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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  July 18, 2019 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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he said there is a lot of talk that she is married to her brother. i know nothing about this how they mock the president for bringing this up but we will not. he mentioned something that is a little bit uncomfortable but why no curious media follows up on immigration fraud charges or accusations we'll take her word for it but the president never gets that benefit of the tao and mike emanuel takes it from here. mike: a fox news alert. the squad taking on each progressive congresswoman is this a ticket to electoral success? speaker pelosi about singling out women of color - - color the day after the president talking about leadership and
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some members will be relocating to colorado is this the beginning of the effort to drain the swamp? welcome to "fox news @ night". i am a commendable. starting in north carolina with the president's focus on the squad and impeachment tonight good evening davidid. reporter: good evening here a big crowd to see president trump tonight. he spoke just over 90 minutes trump tonight. just after seconds getting on stage the house of representatives failed to pass articles ofcl impeachment earlier this evening. >> we just heard united states house of representatives has overwhelmingly voted to kill the most ridiculous project i have ever been involved in resolution how stupid is
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that? on impeachment. irats want to thank those democrats. >> then called out the poor congresswoman who called themselves the squad who called the president a racist one calls them the occupant of the white house the eye each call them by name but repeatedly called out repeatedly called out representative omar from minnesota. >> most importantly omar has a history of launching vicious anti- somatic comments. >> send her back. reporter: the crowd repeatedly said her back. chanting send her back or go that is significant because that is where the president
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was answering calls of racism in the first place. on sunday he said the four congresswomen should go back to their countries of they are not happy here in the united states three of them were born here but omar became a citizen in 2000 yesterday the house passed a resolution condemning the president's remark he then went on to attack the 2020 opponents on border security and the economy. >> a vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radicalor socialism and the destruction of the american dream. frankly, the destruction of our country. t to the president will continue to work use the word socialism on the campaignra trail with the 2020 candidates all connected with the word socialism just a few have admitted that. the president admits north
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carolina is a state he needs carolina is a state he needs to win. in 2016 it was just over three.5 percent it is no coincidence the rnc is in charlotte one year from now. mike: leading us off in the battleground. one member of the so-called squad taking to twitter after squad taking to twitter after the president blasted the progressive members during the progressive members during the rally it is also keeping its feud with house speaker alive. ithnae on the case tonight. good evening. good evening. the president went after the squad criticizing those four freshmen members of congress so far there has not been any response from any of them except omar. she had a former obama speech r,writer. he was horrified and then the
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crowd yelled send her back and crowd yelled send her back and she said you can shoot me with your words or cut me with your knives and kill me what your one - - told mee with your hatefulness and like your hair i will rise. this morning the entire squadron after the president. >> this is a man who has deep seated animosity and hatred and who feels so small and work so hard to make others feel the need him. and so it is ludicrous to even dignify with what he said with an answer. >> because he only occupies spthe space he does not embody the principles of responsibility, grace, integrity of a true president. so for that reason he dishonors the office every day.
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>> and nancy pelosi would single them out to say they need to be more cognizant of their ethnicity. >> acknowledge that we are women of color. especially because they are getting threats are being singled out in many ways because of our background, and our experiences and so forth. >> and here is aoc when she was asked about beingee told she needs n to learn washington dc. >> not just me but the entire freshman class i would argue regardless of ideology because americans are sick of how washington works. ge why would i learn broken playbook quick. >> you will not change how you do business. ic>> why would i?
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reporter: they plan to use every opportunity to challenge the president along with her own partyar leaders. mike: thank you very much. president trump unveils a new slogan with those for progressive congresswoman known as the squad. ♪ ♪ joining me now as fox news contributors. great to have both ofe you. listened to the president on those four freshmen congresswomen and i will ask you to respond. >> i said let me watch this. and that anger. the choice has never been more clear.
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the democratic agenda anti- warfare, anti- jobs, anti- family, and anti- common sense. >> that pitch angry democrats quick. >> it does as long as you keep putting the squad in front of i was a little taken aback the camera. i was a little taken aback congresswoman presley started off to say he is xenophobic and racist and a bigotc,raci. but let's not take the bait and engage in the same language that he engages in and then spends the rest of her time talking how the president was deliberately subjecting immigrant children on the borderr to childhood trauma. literally traumatizing these young people with the conditions of the detention facilities. it was a little bit of a disconnect we will not call him names but now we will talk aboutim something that i ascribe
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to him in a deliberate attempt to traumatize children. i was taken aback when last week aoc says let's get whole grid of the whole departmente of homeland security. are you and for a - - in favor of getting rid of isis?er in her interview were said don't you mean reform she said now i am in favor of getting rid of it all. thato is jaw-dropping. you want people to carry box cutters or come across with no security or no defense measures in place? or be prepared for emergencies or responds? there is so many things that department of homeland security does to keep a safe but there she is the star of the squad saying something that most i think most americans would shake their head at and say who are you?
