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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 16, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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flip-flops on a plane. >> with hairy feet. [laughs] you are hilarious. greg and jesse, how could you ever miss an episode of "the five." always dvr us and you can watch "special report" up next. he, brett. >> bret: hey, data, i have shoes on. all about politics and impeachment as the house debates a formal condemnation. iran's foreign minister suggest the republics missile program could be up for negotiation with the west. and is google guilty of treason for working on artificial intelligence with china? the president now wants to know. this is "special report." ♪ good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. some house republicans are defending the president tonight if not especially defending his tweets critical of a group of progressive democrat lawmakers. this evening the house is considering a formal
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condemnation. the president in the meantime is digging in, maintaining his stance that people who hate the u.s. should leave. we have fox team coverage, mark meredith is on capitol hill with an upset on that condemnation resolution. we begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts on the north lawn tonight. good evening, john. >> good evening to you. under fire from even members of his own party, president trump appeared eager today to move past the offending feet from to to my tweet from sunday and put the focus not on personality, but on policy. in an attempt to maintain solidarity among republicans ahead of the houseboat to condemn his sunday tweet, president trump insisted those tweets were not racist. "i don't have a racist bone in my body." in an interview, his secretary of state, mike pompeo, backed him up. >> race has nothing to do with this. >> not once. >> meeting with the cabinet today, the presidents of the issue is not about him, it's about what congresswoman
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alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib, ayanna pressley and ilhan omar say and do. >> they shouldn't hate our country. if you look at what they've said, i have clips right here. the most vile, horrible statements about our country, about israel, about others. it's up to them. they can do within one. they can leave, they can stay, but they should love our country and they should work for the good of our country. >> one of the congresswoman, alexandria oak oscar cortes fired right back at president trump in a tweet saying "you're right mr. president, you don't have a racist bone in your body. if you have a racist mind in your head and a racist heart in your chest varied that's why you violate the rights of children and tell the congresswoman who represents your home borough to go back to my country." it's certainly not the first time the president has stopped controversy. it literally from the moment he
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launched his 2016 campaign he has faced criticism over some of his comments about minorities. >> when mexico sends us people, they are not sending their best. they are bringing drugs, they are bringing crime that they are rapists. >> you're living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, what do you have to lose? >> no republicans have come forward to defend sunday's tweets, though a number have said they don't think it was racist. and they have jumped on his efforts to save the so-called squad now defines the democratic party. the president tweeting "nancy pelosi try to push them away, but now they are forever wedded to the democrat party. see you in 2020." >> look what a handful of members of congress say things that are in the tone of the fact that they blame america for so much of the trouble in the world, that deeply troubling. >> the president appeared to hold the political high ground last week when he scolded the squad for criticizing house speaker nancy pelosi, but in a single tweet on sunday, the president unified the
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democratic party and now the open question is can he prevent republicans from defecting tonight and voting against him, bret. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn. thank you. some to the president was trying to get those for as the face of the democratic party. if the house is expected to vote later tonight on a resolution condemning the president's tweets and comments. correspondent mark meredith is on capitol hill to tell us where things stand right now. it's good evening, mark. >> is a mention, right now house lawmakers are expected to vote this evening on a resolution to condemn president trump for his remarks, but within the last few hours, house speaker nancy pelosi has been accused of violating house decorum for some comments that she made earlier today. house majority leader steny hoyer said essentially that pelosi broke house rules when she made these comments on the house floor. >> every single member of this institution, democratic and republican should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a
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shocking rejection of our values and the shameful abdication of our oath of office. >> georgia republican congressman doug collins challenge pelosi over those remarks. at this hour, it's unclear how many, if any, house republicans will support the resolution that condemns the president. we are seeing some pushback from g.o.p. leaders with some saying this is all about politics. this is not about the good of the country. g.o.p. leaders are also stopping short of calling the remarks or the president a racist. >> from the president come into the speaker, to freshman members of the house, all of us have a responsibility to elevate the public discourse. our words do matter. >> i believe this is about ideology. this is about socialism versus freedom and it's very clear what the debate is happening. >> a small number of republicans have come out publicly to say that they believe the president's remarks were racist and not acceptable. we are expecting that -- a vote on the resolution to happen
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sometime around 7:30 or 8:00, but that time may change depending on how the debate goes. in the house it has been a wild day here on capitol hill. >> bret: mark meredith live on the hill, thanks. president trump says the u.s. is not going to sell at 35 fighter jets to turkey after its purchase of an air defense system from russia. trump administration contending the russian weapon is incompatible with nato defenses and could jeopardize sensitive information about f-35 technologies. president trump has blames the obama administration for never reaching a deal to sell an american missile system, defense system to turkey. democratic presidential candidate senator elizabeth warren is accusing the president's pick of running the pentagon of corruption. horn said during the confirmation hearing for army secretary mark esper for the defense secretary position, that his refusal to recuse himself from decisions involving his old employer is grounds for his rejection as defense secretary.
