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tv   The Five  FOX News  July 17, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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remember, he was unseated by congresswoman lopez. we'll get their reads on -- cortez, i should say. what he wants to do know. what they both want to do to improve the nation's discourse. here's "the five." >> juan: hello i'm wayne with katie, jesse, greg. it's 5:00 p.m. in new york city. this is "the five." the squad renewing their problems with nancy pelosi. the former congressman criticizing the speaker after she rebuked president trump's controversial comments about them. >> are you speaking to nancy pelosi? >> our teams are in communication. >> shouldn't it be a face to face? >> i agree, yes. >> she has every right to sit down with here at any time with
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any of us. she's speaker of the house. she can ask for a meeting to sit down with us for clarification. the fact of the matter is, acknowledge the fact that we're women of color. when you single us out, be aware of that and what you're doing. especially because we're getting death threats and being singled out in many ways because of our background, because of our experiences and so forth. >> juan: moderate democrat slamming the squad for threatening the primary him. here's texas congressman henry cuellar. >> this group called the justice democrats. they're not democrats. they're socialists. they want to impose their vision to texas and we know that in texas, our vision is different. their vision is not the vision of most americans. >> juan: this is so interesting. so here they are at a time when you think president trump has opened the door for the democrats getting back together.
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now they're being critical of nancy pelosi for not getting together. i wonder if you think that when they mentioned the death threats and saying pelosi should be careful in criticizing them, do they have a point? >> dana: i'm saying there's many people in particular including nancy pelosi who probably has had death threats against her for decades. so death threats are wrong. >> greg: way to take a stance. >> dana: i've been working on that all day. i also think their interview with gail king showed there must be more division in the democratic caucus than we realized. instead of them saying we'd love to do an event with you, thanks for the resolution, thanks for going through that when there was a mix-up on the rule and would you stand with us? they don't want that.
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they want this fight with nancy pelosi. i think that they're isolating themselves away from the democratic caucus forgetting about president trump. here's the other thing i would say. everybody has the opportunity right now to convene a meeting. that's one of the things that you have as a congress person or a senator or speaker or a president. if they wanted to get past this, they could get together, get to know each other better that helps. but nobody is suggesting that. they're saying the speaker should come to them for a meeting. i'm like i don't think so. i think speaker pelosi says they come to me. >> juan: greg, i noticed the economist, you two have said that the three most unpopular democrats among trump voters are crows, talib and omar and number 4 is pelosi.
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all the top five are women. >> greg: women. it's have a list here. it's a list i came up with jeff sessions, arnold schwarzenegger, rand paul, jim acosta, amazon, jeff bezos, bloomberg, john mccain, rosy o'donnell ted cruz. according to the media, they're all women of color, dana. donald trump only goes after women of color. you should be mindful of that. he's a trash talker and he covers everybody. he's trash talked about every person on the planet except for me because, you know, i'm such a pleasant person. this may be the most lopsided story we've ever covered. because the media outrage is inversely proportional to the outrage of the public. summertime. people are out. you ask, this is about a tweet? this is what you're talking about?
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this is the biggest story you've ever heard in your life. it's a tweet. by the way, who did it upset? >> jesse: you talk to people -- >> greg: i'm the man of the people. and then you have al green pushing impeachment for his tweet. that would matter maybe if he wasn't pushing impeachment every day. he pushes it every day. >> dana: even nancy pelosi saying she will vote against al green. that's why i say there's divisions in the democratic party. >> juan: so jesse, is the president though aware that you got, you know -- republicans who voted for the resolution greg was referring to which found the president's tweet was deeply offensive and condemned as racist so you had will heard of texas, fred upton of michigan and justin amash saying yes. >> jesse: do i think trump is
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aware who they are? he is aware and they're all dead to him, this is a rock solid coalition. they had four defections. he's not worried about his base. they're as activated as can be. for me, it's not about race. it's about respecting your elders. when i came on this show, greg was so much older than i am, i was so differential. i never got out of line. i always acquiesced to whatever he wanted. i always knew how to respect him. he was so much older than i am. that's what this is about. these four freshmen -- >> greg: so unness, this analogy. you could have brought up your parents or grand parents. >> jesse: i'll get to my mom. you should see these texts. the first five months, impeach the mother f-er.
