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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  July 15, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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have a great week and we will see you next "fox news sunday". ♪ >> buzzfeed this sunday, media frenzy over sex-trafficking charges against jeffrey epstein with some pundits pointing fingers at former friend donald trump and bill clinton. >> he said jeffrey was a lot of fun to be with and donald trump knew, donald trump knew as he said publicly at the time that jeffrey epstein pursued girls, quote, on the younger side. >> donald trump and bill clinton knew jeffrey epstein very well, and a lot of powerful people in new york knew him very well and they all knew the stories, every one of them.
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>> i think it's highly unfair of people like you and others to be guilt by association whether it's donald trump, bill clinton, al gore, allen dershowitz just because they knew the guy. >> the media is trying as much as they can do to connect the administration with horrific charge with democratic donor jeffrey epstein, trying to make it about trump, members to have administration when the real story that epstein and bill clinton. >> are the journalists investigating epstein targeting trump and others through guilt by association, is the press cheering resignation of alex acosta, former prosecutor, sweetheart deal for epstein a decade ago. white house stages social media summit with conservative big tech praise from the president. >> some of you are extraordinary, i can't say everybody. no, but some of you are extraordinary, the crap you
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think of is unbelievable. [laughter] >> but can trump back up charges, facebook, twitter and google discriminate against the right. plus, new book by molly hemmingw i'm howard kurtz and this is media buzz. ♪ ♪ federal prosecutors in new york charged jeffrey epstein with sex trafficking and found hundreds of thousands suggested photos of young girls in manhattan mansion, rekindle debate as to why he got a lean deal in florida years ago, prominent former friends. >> i knew like everybody in palm beach knew, he was a fixture in palm beach. i had a falling out with him, i
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don't think i've spoken to him in 15 years, i so i wasn't a fan. >> bill clinton issued a that he had flew in his plane 4 times, joining us now to analyze the coverage molly hemmingway, fox news contributor and coauthor of justice on file which we will talk a bit later, susan, correspondent for the washington examiner, and jessica, fox news contributor, molly, donald trump was friends with jeffrey epstein, they had a falling out years ago, are some of the media imply or insinuate that trump knew and condoned of his behavior with underaged girls? >> i think the interest in the story is because we have a guy that got sweetheart deal and had
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powerful friends and when the media were able to tie it to member of trump administration, secretary acosta that made them have interest. that's legitimate part of the story, how he was able to enghainl behavior over a long period of time. he knew donald trump, that's clearly not where all of the interesting things will be, i hope they pursue it with other people. >> rich guy. same question to you, jessica, are some of the media trying to imply that bill clinton knew of and condoned epstein having sex with underage minors all perhaps himself? >> she got some women to to go on the record.
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>> she couldn't get expenses covered. that's most important here. wealthy individuals, bill clinton, donald trump, alan dershowitz, welcomed back into new york society hosting dinner parties and got in with people at harvard, all of that is important in the better so you can better understand how younger girls were victimized, raped because powerful men protected him. i don't think donald trump dodged any bullets, everyone know about people traveling on the leader express and journalists should be following it. >> epstein's lawyer, susan -- >> accused of assaulting two women. >> which he has denied it. >> 2002 quote, i've known jeff,
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fun to be with, loves beautiful women as much as i do, many of them on the younger side, younger side could have been 22. >> that's right, the stronger connection was bill clinton and time spent with jeffrey epstein, president trump allegedly kicked epstein out of mar-a-lago for alleged assaulting an underaged woman and helped prosecutors to build the case. i'm so glad that the miami herald pursued this, they do give reporters time to work on the very important stories, bothers me that the reason the story got legs again was because of president trump, what would have happened if hillary clinton have been president, would the story have had legs or the end of it? i think it's an important question and we in the media should think about it. >> i think -- >> i believe the reporter
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mentioned that that interest percolate amongst editor and others because secretary was the prosecutor. very important. >> secretary of labor who was the u.s. attorney in miami, presided deal, epstein went to jail for 13 months, part time because he could leave every day and go to work. let me play some sound here. first alex acosta struggling save his job and holding news conference at president trump's direction and resignation, roll it. >> simply put the palm beach state attorney's office was ready to let epstein walk free without work of prosecutors, epstein would have gotten away with just that state charge. >> i just want to let you know this was him not me, because i'm with him. >> it's over 12 year's old that had input in department of justice, it would be selfish for me to stay in this position and