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warren asked if he would repeat a pledge he made during his army secretary confirmation process to avoid dealing with them for two years. >> if you are confirmed, will you do the same, and commit to extending your recusal from any and all matters involving rep jan for the duration of your tenure as secretary of defense? >> on the advice of my ethics folks at the pentagon, career professionals, no, the recommendation is not to. >> bret: senator warren, by the way, received nearly $9,000 from raytheon for her campaign in 2018. the company is headquartered outside boston. iran is, for the first time, hinting it might have some flexibility regarding one of its weapons programs, but it would want something big in return from the u.s. correspondent trey yingst has the latest from our middle east newsroom. >> iran's ballistic missile program could be a bargaining chip for the country impossible
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negotiations with europe and the united states. a development that secretary pompeo said proved the u.s. maximum pressure is working. resident from seemed to want to hear more. >> we want to help them, we will be good to them, we will work with them. we will help them in any way we can, but they can't have a nuclear weapon. >> but iran's willingness to put its ballistic missile program on the table comes with one condition: america stops arms sales to the middle east. the revelation made by prime minister during an interview with nbc news in new york city. more than 6,000 miles away, iran's supreme little, the ayatollah, spoke in tehran. he lashed out at the europeans, who he said have not held up their end of the bargain in the iran nuclear deal. iran is now violating the deal by surpassing the uranium enrichment and stockpile limits laid out in the agreements. >> you have commitments and you
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have fulfilled none. why do you manned us fulfill our schematics because they are now demanding europe find a way to relieve the economic pressure with a nuclear deal will be a thing of the past. during his confirmation hearing, president trump's defense secretary nominee mark esper told senators that he had no brought plans to change the u.s. strategy to combat iranian aggression, but that war is not the goal with iran. in the middle east, the possibility of war it's much closer to home. overnight, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said europe might ignore the iranian threat until the nuclear missiles hit, equating the current state of affairs to the west ignoring dangers of germany in 1939. bret. >> bret: trey yingst in our middle east newsroom, thanks. let's get some inside information now on the trump foreign policy. policy. u.s. ambassador to germany spoke today at the richard nixon presidential library and museum about the 50th anniversary of the nixon doctrine and how it relates to the current of administration. he joins us from california. ambassador, thanks for joining
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us. >> thanks for having me, bret. >> bret: first let me talk about the story we just heard, that is about iran suggesting that it might be willing to negotiate over its ballistic missile program if the u.s. agrees not to sell weapons systems to gulf nations. where is the administration on all that? >> look, first of all, let's credit the president for bringing people to the table, and this is what my speech really tried to talk about, which is the trump doctrine and how realistic it is, and the fact is that we see it play out with iran where the president has made very clear that he would sit down with this current regime and try to work through all of these issues. not only the nuclear deal, but the ballistic missile technology issues as well as the malign activities. so i'm not surprised that the sanctions are working that president trump put on and that the pressure that the iranians are feeling are bringing them to the table. that was the goal. that was the goal with
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north korea, and we seen the north koreans come to the table. we are hoping the iranians will come to the table. look, he's a very difficult issues. there's a lot to work through. if we have lot of specific issues that we are going to have to sit down and talk. but the goal here is to bring the current regime back to the table so that we don't have any more wars or military action that's unnecessary. president trump is putting diplomacy first and i think that's what the trump doctrine is all about. >> bret: you made a splash when you took over as ambassador in berlin. he started by tweeting out the german companies should stop operating in or with iran, and the chancellor at the time said your style took a lot -- a little time to get used to. your sense of where iran is now feeling the back end of some of the sanctions and what europe is doing now? >> i talked to european ceos and businesses all the time. they are complying with the u.s.