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israel is ball. you can't say anything about them at all. nancy knows this. that's why she's scared. the mainstream media is protecting them. >> juan: nancy pelosi is scared? >> jesse: i don't think she's handled this -- >> juan: she's handled it well. >> jesse: you think nancy has handled this well? they've been elevated to trump's opponent in 2020. he's running against people that a lot of people think hate america. want socialism. nobody is talking about joe biden. >> juan: joe biden is taking a nap. >> the problem isn't just with republicans, it's the democrats outside the beltway. >> juan: according to that youtube economist poll, these four, are better known among republicans than they are among democrats.
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i wonder if you think therefore this is helping our hurting president trump to have made these racist comments. >> i think president trump making he's women the face of the democratic party as they want to be, they want to burn it down, they want social iist ide to reign. democrats are accusing them of being social as well as or trip down and tear down the party. this is beneficial to president trump in this way. this will pass. this story go away. the outrage over another offensive thing that president trump will said will go away. but the long-term problems with the democratic party will certainly be a long-term problem. not just in presidential elections but keeping the house with nancy pelosi. >> greg: i don't want us to become cnn. you know, you don't say something is racist. you saw it's -- if you believe it's racist. that is not -- i don't believe it's race it's. cnn can put it in their lowest
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third. we don't do that crap. we provide our facts from our opinions. that's your opinion. >> greg: i don't think -- >> juan: something you wanted to say, the anthony scaramucci -- i don't want you to view -- >> greg: i didn't know he had credibility. >> juan: okay. george conway. okay. you want me to keep going. go through the a.p., the associated press. everybody previously was saying you shouldn't -- >> greg: they're all objective before. >> juan: i don't see how you can get away from a comment that to me has been used to demonize people -- >> greg: what part of the comment -- >> juan: if it was the italians or jews -- >> greg: racists don't ask you to come back. >> juan: how about the americans? they don't have anywhere to
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go -- >> if we're going to talk about bad comments, let's go back to what these ladies have said. omar talked about introducing legislation with bds, which hurts palestinians. she doesn't care about that. we're going to talk about bad rhetoric, it's let's -- >> juan: is there a chance that trump prefers having these four as targets -- >> dana: right now, the house of representatives is just picking up -- debating right now the impeachment. i think that will probably go down. i think they'll bring it up over and over again. the president is speaking to reporters and we'll have that in just a moment for you because he has some new things to say. you can say -- i said at this time other day. i wouldn't have said that. i can see how people think it was the wrong thing to do. i also think with the resolution, whatever you want to
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do. but also no matter if you're a republican, no matter what you do, it will never be enough. never be enough. the next thing is it's racest. what you going to do? leave the party. >> juan: we have to go to president trump in the rose garden making some comments before he goes to this rally in north carolina. >> [question inaudible] >> no, if people want to leave our country, they can. i'll never change on that. no. >> [question inaudible] >> you think you're winning this political fight? >> i do think i am. >> why? >> i'm winning it by a lot. >> why? >> they're not espousing the views of our country, the four congress women. i think they have said horrible things that the press doesn't cover. you should try covering it. when you look at the things they said, they're unthinkable. if somebody else or me or anybody else said things like
2:12 pm
that, it would be historic. so you ought to look at the horrible statements. never been statements like that. >> you've been very unspoken about the anti-israel friends of the democratic party. how do you think that all began? any one in particular you blame on that? >> the democratic party is going so farther left field they're going to fall off a cliff. they're making a mistake. that's up to them. >> [question inaudible] >> there's a lot of talk about the fact that she was married to her brother. i know nothing about it. i hear she was married to her brother. you're asking me a question about it. i don't know. i'm sure that somebody will be looking at that. >> do you believe people can be allowed to --
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>> [question inaudible] >> i think the story last night is that 187 republicans voted in favor of trump and four voted against. i think that was the big story. that seems to be the story. great unity in the republican party. very unfair what has happened with respect to the way -- i would say republicans are being treated but certainly the way this president has been treated. in the history of our country, there's never been anything like this. this should never be allowed to happen to another president again. should never be allowed to happen. despite that, we created the greatest economy. we're doing things like nobody has done. we have the best jobs numbers, african american, asian, women, hispanic american, best job numbers we've ever had.
