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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  July 17, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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sensation, coach drake, loses it after getting ejected from a game. he kicked up dirt on the umpire's shoes, leading him to throw bats and a hat, all before leaving the game. that wraps up this hour of "fox & friends first." thanks for joining us. "fox & friends first" continues right now. bye-bye. can i ask to be taken down. the words are unparliamentary. jillian: it is wednesday, july 17th. history made for all the wrong reasons. nancy pelosi banned from speaking during a floor fight over president trump's comments about the squad. rob: we're live in washington where emotions are still running high in the house. also, a new roadblock in the search for protesters who replaced an american flag with the mexican flag outside of a colorado i.c.e. facility. jillian: why police were forced to blackout this photo or face
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legal trouble of their own. and they're not just our best friends. new science proves it pays to have pets. rob: "fox & friends first" continues roo right now. ♪ ♪ i'm walk on sunshine. ♪ whoa. ♪ i'm walking on sunshine. ♪ whoa. ♪ and don't it feel good. ♪ hey, all right now. ♪ don't it feel good. rob: dancing already. one of the songs, everybody knows the songs. did you know that was katrina and the waves. jillian: i didn't. i also don't call what i just did dancing. that's why i do it off camera. rob: good morning. you're watching gnar "fox & fris
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first" on this wednesday morning. jillian: i'm jillian mele. let's begin with this. the house passing a resolution condemning president trump's so-called racist remarks against the squad. rob: the decision coming after hours chaos which led to speaker nancy pelosi temporarily losing her ability to speak on the floor. jillian: mark meredith joins us live from washington on this historic procedural meltdown. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning, gilliajillian and rob. house lawmakers approved a resolution condemning president trump's remarks. many democrats you accused the president of using racist language when he said four progressive lawmakers should essentially go back to where they came from. all four of those members are american citizens. the comments have been engulfing washington in controversy. house speaker nancy pelosi was among those who spoke out on the house floor. >> these comments from the white
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house are disgraceful and disgusting and the comments are racist. every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. >> reporter: speaker pelosi herself got into some hot water over those comments. a republican congressman from georgia accused the speaker of violating house rules and challenged her on those comments on the floor. >> could i ask to be taken down. i made a point of order the words are unparliament t's ary. >> all members, please, please, do not make personal comments. >> reporter: democratic leaders agreed pelosi's were ou commente out of line. foreigns and one independent joined democrats in voting to condemn president trump. speaking of the president, he was on twitter last night, talking about all this.
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this is what he had to say. quote, so great to see how unified the republican party was on today's vote concerning statements i made about four democratic congresswomen. those congresswomen are speaking out in a knee interview on cbs. >> not a single republican could bring themselves to have the basic human dea hugh decency toe against the statement the president made on the floor. >> reporter: we expect to hear more from the president later today. he'll be holding a campaign rally in greenville, north carolina, around 7:00 this evening. vice president mike pence is ole alsalso making the trip down the for the event. jillian: thank you. rob: senator john kennedy said the president used a poor choice of word but ultimately supports the intended message. jillian: he said the squad has a right to their opinion and a right to leave if they really hate the country. >> i hesitate to contribute to this freak show but i'll offer
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my thoughts. i don't think president trump is a racist. i don't think his original tweet was racist. i think it was a poor choice of words. what he has said now in clarification is that this is not china. this is america. and in america, if you hate our country, you're free to leave. the four congresswomen think that america was wicked in its origins. they're entitled to their opinion. they're americans. but i'm entitled to my opinion and i just think they're left wing cranks and they're the reason that there are directions on a shampoo bottle. i think we should ignore member. rob: members of that squad said they would be open to sitting down and resolving their differences with nancy pelosi but no word if or when that will happen. jillian: now we have a fox news alert. a kentucky sheriff's deputy is
