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tv   FOX Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  July 13, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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best for new orleans and everybody louisiana and mississippi. and we will be back tomorrow at noon eastern join us then. jon scott is up next. thanks for being with us. >> bury has weekend to a tropical storm after making land fall as category one hurricane in southern louisiana. the e slow-moving if system dumping massive amounts of rain are that's had supposed a major test for new orleans flood defense built after hurricane katrina. good evening i'm jon scott is and this is the "fox report." rei came ashore west of new orleans and is now marching north across louisiana. the effect also being felt in mississippi and alabama. the main threat torrential rain and flash flooding. forecasters say that had downpour could last for days with some areas as much as 25 inches of rain. here's the director of the national hurricane center grant.
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>> calling for a real slow storm each one of those stops here is actually a forecast point and the closer those are together, that means we've got to slow storm so look at this. monday morning we're in arkansas and by tuesday in missouri, so isn't it not just coastal but slow isly but surely moving northward rain along into the right side side tropical rain throughout the rest of the weekend into early next week. we have fox team coverage now tropical storm barry. meteorologist adam in extreme weather center and in bay st. louis, mississippi but we begin with senior correspondent rick leventhal reporting live from new orleans. rick. >> jon we have a stead rain falling in some mild winds blow nothing like some of the conditions what we've been warned about which is is, obviously, good news for people of new orleans. who are protected from the waters surround cities like what we're standing on next to the
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industrial canal and behind that drawbridge and lock is the section of -- hurricane katrina back in 2005. let's hear this is lower ninth war. more than 3,000 homes were flooded, damaged and destroyed because of the heavy we are the and blasting through that broken levee, and washed so much of this historic neighborhood away. you see some of the homes very rebuilt. there are a lot of empty lots out there. and if you keep panning to right you'll see the mississippi river which there were concerns might reach a height of 20 feet because it has been flooded for some six months that did not happen. it crested we're told last night at a about 17 feet and is now receding great news for anybody who lives there who is worried water might not come over the top but it doesn't mean that danger is over at least not according to authorities who continue to warn their residents to be individual is lengt because all of this storm system
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that continues to move across louisiana is bringing a lot of rain with it. here's more from new orleans mayor. >> we're out of the eye but we're not out of the conditions that will cause heavy rainfall for the city of new orleans. all although barry has slowed also intensified pushing the timing of expected further into today, tonight, and sunday. while the storm surge risk on our mississippi river have passed, the primary risk continues to remain heavy rain for the city of new orleans. >> and we saw with those heavy rains could do just a few days ago on wednesday about 8 inches fell in just three or four few short hour it is three or four hour technician and downtown new orleans flooded including canal street there was a lot of water on the roads. a lot of people were caught offguard by that. and there are concerns obvious
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concerns that because the ground is so saturated jon that could happen again if, in fact, this storm system brings heavy rain to the new orleans area. we already know there are well over 100,000 power outage associated with the storm and coast guard has already made at least 11 is rescues and there could be more necessary if, in fact, some of that flooding continues. jon. >> all right rick leventhal in new orleans. rick, thank you. we take you now to mississippi where tropical storm barry is also leaving his mac and a magnolia state expected to get pongedded with rain over few days and flooding a major concern there. >> getting rain is our concern, flooding -- and this has been something that has been going on in mississippi since february particularly in the mississippi delta as we see this storm l coming ashore not only here in mississippi coast but southwest mississippi and moving up the mississippi river to already flooded mississippi delta 540,000 ache aers