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sanctions, that's not a problem, that's not an issue. we've made it perfectly clear that companies get to choose either iran or the united states, they just don't get to choose both and i think they are choosing when we make it clear that we are watching, and that we are going to follow up, are choosing to turn away from iran. that's the squeezing of the sanctions that are bringing the iranians back to the table. the europeans, you have to remember, bret, while they are disappointed in us withdrawing from the jcpoa, if you look at their statements, even when the iranians just violated the jcpoa, the european foreign ministers issued a statement. if you go back to when we exited the jcpoa, the iran -- sorry, the european foreign ministers issued a statement then, so we have multiple statements from the european foreign ministers making it very clear that they share the same goal as the united states, denying iran a nuclear weapon and getting rid of the iranian support for
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terrorism and ballistic missile pursuits. we share the same goal. if we have a little bit different tactics, so my job is to communicate to the germans and to make it very clear that we share the same goal and we want to have their support in cracking down on iranian regime money. that's what the sanctions are trying to do. >> bret: talked about the trump administration's kind of view of the world. 50 years ago today apollo 11 launched and we are looking back at the 50th anniversary of that kind of momentous occasion and the moon landing and the world looking back at that and at that time saying the u.s. was kind of leading the world when it came to space. how do you perceive the world and its view of the u.s. now from where you sit? >> look, i think it's extremely important to not want the roar of the crowd, and to be the popular one.
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i serve at the u.n. and i can tell you that it's very popular for other countries to want a week u.s. and what president trump has said is he's willing to make progress, and he's willing to fix these deals and is going to ignore the popularity contest. if one thing i will say is that barack obama was wildly popular in germany and yet the germans failed to support his economic program. they failed to bring back the prison guard that was living in new york city. they started this pipeline. they didn't raise their defense spending. i'm not sure the popularity is really what we should be going for. under president trump, we've seen defense spending increase from the germans not enough. we are not at the 2% where they committed to be. we have to still push them, but if you look at the commitments through 2020 of all of europe and the canadians for nato
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spending, you will see that $100 billion, that's 100 billion with a "b" ," increased defense spending for our share defense. that is directly because of president trump. i have to say that i think the tweets of the pressure campaign is working. >> bret: must think, quickly, speaking of tweets. you have some world leaders laying in on this back-and-forth with the president and his four democrat lawmakers. some of them calling the president's tweets racist. some republicans saying that. what's your sense of that and how it plays around the world? >> first of all, let's remember how the world views the u.s. immigration policy. they see it as extremely generous. we allow a million people a year to come into the united states. i don't think it's too much to say follow the rules, because we have more than a million people that want to come in. if you look at the crisis on the border, it's clear both parties have said that there's a crisis, but we are not seeing the support in congress for
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increasing the funding and dealing with this border crisis. at the same time, we are being criticized by many members of congress who are comparing the border situation nazi germany or concentration camps. that's outrageous. that is not what the world sees or looks at. they see a border that is overwhelmed with people wanting to get into the united states because of what's happening here in terms of our economy. this is a crisis that needs to be fixed, and congress needs to get to work. >> bret: ambassador life from the nixon library and museum, appreciate the time. >> thanks, bret. ♪ >> bret: it now to america's election headquarters, the democrats vying for a change to replace -- a chance to replace president trump, iowa tonight, the first caucus state, they are talking about health care with iowa seniors.