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fighting for his life after getting shot in the line of duty overnight. the deputy was responding to a domestic dispute when the gunman opened fire from his car outside the home. the suspect then hit a patrol car head-on before speeding away. officers later arrested him in a nearby cemetery. the deputy is in critical condition. another fox news alert. the terror suspect believed to be linde the 2008 mumbai attacks is arrested in pakistan. the assault left 166 people dead as gunmen stormed hotels and city landmarks over three days in india. the secretary of state, mike pompeo, recently said he was committed to seeing those responsible face justice. the u.s. offered a $5 million reward saying the mastermind behind the attack had not been convicted. the arrest comes just days before the pakistan's prime
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minister visits washington. rob: police in cal colorado hig a roadblock in search for protesters who replaced an american flag with a mexican flag outside of an i.c.e. facility. they posted this photo. the same set of photos with one blacked out. the picture was taken by a denver post photographer. the paper issued a cease and desist order to the police department as they try to figure it out. the group was protesting the trump administration's planned immigration action. a $4,000 reward is offered for any information on who did the flag swap there. anti-i.c.e. protests continuing this week in dc, activists blocking all entrances and exits to i.c.e. headquarters, protesting immigration policies. as demonstrations get out-of-hand, democrats are refusing to condemn some of these violent acts from the far left. anna coyman joins us with more
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on that. >> reporter: good morning. definitely out-of-hand. dozens of protesters gathered in the nation's capital, calling to abolish the federal agency. several frustrated i.c.e. employees tried to get into work without success. some 11 protesters were arrested. this is days after antifa anarchist was killed by police for storming a tacoma, washington i.c.e. facility armed with a rifle. police say he was throwing i'm senincendiary devices at vehicl. he lit one on fire. he claimed to be provoked by, quote, corporate for profit concentration camps, a comparison first used by congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez. the freshman congresswoman along with others in the democratic party called to abolish i.c.e., making the agency a new target for the left. >> i think abolish i.c.e. is a
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call to action. >> we need to abolish i.c.e. >> we should protect families that need our help and that's not what i.c.e. is doing today. that's why i believe we should get rid of it. >> abolishing i.c.e. protects my family from the militaryization that is happening in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: when some of the democrats were asked if they would condemn antifa's violence, they were completely silent. >> will you condemn antifa for the attack in washington? >> reporter: some republicans calling on the president to help stop the violence. dan patrick asked for an executive order to unmask the antifa activists and hopefully curb the violent demonstrations. rob: today, protests are planned across new york city marking five years since eric garner's death. demonstrators marching against bill barr's decision not to
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pursue federal criminal charges against the nypd officer involved. >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. i can't breathe. rob: garner died of a fatal asthma attack in 2014. investigators determined he was put in a choke hold during the struggle with police. that tactic is against nypd policy. the incident helped to spark the black lives matter movement. the officer involved has been on desk duty since that happened. he's now awaiting the results of a disciplinary hearing within the department that could lead to his firing. jillian: today the house is set to vote on holding attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross in contempt for ignoring subpoenas. democrats demanding to know why the administration wanted to add the citizenship he question to the 2020 census, this comes as a new york federal judge issues an order to perm ineptl permanentle trump administration from adding it. president trump says he will
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obtain citizenship information from other agencies. rob: border agents are fearing for their safety, so why aren't many democrats condemning this group? >> will you condemn antifa? will you condemn antifa for the attack in washington? rob: our next guest is a former i.c.e. agent. why he says the democrats' effort to abolish the agency only makes americans more vulnerable. jillian: mirror, mirror, on the wall, who looks the oldest of them all? we're trying out the new filter apps setting social media on fire. and let me tell you, believe it or not, rob was very excited about this. we're coming right back. ♪ may your guiding light be strong. ♪ the vacation rental that led to the ride ♪