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underwater. steve live in st. louis, mississippi with the latest. steve. worst that have rain ahead and could get ten to 20 inches of rain already across mississippi more than it 200 roads have been flooded and state is prepositioning assets across state to try to rescue people who might be trap ad by flood waters. they've got swift boats as well as high water vehicles we're out with one today patrolling neighborhoods already beginning to flood seeing if anyone needed help. even veterans of multiple storms according to the deputy chief he said they still can get surprised by how fast the water comes up. here's the deputy chief. >> most of the time this weather water has came up too fast on them and we'll take our rescue vehicles and come down. every now and a then, you get the elder orally person that is not able to, and that's what
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we're there for we'll come down to get them out. flooding is not going to be just here the coast some of the greatest damage could be far finland especially in towns along smaller rivers, across mississippi which is already had tremendous flooding. jon back to you. >> all right steve in st. louis, thank you. our meteorologist adam is tracking barry from fox extreme weather center and has latest on that. hey there jon. still a slow-moving storm picked up three to five miles an hour, not fast enough that it is going to stop all of this flooding potential. center of circulation now is off to the west of lafayette, louisiana, this is going to continue to track to the north and you do notice most of the action is being pulled behind this system. usually we get a little bit more balance this one you see almost all of the rain still hanging offshore. so as this continues to track north it is going to pull that rain with it and heaviest rain are is on the way. winds currently in the 30s to 40 miles an hour range and these
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are winds gusts over last couple of hours. that should continue to subside slowly as this runs over land but thing is it is not going to do is slows down with rainfall. this is total rainfall total precipitation over the last week you see the ground is saturated but we're not really seeing the heaviest bands run onshore yet and once they do so this is going to add up really quickly particularly in the center of the state where it hasn't been as bad as a you saw over in new orleans area. this is a future radar that takes you from right now this evening all the way to this time tomorrow. you're going to notice our center of circumstance is kind of hard to see but by the time question get to this tomorrow night that center of sicklation spin up closer to northern louisiana border and arkansas border but look how all of this rain all of this heavy precipitation is being drug behind this. that means that tonight into tomorrow heaviest rain is going to be falling across portion of louisiana, this is a real slow mover pulling all of that with it. we're looking at an additional and a everything here in the really darker colors, maybe as much as 15 inches and yellow color but more widespread the
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orange color that's running all the way far north as meches to maybe into portion of southern illinois. that's five to ten inches of rain but jon this is a massive massive area we're talking about at least five top ten, particularly there in portions of louisiana maybe as much as 15 inches of rain so no surprise that we've got a really big area here where we're talking about -- flood watches,es advisories up the mississippi, and what ends up happening here is all of this is falling in the mississippi basin so this has all going to eventually have to funnel back down to these rivers that are been at flood levels for months and months and months more waters going to be on the way over next four or five days. >> all right adam adam, thank you. joining us now republican congressman from louisiana ralph abraham represents fifth district also a candidate for governor. congressman what's your big worry right now? >> yes, this storm is wanting to move a little bit west qard so we are really watching closely
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northeastern and central louisiana. the flooding going to be bad. we certainly understand that public safety is number one. but our farmers and ranchers are going to take a significant hit on crop law this is year look like. dges what about the mississippi quarter levels? question know it has been close to flood stage, and that whole basin has just been saturated for months now. you're right it is wet, wet and any drop of rain is a drop too much right now so i know core of engineers is watching we're in constant contact with him. but it is a significant worry. >> how are you feeling about the rebuild levees around new orleans? >> i think they're going to hold. i think corps. says they're in pretty good shape. we know there's saturated, but they should be okay. they should hold. >> and a what qowld you like americans to know about what's going on in your part of the country right now? >> well just know that this is
