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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  July 15, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> sandra: and the world has never been the same! [laughs] that's for sure. if you get on right away? >> bill: i did not. did you? >> sandra: waited a little bit. >> bill: how did you feel about this monday? >> sandra: i enjoyed it, bill hemmer. let's do it again tomorrow. [laughs] we will see you tomorrow. thank you, everybody. "outnumbered" starts now. >> melissa: fox news alert, president trump ramping up his criticism of four democratic congresswomen accusing them of spewing "foul language and racist hatred" and calling for them to apologize. some democrats are saying the present is the one who is guilty of racism. this is "outnumbered" and i'm was a fraction sis. here's today's harris faulkner, town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich, post of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy herself, joining us on the couch, cohost of "fox & friends" and fox news radio host, brian kilmeade. >> brian: nice to see everybody!
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>> i feel like i haven't i haven't seen you admitted. >> it's been weeks. >> i missed you, all souls. i'm glad it worked out on the island of hawaii. we had some wildfire. you brought your own -- >> thinking of all those people on maui. >> i was lost on research of? >> it's been weeks. >> he must have a lot of catching up to do. >> on the next show. president trump not backing down amid the firestorm over a series of tweets appearing to reference four democratic congresswomen known as the squad. the president writing sunday about the "progressive democrat democrats" whom he accuses of "viciously telling the people of the united states how our government is to be run. why don't they go back and they help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came?" then come back and show us how it is done." >> that's a tough way to talk about queens. i'm kidding! congresswomen alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeting today, "it's important to note that the president's
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words yesterday, telling four american congresswomen of color to go back to their own country, is hallmark language of whites and pharmacists." and how speaker pelosi also blessing the president, tweeting, "when he tells american congresswomen to go back to their countries, he reaffirms his plan to make america great again. it has always been about making america white again. our diversity is our strength in our unity is our power." the president had a response to that. not surprisingly. tweeting, "if democrats want to unite around the foul language and racist hatred spewed from the mouths and actions of these very unpopular and unrepresentative congresswomen, it will be interesting to see how it plays out. i can tell you that they have made israel feel abandoned by the u.s.." lastly, republican senator lindsey graham weighing in earlier today. >> we all know that aoc and this
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crowd are a bunch of communists. they hate israel. they hate our own country. they are calling the guards along our border, the board approachable agents, concentration camp guards. they accuse people who support israel of doing it for the "benjamin's." they are anti-semitic. they are anti-american. don't get that same we don't need to need to t anything and personally protecte policy. >> you know it's interesting about that? if you weren't on twitter, if you missed all of that, it's a treat war. >> the tweet where that came and got in between the speaker versus the squad. the president made the speaker versus the squad versus the president. i think that was a mistake. we will see how it plays out. with senator lindsey graham's point, it was that they have overwhelmed the message. and it will really work for the democrats -- against the democrats, because there's a poll now out. access wrote about it. even though the squad, led by
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congresswoman omar as well as congresswoman better known as aoc, this poll shows that even though they are recognizing sweep states by 74%, in one case, they've got 9% approval. omar is proved by that much, and aoc's 22%. in one way the president says, "why didn't he weigh in?" it makes in the story. he is underlying it. saying that democrats, these are your leaders. these are your rock stars. good luck. >> i want to play this. because this is potentially, may be, we don't know what he was thinking when he tweeted this, but this is what happened on saturday. just to bring you the whole story. listen to this. >> i believe, as an immigrant, i'd probably love this country more than anyone that is naturally born. you ask anybody walking on the side of the street, somewhere in the middle of the world, they will tell you "america the great." but we don't live values here.
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so that hypocrisy is one that i am bothered by. i want america, the great, to be america the great. >> katie? do not live those values there? she went on and she was talking about liberty. and justice for all. that we don't live those here. >> katie: that is really rich coming from someone who is from a country where there is a failed government, a failed state. she was brought in through the generosity of the american people, and our values, to be here. and to live freely, to be able to speak as a woman on a panel freely in front of a media that is free. and yet, it always seems like her strategy when it comes to fixing some of the problems she sees in the country is to blame america and mark it as a racist, unfair, undervalued country. which is absolutely absurd. so there are questions about some of the things that she has set in the past. she said 9/11 was committed by some people. "some people" committed 9/11.
