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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 12, 2019 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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pounds of cocaine and 900 pounds worth of marijuana valued at $569 million at that happened between may and june of this year alone. hats off to that coast guard crew. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us, good night from washington, i am shannon bream. >> i love you, buddy. you will get justice. >> they are going to be good boys. heather: friday, july 4th -- july 12th, this is "fox and friends first". on the east coast, justice for savanna spurlock. the family of the kentucky mother speaking out in the fox news exclusive after her remains were found 6 months after she vanished. one suspect behind bars as investigators try to uncover exactly how she was killed and who was involved. millions of americans bracing for what could be the first
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hurricane of the season. tropical storm barry expected a printer into rain and flooding to the louisiana coast and we have team coverage tracking every move. [shouting] heather: us coast guard offices jumping on top of a suspected drug running submarine. the video that will get your blood pumping this friday morning, "fox and friends first" starts right now. ♪
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heather: good morning, always good when you start with a little florida georgia line cruising your way into the weekend. you are watching "fox and friends first," thank you for starting your day with us. we have to begin with severe weather coverage. tropical storm barry is churning towards the coast of louisiana. overnight donald trump declaring a state of emergency. thousands of residents sandbagging, scrambling to evacuate ahead of what could be the first hurricane of the season. barry is expected to bring storm surge and potentially life-threatening flooding to new orleans as early as tonight. the city's mayor warning residents take shelter in several states on the gulf coast remain on alert. meteorologist rick is live in the studio and is tracking of the storm. good morning.
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>> not that the storm is so big or strong but there is so much water in the mississippi river because of all the rain and snow we saw last winter. all that water trying to get out and now you have water trying to get on shore. hurricane warnings in effect in coastal louisiana. it is still a tropical storm but a tendency for increasing, the models showing it could increase throughout the day today. at the center of the storm all the action is far to the south and that means a big storm. a lot of moisture on shore indicating we should not look at the center point. to the northwest a bit of a landfall, the center of the storm crossing overland overnight tonight into tomorrow but a lot of warm water at the peak heat of what it should be, not where we are in july, water temperatures pushing 90 °, one
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of the reasons it will continue to strengthen. this is oyster i'm talking about, still have flood warnings in the mississippi river. that is the longest the mississippi river has been in continuous flooding since we have known about the flooding stage. a lot of water pushing on sorenson spots, 10 to 20 inches. we don't know where that will happen but potentially new orleans area, that will be a big problem. heather: new orleans and flooding, nobody wants to hear that. appreciate it. today vice president mike pence is set to visit the southern border with the second lady and members of the senate judiciary committee. the group will get a first-hand look at a migrant detention center in mcallen, texas as house dems holy hearing on the treatment of migrant children.
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acting dhs secretary kevin mack a lean in and mark morgan were invited to testify. morgan hasn't responded. as the vice president prepares to visit the border senate democrats are proposing a bill to make family separation there illegal. the policy that allows it halted by the trump administration. the bill would make sure it could not be reimplemented and it also calls for more immigration judges and to provide legal and social services for immigrants. donald trump pumping the brakes on the legal fight to put the citizenship question on the 2020 census. doug lose 8 or joins us with more. the president found another way to get some answers. >> reporter: a surprising turn of eventss. most expected an executive order to add the census question, the
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citizenship question to the census but that is not how it played out yesterday. >> we are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of the united states population. we will defend the right of the american people to know the full fact about the population, citizens and noncitizens in america. we will leave now stern unturned. >> reporter: the president says he's not backing down but this is a major step back from the original position he staked out on this. instead of the census route, the president is ordering the government to gather data through other methods to come up with the citizenship count. >> the president has chosen today will bring unprecedented resources to bear on determining how many citizens and noncitizens are in our country and yield the best data the government has had on citizenship in many decades.
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>> reporter: immigration and customs enforcement is latest begin a nationwide sweep of illegal immigrants who face court orders to leave the country and some democrats are suggesting work arounds to fort ice. >> it is not the same as a search warrant. if that is the only thing, agents do not have a legal right to enter a home. if ice agents don't have a warrant signed by a judge a person may refuse to open the door and let them in. >> in a hearing scheduled about children in detention centers. jillian: we will talk about that coming up. have a good weekend. democrats declaring victory over the president abandoning the
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citizenship question but the real clear politics, both parties will fire up their base. >> it is a political football. and democrats are in a situation, he gave up the battle. and the judiciary against him and his supporters. and william barr standing up to say, it is constitutional. that is going to be his argument. >> this p.m. court did not rule against adding the citizenship question but required the trump administration to provide a more substantive reason to add it.