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continue talking about a case that's 12 year's old. >> acosta is basically blaming the press coverage, huge amount of press coverage, given the public revulsion and the deals 1 years ago that he approved or personally negotiated is not pretty big and legitimate story. >> i don't know if it's covered that well, looking at how the only person who actually got the guy in jail was alex acosta. it can be for a number of reasons, the evidence theyed that for trafficking was not strong enough for conviction, as report bid the miami herald that he was serving as government informant and they did work that they found sufficiently or powerful people at the administration called him. making it as simple as this guy is bad because he was part of the plea deal. >> it's been reported, jessica,
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that acosta did well pressure but coverage was negative. former top prosecutor in palm beach says acosta is wrong, there was a 53-page draft indictment and tossed aside after secret negotiations of epstein lawyers and acosta him. >> 7:00 a.m. meeting at the marriott that alex acosta said couldn't have taken place because no one goes to the office at the hour is ridiculous. president trump was the only person in america who thought that the press conference went well. absolutely no concern for the real victims of all this which are the young women, president trump as well when he was first asked about this, said he feels bad for alex acosta, didn't talk about the victims, the prosecutor said there was a 53-page indict meant -- indictment, he didn't have to check in, what's going on, how are you overseen, if that was a person of color --
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>> he's highly connected in new york. >> wonderful. >> julie brown in "the herald" reported a dozen new accusers, but others in the white house not so much, there was a leaked to politico saying that mick mulvaney, acting chief of staff wanted him out because he felt he was damaging the administration. there was a woman and had to say on the today show. >> i was really scared. i didn't necessarily think that he was, you know, going to rape
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me. yeah, i mean, i was terrified and i was telling him to stop, please stop, you know. >> she said she was raped by epstein. this reminds me of the harvey weinstein case where more women are embolden to speak about and sometimes harsh attention of the media spotlight. >> it is part of the evolution of the me too movement and how it's made it easier for women to come forward when things are in the past, but in the article 2, not just interview, the article of interview where she talks about epstein, describing trips to the white house, i'm really sad that there's no way to search white house logs to see how many times he visited various presidents, that's another string to the story that deserves to be examined. >> yeah, i do wonder, for all of the outrage and public revulsion, i'm outraged, sickening to look at what the
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guy did and is accused of if he had not been palm beach pal, president trump would be getting so much media at this point. >> obvious that it wouldn't have gotten media attention and very important given the global network of powerful people and just how he had the money and how he was financed to enable the lifestyle. >> jessica, briefly, you very much include bill clinton and is bill clinton being targeted guilt by association. >> every single men that went to parties, engaged with the women, we know that he had beautiful women, on the younger side, apparently there were these women there, buckingham palace had to release statement of andrew. >> people could be close to him and important to nail down facts, who was on the planes at
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this time -- absolutely. >> if you were hanging out in his mansion and it was described what was going on in there, you should be questioned about it. >> i think you too actually agree on that. some have engaged by guilt by insinuation, shall we say, president trump with pressure on all kinds of talks, nancy pelosi, how much do the sessions help him dominate the news and later aoc and 3 other liberal freshmen, lawmakers and their nasty spat with pelosi, how the media are feasting on this
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to include citizenship question in 2020 census in adverse ruling. >> i think we will have it at the end where it is more accurate than a census, no, not only didn't i back down, i backed up because anybody else would have given this up a long time ago. >> mollie, little choice but to retreat on the question, on the census because the supreme court had ruled adversely, he's still fighting for his base even if he has certain tactical setbacks? >> not sure that he should have stepped back on the census question and giving up the fight was probably not good for him, that's why the things are helpful for him, he comes out and answers questions in a certain way to be able to reshape the coverage or to bring things out that aren't going to be covered by the media otherwise. it's good that he's very open, good to be able to ask him more questions whether it's the census, paul ryan or other issues. >> speaking of paul ryan, set up
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nicely, jessica, quoted in new book, trump didn't know anything about government, former house speaker saying he was knee-jerk in reactions, he wanted to scold the president. president hit back he was lame-duck. >> totally. that's -- i feel about this, people feel embolden, jeff flake, yeah, absolutely, you think he's more bankrupt and you don't think he should be in office, you have platform, use it when it's meaningful. i agree with the criticism. >> nasty spat between alexandria ocasio-cortez and nancy pelosi and some of the other freshmen. president was asked about that, i mean, i was scribbling a lot of notes here and he had this to say.