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she openly said when she watches "black hawk down" she is rooting for the other side, when the u.s. troops went into a civil war in somalia to saves them alis. yet she blames the united states for that. so there are serious questions about her motivation. the tactics that she takes when it comes to attacking america first rather than saying there are some things that we need to fix. obviously, because of the hundreds of thousands of people clamoring of the southern border right now, we are the best country in the world with the best, fairest values. and we can fix that without launching identity politics attacks against people innocently disagree with your policy. >> melissa: harris, everybody's yelling "racist" on every side. you kind of get lost. >> harris: because they know that gets picked up on twitter. they know that will get the hashtag that is needed to further and lift their own platform. as for my question lies. who does this really benefit? when i hear omar and some of the other squad members, as they call themselves, i start to, in my 25 years plus in
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journalism -- i started when i was 4, brian. >> brian: i know, i just did the math. [laughter] >> harris: in my own reporting, this is what happens when people get a platform and a microphone for a lengthy period of time on a topic and they go back and forth. to the president, i would say, "you know, this is an old trope that has been used against people of coag. to go back to where you come from." those women have picked on a man who likes to fight. that man has leaned on some less than presidential rhetoric. all of it is toxic, none of it furthers the conversation, and what is the conversation we are trying to have right now? that some people are more american than other people? 's that will be arguing about right now? why don't we fix the problem at the border? why doesn't aoc come of 14 pages of a brand-new border deal? >> brian: i agree. there are some small things with asylum we could fix almost overnight. >> melissa: it's true, and we will get to the and a second. kennedy, harris at the now mad,
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and i thought i was thinking, too. what are we having a conversation about? what is this about? >> kennedy: i agree with brian and with harris that the president shouldn't have inserted himself in this way, because nancy pelosi and squad were doing a great job of cannibalizing their own party and republicans in the present , if they want to be more successful, would be smart to sit on the sidelines and let that happen and continue to play out. and this is one the president has the most problems. this is when his instincts don't best surfing. there's an argument to make, and i think lindsey graham, when he goes ham, he makes it pretty well. when he talks about these people being essentially ungrateful commies, and -- >> harris: they need to aim higher with the rhetoric, that's the part i thought you meant. >> kennedy: absolutely right, but these four women with the amount of influence they have and the fact that so many people are paying attention to what they're saying, if they were talking about policy and they
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were putting policy forward that actually helped these families of the border, i think everyone would be -- >> melissa: that's what got me, too pay this isn't about policy. nobody was pushing -- >> katie: politically, this actually matters. because this forces nancy pelosi to come to the defense of the squad. >> harris: do you think she will? >> katie: she did, she came out on twitter and defended them. the polling shows that although in washington, as nancy pelosi says, these four have four votes, in the middle of the country they have made themselves the face of the party as extremists and now nancy pelosi is defending them as a go into the selection. >> harris: can have a quick follow-up to that? do you think she has come out on twitter defending them, but the real defense will have to be on the house. that's where the fight was. because they seriously -- 's be safe a >> kennedy: but it allowed the focus to go off of that. clearly, the progress of's and the establishment are in representing the same party. there is such a rift there come
