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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  July 12, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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independence. >> dana: and for these puppies, we have to help raise them. >> yes. >> dana: see you at the plank challenge. i'm dana perino. see you on "the five." we'll have facebook friday. that's fun. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, 2:00 p.m. on the gulf coast. tropical storm barry is already starting to hit louisiana and areas around it. forecasters say this is a life threatening situation. we have reporters on the grounds. we'll get a live update from the national hurricane center center in this hour. also, a big victory for the heros of 9-11. the battle is far from over. for those that were sick and dying and those that will be. >> this is necessary. it is urgent. it is morally right. >> shepard: it's the fight to make luis alvarez's dying wish come true. reporting begins now.
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>> shepard: we begin with the gulf coast bracing for barry. the tropical storm which could become the first hurricane season -- first hurricane of the season is threatening as it barrels towards the gulf coast. it's on track to bring in tense, deadly rains in some areas already inundated for months with flooding including new orleans. the storm is said to make landfall along the louisiana coast sometime before sunrise tomorrow. but mandatory evacuations are in effect. forecasters warn of a 3 to 6 foot storm surge. barry is moving slowly. it will likely to it is and spin over the southern united states dumping water for days. i want to show you a map from the national hurricane center. new orleans and baton rouge are in this area here. they could see record rainfall,
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up towards of 20 inches. all of this -- see this mississippi? in the orange. even along the mississippi, alabama line, all the way down to the gulf here and all along louisiana, stretching over to the florida panhandle. for areas near louisiana's lake ponchartrain, more than two feet of rain. flooding from hurricane katrina devastated much of this area 14 years ago when levee's breached. one woman in new orleans that lived through that as well as another nightmare storm, betsy, in 1965, says she will never get used to the feeling of know ago potentially deadly storm is on the door step. >> for people like stays in new orleans or in louisiana, it's fearful for us. we don't like it but it's something that -- this is where we chose to live, so this is what we have to live with. it's an eerie feeling. you don't ever get comfortable
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until you know it's over. >> shepard: low-lying coastal areas are the major concern. officials say they expect the levees will hold. early concerns that some of those levees might be topped have now lessened. but that storm surge, if it pushes up the mouth of the mississippi river with copious amounts of water coming down river and the new surge pushing upriver could be problematic. forecasters say flooding could affect people as far north as arkansas. the national weather service is warning people to prepare now. barry is producing sustained winds of 65 miles an hour and gusts up to 75. so a minimal hurricane will be 74 miles an hour that will classify barry as a category one. whether it reaches hurricane strength is no significance at all. it's the rain and flooding that is of great concern. we have team fox coverage, adam
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klotz. and first, casey stegall live in new orleans. casey? >> shepard, you no too well the anatomy of these storms. as they start to churn and make their way closer to land, you feel what are known as the outer bands. boy, all day long, we've been feeling them. where we have very heavy downpours and heavy winds. then we go into a lull. the wind picking up back now just as we're going live. i want to show you live what you're talking about, shepard, in regards to the levees. look how high the mississippi river is back there. for context and perspective, normally it's about 6 to 8 feet above sea level. right now it's 16, one 7 feet. the levee back there is only 25 feet high. on the other side, the houses, that's the ninth ward and the
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lower ninth ward. two aerial pictures of the fox drone that went over the ninth ward earlier. obviously an area devastated during katrina. this shows you what the exact spot looks like. a lot of the homes that were rebuilt were elevated. they've been put up on stilts to protect against future flooding. even with the city closing the flood gates and activating the full hurricane protect system that was put in post katrina, seeing the water already so close to the tops of those levees, even though the corps of engineers believe they will be okay, still seeing the level that high has a lot of folks that we've talked to mighty nervous, shepard. >> shepard: what's the word on evacuations, casey? >> we have mandatory and voluntary evacuation orders. of course, you have the lower-lying areas, the parrishs