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i have to go back i see it's starting to pour. >> [question inaudible] >> i'm not relishing the fight. i'm enjoying it because i have to get the word out to the american people. you have to enjoy what you do. i enjoy what i do. the key is -- it's not a question of relishing. they're wrong. they're absolutely wrong. that's not where our country wants to be. we're not going to go and we're not going to be a socialist country. it's not going to happen. >> [question inaudible] >> juan: president trump on his way to north forth for a rally tonight. you can see it here on the fox news channel. you can see, he might as well be a member of "the five" the way he reacted. the questions that we talked about. katie what did you think?
2:15 pm
anything stand out? >> he's making the same argument. i'm interested to see what he does in his rally, if he extends his remarks since this thing has kicked off. if he does, we'll see if that's the case. what he's saying about people can leave if they want to remind me of hollywood actresses and musical artists that said they would move out of the country. they never did. these four will never leave either. >> juan: he seemed to be quoting jesse watters. hey, it was four but they have a unified republican party that has not reacted negatively to his controversial tweets. >> jesse: yes, he's very confident the base is behind him. he's winning the argument. i think he is, too. love it or leave it is not controversial. the media is trying to make this to be charlottesville. doesn't come close to that. if you think about what they said about laughing about
2:16 pm
al-quaida, some people knocked down the towers, bragging about kicking out 25,000 jobs from new york city. abolishing capitolism, abolishing ice, opening up the borders and calling the president a nazi racist shows how dishonest the press is. i think right now he will go out around double down, triple down at the rally and the media won't be able to do anything about it. >> juan: dana, one of the questions that was repeatedly shouted but the president didn't take is he has been critical of america in the past. now he's going after these came withing saying hey, you've been critical of the u.s. >> jesse: can i answer that? i really want to answer that question. when he is saying that these people can criticize me, that's not what he saying. he's fixing problems. he ran on fixing problems in the country. he didn't just run to criticize. the democrats are in congress
2:17 pm
are not fixing problems. they got in there, had the opportunity to fix the crisis at the border. send millions of dollars to these young kids in these detention centers. they voted no to fund those -- >> juan: i think they voted yes. >> jesse: the four of them voted no, to send money -- >> juan: the four -- that's not the democrats. the democrats -- >> jesse: i'm talking about the squad and so is he. >> dana: what is the question? >> juan: one of the questions that was repeatedly asked -- >> dana: like the american carnage speech. he said america is the laughingstock of the world. >> juan: he was so harsh about healthcare and the economy. >> dana: and he's trying to make the case that he's fixing those things or on their way to being fix. >> juan: healthcare. >> dana: he says make america great is transitioning to keep american great.