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by the president gave them a bridge. they could to come to give. >> harris: out of the four of them, three of them were born here in the usa. >> melissa: that was my comment about queens. >> harris: where are we going with this? >> brian: his point was, in the donald trump way that we got a chance to see the last to have years, it's not to go on. it's "appreciator country. why don't you critique it on --" that's what he was saying. he wasn't saying anything anti-immigrant or antiwoman or anti- -- >> harris: do you think his words communicate that? >> brian: no, just knowing donald trump the way he knows donald trump, is trying to say, "why are you so negative on the country?" >> harris: then he should say that. >> katie: he said go there and fix the problem and come back. not to go there permanently. >> harris: so where are they going? one of them is born in michigan. >> katie: i understand that, but when he's referring to ilhan omar, for example, who was brought to the country under the graciousness of the american
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people, that could be too he's referring to. >> harris: again, i don't even know why we are arguing who is more patriotic to begin with. >> kennedy: when the president make statements that people have to defend by saying that his words have a clearly different meaning, that's a failure. he needs to stop doing that if he wants to, you know, take any gaffe of joe biden and democrats and use it against them. >> harris: that's interesting. >> kennedy: stop making your own. >> brian: one more point, lindsey graham, over the weeken weekend, he said he couldn't believe this is what the president did. >> melissa: we are monitoring and event the president is that right now. it's the "made in america" event. you can see it right there. it's a lot of fun for people in the business community because he goes around and he shows off various products that are made here in the united states, and a lot of them are pretty nifty to look at. we found, across the way. there are motorcycles out there on the south lawn, there is
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bicycles, air streams from ohio, that's really fantastic one. >> harris: a full-size missile system, that we are told is quite a sight to behold. i would like to be right there where he is to go see that. that's amazing. >> melissa: catamarans from south carolina out there on the lawn, as well. there's a lot of great things to walk around and take a look at. the president, no doubt, makes comments along the way and spends a lot of time. remember this event from last year? every vehicle that is out there, it looks like a lot of fun. i wanted to be there driving some of them. that's what we are watching him do right now. if there's any statement to there, we will bring it to you. meanwhile, the chubb administration announcing a major crackdown on the southern border with new requirements for asylum claims. so, can the new rules help stem the crisis and survive legal challenges? plus, the administration
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9:18 am
crossing the border unaccompanied. the aclu today is vowing a legal challenge. this, as i's report launch raids over the weekend targeting illegal americans under detention orders. with "the new york times" reports nearly a handful of arrests and a few cities and that the operation was changed at the last minute due to news reports tipping off migrants. instead of a large simultaneous sweep, a secondary plan for smaller apprehensions will roll out over several days. the planned raids face widespread post rests, as you may know from weekend reporting. here's video outside one facility in colorado. demonstrators pulled on the american flag and put up the mexican flag in its place. they also removed a blue lives matter flag, spray painting it with the words "abolish i.c.e.." and lawyers offered advice for when i.c.e. comes knocking. nancy pelosi also took time to explain the process.
9:19 am
>> if i.c.e. agents don't have a warrant, signed by a judge, a person may refuse to open the door and let them in. >> harris: on fox news sunday, chris wallace asked counselor to the president kellyanne conway to respond. because what is your pushback to local democratic officials who are openly advising people in this country how to avoid getting rounded up by i.c.e.? >> sure, actually that include speaker pelosi, who is telling people how to avoid i.c.e. enforcing the law in some places. it's really outrageous, for people who take the oath of office and are elected to uphold the law, to then tell people how to flout and abuse and in fact evade the law. >> harris: brian? >> brian: done. i've been watching it all morning. people do it in different ways. i see other networks interviewing experts as though talking to illegal immigrants, how what to do and not to do about advice to illegals, should somebody become your door.
