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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  July 14, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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mark: what is an evangelical christian. >> who believes the bible is the inspired factual word of god. it's eternal and never changing. mark: you almost never hear about evangelical christians in the mainstream media. or if we do, they are treated as peculiar. or you go to the zoo, they are in the reptile house. everyone else is looking for the panda. is that reflective of the culture or progressiveness? >>he it's indicative of america slipping from its moral foundation of faith and bible
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principles to secularism. the further into secularism you go, the further away from the word of god you go. when you are away from the word of god, you are away from god. so they are sphwhimg an ocean of their own ego. their f opinions. their separate humanist concepts. and it will produce nothing but heartache and chaos. the reald principles of society, the real principles of this nation are still in the word of god. mark: wasn't the american founding based in large measure udon judeo-christian beliefs and it's rarely taught in our public schools these days? >> america was founded when our pilgrims landed. they made a covenant with god
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that this nation would be a nationn that served the lord. our founding fathers when they put the constitution together remembered the principles of the word of god. our nation today is getting away from anything that looks like righteousness. righteousness means to be living according to the dictates of god. not according to my opinion or someone else's opinion. but according to what the word of god says is right. and those principles began with the ten commandments, and they are the foundational stones of morality. and our country is going the other direction full speed. and it is paying an awesome price, and the price has only just begun. mark: the last point, the price has only just begun. can a nation survive for long
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when it rejects its own birth? >> no. mark: how do we begin to turn thisle around? >> right now socialism is having a hey day. we have newly elected people in the u.s. congress that are using that platform to espouse principles of socialism. socialism where everything is free is very attractive thought to young people. but in history, socialism always produces heart ache. adolph hitler came as a man of peace and prosperity. he was a socialist. that's what nazi means. the national socialist blood, aion. nightmare of heartache where 50
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million people were killed. josef stalin was a socialist. he killed 30 million russians trying to convince them that his brand of socialism would make russia the outstanding nation of the world. nothing has ever come out of socialism that has blessed anyone in the long run. it's a very detrimental destructive thought both economically, morally and spiritually. mark: seeing venezuela and cuba. they point to scandinavia, that's what bernie sanders does. but the full application of socialism, marxism, whatever theism is, as you say is very bleak and horrible for a free individual. the societies that move in that
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direction, they reject the bible, isn't that true? >> when you are a socialist, you don't have anything to do with the bible. you are on your own. when you are building something on the bible, you build it on faith in god, morality, that means loyalty to your family, husbands are loyal to their wives, wives are loyal to their husbands. they build something called a family. they lived together, they supportmi each other. and the family is the cornerstone, has bent cornerstone of this country. right now because of disintegration of the american family, 70% of the children living in american homes right now are not living with their birth parents -- with both birth parents. we have a situation in our country where the family has
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been replaced by governmental support, and the authority of the father in the home is the thing of mockery and we are paying an awesome price where our young people are drifting into drugs, where anarchy is sweeping the nation. because a child that's left to its own way, a child that does not hear the principles of righteousness out of the mouth of his father or mother will always go into the streets and search for a leader. and those leaders are leaders of gangs and leaders of a life still detrimental to america. so the great crisis in america hasca been caused and will continue to increase because of the failure in the hoament home of the father to take the
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leadership of that part of society that will produce children who could be the president of the united states. mark: what do you make of the growing extremism of the democratn party, whether it's cultural, whether it's economic. any growing wing within the democrat party is anti-semitic. this is the major party in the united states. what do you make of it? >> i make of it that the democratic party has lost its way. there was a time 25, 30 years ago, when republicans and democrats could talk to each other across the aisle. but now hostility so abounds that they are at war and refuse to do anything to be of assistance to president trump. president trump has done a
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marvelous job as president with the bickering congress that he has to deal with, the fake news, the attacks object him, the members of his family, and steadfastly, he keeps pressing ways to protect and defend the united states of america both at home and abroad. mark: you created an organization called cufi. chrisiasts united for israel. d christians united for israel. you are a big supporter for the state of israel. the people of israel. you gogo to israel often. why is that? >> i have been to israel 42 times. i have known prime minister netanyahu since 1985. we are personal friends.