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peter doocy takes a look tonight at the front runner is hoping a fresh take on the much-maligned concept will resonate with voters. >> the affordable care act. >> 2019 sounds a lot like 2009. >> if you like your health care plan -- >> if you like your health care plan -- >> you will be able to get her health care plan. >> you can keep it. if you have private insurance, you can keep it. >> that was the lie of the year in 2013 according to the fact-checking website. now joe biden is the only democrat reliably pulling a double digits who wants expand obamacare. >> we should call it the biden plan. >> the biden plan is all about building on barack obama's signature legislative achievement. >> i will be a health care priority supporter of rural hospitals and it starts by finishing the job of obamacare. >> and he's going to have to finish it without obama's hell. >> i've got to do this on my own. more progressive primary candidates are pushing for something different, medicare for all.
3:18 pm
>> we have to get into a system where everyone has access to health care and cost is not the very period medicare for all i believe is the smartest and most effective way to see that. >> harris shares that believe with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. >> vice president biden gave a speech this week. he said medicare for all would tear a part of president obama's legacy. is he wrong? >> of course is wrong. >> joe biden warns medicare for all means one option for all. >> here's the truth about medicare for all that some people are talking about these days. a noble idea, but that takes away private insurance as an option. >> is biden continues to defend policies of the democrats might consider old, is also preparing to respond to a potential debate stage attack from the current president about his physical and mental capabilities. >> come on, donald, come on, man. how many push-ups do you want to do here, pal? >> that's actually a de-escalation from biden. remember just a couple months ago he was saying -- suggesting
3:19 pm
that he could beat the hell out of president trump. now they are just talking about exercising and if things cool off between the two of them anymore, maybe they will be talking about just debating. bret. >> bret: peter doocy live in sioux city, thanks. former south carolina governor and congressman mark sanford is considering a challenge to president trump for the republican nomination next year. sanford tell fox news he believes the country is near a financial tipping point of no return based on the buildup of debt, deficits, and the associated government spending with that. still ahead, we will tell you why one tech billionaire says google is guilty of treason. and up next, puerto rico's governor is dealing with his own social media crisis. we will tell you what he did. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker.
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get fast, reliable internet on the nation's largest gig-speed network for less than at&t. that's 120 dollars less a year. better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast. ♪ >> bret: a federal judge in new york has signed off on the order to keep a citizenship question off the 20/20 census. the ruling comes after president trump abandon his efforts to get that question on the survey. the president has instead directed federal agencies to provide information on the citizenship status of people they serve. puerto rico's governor is trying to mend some seriously broken fences tonight.
3:24 pm
he's embroiled in scandal with an online chat with several on the members of his administration, featuring some very troubling witch. the uproar has sent thousands into the streets of san juan. david spong shows us tonight. >> unrest for a fourth day in the streets of puerto rico's capital and now across the u.s. mainland. >> i felt indignant. if these people played with our future. >> protesters young and old demanding the commonwealth governor step aside. ricardo rossello is apologizing again for the so-called wikileaks scandal all centered on the leaks of nearly 900 pages of private online chats between rossello and male members of his administration. misogynistic, homophobic profanity-waste. in one chart were imposed, the governor's chief financial officer makes an apparent death threat against the female mayor of san juan. allegedly writes "i'm dying to shoot her up. rossello replies "you'd be doing
3:25 pm
me a big favor. officials also joke about dead bodies piling up from hurricane maria a few years ago. and rossello refers to himself refers to himself -- and "whore "whore." rossello said today he respected the protest but defiantly rejected demands that he resign. >> come to not admitted acts of illegal -- i did something improper and ask forgiveness for that. >> this is the latest got points for a territory near the breaking point after years of debilitating dysfunction. the slow, often mismanaged recovery from hurricane maria, a $74 billion debt crisis that has left the island's economy and infrastructure severely we can. and the fbi arrests last week of two former rossello government officials on corruption charges. >> the governor faces reelection next year, also hampering efforts to secure more fund right from washington with some lawmakers now calling for even greater congressional oversight. if bret. >> bret: david, thank you.
