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tv   Hannity  FOX News  July 16, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ddr it if you have that capability. by the way, if you do, you probably deserve to go to yale law school. will be back. in the meantime. i just got an email saying something like, safe tucker. save tucker. i'm right there by your side. if you've got more trouble that i don't even know about. all right, thank you. welcome to hannity. we start tonight with a fox news alert. we've got massive breaking news. abuse did occur. we've got confirmation. we'll tell you more about it. also, coming up, he will be with you for the brand-new evidence. also tonight, we are going to begin with the fake outrage. first it's collusion, bennett's
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obstruction. now it's racism. the evolution of the left's anti-trump rage is beyond desperate and predictable, and despicable at the same time. now, moments ago, the democratically elected house voted to condemned president trumps love it or leave it. the special congress woman omar, speaker pelosi called the president a racist. the funny part is, it was only a few days ago when the squad leader, congressman dominic alea ocasio-cortez accused nancy pelosi of picking out people of color and racism. remember those same democrats, they refused to condemn ilhan
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omar for her constant, vile, anti-semitic remarks? just take a look at your screen over there. these four radical congresswomen run the house of representatives. they are in control, pretty much of the presidential candidates. now, the four radicals, two of which are bigoted anti-semites are now setting the agenda for the entire party tonight in just a few minutes, we are going to provide context. we have a special hannity history lesson about the democratic party. a history with race. their rapid hypocrisy. their shameful political grandstanding on the issue of race, and much more. my monologue, my history lesson in just a moment. we'll get to it in this segment. but first, joining us now is someone who voted against the resolution. congresswomen, liz cheney. when i go through this history, it is deep. it is profound, and nobody else
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in the media will talk about it. the laws in somalia are pretty horrible toward women, horrible on abortion for those that are pro-choice. horrible on gay rights, and so much more. the president said, when you fix somalia, then you can talk about the u.s. >> what we've watched happen today is really shameful. you had democratic leadership completely unwilling to condemn their own members for really vile anti-semitic remarks. you watched as nancy pelosi showed total utter contempt, disregard for what is really the heart of our constitutional republic, for the floor of house representatives. she violated the rules, she stormed off the floor. she refused to come back. she's acting as though she thinks this is nancy pelosi's house, when it is the people's
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house. it's really important for us to focus on what they stand for and what they stand for is a socialist agenda that would be devastating for this nation. >> tucker: congresswoman firsto an important story that is receiving almost zero attention from the mainstream media mob. it was over the weekend. a radical group of antifa attempted to blow up an immigration customs center. ultimately killed after opening fire on police officers. trace gallagher, very dangerous situation there. by the way, where are the democrats condemning ilhan omar? >> sean, it turns out the man who tried to blow it up in
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tacoma. last year, 68-year-old was arrested by wrapping his arms around a police officer in order to free another chester. saturday morning, he came back with a rifle, started tossing devices, and tried to blow up a propane tank. could have resulted to the murder of staff and detainees. he was shot and killed by responding officers. it appears he was looking to die, because he left behind a manifesto, where he identified as ilhan omar, and says quote i regret that i will miss the rest of the revolution doing what i can to defend my precious and wonderful people. he also referred to the detention centers as concentration camps. meanwhile, the american flag has now been restored after
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protesters replaced it with a mexican flag. they also ripped down a blue lives matter flag. they split dominic spray-painted then they put the flag upside down. >> sean: echoed language from college dominic congresswoman alexandra ocasio-cortez. it's a shameful political tactic on the left. we do expect elected members of congress to denounce violence, especially when the target of that violence includes federal law enforcement officials who serve and protect our country and put their lives on the line for us every day. now, after initially dodging questions, to her credit, ocasio-cortez condemned the attacks. a fellow squad member,
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congresswoman omar will not condemn the violence. really, congresswoman? you're going to defend this? >> will you condemn the ilhan omar attacks on washington over the weekend? will you condemn them prefer fo? i guess when you laugh about al qaeda as she has and referred to 9/11, i guess we shouldn't expect any better. as we speak, the members of this group are now in full control of the democratic party, with the most influence of the 2020 democratic hopefuls. this ongoing feud between pelosi
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and ocasio-cortez. she accused the house speaker, nancy's pelosi of race medicine every two and every four years. that brings us to a very important hannity history lesson in our monologue tonight. for years, anything democrats disagree with, they would label as racist or sexist. look at your screen. betsy ross american flag room temperature walls. the national anthem, mitt romne mitt romney. they said he was racist. every modern day republican, and a conservative president, yes. racist. the electoral college, red hats, private schools, public schools, 401(k)s, the bible, almost everything you can think of has been in the past label
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we will remind them tonight. why haven't they made condemnations in each of these cases? this was a picture under his name and his medical school yearbook. to this day, he won't admit whether he's the one in blackface or the man wearing a kkk outfit. he was not kicked out of office. he wasn't even officially censored. by the way, as the attorney general admitted to wearing blackface as well. i don't see democrats raising and condemning and saying they need to get out of office like yesterday. zero consequences. oh, so we only get outraged when a republican or conservative does it.