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r kelly arrested a new federal sex crime charges in chicago in a 13 count indictment including child pornography, obstruction of justice. and facing several other charges of felony sexual assault. michael avenatti weighing in, he will hold a news conference on monday. the embattled lawyer represented whistleblower in the case against kelly. to indiana, two indian brothers facing terrorism charges accused of trying to supply untraceable guns to isis. prosecutors say they sold dozens of ghost guns, there are no serial numbers, to an undercover fbi agent. facing a maximum sentence of 20 years for aiding a group. the feds claim this case is the first of its kind where people are allegedly making guns to sell to isis. some election news, joe biden
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unleashes on donald trump while vowing to overhaul us foreign policy. >> the world sees trump for what he is, insincere, uninformed and impulsive. it is long past time we end the forever wars which have caused untold trouble. heather: the front runner accused the president of, quote, falling in love with a murderous dictator in north korea. presidential hopeful pete buttigieg unveils a new proposal to combat racial inequality. >> it is a time for all americans, when black americans -- every american is better off. heather: douglas plan includes increased funding for historically black colleges and universities and more federal
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oversight as buttigieg struggles to gain traction among black voters in the 2020 race. some good news for you. a foxbusiness alert, wall street closing at another record high. [bellringing] heather: the dow jones surgeon about 20,000 points for the first time ever. the 220 point increase is credited to the easing of trade tensions in the federal reserve's pledged to lower interest rates. sad reminder, today marks 11 years since the death of tony snow. >> this is susceptible 21st edition of fox news sunday. good morning from fox news in washington. heather: tony snow was the first host of fox news sunday and former white house press secretary under george w. bush. he passed away from colon cancer
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in 2008 leaving behind a wife, jill, and their three children. we are told all of them are doing very well, his youngest daughter graduating college one year early. he was 53 years old. the time is 11 minutes after the top of the hour. donald trump outlining his executive order to find out who was in the united states illegally. >> ultimately this will allow us to have a more complete count of citizens than through asking the single question alone. heather: why our next guest says the president's new strategy makes perfect sense. out and do putting itself on the map for the wrong reasons. the mistake that has social media schooling the company on geography. - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with
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who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome.
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>> we are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of the united states population. we are pursuing a new option to ensure complete and timely count, i will ensure an executive order to put this very plan into effect immediately. heather: the president outlining his to get an accurate count of us citizens without using the 2020 census. is this a win for the president? former deputy assistant for policy and economic development under the trump administration doctor gavin clarkson joins me with more. thank you for joining us this morning. >> glad to be back on. the 20 what is the president talking about? these other avenues, this new option, other methods to determine citizenship and will it work? >> the objective is to try to find out who is a citizen and
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who is not. what the president is doing is bringing the power of the federal government in terms of different databases they have to figure out the people counting the senses, who is a citizen, who is here legally, who is here illegally so the objective is to get a complete and accurate census, to use that for things like deploying ice resources. the goal is to have the most accurate picture of the population which is what the constitution requires under the enumeration law. heather: how do you do that if the citizenship question is not on the census? >> they will get identifying information from the senses and match that with other federal databases to answer the question without asking the person. sometimes the person might lie. they might say i am a citizen when they are not. they might say i am here legally when they are not whereas this
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way by matching the databases as a former computer scientist make sense to do it this way, the democrats and radical open borders left will try to delay the process beyond the time the senses can be printed. this way they may have won the delaying action but the census and commerce department will have accurate information about a simple question. how many of the united states are actually citizens. heather: is a matter of logistics and not legality and i'm wondering as you talk about it, seems like it will be very involved, will it cost more money to do it this way? >> i would have to see more details about the specific data but i don't anticipate it will cost substantially more money. the supreme court said it is perfectly acceptable to ask about citizenship. the president's team would have won and the attorney general said they would win this chase. the problem is it would take too
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long. heather: you are running for u.s. senate from new mexico and as such, you know about the immigration problem. the new york times reporting about these nationwide ice raids set to begin sunday, originally came from the new york times that it would be 10 major cities, we can pull that up for you but these are people who have gone through the court process, the court process, they are living here illegally, correct? >> these are people who had their due process was a federal judge issued a deportation order. i don't hear democrats talking about rule of law because they don't like this outcome. these are people who had their day in court and they said you need to leave the country and they are defining the rule of law by illegally remaining. bill: nancy pelosi at the top of the show, what about democrats
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telling them how they can get around this? >> it is unconscionable they would try to help people define the rule of law. you hear democrats saying illegal aliens had children in the united states who are citizens and that is also wrong. as a tribal member i can tell you i'm not a citizen because i was born in the united states. it took an act of congress in 1924 to make me, my parents and tribal grandparent citizens under the indian citizenship act of 1924. anybody who tells you the 14th amendment guarantees citizenship for anybody born in the united states is wrong. heather: thank you for joining us. we will see if this goes down on sunday and we will be reporting on it. thank you. have a great day and a great weekend. time is 20 minutes after the top of the hour, a tragic end to the search for missing kentucky mother as her heartbroken father
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speaks with fox news. >> i love you, baby. justice has been served. you will get justice. heather: what we know about the single suspect under arrest and who else may be involved. high rt and lower their payments by $600 every month.
