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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  July 17, 2019 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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week. >> let me tell you, new zealand, i'm with you, girl. girlfriend, i will be in new zealand. >> we had meth gators. that's what we have. set your dvrs, never miss an episode of "the five." "special report" up next with bret baier. >> bret: thanks. president trump insists he's winning the political fight complains congress is not getting anything done after house democrats pushed through a condemnation of his remarks about a group of progressive lawmakers. bernie sanders says the polls are wrong and the media is unfair as kamala harris rises to number one in one survey, and exclusive live reaction from comedian and activist john stuart, two republican senators are putting a hold on the 9/11 compensation fund extension, concerned about how it will be paid for long-term. this is "special report." musical music good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier.
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busy newsnight, president trump is about an hour away from a big rally in north carolina where he will fire up his base on the heels of a formal reprimand from the house over his criticism of a group of progressive women lawmakers known as "the squad." he will also likely react to an effort in the house to hold both his attorney general and commerce secretary in criminal contempt and a new effort to move forward with impeachment. that effort just failed on the house floor a few moments ago. chief white house correspondent john roberts starts us off tonight with a lock on the north lawn. >> good evening, that was the first attempt since the democrats took control of congress to file articles of impeachment against the president. brought by texas congressman al green but failed by a wide margin. president trump did not talk about that on his way out of the white house, bound for north carolina today, but he did take another shot at the four congresswoman call themselves "the squad" saying they do not represent the future of america and the president, when asked,
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said he believes he is winning this political fight. >> the democratic party is really going in a direction that nobody thought possible. they are going so far left there going to fall off a cliff. >> and whims of what he will talk about in north carolina, president trump portrayed democrats as consumed by scandal tweeting "the democrats in congress are getting nothing done. not on drug pricing, not on immigration, not on infrastructure not on nothing. so much opportunity, yet all they want to do is go fishing. the american people are tired of the never ending witch hunt read they want results now!" the president is trying to regain ground after the house voted tonight to condemn his tweet about the four congressman of the so-called "the squad." house speaker nancy pelosi indicating democrats went easy on him compared to what some wanted. >> we weren't saying he was racist, we were saying the words that he used were racist, so that was as gentle as it could be considering the
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inappropriateness and the disgusting nature of what the president said. >> mr. president, nancy pelosi said earlier today that the democrats in congress went easy on you last night with that resolution to condemn the tweet, what do you say? >> i think the story last night was that 187 republicans voted in favor of trump and four voted against. >> it wasn't enough for some democrats, who today pushed ahead with the measure to begin impeachment proceedings against the president. >> i will vote to impeach him. if you did with the president had done, you would be punished. >> this afternoon, democrats debated whether to extend to the condemnation to attorney general bill barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross and if they were in criminal contempt of congress for not providing background on a citizenship question that won't even be on the 20/20 census. >> the resolution before us today is about protecting our democracy.