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that have low-lying spots. and also jefferson parrish. a lot of them coming out. grand isle coming out not long ago. residents have been told to get out in those spots. folks in metro new orleans have been advised to stay put but have three days of food, medicine and water on hand. those defying orders to leave being warned is at your own risk. rescuers may not be able to reach you in the event of an emergency. >> it's natural. people don't want to leave their houses. before katrina, we had a bunch of people that stayed. we had smaller storms and all. they got comfortable saying oh, it's not that bad. it's not going to be that bad. >> 3,000 national guard troops, by the way, deployed across the region helping with the preparations now. once barry comes through, it will be assisting with cleanup,
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recovery. shep? >> shepard: casey stegall live. the worst of any hurricane outside of the eye wall is almost always to the right side of the center. the tropical storm or a hurricane in reality is a strong low pressure center. so it spins counterclockwise, pushing lots and lots of water from the sky and the sea to the right side of the storm center. in this case, that will include south mississippi yet again. steve harrigan is there reporting live from bay st. louis about 50 miles east from new orleans right along the coast. steve? >> shepard, right now, pretty good gusts of winds. the father here is the water. we expect anywhere from 5 to 12 inches of rain in parts of mississippi and a five foot storm surge. we're going to see likely flash flooding not only along the coast but inland as well. we've seen a number of high water rescue vehicles out on the streets, fire departments here
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in bay st. louis have performed several rescues. some roads already overtopped. a short time ago a storm chaser shot some video of an alligator, an eight-foot alligator that washed up on the street nearby here. he used his truck to create a wake to push the alligator back into the marsh. so when you're wading in this water, that's what you can find, shepard. >> shepard: guessing the locals are sticking around. >> certainly are. especially when you talk to people that have been through katrina, which for many people here was really a life or death situation. we've seen people come down to the shore looking at things here. many of them have a sense of anticipation, even excitement, about the first storm of the season. >> i love it. i do. but i think we're just going to get rain. i'm from gulfport. i like to come down here and watch it come in. >> we brought brownie mix and cookie mix and good food. so in case we lose electricity,
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we'll be eating well. >> tough people. they've been through it before and ready to go through it again. most of the stores open here. traffic moving normally despite the storm. back to you. >> shepard: thanks, steve. you're the man. so right now barry is about 100 miles of the center of it south and west of the mouth of the mississippi. i want to show you a look at the storm's path. it's moving very slowly. they hope it speeds up. the forecasters are not counting on that. this is saturday morning when they think it will hit land. when it hits land in south louisiana, it's about hitting one of those spits of lands in the south. it's going to spin for quite a while. the worst of the rain to the right. in this case, the bad news there is, the right of this is up the mouth of the mississippi. right there. so it's -- you know, it's an imperfect situation. then it moves through arkansas. there's the arkansas line over the big l. so the storm moves up to
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arkansas and curving around toward far west tennessee. so all of mississippi, the western side of mississippi, rain and more rain and more rain. because once this comes over land, you can see the worst of the water is to the south of the center of the storm, it will change over. this is a colored view. the colors, the redder it is, the heavier the rain. that is all behind. you can see it's beginning to swirl around and come over here, parts of it hitting the florida panhandle. this is all we're in south mississippi, lower alabama, the western panhandle. let's get to adam klotz for a sense of where this is, where they're expecting it to move and when. really slow. >> slow. moving at 5 miles an hour. you said something so important. will this be a category one hurricane or will it be a tropical storm? it won't really matter. the legacy is the water. so one of the factors will be
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the storm surge. anywhere from 3 to 6 feet. anywhere in this pink color of the louisiana coast and running as far to the east as biloxi. the lower portion, 2-4 feet of storm surge that will cause problems in low-lying areas along the coast. we're beginning to see the outer bands hitting the coast at the areas, stretching to the florida panhandle. that rain will only intensify overnight as the system gets closer and closer to the shore. no surprise here. large area where we're talking about flood warnings and watches from louisiana and running to the north as eventually this works further inland. several models here. as we run them, they update. makes a difference. the storm moving 5 miles an hour. when it runs on shore, where exactly it runs on shore makes a difference. this is suggesting 10 inches of rain in new orleans. further to the west, 25 inches or so. major rainfall totals shift.
