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tv   Fox Nation Celebrates America  FOX News  July 14, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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washington. that is it for us today. have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday". ♪ ♪ abby: i'm abby hornacek and one of the many host on fox nation. welcome to "fox nation celebrates america". tonight were giving you an exclusive look at all the great shows that honor this country the values was built on the people who fight and protect it. these are shows about history, faith and freedom. i want to get to it and show you a sneak peak of the brand-new season of what made america great. >> ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. zero. ignition. lift off.
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>> here we go. the rocket is launched in about two and half minutes it will be out of this world literally. i've never seen anything like this. this is a night launch that many do not get to capture whether on video but we are seeing it life, very close to where it launched. i was pretty amazed and now the sound is delayed. ♪ >> see how effortless this is as it heads into the sky. as of right now they say it will leave our vision in about two minutes which is about one minute away. it never ceases to amaze. abby: that was an exclusive look at the brand-new season of what
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made america great hosted by brian kilmeade. brian goes beyond the history books to take you inside the pivotal spots from coast-to-coast that made it what the united states is today. brian in the flesh. brian, thank you for joining. >> when asked i respond. abby: but that is patriotic in america. thank you for that. can you tell me about this upcoming season of what made america great because it's now the third one. >> daughters of the american resolution and the role they played have in the schools a document behind the scenes in washington and ride on a saturday at about five, six in the morning to get it done. the letters we reveal on the show are fascinating, william casey think of the iran-contra scandal in the cia for we go to his house and realize this guy helped bring down the nazis and helped bring down the soviet union and then combined with ronald reagan to put together one of the most impactful series of administration while pulling
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off ronald reagan's reelection campaign on his back after george h to be bush on the first primary. we still to his house because it's for sale and get this history. here's the thing. in his backyard, in the middle of nowhere on long island, is an eagles nest on his property and has been there since he bought it and is there to this day. no other eagles on long island but this guy is a patriot through and through. we also did this museum of american revolution in philadelphia and it's nothing but history there but what a place to bring it together and i was amazed at what they have and what they were able to reveal. they have it on stage and reveal it at the end and then we have a special tour of mount vernon where we will see things never seen before. it's the number one most visited place in this country which is heartening, even when the french and british come over they want to see where george washington lived in so much of it is still the same. a few more surprises this year
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because i want to know how you find the hidden secrets of these places? brian: you need cooperation and they know if they bring us out we need an angle or something else. wouldn't it be great since i love talking about it is to take the books george washington and thomas jefferson and andrew jackson and now sam houston and tell america's history and i think it's a fun conversation away using the audio video things we have put together and move through our history and let people understand what made america great but i tried to tell people america was great from the start. abby: and you are doing that in a live tour across the country and we have to closely on fox nation. let's take a look at a sneak peek of america great from the start. abby: p7 i learned how much i love history. i got one area that was underappreciated but consequential i would do. i have an opportunity to get to
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an audience because you care about the country and because i was able to take advantage of opportunity or able to invite you here tonight and were kind enough to come out. i'm not here to lecture you but to enlighten you and give you details because my free time is not spent on the golf course or tennis court but i love the stuff. abby: just hearing your passion and talking about it and knowing the work you do, i'm excited to check that out. brian, thank you for joining us. brian: congratulations on the success from every. abby: thank you. you as well. we love history here at fox nation and love bring it to life and we know you will love the secrets of george washington. ♪ >> no mistry greater and when i find about george washington.