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why not run with a good political story? not because it's true. how many times have we said, while they were all the believers about justice kavanaugh from what he did in high school. crazy allegations. unproven allegations. here it is. significant, serious allegations of rate, sexual assault against lieutenant governor. not a peep out of people. want to talk about obstruction of justice? what happens if when you obstruct justice and delete emails. then you acid wash your hard drive? you have an under lime stomach line crime that's called the espionage act special access programming marked as such to bypass congressional oversight. the selective moral outrage of the left.
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let's go to 2008. then media ignored president obama's relationship with the reverend preacher jeremiah wright. his philosophy was blaming white people for all the world's problems. obama, of course he was inspired to write a book on this topic. he quoted his message in his memoir. here's obama's words. we knew this before he became president. take a listen. >> it is this world. a world where white folks greed runs a world in need. apartheid in one hemisphere. apathy in another hemisphere." >> >> sean: prior to his election, obama was also seen smiling with that guy. that would be the violent racist hate preacher.
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some people knew about this picture, but they kept it hidden from view, we the people here do so, the president left office. that was a president of how the media would react. how democrats would react. former president, bill clinton recently spent time right there. bill clinton. how are you doing? that's me. after appearing on stage with the bigot. congresswoman actually wrote an article for his racist publication. in case you forgot, here's a small sample on who he really i is. take a listen. >> the satanic that control everything and mostly everybody are my enemies. you see, white people deserve to die. there is no human being on earth
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who has murdered more living things than the caucasians. he's a murderer and a liar. >> do you want your picture with that man? imagine smiling next to that monster in a picture. called the juice termites. called white people the devil. today, most democrats running for present dominic president are staying away from islam. however, they are all desperate. almost every single democrat now, running for president is bowing down to the preacher with a long history of racist and anti-semitic rhetoric. they all want to support. who support are they asking for a question this guy. >> you ain't nothing.
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we built pyramids. >> sean: wire democrats sucking up and trying to get his to matt dominic endorsement? and then of course you have by then. "washington post" even reported he has sealed the public records. you want to see the president's tax returns, we want to see your records. even solicited the support of
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secretary dominic segregationists. over the years, biden has made many seemingly racist comments. as a democrat, no moral outrage. no condemnation. here's a reminder of sleepy crazy crazy uncle joe. >> you don't know my state. my state is a state. my state is a border state. my state is the eighth largest in the country.
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>> unchained wall street. [boos] >> they are going to put you back in chains. >> sean: alabama governor, george wallace was a democrat. he vowed to enforce segregation forever. remember, a significant number of democrats even opposed the 1964 civil rights bill, including al gore's father, who launched the filibuster against the bill, and then the 1965 voting act. opposing this landmark legislation. let's not forget robert. once an actual member of the clan.
