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tv   Watters World  FOX News  July 13, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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i love you. favorite was watte e
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watters says women could get paid fairly if they just kept
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their traps shut. the captain of the women's soccer team megan rapinoe was asked if she won the world cup would she go to the white house. [bleep] no i'm not going to the white house. jesse: she said i am not going to the fing white house. so she has trump derangement syndrome. but she is representing the country and not just herself. she should show respect for the office of the presidency. she also knelt for the national anthem while overseas. i spoke to many americans over the weekend who refused to watch the championship game. the women's world cup final brought in 14 million viewers. but the last one in 2015 brought
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in 22.3 million viewers. that's an 8 mill viewer drop in overall audience in the united states. i'm not saying it has to do with rapinoe turning off american viewers. my guess is just the audience might have been higher if she hadn't disbarrelled the anthem and the president. audience and ratings create revenue for the world cup and that revenue is used to pay the players. merchandise and ticket sales also add value. but you want the biggest audience, right? the 2018 men's world cup global audience was 3.6 billion. the women drew an estimated 1 billion. the men's was 5.3 billion. $400 million prize money and the women's team gets to divide $38
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million between them. 2019. prize money $30 million, the winning team gets to divide just $4 million. the women's salaries are less than the men because they generate much less revenue. it's simple. supply and demand as a concept isn't sexist, it's just reality. where the women should be getting paid more than the men is through the u.s. soccer federation. this is a national soccer league. the women generated almost a million more in revenue for the federation than the men. revenue for the u.s. soccer federation for the women's team $50.8 million, the men, $49.9. the women need to renegotiate their contract. so i don't want women and men paid equally.
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i want women to be paid more than the men. got it? joining me now the host of the "ingraham angle," laura ingraham. in my opinion now you are not allowed to criticize u.s. women's soccer in any way. if you criticize the captain, you are sexist or anti-lgbtq. you can't say anything about anybody or you will be accused of being a bigot. if you look at her behavior, if you say i'm not going to the fing white house, and you neil during the anthem -- and you kneel during the anthem and don't put our hand on your heart during the anthem. a lot of people in this country don't like that and they think it's unpatriotic. >> i think this is where society has taken us.
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standard that used to be just a given, jesse. when i was growing up. it's what you did. there wasn't a debate about it. it didn't mean you didn't have questions about some things the country did in the past. big mistakes we maid as a country. we all understand that. but there were certain elements of love of country we all could rally around. and thankfully in sports or it used to be at least that we could put politics aside and cheer for our favorite team man this case it would be the usa team in the world cup. it's a shame some of these players took this opportunity not to celebrate the athleticism of their fellow teammates but to use it as megan rapinoe said herself, she talked about using this as leverage. she was referring to political and cultural leverage. i think that rubs a lot of the
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people the wrong way. a friend of mine who is a huge soccer player and follows the teams in europe. she said i wanted to cheer for them. but at the parade it became a graceful display of look at me, look at me. i was always taught there is no i in team, it's all about the we. some of that was missing. jesse: i noticed that. it was right by my apartment. it was a total chaotic scene. the dancing, calling attention to one's self. with a lot of one women around she dropped the f-bomb. i'm not the poke, i'm not going to come down on someone for
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saying that. but when you add it all together, the self-glorify case, that's the deal if you look at any professional athlete. >> showboating. jesse: not everybody does it. but when you add the showboating to criticizing the commander-in-chief, refusing to go to the white house and slamming anybody who disagrees with that position as nasty, i don't think people are going to watch that would have watched if she had conducted herself in a straight patriotic way. >> i think that's an excellent point. it remind us of the people in our country who sacrificed so much. we just celebrated d day and the 4th of july and our independence.
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there were sports heroes of arthur ashe and jackie robinson. people who were first. this was a phenomenal team. but there is something about the focus on the self that always i think at these moments make people uncomfortable. as fabulous as she is on the field, i think it's easy to swear. it's hard to score a goal. jesse: she is a great athlete and we are not taking that away from her. laura: that's a given. it doesn't mean anyone who watches soccer has to adopt your political world view. she made clear in her statement on one of her appearances saying i am happy to go to washington to have a conversation, meaning a political conversation with anyone who shares our values and basically agrees with me.