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it is about protecting the integrity of this body. it's bigger than a census. >> is just more political theater. it doesn't really have any substance or basis. >> president trump declared all of this a distraction. hold on, sit speaker pelosi, it's president trump who is the distractor in chief. >> you have to give him credit, he's a great distractor, and that's what this is about. >> president trump is keeping another hot-button issue, immigration, in the news, with his deportation operations and another 2,000 u.s. troops could soon be headed to the border to assist in operations there. and it's not just the u.s. dealing with a crisis. a "washington post" poll found that more than six in ten mexicans think illegal immigration is hurting their country. 55% their support deporting illegal immigrants back to their home country. tomorrow, expect fireworks as
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acting dhs secretary kevin mcaleenan goes before congress to talk about child separations. on the committee, alexandria ocasio-cortez, rashida tlaib and ayanna pressley. and as all of this is swirling, and bc unearthed a from 1992 showing president trump with accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein had a mar-a-lago party. the two were seen talking about women at the party, buffalo bills cheerleaders, and at one point and to a joke. trump did not comment on the tape tonight, though he has set in the past while he knew jeffrey epstein, he had a falling out with him about 15 years ago. president trump has not elaborated as to what that falling out was all about, but a 2011 court filing in palm beach county alleged that epstein had been inappropriate with young women at the mar-a-lago club, which is why the president threw him out. >> bret: john roberts live on the north lawn, thanks. we see the president's rally on
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fox news channel later with all the rhetorical animosity, there is some potential good news from house speaker nancy pelosi, who just moments ago said she's been talking with treasury secretary steven mnuchin tonight. they will talk again tomorrow on reaching a potential deal in the next couple of weeks to raise the national debt ceiling and maybe even on spending caps. she said "we think it can be done. followed up separately with we are in a good place. how speaker pelosi does not want to talk about "the squad." she made that clear today. the group is making an impact on both sides are both the democrats and president trump, who's using it to make a point. correspondent ellison barber has the story tonight from capitol hill. >> representatives alexandria ocasio-cortez, ayanna pressley, ilhan omar and rashida tlaib are known as "the squad." all four are young progressive women. >> business as usual is not serving the public. >> seen as some by change-makers, seen by others as
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a 2020 liability. popular punching bag for the president and those on the right. >> they are left-wing pranks. >> today how speaker pelosi pushed aside talk related to politicking and "the squad." >> the president is clearly trying to cast this broader debate as a choice between him and your more progressive members. are you concerned that the president is goading you? >> with all due respect, let's not waste our time on that. >> on tuesday, the house voted to condemn president trump's twitter attack which told members of "the squad" to "go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came as racist. >> the resolution has been adopted. >> it seemed to be a moment of unity for the democratic party. the question is, can hold? interparty tension after "the squad" voted to send roughly $4.6 billion to the border. nancy pelosi told "the new york times" the four have no real following, just the public whatever in their twitter world. ocasio-cortez then told "the washington post" pelosi's
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"explicit singling out of newly elected women of color is disrespectful. >> i did not say she was disrespectful of women of color. i found some of the comments disrespectful and that was my personal opinion. >> are you speaking to nancy pelosi? >> our teams are in communication. >> she is speaker of the house, she can ask for a meeting to sit down with us for clarification. >> you insist on having a conversation face-to-face? >> absolutely. >> a spokesperson for speaker pelosi's office tells me they received a request yesterday afternoon from representative ocasio-cortez's office for a one-on-one meeting with the speaker. they say they are working on scheduling it. brett. >> bret: ellison barber live on a hill, thanks. kentucky republican senator rand paul and utah senator mike lee are blocking an attempt to pass an extension of a fund for 9/11 first responders. the bill overwhelmingly passed the house last week. senator paul said on the senate floor today any new spending needs to be offset by budget
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cuts. we will get reaction in a few minutes from comedian jon stewart and activist who has been a leading advocate for the phone. he will be joined by first responder john feil and we will also have no reaction from the senators office. if breaking tonight from puerto rico, protester going on right now in san juan demanding governor rossello resigned, something he has so far refused to do. he and several of his current and former aides are being investigated after the leaking of chat messages appearing to show them engaged in profane and threatening conversations. also tonight, vice president mike pence has removed puerto rico from the itinerary for his upcoming latin american trip and royal caribbean cruise donna cruise lines has canceled a stop there over safety concerns. ♪ america selection headquarters tonight, senator bernie sanders is not happy. with a lot of things tonight. the independent senator turned
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presidential candidate is upset over attacks on his medicare for all plan. he's also not thrilled with his poll numbers and his media coverage. correspondent peter doocy is at george washington university tonight or senator sanders let it rip a short while ago. >> bernie sanders believes that in the 2016 primary the system was rigged against him. now someone his team are wondering if 2020 is too. >> i understand that change gives people a little bit nervous. >> behind the scenes, the democratic socialist senators strategists feel like they've been counted out even though he's pulling solidly in the top tier and a favorite of small dollar grass-roots donors. a campaign advisor quoted by the homeless paper complained "we will never be the favorites in the media. i get it. but one with the last time one of these pundits visited a field office or talked to a state director for the sanders campaign? hasn't changed his stump speech much since the last time he ran for president while joe biden is overhauling campaign trail talk
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because new financial -- the day after the difficult debate debut joe biden shelled out more than $5,000 to hire a high-profile democratic speech goes and is testing out new lines in iowa ahead of the next debate. >> we can overcome four years of donald trump. >> biden is still the man to beat in national polls, but he's number two and a quinnipiac poll of voters in super tuesdays treasure trove of delegates, california behind kamala harris, who, like joe biden, is concentrating most of her attacks on trump. >> he needs to go back where he came from and leave that office. >> harris is out of biden, sanders, and elizabeth warren, but trailing pete buttigieg and golden state donations by half a million dollars according to a review by mcclatchy. mayor pete and most of the field are using that money to build out early state operations, but nobody running at 2020, including biden, has ever done what bernie sanders did last cycle, win 13 million votes in the primary, people he hopes he can count on again.