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abby: you can see that exclusively on fox nation. sign up now go to the app store or population .com and follow the instructions. i know what you're thinking. why fox nation? it is simple. fox news brings you the headlines you need fox nation goes in-depth bringing you more of the stories you want in the history they did not teach you but for example, have you heard of george welch? >> george has been called a forgotten american hero. he's not forgotten. he was a very good pilot. he was a maverick. he was very smart and tough. he was basically indifferent to fame and fortune. abby: joining me now, someone who's familiar with george welch, retired u.s. air force colonel and author of the book,
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chasing the demon, dan hampton. dan, thank you for joining me. >> my pleasure, abby. abby: can you tell me more about the story behind george welch? >> george welch is a fascinating man. most people are familiar with him in connection with pearl harbor. he was one of the few army pilots they got airborne that they to go fight the japanese. he was the son of a chemist and went to purdue, studied in engineering and got into the military before pearl harbor and happen to be in the right place at the right time be five by you think that this is a forgotten story? >> what made him a forgotten hero in the context were talking about is he was involved in a test pilot involved in early test flights of america's first jets. the contention has been from a large number of people that he went faster than the speed of sound, broke the sound barrier, which doesn't exist by the way,
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before chuck yeager did. chuck yeager got the credit because it was a government operation and political reasons and other things so he got the credit and got famous and no one heard about what george did. abby: what made you so fascinated with the story, dan? >> i like the underdog. despite the fact i was a military officer i like people who fire authority when the authority is fairly stupid. the authorities in that time in that place they could have used a little bit of work. george was a nonconformist. he was a lone wolf and the things the way he wanted to do them and did things according to george welch. i like that. it's one of the marks of a good fighter pilot and an interesting person, which he was. abby: a lot of bravery from him and we are grateful that you were able to cover the story and
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talk about it now. dan, thank you for joining me. >> my pleasure. thanks. abby: sign up right now and you get to see it all, including george welch, the forgotten american hero. and this -- >> everyone's eyes has looked up at the moon, doctor warner von braun, genius rocket engineer, worked for nazi germany during the war and von braun took all his blueprints in the work to the u.s. government and their missile program. the united states comes out as a leading superpower out of world war ii. >> the scientific achievement by soviet russia has all of humanity during having me. >> there's a space cap releasing. >> i believe the commission should commit itself of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. >> the ultimate trophy is who to the moon first. kennedy told nasa i don't know how you know to the moon but i pledged were going so figure it out. it's a key effort.
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>> we have liftoff. liftoff on apollo 11. >> that is one small step for man. >> we did it. human beings broke the shackles of planet earth. >> one giant leap for mankind. abby: that was a preview of american moonshot, brand-new look at president kennedy's impact on america's race to the moon dropping later this month exclusively on fox nation. don't worry, we have lots of content you can watch right now. take a look at this preview while i had to studio k to meet up with the quiz master, tom shillue. ♪ >> he was a famous man. >> he was the most revered man in the world. >> who hated his father. >> he was one of. >> lucky in love and everything he touched. >> when a child is born the
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media coverage got more insane. and then he was taken away. >> lindbergh was reaching up the stairs and sees the child is not there. >> now, new evidence shines light on the mystery that is hunted investigators for decades. >> there many honest questions. >> other people involved to connect. >> this is the great american story of the 20th century. >> american kidnapping, the lindbergh baby, available now only on fox nation. abby: that was american kidnapping, the lindbergh baby. the notorious case of the 20th century. oxidation is your go to spot for true crime, documentaries, captivating pediatric content and game shows. i'm here with tom salute was about to test my fox nation knowledge. >> that's what i do, i test your knowledge and my little staff of the sinister trolls have been huddled together in their cubicles working day and night to bear for your visit today. we have a challenging quiz. this is just for you were
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calling it are first annual how well does abby hornacek know the nation? tricky, trivia quiz about all things fox nation. how well do you know your coworkers? abby: oh, no. >> in addition to being this post on fox nation and a nice guy which of the following fun facts is true? about renaissance man tom -- he cowrote the song jolie with dolly parton and ran and finished the new york city marathon twice. or he was a contestant on season four of the celebrity apprenti apprentice? abby: those are great options. i would love to see he cowrote jolene but i don't think that he did. i know that he was a huge runner because i talked to him on his drive to work so i think i will go with be, ran in the marathon.
