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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  July 11, 2019 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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radio show, 618 of the best talk radio shows in america. i will give you three hours there. we will talk, we will have a conversation. i hope you will join us. let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham, i think that is a good offer, would you take it? >> laura: i think we might've done the same thing a couple months ago. no luck at. >> sean: listen, i'm in the car driving home, i can't watch your show every second! i watched the rerun! >> laura: i'm just glad you're following in my footsteps, hannity. i'm just kidding! i think it is a great offer. gosh, you cannot take a joke. you are this mixed martial arts champion in my mind. >> sean: yeah, that is what i do. you know what i do on painted? my sensei, the calcified your arms, i do all that. >> sean: hannity, do you actually do push-ups on your
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knuckles? >> sean: i do. >> laura: your hands are pretty -- >> sean: 200 a day. 200 sit-ups a day and we train an hour and a half a day. >> sean: i have punched you in the stomach -- >> sean: it doesn't move. >> laura: it was pretty impressive. but you know what i said, it would actually be good for conservatives and liberals to actually talk to each other now wow more. bill clinton actually got a lot done when he worked with republicans. >> sean: new gingrich, balanced the budget. >> sean: we would be a lot better off. >> sean: how about you and i, i will do an hour with her, you do an hour with her. >> laura: or someone else, doesn't have to be just one person. >> sean: she has courage because pelosi called her out. and she is like, i'm doing what i want to do. i like that part.
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the ideas are a little nutty. >> laura: i have a little to say about that in my "the angle" but you had a fantastic show tonight. you take care. i am laura ingraham, this is "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. what does it really mean to be an american citizen? my "angle," and victor davis hanson. plus, you can't read a story about jeffrey epstein without seeing his name pop up here tonight, alan dershowitz will offer his exclusive response. also, the fight between, as hannity just mentioned, aoc and nancy pelosi intensified today after the speaker was charged with racism. minority leader kevin mccarthy is here with his view from the other side of the aisle and finally, merely suggesting our bloated about her roles are rife for fraud will get you labeled a conspiracy theorist. but tonight we talk exclusively to the man who blew the lid on this outrageous story. don't miss it. but first, american identity
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under assault. that is the focus of tonight's "angle." the historical purge that we are witnessing all over the country is part of a larger agenda. to destroy what it means to be american. and it's getting more audacious by the day. in st. louis park, minnesota, the geniuses on the city council there recently decided to ban the pledge of allegiance from town meetings. their reason? to create a more welcoming environment to a diverse community. oh, welcoming to everybody but americans who actually love the pledge. residents were rightly outraged by this insanity. a local patriots it out and they stood up to the city council. >> to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god's -- usa! usa! >> laura: then in san francisco, taxpayers are going to shell out $600,000 to
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paint over a george washington mural that offended a few snowflakes over there. let me get this straight, people being in the fountain stepping on dirty needles, that is not offensive? but the first founding father is? perfect. why would everyone after hearing these kinds of stories, still refuse to respect national anthem today? or when midfielder allie long drags the american flag on the ground while representing the u.s. on the world stage? and while mugging for the cameras, then drops the flag like it's a piece of trash. thankfully, another midfielder kelly o'hara picked it up. and of course, discovered early on that permanent mvp status when you kick a donald trump. like when she used foul language mixing any traditional white house visit to the
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champions. this is before they even won the world cup. the easiest task to social media start today is one where you take cheap swipes and america symbols and traditions. and he must understand that the left truly believes america itself is illegitimate to its core. one of my talking about? well, its founding was fraudulent. they believe its founding documents, meaningless. all because of slavery. and the people who are involved in it. our progress on racial issues is conveniently ignored by cynical actors who are frankly using these past orders for a power grab and, they hope, a total reorganization of our society here and a massive wealth confiscation. the phrase white privilege, it is now the preferred weapon of