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>> my republican friends, and some others, seem to think that the american people hate paying taxes, but they just love paying insurance premiums. oh, my god, the insurance premium is here, what a wonderful day! >> it's hard for anybody to get hundreds of people to show up and listen to 45 minutes or so worth of health care policy-related remarks but bernie sanders did that day. just like recent events, he did something else that's really hard to do in such a crowded field, and that is inspire supporters to show up hours before the event start time decked out in bernie sanders gear in the middle of a weekday. bret. >> bret: peter doocy live over at gw. thanks. the democratic national committee's report of the warning 2020 presidential campaigns to remove a popular app that's trending across the internet over fears of its russian ties. the face app photo filter allows
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people to virtually age themselves. it's all over twitter and instagram but the app itself was developed by russians. the dnc recommends the campaigns delete the app immediately. we will have a story about cyber concerns about that app tomorrow on "special report" ." oversees iran's foreign minister is backtracking tonight over comments that his country's ballistic missile program could be on the negotiating table with the u.s. he instead is accusing the trump administration of economic terrorism. turkey is also upset with the u.s. over its decision to cancel the sale of what is billed as the world's most advanced fighter jet. state department correspondent rich edson has both stories tonight. >> the united states warned turkey it can buy if these russian missiles were these american jets. turkey chose the missiles. the white house says "turkey's decision to purchase russian as 400 air defense systems renders its continued involvement with
3:14 pm
the f-35 impossible. if the f-35 cannot coexist with the russian intelligence collection platform that will be used to learn about its advanced capabilities." >> turkey cannot field a russian intelligence collection platform. >> president trump blames the obama administration for refusing to sell turkey american patriot missiles. >> it's a very tough situation that they're in. >> but the trump administration also failed to secure a patriot missile deal with turkey. the u.s. rejected a turkish demand for access to the patriots technology. the state department says the u.s. is considering sanctions against turkey. turkey denies its as 400 purchase exposes american f-35 technology. there are also concerns u.s. sanctions could further complicate an already turbulent relationship and pushed turkey closer to russia, china, or ira iran. >> the system -- >> there's no reason to create needless tension. >> in the region, more tension. a tanker based in the united
3:15 pm
arab emirates has gone missing as iran's foreign ministry says it assisted an oil tanker that broke down in the street of hormuz, leading to suspicions that iran seized the tanker. iran's foreign minister suggested iran would be willing to begin negotiations on a special program if the u.s. halted weapon sails in the region. iran's government later says it's missiles are nonnegotiable. this week iran has floated negotiations with the u.s., attaching unrealistic condition conditions. turkey's foreign ministry has just responded to the f-35 announcement, inviting the united states to correct this mistake before it causes irreparable damage to their strategic relationship. >> bret: rich, thank you. israel's foreign minister benjamin that yahoo is about to become in the longest-serving prime minister. he has persevered through conflicts in crisis. trey yingst reports from jerusalem, he's facing now what could be the greatest challenges of his long career.
