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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 15, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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least one of them. how bizarre is that? >> tucker: melissa francis, if i could just deputize you as our jeffrey epstein reported. stick on what to do it. going to do all that. >> tucker: great to see it. back tomorrow night, the sworn enemy, think hannity now. >> think you, welcome to any. buckle up. tonight, don't democratic party, they are on the verge of an all-out civil war. nancy pelosi has lost complete control of her radical socialist base. freshman congresswoman, a casio cortez, congresswoman to leave and omar and ionic presley are now running the show. speaker pelosi is now totally powerless. i don't know why she even has the gavel. president trump has weighed in and now, this fake phony moral selective outrage machine of the
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left, they are in full gear. how did we get here? tonight we will break it all down. we have a special hannity investigation into these fanatical leaders of the democratic party. last week, the gloves came off between congresswoman alexandra casio cortez and speaker pelosi. and if you would then boiled over during an interview when a casio cortez suggested nancy pelosi is a racist. i've been saying, she is nancy pelosi, speak in name only, and we have been right all along. aoc is attack last week came immediately after pelosi told the entire democratic house caucus to voice their concerns directly to her. face-to-face. not on social media. what did a casio cortez do? she went straight to social media so the question is, who really has the power? meanwhile, aoc's close friend and colleague, congresswoman ayanna pressley wants to racial attack against pelosi's allies, even summoning the congressional black caucus. watch this. >> to all of you that has aspirations of running for office, for whatever lytic experience and identity that you represent, if you are not prepared to come to that stable and to represent that voice,
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don't come. because we don't need any more brown faces that don't want to be a ground voice but we don't need black faces but don't want to be a black voice. we don't need muslims that don't want to be a muslim voice. we don't need that don't want to be a clear voice. >> hannity: tonight, does not matter what speaker pelosi says, what she does. the radicals are in charge. anyone who opposes them, of course, quickly labeled xenophobic, homophobic and lonely, laws of islam us will become a racist, everything great the so-called squad of far less congresswoman are now using identity politics even against members of their own party. the end goal is to fundamentally reshape america. that's within three new deal is always about. it's always been about that. it's not about climate change, it's not about saving the environment. not at all. and so its primary purpose is to move the economy away from capitalism and free market opportunity and a society that
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pays off risk and reward towards socialism. where the government controls all of the means of production. aoc of acetic and we will tell you how to run your business and as a matter of fact, the the chief of staff for a ocasio cortez, look at this, recently's eye, the interesting thing about the green new deal is that it wasn't originally a climate change thing at all. i'm right. now, some house democrats sounding the alarm and they are circulating a poll showing that only 18% of key voters in swing districts have a favorable view of socialism. that same poll reveals that only 22% have a favorable view of congresswoman o ocasio cortez and by the way, only 9% approval congresswoman omar. still, as we speak, the base of the democratic party is so powerful that every 2020 hopeful has adopted their fringe socialist policies and if they don't adopt it completely, they are trashed by many on the floor. at a medicare for all,
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taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants, oh, yeah, no restrictions on abortion at all, even during birth or in some cases after birth. and fans aside. end of course, the green new deal. no more oil, no more gas, no more combustion engines, eventually, we get rid of planes and counts and by the way, everything is guaranteed. universal basic income. the job, higher education, retirement, you name it, they will provide a pair the list goes on and on. and with each crazy new policy,e candidates are just digging in deeper and deeper hole it for the general election in 2020 beard while we can all agree that this country is not perfect, we all agree that we are not perfect people. there are no perfect people on this earth. we want our leaders to work towards improving the lives of all americans. let's not forget, it was this country come of the united states of america, the single greatest country on earth, we paid the price for freedom defeating fascism, and
