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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 12, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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spectacular things i've ever experienced. these are all worth it. >> juan: happy birthday to "the five." we are going to see you back here on monday. have a great weekend. >> chris: residence rooms labor secretary resigns after a plea deal for a sex offender. house democrats tear into his migrant child separation policy. an tropical storm barry may be a hurricane when it hits southernt upgrades made after hurricane katrina. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. president trump says alex acosta was a great labor secretary, but a cost that is on his way out tonight. he has been savaged over a plea
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deal he approved 11 years ago in florida for financier jeffrey epstein who is now charged with more sex crimes in new york. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off tonight with an unusual exit for a cost. good evening, john. >> chris, good evening for you. president trump said the decision to go was all the decision of a cost but he was quick to accept his decision to publicly explain why he is leaving. it was a surprise this morning as president trump left for wisconsin, labor secretary alex acosta at the presidents decide to say that he was stepping down. >> i do not think it's right and fair for this administration's labor department to have epstein as the focus rather than the incredible economy we have toda today. >> while president trump accepted acosta's registration, he thought the secretary did a
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good job to cut a plea to agreement with sex offender jeff epstein. >> there has not been an ounce of controversy with the department of labor until this came up. >> while president trump did not say why he confirmed a claim in a 2011 2011 palm beach court fg repeated that he kicked epstein out of his florida mar-a-lago club. >> he was not somebody that i respected. i threw him out. i'm not a fan of jeffrey epstei epstein. >> president trump had harsh words for former house speaker paul ryan who was critical of the president in an interview with a new book. >> paul ryan was not a talent. he was not a leader. paul ryan led us down. paul ryan was a terrible speaker. frankly, he was a baby. he didn't know what the hell he was doing.
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>> and on the census citizenship question, president trump changed his course, fighting back assessments he backed down. >> not only did he not back down, i backed up. anybody else would've given this up a long time ago. the problem is we have three very unfriendly courts. there were judges that weren't exactly... in love with this whole thing. and they were wrong. >> the idea of the president adopted yesterday was proposed by the commerce department more than a year ago. president trump preferred a citizenship question on the senses. now he insists aggregating citizenship data from across the federal government and harmonizing it with the census will actually be more accurate. >> we are already finding out who the citizens are and who are not. more accurately. when i heard this, i think that's actually better. >> after waiting three weeks for democrats to work with them on a
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solution to the border crisis without results, president trump today said federal authorities will begin mass deportation operations on sunday. the president said the main focus is going to be on criminals with deportation orders. democrats fear there are going to be a lot of family separations as immigrations and custom imports >> chris: john roberts reporting from the white house. john, thank you. it appears we may have to wait a week longer to hear from former special counsel robert mueller. mueller's testimony before a pair of house committees may be pushed back from a scheduled date next wednesday, july 17th, until july 24th. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here to tell us where things stand tonight. good evening, catherine herridge catherine. >> chris, good evening. today, multiple services told us a special council meeting for wednesday broke down after a
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breakdown in negotiations. the hearing would go ahead as originally planned. by all accounts, robert mueller remains a reluctant witness and delaying his testimony until the 24th could be impacted to secure more time polemical questions. >> it's very important the american people have the opportunity to hear from robert mueller, that he he conveyed to the people all the evidence collected, the misconduct of the president. >> the two house committee jewish areas led by jerry nadler and intelligence led by adam schiff allotted two hours for a morning and afternoon session on july 17th. that means two dozen lawmakers would not ask questions. that violates a long-standing practice that says every member gets five minutes to cross-examine the witness. today there was confusion, anger, disappointment among some lawmakers. >> the house judiciary committee, the democrat and republican side, should be able
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to participate. >> we've been trying to find a format, figure out the exact format for weeks now. for >> if the mueller hearing goes ahead, the republicans could use tactics to run out the clock, and a separate closed-door session with mueller's deputies is also up in the air, chris. >> chris: thank you. patrick from wall street. all three major indexes closed at record highs. the dow finished ahead 244. the s&p 500 gained 14. nasdaq up 48. for a week, the dow picked up 1.5 percentage points. the s&p 500 gained three quarters. nasdaq finished up 1%. let's talk more about a big week for the economy and the markets. liz claman, host of good evening, liz. >> what a day on wall street.