9:20 am
if you listen to the people that are in charge, ken cuccinelli and mark morgan, they're only going for people have overstayed their visa and have duct deportation rules. 85% will be criminals. and yet she feels it's important to speak to them about how to avoid the law. think about this, too -- sheriff's telling people, "i'm not going to help fellow law enforcement men and women who also wear that shield. i will not help them find you, who have already broken the law." you have to suspend logic suspend logic. >> harris: katie, is this helping the process in dealing with the numbers, the high numbers, of apprehensions at our border? i saw one boarded councilmember earlier on our air on fox news saying north of 94,000 in the recent months. >> katie: you mean the asylum claims? right. okay, there are two issues. the i.c.e. raids in the asylum issue. i do think it helps. the problem with the way the system a set up now is and encourages fraud, and therefore
9:21 am
people who have legitimate asylum claims are in a backlog and they can't get help. the backlog right now is 900,000 people. you look at this overcrowding, you look at the inhumane conditions that are being claimed at the border, that is as a result of lax asylum laws, people are being coached to say certain words, they can come in, and once they are here they essentially get a stay. when they are in the interior it's very difficult for i.c.e. to then go in and get them out if they don't actually show up to court or if there asylum claim doesn't pull through. so having people apply for the first country that they are eligible and actually a safer, too, for people who don't have to make that whole journey, whether it's for children or as a family, for mexico. giving money to traffickers. >> harris: and it's my understanding, too, it's a continuing process. you are continuing to apply. if the third countries also involved, too pay before you reach our border. is that how you understand it? >> go ahead, did you want to say something? >> melissa: i was going to say
9:22 am
that what they are doing with this particular law, it sounds like -- or, it's not a law, whatever this order is -- they are trying to stop the lying and make people say, as you said, "if you apply in the first place you are safe and you stay in the first place you are safe, you legitimately were coming from some place where he felt threatened." if they are coming for economic reasons, i can completely understand that. lots of people want to come for economic reasons. you shouldn't risk your life, dying at our border at the hands of coyotes or anyone else who, r economic reasons. we do reformer system. if people want to come in an end work, they should be able to do that. >> harris: but applying for asylum, that's not a one-on-one match. you don't get to do that simply because your economy is broken. >> kennedy: if there is something called economic asylum, we have to define what that is. lawmakers have to get up off their keister's and fill in some of these gaps. you have a long chain and you have several -- >> harris: to adjudicate that.
9:23 am
>> kennedy: yes, and there are so many places on the chain that are completely eroded by both parties. not wanting to deal with it. so the system literally degrades and erodes over time. that's what happens. you can focus on emigration beds, you can focus on i.c.e. going -- and i think part of what i.c.e. is doing is changing the perception. the idea for a lot of people coming here, as long as you can get past the southern border, once you're inside, you are safe. i think what i.c.e. is trying to do is say, "no, we have a system in place of going and finding them," but that also stoped so much fear. and i don't think it solved the problem of mass numbers of people coming in the southern border. >> melissa: it so hypercritical for lawmakers -- really quick -- to be sitting at home right now, not in washington, not writing legislation. >> harris: they do that on a lot of issues. they are politically constipated. >> kennedy: can i add one quick thing to this?
9:24 am
if there are companies and farms that need workers, needs to be a better system of accountability so they are working to get people into the country, that they need working here seasonally. >> harris: katie and i know, we have family in homes in arizona. the closer you get to the border, that is the loudest cry that you hear. it's like, how do you bring people into the country, make sure you have enough workers to do the job, and put pressure on some of those employers without driving them out of business? v3 the issue has to be that the asylum system cannot be a way to get here, to fraudulently claim what you're here for. you have to go through proper system. that's why it's currently overloaded. it's not necessarily true -- lindsay graham has legislation that does change the asylum laws that the president has taken a look at. he was at the board on friday with senate judiciary committee members. they are going to market up this week and we will see if the rest are willing to comply.
