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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 16, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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and mistakes in little time. >> neil: sorry for the breaking news. "mission of a lifetime,"
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>> he is not like cnn or fellow politicians who factor in race, gender, sexual orientation before they criticize you. that's why we joke about how the squad is a protected class. oh, we better not say anything. so they give special dispensation to protective classes where trump doesn't.
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so who's more racist? the guy who doesn't care who you sleep with, what color you are, or the patronizing media. i would go with the media is more racist than trump because after all, they are so in hones. we had fox news, we label our commentary and we label our new news. they masquerade commentary as news. it's why they are dying. when you turn on the network and you go what are they talking . that's funny. >> dana: the president said today they should love their country. aoc's tweet this morning was i love my country. it's like the two of them going at it. >> what else is new. they love going after one another.
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>> dana: do you want the permission to use an analogy. they are enabling one another. i have said this a lot. i think aoc in particular someone who cares more about the spotlight than she actually does about issues or anything else. she is a millennial fueled via twitter, instagram, these things more than anything else. i wish we could move past all of this. i am fascinated. i've got to say i want to know who dropped the ball back to the whole pelosi parliamentarian thing. she said she cleared it with the parliamentarian. did he or she dropped the ball or did the g.o.p.? a really good staffer, >> dana: in my experience republican staffers are superior. you have to be. >> dagen: that what's happens
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when you fly into a white-hot rage over something donald trump says. it's like you're seeing snow on television set. in terms of fuel, what with the political and media bobblehead's do without the fuel of donald trump and their outrage machine. he is their honey nut cheerios in the morning. they all secretly want them to get reelected. what are they going to be left with to do in their jobs and every day? they love being angry and calling people names who they disagree with. they need him around. otherwise they will actually have to talk about issues. >> greg: it's a great time to be alive. stock market, economy, jobs, peace. >> dagen: i dare you, talk about policy. in many ways it's the best economy we've seen since we landed on the moon 50 years ago.
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>> greg: did we land on the moon? >> dagen: exactly. >> dana: that would make it an even better record. got to move on. antifa members storm and immigration center with homemade bombs. up next, greg highlights the media's peculiar coverage of it. in an emergency, who do you want by your side? a new proposal in congress wants to put the insurance companies and the government in charge of your healthcare by price fixing. letting the government set prices means fewer doctors and a race to the bottom when it comes to quality care... insurance companies and the federal government getting in between you and your doctor. call congress. make sure doctors and patients are making the most important medical decisions and keep the insurance companies and government out of it. paid for by market institute. ♪
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i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> greg: as trump unleashed tweets that trigger the media meltdown, and antique the disciple attacked and immigration center. the press was busy obsessing about the squad sword gargled minimal coverage. easy to see why. the man used to say in rhetoric
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he and identified as part of antifa. it's hard for cnn to condemn something when the terrorist is parroting something you say. when you're comparing i.c.e. agents to nazis, how can you trash the fan of your work. how can you expose a hoax when he been selling the hoax for years. we shouldn't do with the media likes to do to you, when a racist commits an act of violence, they will expand to include anyone related meeting if a violent racist likes fries and you like fries, you're racist and probably overweight. we should point out this dead guy doesn't reflect all democrats. he was just another nut who wanted to become what the media glorifies. an avenging angel. the results, milk shakes, mobs,
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mayhem. punch a nazi's punch anyone. this guy didn't die for a cause. he died to impress a bunch of losers. he died hoping cnn will say his heart was in the right place. who knows, maybe they will. capri, i always say that both sides have crazies. crazy should not define your side which is why it's the responsibility of that side to police their own crazy. i police my crazy. >> capri: there's plenty of crazies to go around both sides. for me, it's all about consistency. you bring up the fact that the media did not cover it in a way, saying this person echoed aoc's remarks are somehow they've been -- the sentiments have been manifested in this kind of violence. which we see all the time. on the other side, if someone appropriates maga.