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>> i think cortez is being very disrespectful to somebody that's been there a long time. i will tell you something about nancy pelosi that you know better than i do, she's not a racist, she's not a racist, but for them to call her a racist that's a disgrace. >> susan, is this trump playing commentator in chief and bit odd that he's coming to nancy pelosi's defense? >> i have a little bit of a problem with the story, i feel that we in the media have to be careful that we are not generating news or covering news. >> that ship sailed a long time ago. >> you need to be careful with stories like this when you're interviewing people on capitol hill, you're putting idea in the head, there's no organic feeling on capitol hill amongst anyone including the squad aoc and company that nancy pelosi is a racist, this was generated, i think in the media, pushed by the media because it's a good cookie story. >> okay.
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>> and i think -- we need to be careful. >> wasn't asked a question, do you think nancy pelosi was racist, he volunteered that, you think he did it in response to media coverage? >> well, in my view this was the definition of fake news. >> okay, we will talk more about that. also the president talked on friday about ice raids, immigration raids that have begun today to run up illegal immigrants and interesting they said they were focused on criminals as opposed to people who have broken the law by being here. do they help him shape the news cycle. >> not just news cycle, he backs off and give congress some time, by the time they don't do anything, it makes it more credible that they will begin the raids and starts say let's focus on criminals. >> last comment, gentlemen quay? >> i don't think they help him with anyone but with his base
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but that's for 2020, he's on the record saying we will be focusing on the criminals, they need to get out there, that's in the stratosphere. >> i think that helps him control the narrative, thank you very much for coming by this sunday, ahead, mollie hemingway will be back to talk about revelations of the book. vice president mike pence leaves facilities and complains that cnn coverage is unfair.
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>> vice president pence took a whack at cnn after visiting two detention centers at border, pence spoke with children at the border. >> are you comfortable, well taken care of, do you have a place to get washed up and cleaned?
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>> badly overcrowded facility were nearly 400 men were fenced on concrete floor and said they were hungry and they lacked beds, showers or toothbrushes and addressed the situation with reporters. >> temporary facility, look, this is tough stuff to be honest with you, i was not surprised by what i saw and -- and because on the way here i knew we would see a system that is overcrowded, overwhelmed and that's why congress has to act. >> when pence did interview with pamela brown the network showed video of overcruded event center, cnn is so dishonest, rather than broadcasting the full story, the american people are provide to go vulnerable families, tonight's cnn only played video of men in temporary facility and didn't play any footage of the family facility at all, white house official told cnn made zero effort to show administration efforts to improve the border situation and in fairness, pamela brown asked
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pence about contrast between the two facilities and the vp deserves credit for taking reporters in to see the terrible conditions at the men's center after president trump had called "the new york times" reporting on one facility in texas phoney and tweeted today that the men's holding center that was clear but crowded but told the story fake. the offensive began with tweet storm last weekend which the president vented about comcast trump haters at msnbc that do the bidding of parent company top executives, took a swipe at lying brian williams, msnbc host who lost show after making up story about chopper coming under fire in iraq. president also went after the weekend anchors at fox news declaring them worst than cnn, he tweeted that fox which failed to get the boring dem debates, using fake unsourced new york
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times as they source up. ahead on media buzz t president addressing social media companies accusing him blatant bias against the right, does he have the evidence, first alexandria ocasio-cortez accuses nancy pelosi of signaling her and women of color what's going on up here? can't see what it is yet. what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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>> media love a good juicy internal party fight and also love to talk, opine about alexandria ocasio-cortez, so they are all over the increasingly nasty spat between nancy pelosi and four liberal freshmen democrats, aoc, tlaib, aiina presley and omar.