2:18 pm
he goes through the list. we go through the list over and over again of the accomplishments. list them out. now these four or other members of congress, you don't typically run for congress because you don't like your country. if you're going to run for congress, because you think you want to do something. the problem with these guys is, they don't have the votes and they're unpersuading. they don't persuade anybody except for in their blue districts. that's now hot you grow a coalition. you won't have a green new deal revolution. the revolution is not happening in 2020. nancy pelosi is trying to say is, this -- a lot of the stuff has to be incremental. let's do this. she's working her way through the system to keep the majority to see if they can win back the white house and the senate. right now it looks like that isn't going to happen. what was tom freedman's headline in "the new york times"? he's asked over and over this question, donald trump is going to win again, isn't he? that's what the democrats are
2:19 pm
saying. right now the answer is yes. >> greg: can i just -- there is a difference in the criticism. trump's criticism is predicated on what he perceives harms america. their criticism is what america harms. it's a difference. it's between patriotic americans and radical leftists. patriotic americans can see what harms america. they only see what america harms. that's the underlying engine for those tweets that you talked about monday. trump reacts in the perception of disloyalty. you can disagree with it and find it shallow and incorrected. it's not racist. it's based on loyalty to your country. if you were born after 2000, you might find that idea so stupid and old fashioned like ribbon candy and bicycles with giant
2:20 pm
tires what is love it or leave it in it's an old concept. i agree. >> juan: i think racism is very divisive. >> greg: i agree, too. look for it sometime, juan. >> juan: one of the arguments is that maybe the president is tweeting because he had some problems with the fence -- >> he saw the polling numbers that show these people are toxic in the democratic party and decided to make them the face of the democratic party and nancy pelosi swoops in after she's accused of racism and backs them with a resolution on the house floor and back where she is now trying to stave off impeachment. no good deeds goes unpunished. she's being told by the four that she needs to watch her tone. she needs to respect the fact that they have a different skin tones that she does. >> jesse: they're toxic with white working men and women in the rust belt which democrats need back. who else is he going to contrast
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2:26 pm
bernie can't win, it fans the flame of our base and we can get more donations and more volunteers. we'll never be the favorites in the media. so greg, bernie is sad he's no longer getting attention. everybody stole his ideas and they're getting the money. >> greg: i get why they're mad. they drove on the left side of the road and trove into trump. he has a point. for the democrats, the media controls the narrative. cnn proved that. the activist media desides who will win and he won't win. the media cannot control the republican voters. they think for themselves. you remember "the five" in 2015 in a microcosm of america. we were squeaming and yelling at each other. there were disagreeable voices. media couldn't control the narrative. the democrats have a real
2:27 pm
problem because the media does control their narrative. whatever cnn picks, democrats are going to do. >> katie: the people that cover bernie say it's his fault. he's grumpy. he doesn't do press conferences. he doesn't take any questions. he leaves and says the same thing. >> jesse: he's a horrible personality and irritating. he will never change. people have to expect that. i can't believe i'm saying this. bernie is right. he gets a raw deal. they're biassed against him. biassed in 2016. bias again. he's consistently polled at number 2 nationally. slippage recently. consistently at number 2. he's raised more money than any other democrat. $36 million. he has bigger crowds and he matches up favorably with donald trump. with that said, he whiffed at the debate and let kamala steal everybody's thunder because he didn't contrast himself. he said i'm the original
2:28 pm
socialist. i dove in head first. everybody else is sticking their toes in. everybody knows that he would ged shredded by trump in the general. we saw how radical he was when he said he wanted to let the boston bomber vote from prison. >> katie: dana, the most telling indicator of bernie's down fall is the polling numbers in new hampshire withless beth warren taking over. >> dana: we heard this before. the media is biassed. the polls are wrong. the system is rigged. right? worked for somebody else. they're going to give it a shot. who said this before? hillary clinton. in 2008 she said the media was biassed about her. they wanted obama to win. she said this same thing about bernie. what bernie should have done is not run for office, give a big speech and say mission accomplished. i pulled the entire party to the left. the dnc has changed their
2:29 pm
process to accommodate him. all for somebody that is so reluctant to call himself a democrat. he has to switchback and forth every time he wants to run for president. >> juan: he attacking the media and the polsters. they're consistent. jesse is right for the longest time he's basically been at number 2, a good distance behind biden. now he's not number 2 in many polls. he's fading. niece the big problem. now his people say that is because the polsters don't capture young voters, you're all on cell phones and can't capture the energy of the young voters and small donors that are young voters that have given him a lot of money. pete buttigieg is the biggest surprise. i would say my problem with bernie, feels like's seen this movie before. feels like a rerun. it's a little like trump hand his florida relaunch. i think the reporters that covered him in 2016 could give
2:30 pm
the same speech. they've heard it before. there's not much new here and bernie -- >> katie: you can say the same thing about joe biden. we'll see ahead. >> the people go why are you so concerned now? it's one word. rats. have you seen what happened with the rats? we have 12 million rats in los angeles now. the last time we had that, the plague broke out. that's all we need. millions of rats we have here, it's going to happen. >> dana: health officials issuing a dire warning about the rat infestation in california and demanding lawmakers react immediately. the doctors have been raising the alarm for months. more next.
