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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 12, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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[applause]. >> learning to sing a song. those moments are all we need. that's all-time we have tonight. don't forget my podcast, you're going to love it. you will see it in the podcast. shannon bream and the fox news at 19 have the latest developments. >> we will check it out, thank you. we begin with a fox news alert, a public feud looking to tear up the democratic party. congresswoman alexandria ocasio cortez and house speaker nancy pelosi upping the ante. our own chad program has the inside scoop on what some are calling a civil war. raids on illegal immigrants and
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final deportation orders reportedly back on and scheduled for this weekend as a number of top democrats are issuing warnings to those in the us illegally. fox news at night investigates a secret society of deputies in the los angeles sheriff's department accused of employing gains like scare tax, harassment, even allegations they took a bullet out of the deputy's gun before he went into the field, the fbi is now involved, you will hear live from an attorney. welcome to fox news at night. we have team coverage tonight, chad program standing by. we begin with kristin fisher, donald trump says he has a plan to get an accurate citizenship county benefit doesn't include a question on the 2020 census. >> donald trump insists he is not backing down but it is clear
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his citizenship question will not be on the 2020 census. he will be signing an executive order directing every federal agency to compile the information into the database. >> utilizing this vast federal database to gain a cool, complete, accurate count of the noncitizen population including databases maintained by the development of homeland security and the social security administration. we have great knowledge in many of our agencies, leave no stone unturned. >> the directive the aclu argued the supreme court case that kept citizenship question off the census says trump may claim victory today but this is nothing short of a total humiliating defeat for him and his administration.
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senator schumer called a retreat by the president and a significant victory for democracy and fair representation. donald trump continues to argue that there is nothing unfair about asking this question of everyone living in the united states. >> are you a citizen of the united states of america. i am sorry, i just can't answer that question. there used to be a time when you could answer questions like that very easily. there used to be a time when you could probably declare i am a citizen of the united states. now they are trying to erase the very existence of a very important word and a very important thing, citizenship. >> earlier in the day donald trump hosted a social media summit for several conservatives at the white house, afterwards many of the attendees went outside to the rose garden for the announcement about the census question and that is when former white house advisor sebastian gorka got into a shouting match with a member of the white house press corps.
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>> you are a punk. >> it and escalate beyond that but it was quite a scene. in a rather sacred then you buy washington standards. >> nothing in washington surprising us anymore, does it? thank you very much for your report. front and center tonight on capitol hill, friction in the democratic party goes public as the speaker of the house and four high profile freshmen clash with our chief capitol hill producer had a front row seat for all the drama. what about this? this back and forth and singling out accusations by the congresswoman versus the speaker? >> ocasio cortez and her chief of staff ruffled feathers suggesting nancy pelosi is singling out women of color and
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criticized moderate democrats as racist. he took on ocasio cortez saying if people have a complaint come talk to her, just don't tweet about it. she was clearly upset. >> i addressed that. how they are interpreting that. they are not going to be discussing it any further. >> reporter: he has no regrets calling out those numbers, she doesn't do regrets. william clay is a senior member of the congressional black caucus who unloaded on ocasio cortez. he said it was such a weak argument to say she was being picked on and women of color being picked on, tells you the number of ignorance to american history what we are is a democratic caucus. they have no sensitivity to racism. shannon: with that simmering let's talk the house judiciary committee, they were doing work on the hill today, 12 subpoenas for people close to the president. >> this is a grab bag of anyone
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close to the president, jared kushner, jeff sessions, chief of staff john kelly, corey lewandowski, doesn't mean they will issue the subpoenas the trump administration makes it privilege, and there may be contempt of congress. shannon: there are many battles on the hill. now we're hearing a lot of debate whether robert mueller is going to show up next week. i think your numbers are narrowing. >> two hearings next week. the house will both here, this is going to be key. house rule 11 says every hearing, each member gets 5 minutes to answer questions of every witness. the intelligence can he has 22 members of each take 5 minutes and they get done in 2 hours. with 41 members on the judiciary committee they need 3 hours and 25 minutes.