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mike: i will play a clip earlier today and get your reaction. >> the strategy of 2016 is that the president and his campaign to have an ugly as race as possible socialism, the squad, throw everything against the wall and hope that depresses the democratic turnout. >> is the president trying to muddy it up quick. >> absolutely. it was see that the aoc approval rating went up more republicans unite with him and not against him. after he did say said the back. back. and in 2016 he personally attacked every single opponent in the republican party, became the nominee, became president and democrats say when they go low and we go high and they last - - they lost. so we don't need to go low but
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someone to fight fire with someone to fight fire with fire. remember this squad of four freshmen female congressional members who were elected by their district and constituents are not the majority of democrats in the their district and constituents are not the majority of democrats in the nation or voters. for the majority of the party and do not speak for the party for the majority of the party and do not speak for the party says. as you hear speaker pelosi says. look at a recent poll high numbers with recognitionak wol t low approval ratings among those voters. and democrats are very conscious of that especially the speaker. mike: they have been slugging it out with speaker pelosi. did the president make a the middle of their fight strategic mistake to get in quick. the middle of their fight quick. >> there is a question of timing but i agree that they are not the representative of what most democrats are about but they are dominating the what most democrats are about coverage. so who knows what the democrats in the house attempted to do since theye
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took the majority. first of all overshadowed by the calls for impeachment and now by the squad. they are having an effect. who would've thought one year ago every democrat on the stage in the debate would raise her hand to say i'm in favor of free healthcare for illegal aliens. who would've thought the vast who would've thought the vast majority of democrats would say i'm in favor of medicare everybody's private health insurance. this is the kind of thing they are driving and it is to the detriment of the democratic party but it's hard to get them off the stage. mike: thank you very much. the gop tonight holds attorney general william barr and wilbur ross and criminal contempt as political theater. r
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the house cleaned the two top officials are stonewalling congressional probes into the effort to add a citizenship question to the 2020 census. bernie sanders sounded unhappy tonight with his media coverage, attacks on his medicare for all plan and poll officials are stonewalling congressional probes into the effort to add a citizenship very happy as senator kamala question to the 2020 census. bernie sanders sounded unhappy poll put out by george tonight with his media coverage, attacks on his medicare for all plan and poll numbers. one candidate who should be very happy as senator kamala harris serving in a brand-new poll put out by george washington university. >> pretty sanders believes the 2018 primary the system was rigged against him and now someone his team if wondering 2020 is also. >> i understand iry change gets people nervous. behind the scenes the democratic socialist and strategists feel they were counted outve even though he pulls solidly at the top in favorite small grassroots donors. we will never be the favorites in the media come i get it but what was last time with the o o pundits visited a field office or talk to a state director at the sanders campaign?
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that hasn't changed much from the last time he ran for president while joe biden is overhauling his talk because the financial expenditures show he shelled out more than $5000 to hire a high profile speech coach and trying out the new lines in iowa ahead of the next debate. he is still demand toto be in national polls but he is number two in the voters of super tuesday of treasure trove california behind kamala harris it was concentrating most of her attacks on trumpt. >> he needs to go back where he came from and leave the office. but trailing mayor pete byal half a million dollars according to mcclatchy. they are using that to build our early state operations but nobodype running has ever done
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what bernie sanders had done last cycle winning 13 million last cycle winning 13 million votes in the primary.. h >> my republican friends and others. [laughter] seem to think the american taxes bute paying they love paying insurance premiums. all my god. the insurance premium is here.en >> it's hard to get hundreds of people to listen to 45 minutes worth of health but he lidid it today. also it is very hard in such a crowded field but to inspire those border - - voters to beshow up on the middle of the week day hours before. >> in the guardian interview talking about personal wealth and questions if we should w
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limit and he claims there should not be a ceiling how far people can go. alyssa milano is turning heads for her plan to have a fundraiser 2020 hopeful williamson. she took to twitter to say i know that she is the only candidate talking about the collective soulful egg on the nation and that is an nation and that is an important discussion toodi have. the campaign manager is calling bluff for her to say she would implement at medicare for all without a tax increase for going msnbc harris would be unicorns and magic wands for the socialist wing of the party. the d&c warns a presidential candidate not using the face app it was developed by russians. security experts warn it gives access to personal photos. the new progressive governor