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that all of a sudden, let's talk about the guy in the van as well, living in a van by the river, bernie supporter who shot up the congressional baseball team practice. there is enough to go around. here's the deal. they are all crazies and if were going -- we need to do it consistently. maybe this person was influenced by aoc and needs to be told in the same manner as someone who may have somehow been motivated to send bombs to cnn, like the crazy guy, the other crazy guy. >> greg: i was talking about the guy in miami with all the stickers. >> capri: be consistent. >> greg: thankfully, nothing to change the crazy people. >> dana: remember the pittsburgh synagogue shooting, so horrible and immediately that was blamed on trump. then it turned out he was against trump. >> greg: that's right. >> dana: it's a frustrating thing but i don't like the whole
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-- remember the sarah palin cross hairs thing and they blame that on her too? this really did not get much attention, someone trying to attack a government building. >> greg: he died in a confrontation with the cops. >> jesse: that media does not report the news. they report the narrative in one of the big narratives out there -- there -- >> greg: that is a quote on a coffee mug. >> jesse: the biggest narrative out there is that the right is violent in the left is not. so even when some guy, let's say smirks at somebody, that's considered a violent act. when there's an actual violent act, it's not covered. two of the three networks didn't cover the story than all the mainstream media never reported the connection between antifa and the attack. they will frame, as dana said, conservatives. remember the aurora, colorado, shooting. "abc news" said it was it tea party supporter and the guys name wrong and it wasn't that
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guy. you have ecoterrorist, black lives matter writers, you have antifa, wto, anarchists, all these people running around committing violent acts and their never treated the same way. they're always excused as social justice crusaders or victims of capitalism. they are never treated the way the right wing violent people are. permission to make a social experiment suggestion. >> greg: i am scared. >> jesse: put a maga hat on and walked down to greenwich village, do a few laps around the block. put an obama hope and change t-shirt on and go to the florida panhandle. see who is verbally and physically assaulted and seems not. >> greg: i'm going to put on my marianne williamson chert. to jesse's point, there is weird how righteous violence is romanticized, i would say in
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academia. the sla -- charles manson was romanticized. the boston bomber on the front cover of rolling stone. we don't romanticize our crazy. >> dagen: there is the justification of violence over and over again in this crazy political age by the left wing nuts. what bothers me is it's the same thing that rape victims have heard for decades and decades, that you brought it on yourself. you asked for it. we need to fight back and so we will attack you. i just want to know what is acceptable to the left? is it tire irons? punching someone in the face? concussions? is it rape or murder? with this antifa guy, 24 hours, seven days a week news cycle of
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sneering, snorting, and screaming to the high heavens about how conservatives called it about how this is the fault of the fox news channel. we all know that's exactly where it would go. >> capri: violence is unacceptable no matter who does it. end of story. >> greg: unless it's a cage match. then you get paid. looks like the sleepy joe nickname is getting hunter biden skin. what he's ready to do to prove he is tougher than trump. that is next. it's racquetball time. (thumps) ugh! carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? (splash) carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in? it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management.
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honorable campaign he will run but i'm not backing down at all from him. >> what do you do? you make it to the general and you're on the debate stage. he's lying. he saying we're doing great. that's his brand. we are stronger than ever. he starts making fun of your age, your mental state, starts going after you. >> i would say come on, donald. how many push-ups do you want to do? jokingly. come on, run with me. >> capri: okay, so who's ready to run and/or do push-ups with joe biden? greg, i'm not nominating you, my friend, to actually go -- i don't know moderate or george the 2020 debate push-up challenge. between donald trump and joe biden. do you accept? >> greg: is it push-ups or pushing up daisies? >> capri: ouch.
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>> greg: i want a competitive race. dems need a come-to-jesus moment. you can hate trump all you want. if this is your nominee, you're going to get four more years of trump. maybe that's what they want. the situation is too good for the administration to beat. i just don't see the energy. it's like he's like a guy who woke up from a nap. >> capri: sleepy joe. >> greg: yes. >> dana: i don't think it's his age. i'm going to make a sports analogy. >> jesse: go ahead. >> dana: roger fedor and aaron rodgers. people who are way past but would normally be considered age range for you to retire. we work with people in their 70s that are kicking rear ends. >> greg: watcher -- watch your mouth. >> dana: 's political --
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>> capri: take a listen to this. >> i give people the option. if you like your employer based plan, you can keep it. you get full coverage and you can stay with your plan if you like it. you can stay with your employer-based planner you can move on. >> capri: i have spent 20 years in policy and want to hear this stuff about the aca, it's like nails on a chalkboard because we've heard this before. dagen, how do you think it's going to play against not only the primary candidates but do you think it's going to come up again if he faces trump in 2020? >> dagen: borrowing a line that was not true. borrowing a line from president obama. >> greg: steel the right lies! >> dagen: your highlight invite the public option and