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the event we're happening anywhere in the united states. these rain events even though this associated with a hurricane, and a tropical storm, could be anywhere in the state welcome and we just ask for thoughts and prayers and know that -- we're going to be very resilient as we are here in louisiana, and we're going weather this storm and come out as a good team. >> how have residents there responded to warnings of this particular storm have they taken it seriously? >>s they, they are, they've had taken it very seriously jon, again, we've been through this time and time again, and when our state in federal officials tell us to be on alert be on guard, we do take heed web and again, the thing i don't them to do is drop their guard yet. you're a meteorologist and your people are telling us that we have a lot of -- a lot of rain to go, and we're not out of the woods yet. >> yeah, it sounds like the worst of the rain is going to be hitting maybe tomorrow. >> exactly right, and again,
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with that westward shell it is going to center right over louisiana. again, be prepared careful stay hunkered down. >> what about emergency authorities? are they in your view are they prepared for -- you know what is -- >> i've been -- yeah. look i've been from the north end of the state to south end driving all over e e going through the offices of emergency preparedness and i can tell you our emergency personnel they are prepared. they're on top of it, and we're in good shape. >> evacuation centers are ready to go to accept people and -- >> other than one. yeah one in xangd ya louisiana earlier this morning, it is up and running doing well and if they need to take or more residents, they've got the space. >> i know it is always -- an issue, and it's a heartbreaking one in storms like this. not all hurricane shelters are able to take pets and there are
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people who will not leave their homes. because they don't want to leave their pets behind. >> look, our pets are part of our family, and you know, i've been a veterinarian before so i understand that bond, that human animal bond is very strong, and you know luckily right here where with i'm talking to you from baton rouge there's a pet sheeter that people of louisiana can bring their pets, know that they're safe know that they're well fed, and after this blows over, about they can pick them up and take them back home. >> where will you be as a this storm continueses to ravage your state? >> still be all over the state all over the district. again, our concentration we're going move from baton rouge probably into the florida -- up into notion, north central louisiana, just preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best. >> all right congressman, and gubernatorial candidate rail l of we thank you for spengdzing some time with us this evening. >> more on tropical storm barry still ahead including a president trump is reacting to
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we doangts make these decisions lightly, if we urge you to evacuate, there's good reason and good sound data behind that decision. we know it's a disruption of your life so we put a lot of thought into it. but when we do say it we hope you'll heed those warnings. >> that is parish president on evacuations caused by tropical storm barry. it made land fall this afternoon near intercoastal louisiana as a category one hurricane. but has since been downgraded storm is dutching heavy rain as it packs heavy knot winds.
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louisiana and mississippi each declaring states of emergency. forecasters warn that worst is yet to come as severe flooding expected in the coming days. president trump monitors developments on tropical storm barry ellison barber at the white house with more on that and what else is on the president's plate hi. >> retweeted a qarng from the national weather service in regards to tropical storm barry beyond that we haven't is really heard from the the president today but he did declare a national emergency in the state of louisiana. on thursday, the declaration authorize fema to provide equipment resources to alleviate impact of the emergency and says that emergency protective measures limited to direct federal assistance will be provided 75% federal fund here's vice president mike pence. people in new orleans and baton rouge all across louisiana should just listen to state and local emergency management
3:18 pm
personnel and heed their warnings we're praying this storm goes through without any loss of life or significant damage. but all of our hearts -- all of our hearts are in louisiana . >> all of this is president prepares to say his final good-bye to secretary of labor alex acosta has been dogged by allegations he mishandled a 2008 nonprosecutor involvement involving jeffrey epstein abusing young girls. president trump said the resignation was not necessary in outgoing secretary made decision to go on his own. >> this was him not me because i'm with him. he was a -- a tremendous talent. i don't think it is right and fair for this administration labor department to have epstein as a focus rather than the incredible economy that we have today. i told him that i thought the right thing but step aside you know have your positions are
3:19 pm