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this is not settled yet. there are four factors on capitol hill, the 3ps, policy, politics, procedure, the first two can be out of alignment but you have to follow procedure. i asked nancy pelosi if she would try to broker something, she said she will defer to committee. it is up to the committee. the most important thing, they have some time with robert mueller. shannon: we don't you don't fullest, you have it memorized. >> i had to look up rule 11. shannon: thank you so much. from the continued negotiations over mueller, the citizenship data and more blowback, the ice raids are coming back this weekend, let's turn to mike lee who serves on the senate judiciary committee, great to have you with us. and he lost this one and timewise, don't know there's
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another option revenue that would immediately throw them into court. he said he will get the citizenship data but it won't the a question on the census. one of your democratic colleagues says i'm concerned the damages been done. many people may now be scared to participate in the census. they say he didn't want people to cooperate and he has brought that to fruition. >> that is complete and utter nonsense. and i disagree with every word of the sentence, there's nothing wrong about the idea collecting data on who is a citizen or who isn't. it is going to chill people, keep people away from the census especially when the question is not even asked. i wish the questions were being asked, i wish the question were being asked. and the way they handled the case, the way it was resolved didn't make any sense.
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way are going to try to find ways to collect the data. you can't collected the same way that others can. >> even if he says this fight over getting that, democrats say it is not, the house oversight chair elijah cummings said the administration needs to turn over all the documents the committee has subpoenaed on a bipartisan basis or the house will vote to hold attorney general bar in criminal content. house democrats say there will be questions how this came to be. i'm sure they do and what they choose to vote on his their own decision but these things are not without consequence. they can't threaten that often without it losing its effect. not sure this will bring them what they want especially given the question. >> the aclu said it is about selling fear in immigrant communities when they talk about
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handling the question of citizenship. they are not the only ones talking about it. another colleague, senator hirono has this to say about the fact these ice raids may be ramping up this week. >> first and foremost this is the president selling fear, terrorizing these communities where immigrants live. these will not be targeted arrests. it will be a wide net selling fear in multiple cities across the country. >> what you make of her characterization of these potential raids? >> anytime law enforcement occurs at the police officer stops people who are breaking the law for one reason or another, people might be afraid of that but i don't understand the assumption underlying her comments that it is somehow bad to enforce the law. of enforcing our border is something we that is bad this is
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a strange set of cultural dynamics in our country. >> is not the only democrat saying it's time to get rid of ice or dhs altogether because they are doing unlawful things are operating outside their boundaries by doing things like this. >> the democratic party and its elected officials in congress and the senate are embracing this mindset that says enforcement of our immigration laws is categorically bad, dangerously out of touch with the american people and will be punished at the polls. >> we will see, thank you for coming in. fox news alert, the trump administration issuing an emergency disaster declaration for the wheezy anna, tropical storm barry's landfall, new orleans still trying to dry out from torrential rains earlier this week so let's go to our chief meteorologist in the extreme weather center for more. >> hurricane season, here we go again and we are getting started early, a big storm in louisiana, hurricane warnings on the louisiana coastline. potentially getting towards the
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hurricane, officially we are saying the hurricane center is single get around 75 miles an hour sustained wind, 75 is when it becomes hurricane, doesn't matter, that kind of a storm won't have a lot of damage because of that hurricane but it will bring a lot of moisture and one reason is really warm water, these water temperatures are i sort records for this time of year. the big problem is we have had so much rain this year. from the big snowpack over the winter and the rainy spring, record-breaking flooding all along the mississippi river watershed. all of that water is still flowing down the mississippi river and you see right here flood warnings still in the flood stage along the mississippi and it has been at flood stage for 185 days so an incredible amount of time. the mississippi river and the levees have been really stressed.
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now we have this storm moving in and that will cause big problems, storm surge 3 to 6 feet. doesn't sound like that big a problem but the mississippi river in new orleans is at 16 feet, the levees are only 20 feet high, so another 4 feet coming from rain or storm surge and we will see that water on top of those levees putting stress on those levees which is why we are concerned because of the rain. this is one of the models, a path right here around new orleans, 10 to 15 inches of rain. otherwise doing the same thing in totals, a little farther to the west so we are confident somebody will get that 10 to 20 inch rainfall total amount, a lot of people getting 6 to 10 inches so we will be watching inland flooding across mississippi and tennessee taking us into sunday and monday. are big concern in the new orleans area, to those levees
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hold? new orleans is below sea level, they pump that water back to the other side of the levees, if that water is as high as the levees it doesn't have any place to pump it to the french quarter would flood in a bad way so very concerned about it. >> that reason -- that region has been through so much in recent years. are progressive democrats play the race card against their own party leaders. what is behind the new drive by the far left. richard goodstein with analysis next. are you a veteran, own a home,
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♪ >> brand-new fox news poll showing joe biden in a commanding lead in the early primary state of south carolina at 35%, bernie sanders a distant second at 14%.