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>> how many must die before you drop the housing hoax? is it 1,200? 10,000? how many must die before you stop the rhetoric, stop the hoetion and deal with the problem? how many must die? you know how many times i have to ask that question? >> dana: that was dr. drew with the homeless crisis in california. in an alarming new report of the rise of homelessness is fueling a dangerous rat infestation. some of these expertses are now demanding the governor stop ignoring the problem and declare a public health emergency. dr. drew is here. so good to have you here. >> a pleasure. a big fan. >> dana: you're passionate about this. >> as a physician, i wake up and look at this. it incenses me.
2:36 pm
i practiced 30 years. as one talk show host to another -- now i practice medicine. don't confuse my success in the media with my day job where i've been a clinical professor of medicine and psychiatry. my patients are on the street. i treated this population for years. it's ridiculous they call it a housing problem. it's ridiculous. the rat thing, i saw that coming 18 months ago. i predicted it. the problem is, there's things that follow that they have done nothing for the rat population. there's other illnesses that will follow. we'll see tuberculosis exploding. we'll have potential measles. we have people that are excrement and they're bleeding and urinating every day. their excrement is getting in the ocean every day.
2:37 pm
where are the environmentalists? sea life, dolphins dying because of all of this untreated garbage going to the ocean. where is the help? >> jesse: what's the plastic straws? >> this is insane. we've gone insane. the city of los angeles is maintaining this rhetoric that it's a housing problem. conservatively the city of los angeles absorbed about 800,000 undocumented immigrants. none of them are on the street. 800,000 people without a penny, 2 it a family, without a country found a place to live. either they push people in the streets, which i'm not prepared to say but they found a place to live, this is a hoax. it's a mental health crisis, an addiction crisis -- >> katie: what about the hospitals and the ers? >> it's a catastrophe.
2:38 pm
they don't want the care. we can't do anything to representedter care. unless we do something to land the act that is the current law -- >> dana: state or federal law? >> i believe it's a federal decision. it has to be sort of modified. somebody included a broader definition that includes the inability to care for your nutrition or medical needs. right now, most -- this is the dirty secret. most of them don't want the help, don't want the housing. it's because of the brain condition. imagine if they were demended patients walking around saying this, people would be incensed. >> juan: if it's a problem as you describe it, wouldn't the compassionate thing to say we have to help. instead, what it looks like, oh, you know what? rats. help. let's attack a population -- >> i beg your pardon. >> juan: secondly, let's cite
2:39 pm
statistics published by guess what? the exterminators. the or kin people. they say l.a. doesn't have the most rats. it's chicago. l.a. has rats and we want to use the most dangerous pesticides to kill the rats. so they have legislation in two weeks. you have california -- >> jesse: is in a conspiracy theory, juan? >> juan: the state legislature is trying to say there's alternatives. so you have the pest control people and the homeless people -- >> katie: the green alternative -- >> have one hour with these pest control people. the concern is that we're going to give this poison to the rats and eaten by the mountain lions and the bears. turns out the opposite. the professionals know how to do to to preserve the ecosystem. the question is how many people must die? how many die before you change the rhetoric? >> juan: the people in
2:40 pm
california -- >> how many must die? how many -- >> juan: not only concerned about people but concerned about the exterminators killing pets, killing the wildlife -- >> they are, absolutely. >> juan: when you focus on rats, you create -- >> here's what's going to happen. if the nonprofessionals put poisons out and killed the wildlife and the pets. >> katie: what is more important -- >> jesse: people? >> we must listen to experts and must make changes. >> greg: i came up with a suggestion. i thought donald trump could declare a national emergency and form a task information, put you in charge or part -- >> put juan in charge. >> juan: should be a nonpolitical group of experts to tackle this problem. >> the governor put together 16 experts. all the politicses have created this problem. they don't know -- >> dana: there's needs to be a surge. >> a guy that runs the l.a.