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choice, and is used by socialist know-nothings to tar their political opponents and avoid real debate. only guess what? now even old white democrats are in the privilege cross hairs. >> joe biden fumbles all the time. joe biden suffers from old white male entitlement where he just can't simply say i was wrong. >> laura: liberal women aren't immune either. this week, speaker pelosi learned that the race tables can quickly be turned on her, too. she is now under fire by the four horse women of the apocalypse. freshman congresswoman, who claim pelosi's "singling out the newly elected of color." when asked today about the charge, this is how alexandria ocasio-cortez responded. >> knowing the media environment that we are operating in, knowing the amount of death threats we get, knowing the
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amount of concentration and attention, i think it's just worth asking why? >> do you think it is racial animus? >> now, no. absolutely not. >> laura: that is a neat trick, isn't it? aoc blast anyone anytime of the day or night on social media but when the leader of her own party called her out, she cries foul. no, no, nancy is not a racist. well, but, president trump is routinely subjected to this kind of attack. his plan to put citizenship, the question on the fences was derided as racist by democrats. and today, he shot back. >> now they are trying to erase the very existence of a very important word and a very important thing, citizenship. we must have a reliable count of
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how many citizens, noncitizens and illegal aliens are in our country. >> laura: bingo. how is this controversial? asking about citizenship? it's like a question that has nothing to do with race at all. it's about who is american and who is not. by the way, african-americans have been the most directly impacted by the mast dominic mass flow of illegal immigrants in the united states no wonder polls now show a majority of black and hispanic voters support adding the question to the senses. erasing our history, our sense of who we are is making it easier to turn america into just kind of another member of a globalist superstate. europeans sacrificed their identity years ago on the altar of globalism when they formed the european union. look at what it got them.
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[all singing] >> laura: we may have mass morons of antifa to deal with but we don't have yellow vest shutting down entire cities or a brexit style mess to deal with. or a recession on the horizon like we see with germany. there is a price for surrendering your sovereignty and your identity and we are going to pay it if we don't defend our history and our traditions. and that's "the angle." joining me now, victor davis hanson, senior fellow at the hoover institution. victor, why can't the left see the value of symbols and traditions that don't blur the differences that we have the mistakes we made, but have the effect of binding us together at a time when it so much else ripped us apart? >> i think they feel that if they were to do that they would
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not win elections. and that they have to change the past and the present so they can have power in the future. it's a war of demography, a war over making residence equal to citizens. at their view, the argument they are advancing, we were so sinned, americans come at origins, we can't be modified, adapted, or improved. we have to be dismantled and reconstituted according to their agenda. therefore, they are going to a lot of power and influence in the future. when you mention all of these incidents, the san francisco murals or the nike shoe controversy, or the soccer team. this is the trench warfare with the soldiers at the front who are fighting for these elites we see in the democratic primary who are advocating health care for all across borders, who are escorting people illegally into the united states, attacking the
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past, demanding reparations. remember "the new york times" a video op-ed where they say we are just okay, not really exceptional. or what senator omar detailed in a recent interview where she said she was very disappointed after leaving a refugee camp to see that things weren't too good here in the land of her host. this is the raw side of what the elites are talking about but it is the same agenda. to create a new future by reconstituting or redefining the past and the present. >> laura: don't you agree if america herself is illegitimate, of course of the founding documents and the principles undercutting those documents have to be swept away and rewritten because they are written by old racist white guys. they have to be rewritten, reconstituted, reformed and refounded as something very different. that seems to be where this is going because there is no concern for actual historical reference, context.