3:16 pm
>> the 69-year-old benjamin netanyahu has served israel through war, calm, and controversy. >> he's hear, hear to stay and he wants to stay and sometimes i'm asking myself why he can do very good things aside of being prime minister. >> he has tried to position himself as israel's savior from iranian aggression. from his 2012 speech in new york city calling on the united nations to draw a redline to stop iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, to his unveiling of iranian nuclear documents seized by israel in a top-secret raid. the events have been used to garner support in elections and deflect from major internal controversy. his current stand as prime minister has seen three major wars with gaza at the mic as the israeli and palestinian conflict continues. they say he's made the divide worse. >> most significantly will be remembered as the first one who managed to destroy the chances
3:17 pm
of peach. >> although he has failed to make progress on lasting peace in the region, he still maintains significant support among his base and importantly from president trump. >> has been a great ally and he's a friend. i would like to congratulate him. that was a well thought out race. >> in april, his party won election. for the first time in history, the prime minister failed to garner enough support, monitoring israel into new election this fall. despite his past electoral resilience, he's now facing three counts of bribery and corruption charges that could derail his reign if he's found guilty. >> i tell you the citizens of israel, this house of cards will collapse. i am absolutely certain of that. i plan on serving you in the state as prime minister many years. >> in september, he will defend his role as prime minister for the sixth time. a month later he will defend himself against charges of bribery and corruption. the outcome of both of these events will greatly affect his
3:18 pm
and israel's future. bret. >> bret: trey yingst in jerusalem, thank you. pakistan has arrested a radical cleric and terror suspect implicated in the 2008 mumbai attack. blame for that operation that killed 166 people. the u.s. had offered a $10 million reward for his arrest. a president trump lot the capture in a tweet this morning. up next, we look at my reaction from comedian and activist jon stewart on the blocking of a bill to secure new funding for 9/11 first responders. first, here's what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. boston, prosecutors dropped a case accusing actor kevin spacey of groping a young man at a massachusetts resort island bar in 2016. spacey denied the allegations. the case was hobbled after the accuser invoked his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination and refused to testify about text messages the defense claims were deleted. fox 5 in new york, the mother of
3:19 pm
eric garner drawings a relic calling for officer daniel pentaleo to be fired. mayor de blasio says the officer who placed the choke hold on garner that led to his death is entitled to due process under state law. the democratic presidential candidate and mayor says the decision to fire at the officer is up to the police commissione commissioner. federal prosecutors said this week as we reported, they will not bring civil rights charges in this case. this is a live look at honolulu from our affiliate. a sunday night there. one of the big stories there, authorities escort scientists from the telescopes at the summit of my decay out while protesters blocked the road down slope. they are trying to prevent the construction of a giant new observatory there. negotiations to end the standoff has been unsuccessful so far. that is tonight live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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take your business beyond. ♪ >> bret: we told you a few minutes ago a bill to ensure funding for the health care of 9/11 first responders is being blocked in the senate by two republicans, senators rand paul and mike lee. senator paul took to to the flr today saying the spending needs to be offset by cuts elsewhere. we are going to get reaction now
3:24 pm
from jon stewart, comedian, activist, is been the leading activist for this fund and one of the first responders, john field. thanks for being here. thanks for your service. just want to get your reaction first to this news today and kind of what you're thinking. >> well, thank you for having us, and you guys have been generous with your time at fox, telling our story, so thank you. listen, where lots of forest by senator lee and paul. this is their m.o. we kind of had an idea that this would happen but if you watch yesterday one south dakota majority whip, unanimous -- senator kirsten gillibrand did her unanimous consent and mitch mcconnell, he gave us his word and he's been sincere about that and were confident when the build was on the floor for a straight up-and-down vote, senator lee and senator paul are going to lose and any amendment they try to make -- we have 73 cosponsors. we have a two-thirds majority
3:25 pm
and i don't think anything may have to offer cold water. but let's get to -- rand paul got $580,000 for a broken ribs. if we get $250,000 for cancer. tom wilson, had his tongue removed and his neck reconstructed, gets $250,000. he'll probably die from cancer. luis alvarez who died from cancer, he got $250,000. so i think both of the senators, the people from the state of kentucky and the people from the state of utah deserve better, and i think they like humanity. >> bret: this is what "the washington post" says about this fund. it says the fund provides money to those who have been contracting diseases linked to toxics debris in the aftermath of the september 11th attacks, which we know. under current law the fund is scheduled to stop taking claims in december 2020. if the new legislation would extend the program for seven decades at an estimated cost of 10.2 billion for the first
3:26 pm
decade. her cell senator paul said it on the floor today. >> and a new spending that we are approaching, and a new program it's going to have the longevity of 70, 80 years, should be offset by cutting spending less less valuable. we need to at the very least have this debate. i will be offering up an amendment if this bill should come to the floor but until then i will object. >> bret: jon stewart, your reaction to that >> is absolutely outrageous and you pardon me if i'm not impressed in any way by rand paul's fiscal responsibility virtue signaling. rand paul presented tissue paper avoidance of the $1.5 trillion tax cut that added on parts of billions of dollars to our deficit and now he stands up at the last minute after 15 years of blood, sweat, and tears from the 9/11 community to say that it's all over now, now we are going to balance the budget on the backs of the 9/11 first responder community.