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nazism, communism, imperial japan, and we are now leading the war, fighting radical islamic terrorist. and by the way, we have contributed as piety more to humanity and the advancement of the human condition. we have asked for less. there is no country that is given more and asked for less than the usa. and we don't need to be fun to eventually trash transformed. sadly, radical democrats believed very different. take for example, congresswoman omar, former refugee from war-torn somalia. it congresswoman out omar recently said she probably loves this country more than the people that were born here. okay, congresswoman, if that's true, you have a pretty strange way of showing it. in fact, during those same remarks, she accused america that we are not living up to our reputation. really? thank you. take a look. >> we explored american exceptionalism. the great america. the land of liberty and justice, that is, you know, you ask anybody in walking on the side of the street somewhere in the
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middle of the world, they will tell you, america the grade. but don't live those values here. >> hannity: this is not one isolated comment. omar routinely trashes this country and sometimes resorting to the conspiracy theory as well to do so. she once claimed that a mic and soldiers slaughtered thousands of somalians during a black hawk down crisis. the truth? the reality? american soldiers were killed, hundreds of militants literally during a clash with a violent warlord who had attacked u.n. peacekeepers. and that's not all. omar also claimed that the u.s. was to blame for the terrorist attack in kenya. and she said the u.s. bullying, not socialism, led to the devastation in venezuela. she also called former president obama even a pretty face who got away with murder because of his use of drones. and today, she accused president trump of causing the deaths of millions of americans. oh? how did he do that?
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this adds to the list of why people psychotically, impulsively hate donald trump for no particularly reason and reality or rooted in reality. take a look. >> this is a president who is overseeing the most corrupt administration in our history. and pursued an end due to an agenda that a lot of millions of americans to die from a lack of health care while he transfers millions of dollars in tax cuts to corporations. through and also as you know, congresswoman out omar has frequently used anti-semitic relationship to bash america's relationship with our number one alley in the middle east, israel. the only democracy in the region. not long ago she claimed that our close ties to the world's only u.s. state, all about the benjamin's. then tweeted once, quote, "israel has hypnotized the world. may all awaken the people and to help them see the evil doings of israel."
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the congresswoman frequently uses shocking language about the conch country and our allies, she's constantly minimizing the horrors of terrorism. remember her time as a state rep in minnesota, she asked the judge to grant leniency to nine men accused of trying to join isis. yet, those people have got other people's heads off, murdering, terrorist, yeah. during a bizarre interview in 2013, she could not contain her laughter when talking about al qaeda, has below. take a look. >> every time that the professors said al qaeda, his shoulders went al qaeda, you know. we are not saying his name. but it is that. you don't say america with an intensity. you don't say england with an intensity question, you know? you don't say the army with an
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intensity. >> hannity: seems funny to you congresswoman? i don't think there's anything funny about 3,000 americans killed on 9/11 by al qaeda or of course, hezbollah and the terror and the death and the misery that of course they are responsible for. now, congresswoman omar also minimized terrorists during a speech at care, you may remember, and keep in mind, this is a french islamic group. listed as unindicted coconspirators in the holy land foundation terrorism case. take a look. >> care was founded after 9/11. because they recognize that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties. >> hannity: some people did something. hijacked planes, ran them into buildings, fell down, hit our pentagon, and a field in pennsylvania, some things? omar calls israel evil. she accuses even obama and trump
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of being murderers but when it comes to 9/11 and al qaeda, some people just doing some things. seriously? look hard at one of the four leaders of today is radical, democratic socialist party. the people you see with the most influence on the 2020 democratic presidential candidate campaign. it should be shocking but we've seen it coming. and we have cycled the democratic party further and further to the left and now, there are no moral scoop jacksons, moderate democrats, they are a nonexistent part of the party. as a matter of fact, i think they might be literally gone forever. they've been replaced with socialist who want the government to control your health care, our industries, our businesses, our paychecks, our lives, our choices. they want to be completely open with borders, amnesty for all, unfettered illegal immigration, and by the way, free health care to boot for illegal immigrants.