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you rambling about xfinity again? you're so cute when you get excited... anyways... i've got their app right here, i can troubleshoot. i can schedule a time for them to call me back, it's great! you have our number programmed in? ya i don't even know your phone anymore... excuse me?! what? i don't know your phone number. aw well. he doesn't know our phone number! you have our fax number, obviously... today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'll pass. >> i went through the united states from the horrible one-sided disgusting iran nuclear deal and iran is a different country today. mike: president trump reportedly signing off on a proposal from senator rand paul in the attempt to reduce skyrocketing tension as the iran foreign minister accuses the administration of economicuu terrorism and we have the
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latest. reporter: good evening senator rand paul's office is not commenting on this report in politico that the present proposal to reduceo tension with iran by sitting down with the country's foreign minister. but if it turns out to be true it is a step toward diplomacy between the two countries that have been on the brink of war. >> president trompe shows restraint it really takes a statesman to show to listen to those voices of war. >> that is a response to the president calling off the military threat againstil the iran in june he has been a vocal critic from maximum pressure putting him at odds with the more hottest john bolton and secretary of state mike pompeo spectrum struggling to figure out what they are going to do that the kentucky senator argues those
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sanctions will be interpreted by a ran as a act of war something the foreign minister replied to today's buick united states is engaged in economic war with the president and who articulated against iran. andne military personnel is a target that amounts to a terrorist. reporter: but they are terrorizing oil tankers in the middle east most recently that will tinker from the united arab emirates has gone missing at the same time it assisted the oil tanker breaking down in the streets of hormuz leading to suspicion and sees the tanker. and with the iranian foreign tminister it is sad that we are aware of those reports that would not comment if it is or is not happening.
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mike: to say i ran is a threat after he pulled them out after the obama era deal. senatorsit sit on the formulations committee. the reports that appeals to allow them to sit down with the iranian foreign minister. your thoughts on the president's comments and that possibilityy quick. >> just last year under the obama iran nuclear deal we have made it very clear we will not stand for a nuclear iran and will continue putting maximum pressure until it stops threatening the world with terrorism and stops killing americans in the middle east. so in that respect we are standing up to iran and this is a new day as it relates to
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iran. and with that caddy shack diplomacy they may have unveiled themselves i'm not sure what you think of it. this is day number four as the reeshman lawmakers known as the squad. here is how the president describes them this evening. >> these left-wing ideologues see our nation is a force of evil. so leave our country. they want to abolish our constitution. weaken our military and eliminate the values that built this magnificent country t7 is that criticism fair crack. >> i think it is directed toward their beliefs about their policies to fundamentally change the country. ideas rooted in socialismsmme or
12:26 am
free-market capitalism. i have heard comments by some of them that they believe men and women trying to secure our borders are running concentration camps. that is not constructive and not true. we need to support the men and women in law enforcement and those who try to secure the border. and also as a free market system and uphold the constitution and the values of freedom and liberty and opportunity that make us tpi great. so these ideas that would change the direction of this country. >> also the a permanent extension of the 9/11 benefit for first responders 9/1 so taka listen to john stuart this evening. >> there are some things they have no trouble putting on a credit card but somehow when it comes to 9/11 the first responder communit community, firefighters, constrn workers, volunteers, the survivors all of a sudden now
12:27 am
we have to go through this. mike: how do you get this across the finish line quick. >> we have 73 sponsors on the compensation 9/11 find a bill that is more than enough to overcome a filibuster me or a veto. this will pass and become law. i admire the work that so many have played into this perk i particularly admire the work of the first responder who went toward the danger breathing the toxins that morning when america went to war against terrorist t7 relocation from blm to west of the rockies. why is that a smart move quick. >> 245 million acres of land 99 percent of those acres are west of the mississippi river. makes sense to have management h directors also west of the mississippit river. grand junction is a western held by0 percent is
12:28 am
the federal or state government. so to have these decision-makers local where impacts the most will result ng an entirely better decision-making. mike: thank you for your time. for the first time in 30 years a drop in opioid overdose death the president claimssde credit now we will check up on the facts. next. he's not using. he's seeing his recurring payments in control tower in the wells fargo mobile app. this is jerry canceling a few things. booyah. this is jerry appreciating the people who made this possible. oh look, there they are. (team member) this is wells fargo. (carrying up to 50 times its tbody weight.essly marches on. it never questions the tasks at hand. but this year, there's a more thrilling path to follow. (father) kids...