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it's easy to have a conversation if they agree with you. what's hard is to sit down with someone you maybe have a view that's negative. i think if she had met with the president she might have questioned some of her suppositions and assume suns. i think she probably would have had a better conversation than she would have thought. jesse: it's the same with the philadelphia eagles. they win and half the team doesn't want to go and he disinvites them staff years of saying we need to talk about race, we need to talk about police brutality. then given an opportunity to discuss those issues with the leader of the freed world in the white house after a victory like that, then you throw it away. it doesn't make any sense. when i said acting straight i meant in terms of behave high year, i didn't mean in terms of
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gender orientation. laura: i got it. jesse: i know you got it, but i don't think everybody necessarily does. laura: you are making a point by correcting yourself. you and i have to watch every word we say and read what we with write like our enemies would read it. they will take every phrase and cut it and slice it and say jesse watters said. they could say lock up your children, lock up your wives. we are in town. they could say anything with total impunity. but you and i as conservatives
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aren't allowed. jesse: we give them benefit of the doubt but we don't get the same grace. bet po o'rourke. i think he's toast and has sunk his campaign. here is one of the reasons why his poll numbers are dropping like a rock. >> this one think was found on white supremacy. every institution and structure we have in our country reflects the legacy of slavery and oppression and jim crow. jesse: barack obama first black president never spoke about america's founding like that. we looked at his state of the unions and july 4th messages. he spoke in uplifting ways. you have a d-lister like beto
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saying every institution, the military, the media, medicine is racist. how are you going to be president of the united states when the whole thing is racist? laura: this is where it all lead. this is where their world view has to lead. if you think america is fatally fraud from the outset, then of course you think the constitutional provision that talks about your right to self-defense, second amendment. that has to go. free speech. religious liberty. well, only if your religious values don't conflict with the modern world view. tearing down statues, they will be burning books next. this is where it is. they have been teaching this for a long time. now it's becoming mainstream in the democrat party.
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even poor old joe biden is caught up in it. i don't think we'll see beto on any more magazine covers. jesse: they thought he was the next jfk says more about the media than it does about him. i think you hit the nail on the head. the reason they say this country is racist and founded on white supremacy, it makes it easier to destroy those institutions because obviously they are fatally flawed and have to be rebuilt in a socialism context. laura ingraham watching what we say very carefully. laura: great to see you, jesse. jesse: an exclusive interview with the man behind the most famous trump meme. he'll be here in an exclusive. instagram star with a very special announcement.
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>> make america old school again.
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[♪] jesse: the war of words between nancy pelosi and aoc is escalating. last week the house speaker told the "times," all these people
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have their public whatever and their twitter world, but they didn't have any following. they are four people and that's how many votes they got. four people referring to aoc and her squad. aoc told "the washington post" she felt nancy pelosi was singling out women of color. >> knowing the amount of death threats we get. >> do you think she is racist? >> no, no, absolutely not. jesse: she throws the race card down then tries to take it back. >> i said what i said on the subject. we respect the value of every member of our caucus. that's all i am going to say on the subject.
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jesse: congressman are you laughing about this on capitol hill? >> i visibility seen democrats go at each other's throats this viciously since the last democratic debate. the only continues between house democrats and cannibals is cannibals only eat their enemies. we just need to get aoc and nancy pelosi in a room and have marianne williamson come in and shower them with the love. jesse: i am going to switch party affiliations and vote for marianne. is the identity politic genie out of the bottle? they used to use it on republicans. now they are using it against each other. to me it's hilarious.
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>> it's karma. i thought it was funny william lacy accused aoc of playing the race card against nancy pelosi. william lacey's father served in congress and he said ronald reagan was trying to replace the bill of rights with the fascist precept. jesse: don't throw the race card at each other. that shows you have a weak argument. that's what the republicans have been saying for five years. if you criticize barack obama it doesn't make you a racist. when you criticize omar it doesn't make you an islamaphobe. to criticize rapinoe doesn't make you a sexist.
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>> we have got to be able to debate the subjec -- the substaf our argument. they want a platform to destroy and defame people. and say don't bother listening to someone else's argument. i will do something i have never done before. i will stand up for nancy pelosi. she is pushing back against socialism and any american hole push back against socialism deserves credit from us. jesse: the president of the united states very disrespectful to her. she is not a racist. for them to call her a racist is a disgrace. jesse: very mischievous for the
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president to get in the middle of this one. >> it was because his word ins n charlottesville were distorted. he said i'm not talking about the nazis and white supremacists. but they still distort his word. how does it feel, democrats? jesse: i think the word is defame, not debate. jeffrey epstein is locked up trying to get some bail. but the media turned a story about a pedophile, democrat donor and friend of president bill clinton into a story about donald trump's labor secretary. the misdirection is ridiculous. you have a former president who allegedly flew on this secret
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plane of the billionaire epstein pedophile 26 times, according to flight record found by fox news. and he ditched his secret service detail on some of the excursions. jesse: splitting hairs doesn't seem like a good idea when you are flying on a plane with a pedophile. >> i think we need to figure out what the definition of the word is is. maybe he flew on epstein's plane but didn't inhale. all of the references on the internet to crib on and epstein are suppressed and people are trying to elevate some connection between jeffrey epstein and president trump. i guess this is the best evidence we have that al gore did invent the internet and is able to protect bill clinton. jesse: we were looking for
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pictures that show the screen of clinton and epstein and we couldn't find any. >> they get him on the sleaze factor. this undermines the sleaze factor. epstein was apparently very close to bill clinton and they want nothing to do with it. these poor women who were underaged. they were allegedly abused. that's where the focus should be on. thank you, guys have much. -- very much. til ahead, a classic. "watters' world" at the beach. what's going on up here? can't see what it is yet. what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy.