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kamala harris next at 12%. biden is laying out his vision for us foreign policy and putting the blame for current problems squarely on the trump administration. >> joe biden took aim at the most famous tenant. >> the world sees trump for what he is, insincere, uninformed and impulsive and sometimes corrupt. >> reporter: group of grad students watching biden blamed the president for many of the world's problems and boasted about his foreign-policy professionals. >> i work with president obama to craft a military diplomatic campaign that defeated isis. >> donald trump claims the opposite is true. >> the caliphate is gone as of tonight. >> biden insists that was a long time coming. >> trump's secret weapon to
12:20 am
destroy the so-called caliphate was continuation of the plan we put in place. >> kaylee mcinerney says joe biden would rather spend his time attacking donald trump and discussing the failed policies of the obama biden administration, and a quote from former obama and bush defense secretary robert gates who wrote about biden, quote, i think he has been wrong on every foreign-policy national security issue in the past four decades. biden sent the right message in south carolina where democratic primary voters say he is their top choice to handle the economy, healthcare and racial issues and has the support of 41% of black democratic primary voters. >> biden's remarks with a rally and more like a lecture. most of the attacks on trump didn't applaud at all until biden started a riff about ending us support for saudi
12:21 am
forces in yemen's civil war and that was almost half an hour in his remarks. shannon: thank you very much. biden's insistence the former vice president is not racist is working with african-american voters. we have those numbers, democrats on capitol hill are sparring over race issues. washington correspondent, welcome to you both, good to have you here. you know the back-and-forth that has been going on but let's remind people what alexandria ocasio cortez said in the washington post about nancy pelosi making comments about some folks. she said the persistent singling out, got to a point but it was outright disrespectful. the explicit singling out of newly elected women of color. what do you make of that?
12:22 am
>> remarkable that one of the founding members of the congressional black caucus said to play the race card was insulting to him and all the other members of congress that were people of color and in particular about an ideological fight. she and her cohort are fighting against democrats who wanted to make a deal on the border is ultimately what this was and the speaker's original comment that said this off was they only have four votes in the remains true. the majority of votes including many people of color were not with aoc when it came to that. >> the squad as she calls them, the suite for young members are getting a lot of headlines, heavy huge social media following. even if they only have four votes, we are talking about it. >> we had a controlled experiment on the floor of the house of representatives around the border funding where the moderates call the shots. i'm not talking about the squad just being the four votes again
12:23 am
but it was really kind of a contest between the two and the moderates won. aoc is helping nancy pelosi book moderate. all those ads republicans ran against her being a cookie liberal from san francisco, her answer is no, look at aoc, she is calling me a racist, too moderate. donald line southern democrat you one of the leading democrats is terry sewall, a black congresswoman from alabama who is among the people that aoc's chief of staff is saying is an old line southern -- it is cookie, crazy, ignorant and ultimately self-defeating. aoc should thank her lucky stars always democrats flipped districts from red to blue unlike her that went from blue to blue or, congratulations but she is in the majority because of them. if she were in the minority no one would care what she has to say. >> let's talk about biden. with interesting new numbers, a commanding lead there and in
12:24 am
that first showdown with senator harris, faced questions about race and segregation, that he had made comments about and it is interesting when you break down the fox news poll into white and black potential voters his lead is even bigger. biden is first with african-american voters, 41%. harris is back 30 points. >> also getting beaten by bernie sanders, that is remarkable. a lot of african-american voters look at joe biden, as part of fundamental obama legacy so shattered the ceiling for african-american people and they think, harris his own record on busing is not so clear now, she seems to have taken the same position she attacked joe biden for saying she's not for mandatory school busing. people see her waffling on that and private insurance and african-american voters like many democratic primary voters are skeptical. >> hillary clinton was in the same position relative to obama
12:25 am
in 2007 and obama by winning iowa black voters take away, white folks vote for him and i will. where we did and i have our votes and that is what he carried in south carolina and did so well with the black vote. harris, south carolina is not going to save her. >> thank you for coming in. the ninth circuit court of appeals ruling the trump administration can proceed with a new family planning policy overhaul which divers federal funds away from clinics that perform abortions and allocates that money to clinics that do not. nancy pelosi calling it, quote, heartbreaking. are there violent gangs in the los angeles county sheriff department? digging into some shocking allegations, what the whistleblowers are saying, we will hear from them live next.