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it's either evil or good and everything in the past is evil and everything now and present is good. until that becomes evil. >> we are not a physical society where we work all day in the field so we have the luxury of affluence and security and leisure to think that the world works the way your smartphone does and if we are not perfect and not good, and that the sins of humanity, which exist today, sexism, racism in every country to a much greater degree than they do in the united states, those are uniquely our sins because we should be perfect, just like our technology. if we are not perfect right now then somebody has to be blamed, labeled, called out as a racist or a sexist or a class oppressor and of course, unspoken is the reality, the subtext is a nobody wants to go to russia. nobody wants to go to china. nobody wants to go to any country in asia or latin america or africa. and that is not where the great
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universities are, that is not the military that protects the world. that is not the largest oil and food producer. but they have the leisure to say that because we are so successful. but if we were to listen to them, if we were to dismantle all these institutions then we wouldn't be where we are and the world would be forever lost. >> laura: i want to tell you, real quick, there was a native american elder who spoke out against that george washington mural, the move to cover that up. it really interesting from him. let's watch. >> those of you who are offended by these miracles, as an elder i need to educate you on somethin something. we need these as visual records of what has happened to our people in the past. to remove these murals would be a travesty. we would not just be removing history, but you will be removing a visual truth. >> laura: from oklahoma, i
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found there to be more wisdom in him than any of these elites who are supposedly suddenly offended by murals that were painted and envisioned by a new deal democrat, by the way. >> i do, too. i probably don't agree with him but he is probably telling us that history is not melodrama. it is a tragedy when two peoples collide. it is not a melodrama, some hollywood script that we reduce it to. >> laura: victor, finally, joe biden responded to trump and the america first agenda. i want to place quickly. he is responding to what we were talking about really tonight. >> donald trump subbrand of america first has too often lead to america alone. trust of the institutions around the world is down and fear of the other is way up.
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these forces have driven dangerous resurgence is of extreme nationalism and protectionism and xenophobia. >> laura: the bushes kind of said that and didn't hillary say a lot of that? it didn't work. >> yah, what donald trump inherited was a mess with iran,d joe biden doesn't have the moral authority to talk to anybody about racists. he said he was the first clean, articulate black figure to run for office. he made fun of indian americans and doughnut shops in delaware. he is a long history of gaffes that have a racist change to and he has no current ability on that topic. he should be quiet for his own good. >> laura: victor, thank you so much. as we mentioned in "the angle," president trump announced that he immediately issued an executive order to get an accurate count of noncitizens and citizens in the united states but not on the 2020 census.
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speak of the supreme court ultimately affirmed our right to ask the citizenship question. the supreme court also ruled we must provide further explanation that would have produced even more litigation and considerable time delays. these delays would have prevented us from completing the census on time. >> laura: joining me now, former deputy assistant general, johnny yoo. john, his critics said he backed down. but still can he get the same information through these databases? or was this kind of a way to kind of blur up the fact that they didn't really get what they wanted in the end. or do what they wanted. >> i'm afraid you are right. it looks to me like this is a retreat from the position the administration was taking a few days ago. the supreme court said it is legitimate for the government to try to ask a question on the census. are you a citizen or not?
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it is legitimate for the government to figure out how many citizens and how many aliens there are in the country. it has a lot to do with law enforcement, immigration law, social services, federal spending. it is a completely legitimate question. but i think president trump really did have it right. the supreme court, the chief justice and four liberals put the president in a tough spot by delaying the issue for so long it made almost impossible to have the census of physically printed to get the question in there. >> laura: kamala harris book out about the census issue today, let's watch. >> what this president is contributing to is a faulty sense is that we will have to live with for the next ten years. it is highly irresponsible because it is yet another example of this president trying to interfere and weaken our democracy. >> laura: that was it tonight. trying to interfere with our democracy. a lot of people think she is going to be the democrat
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nominee. a lot of people think that now. the obama's are backing her and she's going to go all the way and be the nominee. okay? what the heck is she talking about there? >> i'm not sure. i don't see how it interferes with democracy to know how many citizens are in the country and how many aliens. the left has a claim that merely trying to find out how many citizens are in the country somehow depresses the number of people who respond to surveys and so on. well, then they can complain about what donald trump is doing because he is not asking about citizenship. he is going to try to get those numbers from existing databases, from information the government already has. it's not clear whether that will yield of the most accurate count like you could've had with the census but it is hard to claim that this is going to depress the number of aliens who report themselves in the country. >> laura: [laughs] it's ridiculous. almost out of time but real quick, they are apparently going to do some interior enforcement