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[ indiscernible ] rob: nearly a dozen protesters arrested outside i.c.e. headquarters in washington after blocking every entrance to the building and stopping employees from getting inside. jillian: this comes days after an antifa arres arrest anarchisd by police after trying to fire bomb an i.c.e. facility. rob: why have democrats on this issue remained largely silent? here to discuss is retired i.c.e. agent, victor avala. thanks for coming on this morning. you heard yesterday a couple didn't want to say anything about it. why do you think that is? >> they're trying tovill to vy i.c.e. agents. this is becoming a security issue for the men and women of i.c.e., doing their jobs and enforcing immigration laws that are on the books. it's important to note to our viewers what i.c.e. does. and not only the unfortunate --
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the homeland security investigation part where they investigate child exploitation, human trafficking, money laundering. it's important to know that i.c.e. has several functions out there and they're much needed. jillian: you and many others say that this makes americans vulnerable. explain why. >> well, i know all about vulnerability. as an agent that was shot in the line of duty, i saw my partner die next to me when we were ambushed in mexico. i know the dangers that i.c.e. agents face every day and with this type of exposure that they're getting, it doesn't make it any safer for them. rob: that has got be the scariest part, trying to do your job in this at po atmosphere. the message from democrats is that detaining illegal immigrants is cruel, kicking them out of the country with a court order to be removed is
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wrong. at this point i can't see this as anything other than essentially an open border policy. is that what you see? >> that's exactly what i see they don't want to amend the asylum laws. congress has the ability to do it today. they complain about the conditions of these holding facilities down at the border but yet they don't want to change the laws to do it. that tells me they're all about open borders. it's important to send the message, change these laws, especially to mexico and central america and the rest of the world, that the u.s. is not going to tolerate people just coming into our country and trying to manipulate our asylum laws to gain unlawful entry into the united states. jillian: 2020 as you know is creeping up upon us rather quickly. so at this point in the game, a lot of people trying to secure their voters, trying to secure those votes they're going to want. do you think some democrats are particularly trying to just pander to some of those radical
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left voters? >> yes, they are. and some of the stuff they're saying about abolishing i.c.e., if you abolish i.c.e., who is going to enforce our immigration laws? i mean, i.c.e. is the legacy agency of immigration and naturalize is a service and u.s. customs service, they existed for many years enforcing laws they have been on the books for many years many i'm not sure what they want to do about that. rob: there's wild rhetoric coming from the far left right now. victor, thank you so much. jillian: all eyes on north carolina as president trump hits the 2020 campaign trail. rob: todd piro is live at egg g yolk cafe. >> reporter: coming up, on "fox & friends first," we'll be talking about a new poll that came out that could be somewhat concerning for one joe biden.
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and i started exploring books that i normally wouldn't read. our ability to empathize through these stories, with these stories, can be transformational. it's my own thing that i can do for me. see what listening to audible can do for you. just text listen5 to 500500. jillian: good morning. welcome back. president trump is hitting the 2020 campaign trail, hosting a rally in greenville, north carolina today. rob: the president is set to take the stage as democratic frontrunner joe biden is dwindling in the polls. jillian: todd piro is live at egg yolk cafe with a preview. sounds yummy. hi, todd. >> reporter: do you think we'll have eggs today? that's an interesting question when you're at the egg yolk cafe. several important questions. the president is going to hop on air force one at about 6:00 today, coming on down here
2:23 am
to north carolina. earlier, he tweeted out that he was excited to come down here for what is sure to be a fiery rally, especially in light of dc the last few days. sean spicer saying he hopes the president and all republicans stick to the issues. >> the democrats want to talk about -- make it personal, want to talk about people. as a social and fiscal conservative, i think our policies are better. when you talk about the president's record, what he's doing on the economy, what he's doing for veterans, what he's doing for the military, are all things that americans can be proud of and support. >> reporter: as for the democrats, joe biden still leading in the race for the nomination, but not by as much as back in april. specifically, in some recent new hampshire polling with elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, trimming the gap among others. lara trump, senior advisor for trump 2020, say it's all about a sprint away from the center for biden and fellow contenders.