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remains a threat for much of the gulf coastpresident trump: you e directly with our citizens without going through the fake news. together you reach more people than any television broadcast network by far. and some of you are extraordinary. some of you are extraordinary. the crap you think of is
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unbelievable. jesse: president trump hosting some of his most of outspoken supporters. combating anti-conservative bias. one person in attendance. known as carpe donktum. the favorite you mind behind some of president trump's favorite memes like this one. [♪] jesse: carpe donktum joins me now. okay, carpe. >> how you doing, jesse? jesse: i'm doing well.
11:32 pm
how did you get in the meme game and did you have any idea you would blow up like this. >> i got started after the wrestling joke. after that it went crazy and i had no idea it would blow up the way it did. jesse: you were the one behind the one where trump body slammed the cnn logo? >> city wasn't behind it but that's where i got my start. jesse: the president's state of the union address. let's watch that. >> tonight we are resolved that america will never be a socialist country. [♪]
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♪ everybody cries ♪ everybody hurts jesse: is there any special skill set you have that you developed by moving video along with music? or do you think you got lucky? >> i watched a lot of movies. i pay attention to how movies are made and how they are direct. and -- jesse: you consider yourself a movie director on the internet. you have gotten the president to retweet you how many times about? >> five or six, depending on how you count it. jesse: you were at the white house social media such it. you got to spend some time with the president in the oval office. what did you guys talk about? >> it was a very calm and just
11:34 pm
comfortable atmosphere. we talked and had a normal conversation. he talked with my kids. we talked a little bit about memes and current events. just a conversation you have with an old friend is how would describe it. jesse: what did he say to you about your memes? >> he did like the state of the union you just played. he said the music was perfect. and he was a little upset it wawbs only up for four hours before they took it down. jesse: one you got heat for is the joe biden meme. creepy joe. let's watch that. >> i hug people. i grab men and women by the shoulder and say you can do this.
11:35 pm
it's the way i have always been. way i try to show i care about them, i'm listening. jesse: these memes are driving the left, and especially the media bonkers. why do you think that is? >> they just don't have a sense of humor anymore. they don't know what's funny. everything drives them crazy because they can't see the humor in it. just yesterday they put -- me on a lineup and used a flank face. they didn't even take the time to find my actual face and put it there, then they called me an anonymous troll. jesse: for meme mastermind that has gotten the attention of the united states president and
11:36 pm
moved the needle in the news cycle. these people in the press cover your memes. but i guess you are just a troll. many people say they are the trolls but i guess that's another argument. do you get the reaction that's would expect? do you get people coming after you? do you get death threats? have you been threatened to be thrown off the internet? >> i have had things all over the spectrum on that. obviously i have gotten some very nasty things from people that don't like me. i have been threatened several times through direct messages and things like that. i would say generally my experience is pretty good on the internet and a lot of people like me. i am always under a threat of what are they going to do next.
11:37 pm
what's going to happen. jesse: it's clear to me the mainstream media knows you have a special talent and they now it's incredibly influential. the genie is out of the bottle with these memes and they can't control the message, and i think that's why they treat you so disrespect any. but i expect more memes as the campaign heats up. hopefully we'll get another one. the president will retweet it. carpe donktum, i appreciate the work you are doing stay safe. diamond and silk went down to the border and got some exclusive video for exclusive video for "watters' world."
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jesse: only 95,000 illegals detained by agents in june. that's a 29% drop from the previous month. officials say that's partially due to new measures put into practice by the united states and mexico. diamond and silk toured the border including a trip to a processing center. >> we are at a processing center where illegal aliens are being held. >> this is where we keep all the unaccompanied juveniles. this is not the only facility that we have. there is a facility where it's two soft side tents where we also keep family. and there are no unaccompanied juveniles.