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hillary clinton has referred to him as her mentor. you might remember this. >> i've seen a lot of white blank in my time. we all just need to work together to make our country a better country. >> sean: all of what we've shown you is being routinely ignored by the media mob. it happens day in and day out. what used to be every two and four years is not every day. take a look. >> what the leader of the republican party and this congress are doing and blocking an accurate census, because they don't want to count everyone that they don't think they can count on. they are in favor of affirmative action. if you can dunk the basketball
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or sank a three-point shot. they're not in favor of it if you nearly have the potential to be a leader in your community. don't, we've got a color-blind society. >> sean: george bush supported the death penalty for the eve or there's a lot of phony hypocritical outrage on the left. this is the tip of the iceberg. i could do a full hour history lesson and still not get half of what i want to say in. >> know you sure couldn't. this goes back to the golden rule of where we are in politics now. is this, right. liberals and their media buddies
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think that we are bad people. because they think we are bad people, our ideas don't matter. sean, what is the most potent political tactical battlefield weapon to hurt someone who has a bad person politically? to charge them with the ugliest thing possible, racism. now, the media knows this is rampant on the left. they are not stupid, but they just ignore it. there is no consistency at all. sean, how do you explain to me the fact that ilhan omar has a history of tweeting that israel is quote hypnotized the world." a blatantly anti-semitic quote. the jewish people are bribing. >> how about laughing at the americans pronunciation of al qaeda russian mark >> i saw that whole interview look at some sort of a drug that they killed people on american
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soil. this is not about principle. it never was. >> sean: this goes to a lot of issues. it's the same about obstruction of justice. hillary sold the biggest slam-dunk effort. the subpoena emails, and you delete them, and you acid wash her hard rate drive. they don't say a word. justice kavanaugh, i believe, but the lieutenant governor of virginia, i am silent. so, it's not the issues they care about. how they can use issues to bludgeon their opponents. because i think you touched about something very important. senator mcconnell said something that was very important today when he. dan touched on it as well. the democrats want to talk about making it personal. want to talk about people is a
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social and fiscal conservative, i think our policies are better. when you talk about the president's record, what he's doing on the economy, what he's doing for veterans, what he's doing for the military, are all things that americans can be proud of and support. i think that we as conservatives can't take our eye off the ball. we've got to remember, if we have a campaign on the issues, we win. we need to get this back to policies and issues and not let it get personal anymore. that's the distraction. the democrats know that the presidents winning on issues. we know that the president's has the right agenda. if we can stick to policies and not make it personal, i think we'll continue to grow our majority in both the house and the senate. >> sean: i think he's right. this is political suicide. the new green deal. okay, that's unworkable. we've gone over that in detail.
6:22 pm
the selective moral outrage. the endless investigations. what are they ever going to do to help the american people who they were elected to serve. i think of service as you are a servant of. i don't see them serving anyone but themselves. >> sean, i may be crazy, but i think nancy pelosi wants us to go away too. i know she went on the floor today. she's good at that too. but i can't believe for a moment she wants to face the democratic party going into 2022 beat the squad. >> we need to make this a binary choice. the democrats want to take us toward socialism. this is a very simple proposition for the american people to understand. we need to get back to issues and make it very clear that that's the choice.
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>> sean: thank you. sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe. the squad. is that going to hurt them? lara trump also exclusively tonight, we have news that john paul stevens died at the age of 99. let's see, aleve is proven better on pain than tylenol extra strength. and last longer with fewer pills. so why am i still thinking about this? i'll take aleve. aleve. proven better on pain.
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♪ >> sean: now with this campaign, nonstop damage control, we have sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe. going so far as to describe congresswoman. the real speaker of the house, alexandria ocasio-cortez is
6:28 pm
quote stomach " stick a what you think about how nancy boccaccio is handling. >> i think she was smart as hell. a really bright. really value added to the party in terms of pushing the edge. aoc is brilliant. i think the other women are really smart. they are the exception, rather than the rule. if you listen to the guys and women in your business, they think, thus the majority of people who got elected. we need that kind of energy, but that's not the my gemini stomach majority
6:29 pm
>> sean: they're never going to endorse him at the democratic primary. don't take my word for it. ocasio-cortez and what she's had to say about biden so far. i don't think the suck up things going to work, joe. >> this idea that we can go back to building with obama. i think there's an emotional element to that, but i don't want to go back. i want to go forward. when you are struggling to talk about segregationist, and you are on the side of discussing them in glowing terms, that is a big problem.
6:30 pm
i think struggling and talking about women's rights is a big issue. struggling to convey respect for women in this day and age is a big issue. i think those are systemic issues. those are very deep. those are problems. >> sean: is a prediction, uncle joe. the questions are only going to get tougher. the scrutiny of biden will only intensify. the question is, how far left is uncle joe willing to go? senior advisor for trump 2020. great to see you. how are you? >> thank you. about a month. >> sean: about a month. uncle sean's here. you see what's happening.
6:31 pm
she's desperate. she's hanging by a thread. joe, not well-liked, but he still trying to suck up. where is this going to end up? >> if you have any questions about where the democrats were, here's your answer. joe biden has realized he has got to move so far to the left to fit in with this new party, so people going to the poll's in 2020 should remember this. it's a boccaccio cortez in chae these are the people, the green new deal people who are in charge of the party. some socialists, who want to take full government control of everything in our country, or we can contact to continue the incredible prosperity we have under donald trump.