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of people who have exhausted their due process rights, their appeal, who are illegal aliens in the country, they need to go home. that's our law on the books. why is it the federal government is announcing these rates? and you understand that? they announce it in "the new york times" has a big weepy headline about it and everybody freaks out in the networks are giving advice to people, and basically evade i.c.e. why would they announce it that way? >> i don't know, laura. i think it is a big mistake. i agree, it would be far better if the government just every day saved up all their resources for these high profile, and as you say, everyone knows they are coming so they are not going to be that effective. >> laura: we are not going to announce what we are going to do, we are just going to do it. so i'm not sure why we are not taking that approach may it always good to see you end up
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next, jeffrey epstein now suing allender switch for defamation, saying he was a part of an illicit sex trafficking ring. he is up next to respond. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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♪ >> laura: new tonight, jeffrey epstein's attorneys asked the
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judge to allow the alleged to stay in his 70s have a million-dollar new york mansion while awaiting trial. now one of epstein alleged victims has filed a defamation suit against alan dershowitz, alleging that he was also part of an illicit sex trafficking ring. in moments, alan dershowitz will be here exclusively to respond. but first we go live to jonathan hunt in our west coast news or with the back story. >> good evening, laura. alan dershowitz was the first named in a legal document connected with jeffrey epstein in a lawsuit challenging epstein's infamous plea agreement more than a decade ago. a woman by the name of virginia accused several prominent figures of having taken part in alleged sex abuse. alan dershowitz and prince andrew were among those named. apparently dominic she says that dershowitz allegedly had
7:24 pm
with her in the virgin islands. in march of this year, alan dershowitz took to twitter to tweet a direct accusation against me and followed up with, my false accusers want to accuse me on twitter but i will accused them. i hereby accuse my false accusers of committing a felony of perjury and challenge them to sue me for defamation. they want because they know the truth will land them in prison. virginia then sued alan dershowitz for defamation. she accuses him of making false and malicious statements against her, including claiming that she is a certified complete, total liar and that she made up the accusations in order to obtain money from a wealthy businessman. and the lawsuit using his former name robert repeat to the core accusations against dershowitz, saying "during the time. that she was being traffic, she was forced to have with alan dershowitz.
7:25 pm
she was forced to have acts with dershowitz in, among other locations, epstein mansion in new york city." the suit was filed in the southern district of new york. she says it was designed more for the media and the court. they have filed an opposition to dismiss that accusation. >> laura: here now to bruce fonda's harvard law professor and offer of the introduction to the unpublished mueller report. good to see you tonight. why not fight this out in court in an effort to clear your name? >> well, i am going to. i have to do two things. i have to defend the first amendment right of every american to respond to false charges, and second, if the case does go to court, to show that she is a liar. let me repeat categorically, she made up the whole story. i never met this woman, it was part of an extortion plot to
7:26 pm
obtain a billion dollars from a businessman, the man who owns a victoria's secret. her own lawyer admitted to me on tape that it would be impossible for me to have been in the various locations at those times and that his client is "wrong. he simply wrong." i commissioned an investigation from the former head of the fbi who concluded that she was wrong. her own lawyers withdrew the charges it saying it a mistake to do so. this same woman who accused me accused bill clinton and al gore of being on jeffrey epstein's island, and the reports of the secret service -- >> laura: bill clinton did go to the island. >> no, he was never on the island. he was never on the island. he was never there. he issued a statement the other day saying he was never on the island and secret service confirmed he was never on there appeared to be
7:27 pm
when there are discrepancies. there were discrepancies on other matters with bill clinton. he said he was only on two flights, four, turns out there were six. maine, the secret service was always with him. it turns out they weren't always with him. i wouldn't throw yourself into a bill clinton on this necessaril necessarily. >> let's talk about al gore. she claims that al gore were on the island. not only did they not know jeffrey epstein but guess who al gore's lawyer was? david boyce, the same lawyer who claims that this woman made these improper allegations. he could've easily called his client, al gore, and said, were you ever on jeffrey epstein's island? and he would've told her what he told everyone else. no. he was never on the island, didn't know anyone at all. the interesting thing is that epstein is being prosecuted now and they are not using this witness. the fbi in the u.s. attorney's office are not using this
7:28 pm
witness. >> laura: does she have the same lawyer? does she have that same lawyer that you said you have on tape? still representing her? >> yes. david boyce, who has at his law firm, one of the worst ethical records in the history of the united states. they have more ethical charges against them than any other law firm. >> laura: at the big law firm. >> sean: but he is the head of the law firm. he was charged with unethical conduct by "the new york times," in the weinstein case. he was charged with questionable conduct indeed sarah in the ca. he has absolutely no court ability but in this case he knows the client made up the whole story and he told me that. i have it on tape beard all i did was repeat basically on tape what he had told me. >> laura: that is decimating if you have. >> yes, and it will be played in court. >> laura: if you have that on tape, that is bad.