3:26 pm
up next, google is accused of treason and president trump is paying attention, we will help them i tell you why. as we had to break, we mark the 20th anniversary of the death of john f. kennedy jr. on july 16th 1999, 38's plane crash just off the coast of martha's vineyard in massachusetts killing him, his wife, and her sister. we'll be right back. expertly curated to naturally support your gut health every day. go with align whole food blend. from the pros in digestive health.
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>> bret: official say of federal prosecutors will not bring civil rights charges against the new york city police officer in the 2014 choke hold death of eric garner buried the decision comes a day before the statute of limitations was set to expire on the fifth anniversary of the encounter that led to his death. garner 'his mother says she is outraged and heartbroken. just hours before google and facebook appeared at contentious hearings on capitol hill, president trump says he will look into, and his administration will look into, accusations google is working with the chinese government against the u.s. google denies it. as national security correspondent jennifer griffin. >> president trump sided with the billing or tech who called for the fbi and cia to investigate google for working with the chinese military instead of the pentagon. >> it's a big statement when you say that, you know, google is involved with china in not a very positive way for our country. so i think will all look at
3:31 pm
that. i know that our other agencies will be looking at it. and we'll see if there's any truth to them. >> peter teal, who founded paypal, and sits on the board of facebook, provided no evidence suggesting chinese agents had infiltrated google's artificial intelligence projects. >> google is working with communist china but not with the u.s. military on its breakthrough ai technology. i think when explanation is they figure they have to because of they don't give it to them for the door it will get stolen through the back door. >> the chairman of the joint chiefs raised the issue in march. >> the work that google is doing in china is indirectly benefiting the chinese military. maybe not a folder characterization of the way it really is. it's more of a direct benefit to the chinese military. >> google pushed back on the attack in a statement. "as we said before, we do not work with the chinese military. google chose not to remove a contract, contract. project maven set off a revolt in google last year with employees demanded google technology not be used in war.
3:32 pm
the president's chief economic advisor defended google. >> i meet with google ceo on a regular basis. i think they're working for america, for our military, not for china. >> google pulled back from china in 2010 because it's search engine was used by the government to censor critics. it opened an office in beijing two years ago to keep its foothold in this giant market buried >> bret: jennifer griffin at the pentagon, thank you. stocks were down today. at the bell the dow hit an all-time high before closing off 23.5. the s&p 500 dropped 10, the nasdaq fell 35. there are growing concerns by conservatives and fiscal hawks about a deficit that is now projected to cross the $1 trillion mark this year. news comes as congress looks to increase spending ahead of the next fiscal year. correspondent rich edson looks at the numbers tonight. >> new white house budget projections show the united states will add $1 trillion to the national debt this year.
3:33 pm
levels of annual federal borrowing not to seen since times of economic crisis in world war and the total national debt exceeding an unprecedented $22 trillion. >> a huge, massive unpaid for republican tax cut followed very quickly by a bipartisan massive spending increase in discretionary spending. >> not democrats and republicans are negotiating another budget deal. house speaker nancy pelosi says any agreement must match spending increases in defense with the same boost in funding for domestic programs like health care, education, and housing. democrats also want an additional $22 billion for veterans health care over the next two years. these spending discussions are part of negotiations to raise the federal borrowing limit. >> these are three major issues i think america is looking at and we would like to work and get the job done. >> raising the debt ceiling allows the federal government to borrow the money congress has already decided the united states should spend.