12:31 am
aoc hit back telling the washington post, i kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at arm's distance in order to protect more moderate members which i understood busyingalling out, got to the point that is outright disrespectful, aoc, explicit of newly elected women of color. southern segregationists. >> they took offense because i addressed -- requested members and an offensive tweets and members took offense to that. >> do you think it's racial
12:32 am
animus? >> no, no, absolutely not. >> joining us from new york, radio talk show host and former cia analyst and here in washington national politico reporter, fox news contributor. the media adore the party infighting stories especially since aoc ratchet up the rhetoric saying saying that pels going after women of color. >> it's more of just squabble, people want to see what's going on, there really is a challenge underway inside the democratic party between young and old, between far left and more centrist establishment democrats and social media era in which we currently live and i think this is only going to get stronger, somebody like aoc is able to change the news narrative with single tweet and so pelosi is trying to fight a war in the media with somebody who have whole new slew of weapons that she can use and she just can't
12:33 am
honestly control it. i think it's important that they're covering this and i think we will see this continue on for a while and aoc is a true believer. >> i agree with most of what you said and setting up for me question, alexandria ocasio-cortez has become huge star, she and omar and presley and tlalib, have no power. >> four of them voted no. if they have power why aren't they getting any powers inside the house. both outside power is important, you encourage activists and get the grassroots energized and turn out voters but powering side, a, keep majority and, b, defeat republicans. >> conservatives in media love to beat up on aoc and good for clips and ratings, and liberals in media love to praise her and
12:34 am
she's very savvy you have to say in drawing attention sometimes by going a little over the top, do the media overcover alexandria ocasio-cortez? >> no, i think that she is su able to set the narrative and i think it's because of the following she has and because of what she represents which is this new far-left progressive increasingly democrat socialist democratic party and, you know, i will say that some conservatives in media see the way aoc is going after nancy pelosi, insinuations at least of racial undertone or animus is for conservatives in the media of the right, this is stuff that goes all of the time, usually democrat and republican, for this to get turned on pelosi and democrats, maybe now the left will realize that calling people racist for no reason is a nasty and underhanded thing to do and they would be slower, i do think we are seeing the media coverage affect bid that dynamic playing out in front of us.
12:35 am
and i think aoc will only get a bigger voice -- there's not going to be legislation, tomorrow's point, there's no new legislation. >> interesting point. talk about media coverage, about to go in stratosphere because president trump tweeted this morning that four democratic women, i'm quoting the women, came from countries whose governments are corrupt, why don't they go back and fix infested places for which they came and show us how, nancy will make travel arrangements, omar was born in somalia, the others born in america, i see the media just completely exploding over this that the president is kind of telling them to leave america. >> look, the democrats have formed a circumstanceular firing squad, that's what republicans want them to do, donald trump decided to put himself in the middle of that, now the democrats are rallying around pelosi against pretty extreme comments, go back where you came
12:36 am
from, pelosi issued a statement today that was being a phobic and i think he's going to end -- end up helping them solve this squabble, the one thing that unifyies the dems is donald trump. >> dpem contracts will have shift in narrative from internal fighting, this wasn't -- this wasn't a good tweet from the president, i support the president, i think tweets are effective on messaging, this one will get picked apart. i would like to see focus on the border issue but the media will have field day and move away essentially aoc, as we just discussed saying that pelosi and prominent have disrespect of women of color, no, all comes from the right and from trump, we will see how it plays out over the next couple of days, trump's messaging, even when
12:37 am
people think he's getting it wrong, he got it right, we didn't expect it, i don't think that's the case in the tweet, though. >> thanks very much for joining us. coming up mollie hemingway's new book, went easy on kristin ford, she will make the case it's amazing what you can uncover with your dna results from ancestry. i was able to discover one cousin, reached out to him, visited ireland, met another 20 cousins. they took me to the cliffs of moher, the ancestral home, the family bar. it really gives you a sense of connection to something that's bigger than yourself. new features. greater details. richer stories. get your dna kit today at they have businesses to grow customers to care for
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>> exclusive first look at program, justice on trial, kavanaugh confirmation and future of the supreme court quickly shot up to number one on amazon, mollie hemingway, coauthor which lobbied for kavanaugh's nomination, you report that the trump team healed back information on kristin ford because the white house felt that any criticism of ford would be victim shaming, my question isn't that true and isn't it the rationale that women who are victims of sexual assault or believe they are are reluctant to come forward if they believe their past will be picked apart. >> those are legitimate questions, not just the white house but also senate republicans had this information, they both had ways of people calling in and they were getting quite a bit of information of how kristin ford, what people were say to go these people, investigators, at odds with the media presentation.
