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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  July 15, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and his trademark sense of humor is back. he truly sounds fantastic. many prayers for his colleagues, friends, and so many being answered, we love you, bro you are an inspiration. moche -- most-watched, most trusted, good night washington. i mike emanuel. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." google is the most powerful company in the history of the world. we have been very critical of their behavior on this show but has google committed treason? what peter teal thinks the company has and by the way, he would know. peter teal joins us in a second to explain. but first, in a series of tweets yesterday, the president attacked four freshman democrats in congress, alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, ayanna pressley, and rashida tlaib. he called them anti-american. the news has been going bonkers ever since. the consensus in washington is that trump made a mistake by once again making a story about himself. maybe that's true, time will
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tell. but there's another way to look at it. by singling out these four members of congress, the president also highlighted their prominence in the democratic party. six months h ago, these were jut four young lefties in a sea of 235 house democrats. now, they are the democratic party. if you don't believe it, youou must have missed the press conference they just held, at which all of the channels took live. they said a lot which would help to find the democratic party going forward. here's an example, ayanna pressley of massachusetts explains the president is o not really the president. >> from the occupants of our white house, i will always refe> to him as the occupant as he is only occupying faith, not embodying the grace come come of -- the empathy, the compassion, the integrity that that office required and that the american people >> tucker: right.
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so if you're not compassionate, according to this member ofof congress, you are illegitimate. this president is illegitimate, you she said, because the 2016 election itself was illegitimate.el it didn't go the way democrats wanted, so, of course, it must've been rigged. three weeks after the mueller report showed otherwise, ilhan omar of minnesota repeatedly said the competes received theory of the president colluded with russia. watch. >> this president, who has been credibly accused of committing multiple crimes, including colluding with foreign government c and interfering wih our election. >> e tucker: it went on like this, just days after a chariot attack on a i.c.e. facility. the group repeated the insinuation that further crated by the obama administration come or if i come of the brand-new atrocity, created out of nothing efby the trump people into they are a crime against humanity. watch. >> keeping children in cages and having human beings drinking out
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of toilets. >> he can't to look a child in the face and he can't look all americans in the face and justify why this country is throwing them in cages. >> tucker: it was a big day. earlier in the day, new party d leader ilhan omar was asked about a recent terror attacks committed by the left and she pointedly refused to condemn itr watch this. >> will you contend the attack in washington over the weekend? will you condemn it? a city was bombed, an i.c.e. facility, will you condemn them for that? >> well, it's not hard but she didn't do it. why wouldn'tm she? because progressives love it. they love this whole thing. they think what moments like the one you to start helping their cause. they are thrilled when
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ilhan omar on the left give the finger to their many political enemies. the problem is, twitter is not america. twitter is a tiny foul smelling store where unhappy people share -- sue were where unhappy peope share their fever dreams. the reste of the country finds that kind of rhetoric just disgusting. even the judgment the majoritydi of democrats are on the nerve. when ilhan omar is talking, democrats are losing. again, when t ilhan omar and a ocasio-cortez and the rest when those four people are talking, democrats are losing. they don't know that yet on twitter. they will find out at some point, probably soon. jon millere is the host of white house breathe and he joinp us tonight dear john, thanks to thanks a lot for coming. so, whatever you think of the president tweets and whatever you thinkin of his putting in general? >> i'm against it. i've said that before. i have no control, of course. >> tucker: but whatever you think of that, the response to his most recent tweets is to elevate these four members of congress or the position of being the face of the democratic party.o >> right and it shows that this
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is the new democratic party but they are complaining about the president's racism. i honestly think this president has done more to help people ofr color in any of them ever have. if anyone in the squad, i mean, just on the economic front alone, his economic policies are absently a smashing success so he's working in and they are organizing these press conferences around a tweet. i mean, don't they at some point put this into precaution and say this is a little bit different difficult, maybe we should get to work? >> the president is a racist. he's a racist, confirmed. that sounds familiar to a white nationalist. today one of the channels informed us he is more a racist then the nazis. so, okay. they have been saying this for a three and a half years. he got elected anyway, wouldn't the lesson be, no matter how much they may believe it, i doubt they really do, bullets say they believe it. it doesn't have an effect. like it doesn't get you the