2:29 pm
keeping the affordable care act in place is going to be a failure and it doesn't you keep your health insurance and will lead to the demise of the private insurance market. let's not get into policy discussions. that comment about the push-ups, it made me think about what do these men look like without their shirts on. >> capri: do you have to bring that up? >> dagen: vice president, you could get a lot of work done on your face but you're going to have to get some cool sculpting down on the middle. you know what? botox does not get rid of love handles. fox news alert. >> capri: it's a good fox news alert. thank you. >> jesse: are you rejecting the fox news alert? >> capri: here's a good one. maybe this isn't a fox news alert. deafly not breaking news. biden, we've seen him --
2:30 pm
i take it back. joe biden is going down in the polls. he -- >> greg: marianne williamson is going up. >> capri: a whopping 2%. >> dana: she will be at 14% after views on dave rubin. >> capri: of joe biden continues to go down like a lead balloon, who takes his place? it ain't bernie. >> jesse: kamala or warren. he is falling fast. he saw him on the debate stage. he couldn't respond to a telegraphed roundhouse by kamala. he said my time is up. i'm sorry. just like what you saw on msnbc. i only thought is on paper. when i watch them, they report
2:31 pm
was awful. i wanted to run not with them but away from them because it was so awkward. clearly donald trump has gotten under his very tolerant, smooth, newly finished skin because he's now overcompensating with push-ups and he probably could do more push-ups than president trump to be honest. >> capri: this 2020 cycle makes me want to leave planet earth. speaking of, the mystery around area 51 is kept americans speculate and for decades. now over a million people say they are ready to storm area 51 to find out if aliens are really being held there. stick around. that's next on "the five" ." when you're not able to smile, you become closed off. i felt withdrawn, alone... having to live with bad teeth for so long was extremely depressing. now, i know how happy i am. there was all the feeling good about myself that i missed. i wish that i had gone to aspen dental on day one
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they'll only pay for what they need! [ gargling ] [ coins hitting the desk ] yes, and they could save a ton. you've done it again, limu. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ >> dagen: can spirit the theorists accusing the
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government of a major cover of an area 51. more than a million people say they are ready to's storm the site to find out what's really going on. the viral facebook event claims that if enough people show up, the military will not be able to stop them from getting inside. it is scheduled for september. jesse asked in the commercial break the exact day so septembe. from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. pacific time, the airports are telling people to stay away saying that will defend the base if necessary. you are a joiner. >> jesse: i will tell you why i want to know the dates. i consider myself a kook anthropologist. i have studied druggies in the wild, and their natural habitat, communist, anarchist, pretty much everybody. >> capri: you are a cultural anthropologist. >> jesse: i am. "watters' world" cameras will be there to capture all the action. i am surprised trump has not
2:37 pm
slipped up about area 51 yet. the man cannot keep a secret. i don't think they probably told him about area 51 because he will let it go at a rally or something. but if he's kept the secret, i'm very proud. >> greg: these little green guys. skinny neck, skinny neck. [laughter] great people, great people. you can eat them. they taste delicious. they are so smart. >> capri: go back to your own planets. >> greg: building a wall. can i make a point? when are these -- what are these people going to do when they show up wearing helmets and shin guards brandishing a broom. when they come up to a dude with a military i.d. the outfit is not going to work.
2:38 pm
>> dagen: is it a joke or not? >> dana: apparently there's a guy who put the original facebook post up, let's do this and he says he was joking. the problem is no one has a sense of humor anymore so everyone thought it was serious and now he is saying you guys, i was kidding. it could get a life of its own. >> greg: yes! it's a great time to be alive that you can take a few days off and go storm some kind of folklore, we have a great economy and peace. this is our problem. >> dagen: meantime, the kardashians. what do we wear to area 51? i want to show this because it generated the posting on facebook has generated names in this one made me laugh out loud. what are we really going to find when we get to area 51? dollar general. that is rural southern humor that made me laugh.
2:39 pm
>> capri: plenty of dollar generals all over ohio. i kind of want to go. i myself was curious because i do want to see the clientele that shows up. are they serious? will you actually have astrophysicists? will brian may show up? i want to see whether or not there are aliens here. what are you going to get? apparently -- the other thing to be sort of serious but it's kind of ridiculous. they are talking about if he's 400,000 people show up, the government is actually going to invest resources and exactly what you're talking about. the ar-15. how many tax dollars are going to be spent to protect little green men? >> greg: only three people are going to show up. none of these guys can afford a bus ticket. watch the joe rogan interview. >> jesse: i did a "watters' world" package data
2:40 pm
alien-your vote object he competently told the audience, whether they would vote for hillary or trump. nine out of 10 are trump supporters. >> dagen: you know why? is going to spill the secrets. >> jesse: fisa applications. let's see area 51 documents. >> dagen: we found out in 2017 the pentagon finally confirmed the existence of the $22 million program to analyze basically wicking into ufos. >> dana: what waste of money. >> greg: the aliens are like our version of like salamanders or whatever. they can't do anything. we are the only people here. it's pretty cool. it's our place. >> dagen: somebody else's? >> capri: no comments "watters' world." >> greg: we are just living in it. >> jesse: me except aliens and "watters' world" ."