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late-term abortion, even during birth, and sometimes, after birth. i would be called murder and unfantasized. and of course, that we have the green new deal which calls for an end to all oil gas from a number of planes, no more gas powered cars and trucks, government forced rehab of every building in america and of course, taxpayer-funded education, income, meals, and everything else for people willing and unwilling to work. they don't want to improve this country, they want to remake this country into something we all know will fail. and tonight, they want to impeach the one person that's been standing in their way. let's take a look. >> i have not made impeachment central to my election or my tenure. but since the day that i have gotten elected, i have said to people, it is not -- if you will be impeached, but when. so it is time for us to stop allowing this president to make
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a mockery out of our constitution. it is time for us to impeach this president. see one if you are paying close attention, you know a little bit about the constitution, she didn't actually list anything that would be an actual impeach. no surprise there. the radical base of this party does not care about the will of the american people. the people that voted in donald trump against all odds and with the deep state against them. control, 2020, the american people, you, we, the people, you will decide. are you going to give up your personal freedoms to a radical socialist group of democrats? do you really trust government to take care of your every need from the minute you're going to the minute you die whether you're even willing unwilling to work or not? anyway, they vote to improve the country? okay? preserve their unalienable rights, defend against the greatest country god had ever given man? we've got a lot more to get to tonight, we will hit that as we go. joining us for us, former speaker of the house, fox news
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contributor, newt gingrich. mr. speaker, i'm only given a small sliver of what's going on here. it you had the gavel, you see what's happening. i say pelosi's speaker in name only. she tells her caucus as she did, tell me straight to my face and within hours, congresswoman ocasio cortez just does the opposite. i don't think there's much respect for speaker pelosi there at all. >> well, i think nancy has a huge problem. partially generational. she's a grandparent. this new group are people who look at her as two generations older. they think she is the problem, not the solution. they think they were elected to clean out the congress, not to become part of the congress. so, i think it's going to get worse and worse and of course, the what president trump did today is the key he forced
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pelosi to defend the people that she spent all last week attacking. and so, if you watch it, it's almost crazy. last week, i guess to the races was? it was nancy pelosi. this way, it's donald trump. because the only battle cry the hard left has is to call dad names. they have no arguments, they have no fax. they just try to smear people with names that make them reprehensible. >> hannity: it's rooted in a desire for this socialism, this new green deal but here's the interesting part. 2020 candidates on the democratic side, every one of them have adopted significant portions of these radical ideas and feel very strongly in the need, compulsion, they want to win, to appease this space of a ocasio cortez and omar and a couple of others. now, i don't think that holds well for, first of all, how do
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you get out of i don't believe in borders, there are immoral. illegal immigrants should have, you know, free education and free health care. how do you get out of the new green deal, no oil and gas in ten years and no combustion engines? how do you get out of everything's for free, even though we can possibly afford it? how do you make the transition to the middle if they are just saying it until mina? >> well, look, for small, i don't think you can. but what's happening is, all of these people on the left go into the same room to talk to each other. and in that room, they all make sense. so if they all got together and said, you know, this guy is actually a bright red and the earth is actually purple and the moon doesn't exist, if they said it often enough, they would all believe it. and so, it's almost a religious fervor and the power -- what i'm really struck by is the