3:27 pm
bret, this is about what kind of society we have. at some point, we have to stand up for the people who have always stood up for us. and at this moment in time, maybe cannot stand up for themselves due to their illnesses and their injuries, and what rand paul did today in the senate was outrageous. he is a guy that put us in hundreds of billions of dollars of debt. it was the 51st vote on that cut, and now he's going to tell us that a billion dollars a year over ten years is just too much for us to handle? you know, there's something they have no trouble putting on the credit card, but somehow when it comes to the 9/11 first responder community, the cops, the firefighters, the construction workers, the volunteers, the survivors, all of a sudden, with got to go through this. this program has already been running for five years. no fraud, it was testified when we went in front of congress. the special paymaster testified, no fraud, no waste, no abuse.
3:28 pm
mike lee, we met in his office five years ago. he looked us in the eye, he looked ray pfeiffer in the eye, who unfortunately is no longer with us, and said he was going to look into it. he is the reason that we had to go back again for this new one and now he wants to put another cap on it that's going to make john feal and all his other tenacious yet ill first responders drag themselves back to washington to put their hats in their hands and beg for something that this country should have done 14 years ago. it's an abomination. >> bret: we asked both senators for a statement. senator paul's office sent a statement saying "senator paul is not blocking anything. he's simply seeking to pay for it as with any belt, senator paul always believes it needs to be paid for. senator paul is simply offering an amendment to pay for this legislation." after all that you've said here, and attending the funeral of your colleague luis alvarez, john feal, that's not where you
3:29 pm
are. >> no, listen, senator paul and senator lee are opportunists, they are bottom feeders in any statement that they come out with doesn't hold water with me. you can't cherry pick and choose when you want to be a conservative fiscal hawk. if that's just insulting to our intelligence and shame on them. they lack humanity, they lack leadership, and they just do this because -- listen, ted cruz, rand paul, mike lee, even their own colleagues don't like them. we don't like them. when we get this bill passed, we beat them again and we are going to walk out and we're going to hold our chins up high and our chests out and we're going to say we beat rand paul and mike lee. we met mike lee a couple months ago, his staff. they promised, they swore up and down but they were not going to get in the way of this. mike lee, you're a liar. >> the other thing too, bret, to a member, what point this is either necessary or it's not. everyone agrees that it's
3:30 pm
necessary. we are either doing this -- there's either a need or it's not. if your budgetary priorities are either moved by a moral compass where they are not. and this is an outrageous place for them to take a stand and because, once again, pain and heartache and suffering within a community that has felt so much of that over these past few years and is going to be suffering more. >> bret, what people see as a major defeat today is a minor setback and it's just going to propel us to a bigger win and we are confident that after meeting with mitch mcconnell, that he's kept his word and he's working diligently to get this bill on the floor for a straight up-and-down vote. that's what we always wanted. the unanimous consent was easy, but we want a straight up-and-down vote because we didn't get it in 2010, we didn't get it in 2015 and we want to walk out watching the fruition of our work come to an end. >> it's the same song and dance they've given us for 14 years now. this program has proven itself. it has shown itself to be
3:31 pm
faithful to the statute. it has shown itself to be fair to the claimant and shown itself to be respectable to the taxpayers, and that's all we can ask of a program, but most importantly, it brings just a moment's peace to a community that has suffered and continues to suffer. >> bret: jon stewart and john feal, again, john feal, thank you for your service. we will continue to follow it, thanks for coming on. >> thank you for having us. >> bret: this is a fox news alert. the house just moments ago has voted to approve criminal contempt charges against attorney general william barr and commerce secretary wilbur ross. they are accused, according to the house, of failing to provide lawmakers with the information about the citizenship question for the census. the vote was 230-198. four democrats joined all republicans in voting no. republican turned independent justin amash voted yes. the white house just responded