temporarily. the president has roughly two-thirds turned over within first two and a half years his term. deputy secretary of labor pat will step in as a acting secretary next week acosta last day on the job is friday. jon. >> ellison at the white house, thank you. well much anticipated testimony by former special counsel robert mueller is now postponed. mueller was originally scheduled to appear before two congressional committees to answer questions about russia investigation on july 17th. that has now been pushed back one week to the 24th. lawmaker it is in both parties believe the length of the hearings qowld not afford enough time for all members to ask question withs. so an agreement was reached to extend deadline and also to give mueller more time to prepare for the the hearing. expect i.c.e. raids as a protest against raids ramp up throughout
3:20 pm
the country. meanwhile on capitol hill, house speaker nancy pelosi this week urged her fellow democrats to spread information about undocumented immigrants legal rights. a move to combat plan raid and here's pommer acting i.c.e. on pelosi actions. >> this is did dispointing you e speaker of the house saying to cross border illegally, they have an opportunity to get right with the immigration law, to have a hear they refuse to take it they were noticed again by i.c.e. and now the speaker of the house -- who could do more to fix this problem than anybody in government right now. she could put legislation on the floor to fix what's going on this urgent crisis at the border and refuses to do that. >> christina coleman live in los angeles now with more. christina. >> jon, these anti-a immigration raid protest by and large have been peaceful, however, tacoma police in washington confirm that about six hours after a
3:21 pm
peaceful rally at the detention center in tacoma a man caught trying to set building on about fire around 4:00 early this morning. they say he tried to fig night a large propane tank and threw device withs at parked cars. the police confirm this led to an officer a involved shooting and that man it was shot and killed. this incident is under investigation. meanwhile in chicago, protesters called for abolition of i.c.e. and the closure of detention centers. chicago mayor larry says city will permanently bar its police department from sharing databases i with immigration officials. hundred of protesters demonstrated outside a detention facility and a aurora, colorado sol fulled down american flag that flew in front of the building and raise a flag of mexico in its place. local media also reporting demonstrators spray painted aa bollish i.c.e. messages on a flag that flew the facility here in los angeles, there was a
3:22 pm
large protest outside of detention center downtown, common demonstrator call for immigrants inside to be released and for the detention centers to be shutdown. meanwhile city officials and some of the targeted cities are advising imrangt communities of their rights and authorities in so-called sanctuary cities are refusing to provide resources to i.c.e.. yes if they come to your door to ask for you. you don't have to answer. as a person who is living in their -- in their home, if they don't have a warrant with your name on it, you don't have to answer. >> trump administration officials reiterate that i.c.e. has authority to ten force rule of law they say the record number of my immigrant families rifing at the southern border in recent months is challenging for border agents and republican lawmakers say raids like this can also be a deterrent to potential migrants. >> there's a difference when you start talking a about --
3:23 pm
talking about the actual practicality and how it will take place and -- announcing there's going to be raids. i -- you know my opinion is -- if we quietly start doing this, you'll see a tremendous deterrent effect. three invigorated effort comes just three weeks after president trump delayed this operation. hoping that congress could reach a bipartisan deal on immigration rsm. jon. >> christina coleman, thank you. >> so with these raids about to get underway vice president mike pence becomes the highest ranking member of the trump administration to visit migrant detention center this is amid a raging debate over conditions at the facilities and exactly who is to blame. jillian turner has more from washington. >> for the first time in a long time americans got the opportunity to see conditions inside these border detention facilities first hand. courtesy of vice president pence's delegation tour. he was accompany by republican
3:24 pm
senator on his trip to the texas facility and viewed holding areas with children and one occupied by nearly 400 adult men confined with no place to sleep. >> are you comfortable or being well taken care of. comfortable. do you have a place to get washed up and clean? the bp border patrol agent a encountered along the way and talked about what he had seen. >> i kongts be more impressed with with the compassion at work that our custom of border protection are doing here at this facility. truth is here at the station, they're operating within the very care powerful guidelines for december takenning these single adults. the time has come to stop the irresponsible rhetoric about the way that people are being cared for and treated. officials in rio grande say they're overwhelmed with migrants crossing border siting 700 to 1,000 arrival it is taken into custody every single day.
