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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  July 14, 2019 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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it's easier than you think. go to the app store or fox then watch on your phone, tablet, computer or right from your couch. thanks for watching. have a great night. [applause] good evening. this is the home of positive populism. it's very loud. pro worker, profamily, pro- community. we have an amazing special show featuring something you rarely see, a republican and a democrat member of congress on the same stage debating today's biggest issues in front of an audience who is going to be asking the question with a little help from me, yes, we the people putting the question to them, the lawmakers. from the house, democrat from california, marsha blackburn from tennessee and they will
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be joined by fox news contributor lisa booth. let's have a big warm welcome for them. [applause] there very friendly. there's no need to be afraid. there they are and here we go, let's have our first question please. he's sitting right here. david wilson. the bald guy. we know each other well enough to say that now. >> yes we do and thank you for coming. we appreciate this. this is a tremendous opportunity for the question i would have is if we got to the ice raid last night, from a sanctuary city perspective that new york city is, i'm directing this at you congressman, i have a problem with office of safety, community safety because they're not deporting immigrants, wor deporting
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illegal aliens. there is of substantial and legal difference between the two of them. these people have already been issued deportation orders and the criminals that have committed additional crimes, not just crossing the border. yet, we have your party specifically outraged for us trying to deport people. >> okay, so the question is, the raids, the ice raid that we been hearing about, there specifically, we are told aimed at those people whose been given court orders to leave the country. and yet your party is opposing it. why is that. >> let's be clear, if you look at the past presidents and their tenure over the past ten years, we've seen deportations be much higher under obama, higher than that under bush and higher than that under clinton. i think all of those, most of
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us agree that if there are individuals who have been in our country who have committed crimes that are serious crimes that are greater than simply coming into our country, yes they should be deported. but what's more important than that is making sure we have strong borders and strong security to make sure they can't come back. [applause] one of the concerns i've got about what's going on is we have a humanitarian crisis on the southern border. i'd rather see all hands on deck in addressing that than taking the action we are seeing take place today. >> i think we need to ask the question, if we cannot deport these individuals who have been to court, their plane has been -- their claim has been rejected the court issued deportation, they came here illegally, they stayed here illegally, they are evading the rule of law illegally, if we cannot deport them, who can
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we deport, and yes, criminal illegal aliens ought not to be in this country. david had it right. it's an issue of community safety because at this point, because of the open southern borders, every town is a border town, every state is a border state, and it is why we do have to be looking at the criminal illegal alien population as well as securing the southern border. >> we promise to debate. >> let's be clear here. there are roughly 12 - 15000000 people in our country that are not documented. more than half of them came in through the airport, not the southern border. the question becomes do we want to deport, is that what you suggest have them all deported, no discussion.
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>> what i said is if you cannot deport these individuals to have been to court, their claims have been found to be invalid, an issue for their departur deportation has been given. if you cannot deport them, who could you deport and that is the question. >> so deport everyone. >> no, stop putting words in my mouth. >> i think she was pretty clear that she didn't say that. >> but here's the thing, we have a lot of people who are coming here saying they have a credible fear, but they don't and ultimately their cases are rejected in immigration court because they're coming here for economic reasons, not because they have a credible fear. those individuals denied in court should be deported because they came here see seeking asylum under false pretenses but the bigger problem in dealing with this crisis because for the longest time you had nancy pelosi and chuck schumer telling us that
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this was a manufactured crisis from president trump and now what they're doing is demagogue and the people dealing with this crisis. house judiciary chairman jerry nadler recently accused immigration officials of negligent homicide and instead of offering solutions, what if we heard decriminalizing border crossing, free healthcare, you have congress mormon escobar whose been accused of immigration officials of her staff coaching migrants on how to live to immigration officials. i'm not accusing you of it, but many people in your party, particularly the leaders are completely inept. >> i just want to give the congressman a chance. >> nancy pelosi is no longer the leader of the democrat party. it is the left that is calling the shot and setting the agenda for the u.s. house of
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representatives in washington d.c. >> congressman, i'll give you a chance to respond. >> i used to be republican. i've never run for office. [inaudible] is a businessman, accreted up to 10000 jobs, and i ran for the office because i was tired of the rhetoric. i was tired of focusing on what separates us, not what brings us together. immigration is actually an issue, if we got rid of the rhetoric we could agree on a lot. in fact, if you go back to 2013 it was senate bill 744 that passed a 2 - 1 majority in the house, excuse me in the senate, bipartisan support with members from the senate on the border state including the late great john mccain. that legislation provided $46 billion. >> i don't think we should hear.