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white house, this rhetoric, so why are they so using it? >> is a great question i'm not sure i can answer. but i'm really confused by the fact that they are talking about all, the president is so un-american, where the american ones, ilhan omar, as she condemned al qaeda? she wouldn't condemn communism. she wouldn't condemn al qaeda in a press conference for it so that's really disturbing and most of them are anti-semitics and they say we can't think why people think we're un-american. will that might be why. those ideas might be why. i would say they have a flip drown. b -- around. >> tucker: so you are not much of a democrat. we're going to speak to old farmer who was a legitimate mid democrat. i would ask him question but them and ask you to. if you were nancy pelosi, if you are somebody who is actually in charge of the democratic party, and you are looking on at this leadership who is being servedpa by people of been there for 20 minutes who are untethered from public reality and opinion, what evening of the question marks to go the bolt numbers show it.nt ilhan omar had 9% with swing
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voters. alexandria ocasio cortez has 22% with swing voters that just shows you that the american people are not where they think they are and i think nancy pelosi is trained to realize that and i think that starting to scare her because these people have been the intellectual leaders of the democratic partyta and how they are realizing outcome of the american people ask you don't agree with that. i guess i, twitter is not of america. you get to an end to your careeg >> nancy pelosi has been working for the democratic party for 70 years. you get to an end to your career apogee of it, and these people are there, it's unbelievable. john, thank you. richard goodstein as advertised is an attorney and former advisor to hillary clinton. richard, let me ask you this same question. if you were nancy pelosi, what you think of the losey? i'm not a fan of his labor she runs the party, she's arnie, -- she's earned it. this must drive you insane. >> look at at they are real clear politics average of the generic ballot. right now today, democrats are upit 8.8%.
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if the election were held today, would you vote? democratic or republican for congress, right? whatever you say about the squad, and their impact on swinp voters and swing states, somehow, it's not actually taking effect with the voters who are asked who they prefer. and we actually had a controlled experiment on border funding. it was the moderates against the liberals and the moderates one and backed by pelosi. >> tucker: i get it. i get it.y they're not in charge. they are not in charge. the people in charge are pelosi and all the rest but my question is, it's pretty obvious that they are becoming, with the help of cnn and nbc, the face of the democratic party. and i will be reflected ultimately in the poll numbers. it has to be. and, that is a disaster. you know what the numbers are. they were leaked by democrats. 9% for omar. 22% for aoc. this is really bad.
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the thing that is hard to explain in the face of that is, why is joe biden running appreciably ahead of donald trump in all of these swing states? if these people, aoc and her t friends are having such a -- coincidently, this number does a pretty nice job of elevating her.s but if that was such an effective tax, why is biting feeding trump so badly in the polls? >> tucker: i try to diminish her the best i can because i think she's a and i mean that. >> she's not actually very measured, articulate. compared to ilhan omar. >> she could save the word's origins anonymous without tripping overil herself. >> tucker: that's great. but the facts remain, it's not from owning these -- fox promoting these people. they have a constituency and over time, they will define what the democratic party is in the mind of voters. they are calling joe maddon races. they are calling nancy pelosi races. m
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the first question is, are biden -- racist. and pelosi racist? >> you got people like jim clyburn, carrie sewall, black congresswoman from alabama who is a new democrat who these people are calling old-fashioned southern racist democrats. they could be agreeing, and not shades of brown and black, and pelosi would say the same thing about them which is, their views are wrong. right? so it has nothing to do with their race and the fact that they are calling -- >> tucker: wait a second. wait a second. so nancy pelosi gets to question the views of a woman of color, but that's legitimate, doesn't matter what color she is, but when trump does that, he's a racist? but pelosi gets the presumption of nonracist? >> no, singled back to your country is racist. that's racist. yes. when you are is saying that it defines a problem. >> tucker: do you honestly think that denunciations of racism argument h going to get u
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guys thek white house again? >> it has nothing to do with that. >> of course it does. my answer is, the suburban women who supported donald trump in 2016, they took a gamble, they didn't like hillary, they weren't sure about trump, they fled the republican party and in droves in 2018 and the news over the past few days has them nauseated. it's not going to win them back. soon we will see if ilhan omar can hold onto them. we will find out in 9%. thank you. our investigation o into ilhan omar and ocasio cortez continues. for months and years, but also duringas tonight's show. also ahead, a terrorist attack and ice facilities over the weekend. we will see how ilhan omar was responded when she was asked. she stayed silent. others are praising it. flat out praising it. also, google is the world's most powerful company using their power to commit treason against the united states. says peter teal. he will join us exclusively in just a second to explain what he meant by that. stay tuned.