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develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. i got real relief. i got clearer skin and feel better. now, watch me. get real relief with cosentyx. >> no part of our society, >> no part of our society, young or older rich oryo poor has been spared this plague of addiction. and this horrible, horrible situation. that has taken place with opioids. mike: that was two years ago now deaths in america from drug overdose are down from the prior year. here is a presidents reaction tonight. >> it has dropped for the first time in more than 30 years. it has gone down. [cheers and applause]
12:33 am
t7 fox news more medical contributor to look at where we are now in the fight since the president has made it a top priority. >> with his first year in office he declared the opioid epidemic of national emergency. lot has been done since then to stem the tide and we may finally be able to see some progress with drug overdose death dropping for the first time in 1990. over 60000 people still died from a drug overdose but this was a decrease of 5 percent from the year perfect - - the year before due to the way doctors prescribe opioids but not all news is good. those from synthetic are still trending upward from 2,902,017 up at 32000 in 2018 part of the increase because thehe trade
12:34 am
fueled by prescription drug addiction starting in the doctor's office. new data analyzed by the washington post shows between 2006 and $201,276,000,000,000, pills of hydrocodone were distributed by six companies. this translates to enough opioids for every person in the us 36 pills per year including percocet, oxycontin and vicodin. >> they wanted to weaponize the medicine cabinet with opioids and hundreds of thousands of people have died. freporter: thousands of prescriptions help to sustain the pill mills in florida just off the interstate advertised on highway billboards and the highway until stretches from
12:35 am
florida to georgia to west virginia and kentucky intowe ohio. is one of those called commonly performed pills of his called blue highway. but we still have a long way to go. mike: doctor siegel thank you very much for a large number of protesters out in force against the new progressive governor in puerto rico. chaos after sexist and homophobic text messages were revealed. we are live on the scene. reporter: the protest officially entering the seventh hour here in san juan. the crowd is still very fired up with thousands of people who have been out here all day and night as they demonstrate chanting and playing music as
12:36 am
they try to get the simple message across loud andou clear listening to music like ricky martin who were at the demonstration earlier in the evening. some ended with some vandalism and teargas from police but so far no major clashes from protesters. three reported arrest for violating the perimeter but that involved one of the protesters in the crowd but he remains steadfast he will not resign. >> and other squaduc has assembled with one mission in mind with defeating and talking about aoc in 2020 and one of the challengers to the
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congresswoman join us live after the break. so if you need money for your family, call newday usa.
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>> it's impossible to defeat the incumbent that is so entranced but aoc is a woman spirit from the time she has been elected putting out policy job killing and then went on to kill the amazon deal in new york that was 225000 jobs. mike: five republicans bowing to run against alexandria are caused daschle causey of cortez in 2020 do they have a shot? former nypd officer cummings good to have you. do you thank you or another republican can defeat
12:42 am
alexandria ocasio-cortez i prefer to concentrate on the local part of the race that our district has been underserved for many years. ocasio-cortez has done good nationally but she is not concerned about what's going on in theheco district and i thk i have a real feel what is going on in the district. mike: most consider a republican and a win a long nshot anthony just 114 percent of the vote so will 2020 be different quick. >> put into a historical context since 1927 it has been a democratic hands and then his wife in 1993 succeeded him.
12:43 am
forty-nine or 50 percent hispanic this is the exact demographic of ocasio-cortez. if a republican was to win that district have to make a and work hardav of those issues of minority rights and income inequality. nothing is impossible in politics. but look at the president but it is an uphill battle. >> what are your thoughts on ocasio-cortez and the squad getting so much attention quick. >> the president tried to put focus on them and the outrageous comments they have made that's why he made a comment he made. mission accomplished. but again i'm in this to represent the local people. i have lived and worked in the district all of my 59 years. i have been teaching their 21 years. and i have a good grasp of
12:44 am
what is going on. as robert mentioned obviously the economy is important but for me it all starts with educationeed for climate strong proponent of choice. i feel that people try to dismiss private education and charter schools are eliminating a lot of accessho for people to move onward and upward. mike: the top new site set of all voters followed aoc at the house majority at risk. she is getting all the news to define everybody else's race is that a big picture concern in 2020 quick. >> look at the allegory of the people from 2010. they could tie the moderates directly to the most extreme tea party and use that as rocket fuel going into the obama election of 2012. democrats are falling into the same trap by allowing them to shape the narrative instead of the broader campaign or policy considerations of the democratic party.