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>> he pays to drive people to work. abby: that he does but i could be wrong. fingers crossed. >> did he finish it twice? abby: good for you, starnes. i can barely walk. >> i would have sent one because he loves country music and who knows. abby: maybe. >> you got a tom hat, abby besides look at that. beautiful. thank you, tom. >> which fox nation personality has a chihuahua much named coda and a tattoo of a number 11 on their wrist? abby: you can't can judge if the guy or girl you said they are. >> tomi lahren, silk or ainslie? abby: i can't imagine -- maybe she does but i can't imagine ainslie having a tattoo so i'll illuminate see right off the
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bat. chihuahua, diamond and so, they have so much personality that i don't know if it would be too much personality in a single household if they had a chihuahua. it would be a lot of energy. i will go with a, tomi lahren. i know she has a tattoo, i believe i read that somewhere. this is tough. number 11, what's the number 11 meeting? rich mchenry. [laughter] >> is it? yes! abby: i knew my coworkers. >> i love the way you eliminate -- by the way, number 11 has nothing to do with stranger things but it has to do with -. abby: bummer. >> you got yourself another time hits. how about this? maybe we can get a smaller sense of confidence because -- brutally difficult question.
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time to break your spirit and reduce you to tears. enjoy your question. abby: very kind of you. >> pre- question. worth note tom had this is to judge or competence. what is the name of jimmy fallon's barbershop quartet of which i've been a member for many years? abby: you been a member of that? i don't get -- do i get a choice? >> welcome the -- there called the ragtime gals. here's the question. which of the following song did the ragtime gals not perform on the tonight show? they performed two out of the songs and one they never performed on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon. do with you what with my body but baby got back, sex you up as and i want to sex you up. abby: i need to get context here. what instrument do you play?
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>> a cappella barbershop quartet b5 oh, you're a singer -- >> best hip-hop songs. abby: these are all very pushing the envelope here, tom. this is one you did not think? >> yes, what is the one song that the ragtime gals did not perform on the tonight show? abby: i was a sex you out. >> is almost in the family our. abby: yeah -- >> is it right? that's the -- it was do with you want with my body. it was the lady gaga song. did not sing that song. baby got back. abby: you don't do lady gaga? [laughter] >> no, maybe sometime. abby: if we get a third we could
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start our own quartet here. >> everybody here. abby: i'm sorry, no reason to get to know you. >> here we go. final question. in addition to being a big fan of both "game of thrones" and harry potter and being a diehard washington capitals fan, might on pc coast heart rate mchenry has an adorable pomeranian clergy. what is the name of that pomeranian .-dot? is a lefty, foxy or blood thing? abby: that's great. if that's your name i apologize. that's intense. lefty, i don't think should rename it lefty, maybe righty, right? get what i'm saying? but i think i want to say foxy. i might have read that somewhere and i do my know coworkers very well. >> barbershop quartet --.
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abby: are you on spotify? >> all over youtube. abby: i will say foxy because i don't know if has to do with boxes i bet she's had that dog longer but i will say foxy. >> yes! abby: i was pretty confident on that one. >> unbelievable. abby: is your dog named blood thing? >> no, but i'd like to name a fish blood thing. abby: jesse watters has a miniature poodle and maybe he can name his next one blood thing. is it true you are getting people a chance to be adequate show with you? i've had the great pleasure but you're bringing in advance. >> regular folks out there in fox nation were searching the highways and byways but they can give themselves a real shot to be on fox nation but all they have to do is make a 32nd
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video of themselves telling us why we should bring them to the big apple to appear on the quiz show with me. then upload that video to facebook, twitter or instagram, use the # oxidation quiz show and we will check you out. if even selected you can apply. abby: i hope i can apply because maybe i can apply to quiz you. we'll be back with more "fox nation celebrates america" right after this. "it's the easiest, because it's the cheesiest" kraft. for the win win. too many people a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid and the 12-hour pain-relieving strength of aleve. that dares to last into the morning. so you feel refreshed. aleve pm. there's a better choice.
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♪we've got a long longe road way to go♪ ♪scared to live, scared to die♪
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♪we ain't perfect but we try ♪get along while we can ♪always give love the upper hand♪ ♪paint a wall, learn to dance♪ ♪call your mom, buy a boat♪ ♪sing a song, make a friend♪ ♪can't we all get along?
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♪ >> i never really considered very strongly running for the president but the country has never been in trouble like it is now. >> i certainly knew he was frustrated and we would get dinner together and complain about why is this happening in our country. >> i don't think people truly understand how good his life was. he made $300 million on the apprentice and said i'll do something more important. >> it is my pleasure to introduce to you today a man who i have loved and respected, my entire life,. >> i am officially running -- >> the symbol of him coming down the f later was the same vision that will displace canal build america.