2:41 pm
mission for 20 years. he's struggling with this population nor decades. he looked at me and he goes, we have to have a fema-style intervention with the national guard. put 10s around the city and the county and go after them. >> juan: we finally have a point of agreement. it's not about anything that any individual can do but we need the government, republicans and democrats -- >> greg: the does a great job. >> i want people to get help. >> dana: thank you. ♪ prevagen is the number one pharmacist recommended memory support brand. you can find it in the vitamin aisle in stores everywhere. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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♪ >> welcome back. time for the fastest seven. there it is. first up, sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands. missouri woman did just that by stealing her own car back from thieves after 48 hours of amateur slooving. she hinted them down near a local applebee's after they made purchases on a credit card. >> i want to show you guys what i just found. got my car back. there she is.
2:46 pm
i have a picture of her with the same shirt on. those are mine. give me my shoes. she has my wallet and my keys in her hand. >> i guess the phone was in the car while it was going around, greg. she saw everybody swiping and they followed her to applebee's. and those are my shoes. >> greg: who steals cars anymore so casually? like there -- who goes to applebee's -- something in this story that should be. maybe they know each other. will somebody tell me if that easy to steal a car? you watch the action movies. take the two wires and go like this. anybody can -- >> juan: with a screwdriver. >> jesse: i don't believe it. you stole a lot of cars. >> greg: gone in 60 seconds. >> dana: i think this is amazing. she probably watches a lot of
2:47 pm
svu. it's interesting what you can do now with find my phone. you're trackable. mott just by the police and people that you're stilling from. >> jesse: would you do this juan or call 911 right away? >> juan: i'd call 911. this lady looks like she's in shock that she's been found out. they're violent crazy people that steal with cars. >> jesse: you and i agree the first time today. >> dana: i mean, put on all of her clothes and -- >> katie: so bizarre. >> greg: don't knock it till you try it. >> jesse: they don't look like they were the same size. >> juan: looks like -- by the way, in the video, looks like the steering wheel is on the wrong side. did she steal a british car? >> jesse: i don't know. up next, drugs are bad. alligators on drugs are even worse. police in tennessee are asking residents to stop flushing their drugs down the toilet, greg.
2:48 pm
may taint the water supply and create a mutant species of meth gators. >> katie: oh, my gosh. >> greg: i wish this was true. i already have bought the rights to the movie of meth gator. tarah reed will play the marine biologist. steve cane plays a sanitation worker. and tara and dean fall in love and cross paths. they fight the meth gators themselves who is played by lou dobbs. >> jesse: i'm for that. >> dana: pretty good. i'm scared about this. we -- we tried to be good. you can take -- >> greg: what do you do with your meth dash that? >> dana: i keep it in a safe. you take it back to your drugstore and put it in the special box. >> greg: you don't think -- they have a special box for the meth?
2:49 pm
>> jesse: your myth. >> greg: she's a meth expert. >> juan: i'm so disappointed in greg. greg says there's something wrong with this story. to me, first of all, it would be a high level of dilution if you flush them. and the cops saying don't flush the drugs. we want to bust you. >> greg: there isn't a meth gator. >> dana: bad for the water. >> juan: what would it look like if there was a meth gator? >> greg: it would leak like anthony -- >> katie: the side effects are bad. the gators want their teeth. they don't do meth. >> dana: that would be a good
2:50 pm
thing. >> greg: hook gators on meth so they lose their at the time? you're a terrible person. >> jesse: it's world emoji day. we celebrate by showing you which ones we like the most. dana's favorite emojis, we have crying. >> dana: crying with laughter. >> jesse: laughing, crying. mine, too. shocked. awkward teeth emojis. >> dana: that's a grimace. >> jesse: what she does when you talk. >> katie: when you talk. >> jesse: a turtle, which i don't get. what's is that? >> dana: it's a secret. >> jesse: is it's a meth turtle? okay. the majority leader. jesse's favorite. we have the heart. a lover. crying laughing. the rolling of the eyes. and the fire. >> dana: what is the fire for? >> jesse: any time any looks cute or hot.