3:25 pm
but capitol hill democrats say that's no excuse for what nay they call treatment of my immigrants. >> there's no need for us to arrest innocent people and treat them no differently than criminals than they are few pursuing basic human rights. as usual reaction to the footage of the detention facilities here in washington has been sharply divided along apartment partisan wide as they're bracing for i.c.e. raids, president trump ordered to begin tomorrow. many as 2,000 migrants and family members expected to be targeted. jon. jon: jillian turner, jillian, thank you. president trump scoring legal victory as federal appeal court upholds justice department method of cracking down on sanctuary cities. decision is allows department of justice to give treatment to community or for political community policing grants the cities that do not defy federal immigration enforcement and faced numerous in cutting
3:26 pm
funding to sanctuary cities. so we're continuing to monitor tropical storm barry as it slowly marches north into louisiana. jeff paul is live in baton rouge for us now. jeff. >> yeah jon wrindz getting stronger the rain is starting to come down as those outer bands of tropical barry move through d emergency officials are warning about timing of this storm after a the break. [ sniffing ] come on. this summer, add a new member to the family. hurry into the mercedes-benz summer event today for exceptional offers. lease the glc 300 suv for just $419 a month at the mercedes-benz summer event. going on now.
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>> tropical storm barry triggers heavy rain across the gulf coast after making land fall as a category one hurricane. i'm jon scott, and this is the "fox report." it is the bottom of the hour if you're just joins us the storm is baring down on louisiana while slowly turning north forecasters say it is carrying massive amount of moisture which could cause catastrophic fooding in the days ahead. we go now to jeff paul reporting live from baton rouge, louisiana, jeff. >> jon we're about 80 miles northwest of new orleans, and for most of the day it hasn't been too bad but now rain is starting to come down just and we're starting to feel those wind gusts pick up and right behind me this is the mississippi river and this is what a lot of the folks who called it area home are worried about. many have never seen this river this high, these steps you look at they go self more steps and a lot of folks this is a levee are
3:31 pm
worried if this can hold or how much water this levee can handle some locals are out here earlier in the day not too many of them out here right now pretty much a ghost town but we him about why he came out here and what he had to think about what he exactly thought about was going on with barry. take a listen to what he had to say. >> i heard it was embarrassing and i wanted to see for myself and by tomorrow it was blue and -- now, you can tell there is a little bit of wind out here into the distance i don't know if you can tell. it is a little a rainy out here so those might not come through very clear. but it is fairly windy to you see those flags moving off into the distance. and mayor here we caught up with her earlier checking out what was going on with tropical storm barry, she said they're not going to be implementing a curfew tonight but they are expecting worst of the weather to come through overnight and throughout the next 30, 36 hours and she said that could be a
3:32 pm
little deceiving for folk who is woke up this morning thinking that the worst part of the weather was going to be this morning. she said it hasn't even begun. jon. >> jeff paul reporting live from baton rouge, thank you. meteorologist adam is tracking barry on fox team weather center. adam what's the latest? >> jon it continues to be a slow-moving storm moving to the northwest at 7 miles an hour at this point the center of circulation which ultimately won't matter a who will lot but it is just off to the west of lafayette, louisiana. you do notice all of the activities back behind the storm that is continuing to be the case really nonstop this is dragging all a of the rain behind it. it has been doing so already. that will continue there's the circulation you can see it but have rain off the coast of louisiana so far as this tracks north it will continue to pull with it and eventually see heavy rainfall. now there have been a couple of outer bands and mobile in a spot where rain has been training for hours and hours. one of the few spots that have seen a lot of heavy rain so far. the heaviest rain overs --
3:33 pm