9:25 am
>> harris: brian, real quickly, we talked all about asylum preview started us off in a different lane. your thoughts? >> brian: my thoughts are this -- the mexico thing is working. stay in mexico, 18,000 marines at the border. it's actually working. in guatemala, the president was heading here to talk to the president about using that as a hundred countries. but their senate pushed back and said, "we don't want you to do this yet." cs to handle bleakly. there's an incentive. they will get the money back if they start doing the third country plan. >> harris: i don't want to images were scene of the board of trade they were twofold. while people are detained right now as more and more come across the border. we also have a lack of people and border patrol and i.c.e. right now, the morale is low. the hiring is down. i keep hearing leadership tell me that this is a toxic mess for something to happen. that we won't want to live with. >> brian: they invited us to come down, they wanted us to come down and see it and talk about it, "60 minutes" was there
9:26 am
a month before that. there was no big story anyone broke. this was the border patrol begging for help. >> harris: we will move on. some democrats have vowed to defy party leadership as divisions within the party takes center stage at a liberal conference center over the weekend. one congresswoman even brought back her expletive-laden call for the president's impeachments. oh, joy. despite speaker pelosi and if you democrats think to hold off on that talk. next, with the growing divide means out of 2020. ♪ what is that? that's a blazer? that's a chevy blazer? aww, this is dope. this thing is beautiful. i love the lights. oh man, it's got a mean face on it. it looks like a piece of candy. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
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9:31 am
enough to talk to him and ask him about this controversy that's going on on twitter. he stopped briefly and said, "if someone doesn't like our country, if someone doesn't want to be in our country, they should leave." and is trying to clarify that comment he made about "go back where you came from." he saying, if you don't like it here, you should leave. and that was his response to reporters as they were trying to kind of asking political questions as he walks down i walked around this event. in the meantime, some were speculating that any of this may actually help heal the division we have been seen among democrats. congresswoman ilhan omar, at the liberal convention of the weekend, appearing to take another shot at how nancy pelosi, after she criticized omar and three other far-love democrats for voting against the recent board bill. watch this. >> one of the things i tell women of color, and everyone, is
9:32 am
that we never need to ask for permission or wait for an invitation to lead. we are not really in the business of asking for the share of that power. we are in the business of trying to grab that power and return it to the people. [applause] >> melissa: and congresswoman rashida tlaib of the conference, again using an expletive to refer to the president while failing to impeach him. this, despite policies cost to hold off on impeachment for now. meanwhile, the house democratic caucus taking aim at congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez chief of staff over the weekend after he recently treated the democratic congresswoman charisse davis was enabling an "reese's system" in d.c. as democrats twitter account responded with a tree to reading in part, "who is this guy and why is he singling out a native american woman of color?" her name is congressman davids,
9:33 am
not sharice. keep her name out of your mouth." >> brian: a pretty explosive stuff. and everything underappreciated about net roots, i didn't see the whole broadcast of conference but i did understand nancy pelosi was secured in it. they went after big time. number two, fundamentally, politics aside, when you first come into congress, you could have the gumption, the drive, the leadership, that's fine prove that this hierarchy to it. it doesn't mean you be quiet, but you work your way up. i remember when hillary clinton became a senator, she was first lady. first thing she did was go talk to the senator and say, "how do i best work my way in here?" even cory booker for about a year and half was kind of quiet, feeling his way out. they've come in here with no respect for the institution they just got into. they just want to all of the sudden take leadership. not only is the etiquette wrong, i think it's arrogant to walk in and think you know more than the
9:34 am
people have been doing it. >> melissa: i think it's fantastic. i think democrats are shocked by it because they always fall in lockstep and they suffer from this toxic groupthink. although i completely disagree with possibly 85% of their positions, i do like what they are shaking up the establishment. but it also goes to show -- >> brian: but how are they doing it? screaming at a restaurant is shaking at establishment. >> brian: >> kennedy: people doo paul ryan and john bina. not enough of them. people who did it were singled out. they don't seem this. i think these incentives students i think these incisions should be called in the hypocrisy in which they operate. because they do, it's ongoing. what i should say about ilhan omar, at least she is transparent about what she's trying to do. that is to grab power. >> brian: is that okay? >> kennedy: that part is not a caper it's very authoritarian. but she says -- i don't have
9:35 am