7:29 pm
journalist vicki ward made this comment about -- told acosta you would make mincemeat out of the women. let's listen. >> the light that the "miami herald" shed on the victims' stories that were incredibly poignant and credible. remember back in 2008, alan dershowitz chose alexander acosta that he was going to make mincemeat of these women. >> laura: what does that mean? >> there is no truth to that at all. i met with acosta only wants the group of lawyers. probably 50 lawyers and fbi agents, i'm sure notes would come from. i never said anything like that. what i did say was there is no credible evidence that epstein at that time had transported any underage women in interstate commerce.
7:30 pm
and that was required. by the way, virginia roberts was not under age. they have all admitted now that she didn't start working for epstein until she was 17 years old. and that she doesn't even claim that she had sex with him. numerous people she has admitted to having sex with until she was over age, so she has lied about everything. it's your job as a defense attorney to make sure the evidence is credible evidence. >> laura: i can't believe i don't know the answer to this question, do you still represent him and when did you stop representing him? epstein? >> i stopped representing him when the deal was made and i haven't seen him in years. his lawyers call me and asked me a question about the deal, of course, as a lawyer i have to answer that question. look, i was introduced to him by the lady rothschild. the people he hung out with at the time were the president of
7:31 pm
harvard, i relationship with him was academic. we went to conferences, we had seminars in his office. none of us had any inkling that he had this other life. as soon as we learned about it, obviously all of us ended any kind of a social relationship. i then became his lawyer, i am proud of the fact i represented him. i represented a lot of controversial people, and we got a deal. some people criticize the deal but you can't criticize his defense attorney for trying to get the best deal possible. but i want to categorically state, i never met this woman. she made it up completely. i will continue to say that until the day i die and when i die, my children will continue to say it. it is a total, categorical live. >> laura: we appreciate you coming on tonight. this story is explosive and the underlying allegations against epstein are horrific. appreciate your joining us tonight. nancy pelosi is lashing out at aoc now over her latest attack
7:32 pm
on the speaker appear to latest email for the dividing the democratic party. will this help the g.o.p. in 2020 question rick kevin mccarthy, house minority leader joins me next onset. your brain changes as you get older. but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. at visionworks, we guaranteand look
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♪ >> they took offense because i addressed an offensive tweet that came out of one of the members' offices that
7:35 pm
represented our new dems essentially as segregationists. as i said in the caucus yesterday, an overwhelming response from my members because they know what the facts are. >> laura: at what a day for the democrats. that was speaker pelosi referring to a now deleted tweet from alexandria case you cortez chief of staff saying, the blue dog caucus seem hell-bent to do to black and brown people today to what the southern democrats did in the 1940s. that elicited a response to a staffer in an email that said aoc's chief of staff called a group of members racist. this group includes several people of color including two black men who actually experienced the segregated south. and now congressman lacy clay and the black caucus is likewise calling out aoc saying "because you can't get your weight you resort to using the race card? i find it juvenile. i find their ignorance to be
7:36 pm
beyond belief about american history." house minority leader kevin mccarthy. a little schadenfreude here. the table can be turned quickly when race is a card that you drop to avoid an argument. it's because that is what they try. this is internal war. this isn't a family feud. this is beyond what anyone thinks. when you see -- you also didn't point out what aoc's chief of staff said yesterday. >> laura: we have it. but it appeared >> to question this legislative mastermind, referring to nancy pelosi. >> laura: 's is just a passing riff here? >> sean: no. because what are they doing now? the socialist democrats are taking over. not only are they taking over the party, they will take over any democrat in the process as well. it is affecting what they're doing on the floor. we've got the national defense authorization bill up.