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we've been talking about how the water is very high along the mississippi, this is everything that feeds down past new orleans, this is the mississippi river delta. if we recall, there was a ton of snow across the upper midwest. heavy rains in the center of the country. that is all funneling down across the entire country. all of that has been working its way to the south. so no surprise here. that water is very high. already sitting close to 17 feet. the forecast, 19 feet, a lot of the levees are between 15 and 25. we'll be very full and close to breaching the levies. it's going to be close. >> shepard: looking up river, natchez and greenville, mississippi, already very high. they've had a lot of flooding there. this will make it worse for everybody. >> yeah, that's right. that is such a huge area here where we're talking about. this is all working its way downstream. you said it, this system running
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up to arkansas. so more water will be added to it even once you clear the new orleans area. >> shepard: all right. adam klotz in the weather center tracking the storm throughout this news hour and all weekends on fox news. first though, the house did its job. now it's up to the senate to save the 9-11 victim compensation fund for the heros and survivors that are sick and dying. >> the house and the senate with a trillion dollar deficit try to balance that budget of 10.2 billion over ten years on the backs of 9-11 victims and first responders. it's like watching joey chestnut throw down 70 hot dogs in coney island and at the end of it not have a coke. you know, he's watching the calories. aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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i'm here to make sure you don't. >> shepard: luis alvarez to house lawmakers weeks before he died. apparently they listened. the house today passed the bill to extend funding for the 9-11 victim compensation fund through the year 2090. to help first responders and survivors that are sick or will become sick with cancer and other illnesses linked to the attacks. the vote was a landslide. the fight is not over because the bill now has to go to the senate. last month the late luis alvarez testified on capitol hill pushing for lawmakers to vote for the bill. weeks later, he died in hospice at the age of 53. mike emanuel reporting live from capitol hill. they got a promise from mitch mcconnell, right? >> absolutely, shep. it was a huge response in the house of representatives. very bipartisan passing 402 to 12. jon stewart spoke about this effort taking a huge step. >> this is the semifinals.
12:19 pm
the finals are two weeks from now in the senate. the men and women behind me have paved the way. this is done, this program works. it has a need. it's either needed and necessary or it's not. when people get on the floor, hem and haw what is to pay for and how do we do it. >> the nonpartisan congressional budget office says it will cost two billion over the next decades and it's money well-spent. >> don't be nuts here. this is necessary. it is urgent. it is morally right. not only that, you have a program that works. it is faithful to the statute, it is fair to the claimants and respectful of the taxpayer. you cannot ask for anything more
12:20 pm
in a program. this should be as simple as just refilling its credit card. >> stewart and the first responders won't relax until its done. but this is a major moment. >> shepard: what about the senate? any potential problems in the senate? >> doesn't sound like it. mitch mcconnell issued a statement after the house vote saying we're going to -- the senate has never forgotten the victim's compensation fund and we're not about to start now. nothing about our shared goals to provide for these heros is partisan. we will consider this important legislation season and one of the first responders who has become a familiar face spending much of his time the past 15 years says they're going to get it done. >> we're going to take him at his word. we had a 45 minute meeting with him. mitch mcconnell got tear yestea
12:21 pm
when we gave the shield to him. he knows this passed the house. it's funny. eric in the meeting with us, that works with us, walked by and said congratulations. we look forward to the next few days. >> the other 9-11 first responders say they intend to go door-to-door in the senate to round up as many yes votes as possible. >> mike emanuel, thank you. days after he defended the deal that he cut with jeffery epstein, the labor secretary, alex acosta is out. he announced he's stepping down. chris walla wallace isn't sure what happened. we'll hear from him.
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12:26 pm
the gulf coast and strengthening. this was the scene in new orleans earlier today. the winds are strong. this isn't a big windstorm but a big rainstorm. as we reported, the forecasters say the flooding is the biggest concern. the national weather service tweeting this graphic just a few minutes ago. they say it shows a big flare-up of storms on the south side. so much of the water is on the south side of the storm. were those bands whip it around into lake ponchartrain, up the mouth of the mississippi coastline, we'll know when we know and keep you updates throughout this hour and the weekend on fox news. breaking now, waiting to hear from president trump set to speed in an aerospace plant in milwaukee, this comes hours after alex acosta said i'm out. he was facing pressure to step down over a plea deal that he struck a decade ago with jeffery epstein who is a convicted sex
12:27 pm
offender. this week he pleaded not guilty to new charges of sex trafficking and abusing dozens of young girls. now another accuser said he raped me. chris wallace is live with us from down there in the d.c. earlier i heard you say you don't know if you buy this he stepped down thing. i don't know if he jumped or pushed. >> yeah, i'm not saying that i know he was pushed. one would have to say having looked at these in the past is when somebody holds a press conference for an hour and says they have no intention of leaving and then 48 hours later, you can see, secretary acosta comes out with the president on the south lawn and says, i don't want to be a distraction. he was no more of a distraction this morning than two days ago. the only difference may be he didn't get good reviews for his
12:28 pm
performance in that news conference. it was a lawyerly response but not especially human or warm or sympathetic to the victims. the story continued to play on the front pages of america's newspapers on the news. i suspect there were some people in the white house that didn't like him anyway. he wasn't aggressive enough of deregulation in the workplace and say he's not worth all this trouble. >> shepard: he spent a certain amount of time doing a great suck-up job. as he finished it, he touted the president's economy in the face of all of these alleged victims of child abuse, child sexual abuse. then he did more of that love you, mr. president. you know, you see so many people that leave under certain circumstances and they get squashed like a bug. who wants that? >> that's right. i will say the president gave him a nicer send off than he
12:29 pm
gives other people. he could have just tweeted as he has in many cases. instead as he left from the south lawn to get on marine one to fly out to wisconsin, he had acosta there with him. a certain amount of grace to it on both sides. you know, in fairness to acosta, we're talking about a decision he made as a u.s. attorney a decade ago. under somewhat different circumstances. i don't know that it stands up terribly well, particularly -- one of the questions i have is that the feds had put together a 53-page indictment of jeffery epstein. they used that as a threat to try to get him to play guilty in state court. that begs the question if they had this indictment and it was such a threat to epstein, why not charge him in federal court and bring the case there? that's not my decision. >> shepard: or bring the indictment and then try to work out a plea deal.