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intensity and the degree of moral certainty and it's not just this squad, the four younger members, if you look at elizabeth warren last night, senator warren saying that she would lock up at the very people who are enforcing the law while she is for amnesty for the very people who are breaking the law, you've got a sense of, these folks are all talking to themselves and gradually, they are talking themselves further and further out on a limb. if you will must go to the president though. the president said, love it or leave it, it's not really a new concept. that is, it's been said many, many times in the past, which is kind of with the president said, except in his own way, here's the problem. and he did say, by the way, after you fix the problems in somalia, then you can come back and show us how to do it. but, here are some of the laws, look them up today, in somalia, a woman that has an abortion, you've got to be punished for
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one to five years. if you are and tie islam or bring the religion of islam into contempt, that's punishable in l at least a couple of years. if you happen to be or, that, too, is punishable three months to three years. that is where she came from. now, that is a truth that happened. i would think that when we hear her talk about al qaeda and america's reaction to the death of 3,000 americans, maybe she would be a little bit more sympathetic considering she views herself as a super patriot and more appreciative of america than the rest of america is. >> you know, i watched the last three or four days and i think i was particularly struck by the attack in colorado where some thousand people attacked the ice administration building, tore down the american flag, painted,
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polish ice on it, put the flag up upside down as an act of contempt and then flew the mexican flag. and that, to me, part of this whole process and what hit me what i'm trying to figure out how to right this frankly, we ought to be angry. i mean, we ought to say enough of this stuff people when young people who lie, and i wrote a column recently about aoc, just plain despicable, destructive layer. that's what she is. when you watch these people, you're right about omar. omar ought to be grateful that she lives in a country which protects her rights, which gives her prosperity, which gives her a structure of life on an unimaginable scale. inside, she has contempt for the americans. >> hannity: and what she said about black hawk down, correct me if i'm wrong. >> sure. that's right. hello, i'm not blaming her for something that happened but what
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i'm saying is -- >> hannity: i'm not either. paper but i'm asked him to right about the characterization of the incident. >> when you talk to 95% of the illegal immigrants who come to america, they are grateful to be here. they are thrilled to live under the rule of law. they think it's wonderful that they can work hard and have a prosperous future. they think their children will be dramatically better off. and for some reason, what you are seeing emerges this little tiny sliver of left-wing fanatics who have come to believe things that are factually false and i just want to say, i'm prepared to stand up and say unequivocally, these people are dishonest, i understand the sentiment the president was expressing, and i have some of the same feelings, frankly. if she dislikes america this much, why is she here? i think that's a fair question. >> hannity: well, i thought the laughter on the issue of mentioning al qaeda, shot to the
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conscience, i find her comments like a very anti-semi so my question to you is, they seem to be having the most impact on the 2020 contenders. how does this play out as we go into a primary and into a presidential election in 2020 and all these radical views that have been adopted in some fashion or form by everyone of those people that want to be the next president and be donald trump, which i don't pick is going to happen? >> you know, when margaret thatcher was prime minister, the left-wing and britain went crazy and ultimately, the news media started describing them as the loony left. and after a while, they couldn't compete because people looked inside, these people are nuts. i watch and i can't quite believe this but when i saw every single participant in the second debate raise their hand in favor of nutty ideas, and then, in 1972, george mcgovern was an outlier and the rest of the democrats survived by
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saying, i'm not him. how are they going to do this today? i mean, the objective fact is, you watch in the house. see one who's going to be the nominee? >> i think of all hairs will be. personally. soon kamala harris? and who is going to be her running mate? >> that's my bed. lauren warren. >> warren? all right. baker -- >> it will be an all-female ticket. see what i just did an interview about 25 years on the contract. it'd be great at idea to national idd's elections. just an idea. when we come back, huge chaos brewing in the democratic party. will larry elder lawrence, joe's and next. also, democrats worry the mueller hearing is about to backfire on them. they are having clothes or meetings to prevent that from happening. reaction tonight from congressman devin nunes, jason chaffetz, and kellyanne conway defies a subpoena of congress with the full backing of the white house.