2:24 am
>> joe biden has realized he's got to move so far to the left to fit in with this new party, so people going to the polls in 2020 should remember this. this is what they stand for now. >> reporter: tonight's rally gets underway at 7:00 p.m. at east carolina university and because i am horrible at pass fashion, i decided to wear the colors of the unc tar heels. rob: you're at the egg yolk cafe, try ordering an egg white on let and seomlette, see what . todd, thank you so much. a dozen democrats are asking the department of labor to investigate amazon for workplace abuse. jillian: tracee carrasco is here with how the retail giant is responding. hi, tracee. >> this letter led by senator bernie sanders and representative ilhan omar of minnesota, all of this as amazon
2:25 am
workers protested during the a amazon prime day sale on monday at a minnesota facility. they say the working conditions are unsafe and unfair. the workers say it's like a 21st century sweat shop. amazon is denying the allegations, renewing the offer to lawmakers to come into the facilities, to tour them, to get a firsthand look at what is going on there. amazon defending themselves, saying that this is really not an accurate portrayal of what's happening at their company. prime day sales, analysts are estimating $5.8 billion in sales brought in during those two days. jillian: okay. so burger king is doing something that seems interesting to me, i guess. or weird. rob: she's a big burger king fan. >> this is their new 50/50 menu. burger king in sweden, this is an effort to promote their new plant based burgers.
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if you're brave enough to order from the 50/50 menu, you have a chance of getting a real burger or one of these plant based burgers. you just don't know what you are going to get. and burger king wants you to guess and you enter your guess into the burger king app and it will tell you whether you're right or wrong. they say that the burgers are so meat-like, they taste so real, you won't be able to tell if it's plant based or a real burger. i don't know about that one. i think you can tell. rob: jillian loves chomping into a double whopper. jillian: make it a triple. rob: all right. thanks, tracee. jillian: it is 26 minutes after the hour. facebook once again getting grilled on capitol hill. >> facebook now wants to control the money. what could possibly go wrong? jillian: why their latest plans are landing company leaders in the hot seat as a national security threat. rob: and coming in for a
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landing like you've never seen before. look at this. that is so cool. the runway that has tourists ducking for cover. stay tuned. ♪ let's get down to business.
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modernized comfort inns and suites have been refreshed because when your business is making time, our business is you. get the lowest price guaranteed on all choice hotels when you book direct at rob: welcome back. a check of the top headlines this morning. police in colorado hitting a roadblock in the search for protesters who removed an american flag and replaced it with a mexican flag. aurora police posted a series of pictures and then they posted the same set of photos with one blacked out. it was taken by a denver post photographer. the paper issued a cease and desist order to the police department. they didn't want to help. jillian: today's the world's most notorious drug lord will learn his fate. joaquin el chapo guzman is expected to be sentenced to life
2:31 am
in prison. rob: a decision follows follows chaos on the floor after nancy pelosi temporarily breaks the rules by bashing the president's tweet, by calling him racist. jillian: facebook getting grilled on capitol hill over a plan to launch its own cryptocurrency. rob: the launch is not likely until all lawmakers' concerns are addressed. as gillian turner explains, they still have a lot of questions. >> reporter: senators on both sides of the aisle grilled execs about facebook's plans to launch a cryptocurrency that could shake up u.s. financial markets and the entire global banking system. the banking committee took a magnifying glass to libra, facebook's proposed digital currency and says the whole thing is another power grab by mark zuckerberg, first up on the agenda, whether facebook could be trusted with americans' personal banking information.