3:34 pm
democrats are rejecting a republican suggestion of a short-term deal if they fail to reach a longer agreement. they are aiming for a two-year spending and debt ceiling bill as officials warned congress again of the consequences of refusing to address the national debt. >> what will happen i think as we will just spend more of our precious resources paying interest on debt as opposed to investing in the stuff that we really need. >> a source familiar with the discussion says the house speaker and treasury secretary were scheduled to speak again this afternoon. trying to reach an agreement ahead of next friday, when the house goes into recess until after labor day. bret. >> bret: we will follow it. thanks. up next, the panel joins me to discuss the president's ongoing battle with the progress of congresswoman the fall out of washington. as we had to break, as mentioned earlier, ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 mission to the moon. the three man crew lifted off from florida on this date in 1969. there in the nation's capital, the rocket's image will be
3:35 pm
projected onto the washington monument tonight, tomorrow, and thursday evenings. something to see if you're here. we'll be right back with the panel. ♪ too many people in pain settle for a restless night's sleep. there's a better choice. aleve pm. the only one to combine a safe sleep aid
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3:39 pm the summer of audi sales event get exceptional offers now! ♪ >> it's up to them. they can do what they want. they can leave, they can stay, but they should love our country, and they should work for the good of our country. >> i should go back to the great borough of the bronx and make it better. and that's what i'm here to do. >> they blame america for so much of the trouble in the world. that's deeply troubling. >> he's called on us to go back and fight corruption and fight these countries that have forced leaders and inept leaders. well, we are living in one. he is that president . >> bret: some of the
3:40 pm
back-and-forth as you look alive at the house floor. this is the vote on the condemnation of the president's tweets. so far 173-148, 4 republicans voting p.a. this, as you can see his remaining open right now as it goes up, 182-148. if this will likely pass along party lines. four republicans joining, one independent joining. that we will see where this goes before the end of the show. let's bring in our panel, steeples and as a host of "the next revolution here on fox news channel. katie pavlich, news editor at jeff mason, white house correspondent for reuters. steve, your take on this back-and-forth and how it falls, where the fallout is after this now we are on, what, day to go, day three of? >> for most people watching is a really depressing episode. the political class just really being very self-indulgent, somewhat decadent, and getting involved in this kind of virtuous -- your racist, your
3:41 pm
racist. nothing practical that affects anybody's life in the real world but since we are having a conversation, i think it is important for everyone who's got a platform to condemn racist speech and hateful speech but with got to be consistent about it, not just what we saw on sunday, and i think it was those things, but also what we've seen from some of these members of congress. if anti-semitism for me is part of hateful speech and racism and it's not just that, if the language about -- this for me is the most offensive of part what's going on at the border, describing most people at the border who are trying to protect the country and help people and manage a chaotic situation as nazis and talking about is concentration camps, that is also hateful and that needs to be condemned just as forcefully. >> bret: 198-159 currently. let's take a look at the two tweets about the president's tweets that he tweeted today, if that made sense. if those tweets not racist. i don't have a racist baltimore body. if the so-called boat to be taken -- republicans should not
3:42 pm
show weakness and fall into their trap. the should be a vote on the filthy language statements and lies told by the democratic congresswoman who i truly believe, based on their actions, hate our country. get a list of the horrible things they have said. omar is pulling at 8%, cortez at 21%, nancy pelosi tried to push them away but now they are forever wedded to the democratic party, see you in 2020." he does see, as is forecasting here, a political benefit to this battle as he heads into 2020. >> for sure. i think is encapsulated in the fact that the end of that week was see you in 2020. he sees a benefit to getting up the base, which he has done with this kind of rhetoric before. he sees a benefit to creating a discussion on the democratic party of progressives versus the moderates and i think you probably also enjoys the constant news attention. no news -- what's the saying, no news is bad news gimmick this fits into that category for him
3:43 pm
as well. >> bret: today, also, katie, house speaker gave a floor speech and then was confronted by a republican river, representative collins, about what she said. there was a vote about what she said. take a listen. >> every single member of this institution, democratic and republican should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a shocking rejection of our values and the shameful abdication of our oath of office to protect the american people. >> how is this going to get -- if you would like to rephrase that comment. >> i have cleared my remarks before about them. i make a point of order that they were request that they be taken down. >> 190, the knows are 232. the motion is not adopted. >> bret: that was a vote to strike her remarks because of a lack of decorum.