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>> he is only occupying faith. not in body, the grace, the empathy, the compassion, the integrity, that that office requires and that the american people deserve. our squad is big. and given the size of this squad, and this great nation, we cannot, we will not, be silent. see when i was congresswoman ayanna pressley kicking off the squad's press conference earlier today by refusing to call trump the president of the united states. here now to weigh in on the
6:27 pm
president is fueled with the progressive left, our salem national syndicated radio has, larry elder, editor in chief, campus reform, lawrence jones. larry, start with you. you don't want to call him president, the occupant of the white outcome of then you want to use language to as incendiary as you possibly can. but what's interesting to me is what i was talking about with newt gingrich. they seem to have the influence and they don't give a flying rip about anything that nancy pelosi has to tell them. >> that's right. it's becoming increasingly obvious that anything who disagrees with these people is racist. that was joe biden. it will come of the real racist thing that was said this weekend has been ignored and that is ayanna pressley. at philadelphia left-wing matt conference, she said, we don't need any more brown faces who
6:28 pm
don't have a brown voice but we don't need any more black faces who don't have a black voice. can you imagine if stephen king, the excommunicated republican from iowa said we don't need anymore wade faces who don't have a way voice? we don't need any more white faces who don't support our point of view? you kidding me question mike they would call that racism may be marching on washington but there's been complete silence over the blatantly racist comment. one more thing come in 2016, obama give a talk at a historically black college, at howard university, and he said specifically, there is no one way to be black. i guess ayanna pressley didn't get the memo because she said there's only one way to be a black i'm only one way to be brown and it's to agree with me, otherwise you are a a tocco or an uncle tom. >> nobody seemed to care that obama's book on tape is saying awake folks greed is a world that people need. nobody seemed to care about a few of us. lawrence, looking at this poll that shows extremely bad news for the democrats, how they feel
6:29 pm
about this new leadership, but let's be honest here, you know, pelosi seems impotent in dealing with it in the 2020 candidate seems to be bending over backwards to appease and buy into and then advocate these extreme policies with a certain amount of vigor. >> they have the power right now because when you have a bunch of freshmen that didn't have any experience, came into washington, got all of the committee assignments that they want to, they had officially taken the parties so far left -- remember, just a few years ago, we are talking about crazy bernie peered well, bernie came with a lot of friends and i don't know about you but i saw the whole debate stage, you are talking about health care for illegals question mike that wasn't even on obamacare. every candidate with the exception of giovanna, is anti-obamacare. they want to get free stuff to everybody in the country. everyone agrees with this, it is part of this progressive base. and all i can ask, look, we know
6:30 pm
whoever this posse maine is, what about republicans? why can't they get stuff like this on question mike why can't they push an agenda in congress question mike you got the president that says he wants all the stuff done but congress is not passing any laws and stuff. you don't have, what is it, the freedom caucus question mike they don't do anything in there. there was little but a hall but do you really think they are putting pressure on the speaker when he was there? paul ryan, john beatty come we didn't see that. this squad, well, they want they weren't afraid of them. it looks like they weren't afraid of them. >> hannity: they weren't advocating, eliminating the life of our economy and, oil, and gas. they were fighting for borders and low taxes and less regulation and they were fighting to keep their promise to repeal or replace obamacare. by the way, "the washington post" ran this today, larry, biden has no sealed his records for all of those years in congress and in
6:31 pm
the senate. i wonder why? i wonder why because he is going to say that the president needs to be transparent and, okay, i think joe biden needs to live up to what he is calling for, joe, release the records. i want to see them all. i'll send people over there tomorrow. days and weeks go by. >> while the answer is, if you have a 40 plus worker, he doesn't want these four congress persons to pick over it and out him as a racist based upon the lens that they are looking through right now. look, there was an article and i think you referred to it, in which noncollege educated whites were asked about ilhan omar and about aoc. and they knew both of them and only 22% had a positive view, only 9% had a positive view of the ilhan omar. but this is where the energy of that party is an nancy pelosi is scared to death that they are going to drive this party right into the hands of donald trump. if i didn't know any better, i would say the russians were paying these guys.
6:32 pm
soon who is going to get the nomination, lawrence? >> probably come all is going to get a bullet coming as a deal for them might not win the next election with a group of these radicals, but my generation is going to have to deal with the fact that the leadership of young people love these people. you when you are exactly right. larry and i will be long gone. long gone. sean, kamala harris gets the nomination. joe biden, and a dead man walking. soon he doesn't know yet. kamala harris? pretty good but at this point but a lot changes between now and then and she is already, you know, she is blocked herself into cement on some of these crazy views. when we come back, breaking news tonight on that capitol hill. house democrat's meeting tonight and trying to figure out the mess that they created which is the lane, the mueller hearing and what if hannity is right, the questions that mueller asked are going to make them look really bad. congressman, devin nunes,
6:33 pm
jason chaffetz, also kellyanne conway define a congressional subpoena. the white house is their full seal of approval and support. he will join us. tell us what's going on, straight ahead. ♪ beep goes off ] now that you have new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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>> sean: we have breaking developments tonight surrounding the testimony of robert mueller. democrats have delayed his appearance by one week. he is slated to appear by lawmakers next wednesday. we are hearing democrats are worried that this hearing is going to backfire and backfire big time. joining us now come alive from capitol hill, our own, chad pilgrim is with us. check, you know, by the way, people should see your internal emails that you sent out. a hitchhikers guide to, and it's chock-full of information.