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abby: welcome back to "fox nation celebrates america". i'm abby for the second and take you for joining us. i was a look at the new special, the golden escalator, all about how a billionaire real estate tycoon jeans presidential history but it's one of the many new shows on taxation that honor this great nation plus this. >> i was so impressed with those marines that i kept asking to go back to iraq or more times and to afghanistan a few times because i wanted to tell their stories because they were such an impressive group and continue to be an impressive group of young, dedicated people. >> and we are still friends with those guys. >> what gets me is we were in the desert with you guys for a few weeks and then we got to go home. they were there for months after that. abby: that was a sneak peek of embedded in harm's way. one of the many news shows coming to fox nation in july. join in an intimate conversation between fox news rick leventhal and photographer christian on
5:25 pm
their dangerous journey through baghdad. they dodged bullets and sandstorms while going live to the american public. rick leventhal 20 right now. rick, thank you so much always like reporting from the front lines? >> credible experience. the best in my career. exhausting. challenging but rewarding and amazing to be with these marines on the front lines seen what they were doing and being able to chronicle it for our viewers. it was just a tremendous experience. abby: you are there for nine weeks and were literally staying the marines and did you ever feel unsafe or what did you eat? >> we ate what they ate and slept where they slept which was in the dirt a lot of the time or wherever we could. i was so tired that i would sleep standing up and leaned against the vehicle and fell asleep for five minutes because
5:26 pm
we weren't sleeping much at all. we were on the go a lot. the conditions were terrible. i mean, dusty and dirty, desert and hot and we were down to one mrd a day for a while because we were so far ahead of the supply chain after giving us food and water and fuel so we had to conserve so we were eating one mrd and burning a lot of calories. lost a lot of weight while i was there. just a dirty, dusty but very incredible experience. abby: it is great were talking earlier about how we don't understand what these troops go through when they are deployed so what did you learn while you are over there? >> i learned there incredibly brave and dedicated people who really believed in fighting for our nation and believed that they were doing what they were taxed to do which they were.
5:27 pm
they never complained in my cameraman, christian and i, always complain to each other because we are not soldiers or marines or built to be out there but we were and we just kept looking at each other like we had no idea what we were in for and what we were import was what they were in for and a train for it and we did not. he asked if i was ever scared and one evening we drove into a firefight and it lasted about 45 minutes and no question we were both scared because there was live ammo going back and forth across the desert we fight and you don't know when it will end. >> no, we do not know who is there or have the infrared and we were just hiding in the back of this armored vehicle hoping that we did not get shot. abby: what is one thing you hope the american public gets out of this new show? >> i hope that the christian and
5:28 pm
i can convey just how honorable these men and women are that are serving our nation and how much respect they have earned and deserve because they are not getting paid money and not putting a lot of glory but they are protecting us and they are serving all of us and i just have so much respect for them and i hope we convey that because they protect us while we reported in what they were doing and they just kept doing their jobs without complaint. it was probably the best experience of my career and i would go back in a heartbeat to do it again. abby: and incredible story, great footage and even better man doing all the reporting so rick, thank you for bringing us. if you are loving all these shows that stay true to the red, white and blue you'll want to
5:29 pm
watch godspeed with pete hegseth who joins us here soon. >> most people have no idea of the family carnage of this decade and a half long conflict. the real heroes are the famili families, spouses and the kids either living without a parent or the spouse that now becomes the caregiver for a soldier with ptsd, physical disabilities, nothing they signed up for. it's an all volunteer a little bit don't feel sorry for anyone in the military because we signed up and we are prepared to make that sacrifice but the families live with the consequences. if there is one thing that i have learned that changed my life that i'd like to share with everyone when you are helping someone, it fills you up.