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♪ >> tucker: it's not an overstatement to say the less attack on america's border security has suddenly become an attack on america itself. l on friday at i.c.e.'s facility in aurora, colorado. hundred extremists from the ground pulled on an american flag and try to burn up your day and they sent a mexican flag of the flyable p to try to replace it. this was awful and deeply abrevealing of the motives but what happened on saturday in washington state was even worse than that. william vons bronson, he was blanked at the hands chief of domestic terrorist movement, checked in ice facility in tacoma..
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he toured several cars that apparently help to friends facility to the ground. he was shot dead before he could kill anyone. online, members celebrated there. facebook then, alex jones, a hatemonger, facebook has no problem posting, including this seattle antifascist action branded for tivo. on facebook, quote post to this call, when are good fan and comrade philip vons bronson took action at the detention center and suit sick tacoma, he became a monger against fascism. today we soup poured another martyr against fascism, may his death support stand against -- a lunatic with a semiautomatic rifle. the kind that they want to ban, by the way. then sponsored may have failed but others should imitate him in launching more terror attacks on american soil. that's what they're saying. facebook doesn't have a problem with that, of course. will,
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you would think all of this would spark some concern here liberals tell us that it's time for a national conversation. maybe gun control. it has the implicit support of the respectable left. so far, not a single candidate has condemned saturday's attack. it's horrible to believe that still appeared we hope we are wrong here it may be they will condemnst them during this trial but as of right now, we believe, that not a single democrat running for the nomination has condemned a terror attack that took place on our soil yesterday. saturday. but why would they condemn it? they are on board with it. just a few weeks ago, "the new york times" published an op-ed calling i.c.e. agents complicit," massive contrast today and called for i.c.e. agents to have their names and home addresses publicized. so why should we feel bad for people who are trying to murder i.c.e. agents? kim kelley who described depths labor columnists at team folk pause for a second and just let the absurdity in. all labor colonists to 14 vote.
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team vogue that's how insane this moment is that we are living. anyway, the labor economist describes the terrorist attack as quote, righteous sabotage. she compared him to partisans fighting against the and then called for more terror h attack. quote, "as vince bronson and many of the other horror -- heroic comments before him has made clear, there are many ways to fight back against a violent fascist regime. perhaps it's time for more of us to put our thinking caps on." the decadent rich are really unbelievable and of course, kim kelly is a membervi so is antifa. these are the most privileged people in our society. of course, this isn't the working class rising out. this is the ruling class punching down. when kim kelly, by the way, it isn't letting off the labor movement for teenage girls, she is also a contributor at npr. you can make this up. in other words, government funded news outlets are directly spreading the message of people who promote the murder of government officials. it's sick.