6:38 pm
you know this place like nobody else but the interesting thing here is they are meeting behind closed doors because they are worried. >> yeah, they are having informal conversations tonight trying to structure the hearing next week. he was going to ask questions, what lines of questioning, how much time each person will get, you know, there was some concern that democrats may have lost some momentum by canceling the hearing last weekend and rescheduling for next week but what democrats are trying to do here is craft a narrative. that's why they are spending a lot of attention paying attention to the questions that they are going to ask. the narrative that they want to paint is that president trump is corrupt. now, there is risk in this to democrats is that this is boring and robert mueller reads from the report, but there is also a risk for the republicans that there appeared to be too vigorous in defending president trump. now a lot of these hearings, the highest of profiling and scum are distilled democrats are trying to create an opt going into the democratic recess of august. if they push back, that's a problem to be but a lot of time these hearing come down to one
6:39 pm
moment and sometimes it's not just sound bites, sometimes it's a site by it. you might remember in 1987 198t teheran conference hearing where elder north in full military regalia held out his right hand, nobody knows what oliver north said, but everybody remembers that moment and what it looks like and we could have a moment like that with the hearing next week, sean. >> i don't doubt it. all right, chad pilgrim in washington. thank you. developments tonight in our quest to hold those who abuse power, those who will corrupt accountable. according to elites democratic table, the 40 british ambassador to the use has no it reportedly told us that chris will steel was absolutely rigid widget raising even more questions about how integral foreign governments are in spreading the fake collusion narrative. it goes also tonight according to the hills john solomon, ukraine ambassador to america was asked by democrats for dirt on trump in 2016. he has been removed by the
6:40 pm
country's new president. this is all part of several unanswered questions about how the whole hoax really started. senator lindsey graham is now bowing to do with a deep dive into all of this on his own. take a look. >> i promise your listeners, after horwitz in his report about the flawed faisal warren, i am going to deep dive into how this stuff started. how could it go so far if there was no collusion? see go here now, ranking member of the house intel committee, devin nunes along with author of the brand-new book, power grab, former chair of the house oversight committee, fox news contributor, jason chaffetz. devin nunes, i will ask you. look, muller has been clear and i assume he is going to stand by what he said in his nine and have been a disastrous press conference. i assume he is going to stick to the mueller report on the questions that the democrats want to answer. i don't think he could go back to, because now he is flip-flopped and failed and how he is back to his original position, that on instruction,
6:41 pm
the doj policy or constitutional considerations will responsible for him not making a determination on instruction because now he is back where he originally was saying it had nothing to do with that. but the question is, would be, in your view -- >> for as well, i never want to argue with you, especially on your own show. but i am a little bit concerned that mueller doesn't purposely try to create a narrative and he is now working with the democrats already. being that this was postponed a week, there's got to be a reason for it. remember, bill barr came out with rod rosenstein, and issued a statement, right question when he issued a statement and then a few days later, somebody got to mueller where he needed to come out and make a nine and a half minute statement here then of course, later he had to rectify it. i fear what's going on right now is that mueller is working with a lot of his staff who are back channeling to the democrats and so, it is very possible that mueller is going to have a few little sound bites that are
6:42 pm
going to give the democrats exactly what they want. now, as a relates to us, -- >> sean: i don't agree to disagree with that at all. at all. >> that's crisp correct. so when it comes to republicans asking questions, i think we need to stick to the facts of the case and not allow mueller time to either pontificate and embellish all the time or embellish things that he may want to embellish. we need to ask him a very specific questions. we don't have to defend the president. the president doesn't need defending because he never colluded with the russians. and i didn't know mike said this last week i want people to focus on this, this investigation wast about collusion, it wasn't about obstruction of justice, it was about setting obstruction of justice was trapped so that for the better part of two years, they were hoping the president would fall into it. >> sean: jason chaffetz, do you agree with devin nunes? stickel go, listen, listen to the people yard. he needs to answer that question. he needs to answer how he