12:42 am
so i do think it's important to be careful. it's also important for the media to be careful in how they are telling a story and making sure they are not being one-sided or leaving out information or not becoming champions for one side or the other. >> you and your coauthors spoke to people that kristin ford, decades ago, was a heavy drinker, who was much more aggressive be boys than we were led to believe. did you have any reluctance about publishing that information now? >> well, we actually had so much more stuff, we spoke with quite a few people who knew kristin ford in high school, knew brett kavanaugh in high school and they had incredibly solicitous stories, we felt that in order to tell the specifics of some of those stories we needed them to put names with it and when people were -- >> they were not on the record. >> people were understandably worried about having name associated with it, well, i'm trying to get kid in school and comes out and the media would go after me, i'm scared to do it. we had the stories, we had a loft the stories, we felt we needed to pull back on that,
12:43 am
while also being accurate and describe on what her friends say and what they have said. people who don't have necessarily negative views of kristin ford, they liked her, there was the other aspect and the way the media portraying was completely at odds and talk with reporters here in town that this was not completely not well known but when they would tell stories they wouldn't pursue it as aggressive as any antikavanaugh story. >> they had the problem that you had which is not getting people to go on the record. you accuse the media of having irrational personal dislike of brett kavanaugh at that time and despite the fact that seems like a guy who allegations aside coaches the girl's basketball team, why do you think that would have been? >> i'm not entirely sure why that was, but just looking at how they handled different stories or how at some point in the process you start seeing the media suggest being, you know, going through him being gang rapist and usa today running
12:44 am
story that he shouldn't be around children as a coach. >> this is something i had missed, eric brady, kavanaugh should give up school coaching duties during the fight because he credibly accused sex offender should stay off basketball courts for now when kids are around. did the press call foul on that kind of -- >> they did pull back on some of that, over arching the story was one that any allegation against brett kavanaugh, seemed no matter how thinly sourced would be getting full treatment. you want to be careful about victims, that's true, reputation is also an issue and want to be careful about defaming somebody or going after reputation without the good. >> he threw ice in a bar, maybe he did or didn't, that became the top headline, one to have accusers represented by avenatti, with legal problems, claimed to be raped at 10 house parties, gang rapes attended by kavanaugh and others and also said that kavanaugh and friend spiked the punch at some of the
12:45 am
parties, what happened? >> nbc found that she was not a credible witness but even more than that, nbc actually knew that the supposed witness to corroborate allegation had denied what michael avenatti claimed about her statement. >> slow down. hey, here is somebody else that's a friend of julie who can dodge for what she's saying, what happened? >> they talked to her, what she's telling you is not what i said, they sat on that for weeks, they had the information before confirmation vote, they didn't reveal it until weeks after and this is, you know, so many different ways the media cannot do their jobs well and sitting on information is one of them, or even how i was struck by how we cover the story in the book of how when kristin ford said she had witnesses to support the account, all four of them say they don't support her including one that's a close friend and when that comes out that the friend i cannot -- you know, i can not corroborate the allegation but people close to kavanaughs think this is sit, finally the media coverage will
12:46 am
change and the media barely known that she wouldn't back up her friend. >> coverage when some of the charges against -- charges, allegations against kavanaugh were not corroborated. >> just about the delusion on one side, we need to be -- there's so many different way that is we need to be careful with coverage including amount of -- amount of attention we get to one claim or another. >> all right, mollie hemingway, justice on trial, congratulations on the book's success. >> thank you. >> great to see you as always. cnn contributor taunted sebastian gorka at media summit and way over the are you a veteran, own a home, and need cash? you should know about the newday va home loan for veterans it lets you borrow up to 100 percent of your home's value. the newday va loan lets you refinance your mortgages, consolidate your credit card debt,
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♪ ♪ >> president trump's social media summit filled with conservative critics of facebook, google which weren't invited, it would be covered by the fake news media, trump argued that twitter is unfairly reducing the number of people who follow him. >> we had terrible bias, we have censorship like nobody has any understanding, nobody can believe, millions of people, so many people i wouldn't believe it but i know that we've been . . of instances