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he's been in my home, he has spoken at my church. i consider him one of the great leaders in the history of israel. the reason that christians support israel is that the bible supports israel. the bible presents its rail as the sovereign state that god created. israel is the on state in the history of the world created by a sovereign act of god. god in genesis 12 made a covenant with abraham. i will bless you, i will make your name great, i will bless your children with the jewish people. yourur children will bless the nations of the earth. then in the 17th chapter he made a blood covenant. god did. with abraham.
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and god caused him to put five animals on the ground in a blood covenant. and god walked between the separated pieces reciting the contents of the covenant which was to give the land of israel to the jewish people forever. it was an unbreakable covenant. there was a shoe covenant, a salt covenant and blood covenant. just stay with the fact that god almighty who created the heavens and earth, as owner of the earth he had the right to do with the earth what he wanted to do. israel is the only nation on the face of the earth with its boundaries recorded. itsdr borders recorded in the wd of god. and the little bitty strip of land they have at the end of the mediterranean is a fraction of what god has destined for them
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to have. the idea that the palestinians once owned this is one of the most of celebrated historical frauds of the 20th century. mark: i want to pursue this when we return. mostoo of weeknights you can wah me on levin tv. glow to or 844-levin-tv. don't forget this book, "unfreedom of the press." that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these.
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pastor john, you have 22000 parishioners. >> yes or. >> that the big church. >> it is. you've been to israel 42 times. >> yes or. >> tell me about your first time. >> the first time i went was 1976. i went with my wife diana and a small group from our church. as a pastor i thought it would be good to know what the place where jesus was born and raised looked like. when i was in israel, i walked the streets of the city of
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jerusalem and felt like i was in a place called home. there was a feeling there that was unique to all of the places i had ever been on earth, but the major experience happened when i went to the western wall and was pregnant. that's a very special place. i turned over my left shoulder and looked and there was an elderly jewish man sitting in a rocking chair, rocking back and forth, he had his torah in front of him, his prayer shawl , tears were on his cheek and i was deeply moved by the devotion i saw on his face. what he was doing. i turned back to the massive stones of the western wall and i just felt this thought in my mind and in my soul, the thought was that man is here.
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god, you don't know anything about him and i have three university degrees at this point in time. he is afraid of you. i would like for you to use all of the talents and abilities to bring christians and jews together in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect, and demonstrate to them what they had not had for 2000 years, and that's the unconditional love of god. that thought was so strong i just stopped praying, i left the wall, i met with diana because she was praying at the other end, men and women don't pray together there, they have to pray by themselves and i told her the thought
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i talked to the man behind thean counter. i said i want to bring everybody in the city together and express christianity's appreciation to the jewish people for their contributions to chris janianity and the freedom of the -- to christianity and the freedom of the world. one of these before, even though geico has been- ohhh. ooh ohh here we go, here we go. you got cut off there, what were you saying? oooo. oh no no. maybe that geico has been proudly serving the military for over 75 years? is that what you wanted to say? mhmmm. i have to say, you seemed a lot chattier on tv. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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you ok back there, buddy?
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(all boys): thank you, thank you, thank you.
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[♪] aishah: live from "america's news headquarters," i'm aishah hasnie. barry weakening to a tropical depression. but threats of flooding, heavy rain and tornadoes remain. the governor of louisiana says he's extremely grateful the storm wasn't worse, but 95 people have had to be rescued so far. overflowing levees could cause problems for days to come. at least one person is dead following a strong earthquake in eastern indonesia. the 7.3 magnitude quake also damaged houses. it rocked the island chain.