7:37 pm
for 60 years it has been bipartisan. it passed with 86 votes. they've made it partisan. they've gone to politics because of the socialists. >> laura: aoc criticizes anyone and everyone anytime she wants and she has social media. okay, that's fine. but you are in the the big dogn now. big dogs bite. if you're going to kill the king, killed the king. i can't get it. are you strong, young, girl power, or is it okay, i get hit and it's the damsel in distress thing? i am woman, hear me roar. then it's, oh, no, don't -- i don't like that. be one thing. it's kind of cool in some ways but that just doesn't work i don't think. >> a year ago this month you had never heard of her until she beat someone in the primary. she has moved fast but she always wants to try to use advantage. she will fight until you try to
7:38 pm
fight back and that she wants to play the race card. >> laura: you can't ever criticize a person of color but we we have democrats of color saying no, no. let's talk about what is happening this weekend, the administration, and i talked about this with john yoo a couple moments ago, they've announced they are doing ten major city raids and it was delayed earlier after an outrage and i don't really know why it was delayed, but here is senator mazie hirono saying about who is being targeted. watch. >> a lot of these people do have deportation orders but we also know of cases of people who had deportation case orders and are appealing these orders. >> laura: i don't know if that is like a hawaiian way of saying that's not true, but that is not even true. even "the new york times" agrees. that is not the worst thing we heard today. >> very reminiscent of nazi germany. just saying. i know you are not supposed to make that connection but i've
7:39 pm
been around long enough and bright enough to know that this is very similar to what happened to the jews. >> laura: how will we ever have a sensible immigration policy? in other words, no deportation, you can't detain people or deport people and you can't criminalize border crossing. what else? >> one of america's greatest strengths is rule of law. these individuals will have their day in court. illegally, it tells them they have to leave. it's not like someone is going to pick them up. they had their day. the court has ordered them to leave and they will not leave. we are going to say that's not right? pick them up, deport them, just as the law says they should. >> laura: this is what bill clinton said we should do, i love all the old, terry read, barbara jordan. >> in the state of the union, how many people did president obama deport? >> laura: 2020 democrats tonight, let's watch. >> this is all kinds of wrong and we are a better country than
7:40 pm
this to be separating families. >> it is really not about making america safer, but about striking fear into as many people as possible in order to keep this crisis in the headlines. >> a crime against humanity. >> laura: a crime against logical thought. >> she was a prosecutor, too. she has a law degree. doesn't she believe in the rule of law? if she broke the law when she uphold it? >> laura: who else can avoid court orders? >> they want to allow everyone to come into the country whether they are legal or not. what are we doing with the 130,000 homeless in california? how many of those are veterans? now we encourage people to come here illegally but not take care of the americans that they are customer it is absurd what they believe! >> laura: they have come a long way, haven't they? >> we cannot allow it to go on. >> laura: social media summit went well? >> it was good. you should be concerned about your privacy and that these companies have so much control.