6:32 pm
>> sean: how do you recover from i want to eliminate oil, gas, combustion engine. trump is different. he ran on promises. he stuck to them, and he's doing exactly what he said. >> yeah, he has delivered on all the promises to the american people, which is why i always say that i think this president will easily win reelection. that does not mean that we will arrest a single minute until november 3rd out of 2020. we need to make sure. it is a dire situation right now. think if any of these people got control of the white house. what that would mean for our country. it would be a very different looking country. i have very full confidence that our president -- >> sean: nobody shows up to any democrat rallies. it's pretty funny. really, these tiny itsy-bitsy crowds. the president's enthusiasm is there. support not only seems to be holding, but stronger. the question is, okay, with
6:33 pm
record low unemployment and the best employment situation since 1969, i can tell you every met that was on the world series team. will they now go over to president trump saying, he works. he's getting the job done. >> i think he will win with women in a bigger way, african-americans in a bigger way, hispanics in a bigger way. i think more people are going to come out and vote for donald trump in 2020. it has to hurt them, because people are sick of this. this is not. they are continuing to stop thi this. >> sean: melania, baron. eric can take it.
6:34 pm
the attacks against the women in your family have been unprecedented. >> yeah, but the good news is women are on our side. we had a big lunch today. our women for trump coalition. it is amazing. >> sean: one do you get out? i got a job available for you. >> jobs are back in pennsylvania. they are back for hardworking americans. >> congrats on the baby. >> thank you. [laughs] >> sean: i won't bother you until three days after the baby is born. when we come back, huge breaking news tonight. we will break it here. the fbi has a spreadsheet of the claims. they knew 90% was wrong and unverifiable. he joins us next. he talked to the people of new york to ask what they think of ocasio-cortez and the squad. straight ahead. ♪ tton.
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♪ >> john solomon out with a huge breaking story tonight. solomon reporting the fbi kept a spreadsheet with information showing the to be full of false claims. 90% unverifiable, wrong. let's see. the fbi warns that it is unverified. also that hilary paid for it. no dossier. no warrant. now we know the fbi knew it was false? all of it. most of it? two yeah, that is a hundred percent accurate, sean.
6:40 pm
it took until 2019 to get a definitive answer. the early 17, the fbi has begun a significant effort to assess credibility of the dossier. they came to the assessment after the interview, which i believe was in january-february of 2017, that he was either intentionally misleading or exaggerating in ways that cost steele's report to be grossly inaccurate. the vast majority of them were either wrong, unverifiable, despite all the intelligence the fbi had. an intern with a google search could find on the internet. not actual intelligence, but google garbage. why is that significant? they were continuing to
6:41 pm
represent to the court that christopher steele was a reputable source. the seminal thing they shared, they wrote in a verified report that christopher steele had cooperated july 2016. the fbi never verified that. ultimately concluded it did not happen. that is the sort of information they knew was wrong in 2017. it took us until 2019 to get the same answer. >> sean: by the way, there was a had like to headline in "the new york times." it looks like steele. we were reporting that two years ago. welcome aboard "new york times"" maybe they could have just written john solomon, we were
6:42 pm
wrong. >> it's great that everyone is catching up to the facts. how bad this fbi investigation was. >> sean: we have another big story coming this week. i am purview to what is coming. i will not reveal it. the new book coming out in october. "witch hunt" is the title. part of this question, congressman, you may not like. i'm assuming you knew about this fbi document. they knew 90%, if not more, the dossier that was used as the bulk of information for the fisa application debunked. they used it anyway. did you know that and not tell your buddy sean hannity? sean, some of the things i am privy to, we can't share on national tv. that's why it's important.
6:43 pm
>> sean: that's the only question you'd ever answer. >> i consistently say you are over the target. not only do we know that the dossier was unverified. they continue to spy on american citizens and use that information as if it were credible. it's even worse than that, sean. here's the problem. the fbi fired christopher steel steele. they continued to use him as a credible source, and now there's had lines out there saying that christopher steele somehow has this verifiable dossier. let me just tell you, that's flat out false. john solomon's reporting is accurate. >> sean: i had to laugh when i read the stories in "the washington post." they were essentially saying, the ig found still credible. that is preposterous. not only has muller debunked it and the fbi debunked it, we
6:44 pm
now know that for sure. a year ago in my book, i went through every single allegation of collusion and debunked it. it was classic russian disinformation. what they always do is throw in one or two tidbits of truth, which they did, but they had nothing whatsoever to do with trump-russian collusion. >> if i may be so bold. i'm teasing about that part. if you knew this and if andrew andrew mccabe said there is no dossier. there's no pfizer warrant, that means that not only does christopher get paid by four separate entities, including hillary, the dfc for lies, but for allies everyone was warned about. they use them anyway. that sounds to me like premeditated fraud on the pfizer
6:45 pm
cord that happened four separate times over the course of a full year, then what other information do you know that you can't share with us? >> i can tell you, sean, this. the pfizer application. john ratcliffe, all of us have been saying for a long time that it was a fraud that was perpetrated on the american people. because they said this was all about papadopoulos. it had nothing to do with papadopoulos. >> sean: the whole thing was a lie from the get-go. the people that did it knew it. they kept hoping they would find information on president trump. it's time that we actually tear it all back and let the american people see for themselves. >> why do i think, and i'll throw this to the lawyer, hannity knew that what i was
6:46 pm
presented to the court was an absolute live, and now we know there verifiable. even the fbi knew. my would be in jail. >> sean: it was a fraud on the court. he likely admitted that he warned the fbi they needed to vet this, because it was raw intelligence based on limited intelligence and unverifiable. >> they'd tried to literally commit a coup on information they knew was a lie. absolutely. they tried to undo an election. >> i would have gone to jail. >> sean: andy mccabe and peter knew better and they need to be held accountable. >> certainly james should have known about all of this, and i think in the days to come, we'll find out. >> he signed the first warrant.