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i'm aishah hasnie. now back to "life, liberty & levin." . >> so you're trying to pull this meeting together, you want the jews and the christians to get together, what happens. i told the man i'd like to have. [inaudible] he looked at me like i had a communicable disease. he was just shocked. that last community meeting, i ran by the orthodox rabbi and after the debate has been going for a while he said you know we know how to handle our
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enemy. what if this man is a friend. what if he actually intends to do what he said and so they agreed. we had a press conference the next day, the rabbi and i. when our picture came out the paper the next morning, death threats were coming to the church, tell the preacher we will shoot him before he ever has that night to honor israel. we had the night to honor israel, the building was packed. there is enough tension in that room to give a glass doorknob headache. we had a marvelous night. our choir was there, the hebrew was prude, it probably had him turning over in his grave, it was so bad but the jewish people appreciated the effort. i gave a message about why christians should support
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israel, and as the rabbi was giving the benediction, they came up to me and said we have a bomb threat on this building i fell you serious, is this credible, he said yes, it came from the police and the newspaper. the rabbi left, i walked up behind the podium and said ladies and gentlemen, i hate to end this wonderful night on a negative note, we have a bomb threat on this building. the christians went out of there like track stars on the run. they were gone. and the jewish people looked at me and put their hands at me like i had said kosher hotdogs are available in the lobby for those of you who would like to stay. and they stayed and they just started talking to each other. as i was walking off stage with my wife, it dawned on me, i said look, if these guys
10:29 pm
thanks they can stop us with these threats, were going to have a night to honor israel every year until everybody in america can go. we started planning to have a night on television and it began to spread all over the nation and they got bigger and better and then came the year 2006 when it ran started having people dancing in the street saying death to israel. i told them we need to put together a grassroots national organization that can be supportive of israel and the jewish people because real trouble looks like it's coming to the middle east. i invited 400 of america's leading evangelicals to come to cornerstone church and after explained to them what
10:30 pm
it was i was trying to do and why it was the scriptural thing to do and all four of them lifted their hands and said we are in. we went to washington four months later and there were 3600 people and we were just supposed to take each one ourselves and christians united for israel was born. we had now expanded to just over 7 million people. we are organized by regions, by state, by voting district, we can put 30,000 e-mails and the office of the senator or congressman who gets crosswise for the purpose of israel in 24 hours. >> let me ask you a question. why is this important in your view to the united states of america that israel be sustained in christian support
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that country. apart from the religious and biblical notion, why is this important for the united states of america. >> it's important for the united states of america because israel is the passion of democracy in the middle east. they are surrounded by dictators that would like to destroy them. they are the people who are fighting who are fighting terrorism in the trenches. moran is the head of the snake in the middle east. hezbollah and hamas are two massive terrorist organizations on the border of israel, ready to attack israel at the nudge of iran. the moment they get the green light, they are gone. hezbollah has 50000 soldiers, battlefield tested. they have a hundred 50000 rockets that have been improved with guidance centers in the head of that rocket so they're not just shooting,
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they are shooting for a specific target that will hit it. israel is in a very very dangerous neighborhood, and as a democracy that we have supported and is freedom that we do believe in and support, every american should be proud to support our only friend in the middle east. >> pastor, i listen to you, you are a moral man, your family ma man, you are very decent man, and i very much like you. and yet, you and somebody like you will be portrayed in the modern media as something that you're not. i've seen it. interviews like the new york times, not specifically but
10:33 pm
interviews like the new york times and then i think about the new york times, during the holocaust new york times did all it could to cover up the slaughter of the jews. during the holocaust the new york times, the american people didn't even learn until 1944 but the owners of that newspaper knew full well what was going on because they were trying to get their family out of germany. it wasn't just the new york times, it was the washington post in the american media yet we've reached a point in our country were summary like you, a very righteous man, a man who spends his time and his effort trying to get fax out, knowledge out, talking to millions of people, organizing millions of people to vary just because, you are supposed
10:34 pm
to believe out there on the fringes. they on the other hand are the rational spokesman for the modern society. when we returned, i want to know what you think about that. we'll be right back.