problems with people using their voices to call out people in power. but she says she wants to give power to the people. but something -- >> harris: something happened on the way to that! it's a sprinkle, all right. you said something really interesting, brian. >> brian: 35 minutes and i finally got something! [laughter] >> harris: what you are talking about before is how to -- and candidly said something similar -- how to stand back and let something burn on its own. nancy pelosi was fighting with the squad already. i question why the president would even get involved with that at this point, and ignite even more of it, because they were going to go at each other. which gives you, as the president or vp or whomever you want to delegate, an opportunity to call and say, "this is getting a little heated. are you going to handle that?" which is an interesting way to deal with things from the top of
9:36 am
the food chain. because it then causes them to fight even more, i would imagin imagine. if you are talking about political goals, #politicalgoals rather than #squadghost. that would be an interesting way to handle it >> brian: whose political goals as it? >> harris: i'm same for the president. because they would all be going around as themselves, with nancy pelosi. but right now they have a new person in the fight, and he likes to fight. >> brian: back to what you said and what you are getting at, bernie sanders was called out over the weekend, "what do you think about this?" i think the speaker should ease up a little bit. >> katie: president trump knows that speaker pelosi actually has the power on capitol hill even though the squad is driving the culture war. that's why he defended nancy pelosi last week. i have no some of you at all for all the identity politics they are now having to wallow in. nancy pelosi accuses people of
9:37 am
racism all the time. she is being accused of the same thing. just have fun with it. you made the bed, get a line now. >> melissa: harris' point, there is reporting now that nancy pelosi is going to announce a resolution condemning president trump's remark. >> katie: but not ilhan omar's? >> melissa: i think you're getting confirmation, it's happening right now. that's putting them back to grandma on the same side again. what you are saying is defeatist about that. >> harris: that's with having under public and seven. no matter who it is, lindsey graham or whomever. you step in while they are a little domain is in flames you put out the fire for them by getting involved in -- >> melissa: i don't think so. >> katie: it forces nancy pelosi to put a resolution on the floor defending the extremist -- whenever they want to say -- squad. >> brian: i have a "seinfeld"-like complete circle. did you notice she didn't say anything when paul ryan in the present or battling over words in the book?
9:38 am
>> harris: exactly. >> brian: she stayed out of it. >> harris: exactly. >> melissa: new reaction to the democrats postponing bob mueller's testimony by a week under a deal which allows lawmakers long dull knife or time to question. why a top republican says this will blow up in the democrats 'spaces. ♪ this is the couple who wanted to get away
9:39 am
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expedia. [music playing] jerry has a membership to this gym, but he's not using it. and he has subscriptions to a music service he doesn't listen to and five streaming video services he doesn't watch.
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9:43 am
believe trump is legitimately president. they never accepted the 2016 outcome, and they are trying to destroy his presidency. this is just another effort to destroy donald trump. it'll grow blow up in their fa. i promise your listeners, after horowitz issues his report about the flawed size of orange, i'm going to deep dive until how this stuff started >> harris: a deep dive. new mexico democrat assistant house speaker ben ray lujan says the public needs to hear what is in mueller's report. this b show >> it shows only one part of this. i encourage everyone across america to read the report, make sure you get your eyes on those 430 pages. they will be answered questions associated with what's in that report. >> harris: will never hear anybody say that, i have in my mind that this will be a more dramatic reading of what the american people can see on the
9:44 am
web and go and read the pdf. for free. >> brian: i have news for you, it's not a quick read, but -- >> harris: it's not paid the first 45 pages are all about how russia messed with us and everybody ought to be that. >> brian: i read the whole thing. i'm lonely, clearly. but i got through -- >> melissa: many long plane rides! >> brian: are some surprises in there! steve >> harris: do you want people to read it you allowed? >> katie: they did, they would on the floor you can go watch that on c-span, it's in the archives. watch on youtube. i'm sure the house committee democrats have edits, they probably sent out emails. everyone has it. you can buy the mueller report of the bookstore while you're at the airport. you can get for free on the internet. >> harris: it's a pdf, doesn't take that much. >> kennedy: addressing it by any different modality won't change the contents of the report. that's almost the wishful
9:45 am
thinking of people saying, "take it in for your ears, take it and eyes. feel the report." [laughter] it's not going to change the bottom line, which is still kind of a mixed bag. maybe it's good that -- >> harris: why do think that robert mueller was lying when he said, "i'm not talking out of the confines of the report?" >> melissa: but what will he say when he asks oliver questions? >> harris: the origin of the dusty. >> melissa: all those kinds of things. he said he won't talk outside the report. maybe you keep repeating that. >> brian: i have a theory -- i don't think he knows the report table. i think he was like the king of england, he put his subjects to go to it. he organized it. i don't think he lived and drained it. andrew weitzman is the one who put though thing together. hired the lawyer's, and execute executed. >> harris: but he had to representative william barr on that friday. i don't know about that. >> brian: we are about to see. if he doesn't have all the answers. you've seen it so many times,