2:32 am
>> the he question is, will you accept all of your compensation in this new currency that you want us to trust you so much? >> senator, libra is not meant to compete with bank accounts. >> reporter: next up, the data breaches and privacy scandals thascanplagued facebook in reces and accusations that the company is not secure enough to be trusted with a financial network. >> truthful reporting has been displaced by flagrant displays of [bleep]. facebook wants to control the money supply. what could possibly go wrong. >> reporter: facebook isn't the only tech giant in the hot seat. president trump says he's looking into allegations google may have been infiltrated by chinese intelligence. jillian and rob. rob: thank you so much. a mob of ms-13 gang members are
2:33 am
behind bars in los angeles. 22 people arrested and charged in nearly 200 crimes including drug trafficking and also seven brutal killings. 16 of them accused in slayings where victims were hacked to death with machetes in a california forest. it's unreal. the suspects are eligible for the death penalty. 19 of the gang members are in the country illegally. 19 out of 22. president trump says his administration's immigration crackdown is directly targeting ms-13. jillian: planned parenthood boosts its president after a year on the job. she claimed she was fired after the board held a secret meeting, saying in part, quote, i'm leaving because the new board chairs and i have philosophical differences over the direction and future of planned parenthood. i believe the best way to protect abortion care is to be clear that it is not a political issue but a health
2:34 am
care one. alexis mcgil johnson will step in as acting president. rob: reverend jesse jackson asking for the president to consider a pardon for rob blogoyovich. he was sentenced in 2011 on federal corruption charges. last year the president said he was considering commuting his sentence, calling it unfair. jillian: roger stone will not be going to jail for violating a gag order related to the mueller case. a judge band the former campaign advisor from using social media after a series of posts that seemingly referred to the case. stone pleade pleaded not guilty. his trial is set for november. how about it, game of thrones setting a new record with 32 emmy nominations. >> why do you think he told me
2:35 am
the truth about you? >> doesn't get the truth, no. but you do. jillian: the 32 nominations -- sorry, this is rob's. go ahead. rob: 32 nominations the most ever for one show in a single season, beating nypd. jillian: nine game of thrones cast members earned nominations. winners will be announced in september. rob: we can catch jillian every sunday night watching game of thrones, eating a double whopper. jillian: i have never seen it. >> never throner, right here. rob: i'm on season three. jillian: you like it so far? rob: it's good. >> you want to tell me what happens at the end. rob: tell us what the weather will be like tomorrow. >> it's warm. warmer this weekend. it is 80 degrees here in new york city at 5:35 a.m.
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a preview of what's yet to come. now, we do have the potential of showers and thunderstorms across the northern plains. severe thunderstorm warning for parts of south dakota and the potential for heavy rain in the northeast as well later on this afternoon, into the overnight. flood advisory still posted for all of those areas that we saw rain from what was barry and of course the springtime rainfall continues to cause problems across the mississippi river valley. precipitation across the upper midwest and the great lakes and we could see showers across the eastern third of the country over the next couple days and then here it comes, my friends, so 84 today, 98 on saturday in new york city with the heat indices it will be well over 10f heat advisories, heat warnings. we want to make sure everyone is taking care of the elderly and your pets and stay indoors. it will be dangerous heat and people will be complaining.
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rob: it's going to be like 100 in new york this weekend. >> dc, they might break records. dc is going to be incredibly hot. so dangerous heat. people need to heed the warnings. jillian: all right. thank you very much. rob: thank you. jillian: it is 37 minutes after the hour. a congressman is stepping up and speaking out against the squad and guess what? he's a democrat. >> i think they're not democrats, quite honestly. they're socialists. their vision is not the vision of most americans. jillian: reaction to his comments, calling out the party's in-fighting. rob: she's the border patrol agent burning up the internet. carley shimkus is here with details. jillian: great story. ♪
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jillian: good morning.
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welcome back. look at this photo. that's a u.s. border patrol agent she's going viral after vice president mike pence's recent border visit, social media dubbing her i.c.e. bae. rob: carley shimkus is here with the online reaction. >> social media wants to know who this woman is and we have the answer. 26-year-old kiara sivanti responded in a tweet saying so, it's crazy but here i am. i'm hearing something about a viral picture. i want to say i was just doing my job, providing security for the visit of the vice president. it was an honor and i take a lot of pride in my job. that's what she had to say about all of this. social media weighing in. one person say wonderful woman, proud and successful american, bless her. yes, she is beautiful. this one saying she is a latino
2:42 am
hero that knows about the factual dangers of letting in illegal aliens. not all of the reaction has been good. she's facing criticism for being hispanic and working for i.c.e. so she's having to deal with a bit of backlash. jillian: and she's a democrat. >> she is a democrat, that's right. she's a registered democrat. i.c.e. bae is. rob: that's right. after a couple years of the democratic party being united essentially in their anger with the president, they're starting to eat each other at this point. >> henry kwuayar is speaking out against the squad. the four vocal pros dress i've e democratic congresswomen, saying they don't represent the majority of democrats. take a listen to his words. >> i think they're not democrats, quite honestly. they're socialists. and they want to impose their
2:43 am
vision to texas and we certainly know that in texas our vision is very different. their vision is not the vision of most americans. >> so president trump getting in the way of the party in-fighting for a little while but there they are back at it again. one instagram user says straight from another democrat's mouth. another person saying at least he's honest and has the courage to speak out against the squad's socialist agenda. we have one more comment here. house of cards, falling, watch out below. there you have it. jillian: carley, you know as much as i know, rob wants nothing to do with social media all the time. i can't tell you how excited this man was for this face app thing. rob: i do like it. >> that's so true. rob hates social media. rob: i don't hate social media. i don't like it to the extent that we take it between you two. >> because we're women. you have to deal with it, rob. rob: can we see the pictures. >> you want to see my picture?