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society be likened to a gang within the los angeles county sheriff's >> tattooed deputies, members of a secret society likened to a gang in the sheriff department accused by other deputies of harassment and beatings and more. the fbi reportedly investigating the inner workings of the so-called banditos. >> reporter: when we contacted the fbi to ask about this as per policy they cannot confirm or deny it is happening but we do know for sure group of sheriffs deputies in march filed a legal claim accusing sheriffs officials of failing to deal with a hostile work environment in the east la sheriff station, the deputies attorney saying at the time the atmosphere was tense and violent at the station and had, quote, led to the deputies fearing attack by their fellow officers more than by criminals in the street.
12:31 am
the officers claimed they were victims of the gangs with mishaps department known as the banditos and the sheriff department routinely hired gang members targeted and terrorized young latino deputies. the gangs members brand themselves with matching tattoos of a skeleton wearing a sombrero and bandolier and carrying a pistol as seen here in a picture provided to fox news by a source familiar with the legal claim. unsuitable 20th last year according to that claim a group of deputies, all members of the banditos surrounded and beat several other non-gang member deputies including one who was, quote, nearly strangled to death as he was choked out more than once and punched in the face by the gang and another who was, quote, savagely attacked by the gang and assaulted, sucker punched and knocked unconscious, then jumped on while he was unconscious on the ground. the claim also alleges that the banditos gained deliberately
12:32 am
endangers other officers by feeling for instance to provide backup to non-gangs members during potentially dangerous calls. the four deputies involved in the alleged beating of fellow offices last september were placed on paid administrative leave, charges not being filed at this point. the case is still under review by the district attorney's office. shannon: thank you very much. how dangerous are the so-called banditos? let's bring in an attorney for the deputies who have filed a legal claim against this group? vincent miller, great to have you with us. the more i read about these allegations, i was stunned, i don't think people think this goes on in law enforcement, maybe i am naïve but one of the
12:33 am
anonymous members talked to the la times and this is the way they described it, we get called the gangs, it is unfair. people want to say you have a tattoo, so do fraternities, go to yale. i they gained? boy scouts have patches and they have mission statements and so do we. is this like a brotherhood people are misinterpreting? what is your take? >> you can't call it a fraternity when you are punching out and strangling, sucker punching and when someone has been sucker punched unconscious, repeatedly stomping on and kicking on the lifeless body, to do that your coworkers, your partners who you rely on and expect to have your back, that cannot fall in the category of hazing. that is not hazing, it's not high school stuff. this is gaining behavior and everything the banditos have done qualifies as gang activity.