12:45 am
is very easy to pigeonhole the ideas into bernie sanders, aoc because those moderate voters are needed to win. so then talking about those policies, help the rustbelt to make sure we have economic prosperity not only wall street that main street. mike: thank you very much. going back to san juan things are heating up. are heating up. stick around. is! ♪ ♪ bloom, there it is! this bloom-ified menu starts at $13.99. and it's gonna blow your bloomin' mind! getaway deals starting from 15 percent off so their tacos are 15 percent tastier they're scooting 15 percent smoother and their kids love them 15 percent more with getaway deals with at least 15 percent off, you can be a booker at
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mike: fox news alert a chaotic scene from san juan puerto rico we have a live report from our correspondent clearing the area for safety that police are firing tearr gas related to the new progressive governor it has turned into chaos after the sexist homophobic profane text messages were revealed clearly they want the governor out. joining us now fox news contributor telling us what's going on there in san juan. reporter: things are deteriorating rapidly now here on the ground retreating for safety and what is happening
12:50 am
as we see on tv right now. and then there is a lot of responsibility for what you see today and issues of corruption from puerto rico. it is a hotbed. we can only hope and pray it does not turn violent. mike: seeing scenes like this broadcast in america and around the world is at a matter of time be for the governor is out quick. >> i think so. his actions post the revelations ofs social media have put gas on the fire.
12:51 am
i think his days are numbered. mike: live on the scene a few minutes ago we were told this is been going on six or seven hours. clearly later into the evening it is more intense situation. hopefully not violent but clearly the folks they are in puerto rico they are on the streets approaching midnight making their concerns know they want the governor out. we are interesting to see what the rest of the evening tonce ts in what tomorrow looks like as well. >> the governor is able to calm the situation and not continue in the way that he has. mike: looking at the scene there in san juan. the governor offensive tweets and text came out a lot of people are taking to the streets a new progressive governor puerto rico and they areg actively engaging with the protesters now. you can see the camera crew takes cover right now. there is our correspondent on the scene was just comee in that looks like a pretty dangerous scene on the streets for a very tense situation
12:52 am
tonight in san juan as protesters are now asking their governor to reside after controversial situation. now let's continue to look at the scene. your thoughts as we watch this glaxo looks like it is getting g worse in the last few minutes. >> we need some leaders other than the mayor to step up to speak to settle the situation s and, down. i don't think this will and without the mayor stepping down. and it will intensify as something is not done and done quickly. >> our correspondent has reconnected with us as you are watching the situation escalate. reporter. mike: it sounds like he is getting reconnected withnn us.
12:53 am
looking at the scene san juan puerto rico protesters are on the street that the governor who was new and controversial they want him out. a clash with police after the protest has been going on for the better part of six or seven hours. we have a crew live on the scene we have a correspondent it was taken cover as a situation has gotten tense. what is the scene there cracks how bad is a cotton in recent moments quick. >> yes pica we had to run insid inside. mike: go ahead. you cutcu out. >> the protesters were picking up potted trees trying to make
12:54 am
a wall in the street as police are firing tear gas anything they could pick up to throw down the way toe combat the police. much of the crowd the tens of thousands of people that we saw i have now dispersed we can now smell it and we can file and taste of teargas that is in the air. mike: was that escalation the last few minutes from the police firing tear gas or the protesters fire - - throwing things that led to the escalation and it seemed like the minute we got done it sounded like teargas and then we can start to smell it. it's not clear who escalated the situation first but they did have a very are set up on
12:55 am
what they started to crosshe that then they would do something about it. i am not sure for protester across the line or they shot it to get the crowd to leave. but that is what is happening right now. mike: live on the scene and a tense situation our best to you and your team. be heroes spring into action jumping into the fire. you don't want to miss that next.
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most watched, most trusted and most grateful you spent the evening with us. good night from washington. i'm mike emmanuel. ♪ vote for any democrat in 2020 is a vote for the rise of radical socialism. if they don't love it, tell them to leave it. you must never forget the 2020 election is all about one thing. you. it's about you. [ cheering and applause ] heather: hello and good morning. it is thursday, july 18th. happening right now at 4:00 a.m. here on the east coast, maga rally fireworks, president trump pulling no punches, firing up thousands of voters in north carolina. his message? love america. how he took direct aim at the squad while making no apologies for the red, white and blue. a message for democrats who refuse to condemn


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