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what i was saying at the end of the last segment was the righteous individual like you lived your life that way, preaches family, faith, reaches out to an entirely different religion, tries to bring people together, trying to strengthen the united states, you come under attack from time to time from the very forces that you condemn, of course but in many ways it's the opposite.
10:39 pm
that is a fact that's not recorded much as you might imagine, and yet your spiritual man, you're very kind man, i just met you, you're very decent man and the things i've read about you and joan and like you, pastors of large evangelical churches, there's a complete mismatch. >> yes. >> what to make of that. >> while the bible has averse and it says beware when all men speak well of you. the bible said blessed are you when men's shall rely on um persecute you and say all men are against you. great is your reward in heaven. the fact is, my assignment on earth is to speak the truth and i will answer to god for what i have said and for what i refuse to say, to see evil and not call it evil is evil. not to speak is to speak.
10:40 pm
not to act is to act, and god will judge me based on what i do and don't do, based on what the word of god says i am to do, but i will assure you when i started reaching out to the jewish people, forget about the new york times, there were christian pastors that were calling me a heretic and that's the worst of the worst. when i explained to them that i had the opportunity to get face-to-face with them and explain what i was doing, i said look at the debt of gratitude we owe the jewish people. you see what st. paul was talking about in romans 15, the jewish people have given us the bible. they have given us the patriarchs. they have given us the old testament. they have given us the first family of christianity, mary, joseph and jesus. just take jesus out of the equation and we've got nothing. i said paul said we have a
10:41 pm
duty to honor the jewish people for their contributions to us, and i said so that is exactly what i am doing and henceforth, to understand judaism does not need christianity to explain its existence but christianity cannot explain its existence without judaism. that's why st. paul said in romans 11 chapter for christians they said do not boast against the root because the root supports you and the root of the christian olive tree is abraham, isaac and jacob. our roots are jewish to the core and we should remember that god does not cast away the jewish people. they are still the apple of his eye. they are still a covenant people, they are still the cherished people, they are
10:42 pm
still the people who own the land of israel and in the final analysis they are always going to receive the love of god because in israel, according to the book of exodus is god's firstborn son. >> what did you decide you wanted to be a pastor. >> when. >> when i was 18 years of age, i had an appointment from lbj to go. [inaudible] my mother who was really the guiding light in my life, my mother went to seminary and she graduated and taught and we were sitting at the table and she said you know, if you would become a great military leader and lead america in a great victory it would not be
10:43 pm
worth the ba value of winning a soul in christianity. one life that would be eternally changed would outweigh the value of any heroics military would ever accomplish, and that had a lasting impact on my thoughts. i went to seminary and the thought of being a pastor was not in my mind. when i finished seminary and got a bachelors degree and went to university at north texas state, i was invited by a couple. [inaudible] and i agreed to help them for a while to get a church
10:44 pm
started in 56 years later, i'm still there. >> i guess you are glad you did that. >> sim, indeed. ladies and gentlemen, don't forget virtua virtually every weeknight you can watch us on levintv. call 844 levintv. see this book, new york times best-selling. no why i put t - in a crossfit gym, we're really engaged with who we are as people and making everybody feel welcome. ordering custom ink t-shirts has been a really smart decision for our business.