3:32 pm
saying the move is ridiculous and get another lawless attempt to harass this president and his administration. a lot of breaking news tonight. up next, we will tell you what's behind the big shake-up of the nation's leading provider of abortions, plus the panel joins us on all the breaking news. keep it here. ♪ you go on about how...'s so confusing it hurts my brain. ya i hear ya... or say you can't believe... much of a hassle it is! and tell anyone who'll listen... (garbled)'s so expensive! she said it's so expensive. tell me about it. yes.. well i'm telling the people at home. that's why esurance is making the whole experience surprisingly painless. so, you never have to talk about it, unless you're their spokesperson. esurance. it's surprisingly painless. bill's back needed a afvacation from his vacation. an amusement park... so he stepped on the dr. scholl's kiosk. it recommends our best custom fit orthotic to relieve foot, knee, or lower back pain. so you can move more.
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3:36 pm
nasdaq lost 38. president trump's legal team is declaring victory tonight as a federal judge said today in a court order the investigation of hush money payments arranged by michael cohen, which michael cohen claimed where the president 's direction, has come to an end. the investigation involves payments the president's former lawyer helped orchestrate to two women, actress stormy daniels and playboy centerfold karen mcdougall. after they claimed they had affairs with nonbusinessman donald trump. if the president has denied any relationship with the women. the end of that investigation likely means no additional charges will be filed against anyone, including the president. michael cohen is currently serving a three year prison term in upstate new york for campaign finance violations as well as other offenses, including bank and tax fraud. there is a major shake-up underway tonight at the leading provider of abortion in the united states. planned parenthood is making a change of the top as it faces
3:37 pm
unprecedented pressure from pro-life forces around the country. here's correspondent garrett tenney. >> i am a doctor, and my job is to take care of women in this country. >> the first position to leave planned parenthood in nearly 50 years is out of a job less than a year after she took over. she said the group's board gave her the boot following a secret meeting due to philosophical differences about what the organization's focus should be when it comes to abortion. she called pollux that the board was determined to double down on advocacy. she wanted to shift the organization's direction and image by focusing less on abortion is a political issue and emphasizing the various reproductive health care services the clinics offer. planned parenthood didn't explain why the change in leadership, only thanking her for her service and wishing continued success. this change comes at a challenging time for the organization. during her tenure, at least nine states have passed laws to restrict or ban abortion. pro-life groups say this leadership shake-up makes it
3:38 pm
clear what planned parenthood's priorities are. >> make no mistake, today's happenings show that planned parenthood is a political machine, that their bottom line is about abortion, it's not about health care, and her quick departure after less than a year of heading up planned parenthood just underscores the fact that this is a political organization. >> the group also announced its turning don't know the dollars in federal funding after the trump administration announced it will start enforcing new rules that ban taxpayer dollars from going to family planning centers that refer women for abortions. this new role from the administration is one of several being challenged by planned parenthood and other groups in federal court and as part of a larger effort by the trump administration to remake government policy on reproductive health care. bret. >> bret: thank you. the panel is up next talking about the contempt charges against the president's attorney general and commerce secretary, breaking news, as we just told you. as we go to bray, one of the longest-serving justices in supreme court history has died.