9:46 am
ceos to really get involved in the day-to-day planning. >> there clearly so many outstanding questions, it's a good thing for him to be held to account by both parties. it's not satisfactory enough that he didn't decide to prosecute. that he didn't go the declination. he went for the middle of the road, which left more questions than answers. >> harris: is it important that bob mueller's doing this? both sides which were the other of politics, but is it important to see him sitting in that seat in not answer the questions can match >> melissa: he was secretive for the entire process. they advocated for the report to be ruth probably could. i'm not she will get information, but he can at least ask the questions can be asked in his responses can also be very telling. but we can't forget about the fact that -- remember that russia hearing that jerry nadler held, and the cable news networks income does not cover it? and they complain about the fact it wasn't covered for the date because they wanted to use that
9:47 am
as a spectacle? that's what this is about. it's about regurgitating this narrative. trying to get campaign clips for the question we will engage in. i'm not sure we will get much out of it but i know the republicans are looking for and asking him some questions that he may or may not answer. >> harris: well, we have another election coming up. we have to read these pages about russia over and over. >> kennedy: and apply that to china. >> harris: you know a lot about soccer. >> brian: yes, i do. i just -- i'm very disappointed in the way of the team acted. i'm told let's talk any more. >> harris: u.s. women's soccer star megan rapinoe. you always correct me on that! my brain is broken. but i love watching. again, speaking out on why she won't visit the white house after the national team repeated as world champions. wherever she should set aside her politics for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. we will debate. brian is ready.
9:48 am
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♪ >> katie: u.s. women's soccer star megan rapinoe defending her
9:52 am
very decision not to visit the white house, if the white house invites the team after its world cup victory. rapinoe was on "meet the press" this sunday. >> i think trump's message excludes people that look like me and are me, of course. excludes a lot of people in his base, as well. i think he is trying to divide, so he can conquer. not unite so we can all conquer. >> anything he could do to change her mind about a visit to the white house? >> i understand progress is sometimes slow and i will never close any door all the way, but i think it would take more than trump is willing to do. >> katie: during the world cup, rapinoe said she would visit the "[bleep]ing white house" of the team was invited. the president saying, "she should never disrespect our country, the white house, or a flag. so much has been done for her and the team." brian, you are soccer fan. >> brian: i started playing in 1972 when no one else was playing. people said, "why are you
9:53 am
playing that stupid sport?" >> katie: very european of you. >> brian: and very cosmopolitan. people who know me know that. [laughter] i pulled from a sport aside from anything else. it's finally accepted now. for the women seem to come out of nowhere where there was no women's soccer before, now we are the best in the world, going for additional world cup's. and she feels as though she can make the same that she's bigger than the game. my main concern, get the pro league going. she heard it. she is polarized. now people following that he my thinking, "if i am pro-trump, i can't be pro women's soccer. >> katie: that's my question. you don't have to be pro-trump the trend and visit the white house. it represents everybody in the country regardless of political party. they are speaking for the entire team, but i don't hear anybody else talking about that maybe they might want to visit the white house, even if they aren't fans. >> melissa: when i saw her on "meet the press" i thought she had a very rare and precious golden opportunity to go to the white house and speak face-to-face with the president and ask him for some specific policy to help any group of people she wants to. whoever she wants to identify
9:54 am
with, she has a golden opportunity to have a one-on-one audience. it's a shame to me that she doesn't have the courage to do that. because she could instantly impact change. when she was asked that question on "meet the press" she said it would take about 50 policy reversals. she doesn't feel like you would go far enough for her to feel differently about him. how does she know? how does she know what he won't do? she needs the courage to do something specific, she has that opportunity and almost no one else does. >> kennedy: m said we aren't focusing on the game, like brian said. i'm sad we are not focusing on the spreadable team and what women soccer has built over the years. the fact that they repeat world cup titles? the men didn't even qualify and here they are, the champions. megan rapinoe is an incredible soccer player. unfortunately she's making it about her and her policies, and she should say, "lift to the
9:55 am
transgender band in the military and i will go to the white house." >> melissa: asked for one thing." >> katie: will see if she goes to my house or her team members do. more "outnumbered" and a moment. hi walter. join us for a walk? i'd love to, but my legs and feet are so tired and achy. walter, you need revitive ! it's the circulation booster! it really got me moving. i use my revitive every day! to relieve my aching legs and feet.