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this country's laws cannot survive when powerful people endorse violence against those who enforceepl the laws. and a country can't survive when those people who hate it. ryan frazier, former navy veteran, and also candidate for the mayor joins us tonight. thanks for coming how do you account for the fact that there was just a terror attack on american soil and nobody running for the democratic nomination is willing to diminish it? >> good to be on with you. the long and short of it is, we can do better. we must do better. these are incredibly disturbing actions by some protesters and i don't think this is a republican thing or a democrat thing or a conservative thing or a liberal thing. this is a respect thing. this is an american thing and i think no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, we have a responsibility to step forward and say what we believe is right and what we believe is wrong and i don't care if you're running for mayor or if you're running for president of the united states, f we all owed to the american people to step forward and called right right
9:21 pm
and wrong >> tucker: i don't understand why it's hard. i mean, you could say of trump, i don't like his immigration policy or it i like detaining people, we should let allmm illegals in and give them citizenship. that's fine. but when someone shows up with an ar-15 threatening people with that, start setting fire to things, that's an act of terrorism. that's an act of violence appeared why is it so hard to an voutside? i'm confused sincerely. >> seems to me, you know, and i'm just an observer from the local level. i'm working here at the local level to improve my community. i'll tell you that it seems the problem that we have in our politics today that neither side wants toth give the other side a win. neither side wants to say that maybe, you're right. or maybe, we were wrong. and that's a big part of the problem that we are seeing right now play out in our national level politics and that's what needs toto be fixed. that's why so many americans are tired of politics today because they continue to get more of the
9:22 pm
same way we see things that happen on our cities and ourit states and throughout our countries and people are afraid to step forward and say, this is wrong. we are better than this. >> tucker: i'm not partisan at all. i mean, i am undisguised content for a lot of republicans and i'm not embarrassed to say so. at all. however, i would think that everyone in america, every adult would say that violence is never justified in our politics. ever. right? but they can't even say that. so what does that tell you about their intentions? >> look, i'm an independent as well and let me tell you, i think it says a lot about their inabilityut to own the fact that this was an action that was terrorist related. it was public safety put in jeopardy and they should be willing to step forward and say that because guess what market gives you more credibility in the isa of of the americanth -- the eyes of the american
9:23 pm
public. i don't care if you're republican or end of any comments about doing what's right. people are getting killed. see one thank you very much. it's great to see you tonight. e you, tucker. >> tucker: antifa is the domestic terrorist group who protect violence, watch to prime time hosts explained that the section on the right side of history could watch. >> it says this right in the name. antifa appeared antifascism. which is what they were they are fighting. look, there is no organization that's perfect. nos one condones the violence bt there were different reasons for antifa and for the neo-nazis to be there. one, racist, fascist, the other grouphe fighting racist fascist. there is a distinction there. >> tucker: did not go there to fight against hate. so antifa's job is to fight against hate? imagine's saying something like that.
9:24 pm
not only is it just pure 200 proof propaganda, it's an outer line everyone knows it. it's also idiotic. to fight against hate, so the guy who l went to yell. -- yale. check out the show united shades of america by professional hater no clue on pronunciation, mr. bell openly promoted the promoted the puget brown club. that's the violent antigua group that ron swanson belong to. and they promoted it. >> i love that these are -- watch this. >> i know. i like that. >> wow. this is -- okay. >> usually have a couple of those on me. i use it for whatever i need to use it for. >> point taken. >> tucker: it's hard to believe that's real footage prethat's aired on cnn. that was a cnn anchor.
9:25 pm
i love these he said as he handles antifa's weapons. could this not be any more explicit about promoting violence? i know this is violence between the channels, i get it. and we accuse them of being left wing and they accuse of us of being right wing. i get it. but that guy works for cnn and he is holding a knife and brass knuckles and is like oh, i love sthis. they are literally promoting violence. and worse than that, after that show aired, the clip we just showed you, that bell guy encourage people to donate money to the chair group. he used cnn to do this. -- terror group. he tweeted, quote "are you watching the united states episode about the puget brown club and the way they are doing actively and to end white supremacy?"he just understand that the on my heshow is bringing a lot more harassment their way. do what you can to support them. he is literally raising money, cnn is raising money for and in chief of. keep in mind that the viewers who took that advice, who
9:26 pm
followed cnn's about guidance and send money to antifa. keep in mind that the viewers who took that advice, who followed cnn's about guidance and send money to achieve, helped fund saturday's terrorist attack. ngokay, not that cnn cares. the the gunman's were just fighting racial fastest. and you s and is on a racist ora fastest? he was putting in a hospital by these people, by and shiva joins us. how do you feel as someone who got a brain hemorrhage because you were beaten in an unsensible way by nt for her to see them promoting violence on cnn. >> two weeks after my bidding, c -- beating, it shouldn't come as a surprise that this exploiting violence by antifa. over the weekend, we heard the shocking news, the chief militant going to a nice facility and firebombing coming with an armed rifle and he, according to police, attempted to blow up the propane tank that was attached to the building.