6:43 pm
ignored the dirty dossier. how he ignored fisa abuse. how he ignored the fact that there were intelligent people leaking to hacks like, oh, michael is called who was all too willing to spread with "the new york times" calls russian disinformation, right? did you do that? where did you get that information? and david corn and "the washington post" and others, how did he get the tax medallion violations, loan applications, and taxes at that? >> no, you're absolutely right. i think devin nunes is right. you have to have short sweet questions that are definable. allow john ratcliffe and doug collins to ask some dirtier questions if you could because they have to be direct, on point. don't let mueller get out of his lane but ask all of those questions about the things that mueller didn't do and where he didn't spend his time and try to get him on the record as to what he was doing. but if they are not short sweet simple answers, you've only got 5 minutes.
6:44 pm
so you better stay within your lane and ask address questions. >> okay. and republicans then therefore devin nunes, they should be asking your top five. speak well, i'm not going to give you my top five but i'll give you areas of interest. and that is that we need, first of all, the share committee goes before the house intelligence committee. so we're going to have to watch to see what comes of the judiciary committee. then, we are going to have to ask very short simple questions and i first want to make sure that we asked the questions of, you know, how did this originate? did you actually go back and look at fusion gps? glenn simpson? what happened before july 31st question might you know anything about that? those of the type of questions that we need to ask. >> sean: last work on jason chaffetz. >> when did you know that there was no collusion because it must've been obvious right at the gecko. when did you know it and why didn't you shut it down right away? and how did you ignore real russia collusion?
6:45 pm
everybody knew that there was premeditated fisa abuse. buys a fraud to get a warrant to spy on a campaign in individuals. why didn't you investigate that? all you cared about was feral? really? taxi medallions? i thought, i know the mandate was broad but you could've asked those questions. and if mueller comes in with an agenda, i think robert mueller has a big problem with the republicans on those committees, at least i hope so. jim jordan, you listening? doug collins, you listening? devin nunes, you listening? >> i'm here. >> sean: article good as you both that when we come back, kellyanne conway reacts to president trump's feud with progressive democrats also, she defies the congressional subpoena. she did it with the full and complete support of the white house and much more, straight ahead. ♪ my experience with usaa
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>> sean: tonight the president quoted the dems were trying to distance themselves but now, that means they are endorsing socialism, hate of israel, and the usa. not good for democrats. also breaking tonight, white house counselor to the president, kellyanne conway, defied a congressional subpoena with full support of the white house. let me read from pat cipollone, the white house counsel that he sent to congressman elijah cummings. and in accordance with long-standing bipartisan president, ms. conway cannot be compelled to testify before congress with respect to matters related to our service as a senior advisor to the president, the form of justice has advised me that ms. conway's absolutely absolute immune from congressional testimony with respect to matters related to or service as a senior advisor to the president which, by the way,
6:51 pm
is exactly right. kellyanne conway joyce's sound. i don't think you look too worried. i've known you for many years, you've been on the show many areas, you don't look particularly concerned. >> i'm concerned that there is such a politicized nation and what this thing called the hatch act. if you go back and look at some of the things that are in the original report, they are just ripped from the headlines. they are not my opinion. so here's an example that they put in their report originally. they hit i said that the democratic front runners are too old, white, male career politicians. so at the time, it was joe biden and bernie sanders her head and the bulls. i'm just reading the newspaper here. now, fact-check, they are white, they are old, they are male, and they are career politicians. >> sean: i've got to tell you what you're guilty of. you like the president. you like the president, this is the treatment anybody gets. >> i'm also effective in initiating his policies to