12:30 pm
they had him. alex acosta makes 13 of the people that are gone from cabinet level positions. we'll have another acting. the person replacing him won't be confirmed by congress. now you hear talk about dan coats as well. >> yeah. >> the director of national intelligence. >> it's pretty extraordinary. we talked today trying to book the show for sunday about who was in what position when it comes to the border. whether it's dsh, immigration and ice, customs enforcement, customs and border patrol. we weren't sure who had which job. frankly they've switched around a little bit. all of them are acting. you go through the defense department, you go through a number of departments and there's acting people in all of
12:31 pm
these jobs. longest time in the history of the pentagon that you had acting defense secretaries that have not been confirmed by the senate. you know that does raise some questions. that means they haven't been vetted by the senate, they haven't had to go through that confirmation process. it's a different way of doing business. >> shepard: i wonder about john bolton. john bomb iran bolton that is leading a twitter war against venezuela. otherwise, it's quiet. >> one thing you can say about him, he's part of the staff of the president. he can appoint anybody he wants. it doesn't go through the senate. he's a full level of national security advisers opposed to these acting secretaries and deputy secretaries. >> shepard: he is. watch your calendars, not your watch. great to see you. >> always good to see you, shep. >> shepard: looking forward to the sunday program. chris will have a lot to talk about with his assistant speaker
12:32 pm
of the house. the new mexico democrat, congressman ben ray luhan and others. who know whose will get the beat between now and sunday or -- there's no way to know. twitter will tell us. we'll rebook accordingly. "fox news sunday" this sunday. chris, see you on the next fox news sunday where they just played the all-star game and where they just had women's world cup and where they play football during football season. that's where chris is on sunday mornings. more coverage of tropical storm barry as folks prepare for potentially life threatening flooding including a live report from button rouge where everybody in purple and gold is concern about the heavy copious amounts of rain on the way. there's lots more news ahead as fox news is just getting started. so you only pay for what you need. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection.
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12:37 pm
barry. the national weather service warning its strengthening and set to hit louisiana somewhere just before sunrise. it will be windy for sure. but that's the rain that is of greatest concern. the head of the national hurricane center says they're expecting widespread flooding, extreme in some areas and some of the worst of the rains believe it or not expected to hit inland like baton rouge. they're expecting 10-20 inches of rain. that's where we find jeff paul. hi, jeff. >> the big fear here is once the slow-moving storm makes landfall, might slow down or just stop and start dumping rain on an area that is already heavily saturated from the spring rains. all the water flowing down the mississippi river, you can see how full it is. some of the folks that live here say there's normally several more steps down. you can see the guardrail that goes into the water. that gives you an idea how full the mississippi river is and why
12:38 pm
it's giving people anxiety as it gets closer to closer to making landfall. some of the folks are stocking up on supplies. others have been fulling sandbags to prevent any sort of flooding in their neighbors. we heard about some folks that are just not going to take any chance and get out of town ahead of whatever this storm may bring. many of them shaken or remembering what happened in 2016. that's when there was a big flood in baton rouge. they're doing anything they can to prepare. >> i'm a bit concerned. i'd rather be safe than sorry. >> typically it doesn't flood in our area. we're taking every precause negligence. >> some of the folks i spoke to since 2016, that caught them off guard. they had no idea there would be this flood. in this situation, they've had a few days to prepare.