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[inaudible] that went to the house of representatives. it had majority support. it never came to the fork because republicans would not let on the floor to be voted on. if we could get back to that and get the rhetoric out. >> okay, you talk about the rhetoric and lisa mentioned the rhetoric were hearing, the question was about is it not reasonable to deport people who have been through the proper process, who had their day in court, literally had their due process, the rule of law and have been told by courts to leave the country and yet the rhetoric that were hearing from the other side, from your side is that that is some kind of arrival of nazi tactic into our country. usually don't agree with that thought. >> no, i don't. i believe we get the rhetoric
6:09 pm
on both sides that we build a wall that mexico's canapé port on the m.div. end of the spectrum, that's not helpful. let's just get some more. >> every single border chief disagrees with you. >> we need protection on the border. every single member of congress both democrat and republican on the border does not want to wall. german over here. just a second period. >> i think your comments about the 2013 bill makes a lot of sense. would you ask beeker pelosi to introduce that bill in the senate. >> yes, i would. >> how are you going to do it can we all here, asked that second question. >> it's great that you said that, i applaud you for coming here to the lie instead.
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action speaks louder than words. i think the bill is a great idea. when would you do it. you're gonna leave here today go back to washington. >> well, unfortunately as a freshman member of congress, i don't have the ability to simply pass legislation on my own and it does take work with my members in the senate. in fact we have cosponsored legislation which i'm happy to talk about later in the show but it takes a bipartisan effort. it's not something i can wave a wand and make happen but i can tell you and assure you i will continue to work in a bipartisan fashion with members across the aisle and in the senate to get things done and i'm looking forward to continuing to do that. that's why went congress. >> we will have much more on this topic. we will have the chance to do that in a minute. moreover we the people special
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welcome back everyone to the we the people special. it's been very lively as you've just seen. we will keep it lively but also keep it simple. we greatly appreciate him being here in the lions den and will get to our second questioner. this is dorothy, please go ahead. >> i'm actually a democrat but i voted for trump and along islander. we have had a serious ms 13 on long island, four bodies were actually found right near my office and we also have the issue of illegal drugs coming across country, so much so that i can't get pain medication for all my herniated discs in my back. when will they stop being obstructionist and change the
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law so people come in legally. >> specifically on the asylum issue which is definitely a key point in this current crisis on the border, congressman. >> the asylum law is different than individuals coming across the border illegally. people have been putting themselves for asylum and we go through a process of interviewing them to determine whether those are legitimate or not. that is a process and we are being inundated right now with many people coming to our southern border asking for asylum or trying to sneak across the border or successfully sneak across the border. we can't look at how to solve these which is one thing. we need to have comprehensive action taken. first we need to be working with the northern triangle countries and making sure we have economic opportunity there so those individuals and families don't feel like they need to leave their country.