3:39 pm
john paul stevens was on the bench nearly 35 years, more than all but two other justices. a major advocate of limiting executive power, he left the court in 2010 at the age of 90. john paul stevens was 99. it's racquetball time. (thumps) ugh! carl, does your firm offer a satisfaction guarantee? like schwab does. guarantee? (splash) carl, can you remind me what you've invested my money in? it's complicated. are you asking enough questions about the way your wealth is being managed? if not, talk to schwab. a modern approach to wealth management. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination.
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that can help strengthen your eye's natural protective filter. and with new ocuvite eye performance you get 7 protective nutrients vital for today's eyes. because in this day and age nourishing your eyes has never been more important. ocuvite eye vitamins. eye nutrition for today. ♪ >> the resolution before us today is about protecting our democracy. it is about protecting the integrity of this body. it's bigger than the census. >> i testified myself for almost seven hours before this very committee. this is just more political field >> bret: house just voted to hold the secretary of commerce and the attorney general in criminal contempt, this after the attorney general barr at secretary ross wrote a letter, sent a letter to house speaker nancy pelosi saying "we
3:44 pm
regret that the committee continues to recommend the house wield its contempt authority even though we remain willing to work towards an appropriate accommodation. by taking this action, the house is both unnecessarily undermining interbranch comedy and degrading the constitutional separation of powers and its own institutional integrity. if there is no information to hide. if there is no institutional integrity to conserve, preserve. accordingly we propose the house postpone the contempt vote." they didn't. matthew continetti, jonathan swan, national political reporter for axios, and jason riley, "wall street journal" columnist, senior fellow at the manhattan institute. a lot of breaking news, guys. we will start there with the contempt. matthew. >> i'm reminded of that moment earlier this year when attorney general barr met nancy pelosi at an event on capitol hill and asked her to do bring your handcuffs? there's such a theatrical aspect to all of this. it's pelosi's way of kind of furling term to her left wing base and dragging them along in
3:45 pm
order to prevent them from just going home for impeachment. but i have to say if you're a voter, and american voter and paying attention to what's happening in the house today. why are they actually aggressing so mike addressing kitchen table issues? spewing in it a white board for all that was happening on capitol hill today. as far as the votes. jonathan. >> on the criminal contempt question, the bulk production that the bill barr justice department is not going to prosecute bill barr. just a crazy prediction. this is really all about impeachment. there are a number of democrats now who believe that the only way to hold the president accountable is to open an impeachment inquiry and to do all the investigations channeled through that and i think it's really striking today that this is such a small ball for a lot of these members and ask them what does is it drives the frustration levels up even
3:46 pm
further among the progressive flank. every time is increment actions happen, it's just not satisfying them. matthew was saying it's just throwing term, and that's what it is, but the trauma is not satisfying the people. it's meant to satisfy. >> bret: mentoring impeachment, the effort to bring up articles of impeachment today failed in the house. the president reacting to that on twitter, as he often does. just moments ago. the united states house of representatives have just overwhelmingly voted to kill the resolution on impeachment. 332-95-1. wrap the most ridiculous and time-consuming project i've ever had to work on. impeachment of your president who has let the greatest economic boom in history of our country, the best job numbers, biggest tax reduction, rebuild military and much more is now over. they should never be allowed to happen to another president of the united states again." jason, he seems to be relishing this kind of fight that has developed.
3:47 pm
>> sure. he's certainly relishing it. it's dividing the opposition, is always good for the incumbent, but nancy pelosi is in a dilemma here. she has moderates in her caucus and they don't want to be back home and panning on this next year. she doesn't think it will help democrats next year in election so she's trying to hold off but she has this progressive wing that wants to go there. and that's her dilemma right now. but all of these subpoenas and contempt citations, this is ankle biting on the part of democrats. they won't really pull the trigger with impeachment, at least not yet, this is what they're doing in the meantime. when republicans controlled the house, they cited eric holder. and it had absolutely no impact. >> bret: next week we're going to have, we think, the mueller testimony on wednesday. at least we think it's going to happen. today you had the fdny say that essentially the case on the campaign finance is over. we don't know if any indictments will come later, but there's no
3:48 pm
indictments now. so it's like where's the beef? >> there's a really important point on that to underline, which is that these articles -- the articles of impeachment drafted by representative al green, there is no mention, it is purely based on the president's -- what he describes as the president's racism. here's something that's really important. this is not some little friends. this is not a small little progressive wing. 95 democrats voted to consider that and that is just on those narrow grounds. >> bret: let alone everything else. >> or any of the rest of it. >> bret: a lot of breaking news, we got more on all of this after a quick break, keep it here. -excuse me. uh... do you mind...being a mo-tour? -what could be better than being a mo-tour? the real question is... do you mind not being a mo-tour? -i do.