12:39 pm
so they're somewhat positive moving into it. nobody knows what barry will bring. shep? >> shepard: thanks, jeff. the president live making remarks on the economy. let's listen. >> all i know is they're really happy in pennsylvania right now. we love pennsylvania. i really appreciate what maryland did. i'm thrilled to be back in your great state. a state that i won. we won it early in the evening, actually, which is even better. [applause] we had a lot of support from your company. it's been incredible. a lot of support here. one of the reasons i'm here is marilyn and one of the reasons i'm here is you. we have had tremendous -- a great spirit in this company. we are here today to celebrate the triumphant return of american manufacturing. you know what they said, would
12:40 pm
be gone. it's not gone. it's thriving and starting to build at a level nobody thought was possible. everything we're doing to keep the assembly lines rolling full speed ahead, that's being done and we're doing it right. we're proudly defending the most important national resource, the american worker. it's what it is. pretty amazing how the american worker has just really -- there's nobody like the american worker. we're glad to be joined by secretary wilbur ross. where is wilbur? are we there? [applause] great job. a friend of mine and somebody that is very, very tough and very, very smart, senator ron johnson. thank you, ron. [applause]
12:41 pm
two real fighters. they fight for us and fight for you. representatives sean duff and lane. thank you, fellows. thank you. i especially want to thank your general manager here, peter winkler. peter. [applause] good job. their were showing me the work they do. it's beautiful. it's complex. it is real stuff. it's the real deal, right, peter? 40 years the patriots here have rebuilt parts for airplanes, jets and helicopters. you've done it with unmatched precision and unmatched skill. an incredible company. recently our entire nation was inspired by the craftsmanship during the wonderful independence day celebration on
12:42 pm
the national mall. right? salute to america. [applause] that was something. they weren't sure -- the fake news, they weren't sure if people would show up. did they ever show up, right? did they ever show up. we had a tremendous and it was packed. it was raining. people said did i have a opportunity? i said i wasn't try and i had no tent. it was rainy day. but in a way, it was a beautiful day. when the planes and helicopters flew overhead, it was something like we haven't really seen much of lately. tremendous spirit and love in our country. that day the united states marines soared overhead in a magnificent aircraft like the ones you support from here in milwaukee. the mv-22 osprey. our country witnessed the awesome might of the u.s. navy flying another plane that you will soon support, the
12:43 pm
unstoppable stealth f-35 lightning ii. [applause] i get to meet a lot of pilots. i said one that he looked like central casting. tom cruise but maybe better. little taller and a little stronger. i said, tell me, how good is the f-35 compared to other planes? enemy craft. he said they have a problem. they can't see it. i said that sounds good to me not knowing much about it. he said there's nothing like it. there was a long time ago toward the beginning, workers at this facility helped maintain our massive c-130 hercules transport planes and the f-16 fighting
12:44 pm
falcons. [applause] pretty busy. what do you do in your spare time, by the way? it's a lot of work. with the help of 280-pound americans here and you know what i mean, the u.s.a. truly has the best aircraft flown, the best pilots and we have the greatest pilots in the world. they fly -- they're pilots like no other. made and maintain the best workers and best workers anywhere in the world. i'm excited to hear that thanks to your new responsibilities for the f-35, your company will be expanding the work force by 15%. is that right? wow. >> shepard: the president in milwaukee speaking. this is streaming live at the president has been tweeting about robert mueller's long-awaited testimony.