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you don't often see what investors got to see in the final hour trade this afternoon, i trifecta of a stock market record. all closed as never before seen in all-time highs. slotted out a gain of 244 points on the dow? not only did it close above 24,000, but the s&p saw its first ever close above the 3,000 mark. you wonder, what's the propellant for this rocket ship of the market? big tech was a part of it. facebook's stock pulling up a whiplash and turned around late in the day. social media drive had been down 2% most of the day but suddenly into the green half an hour before the close after "the wall street journal" reported that the federal trade commission has approved a $5 billion fine to settle facebook's privacy breaches of its users' data. that's a report waiting confirmation but for the moment the stock closed up. the captain of the bull market no that was federal
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strongly hinted that the fed will cut interest rates at its next meeting in two and a half weeks. while some feel rate cuts are tools that should be reserved for only economic emergencies like recessions, powell says with the u.s. economy is in a good place, trade uncertainty and a pronounced manufacturing's concerns right now. it's a friday to remember for the bulls. what a horse race. >> chris: a mixed metaphor. thank you very much. new orleans bracing for tropical storm barry to make landfall. it may be the season's first hurricane by then. it will test some of the improvements made to the city's levee system since the devastation from hurricane katrina 14 years ago. correspondent rick leventhal is in new orleans tonight. >> we have a lot of rain.
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>> tropical storm barry turning its way to the louisiana gulf coast, organizing and strengthening to a possible category one hurricane when it makes landfall. the biggest threat isn't wind. it's rain. the storm expected to dump 10-2n already saturated region, possibly 2 feet or more in two areas between friday night and sunday with mandatory evacuation issues for several low-lying parishes. a region that scenes its share of major storms and already flooded this week. more than 200 floodgates have been closed along the mississippi river which is at flood stage and rising closer to the 20-foot top of most levees. >> for the first time in history, all floodgates within the harry kane risk system in the new orleans area are sealed off with those floodgates being closed. >> some 3,000 national guard
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troops have been positioned john bel edwards is morning residents to have a game plan. >> we have to be extremely prepared for a very major rain event across much of louisiana. >> officials in new orleans are advising folks in the path of the store to stay dry and stay put. >> shelter in place. have commodities and supplies to last you upward to 72 hours. >> time is short. if you have preparations you need to complete, it now is the time. you do not have much more time at all before the impacts will be here. >> the rain has started falling on bourbon street which is open for business for now but many of these balls we are told may be closing early tonight before midnight because conditions are expected to deteriorate not just in the french quarter button mississippi, alabama, and
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arkansas, with heavy rains in the heavy rains. >> chris: rick, stay safe. in america's election headquarters, presidential candidates are plotting to the first name primary states of new hampshire. another poll puts joe biden on top that shows a closer rest for the number two spot. correspondent peter doocy is new hampshire. >> joe biden is in the pulling away from the pack, but poll numbers aren't set in stone so he's trying to set his lead in the new hampshire state. >> delaware is like new hampshire. everybody knows everybody. for real. it's good, it's bad. in a new national poll, elizabeth warren has a lot of ideas. >> i have a plan. i have a plan. i've a plan for that.
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>> all or pay >> that's why i'm not turning out plans like a factory. it's really important to me that any plan i'm prepared to implement is actually doable. >> the former prosecutor has a two praying two pronged attack who said he wasn't ready to defend his civil rights record on stage. >> if you aren't ready for somebody to point out a difference of opinion about the history of segregation, then you probably aren't ready. >> harris, warren, biden had their moments and they were all still out raised by pete buttigieg. but the campaign bank account for buttigieg has far outpaced his position in the polls. >> what do you think is the disconnect between your fund-raising, which was higher than anybody last quarter, and your poles, which still have you in single digits. >> that's a whole point of a
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fund-raiser. to make possible to organize to get better poles. >> the best known democrat is the one on president's mind. >> you've got sleazy joe biden, doesn't have the energy to be president and the people nibbling on his heels, they don't have what it takes. >> trying to prove the president wrong. >> one thing good about being the front runner is you are the front runner. one thing bad about the front runner is everybody's behind you and looking. >> now that the whole world has seen that since leaving the white house, you've done very well for yourself, eight figure salary the first year, is that going to be -- >> look, i spent everything but two years of my life in a situation where i was raised middle-class values -- thank you, so much. i was raised in middle-class values. the fact of the matter is the money that i made it, i made
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because i got hired as a full professor at the university of pennsylvania and i wrote a book that was number one best seller list for a very long time. i recommend it to you if you can do it. what happened is it allowed me to go out and i think i said to some of you early on i decided what i was going to do, the three things i had to do. one, i wanted to make sure i was able to pay off all the mortgages i accumulated for college, weddings and the like, i had three mortgages and a house. able to pay off two. i was able to take a house that had never been finished that i built and be able to put a new roof on it. the one extravagant thing i did do, i went out and promised my wife years ago that someday we'd have a house on the beach. i had no idea how much it would cost. and so it took all -- seriously, that's why if you buy make a house, it says the house that bo built. i wanted to write a book about