7:41 pm
90% of every search goes through google. what they know about you, what they can say about you and what they can determine and affect what you understand. >> laura: by the way, real election meddling could be coming. >> not from russia but from companies. >> laura: big media and i'm glad this is being examined. a lot more has to be done by the justice department. american technology has really helped china increase their surveillance customer cone no. the answer should send shivers down your spine and it will next. with uncontrolled moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis, you feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin an overly sensitive immune system could be the cause. so help heal your skin from within, with dupixent. dupixent is not a steroid, and it continuously treats your eczema even when you can't see it. at 16 weeks, nearly four times more
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>> laura: democrats spent two years falsely losing president trump of russian collusion. all while ignoring blatant cooperation between big tech and china. a report today lays out in chilling detail how a nonprofit led by google and ibm execs set up a collaboration between a chinese firm and u.s. companies. now, their goal was to develop technology allowing for massive surveillance of roughly 200 million people. the video you are watching here was obtained by the intercept, but we have not verified it ourselves. but nevertheless, check that out. it shows a system, a person in a chinese city and that bright red line that you see is the person's movement being tracked from the airport, to a hotel,
7:45 pm
and passed an office building. joining us now to discuss, author of the coming collapse of china and steven mosher, president of the population research institute. gordon, the companies are giving much by way of answers tonight, but if this is true, what exactly are they contributing t to? >> they are certainly contributing to china's behavior to control its citizens. by the way, that is by no means an exceptional circumstance, and it is by no means of the worst. google has these artificial intelligence partnerships with universities, and it is building a partnership with the university of science and technology of china, which has a direct connection with the chinese military. all this time that google is refusing to work with the pentagon on ai and cloud computing. this is near treasonous. >> laura: [laughs] this -- i feel like a broken
7:46 pm
record on this. gordon, i've been talking about this for how long? 20 years? you've been on this for decades as well. how serious is this collaboration between big tech and the chinese government through its offshoots subsidized companies, and how dangerous could this be for u.s. geopolitical interests and human rights? [laughter] civil rights? all these things that liberals at google were endangered by the election of donald trump. but they are helping china? explain that. >> i don't know if i can explain that. it makes no sense at all. as gordon said, they refused to turn up their noses at helping the pentagon defend us, but at the same time they are helping the chinese communist party developed 24/7 high-tech surveillance technology, which basically puts every chinese citizen in a virtual prison. then they want to extend that prison overseas. lenin said the capitalists will sell us the rope that we used to hang them.
7:47 pm
these american high-tech companies are selling china the rope they are using to hang the chinese. make no mistake, after the chinese are hung, they will come for the rest of us. >> laura: i will just say this, the hollywood, the left and all their caterwauling about trump's doing this, this and that, everiism and if you can imagine, yet they have no compunction about working with a country that subjugates its people, puts them in prison camps, no religious liberty, no free speech, no political rights. and they don't bat an eye. i got to play this, this general making these comments about assisting chinese military, the u.s. companies. let's watch. >> we watch with great concern when industry partners work in china knowing there is that indirect benefit. the work that google is doing in china is indirectly benefiting the chinese military.
7:48 pm
>> laura: he says indirectly and then patrick shanahan basically says that now former defense sick to , secretary, it is directly assisting the chinese military. artificial intelligence, i know from high-level sources that they are very worried about china's advances in artificial intelligence. yes, these companies are giving the biggest assists. the whole span of technology that will change the way we interact we with each other and pretty much everything that is done. how significant is that? >> it is extremely significant because you have the former acting secretary shanahan. he was correct when he said direct because google's participation in this national quantum lab is indirect working with the chinese military because they are a partner in that lab. there is no question about it.