12:45 pm
it will likely be postponed. a couple of hearings with house committees were set for wednesday of this coming week. but lawmakers now say they're considering delaying them in exchange for more time to question robert mueller. the former special counsel has said he will stick to talking about what the report laid out, which the president falsely claims exonerates him. >> the report said no collusion. it said effectively no obstruction. >> shepard: this is a phrase often repeated by the president. it's not true. on collusion, as analyzed by a group at the nyu law school and available online and detailed in the mueller report itself, the redacted mueller report documents 14 separate activities that shows strong ed of collusion or more precisely, it provides significant evidence that trump campaign associated coordinated with, cooperated with, encouraged or gave support to the russia wikileaks election
12:46 pm
interference activities. on obstruction, mueller says he did not set out to indict the president because of his belief that doing so would go against doj guidelines but did list the obstruction in detail in the report. any action could be taken up by the congress while the president is in office or by the courts after his term is complete. catherine herridge reporting live. so a delay in the testimony, huh? >> shep, earlier today multiple forces told fox news that his testimony would likely be put off because there was a break down in negotiations. two hours later, the democrats on the house committee put out a brief statement that it would go ahead as planned. >> it's very important that the american people have the opportunity to hear from robert mueller, that he have the opportunity to convey to the american people all the evidence that he collected, all which described the misconduct of the president and he do that in a
12:47 pm
public setting. >> two democrat controlled committeed led by jerry nadler and adam schiff have allotted two hours for a morning and afternoon session that means about two dozen lawmakers would not ask questions about that violates house rule 11 that says every member gets five minutes to cross examine the witness. today there was some confusion and disappointment on both sides of the aisle. >> every single member of the house judiciary committee on the democratic and republican side should be able to participate in the hearing in some way, shape or form. >> you have to ask jerry nadler. we've been trying to figure out the format for weeks now. sounds like we still don't know the exact format. >> republicans could use a number of tactics next week if the hearing goes ahead to delay or run out the clock effectively derailing the democrats star witness and is important to note that a separate closed door session with two of mueller's
12:48 pm
deputies, that is also up in the air in terms of negotiations, shep. >> shepard: catherine herridge, live for us in washington. well, we're going back to the gulf coast in just a moment. we'll go to the mississippi coast. live pictures here. an update on what the meteorologists are expecting and the next update on this storm for the national hurricane center center still to come. my insurance rates are probably gonna double. but dad, you've got allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed. are you in good hands? or psoriatic arthritis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla.
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>> shepard: continuing coverage of barry heading to louisiana. a live of new orleans. what could be the first hurricane of the 2019 season. right now it's a tropical storm set to hit louisiana early tomorrow morning sometimes before sunrise. forecasters warning rain and flooding the biggest concerns. vice president mike pence touring a border facility in texas this hour. this comes as house lawmakers hold a hearing on the treatment of migrant children and the conditions in those facilities. hillary vaughn reporting live on capitol hill. hillary? >> shepard, we've seen republicans and democrats fight back tears, tears of frustration and outrage, looking at the conditions that children are being kept in at the border. congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez testified as a witness subscribing what she saw in these detention facilities.
12:53 pm
ocasio-cortez says the dehumanizing conditions are a manufactured crisis because of the trump administration. congressman gerald connelly looked at the republican lawmakers and said they are enabling and rationalizing the trump administration's policy of separating and detaining children at the border. >> children without soap. any child in our case is our children. >> i'm not call on you. >> of course not. >> you're not at the border. >> this is ridiculous. you're not there. you're in a hearing room. it's my time. >> former acting ice director tom holman unloaded on lawmakers blasting them in a delay that he
12:54 pm
says is needed to help reduce the humanitarian crisis that is happening at the border. he stood up for cdp agents that said they're in over their heads, overwhelmed and doing the best they can to manage a crisis that is spinning out of control because congress has failed to act. >> i'm the only one in this room that has stood in the back of tractor trailers surrounded by 19 dead aliens. i was there. i saw. i smelled it. it's terrible. i still have nightmares to this day. if we don't close the loop holes, more women will be raped, more children will be die. nobody is listening. >> and hhoman says there needs o be done. >> shepard: more after the
12:55 pm
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>> shepard: in r. kelly news, he's back in jail accused or more sex crimes again. he was arrested while he was walking his dog last night in chicago. his defense attorney says the singer is looking forward to his day in court and the truth is coming out. the diamond gets into the allegations that r. kelly had rules for girls that stayed with him to follow, even permission to eat and use the rest room. it alleges that one of the unidentified girls was exposed to a sexually transmitted disease. the girls that were collected by the enterprise were kidnapped, transported across state lines and sexually exploited. r. kelly news, friday edition. the final bell will ring on wall street in just six short seconds and when it does, which it shall at this moment and now, it's a
1:00 pm
second late today. it's up 242 on the second. 28 of the dow 30 are in the green. the best in business is next. it's "your world" on fox news channel. . >> stocks continue to rocket higher. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 closing at all-time highs. the s&p closing above 3,000 for the first time ever. more on the markets coming up. first, you're looking live at new orleans where they're bracing for a direct hit from tropical storm barry, which could be full-fledged hurricane within a matter of hours. welcome, everyone. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. this is "your world." we're all over this storm with casey stegall where folks are evacuated. adam klotz in the weather center. former