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what an incredible side and i had and what he has done and a lot of people know about him. i never it is baited it would sell like it did. the end result of it is, first time and able to make money i gave away a million and $3,000 to charity because i've always wanted to do it. the single best feeling i've ever had in my life. to be able to spend money on women shelters, be able to spend money on hiring lawyers were abused women. i make no apologies for it. my net worth is considerably less than i made. by the way, if you notice i don't complain about taxes. i pay everything and i think we should be paying more, people making that kind of money. the good news for you is i'm not going to make any money for the next two years. so, i'm going to have enough to
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live on, i have a lovely home, and i have a lovely place at the beach. i am making no apologies for it. >> mr. vice president, -- >> chris, sorry for the delay, but you heard the president that this is the first time we had to ask him a question since his tax returns came out and we saw his first two years outside of government he made $15 million. despite all the talk among democratic primary voters who are very active, no apologies for all the money. he said he made a lot, he's also spent a lot, doesn't have a lot left he says. >> chris: peter, i'm very jealous because you've got the first and only a fox news with vice president biden since he began his presidential run. after we finished, can you go back and see if you can book him for boxing sunday? >> that's my next question. >> chris: thank you, peter. up next, congress keeps a
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promise for 9/11 first responders. here's what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 32 in chicago, with new federal sex crime charges against singer r. kelly, he was arrested last night in chicago. kelly has been indicted on 13 counts for child pornography and obstruction of justice. already faces 30 other state charges for sexual misconduct. fox 8 in north carolina, a surveillance video captures a moment where a check in one kfc restaurant turned a really extra crispy after the building exploded. no one was injured, but the explosion left neighboring businesses damaged and an employee told police closing the restaurant when he smelled gas. this is a live look at seattle come up big story tonight a magnitude 4.6 earthquake rattled the three lakes area of washington state early this morning. the u.s. geological survey reports it was followed minutes
3:18 pm
later by an aftershock. near the city of monroe, 30 miles northeast of seattle. there were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. that's two nights live look outside the beltway from the special dow that "special." we will be right back from "special report." we will be right back. ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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>> chris: the house has approved a $733 billion defense policy bill. no republicans voted for it. some liberal democrats also opposed it because they want to cut in spending. president trump has threatened to veto over a clampdown on funding for his planned border wall and the requirement he get congressional authorization before taking military action against iran. the house has also approved money to keep health care coming for men and women who worked amid the wreckage of the world trade center after the 9/11 attacks. there are still questions whether the senate will approve the measure. she of congressional correspondent mike emanuel explains tonight from capitol hill. >> a critical step towards a permanent extension of the 9/11 first respondents bill passing the house today overwhelmingly. the vote in the house 212-2 which is bipartisan as anything gets these days were
3:23 pm
one first responder who's been lobbing for 15 years, a sense of relief was palpable. >> it's bittersweet. we are not going to celebrate. we know we have to still get through the senate but for those at home across the country waiting, i hope they sense that we are closer and that the financial burden that they have received is lifted in the near future. >> the nonpartisan congressional budget office estimates the price tag at $10.2 billion over the next decade after jon stewart who's been actively pushing congress to get this done says it's money well spent. >> the house and senate with a trillion dollar deficit try and balance that budget of $10.2 billion over ten years on the backs of 9/11 victims and first responders? it's like watching joey chestnut throw down 70 hotdogs in coney island and at the end of it not have a coke because he's, you
3:24 pm
know, watching the calories. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate has never forgotten the victims compensation fund and we are not going to start now. nothing about our shared goals to provide these heroes is remotely part of sin. we will consider this important legislation soon. most expect that to happen in the next couple weeks. >> chris: mike emanuel reporting from capitol hill. mike, thank you. up next, we'll take it to the southern border where vice president pence and southern senators get a firsthand look at some of the facilities under fire by democrats. the u.s. and turkey are edging closer to a crisis of istanbul's purchase of a russian antiaircraft missile system. turkey's defense ministry says it's the gun receiving equipment. washington learned the deal would trigger economic sanctions and deprive the turks of america's most advanced fighter jets, but u.s. officials announced no final decision
3:25 pm
today. british defense ministry is moving up its timetable for bringing a destroyer into the persian gulf. the hms dunk hms duncan sailed through his temples bosporus strait today. this comes as an iranian oil tanker sees last week off of the rock of gibraltar. it'll impose u.s. firms selling weapons to taiwan. this comes after the state department approves tanks, surface-to-air missiles, equipment. china says the sale is a serious violation of international law. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. now, at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 es 350 for $379 a month, for 36 months, and we'll make your first month's payment. experience amazing. i come face-to-face with a lot of behinds.