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when you talk specifically about drugs coming into our country, across the border, 85% is coming in at ports of entry, not across the border. that is from a white house report. 85% is coming in from across the border. >> thank you so much. cartels are big business. they make money by pushing through trafficking drugs and
6:18 pm
by trafficking human beings. i've done a tremendous amount of work and it is heartbreaking as a mother and a grandmother, absolutely heartbreaking to me to it see the impact of sex trafficking on our communities and the impact on the lives of families and friends. i have to tell you, this is why we have to give the border patrol all three things they need at the southern border. they have continually said give us a barrier, give us technology, give us more boots on the ground so we can secure this border. we would hope there would be agreement on this, but you're exactly right, it's like i said earlier, every's street is a border town. because of what you are seeing with this impact. when it comes to the issue of asylum, in the senate, senate judiciary committee where i hold a seat, we are going to
6:19 pm
be pushing forward and marking up a bill this week. we're going to pass in the senate and give our friends and house the opportunity. here's what it's going to do. chairman graham has done a great job on this. we are going to change the asylum law so that they are applying for asylum in their home country. the second thing is to modify the floras agreement so that these families can stay with us until we figure out if they are having a legitimate claim and if these unaccompanied alien children are being sent to someone who really is a relative. it is heartbreaking to me that some of these children are
6:20 pm
being sent on to some of these trafficking organizations so we will make those changes and give them the opportunity to vote. >> that sounds like a practical way forward. we will see if your colleagues go for it. >> another thing that needs to change is the loophole in the anti- human trafficking law that deals with unaccompanied minors differently than mexicamexico because part of the challenges we used to have young men come in from mexico which was easier and now what we have is family units and unaccompanied minors coming from central america which poses a problem because there are already loopholes in our laws and it's typically just an asylum issue. we have a lot of people coming in claiming credible fear but denied because they're coming
6:21 pm
for economic reasons opposed to having credible fear. all these things need to change. >> we are seeing a lot of fraudulent cases as well because people know if they, the family unit they can get entry into the united states. >> it turns into the rented child program. i was on the border on friday and this is devastating. >> were going to keep talking about this because i can tell there's so many questions. we haven't really talked about the conditions at those border facilities. i think we will get to that in a second period i just want to wrap this up, do you have any questions or responses to what you've heard. >> i take issue with what the congressman was saying about people coming in through legal entry. if you watch the video, you may only see them on fox, uc the drug traffickers coming in around where the people who are just trying to come into the country for economic reasons. then the whole rest of the
6:22 pm
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live from america's news headquarters, storm barry is weakening to a tropical depression. they are warning flooding and heavy rain remain a big threat. the governor of louisiana said he is extremely grateful the storm did not cause disastrous flood forecasts. more than 90 people have had to be rescued so far. power outages could be a major problem for days to come. it's expected to move north into western arkansas. federal immigration officials are keeping quiet about a nationwide immigration crackdown. they do have rates underway. it targets people with deportation orders in ten major cities. dozens of churches are offering sanctuary. now back to the next revolution.
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welcome back everyone. it's great to be here with so many fired up people. there really fired up about this topic of immigration. we will move on to a different topic but there's still lots of issues to discuss. we will stick with that topic for a moment. we have another question from jody. >> thank you for coming. my question is, my god, i forgot, how does the facilities on the border compare to how our homeless are living, for example in los angeles. does anybody. >> this is a question a lot of people are talking about this. you've been on this issue. >> if i have. >> i have indeed. what's your response. >> you're exactly right. the first time i visited one of these facilities was in 2014, and then did a report in 2015, going to hhs thing what
6:28 pm
are you doing about the office of refugee resettlement. how are you making certain these children are properly cared for because there were reports they were not being properly attende attended. the response i was given by the democrat i still can't get their attention on this issue. we have our border patrol agents working very, very hard. these facilities were not meant to be retention facilities. they were meant to be processing centers when people were coming in and i will tell you, friday on the border, when we were there with the vice president, you see the agents that are working so hard. you see the volunteers that are there. they are making certain that
6:29 pm
babies have diapers, that people have food, that they have water, that they have a safe place to sleep, and to get some rest and that the children have the ability to have entertainment, and they are working their hardest to be certain. these people are safe and secure as long as they are in our care. >> congressman first well, did you vote for the extra money. >> yes, i did and these questions specifically mention the homeless problem, you and i both live in southern californi california, what is your response to that question. >> i can tell you it's an issue that's near and dear to my wife and i. my wife took it on herself to lead a group of people for families and the reason was
6:30 pm
because as has been and as is now, all they have left is the family unit. the system separates them by sending the men and women, all they have left is each other. it's heartbreaking to see this at the border when we have families, and their separated, it children literally crying from the arms of their mother or father and we don't want to see that happen. we want to make sure we have the facilities and i agree, these facilities were not set up to manage this type of inflow. in addition cbp was never set up to be the ones providing these services directly. we are happy and glad we have the money earmarked for this, we need to get it in place as quickly as possible. we need to make sure these facilities are up to what we would expect our country to have and that those are providing the services are properly trained.