3:44 pm
the parliamentarian eventually said was in fact the case. >> because she violated a row from 1984 that you cannot call any president, not just president trump, a racist on the floor. so if we are going to adopt this resolution that has gotten a lot of attention over the past couple of days. it was announced yesterday, you probably should know the rules to make sure that it goes smoothly. the question is principles become on the issue better off now than she was last friday? last week she was the one being accused of racism by the very for people who are continuing their attacks on president trump, and yet she was trying to push impeachment away. they have a press conference yesterday. they brought up impeachment again. so not only is she now having to -- she's embraced them, but she's not going to have to curtail the calls for impeachment is a number of democrats get on board and say see, now we have no excuse not to impeach the president. for donald trump, he is willing to have this debate in this conversation out on the campaign trail to the american people at a time when ice facilities, mexican flags are being hoisted up as american flags are being
3:45 pm
torn down. you see time after time patriotism being attacked in this country, the sign of americanism being attacked. and he's going to talk about those things and bring up a long record of people like aoc saying america's garbage and capitalism is irredeemable. he's willing to talk about those things. >> i guess my question is does that make it okay for the president of the lawmakers to go back to the places from which they came. that seems to be the stem of the criticism about these are racist tweets. >> bret: the republicans have weighed in. eight of them in the senate, 24 of them in the house have come out condemning the president's remarks. also commenting on the democrats remarks. here's the senate majority leader and other republicans as well today. >> the president is not a racist, and i think the tone of all of this is not good for the country. but it's coming from all different ideological points of view. >> i believe this is about ideology. if this is about socialism versus freedom. >> the president's remarks were
3:46 pm
inappropriate. many legitimate criticisms you can make a post for members of congress, but you shouldn't use terminology like that. >> bret: so we just learned that they do have the votes to pass this resolution in house. katie. >> just to answer the question, of course it doesn't make it necessarily okay. and of course the tweet was inaccurate. it was false. you shouldn't be telling americans to go back to the countries, but when you look at the things that someone like ilhan omar, who was brought into the country under the grace of the american people as a refugee, she does oh some form of gratitude instead of trying to tear down the country at all costs and if we are going to talk about this in terms of holding everybody accountable, let's hold her accountable, let's hold aoc accountable for the horrible things that they are also saying about fellow americans despite their skin color. >> bret: should we leave it there? >> i think, honestly the whole country wishes we could leave it there and move on to something practical that might actually help improve their lives. >> bret: i'm not sure this is
3:47 pm
it. next up, is google committing treason by working with china? we will look into that as well. ♪ ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need.
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♪ >> google is working with the chinese, communist government and not with the u.s. military.