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>> chris: vice president pence and some republican senators toward a migrant holding facility along the southern border today. back here in washington, democrats are trying to shame the ministrations on the way it's handling the migrant overflow. correspondent mark meredith reports from mcallen, texas. >> the crisis is real. this is not a manufactured crisis. >> chris: mike pence mike >> mike pence met face-to-face with border agents in the rio grande valley. officials >> different from what we hear from many of the critics.
3:30 pm
i couldn't be more impressed with the capacity and of work that our customs and border protection are doing at the facility. >> the allowed cameras and one holding facility as he and a handful of republican senators toward the conditions that some migrants and under aged members are living. the committee blasted the administration over its management of border facilities. >> our government at the hands that has created the human rights crisis in our own country. >> mr. chair, i'd like to be sworn in. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez surprised many when she stood up to testify. once under oath, she employed the government to rethink how it treats migrants. >> there is no need for us to arrest innocent people and treat them the differently from criminals when they are pursuing their basic human rights. >> critics shaming border agents
3:31 pm
who they say that they are protecting the public. calling this arch with style camps, that doesn't help solve the problem. >> a previous policy to separate migrants from their parents, the report says 18 toddlers were kept apart six months. several democrats concerned another crisis is coming this weekend over reports immigration agents plan to arrest and the port some 2,000 illegal immigrants in the nationwide ra. >> we are doing what the american people expect them to do but they will only be removing people who have been through the entire system and have been ordered deported by our courts. >> we also asked the vice president about another trip, one supposed to happen last week up to new hampshire. that trip was canceled without any explanation. we asked the vice president why the secrecy, why we haven't found out why that trip was canceled, the vice president would say it's only circumstances and nothing to do with the white house. i asked, chris, if he was in
3:32 pm
danger. he would not elaborate but said he'd talk about it soon. chris, the mystery on that trip continues. >> chris: there's been a lot of talk about the census recently but growing concerns tonight over the security of the county. government officials facing unprecedented threats booked once every ten years in population survey in real danger. correspondent gillian turner tells us how. >> we have the latest and best technology and practices to protect the data and confidentiality. >> the u.s. census bureau confident it's ready to go digital for next year's census. the 24th in u.s. history, but the first ever conducted in cyberspace. for the first time, field records will use mobile devices to gather information door-to-door and all respondents will have the options to answer questions online. cyber experts, the government now >> any time you move from a manual process to a digital process you've got things you never have to worry about before
3:33 pm
in terms of cybersecurity. >> they say all the recent fuss over over the citizenship question is a red herring. the much bigger problem is foreign hackers. >> the two things i worry about most is russia and china. >> the census bureau has been doing field tests for several years and they have not been going well. an audit last year revealed field test results stored on amazon's cloud were exposed to hackers who could delete, alter, or steal the data. doing the best they can in light of major funding cuts over the past two years. >> they are covering their bases the best they can, the change in technology that we are seeing all around us. >> lawmakers on capitol hill say the problem is not new. the bureau has struggled with new technology and protect the data it collects for years. >> i used to serve on the committee that oversaw this in the last congress. there were problems with the
3:34 pm
cybersecurity defense. >> the census bureau says it's fixed the cloud problem but tells fox news many others remained. even small alterations to these be 25 data could cause havoc to the electoral math. chris? >> thank you. a president loses a labor secretary he says was not just good, but great. we will get reaction from the panel when we come right back. mg gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move. crabfest is back at red lobster with 9 craveable crab creations. from the new ultimate crabfest trio with three kinds of wild-caught crab to the return of crab lover's dream! grab your crab crew, hurry in or order it to go!