6:52 pm
americans. everybody knows that. thanks so much for the flattery that somehow the tv appearance by me in the spring of 20 aging can swing an election in 2020. but, they are just mad -- they know that i help the president who got elected all by himself but i'm still here talking about his policies. they wouldn't like me to have been hauled in front of the office of special counsel mr. mueller but they couldn't do that because i ran a campaign that didn't speak to russians. i didn't talk to anybody in moscow. talk to people in michigan and north carolina. but, this is a serious matter in that. i would like to testify. i have nothing to hide. i've did nothing wrong. but, there is a long-standing bipartisan president and it applies to administrations of both parties. what would really happen if the hatch act were applied retroactively? to other people and members of the admits ration crusher mark have you seen some of the things they've said and done that have never gotten this kind of
6:53 pm
treatment? i would also just tell your viewers to look at the letter sent by white house councilman on june 11, his original response, it is brilliant. everyone should pulled a letter because in and he says, and then us has never been contested by the guy who went under, probably because i did the testifying, how difficult it actually is, especially when you're not telling the truth the entire time. more about that some other time. but what pat cipollone he said was, this special counsel, the office special counselor has a 25 million plus dollar budget and it's supposed to be an independent agency. he felt pressure from members of the press. he has capitulated to people on capitol hill because he wants them to do something about kelly and here they are not going to silence her. they are not going to take away my first amendment rights. i'm immune from testifying. see when would you make from the president street, trying to distance himself from the real leaders of the democratic party and forced to embrace them and, you know, look at omar's comments about israel and the u.s. and endorsing socialism and
6:54 pm
the green new deal, et cetera. >> all about the benjamin's, yes. and lying today in the press conference, i mean, i'm always amazed on the fact-checkers, just go gaga and genuflect when any one that is flawed come apart from me, they don't fact-check these people. but look, the president is righ right. pelosi, greg meeks, we are all raining down on these women before attacking them. they are the only for democrats who go against any humanitarian aid crisis on the board agreed they have no moral authority to talk to the board about anymore. >> sean: pelosi, speaker of the moment. kelly and, good to see you. thank you for being with us when we come back, disturbing new detailers with the jeffrey epstein case. you wouldn't believe what was found in his call home. trace gallagher with the full report when we come back
6:55 pm
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>> sean: new details emerging about the life of jeffery
6:59 pm
epstein and what was found in his home. pretty alarming. trace gallagher live with more. trace? >> sean, at the end of the bail hearing, the district court judge said he needed more time to see if jeffery epstein should make bond. during the court proceeding, prosecutors gave the judge food for thought why they believe epstein is a flight risk. he worth $599 million and willing to pay $100 million to be released. prosecutors laid out the contents in the safe at his manhattan mansion like an expired passport with dozens of diamonds and piles of cash. prosecutors say their case is getting stronger because more women are coming forward accusing epstein of abusing them when they were underage. epstein's attorney says their client has long feared that federal agents would come after him by never tried to flee the country. they believe the federal charges
7:00 pm
won't stick because he's protected by a 2008 plea agreement. sean? >> sean: thanks, trace. it will never be the destroy, rate, hate, psychotic trump media. there she is in our nation's capital. laura ingraham. how was your weekend? >> laura: it was great. how about yours? >> sean: every weekend is good. >> laura: the best economy in our lifetime. it's good. >> sean: the best in our life. the problem is, you and i are alike, i don't shut my brain off. i keep working. >> laura: well, i mean, that's why you get paid the big bucks. you have to keep the engine -- you know, that's why you're sean hannity. >> sean: i'm going to play a violin. i'm sure you're underpaid. >> laura: i didn't say was. that's great. that's why people watch you. you had a great show. >> sean: after last week, you