12:51 am
apologized but did the summit make the case? >> depends on what side of the aisle you sit on, there was a cnn headline that reads circus show summit, trump delivers speech of armies of sporters at the white house but then diamond and silk appeared the next day and said it was helpful and they talked about the grievances they have with social media and then the president is going to talk to tech companies the next day, i think the purpose of this summit twofold. one so that the president can rub elbows with the people that support him more strongly on social media and the other was to kind of alert big tech and say that regulation might be coming down the pipeline. >> i think that's a real possibility and i think they have mostly themselves to blame, such a lousy job of policing their own sites, on your point of media coverage even before the white house got underway, new york times, the news story,
12:52 am
the guest list has a long critics that fears bringing together people who decimate threats, hate speech and fake news, also the tech columnist said, bunch of right-wing trolls , so he's -- trump is calling the media fake and they are saying, you invited people who put out fake stuff. >> it's like mindbogglingly, so at the beginning of the summit the president called the attendees online journalists, there were some online journalists but some of them weren't, one person that attended who spread some false information about kamala harris' race, another person who posted unflattering video of joe biden, i think the white house didn't release the guest list in advance, one to have reasons the whole summit received such negative press because it's unusual for a politician to be so buddy, buddy with his social media supporters because sometimes they say crude and
12:53 am
controversial things but the president sometimes said crude and controversial things on social media as well and he knows how important the group of people were to him in 2016. >> a couple of conspiracy theorist there, on the other hand, we didn't have the whole last hard to reach any sweeping conclusion, the president says twitter is making harder for people to follow and he has 62 million followers by the way and twitter keeps reducing follower account which the company says reduced people accounts, including mine, including everyone i know, is there evidence to back up the president's charges at this point? >> interesting in january 2015, the president received an average of 79 retweets per tweet which is crazy to think about because he receives tens of thousands of retweets per tweet, he's been good for twitter, i
12:54 am
can't imagine them silencing him personally but they have censored other conservatives and had to apologize. >> millions of dollars of free advertising for the president. brian, playboy reporter and cnn contributor picked a fight with them. >> the group of people who are eager for -- >> you are a punk, you're not a journalist, you're a punk. >> go home. go home. get a job. >> oh, my. >> justify having somebody on payroll that acts like that? >> metaphor how much team trump and the media don't get along, it's no surprise that this would happen given the close proximity of the two groups, both sides really displayed poor
12:55 am
sportsmanship. >> simply no question that brian, liberal commentator started the fight and i think cnn might want to take a look at that. carley shimkus, great to see you as always. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> thanks again, still to come a very personal and poynant story involving our colleague ed henry and why he's in the hospital.
12:56 am
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12:58 am
>> ed henry, colleague and friend here at fox news just did a very courageous thing went to surgery to make organ donation to ailing sister coline. i will donate organ on tuesday. >> a lot of people going exactly what you're going through and you sharing story will make a huge difference, huge kudos, ed.
12:59 am
>> she's really happy. that's all i want to do. >> ed, donated 30% of his liver and doctors hope both of them will regenerate full livers and provided update from the hospital. >> immediately started working, immediately. >> wow. >> a miracle. the prayers that we are feeling, i can not thank -- i can't thank everyone personally, i want to thank everybody now, you've been amazing, i totally underestimated the outpouring. >> ed, you've been amazing, my hat off to you, wishing you and your sister a very speedy recovery, nice to have live update. that's it for this edition of media buzz, i'm howard kurtz, check out podcast, everything from politics to sports, culture, entertainment and you can subscribe at apple itunes at google play or fox news, hope you like
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facebook page, we will continue debate on twitter, back here next sunday, 11:00 eastern with the latest >> that's not the intent, never has been and never will be. >> and good morning to you, monday july 15th, happening right now at 4:00 a.m. on the east coast, fox news alert for you, ice conducting deportation raids in major cities nationwide, live in washington as battle enforcing the law and protecting illegal immigrants boils over. extent of damage along the louisiana coastline, barry downgrade today