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3:39 pm
the president effective seven days from today. >> alex acosta alex acosta indicating two days ago we have no plan stepping down as labor secretary him, then decided to t even the president didn't ask him. we bring in our panel, mollie hemingway of the federalist, new book of justice on trial. charles lane for "the washington post" ." mollie, do you have any sense that alex acosta jumped or was pushed? >> at the president wanted to make sure he stayed there, he stayed there. this is a sign that this case, this epstein case is something going to royal washington. acosta was the a csa who made the plea agreement. >> chris: the assistant attorney. >> he was acting as an informant of the fbi which robert mueller
3:40 pm
was at the head of at the time. >> chris: epstein, not a cost. >> chris: chuck, it's so interesting. acosta said he did not want to be a distraction but he held a news conference for an hour on wednesday and most of washington thought he is trying to keep his job. certainly indicated he wanted to keep his job. what do you think happened? >> one of the strangest departure organizations ever happen. when you are living, you don't hold a press conference with the president as you leave. >> the president let him do it. >> either way, it's pretty unusual. the nines were out for alex acosta for other reasons even before the epstein thing. regarded a little bit too much of a moderate on deregulation and things like that by the conservatives in the administration and it should be remembered he was a moderate
3:41 pm
alternative to the president's original choice for this department, and he punched and teapots he got nine democratic votes. i think that moderation which was a selling point at the beginning, some people in the administration never forgiven him for, may help to take advantage of this moment to get him shoved out. >> chris: thoughts about alex acosta's departure? >> because of the cost in terms of what we saw with acosta, the big presentation, i will take multiple questions, just one more question, that was an implication that he wanted to sustain in that job. what happened? we have to assume that president trump watching the news coverage of this expected that the story was going to continue and as mollie suggests even grow. in that regard coming up to the election, the president probably decided enough is enough, you are too much of a hindrance,
3:42 pm
goodbye. >> chris: as these young women come out, no longer teenagers, but come out and talk about the horrible things that jeffrey epstein did to them, it was not something that the trump white house wanted anything to be associated with. let me keep on this with you, tom. robert mueller. slated to testify congress wednesday, now it's been delayed until the following wednesday, the 17th to the 24th. now the people running the committee, the house judiciary saying we come to the 17th. what's going on? speak of the reporting here has been disagreements about the rules of the game, because it's going to be a political game regardless of the merits, the investigation from an important investigator being from capitol hill. clearly the politics of this with the 2020 cycle very much upon us are going to define and finding narrative. regardless of the delay here, i
3:43 pm
just don't think we are going to see anything particularly new from robert mueller. >> i would not have picked up on that because there's quite a disagreement about the value of mueller testifying. here's a taste of that. >> how many bytes at the bites at the apple do you get? >> has the opportunity to convey that all the evidence that he elected down the collected. >> chris: mollie, given that these be in the report is out and the fact that mueller has indicated he does not want to testify and is going to stick to the four corners of the 448 pages of the report, how much impact do you expect this to hae when it does happen. >> the impact was not going to go in democratic favor. you have the report out. everybody knows what's in there. give the chance republicans ask questions that they would not get answers to but answers like why did you not investigate the russian dossier that turned out not to be true?
3:44 pm
>> chris: are you suggesting it's not going to happen? >> they are understanding it's a less favorable situation. there is a reason jerry nadler is not excited having mueller testifying other than some people on the committee. >> chris: first of all, do you think he's going to testify or not? >> he doesn't want to. it does seem like the democrats are having some misgivings about it, but they seem to be internal misgivings because junior members of the committee saying wait a minute, i'm not going to get my moment in the sun. >> chris: each gets five minutes and 170 members, i'm slightly exaggerating, and if they all testify it's going to be a lot more than two hours. >> if he doesn't testify, it's an embarrassment to the democrats and on that basis they are going to insist on having it. >> chris: thank you all, panel. going to take a brief timeout. up next, the friday lightning round. ♪
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3:49 pm
and president trump dismissing biden as well as all the other democrats running to take his job. back now with the panel. start with a new "wall street journal" national poll out today of the democrats running for president. joe biden still in the lead, national poll, 26%. elizabeth warren in the second, moved up. 19%. kamala harris and bernie sanders tied at third at 13% and pete buttigieg the last member of what you call the top tier at 7%, he's in fifth place. chuck, what does that tell you about the state of the race? >> it tells me that kamala harris may have got a bit less of a bounds according to that poll than a lot of people believe from the debate. also tell you it as an changed all that much as a result of the debate. biden is, somewhat less, still comfortably in the front runner position and elizabeth warren is still the second choice. i think -- because this is a lightning round. >> there is a chance that so
3:50 pm
many breaks out of the pack but it'd be at the expense of joe biden. >> kamala harris kept talking about joe biden, that's crazy, why are you elevating him? you are starting to see the race tighten up, the money race tighten up. seeing that other democrats aren't so keen having him be the front runner. >> how vulnerable is biden and who of the rest of the top tier do you see as providing the toughest competition? >> i think the toughest competition is kamala harris in terms of the excitement in the democratic party. the vulnerability to joe biden i think will be decided in large part based on his performance in the next debate. if he doesn't deliver a much stronger performance, i think his momentum will consider continue to seep away from him. >> of the dow finished above 27,000 for the week. the s&p 500 above 3,000 for the week. the question, tom, let me start with you: what's going on?