11:43 pm
this is the only place where we hold unaccompanied juveniles. >> they make sure they have a snack before they come in. homeless americans don't get zmaks. will you illegal aliens get snacks. more snacks. >> we are out here with border patrol agentsthis is some big s. they are going to get me a vest. i don't know if it will be body armor. because we ready. let's so see. let's check it out. >> i heard it could be almost up to 12 people on one of these rafts trying to cross the border trying to get to the u.s.a. >> there is no infrastructure. we don't have access to go in and out of water. we have to come through
11:44 pm
properties to have access. i can almost guarantee you because of this brush you will see different divisions and property and that takes time. >> we had to take it all in. my adrenaline was rushing. they had the night goggles. we had the flashlights. we had our hats on. i feel maybe i should go and be a border patrol agent. jesse: joining me now, diamond and silk. what was the biggest thing you learned that you didn't know before by visiting down there? >> i didn't know the cartels were controlling the borders and charging each illegal alien between $300 to $8,000 to enter into our country. jesse: what about the things that were provided to the detained families and minors. >> they are eating better than people that you live on the
11:45 pm
streets. they are sleeping better than people that live on the street. i hear the left complain about the illegal aliens sleeping on mats. but you have children sleeping in tents on concrete. illegal aliens are being fed snacks and three meals a day. and those meals are outsourced to restaurants where they come in and provide the meals. they get showers. >> even down to our border patrol, how they risk their lives to save other people's lives on the border in the brush. we deserve to give our border patrol the utmost respect. they are the person on the front lines, securing america and americans. jesse: you said some of the agents are getting sick. and they return to their families and it's a sad situation. because it's not their primary job. but they are having to deal with
11:46 pm
it because of the massive inflow that coming in. ladies, i'm glad you did that report and gave it to. "watters' world" as an exclusive. choo-choo to the train. check them out in california later this month. instagram star big time tommy is here and he has very, very big news he's going to share.
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♪ privacy is power. what people don't know about you gets you to ruin them. one day they can use it to come back and bite you in the ass. jesse: that's social media star bigtime tommie. you may know him from "car fellas." but he preaches about respect and loyalty. youyou are giving advice to peo. it's simple advice. people think it's funny because the advice is simple so it seems obvious.
11:51 pm
>> i started off just giving one of my thoughts, and before you not, people were like oh, my god, it was like i created something that never was, but it was at one point. it was back in the day when beam lived old school. jesse: what does it mean to live old school >> to live with the believe and actions that there was back in the day when there were simpler times where people had respect, people had manners. everybody today, you cut somebody off, let the person go, wait until three seconds. you don't need to be giving people the finger and chasing them down. let them go. be nice. >> here is you in the shower giving some advice. >> hey, instagram, it's bigtime tommie.
11:52 pm
be strong because things get better. it may be stormy now but it doesn't rain forever. that's the old school way. never ever give up. bigtime tommie from the shower. jesse: all these advice pieces, particular to your guns, be yourself, don't worry about the drama and stay focused on the positive. >> absolutely. it's very simple. just be nice. it takes too much time to have negative energyyou need to get e negative and embrace the positive. jesse: what's the big announcement you want to make? >> ever since i have been doing this instagram and i blew up, people are calling me nice names instead of just fat, you eat a
11:53 pm
lot, what's your cholesterol. now people are calling me legend, boss. and they are saying, tommie, you should run for president. i'm going to make america old school again. i'm running for president. i'm running for president. and i want people to vote. if you want an old school world and you want simpler times and things to be nice, i'm your guy. jesse: people should send you money. >> it's not about the money, it's about making the world old school again. jesse: are you running against donald trump? >> yes, i'm running against donald trump. questions * maybe they should switch pence out for bigtime tommie. >> that's what i'm thinking. i am going to bring back days we have never seen before.
11:54 pm
jesse: make america old school again. we are probably having you react to some of the democrat debates. are you up to that? >> we'll see what we can do. jesse: up next, "watters world" celebrates bastille day. >> what's your favorite friend' food? >> french fries of course.
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jesse: time for last call. this weekend the french are celebrating bastille day. in honor of the international holiday we step back in time for a classic "watters world" quiz. happy bastille day.
11:59 pm
thank you very much. i don't know what you mean by that. jesse: it's the french july 4. >> that sound cool. jesse: tell me about napoleon. >> what are you doing, trying to ruin my life trying to make me look like a friggin' idiot? >> he was taller than you. >> expect language, you will be very nice. just try. jesse: what do you do really well that's french. >> french kiss. jesse: ways your favorite french food? >> french fries of course. >> your fries are good. we appreciate you bringing them to america and i wish all the french the best. jesse: i don't think the french fries are actually french.
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be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. i'm watters and this is hide wo


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