6:31 pm
>> let's get lisa in. >> i met your wife, she's a lovely woman. i do wonder if there is this tipping point of what's going to happen with some democrat borders. i don't know if you saw the tweet that share put out but it was after president trump warned he was gonna send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities and thanks ray states and she said well, what about the homeless population in l.a. why are we taking care of our own people. i just wonder at what point on the issue of immigration. they say i'm struggling to pay bills, what about me. they all raised their hands to
6:32 pm
give healthcare to illegal immigrants. there's a lot of people saying what about me. this will have to be the last word. you say you are an immigrant, what's your response. >> i've gotta tell you, where i'm having a problem is the fact that president obama won the award for having deported the largest amount of people in the country. it seems like the democratic party decided that because they didn't win the election they were going to use the one subject that everybody has a challenge with which is immigration. it's in abusive people. instead of unifying the country, the democratic party has decided all they want to do is talk about, look at what president trump is doing, but he's doing the same thing that obama did, that clinton did so
6:33 pm
i don't understand why is it that they decided that instead of bettering our country they want to use this abuse. >> because it's president trump. >> i'm from the state of nasa juices and i'm a republican. >> where were you from originally. >> columbia in south america. >> i'm so sorry, that will be the last round, i do have to say is a reflection of what you said, the congressman is taking constructive positive approach that many of you here have called for and we really appreciate that. thank you for your work. >> all right, more after the break. don't go away.
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our next question is coming from george. >> i know we talk about laws and legal and procedure and washington, but isn't aoc the depressed fact a leader of the democratic party. >> good question. i'm in a start with lisa. >> all right. >> i actually think, and someone have not served in congress but i worked on capitol hill and i worked on a lot of different political races and campaigns. one thing i think is interesting is politics, for the longest time they would all report about infighting, but i have to say i'm sitting back with popcorn a little bit because it's interesting because you have a house democrat account take aim directly at alexander acosta cortez that there's this nuclear war going on in the democrat party and it's playing out and i just find it so interesting as someone who's been on the receiving
6:39 pm
end of all the infighting reports. it's just fascinating to watch. >> i'll give the congressman a little more time to reflect. >> yes, it is so interesting because the leader of the party is who is driving the discussio discussion, whomever is driving that discussion is pushing public opinion and they are leaving the party. nancy pelosi is responding to what the squad is laying out as the agenda. look at everyone of the presidential candidates. argue for decriminalizing crossing across the border. are you poor free healthcare, free tuition, they're all tilting left. why is that? because you have some from the left who are new to congress and they are setting the agenda.
6:40 pm
there is a bill that has a lot of bipartisan support. that would pass if nancy pelosi put it on the floor. it would pass the house, at absolutely would pass the senate, but i don't think she has enough control to get it on the floor because the left and the squad are going to tuneup against her. you had a room full of union employers and teamsters and employees they would say pass this bill today. >> all right, congressman, your freshman colleague, is she de facto your leader. >> absolutely not. i'll tell you why. we want politicians to give straight answers two we took
6:41 pm
back the house because of folks like me who have flipped red districts to blue districts with a centrist message. that again is why we control the house. that is where that party is. if you look at the largest caucus within the entire house it is the new democrats coalition and that has over a hundred members. they are very centrist business oriented democrats who want to get things done that is actually part of the reason, because of your district essentially is why you've seen nancy pelosi try to push off the squad and the progressive left on the issue of impeachment because what she is worried about is forcing people like you in those formally read congressional districts from taking a tough vote on impeachment and putting the house in place that republicans can regain in 2020. he's going to be on the ballot.