wise but seeing darker yellow and a orntion really creeping up on the coast, and that's when things are going to pick up likely in next several hours as this moves offshore. into the future radar you'll get a sense again with center in in region i'll put this into motion tonight into tomorrow night and by the time we get late into sunday. your center of circulation up into arkansas border but look how all a of the rain continues to be pulled behind this. so now we're talking about very heavy rainfall tomorrow, tonight and then running through tomorrow into the heart of louisiana where this beginses to pile up. that's when we see major flooding. this is additional rainfall projected from the national weather service and you see some of these really dark areas hard to see there. that's as much as 15 inches that's a smaller area but everything here widespread in the orange, that is five to ten inches of rain that's going to be all along the mississippi river so all of that eventually funnels back in, funnels back
3:34 pm
down, we could see the river continue to climb over the next several days. an you see how far north this runs. jon. that's mefers getting up into this game. portion of southern illinois. that's going to be talking about monday into tuesday. this is something that we're going to be watching for days and days and days. and i do think that worst of it in southern louisiana picks up tonight and runs into tomorrow morning. >> all right adam in the fox extreme weather center. adam, thank you. >> well barry has prompted new orleans to seal floodgates for first time since hurricane katrina in 2005. joining us now by phone colonel stephen murphy corps. of engineer for the new orleans district. are you, are you ready for the intensity of this storm, do you think? >> we absolutely is are. we've actually been in a flood fight here in the district for over 260 days since last november. and we've been in a 24/7 flood
3:35 pm
fight since february and really what that means is that every day in partnership with local and state entities we've been inspecting levee and mississippi river levees are as good as they've ever been, and we have complete confidence in the 178 because this, if there's a proactive approach, if we find any problems in the daily inspection out immediately so far the no breaching no overtopping on federal levee and we continue to remain vigilant. >> we know that mississippi has troubles but our rick leventhal reported earlier in this hour that it actually crested last night and started to drop. that's got to be welcome news for you and your team. >> that is welcomed news and in the river it is good news -- so what are the greatest threats would you say? >> you know, there's always risk
3:36 pm
with these weather events and we're with actually, we're in the wettest period in this region in the country in a past 124 years of recorded weather history. so the grounds really wet whenever any drop of water that hits eventually ends up in a river, and so greatest concern is just that, that we make into the quarter in the gulf and in the levees are again, they're performing, manage haded and always flood fight team effort, and we're lengthed in closely with the state, and local leaders right now i'm actually talking from louisiana state operation center where i'm linked in with my counterpart and the protection restoration agency. >> i know pumps are a big factor of protecting low-lying forels are pumps ready to go in do you have confidence in them?
3:37 pm
>> yeah. corps. of engineers doesn't -- operate the pump now. we built them as part of the hurricane storm vantage with reduction system. the 172 miles of levees that reduce the risk from the hurricane and storm damage around new orleans but those are operated by the state. so we're in close coordination every day especially to events to make sure they're operated as they were designed. >> again we noted earlier that mississippi is already handle aing an extreme amount of water when you look at the projected path of this particular storm it is going right up the mississippi valley. is that going to overwhelm flood defenses in the coming days or you think that that levee everything else is going to be able to handle all of that water? >> no, we're fully confident that mississippi river levee system can handle it like you said, the stage in scially
3:38 pm
downtown new orleans is 17th photoand in levee system in the -- mississippi river levee system is a 20 feet. and they go up to 25. so i'm fully confident that the system can handle it. >> so what do you say to residents of louisiana -- this night who are probably feeling a little bit nervous about what is coming in from the guflt? >> i think it is understandable to be nervous it is a hurricane. but i would tell you the system is better than it has ever been. there's a lot of people that are vigilant right now to make sure that it is safe as it can be. but i would tell everybody to listen to your local officials there's always risk this storm -- any storm has been extremely unpredict, its path and intensity. so listen to your local, and stay safe. >> colonel stephen murphy there new orleans. we with appreciate your expertise. thank you. >> hey, no problem.