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>> live from "america's news
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headquarters". i'm aishah hasnie. the worst may not yet be over. chilling words from the governor of louisiana as tropical very continues its destructive trek north. it has now lost much of its punch but it is still drenching the gulf states with heavy rain and threatening to bring tornadoes overflowing levies and power outages are expected to be major problems for days to come. new york senator chuck schumer is calling for federal investigation into the outage lf 72000 apartments and businesses in manhattan without power yesterday. schumer wants the department of energy to see what can be done to improve the power grid. the park outlasted five hours and utility crews admit they are still in the dark about what exactly happened here. i'm aishah hasnie and now back to more fox nation special. for all your headlines log on to fox nation .com. ♪
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>> today is my privilege to award the highest military honor to an american soldier who demonstrated exceptional courage to protect his men and defend our nation. will you please join me in welcoming staff sergeant david olivia. [cheering and applause] abby: that was army staff sergeant becoming the first living iraq war veteran to receive the nation's highest military award, medal of honor. he saved his entire squad after they became trapped and surrounded by insurgents. the story is more incredible than anything hollywood could make up and pete hegseth is telling it in a brand-new documentary. he joined me now with more on this credible story. not only did you serve in the military but find stories like this for people who do not know david stories and can you tell us about more he went went through.
5:36 pm
>> absolutely. he's been a close personal friend for ten years and i got to know him after he got out of the service and i feel like i know the story. i've read his book, house to house, until you sit down for an hour with is what we do on fox nation and go to the story in detail it reads like a hollywood movie. you can barely believe it. this guy is the audie murphy of our generation. he went into a house alone with multiple suicidal insurgents who were there to die and took it upon himself to save the men in his squad who were otherwise trapped. they don't put this in an army manual anywhere. it's not how you're supposed to do it. in that moment he made a decision and its vivid talks about piecing outside the house, back and forth, do i go in or not do and he made that decision in that moment that i will save my guys and i will not leave this block of falluja in the middle of the battle without killing these insurgents because
5:37 pm
if i don't kill them they live to fight another day and could kill another one of our guys. he stormed in with the automatic weapon, basically rambo style and engages in close quarters combat shooting multiple guys, we need some and they flee to other rooms and enters rooms -- by the way, it's black of night and entering rooms uncleared without men behind his back going upstairs to places where he does not know. men are jumping out of wardrobes and closets to surprise him and off the roof to surprise them and by the time he gets to the top floor he's running out of ammunition and can't use his weapon because the whole room is rigged to blow with propane tanks. kills the last guy with the hammer office had. abby: let's take a listen. >> ak-47 was in front of me and it felt like an eternity where we just stared at each other and with my cigarette i could see, you know, and we just stared at each other and i just turned the ak around and tried my best to shoot him with it.
5:38 pm
>> america will learn the name david and rightfully so. i want my kids to know that name in his story. he has a medal of honor and earned every bit of it. it was an honor to sit down with him. abby: when you talk to him, to do that not only to think through the different tactics of switching guns and using your helmet but you have to do all of that while being under the pressure and you think watching a hollywood movie like that school and they can do it but when you think about the circumstances surrounding this what personality does it take to do something like that? >> exactly that type one willing to disregard his own safety to save the life of his men. that is right when i had a chance to go to his medal of honor ceremony he brought all his men on stage and made it all about his fellow members of the squad and platoon. i've never been in anything like that but been in combat with infantrymen and ultimately at the end of the day looking at the guy to your right and left
5:39 pm
and say i want to be home and i know to try to bring me home. abby: this is a story of america needs to hear during this time and i appreciate you telling it. i know our viewers do as well. you can watch modern warriors, medal of honor, and so much more patriotic programming only on fox nation with will be back with more inclusive sneak peeks right after this. >> i'm tammy bruce on the set of my brand-new show, get kimmy bruce. catch me here every tuesday to get the full disclosure on hot button issues and the truth about what the left is up to. here on fox nation we celebrate safe faith, family and freedom. thank you to our military families, the fabric of our nation for your sacrifices and keeping us safe. beep goes off ] now that you have new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles
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>> they put their lives on the line and sacrificed everything for our freedom. >> i'm a quadriplegic as a result.