9:27 pm
not only did cnn give a glowing profile to the militia of the he was a member of the host of the show that solicited the public to donate to this group. if you watch the documentary, there are scenes where you can actually see saturday's attacker in the documentary. >> tucker: i mean, look, i used to work with cnn, i know there are decent people were there, i know everything is more complicated than it seems at first. but i'm still being completely blunt, i'm shocked that they did that. how could a news channel promote a terror group like this? nobody said anything about it. did anyone say in english him or did anyone notice this was happening? the problem is, a lot of the o producers and journalists are based in d.c. or new york. they don't embed themselves in these demonstrations of ideology here in the pacific northwest. i actually had crossed paths
9:28 pm
with the attacker back in december. he was part of the john brown clung gun club militia that attempted to prevent me from recording demonstration in downtown seattle and they accosted me, carrying their rifles on their chest to intimidate me. so atst that time, that was, you know, really forced me to realize the potential for violence. this movement claims that they will only engage in violence in self-defenseer but under anti-definitional self-defense, is actually premeditated and offensive so the ideology paves the way for what we call over the weekend. >> tucker: so the very group that cnn was promoting was wandering around with rifles and intimidating people? >> yes. >> tucker: i'm almost out of words. i guess i would just end by asking, are you surprised by that? >> no. i'm not surprised. i have been saying for a long
9:29 pm
time time that the media has a dangerous life toward far less militancy. and you're highlighted journalists continue to be their cheerleaders and they were at the mainstream media. >> tucker: no, i guess i've been saying that for a long time but saying it and seeing it are two different things. you can see where this is going. it's really sad. the country does not deserve the people running it and that particularly applies to jeff so greatt cnn. a reckless man. >> over to a set of the being, -- over two weeks of the beating, there has been no arrest. some calling for supporters to check out the legal line. if you want to hold everyone responsible who was involved in the brutal beating. >> tucker: i hope so. i hope so. thank you. good to see him tonight. >> my pleasure. >> tucker: shocking. google is the world's most powerful company. peter teal, was the most impossible and far saying that intact, says that google is
9:30 pm
using its power to betray this country on behalf of china. he calls it treason. he doesn't say that lightly. i will explain why, after the break. ♪ ♪[upbeat music]
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>> tucker: peter thiel cofounded paypal. he was one of the first investors in facebook. if anyonepa knows about the powr of tac and it's dangerous, it's peter. so mean something when he found that google has become a threat to american national security. they may have even committed treason, heon says. while speakingn at the national conservatives and in washington, he said that google may be infiltrated by chinese intelligence and ought to be something investigatedht by the fbi and the cia. we are happy to have him join us here tonight, thanks a lot for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: what did you mean when you said that? >> well it was just in the form of a set of questions i asked. artificial intelligence is something peoplele talk on nonsp in silicon valley but they almost never talk about the dual
9:35 pm
use, if it's real, if it's a real thing. it obviously can be used by the military, it will be weaponize and all sorts of ways and it's important national security question as to who has it. there's this very peculiar background to where google is working with the chinese communist government and not what the u.s. military so the project made a decision not to work with ai, with the u.s. military, but they are working with the communist chinese and so the question is, what in the world is going on there? i sort of suggested a few different possibilities. but they described it as manhattan project for such a go around broadcasting that you are building the manhattan project. i would think this naturally would draw the attention of foreign intelligence agencies. you know, i think the chinese are confident enough that the ministry of state security is likely to infiltrate google and i think the google management has the decision of either
9:36 pm
letting this go out the front door or figuring it will get stolen anyway and go out the back door. >> tucker: when you say you believe that the chinese state security is likely to have infiltrated google, what would that look like? >> if you say you are building a manhattan project for ai, don't you think that would attract the interest of an of foreign intelligent? >> tucker: absolutely. just hidden in plain sight. >> and a then, i think there are sort of all of these ways thatn, you know chinese nationals are engaged in espionage in the u.s. it's understandable that china's doing that. they see themselves in a very seriousin competition with the u.s. but we are not particularly on our guard about a andnd if yu have sort of a series of super futuristic tech projects the broadcast of the whole world, it's atro least suspicious and e weird fact that it's indisputablele is that google is working with communist china but now with the u.s. military on itsmu breakthrough ai technolog. that's a question.