6:47 pm
they all told him it's b.s. >> he always claims amnesia and ignorance. he would say, i signed it, but i would didn't really read it. i was trusting other people. that's his classic response. >> sean: thank you both. when we come back, we'll sit in the streets of new york to ask about all casio ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, the squad as they are known. that's next. ♪ [ soft piano music playing ] mm, uh, what do you do for fun? -not this. ♪ -oh, what am i into? mostly progressive's name your price tool. helps people find coverage options based on their budget. flo has it, i want it, it's a whole thing, and she's right there. -yeah, she's my ride. this date's lame. he has pics of you on his phone. -they're very tasteful.
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>> sean: we hit the streets. new york city to see what they e mike thought of the squad. you've heard of the squad. what are your thoughts? >> i like them a lot. i think they are bringing new voices to congress. >> i like the squad.
6:52 pm
>> are you supportive of them? >> not of aoc. >> the way that the four of them think is very much socialist and communistic. >> sean: editor and cheap and campus reform. maria salazar is with us. you have to win that seat. please run again, because you will win. >> thank you very much for the encouragement. >> sean: reaction? you either get the love he got in our land or hate you got. >> it's very clear that a lot of them love aoc. they feel that they are the energy of the party, which i think is arguably true. they are the face of the democratic party nancy pelosi is no longer the speaker. they are in control of it.
6:53 pm
the problem is, what's going to happen in the next election? they think they can get a lawn of the millennials that are on the college campuses. when it comes to this election, how are they going to win back those same counties that barack obama had? they can't do it. >> sean: did trump lose any supporters since 2016, or have they become more appreciated because of his success? question two, record low unemployment, are they now open to say, wow's policies work. i'm going to vote for him? >> when you look at the reality, you look at the upon dominic economy, when need to see. i believe the big danger here is that aoc and her friends within the democratic party really believe that socialism, they are romanticizing. they are making socialism.
6:54 pm
>> sean: your first generation american to. you're from cuba. >> absolutely. i grew up hearing the stories. that's why i compassionately tell you that what they're selling to the base and to the millennials is miserably, oppression, and exile at the end. there's nothing romantic, or good about socialism. the word carries evil. >> sean: do people seem to understand that it doesn't and >> they appreciate the energy. >> this started because of open borders. it's going to affect black people. >> sean: and hispanic-americans.
6:55 pm
anger because. >> no, they are not. >> they want to legalize or give some type of legality to those who have been here for more than ten years. they don't want citizenship. they want legality. >> sean: i have a challenge for sleepy, creepy, crazy uncle joe. what is that? next. ♪ with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today.
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...that help protect them. ocuvite. eye nutrition for today. ♪ >> sean: all right, so earlier today sleepy, creepy crazy uncle joe biden to handle president trump on the debate stage. here is what he said. >> he is making fun of your age, your mental status and going after you in a way, i mean. >> jokingly. come on, run with me, man. >> come on, man, how many push-ups can you do? you can tell the president is
7:00 pm
busy cleaning up the mess you left, i will take you up on the challenge. you name the time in the place and i'm ready. i don't -- tell me where and when. that is all the time we have left. we will never be the destroyed hate medium up, let your heart not be troubled, laura ingraham or both of us. >> laura: not bad. probably both biden and trump, no problem whatsoever. >> sean: what you say that? >> laura: i don't care. i can do more push-ups than either biden or him, but that is not really come i mean they have a few years on me at least, but let me tell you, hannity it always comes down to that for guys, doesn't it? a playground thing, oh, come on, no. he wants to show he still got it. he's a strong intellect. >> sean: joe has no energy. his own team knows in a second he's going to say another dumb thing and he will.