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and i started exploring books that i normally wouldn't read. our ability to empathize through these stories, with these stories, can be transformational. it's my own thing that i can do for me. see what listening to audible can do for you. just text listen5 to 500500. >> the last week, i thank god for closure. he did it. >> savanna spurlock's father says he's happy to have closure after his daughter's remains were found in kentucky. cecil spurlock opening up, aishah hasnie joins us with details on this case. >> reporter: he said he knew his daughter was gone.
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savanna spurlock went missing on january 4th. a lexington bar, police recently got a tip, from the garrett county home. belong to the parent of one of the men lasting with savanna. her remains were found on the property and according to police, beneath the ground. he had been begging god to bring the search for his missing daughter to a end. >> it was really justice for savanna. >> savanna had four sons, a 4-year-old, a new set of twins,
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his new job is to make sure they are happy and taken care of. david sparks shortly after finding remains, in charge with tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse. the court entered a not guilty plea on his behalf. missing or murder charges, pretty early into this investigation, and how she got it. >> hopefully they will come up with answers for family too. thank you so much. 26 after the hour, iran tries and fails to steal a british taken with american aircraft flying overhead. what does this mean for the us? iran is not getting message from the trump administration. the action the us needs to take now.
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>> half past the top of the hour, look at your headlines, mike pence at the southern border with the second lady. members of the senate judiciary committee. house democrats holding a hearing with treatment of migrant children. arrested a new federal sex crime charges in chicago, 13 count indictment includes child pornography, obstruction of justice, the singer is facing several other charges of felony sexual assault.
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wall street with another record high, dow jones surgical of 27,000 points for the first time ever. the 228 point increase is credited to the easing of trade tensions in the federal reserve pledged to lower interest rates. extreme weather, louisiana preparing for the worst as tropical storm barry threatens to turn into a hurricane. thousand sandbagging, heading to higher ground, whatever they can do as forecasters predict dangerous storm surge and life-threatening flooding. doug mcelway is live in new orleans as the storm begins to lash the coast. >> lurking behind this storm is the memory of hurricane katrina. remember the devastation it reeked honesty and it was not a traditional devastation it was not wind but water that caused
1:32 am
the trouble. huge amounts of rain, huge amounts of flooding and we are expecting the same thing with the storm, helps to explain the urgency of the president's tweet when he urged people on the gulf coast, quote, it is imperative, imperative that you heed the direction of fema, state and local officials working here fo years below sea level. it is the big easy as people call it. let the good times roll is the philosophy of the city. a lot of people are reticent to leave their homes because of potential for looting. they want to take it easy, they like being where they are and think it will pass. it is one of the reasons governor john bell edwards is employing people to make sound decisions. >> it is not too late to put your family in a better position. have a game plan.
1:33 am
this is a serious storm. the way the national weather service is describing it is life-threatening flood potential. that are to get everybody's attention. >> reporter: the city is proud of the fact it has the capability of being able to extract more water than any other city in the world. it has 120 pumps, each of which are capable of removing 1000 ft. of water per second. we are told all the two of those pumps are operational. it can move an inch of rain water within an hour and after half an engine of rain water for every subsequent hour but they readily acknowledge we are expecting 10 to 20 inches of rain and they cannot keep up with that. there will be flooding, how much we don't know. we will be watching. heather: katrina, memories fresh and everyone's mind.