12:34 am
they have matching tattoos, they came to that party with the intention of attacking their fellow officers and gang members surrounded and severely beat several young officers. >> the sheriff was quoted in the la times talking about the fact that he had appointed a new captain and he says chavez identified the problem and problem players and has been doing a commendable job of sifting through them to get the station up and running to serve the community. of you seen improvements? you confident in the actions that are being taken? >> there hasn't been any disciplinary action. there has only been a transfer of 6 people, it should be noted there were 36 transferred, he has been quoted more than once, his own captain said that is not accurate. the number is actually 6 gang members and associates have been
12:35 am
transferred. the public is asking why are we talking about transferring gangs members? that solve the problem? absolutely not. >> from the city news service in march, talking about the gangs and trying to break this up, they claim the banditos continue to retaliate against young officers including by secretly emptying the bullets from one of the officers guns to set him up to be killed outside in the field. it boggles the mind. if this is true, is the fbi digging into this. we have other reports confirming telling us they have gotten involved. what do you hope happens here? >> that incident is one of many where offices lives have been put in danger intentionally by
12:36 am
their fellow officers, many times where officers have gone out on dangerous calls, called out on a murder call or what have you and the banditos gang members for prospects who want to join a gain intentionally not gone to the field to back them up. that is one of many problems we have and this stuff is continue to happen after we filed the claims and that is mind-boggling. we do welcome the news that the fbi has stepped in. something that we asked back in march when we filed our claims, we asked the county to voluntarily ask the feds to intervene because we didn't think the county would or could fix the problem on its own. >> shocking allegations. we will stay on it and see how this stands up. >> thank you. the president goes off on former house speaker paul ryan in a tweet storm tonight, breaking news next. >> of going
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>> harsh words from donald trump
12:41 am
for the former speaker of the house paul ryan, the president tweeting paul ryan, field vp candidate in former speaker of the house whose record achievement was atrocious, goes on to say he has the majority and with his for leadership in bad timing, couldn't get him out of congress fast enough, this is several reports are highlighting excerpts from a noble claiming he left because he was tired of the president. the former speaker made it clear he retired to spend more time with his young family. tonight it appears nationwide rates of illegal immigrants, who got final deportation orders are back on. he postponed this once before and the operation is scheduled to start this weekend. former presidential nominee hillary clinton is getting involved. allison barber has the story. >> every person in america has
12:42 am
rights. >> reporter: from nancy pelosi. >> ice deportation warrant is not the same as a search warrant. >> to senate minority leader chuck schumer. >> this is an active british force designed to spread fear and immigrant community. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers are lining up to condemn the immigration raids expected to happen in 10 major us cities as early as sunday and encouraging undocumented immigrants to know their rights. >> if i agents don't have a warrant signed by a judge a person may refuse to open the door and let them in. >> reporter: former democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton should a similar message in spanish asking twitter followers to share advice on what to do in case of raids. last month donald trump delayed the mass rate set to target some 2000 families facing deportation orders within a tweet he said he would give democrats and republicans 2 weeks to get together and work out a solution to the asylum and loophole problem. if not, he added, deportations
12:43 am
start this week. he said delayed deportations would begin fairly soon. the acting director of the us citizenship and immigration services ice is doing what they are supposed to do. >> the fact that we've fallen to the point that we are talking about it like it is news tells you how far we have fallen in the enforcement side. >> republicans agree. >> were talking about people going through courts, had their day in court and lost and just decided to avoid deportation. send them back as a signal to others that things are changing. >> democrats are adamant they believe the raids are inhumane and target nonviolent hard-working members of their community. >> every time we talk about a raid we are talking about american kids that are losing their parents. >> the ministration focus on the small minority who are actual criminals, not families and not 10-year-olds.
12:44 am
>> a spokesman for ice said concerns for agencies, they will not offer specific details related to enforcement operations but the spokesperson said ice prioritizes the arrest and removal of unlawfully present aliens who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security. homeland security officials say the number of migrants arrested by border patrol agents fell 28% from may to june at the us/mexico border. tonight the month-long search for a missing mother of 4 in kentucky comes to a end. matt finn has the story for us. >> reporter: the main person of interest here, david sparks has already pleaded not guilty to the first two charges he faces and we talked exclusively to the father of savanna spurlock. exclusively telling fox news he
12:45 am
finally got release after 6 agonizing months of waiting to find his missing daughter's body. >> hard, hard to breathe. hard to function. >> cecil spurlock tells fox news his instinct told him all along is missing daughter savanna was no longer alive after she left a lexington kentucky bar with three men in january. >> just felt like she was gone. she wouldn't be away from her 4 boys, she wouldn't just leave. >> police arrested and charged this man, david sparks in connection with savanna's disappearance, sparks is charged with contamination of physical evidence and abuse of a corpse. the question is whether sparks will be charged in savanna's murder. family members reported a foul smell on their property. investigators discovered the young mother's badly decomposed body, the same property police previously searched over the winter but at the time did not
12:46 am
find any remains. cecil spurlock said he had thoughts of finding the 3 plea men and taking justice into his own hands but instead prayed for answers. >> cruel, bad, nightmarish thoughts. >> the night savanna spurlock went missing she was seen leaving a bar with three men. david sparks has been charged. police are not commenting on the status of the other two men seen in that video. >> the president's social media summit, progress or propaganda? that is next. for up to 100% of your home's value. thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa. a(p7 offers free so bookers can book now...