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♪ >> it was a resolution of the house. it condemned the words of the president. not the president. >> do i think the president is a racist? that's just the way he is. it's more narcissism than anything else. >> there should be more republicans who work with us across the aisle to condemn racist comments like these. >> i suggested to the president that he shouldn't even make a comment. arguing with a full just means there are to go. >> are not relishing the fight. i have to get the word out to the american people. it's not a question of relishing. they're wrong. they're absolutely wrong.
3:53 pm
>> bret: the president before he left for this big rally that you will see her on fox in north carolina, talking about "the squad" there. four democratic progressives, congressmen who have really been the focus of the attention for the past three plus days. back with the panel. matthew, what about the fight in the controversy? >> like a lot of them and ends in a draw for everyone is angry and the president might be slightly ahead. the reason i say that is a large part of the country, bret, including most republicans, no longer find the mainstream media or cultural and political elites credible. so when they all unanimously condemn a trump tweet for being racist, a lot of people say that's not true, last week you're saying nancy pelosi was racist. baidoa works that he was racist a few weeks ago. everyone is racist now. they are going to start looking at the actual issue involved, which is the conflict between trump and "the squad." and the more that "the squad" is
3:54 pm
out there as the mascot of the democratic party, the more the democratic party is in trouble. >> bret: jonathan. >> people should be clear about one thing, which is that when you hear anonymous sources and stop saying there's some grand strategy here, that this is part of a big chess game that the president, those tweets were strategic. it's nonsense. he was watching television, he was responding to something on television. what has happened since is this grumble to rationalize them and put a political strategy together. what often happens is the democrats help them in that effort into think that's partly what happened here. what we've seen over the last few days is again how just divided this democratic conferences. the sniping on background from some of these numbers, the moderate members, very few will go on the record because they're quite fearful of the huge twitter followings of aoc, but the amount of backbiting is incredible. >> bret: jason.
3:55 pm
>> i don't even know if it's behind the scenes, it's in public. that's the bottom line. the democrats are publicly fighting in a way that we rarely see and tromped out of the way of that and that's why i think this tweet brought them together and therefore that's what made it a political mistake, regardless of whether you think it was racist or not. >> bret: have a feeling we're going to hear about this at a rally. i just have a feeling. maybe it's just me. when we come back, a little boy with a big idea. ♪ beep goes off ] now that you have new dr. scholl's massaging gel advanced insoles with softer, bouncier gel waves, you'll move over 10% more than before. dr. scholl's. born to move.
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>> bret: finally tonight, a young boy with a bright idea. 12-year-old darius brown loves bow ties and he loves animals. now both are together. he has his own business, bow and pause, that addresses shelter pets often bow ties that he mako the animals can look good while they're waiting to be adopted. everything darius makes is donated to shelters across the
4:00 pm
u.s. and overseas and he's very successful so far. those animals look good. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for this to be 27. fair, balanced and unafraid. a lot of breaking news tonight, you can continue to see it right here with "the story" from martha. >> martha: busy day and busy night, thank you, bret, good to see you. so tonight, welcome everybody, expect president trump to come out swinging against the values and the policies of women known as "the squad." he has doubled down on his criticism of them and in front of this crowd tonight and just a short moment we expect in north carolina that he will likely trickle down this evening saying the democrats have no policy agenda that they are getting nothing done. his bowls have been on the rise lately, for which today he thanked the "vicious young socialist congresswoman." this battle are revving up his base and database as well as they get information on faceboo