2:44 am
a lot of people are using face apps to turn them into old people. i think we have mine. this is me. i'm so sorry, america. i hope it doesn't turn out like that for me. rob and jillian, let's see what you look like at old folks. jillian: we all look wonderful. >> rob, you don't look half bad. this is nonsense. i feel like guying guys age betn women. jillian: i agree. if that's what happens, i have to get a face lift. >> the technology is amazing. rob: i was doing this like three hours yesterday. i was doing it to everybody. girls, guys, i was just doing it and sending them to people and ruining everybody's day. jillian: the most excited he's ever been. >> big night. rob: the city of san francisco clearing out a parking lot to give space for the homeless. so is this a good solution to this problem or will it just
2:45 am
exacerbate it. jillian: our next guest says it's another social band-aid. rob: let's see what's coming up on "fox & friends." >> we're going to be talking about the fireworks that happened last night the house floor when nancy pelosi was rebuked by steny hawyer. we'll talk about the president's rally that's going to be taking place in north carolina tonight. many people think it will be like a rock concert. we'll talk about that with eric trump. rumors are he's related to donald trump. lee patton, long-time worker with the trump org organization, playing a key role in the trump administration. plus, plans to challenge aoc in new york city, we're going to talk to him and later can the world's most competitive hot dog eaters be beat? this is a question that i never
2:46 am
think about but i will be more than happy to read to the nation. a confiscation you don't want to miss. let me urge everybody, it's okay not to be dressed during jillian and rob's show but you must be dressed during our show. jillian: what the heck is that? >> i just want you to know. it's a requirement to watching "fox & friends," as opposed to "fox & friends first." rob: could can we be undressed. >> during our show, you don't have to be dressed. >> we've got to get people watching. jillian: you see what i have to deal with. rob: i'm sorry. we'll talk about it in the break. jillian: okay. bye. we're coming right back. ♪
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rob: san francisco, california, now plans to fight its homelessness epidemic with free parking. jillian: the city is offering a
2:50 am
safe parking lot for dozens of people living out of their cars. it's the same city that already gives out free syringes. rob: are these ideas working? michael knowles joins us now to talk about this. you either get tough on it or you can go easier on people, what do you think of this plan? >> guess which way san francisco is going to go? unfortunately, my own city of los angeles isn't very far behind san francisco in this regard. i'm actually just shocked that the politicians in san francisco think that there's an abundance of parking spaces that they're going to give out as safe shelter. i can never find parking when i'm in san francisco. there's no such thing as a safe parking lot to live in. parking lots are meant for parking your car and getting out of your car. every irresponsible teenager, every frugal traveler has dosed off for a few hours in his car. cars are for driving, not for living in. nobody has a right to live on the street. this is unsafe. this is a social band-aid for
2:51 am
morally myopic and cowardly politicians who don't want to deal with the real problems of homelessness, which are mental illness, addiction, and they're not enforcing the laws. jillian: let's take a look at some numbers. a little over a third of san francisco's homeless people live in vehicles. let's go to the next graphic, which explains a little bit about this safe parking program and as you can see, 30 spots are available, people must come recommended by the san francisco homelessness outreach team. this is for 90 days at a time. they will provide services and managers to help the homeless find other housing options. you look at everything they're attempting to do here, especially in the outreach, by attempting to provide longer term housing solutions, is that going in the right direction? >> the key word is in theory. how have these san francisco politicians done at tackling
2:52 am