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>> tamika my free speech is not when you see something good and you purposely wait bad. to be, that is very dangerous beach >> free speech is not when you see something good and make it bad. that is very dangerous and you become angry but that is not free speech. >> debating the first amendment, donald trump inviting prominent right-wing social media voices to a summit at the white house, twitter representatives were not invited, they will have a meeting next week.
12:51 am
meet the conspiracy theorists and m aga diehards at the social media summit and he was cnn's take. >> many democrats, independents and republicans say this is not a summit so much as i job on big social media companies, preemptive attack to pain them as unfair and beat them into submission as the 2020 race is heating up so if trump team get into any trouble in the election they can throw up their hands and say we told you they are unfair. >> the vice president of communications at the heritage foundation and the founder of turning point usa charlie kirk, good to have you both with us tonight. plenty of criticism of you guys, the southern poverty law center said bringing these groups together is beyond irresponsible, conducting a hate summit at the white house. >> too bad the splc descended into a group that ever uses the word hate because it cheapens actual hate.
12:52 am
what i saw were patriots that were proud to support their president and experienced difficulty on social media. it is too bad because the media is playing into this and they say conspiracy theorists are there. the media itself was engaging conspiracy theories with this russia hoax, the stuff they printed and put on the airwaves was anything but factual so they are projecting the faults they have themselves on the audience today. a lot got covered and there must be some exciting and important follow-through thanks to this meeting. >> they will say there is not a bias against you, not really happening but by continuing to have summits like this, people say conservatives are losing it on social media under the headline the white house social media summit has an interior motive, the fact remains despite
12:53 am
the liberal leanings of many tech workers social platforms have been an unqualified boon to the conservative movement. >> no question organizations like the heritage foundation and turning point usa, the president acknowledged that. it was partly a celebration of the success conservatives have on social media but also an opportunity to point out the bias we have seen. our own organization has had content removed and one of our employees suspended temporarily, later apologized by twitter. there are times these companies overstep and not clear about their own policies and that is what we were trying to point out. >> amazing we can point to actual specific examples of people being shadow band or having videos deal monetized, one of the most amazing statistics is the imbalance of contributions by gallipolis, million dollars to hillary
12:54 am
clinton, $0 to donald trump. these companies have an amazing amount of power but also a responsibility to make sure they are neutral platforms. >> many say we have a responsibility to take down content that is harmful and they are getting a lot of pressure, see what is happening in europe, massive fines over there. this is how they see it. jessica gonzalez told the hill i see the summit as a propaganda tool to pressure social media companies to allow hate, racism, xena phobia and religious bigotry, homophobia, to run wild. >> over 250 people in the room for the summit. the media is picking out a handful of people they may disagree with but the fact is there are mainstream groups and the conversation was productive because we talked broadly about the concerns, you apply the characterization to them as well? i don't think so. the fact is these companies have not been transparent about their policies and they backtrack when
12:55 am
they make mistakes and oftentimes labeled hateful content by liberals living in silicon valley and writing the rules. >> they call these isolated incidents but we have an entire room with amazing amount of stories that are not isolated incidents but a pattern. shannon: there will be an meeting at the white house next week. thank you for coming in. drama and action on the high seas, you don't want to miss it next. ok i'll admit. i didn't keep my place as clean as i would like 'cuz i'm way too busy. who's got the time to chase around down dirt, dust and hair?
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>> shannon: check out this dramatic footage of the coast of columbia. of the coast guard intercepting >> dramatic footage of the coast of colombia, the coast guard intercepting a submarine carrying thousands of pounds of cocaine in a high seas both. when it refused to stop a guardsmen leapt onto the top and pounded the hatch until smugglers surrendered. this crew had seized 39,000
1:00 am
pounds of cocaine and 900 pounds worth of marijuana valued at $569 million at that happened between may and june of this year alone. hats off to that coast guard crew. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. >> i love you, buddy. you will get justice. >> they are going to be good boys. heather: friday, july 4th -- july 12th, this is "fox and friends first". on the east coast, justice for savanna spurlock. the family of the kentucky mother speaking out in the fox news exclusive after her remains were found 6 months after she vanished. one suspect behind bars as investigators try to uncover exactly how she was killed and who was involved. millions of americans bracing for wh


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