9:37 pm
>> why is that? i think one explanation is they forget they e have to because if it doesn't get given to them through the front door, it will get stolen through the backdoor. so of course answers they have and then there's a broader base of google employees who are ideologically super left wing, sort of woke, and think that china is better than the u.s. or that the u.s. is worse than china. it's always more anti-american than anything. >> tucker: but this is by definition a threat to american national security as you point out. so ifme he was sitting right he, what would you say to him question marks to go well, i would say answer my three questions. how many and foreign intelligence agencies have infiltrated google? the chinese in particular infiltrated? and why are you working with the communist china not the u.s.? what is the reason you are doing that for? >> tucker: the questions you raised, and this is not in any way to, you know they are kind of obvious questions, why haven't the u.s. government ascertained answers?
9:38 pm
it is possible that there are people in the u.s. government who haven't told us. but i think the fbi and cia would be that actual places too look intoo it. the fbi would look at it from the domestic side. the cia would look at it from the outside and we can try to look at seeing if on the outside there people controlling people inside google. >> tucker: such as someone who has built a lot of companies, as you have, do you think it would've been possible to create, incubate, and grow a company like google in china?a?d >> don't think -- >> i think the u.s. is still better at innovation and at starting things. but it certainly could be copied and replicated and something like this c is true of all the breakthrough technologies we have. most ofe them still originating and developing in the west but they don't give us much of an advantage if they get transferred in a matter of a few years, is not a matter of months. so i have to ask you, i assume you're watching the democratic primaries'r unfold.
9:39 pm
who is the most impressive candidate and i raised you think? >> well, i am the most scared by elizabeth warren. i think she is the one who it actually is talking about the economy which is the only thing that i think matters by far the most. and i think almost all the others are equally unimpressive in the sense that it's all identity politics of one flavor or another and i wouldn't want to rank how unimpressive they are since that would be forcing me to rank the different identities and which one is more privileged and more special and that would be dangerous to get into. >> tucker: it's hard to know. it's hard to know. >> i think elizabeth warren is the dangerous one. >> tucker: that's right. pretty detailed, great to see you. >> thanks. >> tucker: congresswoman ilhan omar says she's way more patriotic than we could ever be. you know why? because we are racist. that's what she says about you. we have more on what she thinks and says after the break. ♪ here, it all starts with a simple...