homelessness the last two years. since 2017 homelessness is up 30% in san francisco. that's three, zero. it's because they're getting the program totally backwards. they're getting the problem totally backwards. they think because there's a surge in homelessness, they need to relax enforcement of their laws. actually, relaxing enforcement of the laws is causing more of a surge in homelessness. you see a similar situation in san francisco with the needle exchanges. they have this epidemic of drug use on the streets of san francisco. so they say hey, i know what we'll do. we'll give out free syringes to homeless people. what could go wrong? drug use skyrocketed, crime has skyrocketed. they collect very few of the needles. they collect, i don't know, 60, 62%. so you've got 40% of the needles all over the street with the risk of spreading disease, spreading infection, and reducing the quality of life for every si single person in san francisco, including the homeless people. there is no compassion for this
2:53 am
policy. it's another way of ignoring the problem and ignoring people living on the streets. rob: it's essentially the government saying we're okay with you doing heroin. nearly 60 million syringes, 58 million syringes have been given out by the city of san francisco since 2018. that's a tremendous amount. another problem, michael, is the cost of living in california is so high, will this problem continue until they get some kind of control on that, so people can afford housing? >> i think the bigger issue than the cost of living is that people aren't enforcing the law. under rudy je giuliani in new y, the cost of living was very high, yet homelessness and crime dropped. he took a hard line and understood living on the street is an act that harms the individual and society. nobody benefits from it. the issue isn't that we need more rent control laws in san francisco. look at what that's done to
2:54 am
housing in that city already. what you need is more police on the street. you need to empower them to do their job and you need politicians to enforce the laws. jillian: michael knowles, thanks for waking up and joining us. we appreciate it. >> good to see you. jillian: you too. it is about six minutes until the top of the hour. they're not just our best friends, there's new science that proves it pays to have pets. rob: and it may be the worst airplane etiquette of all time. this passenger's disgusting behavior sending the internet into an outrage. stay tuned. ♪ hard work leaves a mark. it shows on your clothes.
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jillian: welcome back time for the good, the bad, and the ugly we start with the good. does your furry best friend brighten your mood? mine does. it turns out you are not alone. a new study by washington state university claims petting a cat or dog for just 10 minutes is scientifically proven to lower your stress level. so it's no surprise for those of us with dogs. hi, tyler. it really does pay off to have a fur-ever best friend. rob: so cute. jillian: i love him. rob: look at jillian and her dog. next the bad. lookout. holy cow. landing strip in greece is one of europe's airports. people feet away.
2:59 am
on the beaches. one of the best area's tourist attractions. that is crazy. jillian: finally the ugly. just plainly disgusting. a passenger caught on camera using his toes to swipe through in-flight entertainment touch screen. steve: is that a girl or guy? jillian: man resting his feet on the plane's petition while passengers view in horror. it has been watched over 4 million times. rob: throw him in jail. get him out of society. jillian: now we have to eat? national hot dog day and what better way to celebrate the american classic than with nathan's famous hot dogs? you guys dig. in i'm vegetarian i can't. tell you facts here. did you guys know that nathan's opened on coney island in 1916? they sold hot dogs for 5 cents then. >> i feel like that was expensive for 1916. >> really? >> how old were you in 1916.
3:00 am
>> and the recipe is 100 percent beef mixed with a secret spice recipe that was developed by nathan's wife's grandma. >> what's the difference? jillian: we got to go. bye. ♪ ♪ that's the way, um-huh ♪ i like it ♪ steve: take a look, ladies and gentlemen, news if thed that the banks are closed today it's probably because of national hot dog day. do you know why and nathans are here and recreated their coney island facade on our plaza today. did you realize that the hot dog gained national attention back in 1939 i believe it was when fdr served hot dogs to the king and queen of england. brian: were they called


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