6:42 pm
>> to see this as a healthy policy debate or political problem we also had to may you see a clear representation of all of america frequency a very different view. because we have such a diverse membership of the democratic caucus, we are going to have spirited debates on which direction the country should go, and i think it's healthy. i think one of the things, i would employer everyone in this room, we need to talk to each other and have these issues discussed. i had a gentleman at a
6:43 pm
conference i was at, he asked two questions, he said who here loves somebody that has a political view different than yours. every person in that room raised their hand. he asked the second question, who hear things are country would be better off with one party. not one hand went up. we've got a quit denigrating people from the other party, start talking, find common ground and move those solutions forward on behalf of our community and our country. >> all right. i want to end it there. we are out of time. we are out of time, please don't go away. much more ahead i switched to liberty mutual,
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welcome back to our we the people special. i'm very fired up about this as you all know, joe china. joe biden in his business dealings with china that i have argued, many times on the show make him unfit for the presidency. he took bribes in the form of billions of dollars, paid by the chinese government to biden family businesses while he was vice president. i've laid it out for you night after night on the show. we have a question on this
6:48 pm
topic. >> why is joe biden not being prosecuted or investigated by the judiciary committee? [inaudible] >> in the senate and the house, you can do investigations but you cannot do prosecution. that goes to d.o.j. but we are doing in the house is encouraging keeping china at the table and working on a free trade agreement. a trade agreement with china and steve talks a lot about keeping them out, making certain we do not use any technology, and as we look at china and what's going to happen, that is something that i believe, let's make certain that we have an agreement that
6:49 pm
is going to protect our intellectual property, an agreement that is going to be fair for our u.s. workers, let's make certain that we are having an agreement that is going to open up new markets. in tennessee when i talked my farmers, they don't want more aid, they want more trade and let's be certain that they do not have a foothold in building out the 5g networks for us or our allies. >> i'm just in a put my opinion in here, i totally agree with that and precisely because of all these big issues, congressman, don't you think it's concerning that you have a leading candidate for president on the democratic side who is clearly compromised that should be investigated. >> i'll be frank. i don't know the details, but i do agree. >> if he says he hasn't seen it. >> i do agree with the senator's comments. we need to hold china
6:50 pm
responsible. they are a bad actor with state sponsored enterprises that are taking down businesses across the globe, we saw in australia with their rail and bus systems being manufactured, almost solely by chinese countries. i'm proud of the fact that i have cosponsored a bill, the vehicle security act which requires that no american tax dollars be used to purchase chinese made trains and buses for our country. come investigate. >> the senate can take that up anytime they want to. >> your very quick last words and then we have to go the
6:51 pm
house judiciary is not going to do it because president trumps a republican and democrats controlled house, that is why. there have been reports that biden road on air force to to china and shortly there after biden got a billion-dollar deal with chinese government so it does seem that people on the left are unconcerned about coziness with foreign governments and/or interference unless they can exploit it for political reasons, case in point look at bill clinton's payday from the kremlin, 500,000-dollar check he got, you look at the foundation and they think the lowest decline in 15 years for the clinton foundation, it does seem like there's coziness that gets ignored. >> i agree and we will keep pushing on # joe china as we always do. much more from our we the people special straightahead. don't go away.
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all right, welcome back everyone. we the people are asking the questions of the lawmakers and lisa booth. our last question, heather. >> yes, i have a simple question, who would everyone like to see as the democratic candidate for the presidency. >> i'm going to give you some time to think about it. let's start with lisa. >> i don't think you have anyone strong enough to be president trump right now, i think emily harris, based on the previous debate seems to be the strongest candidate. from that political observer question, that being said i don't see how the liberal win
6:57 pm
states like ohio, michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin and put those in play. i also think joe biden demonstrated that. [inaudible] >> mr. butler. , missus butler, what you think. >> i am ready to take on anyone they are going to put up because the u.s. economy is hitting records, the tax cuts are working and, you know, one of the things that's important to note is that 77% of those tax cuts went to individuals. 86% of that that went to individuals, 86% went to the middle class, the largest percentage of tax cuts went to americans making 20 - 30,000 dollars. year. i will tell you all, this is the reason donald trump is
6:58 pm
going to win and whomever the democrat is going to be, whomever it is going to be is not going to win. >> have you endorsed anyone yet. >> i have not yet. i want whoever can beat donald trump. that's why want. but i think lisa made a really good point and that is, this comes down to minnesota, michigan, ohio, pennsylvania, maybe north carolina, maybe arizona. it will really be who the democratic nominee does the best in those states. it will be the important democratic party. >> they are, thank you. we will keep an eye on it. thank you for all of you for being here and being so fired up. got about a minute (final
6:59 pm
thought. >> one final thought is thank you to everybody for loving this country. [applause] >> don't forget to reach across the aisle and find common ground. >> i'm thankful for respectful dialogue i have a republican to my left and a democrat to my right. that's all for tonight. thank you for watching. follow us at next rev fnc. [inaudible] mark live-in is up next. see you next sunday when the next revolution will be televised.
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