3:39 pm
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without fingersticks. ask your doctor to write a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at ♪ >> this country i know that's not very much involved these days. i'm told that, you know, biden thinks it is like go back to the old days i don't to be back to anything old. [laughter] nothing. that's former vice president joe biden tell new hampshire voters he's looking toward the future. as he and several other democratic white house hopefuls hit the campaign trail this weekend we have the latest on that from washington. jonny is a busy weekend on the campaign trail with democratic
3:43 pm
candidates not only taking aim at president trump but at each other policies as well. health care is is one area where there's a lot of daylight between 2020 hopeful after last few days joe biden has been touting his position as only top candidate who opposes medicare for all a. and he plans to keep the affordable care act in place at a house party today in new hampshire, biden argue ad it would be easier and far less expensive to expand obamacare instead of replacing it with a kind of single payer health plan that a majority top democratic candidates are calling for. >> the idea that and people who are qualified from medicaid right now automatically be enrolled now it cost a lot of money 750 billion dollars over ten. but it doesn't cost 3 trillion dollars and it, done quickly and i don't know why we get rid of what, in fact, was working and move to something totally new. >> yesterday biden also praised bernie sanders for being the only candidate out there who is
3:44 pm
honest about the cost in consequences of medicare for all but sanders isn't happy with how biden has been disease picketing plan and fired back this afternoon in a statement saying in part, at a time when donald trump and the health insurance industry are lying every day about medicare for all, i would hope that my fellow democrats would not resort to misinformation about my legislation. just a few hours after that statement sangd percent campaign announced he plans to deliver a major address on medicare for all this next week to confront those who are against it so health care will clearly be a leading topic of debate for democrats throughout the primary all the way into the general election. jon. >> garrett thank you. california will become first state in the nation to offer health care to young, undocumented my graduates their controversial move has become a hot button issue for the 2020 president candidate we have more on that from los angeles. >> we are the most untrump states in america when it comes
3:45 pm
to health policy. and a i'm proud of that. governor gavin newsom tuesday signing measure to provide health care to low income, undocumented immigrants. plan expands california medicare coverage to not only illegal immigrants under age 19 but to an a additional 90,000 up to age 26. >> we're providing health care for everyone regardless of immigration status if you believe in yiewmple health care you believe in universal health care had. >> president trump opposes subsidies says u.s. citizens come first. >> you look at what they're doing in california how they're treating people they don't treat their people as well as they treat illegal immigrants so what point does this stop? >> a way to improve health by providing them access to needed care but national polls show nearly 60 % of americans oppose provided health insurance for illegal immigrants and contrast democrats running for the white house. >> raise your hand if your government plan would provide
3:46 pm
coverage for undocumented immigrants? [applause] >> currently illegal immigrants in u.s. receive emergency health care and most states have preand post natal care and medicare by contrast pays for doctor visits, lab work hospital and home care and many precipitation drugs. we want to be here to celebrate what is right -- in this country, and const our approach with the approach coming out of washington, d.c. cost of the expanded coverage roughly 10 million a year by a budget surplus. io ron considering they had cuts will be a disaster for california. in los angeles, wayne, fox news. >> much more on tropical storm barry ahead. but first i.c.e. deportation raids expected to begin tomorrow. the impact this will have on washington, next. to get the best deal. gas is 6 cents cheaper here. sale rack! no! and, for loans, i go to
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there's nothing to be secret about. i.c.e. is law enforcement they're great patriots. they have a tough job. nothing to be secret about. if the word gets out it gets out. it starts on sunday, and they're going to take poem out to bring them back to their countries. president trump confirming yesterday i.c.e. immigration raids are set to begin tomorrow morning. as the trump administration looks to deport undocumented migrants who have been living in the united states under final deportation orders. let's bring in jeff mason white house reporter for reuters, the president is making the case that the broadcasting of the start of these raids isn't really going to make a difference. is that how you see it, jeff? >> well, i'm not sure how this matters how i see it. but i think you're rights that he's making that argument and he's -- suggesting that it is not going to have an impact.