2:41 pm
>> dana: just one hand. >> jesse: what are you doing? you are butchering it. >> dagen: i screwed up. airplane passenger caught using his bare feet to swipe a touch screen tv. that and more. fastest seven up next.
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♪ >> jesse: '80s tv the music. time for the fastest seven. the first video we're going to show, firing of the entire country. we have shown you some examples of disgusting things people do on planes but warning, this one probably takes the cake. oh. look at him swipe through with his nasty toes. something is telling me this guys regarding doing this because over 7 million people have seen this online. we don't know his identity. we just know his feet. >> greg: i would know those feet anywhere. it obviously killed kilmeade. it is an easing of standards regarding all public behavior.
2:46 pm
people have gotten sloppy. sagging jeans. who's going to clean the screen is what i want to know? >> jesse: the next time you go, what do you watch on the plane, dana? probably documentaries. you don't have that problem. you've never touched the screen. >> dana: i think there should be a penalty. i would ban him from air travel for five years. >> greg: point out he does have arms. we are not picking on somebody. >> jesse: thank you, greg. some people are very talented with their toes. they can pick up things. they can dial. my cousin is pretty swift foote footed. >> greg: there are videos of your cousin? >> jesse: it's not my cousin. >> capri: i love jetblue. if this is happening there. jetblue meant is kind of first
2:47 pm
class. you can only get in on certain planes. >> greg: it's been nice. >> capri: is very affordable for what it is. >> greg: if you fly commercial, that is. [laughter] >> capri: you said it. i didn't. >> jesse: dagen, are you getting a kick out of it? >> dagen: no, i hate feet. men's feet with the hair on their toes and they stick their feet through the -- the armrest and he looked down and you see -- >> greg: that! talk about righteous violence. when you see someone's foot come up on your arm, you have a right to cut off the foot. >> dagen: i have turned around and said do you mind if i shave the hair off those toes? >> jesse: greg will allow foot violence on planes. thousands of people in sweden getting tiny microchips implanted in their skin.
2:48 pm
instead of carrying around credit cards or cash, they swipe their hand as they pay for groceries or something. they can also monitor your health and you could swipe into work that way. >> greg: you have to weigh the costs and benefits. if this chip modulates her high blood pressure or your cognition, improves your cognition, if it has a health benefit, sure. if it's for convenience or you can just get into something faster, you are an idiot. you don't put something in your skin so that your atm works faster. you could get a ring. get a piercing. >> jesse: i like that idea. a ring. you don't have to get the implants. good idea. >> dana: it's not like a pacemaker. a pacemaker helps you survive. i scan recognition. >> jesse: like at the airport. greg, if you have a ring on, it can be stolen. if a senior skin creates fees
2:49 pm
>> greg: they will cut off your finger. >> capri: i watch as much "law & order: svu" about you do. i think there's an episode about this. we are not barnyard animals with a chip in our ear. >> jesse: speak for yourself. >> capri: i am. there's no way i would do this. >> jesse: what you say. go to concerts. >> dagen: we are having a debate about a type of implant that is useful that has a function when many people just get them for cosmetic purposes. you watch "law & order: svu." i watched botched. >> greg: they are injecting poison into their face. poison just comes out of my face. >> dagen: armpits to stop sweating. >> greg: i am totally for that. >> jesse: this is getting weird. fascinating study shows how much times of changed when it comes to how you meet that special someone. in 1940, about 80% of couples
2:50 pm
met through family, friends, or in school. today things are a lot different. 66% are meeting online or at bars. i think boris is good but online? >> greg: what does this do to men and women? it reduces the friend-relative vector so you lose the vouching system. in the old days, dana could say to dagen, you know, i know greg. not as tall as what you're used to. but he's adorable. that's gone. online dating, it's a cold world. it relies on stats. it forces people to lie in order to compete with the top percent of the biological superior people. the really attractive people who cornered the market on everybody. he was out all the normal people who don't have chiseled abs, what happens to the people like me who have to rely on on humor
2:51 pm