3:51 pm
i think when ice formation as they figure they have to because if they don't give it to them through the front door, it will get stolen through the vectors. >> i meet with google ceo on a regular basis. i think they're working for america, for our military, not for china. >> i would like to recommend to the various agencies, including perhaps our attorney generals who was with us to maybe take a look. and we will see if there's any truth to it. >> bret: google responding to this call for an investigation whether they are working with the chinese military. with a statement saying as we have said before we do not work with the chinese military, but here is the chairman of the joint chiefs back in march with a bit of a warning. >> the work that google is doing in china is indirectly benefiting the chinese military. indirect may be not a full characterization of the way it really is. it's more of a direct benefit to
3:52 pm
the chinese military. >> bret: what about this? back what i found. kind of interesting to hear president way in, saying i want to know what's going on. >> it is. john roberts actually asked him that question and i think it's interesting that he said -- he basically directed his attorney general to look into it. another interesting aspect of that is in some ways it connects him, or puts them in the same area as some of the democrats were talking about breaking up a big tech. he's not calling for google to be broken up, but that is a similar issue. take a close look at this big giant technology company and their influence in china and elsewhere. >> bret: it does seem like we're going to a tipping point and that she issue whether it's privacy and facebook. there is a lot that is brewing here. here is senator ted cruz on google and its political power. >> google is a monopoly. google may well be the most powerful company office of the planet because they have a monopoly on information, on what you know and what i know. and not only that, but google owns youtube, which is the
3:53 pm
second most popular website on the face of the planet. and the problem is they use these monopoly powers to silence voices don't like. >> bret: what about that, katie? >> there are all kinds of questions about domestic censorship on the chinese issue, the cyber experts i've talked to and people who work in tech and the government say, look, when these companies become bigger than the country, there are very serious questions about whether they have an obligation in terms of patriotism to their country to work with the u.s. government on certain issues. a number of google employees have decided they are not going to work with u.s. government, and maybe that's okay, but those are the questions. when google says they are not working with the chinese military, the chinese military is directly connected to the chinese government, so then you given to questions about other types of security, are they stealing information at the pentagon is using to then engage in the same kind of technology in terms of the battlefield, so there are all kinds of questions that we have as we continue to go into more cyber warfare cyber
3:54 pm
issues domestically. >> bret: stephen. >> i think we need to separate the china issue from all the others. the china issue is a really serious national security point. china has a stated aim of toppling the u.s. as a world superpower. they're planning to do that primarily through technology, applied to the military and elsewhere. and that's funded by their economy. and whether deliberately or inadvertently google and other tech companies, reported last week that ibm is one of them. are helping china to build their surveillance state and establish their superiority in areas like ai and quantum computing. that is a real threat not just to america, but to the world. you don't want an authoritarian regime like that running the world. so that's that, but on the domestic stuff, the antitrust conversation, there again i think we need some tough action because if you believe in markets, if you believe in competition, even if you're worried about the censorship someone, what you want to see is a much more competitive situation in each of these areas. that's why i agree with the
3:55 pm
cause to break these companies out. >> bret: i think is going to be a lot more on capitol hill in the coming days and weeks. in the meantime, that resolution passed 240-187 to condemn the president of the united states. over under that we will hear from the president after the smoke? >> i'm sure he will weigh in. >> bret: when we come back, thank you panel, a hero's returned home. ♪ choosing my car insurance was the easiest decision ever. i switched to geico and saved hundreds. that's a win.
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what sore muscles? what with advpounding head? .. advil is... relief that's fast. strength that lasts. you'll ask... what pain? with advil. ♪ >> bret: finally tonight, and major lost and found. >> this is almost like my uncle nick is coming home. >> bret: seaman second-class nick, jr., who served in world war ii, was considered lost at sea on september 6th 1943. last month an employee at a goodwill store in tucson, arizona, found his purple heart. if investigators located his family and everyone including republican senator marge and
4:00 pm
martha mcsally was on hand to celebrate the purple heart's return to that family. congratulations to that goodwill guy. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced, and unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha starts right now. >> martha: good evening, bret. a great story, good to see you tonight. all right, first it was collusion, then the argument was destruction obstruction, and other democrats want to impeach the president for racism. moments ago, the house voted to officially condemn the president's remarks about the women known as the squad, the four freshman congresswoman, and perhaps set the starting point for this third chapter in the impeachment story. so has the goalpost for impeachment been moved yet agai again? >> collusion or conspiracy, whatever you want to call it, to move forward with impeachment on this president. >> this president andis