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♪ yes, y-y-y-yes, yes... that is freaky. (applause)
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pastor, do you like donald trump. >> i do. >> you like him personally. >> i like him personally. >> have you met him many times. >> i've had the opportunity to have supper with him and i met him a couple times at the white house. >> how's he doing. >> he's doing a great job, in my opinion. >> why do you think that. >> i think our organization, christians united for israel was looking for someone who was running for the presidency in that republican category of candidates that would be
10:49 pm
pro-israel. we were a little bit amazed that it was donald trump, but when he came out for israel, it sent a message to our people at that time which were 5 million in number, i said this is the man were going to support because he is pro-israel. so he has announced that jerusalem is the eternal capita capital, he's moved the capital from tel aviv to jerusalem, he has given the golden heights to israel, recognizing it has been israel's but he is just sending the signal for the enemies of israel, israel has a right to defend the slant without anyone's approval, israel has the right to exist and the right to defend itself and he is also been a friend
10:50 pm
to president, to prime minister netanyahu. everything he has promised to do he did it and that is a very unusual thing for politicians in our generation so yes, we think the president is doing a fabulous job with the congress that is fighting him every step of the way. >> what about his appointment of judges. >> i am deeply appreciative of the conservative judges that are on the court and i think that the chance of having justice in america is determined by the justice in the supreme court and fulfilling all of the vacancies, there are some 200 some judges that needed to be fulfilled and they were going
10:51 pm
very slow until recently and now the pace has picked up, but if we can get category of judges that are right-thinking conservative constitutional judges, this country will benefit for 40 - 50 years from the administration of donald trump. >> his position on life versus abortion has been, it's been very consistent. it's been solid. have you noticed this to be medically been very appreciative of that because in the bible, killing a baby in the womb of the mother's murder. we don't consider it a woman's right to murder a child and
10:52 pm
we, as evangelicals, oppose abortion and feel like anyone that does that will have to, if they do not repent of that sin will face god in judgment for having to account for that because that is a very very serious evil. >> when we return, here's my question for you, how important is this next presidential election? we'll be right back.
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...and stand together wto serve our veterans. we invest in the latest technology. we take the time to train the next generation of doctors and nurses. we work together to make sure we heal their bodies and their minds. this is our mission. more than 300,000 of us working as one. together with families and loved ones. no matter where they live in this country, we'll be there. we stand strong. united. stand with us in caring for our veterans. mark: mr. hagee how important is the selection committee. >> it may be more important than the first election. because of the dragging of the feet of this congress. the president has not been able
10:57 pm
to implement as much as his program as he would like to implement if he is not reelected in this next time all of the good things he has done, many of the good things he has done can be reversed. the socialist voice that is rising up in washington will take control and we will lose contact with the america we know. it is -- democrats are going left and hard left away from anything the democratic party has held up for in times past. they are way beyond the mainstream of america and if this next election is not a reelection of president trump our country is going to go into a socialist tailspin.
10:58 pm
mark: they want the government to take over all healthcare, all private healthcare and want to illuminate medicare even though they call it medicare for all. they want to illuminate ice, law enforcement, in other words they want to eliminate our border and any notion of rule of law when it comes to immigration. they are constantly undermining the military and cutting the military's budget every time they get a chance or in power. they want to point to the bench particularly the supreme court social activists who do not embrace our founding principles as a factual matter. you can go down the list and i think to myself this is not a typical election, as you point out. this is an election capitalism versus socialism. >> it is the five the constitution versus the hittite constitution. faithful judges versus activist judges. a secure national border or no
10:59 pm
national border. the most powerful military in the face of the earth or in eviscerated military. is it that dire, and write about this? >> spot on. exactly right. all of those things, nationalism versus socialism, that is the issue did you hear these people talking about all these free things that they are proposing who is going to pay for that? no one is saying that. it's a declaration but how will you pay for it and there is where the people who work and pay taxes will be greatly burdened to support people who do not work and do not pay taxes and downhill we will go.
11:00 pm
mark: pastor hagee, pleasure to meet you and a pleasure to talk to you. thank you. it's been my pleasure. mark: god bless you. see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". we'll see you back in the next couple of weeks and kristin fisher had to celebrate the apollo 11 launch. will be back. chris: i'm chris wallace. the risk of life threatening floods as tropical storm barry moved inland and president trumps immigration rates start in cities across the country. >> it starts on sunday and it would take people out and bring them back to their countries. chris: the president insists he did not cave on using the census to find out what the people in this country are citizens. president trump: not only did i back down but i did not back up. chris: we discussed this with kellyanne conway who's just back from the southern border. president trump: there's nothi


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