1:34 am
prosecutors and police pushing fingers at jeffrey epstein who skipped the court mandated check-in for eight years. that according to the new york post. epstein was ordered to report to a manhattan courthouse after 90 days after registering as a sex offender but he never did. the report comes as a lawyer for two of epstein's accuses slam labor secretary alex r costa's deal with the financier. >> after that private 1-on-1 meeting it is clear victims were never told there was a signed agreement between epstein and acosta for federal prosecution. heather: he pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges on monday. the house judiciary committee voting to authorize subpoenas to 12 key witnesses in the mueller probe. donald trump's son-in-law and senior advisor jared kushner, former attorney general jeff
1:35 am
sessions and former deputy attorney general rod rosenstein. this comes ahead of robert mueller's series of hearings on capitol hill and according to the washington examiner nancy pelosi warning democrats to steer clear of drama. do you think that will happen? iran, let's talk about this, iran targeted a british oil tanker in the persian gulf, the latest sign of aggression from the rogue nation. is donald trump's maximum pressure campaign a reason for the new escalation and what does this mean for the us? here to discuss is the president of security studies jim hansen. thank you for joining us. what about this latest escalation? >> a clear sign that iran has not gotten the message. this was reportedly in response to the seizure of the tanker
1:36 am
that was taking iranian oil which is for didn't. now we have iranian faster boats harassing attempting to commandeer tanker in the strait of hormuz again and the only reason it didn't happen, the only reason we are not watching british hostages on tv is they have a warship escorting it. that is not a good enough thing to do. we can't escort every warship. heather: the british warship intercepted it. the american aircraft flew overhead. are they just trying to provoke the us? >> they are trying to show they will not be bound by the standards they are supposed to adhere to. i don't know how you start negotiations with someone who is willing to try and create a hostage situation and attack tankers. at some point the us or the brits or whoever is in the area needs to turn those iranian faster boats into flotsam and jetsam to let them know that is
1:37 am
not acceptable in the modern world. heather: hopefully things will de-escalate in that area. switching gears, you were at the white house social media summit yesterday, social media discrimination against conservatives, that was the key topic. what do you think of what transpired yesterday? >> it was very productive. the president brought leaders in congress have a cabinet and others together and we talked about what concrete steps we can take to stop tech giants from using their monopoly power to conduct viewpoint discrimination and we asked the president was he willing to use the investigative powers of some of the federal agencies to look into this and he said that is on the table. when the tech giants come in, to go and talk, bringing in facebook and twitter and google and youtube, to say you need to show us what you're doing that is causing this and show us what
1:38 am
you're going to do to stop it. we don't want government intervention. we wanted level playing field in the spirit of free speech. heather: here is something else the president had to say. >> i notice things happening when i put out something, a good one that people like, good tweet, take it down and it goes up, does anyone know what i am talking about? heather: lots of folks the what he is talking about. final word on this. >> tech companies have tremendous power, they built a tremendous product and we respect free-market capitalism but when you have a monopoly on a vital thing like information you need to treat everyone fairly. heather: jim hansen, great to have you with us, have a good weekend. the time is 20 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump will need swing voters to come on top of the 2020 election but who are they and i democrats
1:39 am
doing a better job reaching them? our next guest brings in the vital group that could be the key to winning crucial battleground states. ♪ so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> the house will vote on renewing the victims compensation fund, if it doesn't pass, victims only have until december 2020 to file claims. $1.4 billion, the latest settlement related to the opioid crisis today. and addiction treatment medication will pay the us government the record amount of the government accusing the company of fueling the opioid
1:43 am
crisis by making false or misleading claims to promote the drug and drive up sales and it is also a type of opioid. swing voters played a pivotal role in donald trump's historic 2016 victory but who are those voters and could they hold the key to a democratic victory in 2020? deputy assistant to george w. bush, brad blakeman, let's look at this. the preliminary battleground state, arizona, florida, but what i want to take a look at, where the 2020 democrats are campaigning and out of this list only two potential battleground states, iowa and new hampshire. why are they only campaigning in two of the battleground states? >> those are the first state of
1:44 am
the union that have caucuses and primaries so they are looking at the selection process. they are going to go to tried and true base to gain the nomination, and have to improve messages to a broader audience including swing voters and independents. >> what the swing voters? >> they identify as a party but don't necessarily vote and a knee-jerk reaction with republicans or democrats, and association. they know where they are with micro-targeting, he is going through this before but he knows where his votes came from last time. the challenge is to keep those votes. >> the approval rating so far in
1:45 am
the top battleground states, new hampshire, wisconsin 46%, michigan 44%, pennsylvania, florida, 44%. looking at those numbers, good or bad? >> the president gets knocked out every day by 24 democrats running for the nomination including the liberal media, who gets his head knocked in every day, doing great and especially when you look at his record and these polls don't mean very much. if i were the president i would not be losing any sleep. i would be happy where i am because that is a good indicator where it is going to go and based on what we know, it turns on the economy and the economy cannot be going better. heather: can't pay attention 100% to polls the last time around.