and personality? we get left out. >> jesse: a friend voucher with some guy who moves the monitor with his toes. >> dana: we need a chip on those people. >> greg: somebody that you meet that you really like. >> jesse: what do you want to watch? does it surprise you? >> dagen: no, it doesn't surprise nadel. talk about the vouching system. i think now when you have -- this is how people vouching i've never done any online stuff because frankly i've been in the public eye for too long. people who are facebook friends, friends and comment and that's vouching? stick to the old-fashioned method. >> dagen: you know what happens to people like you? you are the second husband because he married the first guy and he's good looking but he's a total dolt and humorless. >> jesse: she just called you
2:52 pm
not good-looking. >> greg: i'm into it. >> dagen: you are talking about ads and being 6'5". you are smart and funny and ultimately. >> dana: loyal and committed and dedicated. he would make a great husband. >> greg: i am married. have you seen my wife? >> jesse: she's a lot taller. "one more thing" is up next. all money managers might seem the same, but some give their clients cookie cutter portfolios. fisher investments tailors portfolios to your goals and needs. some only call when they have something to sell. fisher calls regularly so you stay informed. and while some advisors are happy to earn commissions whether you do well or not. fisher investments fees are structured so we do better when you do better. maybe that's why most of our clients come from other money managers. fisher investments. clearly better money management.
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whoa. travis in it made it. it's amazing. oh is that travis's app? it's pretty cool, isn't it? there's two of them. they're multiplying. no, guys, its me. see, i'm real. i'm real! he thinks he's real. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. ♪ >> time for now -- what is it? time now for "one more thing." all day long i didn't have one. i was very frustrated. i saw that yesterday. i didn't like anything until i got this walrus workout video. check this out. he and his trainer, just doing a bunch of ab workouts and the thought greg being, formerly
2:57 pm
editor of "men's health" magazine might want to weigh in. 6 inches of blubber on a walrus. it's a cute video. >> you don't even have to play my animals are great thing because we will run out of time. what i got. this isn't as good. it's an evil. eels are cool because they are really green because they generate electricity. eels are opportunistic and they are carnivorous and they feed on squid, much like my uncle. >> that's it? speak on telling you, sean, you let me down. got a walrus doing sit-ups, and i got that. >> what did you get? >> i have jessie's doppelgaenger news. here we go. right there inspired by david schwimmer. there was a robbery of a church in queens yesterday and they released some footage of the suspect. there he is.
2:58 pm
does that personally familiar to anybody? do you recognize that? let's eat -- my assistant johnn johnny! he was not here yesterday, which is very suspicious. he has no alibi, so i think someone at the 106th precinct might have to interview the guy. not good. >> are we not paying him enough? he has to rob a church? you really want a raise that badly? >> are you going to nail this "one more thing? ">> probably not. if the magic chair of guess what. but i promise the viewers and all of you on speed 23 that i will not do one more about music , but it's happening again today. sorry guys in viewers and ladies and gentlemen, tonight i'm going to leave the studio and i'm going with my sister to newark, new jersey, to see the one and only jeff lenz electric orchestra. they actually had one of their
2:59 pm
biggest hit albums out of the blue come out in october of 1977. >> got it. >> i was actually born a month later so now you guys all now know how old i am. i see him every year since -- i saw them get inducted in 2017 into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. there i am freaking out. 2018 at madison square garden. and now i'm going -- if you're watching, i will be in the second row. >> i see you are walrus and are jellyfish and a raise you -- a barrel jellyfish, i raise your yield. take a look at this. these are rarely seen coming face-to-face with humans. these were two divers, a cinematographer, and a biologist who photographs this swimming off the coast of england. they swarm in warmer summers when there are large plankton blooms. these things are gigantic, they are over 90% water. i would gladly sit next to one of those rather than a man and
3:00 pm
flip-flops on a plane. >> with hairy feet. [laughs] you are hilarious. greg and jesse, how could you ever miss an episode of "the five." always dvr us and you can watch "special report" up next. he, brett. >> bret: hey, data, i have shoes on. all about politics and impeachment as the house debates a formal condemnation. iran's foreign minister suggest the republics missile program could be up for negotiation with the west. and is google guilty of treason for working on artificial intelligence with china? the president now wants to know. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. some house republicans are defending the president tonight if not especially defending his tweets critical of a group of progressive democrat lawmakers. this evening


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