5:44 pm
>> i was determined not to let it defeat me. >> now, one organization is getting back to them. >> for a family that is suffered to have something so easy has to be a relief. >> the security of knowing they have their roots over their he head. >> i was gaining more than a roof but a family. >> here thinkable stories and the places they now call home. >> sundays we rolled through the living room and kitchen in about it's not dodging a great deal of things. >> i no longer had to struggle to get the doorways and was not crawling around on my hands and needs. >> is there a better gift than giving someone a home? >> building homes for heroes only on fox nation. abby: that was a fox nation original building homes for heroes. over the past 15 years building homes for heroes has changed countless lives by remodeling homes for our wooden and
5:45 pm
disabled veterans. here the heartwarming and his personal stories and meet thinkable people behind this amazing project. with me now to share some of these stories and much more is the host of building homes for heroes, lauren simonetti. >> thank you for having me. thank you so much b5 this is such a great project and that's one of the biggest things he learned about our veterans after you got to talk to them and their families? >> what it means to be selfless. always seem coming as a positive and these are veterans who have had dozens of surgeries and some can't see some kids walk in it had every bad thing happened to them and sometimes when they thought everything was on the right track and have another convocation from a previous injury so they would be set back again. to meet them and their families and see how they constantly make lemonade out of lemons, wow. thank you for your service. thank you for your attitude. thank you for the inspiration. best thing i've ever done. it's an honor to meet them.
5:46 pm
abby: a lot of people need to learn that lesson. a lot goes into the show. you are essentially building new homes for all these veterans so how does it work? >> stack of applicants is big and the organizations go through it and find the veterans and work with the family and this is what you need and we can outfit your garage to look like this and you need an elevator, no problem. many of the pets are in wheelchairs so they make sure that when you're in the kitchen the sink is far enough from the island or the kitchen table or whatever so you can do a 360 with your wheelchair and then they have a flows you can use appliances and it would be here instead of a pipe. it's the phase two of their lives. you came home from war and it was a top recovery for you and it was not working in your old home and the life was not cutting it now you met the organization and make you part of their family and get you this incredible home and check in
5:47 pm
with you. they have a parade for you so after they built the home they call the local police force for local firefighters or anybody military in the area and they stage this parade so that heroes truly feels like a hero and then they say wait here are the keys to your home which you are a part of the process of building but then they cut you off a month in the can't see the fin final. abby: do you have a new perspective? >> well, for me i don't come from a military family so meeting these families in this organization it was a first for me so now when i do see a veteran -- i stop them and say thank you for your service or if i see a wooden veteran i talked to them and gives me a new appreciation for everything. we treat them when they come back here and i think of their families. i have to say something about the children. i'm getting emotional here but
5:48 pm
the children of these families are such good, patient kids and care for other people. sorry. it's a beautiful organization. abby: i have goosebumps just talking to you, lauren. you are a passionate host and feel for the families and senior connection and i watched the episodes is truly inspiring for anyone. i hope that our viewers get the same thing out of it and very excited for everyone thank you. >> thank you. in q2 building homes for heroes, of course. abby: as we commemorate the heroes related online for the station we also commemorate the moments that become the fabric of this great country. fox nation's patriots almanac does that and much more. check it out. >> i can hear you, the rest of the world hears you. >> presents a daily lesson of inspiration about the history, heroes and achievements sum up america.
5:49 pm
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abby: welcome back to "fox nation celebrates america". from history to crime to documentaries if you like a hollywood movie plot oxidation is the ultimate companion to fox news. we want to keep giving you the closer look at all the original shows that you can catch anywhere else, take a look. >> five, four, three, two, one. ignition, liftoff. >> i've never seen anything quite like this. >> this day in 1920 [inaudible]
5:54 pm
>> this meeting will come to order. >> were trying to give the credibility of these two people. >> on several occasions thomas told me graphically of his own sexual prowess. >> i have not done what she has said. >> shame. >> i will not provide the robe for my own lynching. >> [inaudible] >> my problem is i've never met a pizza i did not like. >> moonshot means a collective will of a aroused democracy that accomplish big things that aren't war. >> we did it. human beings broke the shackles of planet earth. >> we never seen a president,
5:55 pm
u.s. president, take on china in this way in terms of tariffs the question is who will blink first? >> i was so impressed with those marines i kept asking to go back to iraq one more time and afghanistan a few times because i wanted to tell their story. >> i'm not here to lecture you but just to enlighten you and give you details of this. my free time is not spent on the golf course or tennis court but i love the stuff. ♪
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