2:51 pm
one of the most used. >> juan: i thought it was humility. >> jesse: juan's are the balloon, the sunglasses. he's so cool. and the heart. >> dana: he needs a guess what emoji. >> juan: i do. >> jesse: like this. katie's favorite, we have the american flag. very patriotic. the kiss and the hug. >> katie: i thought that was an exciting thing. >> jesse: like jazz hands. drum roll, please. greg's favorite emojis. dr. drew's favorite. >> greg: look how happy the poop is. >> jesse: let's go. one more thing is next. ♪
2:52 pm
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>> time now for "one more thing." dana. >> it's time for this. ♪ >> yeah! >> corny jokes, corny jokes. number one, why do bananas he was on screen? >> so they don't feel very >> yes, very good. where did the sheep go on vacation? >> bahamas. >> very good. where do sharks go on vacation? >> finland. >> how does everybody know these today? how can you tell that the ocean is friendly? >> it waves. >> yes. they gave them to you! why do fish like to eat worms? >> they get hooked. >> yes. but you know what, i'm calling johnny cake on this. they gave these answers to you. >> i can't believe you think these are that hard. [laughter] >> your kids, there you go. >> my turn, here we go.
2:57 pm
i had a day off yesterday and i decided to venture into the wild. i took the grandkids to the national zoo in d.c. and we were fearless. here we are wrangling wild animals on the carousel. here's pepper on a cheetah. you seem in the background on a llama. wesley on a guerrilla and here's eli on an elephant. we also got to stop by the reptile house and express ourselves through art. here we are tracing patterns on snake skills. on our top domestic stuff to the pickup we stopped for a photo op. i hadn't been to the zoo for a while so i forgot how fun it was to answer the call of the wild. >> no meth gators. >> all those animals in cages. >> it's terrible, right? greg, you're up. >> what am i doing? ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great ♪ animals are great all right, let's check out -- why is this guy so happy?
2:58 pm
why is he so happy? he's happy because i've got a fox nation now available. it's with dr. drew. still sounding off in the homeless crisis, he goes off. bus, i've got a great new podcast. fox news -- >> >> thank you. former red eye favorite allison rosen and it's a great podcast. we walk down memory lane. that's it for me. >> have you ever been to a fun house? they can be very dangerous when they have those hall of mirrors. look at this little tyke have some problems. >> ohno! why do you always show the ones where they get hurt? >> no one got injured, the family licensed the video, everyone is fine, dana.
2:59 pm
>> that's not what i heard. i heard the -- >> vagueness, just like the meth gator. i'm on martha tonight, wednesday with waters. fox & friends. >> katie, you're up. >> a pair of penguins were caught red-flavored. they were sneaking into a sushi restaurant and they were waddling vagrants. their second act of vandalism. repeat offenders. you see them waddling into the restaurant. after hearing a sound from the kitchen, they were identified and the cops came in to get them and they were hiding from them underneath the refrigerator. >> they are smart. >> they work with the department of conservation in the wellington zoo to send the adventurous birds back. >> that's probably the most controversial thing that happened in new zealand all week. >> let me tell you, new zealand,
3:00 pm
i'm with you, girl. girlfriend, i will be in new zealand. >> we had meth gators. that's what we have. set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next with bret baier. >> bret: thanks. president trump insists he's winning the political fight complains congress is not getting anything done after house democrats pushed through a condemnation of his remarks about a group of progressive lawmakers. bernie sanders says the polls are wrong and the media is unfair as kamala harris rises to number one in one survey, and exclusive live reaction from comedian and activist john stuart, two republican senators are putting a hold on the 9/11 compensation fund extension, concerned about how it will be paid for long-term. this is "special report." musical music good evening, welcome to washington,


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