3:51 pm
>> the economy is strong in terms of the metrics of employment. it's a seller be strong in terms of employment rate for minorities, women and so on. we look at business investments, that's declining. >> chris: mollie? >> we've been told years that terrace would destroy the economy. after donald trump , anything can change, but our predictors are pretty wrong. the democrats need the economy to be problematic so they can run on that and the economy keeps blooming. >> what's going on is the fed are promising lower interest rates, nowhere to go with your investments but a low interest environment, stocks are going up. >> chris: i've got to write this down. all the right, it's time for winners and losers. tom? >> my winner of the week is central command.
3:52 pm
we'll hear a lot next week, a lot american allies uncomfortable with the trump's position on iran, but nations providing naval forces. my loser of the week, the leader of turkey having delivering the russian defense missile system off the back of a very embarrassing defeat in this istanbul. the salty and is heading for some dark waters the sultan is heading for some dark waters. >> chris: you didn't call the british ambassador the loser of the week. >> may be next week. stay tuned. >> this week they were calling her, suggesting she was racist and mass disarray on this issue. the winner, the u.s. coast guard. we talk about other branches of military this week. one of its members got attention for aborting a narco sub and seizing 17,000 tons of.
3:53 pm
>> chris: he knew -- i did not know the narco people had submarines. winner and loser? >> my winner is jesse farmer who sits in the southern district of new york who is shredding the president's administration process of the citizenship question. he was upheld in the supreme court. he pushed back when the president tried to change his lawyers on him but he's ultimately been vindicated by the withdrawal of that question. the loser has to be alex acosta as we've been talking about before. day one, said defiantly i'm here to stay. they two, he's on his way out. >> chris: not the first time we've seen that in washington. >> i hope it won't ever happen to me. >> chris: i hope it doesn't happen to anyone on the panel, i will save it we'll have another acting secretary. there are a lot of actors in this cabinet. a great weekend to all of you.
3:54 pm
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3:58 pm
>> chris: finally tonight, notable quotables. >> get food, water, don't let what happened in 2016 happen again. speak of the biggest was a 6.4. today, the biggest is a 7.1. >> may be >> ever let this happen to this many girls because thiss wealthy and powerful, they should all go to jail. >> it's hard for me to understand why anybody would vote against it. why it's not just unanimous consent. >> today ends our president shall campaign. >> widened down, 25,000 to go.
3:59 pm
>> how many toilets do they have? how many desks? what is their roof made of. only thing we can't ask, are you a citizen of the united states? >> you know, make america white again. >> issue right? >> absolutely not. >> nancy pelosi seems to be in a catfight. it's fun to watch. >> usa! >> they have shown their talent and greatness. now let's show them the money. >> very special. the kidney has a very special place in the heart. >> chris: as bret would say, one week. thank you for inviting me into your home. join me for "fox news sunday" as
4:00 pm
well have more on tropical storm barry on the gulf coast. "the story" with martha maccallum starts right now. hope you have a good weekend. >> martha: thanks so much. as chris was just saying, we are all watching tropical storm barry right now. these are satellite images. they show the magnitude of this situation. experts are calling it life-threatening for a lot of folks in louisiana and mississippi in the hours to come. barry is expected to hit land early tomorrow morning. you can see the turn in the ocean in these live shots. that's the gulf of mexico right now. the big concern is the rainfall that it will bring and what happens that when that hits the already very high mississippi river. the big question tonight, candy new orleans levy handle this? it's the first real test of this influx