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>> they put them in rooms with no running water. these people were told by officers to drink out of the toilet. they were drinking water out of the toilet. and that was them knowing a congressional visit was coming. >> tucker: how many freshmen members of congress can you name? none, right? they are seen and not heard and most the time not even seen. you got to hand it to them, ilhan omar in alexandria and alexandria ocasio-cortez, they've been there about 20 minutes and then gotten very famous. in fact they are not the faces of the democratic party. that's a problem though because there is an election coming up
9:45 pm
really soonth and these two and their twowo friends who are very popular with the haters on twitter. but normal people, are terrified by them. new polls show they could be poisonous for the democratic party. moving into 2020. lisa boothe is a senior fellow at independently voices and she joins us tonight. >> hi, tucker. great to see you. so it turns out, we are getting, i think a warped view. tell me if i'm wrong. everyone we know here in washington and certainly in the media industrial complex things are great and is going out of their way to defend them but the rest of the country doesn't feel that way it turns out. as i right??ar >> while the washington bubble is normally wrong. so we shouldn't really look to them for the answers but will be can do is look at some of these polls to get an idea of where these average americans look at people like alexandria ocasio-cortez and as you mentioned, an exclusive poll that has been making the rounds with top democrats. the poll found that alexandria ocasio-cortez has become a defining the face of the
9:46 pm
democratic party to a key can just unc of working-class voters. you see there are 70% percent of these voters know who they are in only 22% have a positive opinion of her and what was interesting is omar had similar results as well. i think we have those numbers as well as you can see there. 53% know who she is. only 9% have a favorable opinion of her. and it's not just these members. if you look at socialism as well, 69% of these voters had an unfavorable opinion of socialism and just too provide some contet tucker, of why these voters are important, you look at macomb county michigan, these voters delivered to macomb county michigan to president trump which is a result, delivered michigan, there president trump, macomb county also sent president obama and bill clinton to the white house traits of these voters are important and i guarantee you what i you are gog to see from republicans is just trying to elevate members like alexandria ocasio cortez. you might see her face and ads in 2020 as well.l. also taking straight aim at
9:47 pm
socialism because it's popular -- unpopular with a lot of the voters. >> tucker: i mean, ocasio cortez, you could say she hasse some talent. i understand why she is famous at finding totally honest about it. ilhan omar is just a blunt instrument which is only about calling people racist. that's it. i don't see any appeal to her at all so 9% number doesn't score -- does restore my faith in the taste of the american public. she deserves 9%. >> was interesting tucker,s you're even seeing alexandria ocasio-cortez playing a role in the debates because of you remember, during the first bay, beto o'rourke was asked about the 70% marginal tax rate which was a policy position that was introduced into the mainstream by r alexandria ocasio cortez. so even her policies are making away in the debate and you also wonder whyay democrats like nancy pelosi decided to decided to all of a sudden start condemning her and taking aim. m.wonder if this poll is out in may. so i wonder what influence, seeing these numbers had on democrats of deciding hey look,
9:48 pm
we have to figure out how to minimize the role that she has the democratic party in the country ran out. -- right now. >> tucker: too late. she's been coddled. she's created via an environmeno where she could blossom. thanks for being on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: want to appeared at a conference over the weekend. remarks that what is been a theme in her life, and bashing american as racist and driven by a hell hole, saying america is driven by racist hatred, treating illegals worse than they've been treated by dogs. watchll. >> we are going to treat you worse than dogs. one of my members said to me, if there were dogs in those cages, every single member of congress would vote to make sure that all of these cages didn't exist anymore. [applause]. so we live in a society, we live in a society and govern in a body that might value the life
9:49 pm
of the dog more than being valued the life of a child who might not look like bears. >> tucker: so we rescue you from the refugee camp in africa. the second you get here, you start lecturing us about how immoral and racist we are. we resent it and that means we are racist? in that same appearance, omar said she is ashamed to live in a country, as hypocritical as the united states peer despite that though, she says she is a patriot.oc as you can tell. in fact, omar says she loves america more than you do. more than anybody was born here does.s certainly more than steve just he is a representative in minnesota. he joins us tonight. steve, thanks a lot for coming on. so, as someone who is been called a racist by ilhan omar, i feel like i'm in good company. i mean, you've been covering her a lot longer than i have. you've been following this saga but it seems like there are very few people in this country she
9:50 pm
as not denounced as a racist. >> well, that's the truth. i've lost count on the number of times that she's referred to me as a racist and tucker, it happens every time and it happens just reflexively. even in 2017 as a member of the majority in the minnesota house of representatives, there are 77 of us. she brought as a member of the minority an amendment that didn't have a chance but it funded money to her district and her district exclusively and then when we defeated it, she dismissed usse all as racist by using innuendo and other means to do it so, it's happened a lot as i mentioned last week. the "star tribune," she even referred to in them as racist. so there is no end to it. >> tucker: but i thought they were her biggest fans? i mean, the "star tribune" helped to make her possible, right?