1:46 am
when it comes time to get those swing voters they seem extreme this year talking about free healthcare for illegals, open borders, and will that attract swing voters? >> democrats are making an irreversible left turn. today they want to be identified as democratic socialists. america isn't going socialist in 2020. there base is so out of touch with the general population, which elects presidents. i don't think people will be for open borders, and raising taxes. the economy cannot be doing better. the middle class is not getting fair share.
1:47 am
every sector of this economy is doing well. good luck to them. if they make their left turn to be selected they will never be elected. heather: the dow closing at a record number again yesterday. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. the time is 15 minutes until the top of the hour. an incredible coast guard bust, on camera. how these brave service men are able to race down a submarine to catch the criminals inside. look like a movie. ♪ we're the slowskys.
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[shouting] heather: take a look at this. the us coast guard stops the drug smuggling submarine. dramatic video showing crewmembers yelling in spanish to stop before leaping onto it. at the ecuadorian colombian border, 17,000 pounds of cocaine on board. donald trump tweeting do you believe this kind of bravery? amazing drug seizure. unbelievable. something like you would see out of a movie. lockheed martin will stay in pennsylvania thanks to donald trump. here to explain why the ceo changed course.
1:52 am
>> to keep the pennsylvania plant open, saving 465 jobs. maryland, the chairman and ceo, at the request of donald trump, i took another look at our decision to close the pennsylvania facility and decided to keep it open while we pursue additional work. a good operation with an excellent workforce, we look forward to working with the government and pennsylvania congressional delegation for this facility. donald trump went to ask them to keep the plans open. a little bit of concern from bob casey saying happy about this but what will happen in the future? heather: a car that can read
1:53 am
your face, jaguar's facial recognition tag knows what music you want. >> this is very interesting, very futuristic. and artificial intelligence system that will be able to monitor your behavior or keep track of how your facial expressions are and make adjustments in the car. it uses a camera and biometric sensors to do that so it will adjust, it will play your favorite podcast, if it senses your tire about to go off it will change the temperature, lower it to make sure you stay awake so it is using, to read your face and make adjustments within the car. it will tell your personal preferences. heather: if you have a lot of
1:54 am
botox you can't really tell. thank you. the time is 8 minutes until the top of the hour. this daredevil stunt didn't turn out too well. what happened after he jumped on top of this box of fireworks. s . thank you, admiral. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> nike, an arizona factory despite controversy with the state's governor. $1 million in state money for the security. doocy welcomes mikey to arizona touting the 500 jobs it will create. the shoe company will get to billion dollars in tax breaks from the city. the soda brand unveiling this map of the do --dewnited has a mistake, they apologize for the oversight promising to fix it and asked pennsylvania residents for input on a special edition label. now it is time for the good, the
1:59 am
bad and the ugly. a fire department welcoming 12 new babies to their firefighter family. just one year after they put their lives on the line battling the deadly camp fire in northern california. >> after the carr fire we got emotional and told each other what was happening. heather: there are three sets of twins. the families involved calling the group one big family. canadian driver busted for this beer case booster seat. police in ontario charged the 22-year-old behind the wheel after citing the 2-year-old strapped improperly. the child was not hurt. the ugly. a daredevil standing on a box of lit fireworks was a good idea for some reason until this happened.
2:00 am
the idea blowing up in his face as he lands on the sidewalk, not a good idea. the indiana man gets up and dusts himself off but he did break his arm in the fall. lucky that is all that happened. we hope you have a great weekend. that wraps up this hour of "fox and friends first" which continues right now. see you later, goodbye. >> justice will be served, you will get justice. rob: it is friday, july 12th. kentucky police confirming the worst. six months after savanna spurlock disappeared at her father telling fox news he is determined to see justice served. jillian: who is in custody and who else could be involved? latest on a case that captured the country's attention. louisiana bracing for the impact of tropical storm barry, threatens to become the first hurricane of the season.


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