3:51 pm
i think that there has been an already because you've had -- advocacy groups coming out with suggestions to people who might be affected by these raids on what to do if i.c.e. members come to their doors. there have been advice and ideas if, you know, some have been told not to open their doors. told about been told about their right all of that really is a function of the fact that the president has warned about this. all of that said i think it raises question of -- in some ways this president trump really just wants to message to go out to his political base that this is something he's doing. because it is a promise that he made, and it is certainly in line with his policies both as a candidate in 2016 now as the president of the united states. >> well and there is that point that this is not something that the president has been shy about. i mean he did run on a platform of -- enforcing immigration law. >> no question, and he's going into a 2020 election. as well wanting to defend his record. wanting to say that he has
3:52 pm
helped to fulfill those promises and he may have some vulnerability on that in terms there not being a big chunk of wall built that many of his supporters i think in 2016 would have maybe expected to have by now the president, of course, always likes to say that the wall is being built by that was something that he promised but that's in -- the larger context of having a broad top immigration policy. and having raids is in line with that. >> mayor of chicago lawry just wrapped up a news conference where she blasted the president or for these raids. here's part of what she had to say. i hope as a president and somewhere this conscience is pricked and he realizes that dangling this sword over people's heads is causing great harm and trauma and entire households entire communities -- and president argues if i can speak, you know, in his place, that these are people who have
3:53 pm
come here illegally they have had their cases asylum cases heard in court. and their asylum cases denied and in president view it is time for them to go. >> that's right. i think that is what he feels and i think that -- the quote that you just played from mayor of chicago just illustrates the fact that this is a very politically divisive issue and democrats largely believe that president trump policy and immigration exemplify by these raids but also other things as well are in humane. the republicans believe that this is -- this is a job that he has to do and a promise that he made as a candidate. all of this is also happening against back drop of vice president mike pence's visit on friday to detention centers in texas which showed the, you know, the really terrific, horrible. horrible condition of people particularly in that second facility that he viewed. so it's -- it's a tough issue that
3:54 pm
republican or a democrat and it's -- it's very divisive. but border patrol perhaps president would argue if there weren't a flood of migrants coming in conditions wouldn't be so deflocial but simply overwhelmed with the flood of human beings who want to make it into america. >> yeah . i think they would argue that and i think that what vice president pence saw on friday certainly showed that the system -- is way past limits disagreement is whether or not president trump policy and rhetoric has been increasing number of people coming to border some have said that, because of his threats to close border that has led to the -- increase in migrants coming from central america but vice president and president heralding recent figure after more action from mexico in which those numbers have gone down. >> here is more from the president speaking yesterday on his feelings about these raids. listen. >> what had people come into our
3:55 pm
country we take those people out and we take them out very legally. they all have papers. and a it is the process and i have an obligation to do it. they came in illegally. they go out legally. but the democrats should be doing now is they should be changing loopholes. they should be change asylum. raids were supposed to begin a couple of weeks ago jeff as you know, the president delayed them and said he was going to give congress chance to change asylum laws, that did not happen. no, and i think people who are -- watching this closely on both sides didn't necessarily expect there to be a lot of change in that two week period. i think it's also -- interesting to see that this is going forward tomorrow and the president sometimes says, set deadlines and then extend them or re-up them depending on what's beginning on. but i think this goes on again to the -- to the fact this this is an important issue for him and he wants to be able to show his -- his supporters that he's making
3:56 pm
good on the promises that he made. >> well mayors of some of the biggest cities where these raids are expected to take place, los angeles, baltimore, chicago, san francisco, denver they're all saying, they're ordering their people not to cooperate with immigration and custom enforcement we'll see what happens perhaps starting if tomorrow. jeff mason reuters good for you to be on. >> thanks for having me. tropical storm barry causing massive flooding use the coast and we're following it all. hey there adam. >> we know hurricane winds are a big part of this we're looking at winds spots 30 to 40 miles an hour but real story the legacy of this storm is going to be all that rain that's just off the coast. it is moving inland. ville the detailsca coming up. mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous.
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tropical storm barry pummels louisiana after making land fall today as a category one hurricane. hello i'm jon scott welcome to a second hour ho of the "fox report." the slow moving system is now making st its way north and packing what is being described as an off the charts amount of moisture. the torrential rainfall putting flood defenses to the test in the city of new orleans. here's mayor la toya. >> we're out of the eye but we're not out of the conditions that will cause heavy rainfall for the city of new orleans. although barry has slowed also intensified while the storm surge risk on our mississip


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