9:51 pm
>> they have. they have her portrait hanging proudly in their lobby area. >> tucker: amazing. how much of her -- again, i was just talking with another guest, i don't think that all of these four members of congress of the same actually. is a lot that separates them. a casio court has come as much they hate to admit it, it does ilhan omar seem like she has seen talent. ilhan omar really does seem like a one trick politician. give me what i want or i will denounce you as racist. am i missing something or is that kind of what all there is to her? >> no, it's one move, it's one move ihan. it's the defaults and it's done reflexively. seemingly each time when she has met with either a question about her past, her behavior, or ideas, or challenge on those ideas, it's a reflexive action each time.n >> tucker: if we fall for it, shame on us actually. the onus is on us to laugh it off. we know what you're doing. it's boring. stop. and if more people did that, she
9:52 pm
probably would stop it representative, thank you very much for coming on tonight. >> thank you. >> tucker: so jeffrey epstein is been in the news. frhere's an angle that hasn't gotten a ton of attention. he's really rich but he has one of the new york city's most expensive homes, like literally, home right in the middle of the city. he was rich enough to apparently abuse young girls and get away with it. so how did he get rich? how did he make his money? no h one knows. but melissa francis it hasn't some ideas. she will join us, after the break. my experience with usaa
9:53 pm
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the trafficking are horrifying. there is a part of the stories that is serious and potentially significant legally and newsworthy. he was a famously rich, he was friends with the most influential people. he literally had llhis own priv island. everybody calls and billionaire
9:57 pm
jeffrey epstein. you would think billionaire wase his first name. all of a sudden no one can answer the most obvious question . how much money did he have and how did he make it? what did he do for a living. nobody seems to know. where confused is one person we go to a adjust reflexively. may be you know the answer? >> the same thing was driving m crazy people kept saying billionaire hedgenc fund manage. i said what hedge fund. what where this money come from. this has been the subject of a lot of mystery and curiosity fo a while, but you mentioned the property. we can verify and confirm he s does own at least six propertie around the world including that $80 million townhouse in new york and that private island, but where did the money to buy that come from? he was originally a math teache on thend upper east side which a very snooty private school here in new york city.
9:58 pm
he had never graduated from college, but he was there teaching calculus and physics h tutored the son of legendary bear stearns trader and when he was tutoring his son, he said you're so good at matthew shoul come walk out wall street. at that point went down and became an options trader which is very math based. after a few years he left bear stearns and according to the sec , there we're some questions about what happened at bear stearns and why he left. at that point he hung out his own tingle and he partnered wit a guy named steven hoffenberg who was convicted of running a $460 million ponzi scheme at th time, that man was convicted, h said that epstein was involved but no charges were ever brough against him, the allegations were never corroborated, but they did tried to do about thre takeovers together at around this time. after that he then took his company offshore to that island and all of a sudden he was set
9:59 pm
up in the virgin islands where you don't have to report anything prayed you don't have to say who your clients are you don't have to say how much mone you have on record and for that reason they never put them on .he list. at that point, his only public clients on record as a guy name wesley wexner who is the ceo of the company that owns victoria' secret. after that he was always connected to ctand he said he o managed money for billionaire billionaires he couldn't get hi a billion dollars heil wasn't going to do it, but no one has any idea who any of his other clients we're in no one else ha ever admitted as far as we coul tell and confirm no one else ha admitted to being a client of his. the strangest part is how that part of the story ends. he was given that townhouse. it was deeded over to him and n one could find a payment that h paid for it in any way. he also has hand-me-down airplanes from the airplane tha
10:00 pm
you see them on, at least one o them. >> if i could just deputize you i wish she would come back on this. >> i'm going to stay on it. >> we will be back tomorrow night >> sean: thank you, welcome to "hannity." buckle up. tonight, the democratic party they are on the verge of an all-out civil war. nancyar pelosi has lost complete control of her radical socialist base. freshman congresswoman, ocasio cortez, congresswoman tlaib and omar and ayanna pressley are now running the show. speaker pelosi is now totally powerless. i don't know why she even has the gavel. president trump has weighed in and now and this fake phony moral selective outrage machine of the left, they are in full gear. how did we get here? tonight we will break it all down. wera have a special "hannity" investigation into these fanatical leaders of the democratic party. last week, the gloves came off


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