if that happens or doesn't happen, it doesn't really matter. we'll see winds certainly with it. but it will be the amount of rain and the storm surge that comes with it that's going to be the problem. again, storm surge not huge, but we're going to be talking maybe three to six feet.
11:48 am
that would be water pushing up the mississippi river, plus the very heavy rain. that's why we're concerned, especially around new orleans, with flooding. everybody needs to be watching it. >> dana: indeed. thank you, rick. we appreciate it. a break in the case of a missing kentucky mother who disappeared six months ago. police arresting a man after finding human remains at his parents home. matt finn is live in richmond, kentucky. matt, what's happening now? >> reporter: welsh dana, happening right now, one of the prime suspects david sparks, who was seen on survey len video with savannah the night she went missing was booked into this jail in madison county. he has been arraigned and pleaded not guilty. so far, david sparks has been charged with tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse, with those types of charges, you have to wonder what police know. the big question here is whether sparks will be charged with the murder of mother of four
11:49 am
savannah spurlock. police documents indicate the father of his suspect, who was just arraigned, reported a foul odor on his property. police searched that property not far from here and discovered a corpse. fox news just talked exclusively with savannah's father. >> justice finally for savannah. we already knew she wasn't here no more. i knew she was passed way aand gone. i love you. justice has been served. you'll get justice. >> reporter: testing is still being done on that corpse to determine if it is the body of savannah spurlock. savannah's father said he fought off evil thoughts of revenge by pleading for god for justice. today savannah's oldest son will be told the truth for the first time about his mother. dana? >> dana: what's next after this, matt? >> reporter: coming up at 4 p.m. local, we expect a press conference with multiple
11:50 am
agencies here where we expect to learn many more details, perhaps even the results of the testing on that corpse. also, there were two other men seen on video with savannah the night she went missing, so perhaps we will learn more about their status this afternoon. dana? >> dana: matt finn, thank you. a look at some other stories as our daily three. the wife of david ortiz said he is recovering after his third surgery linked to his bullet wound. she was not last month at a bar in the dominican republic. second, the homelessness rate in san francisco sky rocketing, jumping 30% since 2017. number three, one of the country's largest teachers union suing the department of education over a federal program that promised a wipe away the remainder of their federal student loan debt if they made regular payments for ten years. the union said more than 1 million teachers applied, but only 1% got their loan forgiveness approved. a philanthropist donating
11:51 am
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their first accident. liberty mutual insurance. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> dana: my next guest is a successful philanthropist from michigan who is giving away $100,000 from twitter. he said if real donald trump retweets this, i'll give $30,000 to a veteran on twitter. the president did it. requests pouring in on twitter for people like this man, steve vaughn who asked for help paying for dentures. let's bring in bill pulte, chairman of the blight authority. i watched this unfold on twitter. you and i connected. it was quite something.
11:56 am
what made you decide to do this in the first place. >> thank you for having me. i've been investing money and giving money for a number of years. many rich people have a hard time giving money to people in need. i'm grateful for president trump helping me through be philanthropy online. we have billions and trillions of money to get to the poorest americans. so what i'm trying to do -- i'm 31 years old. i've been very successful in business. i'm trying to create a movement where we can take this old school money, all the things you have to go through and get it to the people directly in need. i'm grateful for the president and so many other people. the momentum is building. >> dana: you said if you got to a million followers, you would up your philanthropy to a million on twitter. a man said he had an
11:57 am
embarrassing video, he needed new teeth. what was it like when you saw something like that? you realized you could help him right away. there's no middleman. >> it was amazing. to look at that video and see him when he smiled. he had no teeth. to think about the fact that he served our country. this is somebody that can't afford dentures. this is exactly why my microtargeting and so great to have president trump retweet this and so much momentum. we're able to take care of our veterans like this. this guy had no teeth. now he'll have dentures and be taken care of. a rich guy like me who has the resources can directly know that it's going to make that impact. dana, there's tens of stories of this. hopefully hundreds if not thousands if i have anything to do with it where the rich can give to the poor. >> dana: we're going to make it clear where people can follow you on twitter. you did inspire others. mike snyder, a nuclear futurist
11:58 am
tweeted this. i will jump on board the twitter philanthropy train. as a nicu dad, i understand the hardships of life of a sick baby in the hospital. i'll donate $500 for a nicu money. you think philanthropists are frustrated? there's a charitable dinner circuit and things that you can get on that but you never see people getting hope. >> that's right. so what i'm trying to do as a rich person, convince the other rich people, first of all, you don't need all the cash. you can't take it with you. secondly, use the internet. use the internet to help us locate the needs. i have friends that are several hundred million dollars and billionaires. i'm currently taking to many of them trying to get them to go online with me. i think you'll see great things. a great announcement coming next week. i've turned around a lot of inner cities. a great announcement next week.
11:59 am
we're going to keep the momentum going. >> dana: do you have concern that people might be playing you, that they don't need the money? >> they could be doing it. i worked hard for my money. there's some scammers out there. if it takes 10% of the people scamming me to do 90% good, what i told my wife, you can imagine when i wanted to do this. my wife and i do these things together. i said look, if 10% of it is fraud, at least 90% of it is going to people that otherwise wouldn't be able to pay for an electric bill or fuel or have food on their table. >> dana: it's remarkable. thanks, bill. keep in touch. >> thank you. >> dana: we hope people follow you. more good news. a 12-year-old boy from newark, new jersey combining his love for animals into something special. he donates bow ties that he
12:00 pm
makes to animal shelters hoping that that will get the pets noticed and adopted. like who wouldn't want to adopt that little one there? these adorable pets are finding homes, not to mention doing it in style. see you on "the five." here's shep. >> shepard: noon on the west coast, 3:00 in south florida. a former state prosecutor says the labor secretary, alex acosta is trying to rewrite history in the case of the convicted sex offender, jeffery epstein. now there's word another prosecutor tried to do something for epstein that apparently overwhelmed one judge. reporting begins now. and a live look at the white house. we're expecting to hear from president trump in this hour. later this afternoon, he is set to announce some sort of executive action to get some sort of count of how many people are in the united states as citizens. as sources now tell us, they


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