7:49 pm
clearly, we need to criminalize this behavior. it is up to us to make sure that google does not engage in this really repugnant and dangerous behavior. >> laura: real quick, we didn't trade with the soviet union for all those years. soviet union eventually collapsed. why are we having any real economic relationship with china given their names and their goals? which are stated. >> i think we ought to disengage the u.s. economy from the chinese economy. if we do that, the chinese economy will grind to a halt, the u.s. economy will go on from strand to strand. we've got to cut off high-tech transfers from china. on the side of the pacific, not on the chinese side of the pacific. we've got to rein in this kind of cooperation with a country that regards us as the enemy. if they regard us as the enemy that we probably ought to reciprocate. >> laura: panel, thank you so much. fantastic conversation as always. two incredible people and
7:50 pm
experts. coming up, our bloated voter rolls are ripe for fraud. we talk exclusively with a man who did an investigation that is going to blow you away just on this issue. what he discovered up next. but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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>> most consistent and pernicious lies he likes to tell is about alleged voter fraud. >> president trump speaking out in his first television interview tonight calling for a major investigation into bogus claims of voter fraud. why? >> voter fraud, there are still thousands of trump supporter's who say there is. >> at one point, very large number of voter irregularities were reported, involving very large numbers of people in certain states. without providing any evidence exactly what state he's talking about. >> laura: pew research found that 2.75 million americans are registered to vote in two states. yet they don't think any of that is really important. i want now to introduce you to mark hemingway, who did investigative work into these bloated voter rolls, and how that dynamic is rife for potential fraud down the road. our people conspiracy theorists for wearing about voter fraud, multiple votes? people who should not be voting, because they are not american
7:54 pm
citizens, voting? >> there's a lot of evidence to be that suggest that people should be concerned. in los angeles county alone, one county that recently admitted there was 1.6 million more voter registrations on file that there are citizens of voting age, that live in l.a. county. that is obviously a huge problem and it makes the place right for fraud. >> laura: that is why a lot of these people also, the same people saying trump is a not bad for saying it, they are againstr voting, they don't believe you should really have to verify your identity per voting. it's an interesting -- if you did the venn diagram on the two groups of people, they completely overlap. >> yeah, absolutely. the other part of of those is localities and state governments have to do their due diligence on this. federal law requires that they keep their voter rolls current. that is not going on. >> laura: stacey abrams from georgia, remember, she was defeated in her bed to be governor of georgia. she brought this issue up. let's watch. >> more than 1 million citizens
7:55 pm
found their names stripped from the roles by the secretary of state. tens of thousands hung in limbo, rejected due to human error and a system of suppression that had already proven its bias. >> laura: that sounded really ominous, like there was an effort to willy-nilly just take people off the voter rolls, to deny them their sacred right to vote. >> yeah, this has become a democratic talking points at regular voter list maintenance in state is somehow part of some voter suppression effort. the reality is, her opponent, brian kemp, secretary of state at the time, pulled 1.4 million people off of the voter rolls in georgia. he did tell mike to this over eight years, registrations increased in the state, and fure know that about 17 17 countiest according to the latest stats in georgia have more registrations than voters. if anything, it appears that brian kemp didn't pull enough people off of it. >> laura: he wasn't aggressive enough in cleaning up the roles. >> 11% of americans move every
7:56 pm
single year. you are throwing deaths and all these other things, voter rolls have to be maintained. democrats are saying it's basically a sinister plot if you go ahead and do this. >> laura: you know what this remind me of? that we worded it, it reminds me of the way they treat the borde. that merely enforcing current law as a racist thing. like, merely deporting people who have literally been ordered deported by federal immigration judges. that is a sinister plot. it is kind of the same thing, blurring the rule of law. >> that's absolutely true. it's also true that negligence is a huge problem. >> laura: this report is so important. we'll have you on the podcast next week. thank you for doing this. mark hemingway. "last bite" up next. ♪ ergizer. because energizer ultimate lithium is the longest lasting aa battery in the world. [confetti cannon popping] energizer. backed by science. matched by no one.
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>> laura: it's time for the "last bite." we'll express our love of many different ways but no matter what, i can always -- think we all agree this is truly beautiful to watch.
8:00 pm
>> [speaking foreign language] >> [speaking foreign language] >> laura: the deaf learning to sing a song. sometimes those moments are all we need. don't forget, my podcast drops today, you're going to love it. as always, podcast wand outcome, different side of me. you'll see the podcast, he read in the podcast. shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team have all the latest developments. >> shannon: quite a tease, laura. a different side. we'll check it out. we begin tonight with a fox news alert. very threatening public viewed is also looking to tear up the democratic party. alexandria ocasio-cortez and nancy pelosi upping the ante. chad pergram has the inside scoop on what some are calling a civil war. he's like with us in just minutes. plus, the rays and illegal immigrants with final deportation orders are reportedly back on and s


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