9:56 am
>> harris: the president of the united states of the white house, at his american products meeting, is now taking questions from the media. let's watch. >> president trump: that's a very racist statement, somebody would say that. speaker pelosi said, "make america white again." let me tell you, that's a very racist statement. i'm surprised she would say that. john, go ahead. >> reporter: going back to fix the problems. were you talking about him i >> president trump: they are very unhappy. i'm watching them, all they do is complain. all i'm saying, if they want to leave, they can leave, john. they can leave. i look at the one, i look at omar. i don't know, i never met her. i hear the way she talks about al qaeda. al qaeda has killed many americans. she said, "you can hold your chest out, you can --" when i think of america, when i think of al qaeda, i can hold my chest out. when she talked about the world trade center being knocked down.
9:57 am
he remembered the famous "some people?" these are people that come in my opinion, hit our country. you can say what you want. to get a list of all of the statements they've made. if they are not happy here, they can leave. they can leave, and you know what? i'm sure there will be many people that want to miss them. >> reporter: but they are americans to! they were american citizens. >> president trump: they have to love our country. they are congresspeople. i never used any names. but these are people -- quiet. quiet. >> reporter: are you okay with people saying your tweets are racist, sir? >> president trump: quiet. these are people -- >> reporter: i ask you a question. >> president trump: if they don't like it here, they can leave. i don't know who's going to miss them, but i guess some people will. one of them is pulling at 8%. one of them is pulling at 8%.
9:58 am
so when i hear people speaking about how wonderful al qaeda is, when i hear people talking about "some people." with the world trade center. not some people, more than some people. when i hear the statements they've made -- but in one case of somebody who comes from somalia, which is a failed government, a field state, who left somalia, who ultimately came here, and now is a congresswoman who has never been happy. since horrible things about israel, hates israel, hates jews. it's very simple. if the democrats want to wrap their bows around this group of four people, one of them kept amazon out of newark. tens of thousands of jobs, would have been a great thing. and she kept amazon from going. it would have been a good deal. could have been better, it may be, but tens of thousands of jobs. and new york has not been the same since that happened.
9:59 am
it has really hurt new york and new york city. amazon was going to go, they were going to relocate a major section of their business to new york. she cut them out. that was a terrible thing she did. a terrible thing she did. here's the story -- here's the story. i see them complaining. they are complaining constantly. i watched lindsey graham today on "fox & friends" talking about the same subjects, and frankly, even stronger than what i'm saying. he says they are communists, i'm saying they are socialists, definitely. as to whether or not they are communists, i would think they might be, but this is not what our country is about. nevertheless, they are free to leave if they want. and if they want to leave, that's fine. and if they want to say, that's fine. but the people have to know. and politicians can't be afraid to take them on. a politician that hears somebody, where we are at war with al qaeda, and see somebody
10:00 am
talking about how great al qaeda is, that was omar. how great al qaeda is. when you hear that, and we are losing great soldiers to al qaeda, when you see the world trade center get knocked down and you see the statements made about the world trade center, all the death and destruction, i will tell you what -- i'm not happy with them. it's very easy for me to say, "gee, it's okay." if week politicians want to say, and the democrats, in this case, if they want to gear their wagons around these four people, i think they are going to have a very tough election. because i don't think the people of the united states will stand for it. >> reporter: mr. president , let me see if i can sum up what people are saying here. does that concern you that


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